The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, November 28, 2008

America's Most Wanted

This weeks episode:

Roger McCray:
Less than 48 hours after we told you about accused killer-arsonist Roger McCray, your tips led cops right to him in Seattle, Wash. McCray was wanted for setting his roommate on fire and leaving him to burn to death.

Unknown Kenneth Harris, Sr. Killer:
After nearly two months, Baltimore City police caught up with 19-year-old Charles McGaney and 20-year-old Gary Collins -- two men they say murdered beloved former Baltimore city councilman Kenneth Harris, Sr. But no one in the police department is celebrating yet, because a third suspect is still out there, and the manhunt is far from finished. Cops need help identifying the third man responsible for Ken's senseless murder.

Eddie Hicks:
Former Chicago cop Sgt. Eddie C. Hicks swore to uphold the law throughout his 30 years on the force. But for nearly ten of those years, police say Hicks was part of a racketeering scheme in which he and his crew stole drugs from area dealers, only to sell the loot back to a local peddler. Now this disgraced ex-cop is on the run, and police need your help to bring him down.

Lorrie Trites:
For 10 years, investigators in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and the FBI have been on the hunt for alleged child predator Lorrie Trites. For many years, AMW and investigators knew him only as Loren. The FBI says they've learned his actual name is Lorrie, and chances are he can't stay away from pools, he loves to swim -- and worse, the FBI says he loves to coach children.

George Navarro:
Melesio Martinez was known simply as "Daddy" to his two small children. His wife describes him as a hard-working construction worker who worked ten-hour days, and still had time to play and entertain his kids. That all changed one night in September 2001, when cops say the Martinez family went into a Granada Hills, Calif. liquor store and ran into George Navarro.

Ronald Young:
On Friday, Oct. 17, 2008, the Brea Police Department arrested Robert Young, who had been arrested before after an AMW tipster recognized him. He has been charged with First Degree Murder, as well as Conspiracy to Commit Murder, in the 1996 car bombing death of Gary Triano in Tucson, Ariz. Police are also looking for Pamela Phillips, Triano's widow, who they say may have been involved in the bombing.

Pamela Phillips:
Pamela Phillips, the ex-wife of the late Gary Triano, is wanted for Murder and Conspiracy to Commit Murder in the First Degree. Police say Phillips and her accomplice Ronald Young -- who has been apprehended with the help of AMW viewers -- worked together to orchestrate Gary's murder.

Garrison Colby:
In February 2008, Garrison Colby divulged to his wife a horrifying secret: he had been sexually abusing their son for six years. Colby was arrested and released with a ankle monitor, but he cut it off, and now he's on the run.

Richard Torres:
A 13-year-old's nightmarish ordeal began during the 2005 Thanksgiving holiday when cops say her mother's ex-boyfriend, 39-year-old Richard "Craig" Torres, molested and raped her at a Southern California hotel. Now, Sacramento Sheriff's detectives are determined to capture this accused sexual predator.

A.T.F. Mongol Raid Update:
The notorious Mongols biker gang have been described as a "criminal syndicate on wheels." But this month, the gang was dealt a serious blow when federal agents infiltrated the organization's highest levels, and AMW was there as the bust went down.

Rachel Walsh:
Cops say 48-year-old Rachael Walsh was camping alone at her Falls Creek, Idaho campsite on the weekend of August 16, 2008. However, the U.S. Postal worker's family became alarmed when they didn't hear from Rachael after she was supposed to return and went to her campsite looking for her. What they discovered was a mystery -- all of Rachael's belongings were untouched, her car was gone, and there were no signs of the missing mother of four.

Robert Bowman:
Since 1967, Ohio cops say Robert Bowman has literally gotten away with murder, but science -- and now the police -- finally caught up to the accused killer. Cops say DNA irrefutably ties him to the abduction, rape and murder of 14-year-old Eileen Adams in Toledo, Ohio some 40 years ago, and his time on the lam has come to an end, thousands of miles from the scene of the crime.

