The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, October 31, 2008

William M. Milligan, Tabitha D. Robinson and Louise Helen Masulla

Three people deserving of long prison terms- although I'm not sure which of them deserves the most time, so out of fairness I'm just going to request they all get life.

Three people face federal charges for allegedly conspiring to take two young girls to an Indiana hotel room for a sex "party," then taking pictures as the children were molested.

Tabitha D. Robinson, 32, of Midlothian allegedly took a 3-year-old girl to a Best Western in Terre Haute, Ind., in August to meet two people she had "an online relationship" with, knowing the child would be molested, according to the complaint filed this week in U.S. District Court in southern Illinois.

William M. Milligan, 27, of Bloomington, Ind., allegedly e-mailed Robinson driving directions to Terre Haute on Aug. 7 with a subject line that said "map to the party lol," the abbreviation for "laughing out loud."

Prosecutors say Robinson's camera was used to take nude pictures of the 3-year-old and an 11-year-old girl being cared for by Louise Helen Masulla, 32, of New Athens.

Investigators found images on computers owned by Robinson and Masulla of the girls "engaging in sexually explicit conduct" with Masulla in the hotel room, the complaint said. Robinson allegedly admitted e-mailing video of sexual acts involving the younger girl to Milligan.

Full story

Aurelia Gallardo

Aurelia Gallardo might just have a problem with her temper, as evident by the fact that she was reported for trying to push someone into oncoming traffic, then shoving the person into a parked car, and then yelling things like "You are dead to me" and "You are a slut." to the person. 

What makes Gallardo's case so much worse is that the person she was abusing in public, both physically and mentally- was her own four year old daughter.

t's pretty outrageous when a parent loses composure to that degree," said police Sgt. Brian Loyd of the child abuse investigation unit in a story for Friday's online edition of the Austin American-Statesman. "We see some bad stuff on our unit, but this is new for us."

Once Gallardo boarded the bus, according to the affidavit, the bus driver said the woman was "yelling every four-letter word known" at the 4-year-old and was telling the girl that "CPS would take her away and that no one would want her."

Honestly, we can only hope that CPS does take this child, and then places her in a home where she can be safe from the sort of 'love' her mother seems to dish out.

Full story.

Misti Davis

From Toledo Ohio, police are looking for a sexual offender who has failed to register:

Local authorities need your help finding Misty Davis.

Davis was convicted of rape in 2005 and served 3 years in prison. The victim was a 13-year-old girl.

Authorities say Davis recently moved and didn't register her new address.
For more information, and photo

This Week At America's Most Wanted

The following cases will air Saturday night on America's Most Wanted, which is shown on your local Fox station at 9pm.

AMW has also issued a Press Release covering this week's episode, which can be view here.

Johnny Brown: Two men convicted of armed robbery escaped from a Georgia prison and cops say one has a violent history. Since his escape, police say he's already kidnapped one woman at knife-point, and this isn't the first time he's gotten out.

Mongol Raid: Agents from the A.T.F., Las Vegas P.D., L.A. County Sheriff, and Montebello, Calif. police swept into 88 locations in several states in a pre-dawn raid Tuesday, Oct. 21, 2008 as part of a mission against the Mongols motorcycle gang. The notorious Mongols have been called a "criminal syndicate on wheels" by one ATF agent.

Cinthya Rodriguez: Kidnap. Ransom. Murder. They're three crimes linked to the disappearance and death of 45-year-old District Court deputy clerk Orlando Duarte, and cops say his much-younger girlfriend, Cinthya Rodriguez, is responsible.

Joaquin Rios: Kannapolis, N.C. police say a man killed his wife in front of the couple's three children as they begged him to stop shooting their mother.

Unknown John McGraham Killer: It's a murder mystery on the streets of Los Angeles. The LAPD is trying to find out who doused a homeless man named John McGraham in gasoline, set him on fire, and left him for dead in front of a community who loved and adored him.

The Grim Sleeper: For 20 years, a serial killer known as the Grim Sleeper has ravaged California families, killing their daughters, sisters, and mothers. Now, AMW has joined forces with the L.A.P.D. to find this mass murderer.

Unknown Ann Pressly Killer: An Arkansas television anchorwoman found beaten at her home earlier this week has died from her injuries. Hospital officials say Anne Pressly, 26, died Saturday at St. Vincent Infirmary Medical Center. Hospital spokeswoman Margaret Preston says family members declined to release any other details about Pressly's death.

Benny Horton: Cops say Benny Dwayne Horton is responsible for killing two people in a fatal car crash on August 26, 2005. They say he lied to investigators -- making them believe he wasn't the one driving -- and before he could be arrested, he fled.

Abdihakim Isse: Cops say bus driver Abdihakim Mohamed Isse is on the run after sexually assaulting a developmentally disabled teenage girl, the last student to be dropped off on his school bus route.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Guest Post: CAT

If you ever wanted to see a German version of me, you'd only have to find reader/friend CAT- my twin a few thousand miles away. She's guess posted before, and since she's able to bring an foreign take on crimes from the other side of the big pond- I'm delighted to have her back again:

Link in German: http://www. abendblatt. de/daten/2008/10/22/957005. html

Article in the Abendblatt by Karin Lubowski and Inken Ramelow, October 2008-10-22


Justitias (Lady Justice) eyes are blindfolded: Without looking at the person, justice is meant for all. In Luebeck this command for impartiality lead to the fact that a sentenced sexual offender with no hope for therapy (due to expert opinions) was set free yesterday. The reason for this was an error of form.

