The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, February 06, 2009

America's Most Wanted

I was a little late to my inbox, so I sadly missed the special announcement that America's Most Wanted was airing on Fox tonight, rather than tomorrow night as usual. In case you missed it, or if you were lucky enough to catch it and were looking for more information- the following cases aired:

Jesus Canales: Family members tell America's Most Wanted that Lucy Preciado was tired of her lazy husband fighting and mistreating their children, and that she was moving out of their home. But he refused to let her go, and cops say he killed her right in front of their kids.

Suspected Mamadou Barry Killers: America's Most Wanted has worked to solve some of the coldest cases in America, but one murder investigation would lead cops to seven other unsolved slayings. Right now, watch this week's five-part online series going behind the scenes with an exclusive look at the captures produced by AMW's Evan Marshall. Tonight, see the full story on America's Most Wanted in a special Friday edition.

Benjamin Martin: The LAPD has spent months searching for the person who doused a beloved homeless man with gasoline and set him on fire. On January 22, 2009, police arrested 30-year-old Benjamin Mathew Martin for the murder of John McGraham.

Reginald Peters: Peters was recently spotted in the Charlotte, N.C. area. Cops in North Carolina say he is wanted on child pornography charges and has removed his tracking device and disappeared.

Unknown Carvell Baker Killer: Cops in West Los Angeles are trying to piece together a murder mystery involving a homeless man and the man who shot him in cold blood. Luckily, authorities were able to get surveillance video of the murderer before and after the incident, and they hope that the public can help identify a killer.

All-Star Kickoff: America's Most Wanted is once again asking the public to help give special recognition to the police, firefighters, EMTs and other first-responders who dedicate themselves to protecting us.