Jesus Munguia:
Jesus Roberto Munguia's rap sheet shows that the 32-year-old gang member is no stranger to the law. Authorities say he started stealing cars in California when he was just 15 years old, but Munguia soon fled to Nevada with his girlfriend and their kids. When Munguia's girlfriend had enough and left him, the FBI says he lured her back to his home and killed her, now adding murder to his long list of charges.

Monday, November 17, 2008

AMW Update

AMW News Alert: Fugitive Lesbian Couple Commits Suicide After Appearing On AMW

Investigators say fugitive couple Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson were found dead after an apparent murder/suicide in Pima County, Ariz., near Tucson. The announcement follows AMW’s profile of the two accused killers this past Saturday night. Stay with for the latest on this breaking story.

Friday, November 14, 2008

This week at America's Most Wanted

Once again, your Saturday night should be an interesting one, as America's Most Wanted goes after some of their most wanted wicked women.

Tina Loesch and Skye Hanson: In 1998, Barbara Loesch was electrocuted and drowned in her hot tub. Two years earlier, her husband was gunned down while working his morning paper route. Cops believe their daughter and her gay lover may have been behind both deaths -- both for revenge, and for $525,000 in life insurance.

Jacqueline LeBaron: The search for Jacqueline Tarsa LeBaron has continued for years, but agents have not given up the search. In fact, a new picture of the fugitive has surfaced, heating up the hunt for the woman Feds are calling a vicious killer.

Joey Offutt: When Pennsylvania State Police arrived at the scene of a house fire in Sykesville in the early morning hours of July 12, 2007, they weren't prepared for everything they were about to find. Once the fire was extinguished, some shocking details were revealed, and authorities are still struggling to answer all the questions left over from that day.

Sarah Pender: Since her expertly-executed prison escape on August 4, 2008, officials have been hot on the trail of Sarah Pender. Now, after a few short months on the lam, U.S. Marshals Service officials have turned up the heat on Pender, and she's the newest addition to their notorious 15 Most Wanted Fugitives List.

Heather Uboh: She's called herself Heather Uboh, along with at least 20 other aliases, and cops across the United States say this Nigerian is an accomplished scam artist, committing identity theft, wire fraud, larceny, passport fraud, forgery, and a variety of other deceptions in Texas, New York, New Jersey, Georgia, Colorado and Michigan.

Lindsay Harris, Jessie Foster, Jodi Brewer, and Misty Saens: On May 23, 2005, police outside of Springfield, Ill., made a shocking discovery when they arrived at a crime scene and found a pair of severed legs. For three years, the Illinois State Police diligently worked the Jane Doe case, and their hard work paid off in May 2008 when an FBI report and a DNA comparison helped to identify the victim as missing person Lindsay Harris.

Paul Starzyk: Sergeant Paul Starzyk was fatally wounded by a gunman holding a group of women and children hostage. The suspect, the husband of a Martinez, Calif. salon owner who was one of the people being held captive, also killed his wife's cousin before being shot to death by police.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Oh Please...

**warning this story's crime is only the fact that it's filled with bullshit, but I'm too annoyed to not mention it, so get over it***

First, I'm supportive of different lifestyles, as long as their of age- I don't care who you drag into your bed. But... when a WOMAN pretends to be a man (while still keeping most of her girly parts) and then claims to be a pregnant man- it just annoys the hell out of me.

There is NOTHING special to this story, nothing making it any more important than the other thousands of cases of two WOMEN using artificial means to have a baby. I'm really wishing everyone would stop trying to blow smoke up our asses by pretending that this is an actual news worthy case of a actual MAN having a baby.

Thomas Beatie, who was born a woman but lives as a man in Oregon after surgery and hormone treatment, is expecting a second child, Beatie has told Barbara Walters in an interview set to air on television on Friday.

Beatie, 34, who is legally a man but kept female reproductive organs when he had a sex-change operation 10 years ago, is in his first trimester of pregnancy, he told celebrity interviewer Walters for the ABC news program "20/20" that will air on November 14. Walters highlighted the interview on her daytime chat show, "The View," on Thursday.
Sorry lady- but lesbians have been having babies with their partners for years, as have straight women, and even gay men (with the help of a woman TYVM). I'm not impressed. But to be fair, I'll tell you what. The second you loose the uterus and give birth through your penis- I *promise* to be completely impressed. Until then, it should be criminal to attempt to garner attention for doing something millions of women have been doing for years.