The victim of the 61 year old and her mother since then fear for their lives. “If you talk to anyone about this, I will split your skull”. This threat Valentina N. never forgot. For four years the 44 year old woman was married to Hilmar N. – the man who was sentenced in 2004 by the Kieler court for abusing his stepdaughter Nathalie over years. She was seven years old when he touched her the first time. The mother fears: “I made a witness statement at the police station. I am scared of his revenge. I am scared for my daughters life.”

That her ex-husband still poses a big threat is not just Valentinas opinion. Hilmar N. refused therapy during his stay in jail. Experts still think he is a very dangerous pedophile who will commit further sexual acts on minors. That’s why he was supposed to get preventive detention after doing the time of his sentence.

For this to happen, a medical evidence estimate should have been made and put in at court from an expert at a hearing in person. Since that person though has been chronically ill, the deadline could not be met. Because of a second estimate the judges sentenced preventive detention, but the German Federal Supreme Court turned it down, because this decision came seven months too late. Another detention was turned down by another court in Schleswig, saying that no new findings concerning him posing a threat were made while he was doing his time in jail. The Kiel prosecution are still hoping for a follow up preventive detention, which has to be decided yet in a public hearing.

Explaining these rulings, which only protect the rights of this dangerous offender, are hard to understand by people like you and me. Accordingly aghast is Valentina: “How can it be that the justice system does not sentence preventive detention, only because an expert is sick?” Also the justice minister of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, Uwe Doering, who saw this loophole and who made this case public, said yesterday: “I very much regret that such a dangerous offender walks free due to a form error.”

Harsh critics was made by the organization Weisser Ring (White Ring, organization fighting for the rights of victims of sexual abuse crimes): The preventive victim protection should be the only priority.

Justice minister Doering signalised yesterday that Hilmar N. stays under surveillance: With the Kieler security system KSKS, police will get all information needed to make sure to take the right surveillance methods. This concept will also have a grip when the offender should leave the state of Schleswig-Holstein. And exactly this, the offender obviously and allegedly did already. Bremen is his new destination. “He will not know when he is under surveillance, but he will know that he will be watched.” For a total 24/7 hr surveillance the personnel is missing though.

The ex wife and the stepdaughter live in fear. The promise of the justice minister: Hilmar N. will be watched by the police.

Valentina knows it and is still scared. Eight years ago the Russian citizen married Hilmar N. Practically over night she said her ex husband turned violent physically and emotionally, wanted her out of the house more and more often, stayed alone with the daughter, abused her and filmed her.

Nathalie is 15 years old now. A young girl who has to live with the memories of her destroyed childhood.

Lady Justice’s eyes are blindfolded. For Nathalie and her mother it is not a sign of impartiality, but a sign of blindness.

My two cents: So not only this assbag (excuse my language) only got 5 years for abusing his stepdaughter in the worst way for years and threatened his wife to kill her, now he also walks free and can have a good laugh because some stupid court thinks that an expert statement comes too late and the deadline wasn’t met. Unbelievable!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This man is dangerous, he will do it again. So we have to wait until then or until maybe this time he kills a child. I hope that stupid judge will be satisfied then with his ruling. And come on, surveillance? BS big time!!!!!!!!!! Do you know how many thousands Euros surveillance costs over here???? Totally ineffective and a waste of tax payers money. Him staying in jail would be so many times cheaper for the tax payer than having our cops follow this piece of scum instead of being present somewhere else they are needed badly, since my country is so eager at the moment to cut down on police personnel.
Our problem in Germany still is that the victims get less protection than the offenders, who so much love to whine about their constitutional rights, and that we do nothing about fixing these dumbest loopholes in our law!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It’s about time that our politicians in Germany stop thinking about their own wallets and their own stupid problems, but to fix a problem that has been sticking out for decades and which will destroy more children’s lives in the future if it does not get fixed soon.

Monday, October 27, 2008






A violent home invasion took a young mother’s life. But was that what really happened?

Invitation to a Murder, available in stores on Tuesday, Oct. 28 is the fourth book from 48 HOURS MYSTERY. In this riveting account of a crime first documented on the broadcast, producer Gail Abbott Zimmerman unravels the lethal secrets inside a seemingly perfect marriage to find out who was behind a chilling double homicide.

“My wife is dying on the floor! Please, please come help!” The frantic 911 call sent emergency units racing to a tidy brick home in suburban Springfield, Illinois. Beautiful, vivacious Donnah Winger had been bludgeoned to death by a male intruder. Her attacker was fatally shot by Donnah’s husband, Mark. In the aftermath of the horrific home invasion, family and friends rallied round Mark, a well-liked and respected nuclear scientist, and the infant daughter he and Donnah had just adopted. Some even called him a hero.

But one rookie detective didn’t buy Mark Winger’s version of the grisly events of that August afternoon. After four years of relentless investigation, a closed case is reopened, and fragments of truth—including shocking new witness testimony—come together to reveal how Mark Winger turned a chance meeting with a troubled young man into the almost seamless killing of his own wife, with an Invitation to a Murder.

About Gail Abbott Zimmerman:

Gail Abbott Zimmerman is a three-time Emmy Award-winning television news producer and a producer for 48 HOURS MYSTERY. She was previously a producer for ABC News 20/20, and a director on a variety of programs including several network news productions and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve. She lives in New York City with her husband, Albert.


By Gail Abbott Zimmerman

Publisher: Pocket Star Books Original Paperback

Publication Date: October 28th, 2008

Price: $7.99

ISBN: 1-4165-4659-6

Pocket Star is an imprint of Simon & Schuster. Simon & Schuster, a part of the CBS Corporation, is a global leader in the field of general interest publishing, dedicated to providing the best in fiction and nonfiction for consumers of all ages, across all printed, electronic, and audio formats. Its divisions include Simon & Schuster Adult Publishing, Simon & Schuster Children’s Publishing, Simon & Schuster Audio, Simon & Schuster Online, and international companies in Australia, Canada, and the United Kingdom.

