The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Who's the true hero?

Officer John Hege served Oakland California, getting up everyday to put on his uniform and work the streets serving those he swore to protect. And even after his death, Officer John Hege has touched the lives of countless others.

SOURCE Oakland police Officer John Hege saved four lives by having his organs donated after being fatally shot in the line of duty Saturday, according to the California Transplant Donor Network.

Hege's organ donations saved the lives of four Californians and his tissue donation will enhance the lives of as many as 50 other people, according to the network.

The network released a statement saying "we know those who are receiving his gifts thank him and his family with gratitude and a shared sense of loss at his passing.

"All of us at the California Transplant Donor Network thank Officer Hege for these generous gifts, and on behalf of the more than 21,000 Californians who desperately wait for the gift of life from those like Officer Hege," the statement said.

Hege, 41, was shot along with four other officers Saturday and died Monday after being removed from life support.

For those that are confused about what a hero really consists of- the paragraphs above should give you a pretty clear idea. But, I'll do one better and give you an idea of who shouldn't be considered a hero.

26 year old thug Lovelle Mixon was released from prison in October of 2007 after serving five of a six year sentence for assault with a firearm. By Feb of 2008 he was considered a "possible suspect" in homicide. Charges were not filed, but he was sent back to prison for various other parole violations until November 3 of 2008. By the 18th of Feb of this year, his parole agent has lost contact with him prompting him to file a parolee-at-large report and a warrant.

On March 20th, Mixon's DNA is confirmed as a match in a rape case. The child in the case, a 12 year old girl, had been pulled off the street and raped at gun point. Police now believe that Mixon could be linked to as many as five more rape cases. *source*

Sadly, before he could be tried and sent to prison for the rest of his life, he decided to prove what a scum bag he really was.

March 21: Mixon is pulled over by Oakland motorcycle officers for a traffic violation shortly after 1 p.m. Authorities said he began shooting at the officers, killing Sgt. Mark Dunakin, 40, and fatally wounding Officer John Hege, 41. After trying to hide in a nearby apartment building where his sister lives, Mixon kills Oakland SWAT sergeants Ervin Romans, 43, and Daniel Sakai, 35, before he is shot and killed by police. SOURCE

Two very very different men, and clearly only one of them was worth being called a hero. Yet, it seems that those who "knew Mixon best" are either too confused to understand the meaning of the term, or to damn stupid to see Mixon for the low life thug he was.

As the city prepares for a massive public funeral for four police officers slain in the line of duty, dozens took to the streets in a show of support for the man authorities say was their killer.

Organized by International People's Democratic Uhuru Movement, the march Wednesday evening took participants near a police substation within sight of the two locations where Lovelle Mixon allegedly shot the veteran officers before being slain himself.

Loved ones and supporters walked through the streets chanting, "OPD you can't hide, we charge you with genocide!" There were no officers patrolling the march route.

"I don't condone what he did, but it's bringing to light the frustrations between the community and the police," said Uhuru Movement member Kihad Deen. "This gives people a chance to speak their minds."

Mixon's cousin, Dolores Darnell, 26, addressed the small crowd, calling him "a true hero, a soldier." source yahoo news