Curtis Lange

The man described as 'every woman's worst nightmere' by Washoe District Judge Jerome Polaha, Curtis Lange has been sentenced to two life terms after being convicted of sexually assaulting two women.

Lange had been paroled in 2002 after serving time for the sexual assault of 17 year old classmate in 1982. He should have never been released, as evident by the testimony of one of his recent victims:

“He tasered, handcuffed and blindfolded me as I entered the most terrifying episode anyone could imagine,” his May victim, a 54-year-old Reno woman, said during the sentencing hearing.

“I was told on multiple times to lie face down on my bed and thought that he was getting ready to kill me in that position.”

Full story.

The Murder of Karen Tipton


In March 1999, Karen Tipton, a mother of two and the wife of psychiatrist Dr. David Tipton, was found stabbed 28 times in her Decatur, Ala. home. And for the last nine years Daniel Wade Moore, who was convicted of the crime, has been at the center of an unprecedented legal battle, one that has his life hanging in the balance.

Moore, a former drug user, was only 24 when he was arrested for Tipton’s murder after he confessed to his uncle that he had been present at the scene of the crime. While being questioned by police, Moore stabbed himself with a penknife, a move that authorities believe stemmed from his feelings of guilt. Moore, however, says that he is not guilty, explaining that he was getting high on drugs at the time he confessed to his uncle and that he had actually made up the story to get away from his relatives. Dr. Tipton and investigators found Moore's explanation hard to believe. And despite questionable physical evidence, a jury agreed and Moore was sentenced to death for the murder of Karen Tipton. But this case was far from over.
Two years into his death sentence, Moore’s conviction was overturned. While preparing Moore’s appeal, his attorneys discovered an FBI report with stunning information about the Tiptons. The defense accused prosecutors of hiding the file, which speculated that Karen led a secret life that included extra-marital affairs and suggested investigating her husband’s possible involvement in the crime. After years of legal wrangling, the Alabama Court of Criminal Appeals ruled that Moore would be tried a second time. 
In February 2008, Moore returned to court, again facing the death penalty, his fate in the hands of 12 new jurors. Hoping to see justice served, both sides were dealt a shocking blow when the jury couldn’t reach a decision and a mistrial was declared.  But in an ongoing journey of legal limbo, Moore, currently out on bond and relishing time at home with his family, prepares for yet a third death penalty trial.  

Karen Tipton’s tragic murder has left many victims in its wake – two children forced to grow up without their mother, a husband who mourns his wife, a mother who stands by her son in his fight for freedom and Daniel Wade Moore who may be a casualty of the justice system.

Erin Moriarty reports on this controversial legal battle on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Truth on Trial," Saturday, Nov. 15 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Susan Mallie and James Stolz. Peter Schweitzer is the senior producer and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.
Editors' Note: Click here to watch a preview of the broadcast. Click here for Erin Moriarty’s notebook. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on iTunes.   

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Patrick Lee Kenney <3s txting LGs

Patrick Lee Kenney might want to consider finding a new hobby to fill his time for the next six years, for at least two good reasons. First- his latest hobby isn't really one that he can continue from prison. Second, his hobby- text messaging a 12 year old girl- is sort of what got him sentenced to jail in the first place.

Prosecutors said 29-year-old Patrick Lee Kenney also pleaded no contest to attempted sexual abuse and furnishing obscene material to a minor.

Kenney met the girl on the MySpace site.

The girl's mother accidentally saw the text messages and gave the phone to Klamath County sheriff's deputies, who continued the text chat with Kenney.
Full story.

Side note- what is a 12 year old doing on MySpace to begin with? Are there parents out there that are STILL that stupid?

Martin Hernandez Blames His Past

Martin Hernandez is currently being charged with molesting a young boy he met and befriended. Police say that Hernandez met the boy in a store, and proceeded to buy him a few things before offering the child a ride home. Once the boy was in his vehical, Hernandez sexually molested him. The child informed his parents after getting out of the car at his bus stop.