Woman Despises Ex Husband...

So she decides to beat her 11 year old daughter by him to death with a mop handle.

Police say a woman has admitted she beat her 11-year-old daughter with a mop handle and left her to die in bed in her New York City apartment.

Detectives say a woman told them she hit the girl so hard on the head that the mop handle shattered.

The child was found dead Sunday in the family's apartment in Brooklyn.
I can think of a hundred other ways to despise an ex, and none of them including beating a child, let along beating that child to death.

Full story

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Hello 911?

Jodi Harris must have wondered what was going on. Police were showing up at her home time after time, answering calls to 911 that she wasn't making. There was the report that a police officer had been shot and stuff in her trunk, the call that she was beaten. Calls came in the middle of the night, 22 of them, each reporting a 'serious' crime sending officers speeding to Harris' door. Only, there was never any emergency at Harris' home.

Finally, detectives started recording the calls that were ringing into the 911 call center from a cell phone.

They played them for Harris and that's when she said she recognized the voice as that of her neighbor's, Christopher Gonzalez.

"The whole time he was calling he was sitting at the window watching and I never knew it because we never had any conflict with him. He was very polite," Harris said.

Some people are just creepy.

Full story

Friday, October 24, 2008

Orange County Florida Serial Rapist

Police in Orange County Florida are looking for a suspected serial rapist who has attacked three women in the last month.

The latest attack occurred early Thursday morning when authorities say a woman was going to her car outside her home. She told police she saw a man and went back inside and locked the door. The man broke in and attacked her, but she was able to fight him off.

More information and a sketch available here

The case that won't go away

Clicking through the news tonight, I found this article. Evidently, the woman who cried rape after a badly planned party one night near Duke U. has written a book.

The woman who North Carolina prosecutors determined falsely accused three Duke lacrosse players of raping her at a team party maintains in a new memoir that she was attacked.

Crystal Mangum, who appeared publicly Thursday for the first time since making the allegations more than two years ago, says in her forthcoming book she is not "looking forward to opening old wounds" but that she had to defend herself.

I must say, I've posted on the non case before. At first, leaning towards the 'victim' in the case, but as time went on, and information came out- I found myself realising that the only victims in this case were a group of young men whose lives were torn apart.

I have to admit though, that even as well as I followed the case, there was so much more to it than anyone could imagine. If you DO read a book on this case, then please read one that will give a fair portrait of the truth. The depth of destruction that was released upon a group of men who were torn apart will never be understood completely, but after reading this book- you're likely to see the case in an entirely new light.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

James Glenn

Columbus Ohio police have arrested James Glenn after a 7 year old was abducted by him and forced to pose for nude photos.

Police say the young girl had gotten off the bus and was sitting on steps about a block from her home when Glenn grabbed her and took her inside his apartment. Once inside, Glenn forced the child to take semi nude photos of him, and also photographed the child nude.

The girl's relative said she told Glenn she was hungry to distract him and while he left her alone, she called her family, finding a utility bill to tell him where she was.

"I'm like, 'I'm going to be over at your apartment in five seconds. You're going to let her out of your apartment,'" Todd said.

The girl was able to escape and Glenn is now facing several charges, including gross sexual imposition.

More from NBC4

Semi related comment ** for up to the minute news- twitter users should check out @NBC4i

Michael Charles Etchison

Two years ago, Michael Charles Etchison was given a stamp of approval and released into the public as 'no a risk' to society. Evidence that he was no longer a risk included helpful comments like "he was a model inmate" and that he'd not "committed any sexual assaults" in 25 years. Left out were the comments I would have personally added "he's not committed any rapes because he's been in prison" and "if he's such a model prisoner, keep him there, since his time in society he spent raping women and even butchering one".

Now, two years later,  Etchison has moved into a community, and is pleading his case that his past is his past, and hie neighbors have nothing to fear from him.

n 1972, a then-17-year-old Etchison was convicted of forcible copulation against a young woman he then murdered with a meat cleaver. As a minor, he served two and a half years in the California Youth Authority. In 1979, he committed forcible copulation again, was sentenced to three years in prison and served half the term.

In 1981, Etchison sexually assaulted three young women in separate attacks on the same day. One incident involved a woman at the now defunct Burlingame Drive-In. A judge sentenced Etchison to 20 years in state prison after a jury convicted him of forcible oral copulation. SOURCE

But we shouldn't be concerned with him now, according to his recent appearance on a radio station:

"I've been a terrible person," Etchison said on Sacramento's "The Capitol Hour" on KTKZ. "I've done a lot of crimes, as you're all aware of, and they have been very bad and I take full responsibility."

Etchison's lengthy criminal history includes four sexual assaults on young women as well as the murder of a woman with a meat cleaver when he was 17. Etchison moved into the community last week and registered with police as a sex offender as required by law.

"I am a changed man," Etchison said. "Today I do the right thing at all times. Jesus Christ is in my life and he holds me accountable."

I have a problem with people who invoke Jesus into their speeches about being a changed person, especially when they say they do the right things at all times. That's a pretty broad statement, coming from someone who clearly has a past that is hard to overlook.

"There's fear. There's anger. I want to apologize and ask for forgiveness," Etchison said. "Everywhere I go, this has potential to come out. I need to settle down. If they [residents] just give me a chance, they'll see I'm a man of God."

I believe that people deserve second chances, but according to my count- he's had his second chance over and over again. At some point- the rope of chances runs out- and I'd have to say that happened a long long time ago. Years of being a sexual deviant aren't erased just because the last 25 have went well for him- after all, except for two years- this freak has been under the complete control of the state. That's why he's not committed another heinous crime, not because of his own free will, but because of lack of opportunity.

