The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Well, the paperwork is in now..

The Palm Beach County State Attorney's office claims that they allowed 50 year old Richard Jones out of jail because the West Palm Beach Police department didn't file all their paperwork on time. Of course the West Palm Beach Police department disputes that claim by saying simply that they did file it on time. Regardless of who is right and who is lying, all of the paperwork is now filed, and the State Attorney's office has said they can now request a judge to set bond again for Jones- which would allow him to be brought back into jail. Problem seems to be that even though they can, as of the release of the article they hadn't. Which means Jones is still roaming around the same neighborhood as his young male victim.

50 year old Richard Jones of Riviera Beach is accused of molesting the 12 year old boy behind a vacant house on Pinewood Avenue in West Palm Beach March 8, and he was interrupted by three good Samaritans who were walking along some nearby railroad tracks and grabbed him and held him until police arrived.

The boy's mother was astounded to find out that Jones is out of jail, and she didn't know it until her son spotted him in the neighborhood on Easter Sunday.

"I was horrified. Because how can I protect my son if I don't know that this guy is here in the neighborhood?" she said.

She says no one, not the West Palm Beach police who arrested Jones, or the state attorney's office called her to alert her that Jones was getting out.

Honestly, one can't help but wonder who really screwed this up, and more importantly- why no one sees the need to rush and correct it. This man grabbed a young boy, molested him and was only captured because of sheer luck that 3 people happened to walk by. Perhaps the State Attorney's office should take a quick measure of how lucky they are to be this far into the case, and rather than depend on remaining lucky enough that he doesn't skip town, or worse victimize another child- they ought to do their job and talk to that judge a little faster.