Hernandez has decided to take the 'point the finger' method of dealing with his deviant actions, by telling police that he molested the child because of problems in his past.


Why it is that no one is ever responsible for the actions they take? It's always someone, or something else's fault.

Hernandez's problem isn't something that happened in his past. It's his clear lack of decency, and self control mixed in with a case of demented impulses in his present that caused him to molest this child.

Full story

Christopher David Ogdahl

Police are searching for Christopher David Ogdahl, a sexual offender convicted of inappropriately touching a 14-year-old girl in 2006. After he failed to comply with his probation, a warrant was issued for his arrest. There is a $5000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

More information

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just so people stop assuming I'm uncaring...

I'd like to issue a small warning to sex offenders registered in Mountain View:

You may want to move. Or at least get a nice bolt for your doors.

Sex offenders living in Mountain View are being warned by police to be vigilant after two men convicted of sex crimes were targeted in recent attacks, authorities said.

On Thursday, in the northern part of the city, a man armed with a wooden stick forced his way into the front door of a registered sex offender's home. The intruder hit the resident numerous times in the head, causing moderate injuries, telling the victim that he was being attacked because he was a sex offender, police said. The assailant fled.

A second sex offender escaped being attacked when a man carrying a baseball bat was spotted placing a "incendiary device" at the home of the sex offender. A witness said the man claimed he was doing it because the resident was "a sex offender", then took the device and left.


Saturday, November 08, 2008

48 Hours Mystery


Craig Titus and his wife Kelly Ryan were two of the biggest stars of the body building world. The duo – he, a Mr. Olympia competitor and she, a fitness champion – won numerous competitions and graced magazine covers. Titus even trained Motley Crue lead singer, Vince Neil, who admits to 48 HOURS MYSTERY that Titus used steroids and injected him with them. And steroids were not Titus’ only drug of choice. These Las Vegas hard bodies were also hard partiers, known for using illegal drugs and pain killers.
But all that changed on Dec. 14, 2005, when the charred corpse of a young woman was discovered in Ryan’s burned-out car on a Las Vegas desert road. The unrecognizable body was initially thought to be Ryan, but authorities were stunned when they arrived to the couple’s house only to be greeted by her at the door. The body was that of their live-in assistant Melissa James. And soon police pieced together the web of fame, sex, drugs and jealousy that ended in this brutal murder, a gruesome cover up and the downfall of two fitness powerhouses.
Now, in a 48 HOURS MYSTERY exclusive, family, friends, detectives and witnesses each shed light on this shocking story. And, for the first time, shamed body builder Craig Titus tells his side of what happened the night James died, insisting to 48 HOURS MYSTERY that is wasn’t murder. “She OD’d. She’d been shooting drugs for days…I never intended to kill Melissa James, murder Melissa James.”
Correspondent Peter Van Sant reports on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Vegas Heat," Saturday, Nov. 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Chuck Stevenson and Chris O’Connell. Judy Tygard and Anthony Batson are the senior producers and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.
Editors' Note: Click here to watch a preview of the broadcast. Click here for Peter Van Sant's reporter's notebook. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on iTunes.   

Thursday, November 06, 2008

Johnathon Ray Thebeau

Toledo Ohio police are looking for information on the whereabouts of Johnathon Ray Thebeau a sexual offender wanted for failing to register.

For more information, video and photo, click here.

Wednesday, November 05, 2008

America's Most Wanted

This week on America's Most Wanted.

Roy “Bubba” Massey
Cops say notorious bad boy Roy "Bubba" Massey led Arkansas State Police on a high speed chase that ended in a fiery crash before he was taken into custody.

Russell McCollum
Police say Russell Victor McCollum appears to be a responsible, straight-laced guy; cops in Tennessee say he's anything but.

Joseph Roman
New York City Det. Kenny Kearns had mixed feelings about pursuing his latest fugitive, Joseph Roman, because Roman once worked in his family's restaurant in the Bronx. "The streets got him," Kearns says, and in turn, cops say Roman got involved in a murder.