Residents have had a town hall meeting, and are actively voicing their concerns on the web, although it's almost certain that they will be stuck with this man for the long haul. I can only caution that they be viligent in protecting themselves, and watching closely for any questionable activities.

Dr. Linda Goudey: 48 Hourse Mystery


In his first network interview, Dr. Timothy Stryker addresses the accusations of murder that have dogged him for 15 years. “How could I be blamed for something as terrible as this?” he asks in the 48 HOURS MYSTERY exclusive.

In 1993, Dr. Linda Goudey’s body was found in the back seat of her car in the parking lot of the Boston-area hospital where she worked. The beloved OB/GYN had been strangled in an attack so brutal it left injuries at 24 separate places on her body. Immediately, authorities turned to her boyfriend, Dr. Stryker, and his attempts to help their investigation further fueled their suspicions of his involvement. But with only circumstantial evidence, the case went cold.

While authorities may not have had enough for a criminal case, Goudey’s family pressed on and filed a civil suit against Stryker, who was now married with a successful practice. His wife Micael stood by him throughout the trial. In her first interview since the verdict, she says, “[They] wove this amazing fantasy of this imaginary killer. I thought if I was a jury hearing this [it] would be very compelling.” The jurors did find it compelling: Stryker was found responsible of Goudey’s death and her family was awarded $15 million.  
Soon after the civil case verdict, a new witness emerged. This was just the break Stryker needed, but to some this new development seemed a little too convenient. The criminal case would take a turn that no one could’ve imagined. Is Dr. Timothy Stryker a calculating murderer or is he an innocent man fighting to clear his name?
Authorities remain committed to bringing Goudey’s killer to justice, especially District Attorney Gerry Leone who, in his first and only interview, pledges, “I’m going to personally stay with this unsolved homicide case as I promised [her] family over a decade ago.”
Correspondent Richard Schlesinger reports on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Did The Doctor Kill The Doctor?" Saturday, Oct. 25 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Deborah Grau. Sarah Prior is the field producer. Nancy Kramer is the senior producer and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.
Editors' Note: Click here to watch a preview of the broadcast. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on iTunes.   

America's Most Wanted

Once again it seems I'll be channel surfing this Saturday night, as America's Most Wanted will not be on again until Nov 1st- though I have a feeling that episode will be making up for ones we've missed.

But, just because they aren't on air, doesn't mean they haven't been working harder than ever on cases. Lucky for us, I've got a short list of some of what they've been keeping up with.

David Mancha: David Simon Mancha is wanted for two counts of Aggravated Sexual Assault; police believe he is still in Texas.

Sarah Pender: Since her expertly-executed prison escape on August 4, 2008, officials have been hot on the trail of Sarah Pender. Now, after a few short months on the lam, U.S. Marshals Service officials have turned up the heat on Pender, and she's the newest addition to their notorious 15 Most Wanted Fugitives List.

Tangena Hussain: Michigan toddler Tangena Hussain has been missing since October 2, 2008. She was reported missing from a gas station in Detroit, Mich., around 9:30 p.m. that night, and after increased news coverage of the disappearance, shocking information about the case has come to light.

Because if someone does something stupid...

Ohio has to make sure it does something even stupider.

A few days back I mentioned a situation where a highly respected and devoted detective in Tennessee was stripped of his duties and sent back to patrol because his boss had a case of assholitis. I should have known that Ohio, being the copycat of stupid moves wasn't about to be outdone.

Sadly, the rush to punish a respected police officer resulted in this headline:
Sylvania Township officer suspended, within a whisker of termination

Officer Ron Dicus was suspended for three days without pay for insubordination for disobeying orders to trim his mustache.

During a three-hour, quasi-judicial hearing before the trustees, with lawyers on behalf of both parties examining witnesses, police Chief Robert Metzger described Officer Dicus’ mustache as being a “George Custer-type.”

This isn't just any old officer, with any old facial hair- he's also a well respected, well liked officer who had more than 20 officers show up at the hearing to support him.

Officer Dicus, a nine-year veteran of the police force who has never been reprimanded, faced punishment ranging from public reprimand to termination.

He said he plans to take the matter to arbitration.

“I don’t think justice was done,” he said. “I think it’s a big waste of taxpayer money. I should have never gotten to this point in the first place.”

Officer Dicus said he believes the chief’s policy is in violation of his union’s contract, which permits officers to wear mustaches. The contract does not offer further qualification.

He said he was unfairly targeted because he recently was named president of the department’s patrolman’s union.

Every single day, I read a article about some wayward officer who has committed some crime, in fact- it's big news when one of the good guys turns out bad. There's constant talk that our LE officers lack this or that, and that we have far too few 'good ones' out there. And then something like this happens, and it's not hard to figure out why there are so few of them. If this is the way we treat those who are expected to put their lives on the line every day- how are we suppose to expect them to want to continue doing so?

Someone should tell Sylvania Township police chief Robert Metzger that when our officers are treated unfairly, we notice. And we start realising how easy it is to replace the person treating them that way with someone who knows better.


Robert Metzger - Chief 419-885-4962 419-885-1116

Robert Boehme - Dep. Chief 419-885-4962 419-885-1116

Richard Lopez

Police in Toledo Ohio are looking for Richard Lopez.
Photo Date: 07/19/2007

Lopez is a sexual offender, required to register with the local law enforcement, having been convicted of raping a teenager in 1988. Channel 11 has issued a predator alert, as he's failed to register.

More information.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

William Meacham, rapist, and neighbor beater upper

One might think that after spending four years in jail for raping a 15 year old girl, William Meacham might have tried to be low key and stay out of trouble. Instead Meacham, his two brothers, two sisters and a friend decided that the best way to deal with neighbors concerned about this sexual predator being in their neighborhood was to beat one of them up.

