The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Murder of Andrew Burd

Omission, knowingly, intentionally... to read people's comments about the capital murder charge brought against Hannah Overton over the death of Andrew Burd one would assume that the jury was handed a cryptic riddle that left them in such complete confusion they were forced to find Hannah Overton guilty.

I'm not sure what is more annoying, that these people claim the instructions to the jury were faulty and confusing, or that so many of those making these claims haven't even read the actual charge to begin with.

So, here it is. In full, unedited and amazingly lacking the overzealous, confusing language that so many Free Hannah minions claims it has.

Intentionally or knowingly cause the death by causing him to ingest acute toxic levels of sodium, AND OR intentionally or knowingly cause the death of him by omission, failing to provide or seek medical attention. That's not word for word. That is however, the abridged version.

It's pointed out time and time again that perhaps some jurors saw intent here, or intent there. That some perhaps didn't see intent, but believed Hannah Overton knowingly did this, or knowingly failed to do that. If that is their big flashing neon flag they want to wave... they've put their hopes in the wrong issue. No where does it state that they all had to come to the exact same conclusion- just that each one of the 12 people on that jury had to find that at least one part of the charge was true. Clearly, some people don't grasp the concept of the terms "and/ or". Could be both, could be either. How much simplier does it have to get?

Hannah Overton did indeed fail to provide/seek medical attention for Andrew Burd. She waited until four year old Andrew's body began shutting itself down, fighting within itself after being poisoned with enough sodium to kill him, for two hours she did everything imaginable- except seek the medical treatment that he needed. That he deserved. And because of that omission- Andrew is dead.

And Hannah is where she belongs, rightfully convicted of capital murder.