Candido Peraza
Cops in Ontario, Calif. are determined to bring Candido Renteria Peraza to justice for the fatal hit-and-run of 7-year-old Nathan Sitompul. Cops say a drunken Peraza struck Nathan, who was riding his bike at the time. Peraza stopped, but when he saw Nathan struggling to get to his feet, Peraza took off, running over Nathan again.

James Perry
Cops want accused North Carolina drug slinger James Ricky Perry off the streets and back behind bars. They say Perry has been dealing since the 1980s, and not even a stint in the slammer could change his ways.

Humberto Fortanelli
Police say Humberto Fontanelli and his cellmate David Ray escaped from a Fordyce, Ark. prison on New Year's Eve 2007. Cops picked up Shannon Ray four days later, but say that Fortanelli is still on the run. AMW sat down with Ray and got a first-hand look at exactly how the escape went down, and where his co-partner in crime, Humberto Fortanelli, could be hiding out.

Shannon Ray
Dental floss and razors might have gotten David Ray out of jail, but they weren't enough to keep him out. Ray was arrested in the early morning hours of January 4, 2008 by cops in Memphis, Tenn.

Unknown Melissa Witt Killer
On January 13, 1995, cops in Arkansas made a gruesome discovery in the Ozark Mountains: the body of beloved Forth Smith teenager Melissa "Missy" Witt, brutally murdered. Now, John Walsh and the AMW team are working to hunt down a killer.

Unknown Ann Pressly Killer
Cops in Arkansas are searching for the unknown suspect who beat a television anchorwoman to death. Anne Pressly, 26, died nearly a week after she was beaten in her home, and as a precautionary measure, cops have distributed pepper spray to local television news personalities who may be targeted as well. Police say the pepper spray was donated by an anonymous donor.

Anthony Forgione
Okaloosa County Sheriff's Deputy Anthony Forgione, 33, was shot and killed by a suspect who had barricaded himself inside a Fort Walton Beach home. Cops say the suspect, Mark Rohlman, was committed for a mental evaluation, but left and hid inside his childhood home with a shotgun. Deputy Forgione entered the home with the Sheriff's Office Special Response Team when he was fatally wounded by the suspect's gunfire, according to police.

Saturday, November 01, 2008


A violent home invasion took a young mother’s life. But was that what really happened?
Invitation to a Murder, available in stores on Tuesday, Oct. 28 is the fourth book from 48 HOURS MYSTERY. In this riveting account of a crime first documented on the broadcast, producer Gail Abbott Zimmerman unravels the lethal secrets inside a seemingly perfect marriage to find out who was behind a chilling double homicide.

“My wife is dying on the floor!  Please, please come help!”  The frantic 911 call sent emergency units racing to a tidy brick home in suburban Springfield, Illinois.  Beautiful, vivacious Donnah Winger had been bludgeoned to death by a male intruder. Her attacker was fatally shot by Donnah’s husband, Mark.  In the aftermath of the horrific home invasion, family and friends rallied round Mark, a well-liked and respected nuclear scientist, and the infant daughter he and Donnah had just adopted. Some even called him a hero.

But one rookie detective didn’t buy Mark Winger’s version of the grisly events of that August afternoon.  After four years of relentless investigation, a closed case is reopened, and fragments of truth—including shocking new witness testimony—come together to reveal how Mark Winger turned a chance meeting with a troubled young man into the almost seamless killing of his own wife, with an Invitation to a Murder.

About Gail Abbott Zimmerman:
Gail Abbott Zimmerman is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television news producer and a producer for 48 HOURS MYSTERY.  She was previously a producer for ABC News 20/20, and a director on a variety of programs including several network news productions and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. She lives in New York City with her husband, Albert.

By Gail Abbott Zimmerman
Publisher: Pocket Star Books Original Paperback
Publication Date: October 28th, 2008
Price: $7.99
ISBN: 1-4165-4659-6

Pocket Star is an imprint of Simon & Schuster.  Simon & Schuster, a part of the CBS Corporation, is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and audio formats. Its divisions include Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Simon & Schuster Audio, Simon & Schuster Online, and international companies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.