Police say William Meacham, his two brothers, two sisters and a friend attacked Adrian Porter in the village of Seneca Falls last month, leaving him bleeding and unconscious in the complex's parking lot with brain trauma, a broken nose and facial fractures.

They claim the victim came at them first, because that's believable- a single man going after a gang of six. And, evidently between the fliers Porter was hanging to warn residents of the sexual predator, the clan claims he had a machete. Honestly, dealing with this bunch- it might have been wise if he'd have had one. Perhaps then he could have at least attempted to defend himself against these animals.


She's 89...

Most people will eventually hit that time in their lives when they just want to sit back and enjoy a little peace. In Blue Ash, Ohio Edna Jester was that person. At 89 years old, she just wanted to sit outside and relax. The punk kids down the road wanted to disturb her peace by failing to mind some 'you're old enough to know better' rules of politeness.

After asking again and again, and complaining over and over, Ms Jester grew tired of the children trampling through her yard as they tossed around footballs. So, when one landed in her yard recently- she'd finally had all she could take and took the football.

Police say there had been an ongoing dispute over the errant football and a child's parent called to report that Jester kept the ball after it landed in her yard again.

“I'm 89 years old and I want a little piece of mind,” Jester said. “This is my life here in this chair, looking out that door, and all I see is playing the ball down and all over and all over. If it doesn't come in my yard, OK, but if it comes in my yard, I'm going to get it. No trespassing.”

I'm taking her side of it, because I have annoying little kids in my neighborhood who clearly don't care where the property lines end. Personally, I think she should have picked it up, tossed it in the trash and told the police that because it was trash in her yard, she cleaned it up.

Regardless, I don't think you arrest an 89 year old woman because she wants to teach children what their parents are too lazy to.


Detective Kurt Knapp

Detective Kurt Knapp of Tennessee has worked domestic violence cases for quite a while. While preforming his job, he's earned respect from the community and praise for those whose lives have been saved by him. He was recently awarded "Detective of the Year" from the DA's office.

What is even more telling about the character of this man, and his commitment to 'serve and protect' is the statements made in his behalf:

The Coalition Against Domestic Violence "cannot imagine the domestic violence division without this standard-setting level of compassion and dedication to victims of this terrible crime."

Six different district attorneys wrote, [...] Detective Knapp does not fall within his elite group -- He tops the list."

One victim wrote, "He is responsible for saving my life.

And yet, despite the praise and support of many people whose lives have been touched by this dedicated detective, he's been demoted and transferred to patrol, for a misjudgment that would normally be punished by " verbal or written reprimand and a maximum of three days unpaid suspension".

What could possibly be so terrible as to motivate Deputy Chief Steve Anderson to remove Knapp from his position?

Detective Knapp was caught smoking in his police car. And for that, one highly respected and passionate officer is being removed from serving the very people who need his assistance most.

If you are so inclined, feel free to contact the Nashville Police Department, and ask them to reconsider this error in judgment by D.C. Anderson. Their contact information (and even a sweet contact form) can be found here.


Michael Melvin and Rachel White

Michael Melvin is looking at some jail time. His partner in crime, an 39 year old woman by the name of Rachel White, was just sentenced to 18 months in jail after being caught attempting to use her 17 year old as a prostitute in Dayton Ohio.

Sheriff's deputies say they found the 39-year-old woman and a man prostituting the girl at a Dayton-area hotel in April.

Judge A.J. Wagner gave White the maximum penalty on her guilty plea to a felony charge of attempting to compel prostitution by a minor. He listed her as a sex offender and gave her a simultaneous sentence of 3 months for child endangering.

I'm not sure what some parents are thinking, but I do believe this proves my point about giving out tests before we allow just anyone to pretend to be a mother.


Sunday, October 19, 2008

Rebecca Long, Child Abuser, Knitter


Rebecca Long liked to knit, for her husband, her parents, her son, her pets- just about everyone. Evidently what Long didn't like was providing nutrition for her 14 year old stepdaughter.

The Carnation girl, 14, dodged the grave. Authorities saved her in August from a house of horrors where she was malnourished, dehydrated and withered to under 50 pounds. She had a ghostly pallor, with rotting teeth from failing salivary glands. Suicide entered her mind.

After a two-month investigation that just concluded, her stepmother, Rebecca Long, 44, and father, Jon Pomeroy, 43, were taken into custody. They've been charged with first- and second-degree criminal mistreatment, felonies. In a bizarre twist, the girl's father denies knowing his daughter was locked up for long stretches by the stepmother.

It's amazing that a woman who had time to knit endless projects, couldn't manage to take the time to go to parenting classes, try anger management or at least grow a conscience. How does one just sit, knitting away while a 14 year old girl withers away just a few rooms over?

Oh, and she had time to blog about her great knitting skills. Honestly, the only way this could be sadder, is if she'd had a recipe blog.

(NOTE: I've been informed that she has closed her blog, making it viewable only to select people. Anyone gets in, and can do a little copy & paste, or has imagines of it already, give me a shout. )

Thanks to Google, even though she locked the blog, I was able to get the Google Cache of it (try google search for Reb Knitting) and then copy the source code. First page available as of now, but better than nothing. CLICK TO VIEW

Father denies knowing girl was locked up for long periods by ...Seattle Post Intelligencer
CPS reviewing case of starved 14-year-old in Carnation Seattle Times
Girl, 14, found starving in home; parents charged The Associated Press
Starved girl is so lucky to be alive Seattle Post Intelligencer

Really, attempting to stave a child to death while knitting and keeping a blog isn't all that bad. I mean, it's not like she had multiple blogs (viewable via her blogger profile):

My Blogs

Team Members

Cover Your Head Knitalong **co bloggers removed**
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Friday, October 17, 2008

Amber Alert: Cole Puffinburger

By now, most people know about the missing 6 year old boy Cole Puffinburger who was kidnapped from his home in Nevada, and some of the details behind the kidnapping.

