The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guest Post: CAT

If you ever wanted to see a German version of me, you'd only have to find reader/friend CAT- my twin a few thousand miles away. She's guess posted before, and since she's able to bring an foreign take on crimes from the other side of the big pond- I'm delighted to have her back again:

Link in German: http://www. abendblatt. de/daten/2008/10/22/957005. html

Article in the Abendblatt by Karin Lubowski and Inken Ramelow, October 2008-10-22


Justitias (Lady Justice) eyes are blindfolded: Without looking at the person, justice is meant for all. In Luebeck this command for impartiality lead to the fact that a sentenced sexual offender with no hope for therapy (due to expert opinions) was set free yesterday. The reason for this was an error of form.

The victim of the 61 year old and her mother since then fear for their lives. “If you talk to anyone about this, I will split your skull”. This threat Valentina N. never forgot. For four years the 44 year old woman was married to Hilmar N. – the man who was sentenced in 2004 by the Kieler court for abusing his stepdaughter Nathalie over years. She was seven years old when he touched her the first time. The mother fears: “I made a witness statement at the police station. I am scared of his revenge. I am scared for my daughters life.”

That her ex-husband still poses a big threat is not just Valentinas opinion. Hilmar N. refused therapy during his stay in jail. Experts still think he is a very dangerous pedophile who will commit further sexual acts on minors. That’s why he was supposed to get preventive detention after doing the time of his sentence.

For this to happen, a medical evidence estimate should have been made and put in at court from an expert at a hearing in person. Since that person though has been chronically ill, the deadline could not be met. Because of a second estimate the judges sentenced preventive detention, but the German Federal Supreme Court turned it down, because this decision came seven months too late. Another detention was turned down by another court in Schleswig, saying that no new findings concerning him posing a threat were made while he was doing his time in jail. The Kiel prosecution are still hoping for a follow up preventive detention, which has to be decided yet in a public hearing.

Explaining these rulings, which only protect the rights of this dangerous offender, are hard to understand by people like you and me. Accordingly aghast is Valentina: “How can it be that the justice system does not sentence preventive detention, only because an expert is sick?” Also the justice minister of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Uwe Doering, who saw this loophole and who made this case public, said yesterday: “I very much regret that such a dangerous offender walks free due to a form error.”

Harsh critics was made by the organization Weisser Ring (White Ring, organization fighting for the rights of victims of sexual abuse crimes): The preventive victim protection should be the only priority.

Justice minister Doering signalised yesterday that Hilmar N. stays under surveillance: With the Kieler security system KSKS, police will get all information needed to make sure to take the right surveillance methods. This concept will also have a grip when the offender should leave the state of Schleswig-Holstein. And exactly this, the offender obviously and allegedly did already. Bremen is his new destination. “He will not know when he is under surveillance, but he will know that he will be watched.” For a total 24/7 hr surveillance the personnel is missing though.

The ex wife and the stepdaughter live in fear. The promise of the justice minister: Hilmar N. will be watched by the police.

Valentina knows it and is still scared. Eight years ago the Russian citizen married Hilmar N. Practically over night she said her ex husband turned violent physically and emotionally, wanted her out of the house more and more often, stayed alone with the daughter, abused her and filmed her.

Nathalie is 15 years old now. A young girl who has to live with the memories of her destroyed childhood.

Lady Justice’s eyes are blindfolded. For Nathalie and her mother it is not a sign of impartiality, but a sign of blindness.

My two cents: So not only this assbag (excuse my language) only got 5 years for abusing his stepdaughter in the worst way for years and threatened his wife to kill her, now he also walks free and can have a good laugh because some stupid court thinks that an expert statement comes too late and the deadline wasn’t met. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man is dangerous, he will do it again. So we have to wait until then or until maybe this time he kills a child. I hope that stupid judge will be satisfied then with his ruling. And come on, surveillance? BS big time!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how many thousands Euros surveillance costs over here???? Totally ineffective and a waste of tax payers money. Him staying in jail would be so many times cheaper for the tax payer than having our cops follow this piece of scum instead of being present somewhere else they are needed badly, since my country is so eager at the moment to cut down on police personnel.
Our problem in Germany still is that the victims get less protection than the offenders, who so much love to whine about their constitutional rights, and that we do nothing about fixing these dumbest loopholes in our law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time that our politicians in Germany stop thinking about their own wallets and their own stupid problems, but to fix a problem that has been sticking out for decades and which will destroy more children’s lives in the future if it does not get fixed soon.