For those interested in getting more information- I'm personally hooked on Steve Huff's continuing coverage of the case. Steve's has been on to stay a little ahead of the MSN on certain cases and it seems that this time is no exception.

Someone help me with my math

Let's see, 23 years old. Sentenced to 12 years in prison to be served with another 18 year sentence. That would make him... 41? Naw, that can't be right- because the judge clearly calls him " a young man sentenced to the rest of his life in prison,".

I've went back and checked my math, but no matter how many times I do it- I still come up with 41. That doesn't include early release- if he gets it. And I was pretty sure that the average life span was up in the 70's or 80's. Forty one seems awfully young to assume he'll be dead at that age.

A 23-year-old man who could spend the rest of his life behind bars for molesting several Tri-City boys said Thursday that he wants help.

Vernon Neil Fannin of Richland apologized to the victims and their families as he was sentenced in Benton County Superior Court to a minimum term of 12 years and five months in prison.

It will be served at the same time as an 18-year sentence he received in Franklin County last month for the same crimes. His eventual release after serving the minimum will depend on his treatment and rehabilitation while in prison.

He'll be out in less than 20, and most likely it won't be at the end of his life. Then, we'll have to worry about an entire new generation of boys he's likely to prey upon.

Now, some will say that the fact that he went to police shows his real desire to overcome his deviant behavior, but Fannin didn't just pop up at the sheriff's office out of guilt- the families forced him to turn himself in. He wasn't overloaded with guilt and attempting to straighten himself out- he molested at least one victim for a year. His lawyer would have you feel sorry for this monster:
Defense attorney Sal Mendoza Jr. said when he first met with Fannin, his client told him he had no intention of having extensive hearings in the case or going to trial.

"He was not going to force the families and the victims to come forward and go through all that ... that frankly he had a right to," Mendoza said. "He was looking at a life sentence and had nothing to lose. But he takes ownership of what he did and wants treatment."

Right, he had nothing to lose- so he played up the "I'm so sorry, give me treatment and let me out in half the time" to... hold your breath... be able to get out in half the time.

One of the most disappointing aspects of this case is that even the judge felt some tings of sympathy for this freak- ranting on how sad the situation was:
"This is truly a tragedy, a young man sentenced to the rest of his life in prison," Swisher said. "But the victims will suffer for the rest of their lives too ... In a different way, but in a way just as real."
BUT??!!?? But the victims? Worded as if they are just some sort of second thought, barely related to the situation?!?


Wow. Amazing that he was able to muster up the strength to even mention the VICTIMS in this, after clearly being so devastated by the fact that the CHILD MOLESTER might have to spend a few years behind bars. The victims suffering will be 'just as real'? Are you fucking joking me?? Their pain, their suffering, and that of their entire families- will be the ONLY real suffering. They were the VICTIMS, the innocent people cruelly manipulated by a sexual predator. And, the judge's sympathy is clearly hitting the wrong side of the courtroom.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

Timothy Conkright Gets Early Release

Timothy Conkright had been convicted of sexually abusing two girls (ages 4 and 5). He was sentenced to two life terms in prison as a result of the 2005 conviction. While we can applaud his sentence, I'm not sure many people are going to be happy that instead of rotting behind bars, Conkright was given early release and is now set to be free.

Conkright was originally given two consecutive life sentences; however, a court of appeals overturned his convictions. He avoided a re-trial after entering an Alford plea to two counts of gross sexual imposition for the October 2004 assaults. The plea guaranteed him substantially less prison time.

Other charges against Conkright were dismissed and he was sentenced to four years in prison and five years of community control. Under an agreement with the court, Conkright was to receive judicial release six months from now, then be placed on electronic monitoring for six months.

A statement from the victims families follows the mind blowing decision to allow this monster to be freed into society after barely serving any real time at all. I recommend everyone read it, especially those who live near Toledo Ohio.

Child Molester Sought

In the last twelve months, Long Beach police have been searching for a degenerate who they say has been showing children pornographic images and attempting to lure the children away from their homes.

The incidents, which started last October and continued through September of this year targeted children near their homes when they appeared alone.

The suspect is described as a light-skinned Hispanic man, about 20 to 30 years old. He is estimated to be 5 feet 8 to 5 feet 11, and weighs about 160 pounds. He has wavy black hair and a patch of hair just below his lip.

Police say he may be driving a gray, late 1990s Honda.

Police have released a photo taken by a security camera near one of the incidents of the man they believe to be responsible. Please take a moment to click over and check it out, you might be able to prevent this man from achieving whatever deviant plans he has.

It's for the baby, not the weapons...

People, strollers are for babies. Babies. Not sawed-off shotguns, knives, or box cutters. Babies.

An upstate New York woman will spend up to three years in prison for packing more than diapers in her baby's stroller.

Stephanie Wilson of Utica pleaded guilty last month to carrying an unloaded sawed-off shotgun in the buggy, where police also found several knives and a box cutter. Wilson said she needed the weapons for self protection.

Wilson was arrested July 1 after an argument on the street with another woman over money. Wilson first pulled a knife from the stroller, and then the sawed-off shotgun.

Isabel Chasarez,

Isabel Chasarez might not have been too concerned about what was happening in her own home while her boyfriend was impregnating her then 9 year old daughter, but something tells me she'll soon have more than enough time to think it over and see her error.

An eastern Idaho woman whose boyfriend impregnated her 9-year-old daughter has been sentenced to 10 years in prison.

Isabel Chasarez, 27, must serve at least one year in prison before she is eligible for parole, 7th District Judge Brent Moss ordered Tuesday at the sentencing hearing.

Shame that she only has to wait one short year, but there is always the hope that the parole board sees this waste of DNA for what she is.

Get your signs ready...

It won't be long before the kids are all rushing home to climb into costumes and grabbing their candy bags while envisioning the piles of candy they'll be handed as they go door to door declaring 'Trick or Treat' to all their neighbors. Which means, it also won't be too long before sex offenders start their own ritual preparations.

Sex offenders in Illinois, Maryland, Missouri and a handful of other states must stay inside their homes on Halloween and post a sign that says 'no candy or treats at this residence,' in an effort to protect children.
Signs mailed to 1,200 violent and child-sex offenders included a picture of a pumpkin and the words, "No candy at this residence." If sex offenders don't put the signs up they face charges of parole violation.

I'm sure there will be the normal complaints about these laws and how unfair they are. And, while I would like to attempt to keep an open mind while they spew their 'it's unfair' whining- I'm quick to recall that it's almost a 100% guarantee that whatever vicious behavior they displayed to their victims was even more unfair and cruel.


Actual Sign from Marylan Posted above, via article in FoxNews.

America's Most Wanted

First, I have some sad new... America's Most Wanted will not be airing this weekend. Of course, there's always a silver lining to every rain cloud- so while they aren't on air, they are still pounding away solving cases and looking for tips.

Here's an update on what's been keeping them busy:

Sarah Pender: According to officials, while Sarah Pender was in jail, her former lover, Jamie Long, served as a "postmaster." Cops say Long provided prison guard Scott Spitler with drugs and contraband cell phones for Pender to sell behind bars. She was also Pender's getaway driver during her August 4, 2008 escape. Now, Long has been sentenced to seven years for helping Pender escape. Pender remains at large, and cops still need your help to track her down and lock her up again.

Luann and Bradley Chase: Less than 12 hours after they appeared on America's Most Wanted, a vigilant viewer's tip led cops to the accused child molesters in the Lone Star State.

Chatyn Byrd: Cops say Chatyn Byrd has been a thorn in law enforcement's side for years, racking up a rap sheet which includes armed robbery and various drug charges. But in November 2007, cops say he graduated to a far greater level of criminality, when he pumped four bullets into another man's body, nearly killing him. But thanks to a cooperative tipster and the efforts of Michigan law enforcement personnel, Byrd's all cooped up behind bars once again.
You can normally watch AMW on Saturday Nights at 9 pm on your local Fox Station. You can also visit their website at throughout the week for updates and new cases.

Jean Zapata, 48 Hours Mystery



As the wife of promising engineer Eugene Zapata and mother to three children, Jean Zapata was not your typical stay-at-home mom. Strong and independent, she was a trailblazer, one of the few female flight instructors of her day. But in 1976 she vanished from her Madison, Wis. home leaving behind friends, family and a mystery that would take 30 years to resolve.

After just three weeks, the initial investigation into her disappearance went cold. The Zapatas’ youngest daughter Linda, who was 11 years old at the time, grew up thinking her mother had abandoned them. Linda remained haunted until she received a visit from local authorities 28 years later. Thanks to the persistence of Jean’s lifelong friend Peggy Weekly, the case had been reopened. And with the help of Madison detective Marianne Flynn Statz, these women were united in their quest for answers, one that would involve sexually explicit photos, hidden documents, a safety deposit box and a secret that would tear the family apart.

Richard Schlesinger reports on 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "Into Thin Air," Saturday, Oct. 18 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Brian Leonard and Daria Hirsch. Nancy Kramer is the senior producer and Al Briganti is the executive editor. Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

Editors' Note: Click Here to watch a preview of the broadcast. CBS News 48 HOURS MYSTERY broadcasts are now available on

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have to admit, and many of you already know it- but I sneak in and check referring links to here via a site stat meter. It's just a way to see what posts are getting interest, and to get an idea of how some of the visitors stumble in here. My own little curiosity, although I should say that 99% of bloggers share that gene with me.

Some of the links to here, I wish I wouldn't have seen. Nothing like clicking on a site, only to find out that someone thinks I'm a dumbass, or realising that they were only here because Google somehow mistook this for a porn site- still not sure how that happens!

But then today, I found a link via a message board. And, while I don't want to point anyone out by naming names- I do want them to know that I appreciate their thoughts.
So, hopefully, whoever you are, you make the connection and realise that I'm blushing a little, and grateful a lot.

As a helpful hint- in the slim case anyone else has linked me- to the person who provided the kind words, did you know that I guest posted on Executed Today? Highlighting a case, and explaining my position on why I support the death penalty.

Naw, I'm on a diet

Richard Cooey said he was too fat to be executed. So, he tried to appeal his death sentence to the Ohio Appeals Court. When that failed, 267lb Cooey took it to the US Supreme Court. They dismissed his request, thus siding with Ohio.

SOURCE-- Cooey lost a final appeal earlier Tuesday when the U.S. Supreme Court turned down without comment his complaint that the state's protocol for lethal injection could cause an agonizing and painful death. He wanted the state to use a single drug rather than a three-drug combination, and asked for a stay of execution pending a hearing on that motion.

The court on Monday denied a separate appeal based on Cooey's claim that his obesity was a bar to humane lethal injection. The argument also had been rejected by a federal appeals court in Cincinnati and the Ohio Supreme Court, with both courts ruling that he missed a deadline for filing appeals.

Cooey is 75 pounds heavier than when he went to death row — the result of prison food and 23-hour-a-day confinement, his lawyers said.

Let's be honest here, he KNEW this whole appeal thing was a long shot. Likely had a good idea that he'd be executed today- so what does the man do? Well, he didn't worry about his weight enough to go on a diet during his last weeks, and even at death- he wasn't interested in counting calories.
About 4 p.m., the 270-pound Cooey was served his last meal: a T-bone steak with A-1 sauce, onion rings, french fries, four eggs over easy, toast with butter, hash browns, rocky road ice cream and bear claw pastry. He drank Mountain Dew.

Honestly, I might have taken a second to reconsider the possiblity that he was being straight with his plea that he was too fat to die in a humane manner, if he had at least attempted to make himself less fat. But, clearly- he's learned little since his last 'last meal' when he also decided to pile in everything he could:

In 2003, Cooey was also served a last meal, which consisted of a rib-eye steak (medium), two eggs sunny side up, toast with butter, a cheeseburger with the works, onion rings, french fries, two slices of banana cream pie and a couple of 2-liter bottles of Dr Pepper. Later that evening, a federal judge granted his request for a stay of execution.

Or maybe he was really hoping for yet another delay, and didn't want to miss out on the chance as some decent grub.



Bullet Idea
Diet Idea

Friday, October 10, 2008

Trench vs a Lefty.

Remember my post about the stalker?

Well, if you liked it- you're sure to love the post Trench did today, where he (as McCain supporter) debated a fellow b5 blogger (as a Obama supporter).

Just like the last three debates were, this one should be chalked down to a Righty win.

And for those of you who didn't like it, well- there's someone there giving hype to Obama- so you're side is fairly presented too. I suppose it'll be ok for you to claim she won... if you have to.

Thursday, October 09, 2008

America's Most Wanted

Once again, it's time for highlights from the upcoming episode of America's Most Wanted, which airs at 9pm on your local Fox station. You can also check out their website for information on these cases, and many others at

Leo Cisneros
More than 15 years after a brutal murder, Florida cops have arrested almost everyone who they say was involved in the cold-blooded plot. Leo Cisneros, the accused mastermind, is still on the run, and cops have turned to AMW for help.

Paul Jackson
Police believe that siblings Paul Jackson and Vance Roberts lured teenage girls to a homemade sex-torture chamber they built in the residence they once shared. While Roberts turned himself in and was sentenced to 108 years in prison, Jackson's still wanted, and cops hope AMW viewers can help put him behind bars.

Luann Chase
All over the nation, police officers go into classrooms to talk to students about the dangers of child abusers and pedophiles. In January 2000, Det. James Harpenau says he went into an Evansville, Ind. classroom with a presentation on child abuse -- and left with a case that haunts him to this day.

Bradley Chase
James Harpenau has been a police officer for 26 years and a sex crimes investigator for nine, but the one case that has always haunted him is "the one that got away." Police allege that Bradley "Butch" Chase and his wife Luann sexually abused and molested two children for a number of years, and now, Harpenau wants AMW to put them behind bars for good.

Timothy Marino
Police say Orange County, Calif. rape suspect Timothy James Marino videotaped himself raping an acquaintance before fleeing the state. Now, he is believed to be living in Acapulco, Mexico, where he's thought to be running a pornographic website.

Jose Hernandez
Cops in Florida are looking for a man who they say stabbed his roommate to death. The two went out with friends on a typical Saturday night in July, but an argument over a cell phone cut their fun short. Now, cops need your help to catch a dangerous killer.

Erik Salguero
June 10, 1997, New York cops say Jessica Zapata and her infant son were walking in the Bronx, when they were plowed down on the street -- by a driver with an agenda to kill.

Vincente Bastida
Cops say 25-year-old Vincente Bastida is on the run from charges that he raped a female relative on September 23, 2008. Cops say after the alleged rape, he took off and hasn't been seen since; cops fear he could have taken off toward Mexico.

Unknown “Fort Myers Eight” Killer
Detectives recovered a cache of bones from eight men in a wooded area of Fort Myers, Fla. in 2007; now, skeleton "C" has been identified as that of Jonathan Tihay, a Fort Myers man who disappeared in 1995, just short of his 26th birthday. Cops are working to identify the five other victims, and whether or not a serial killer is behind the gruesome mystery. AMW teamed up with a forensic artist to bring the men's likenesses back to life; do you recognize the faces, and can you help break the case wide open?

Kareem Hack
Cops say Kareem Hack offered a woman in dire financial straits $20 to have sex with her young children. She called the police, and they arrested Hack in a high-tech sting operation, but cops say he cut off his electronic ankle bracelet and fled before trial -- and law enforcement needs your help to catch him.

David Wayne French
Less than two weeks after notorious transgendered murder suspect David Wayne French was profiled on AMW, he was caught in Rapid City, S.D. after a bus station employee recognized French from a flyer that local law enforcement had passed around the city. French, also known by the alias Zalia Crizta, is expected to be back in court in December 2008 on murder charges.

Christopher Maribel
Patrolman Christopher Mirabal, known by his family and friends as Chris, died on Wednesday, June 13, 2007. While in pursuit of a suspicious vehicle, Patrolman Mirabal lost control of his motorcycle and was thrown to his death. Chris was a nine year veteran of law enforcement at the time of his death.

Wednesday, October 08, 2008

If you are any kind of decent person

Through out the years, I've made a few pleas for assistance from you. Not often, but once in a while when a case seems to be screaming for help.

While browsing Trench's blogs tonight, I came across this post:

Help a man bury his grandchild

Parents Battle Over Baby’s Body:

Not too long ago I posted about Alicia Zebrun. She is the woman from Buffalo accused of killing her newborn baby and hiding the body in a shoebox.

If you are one who believes that a parent's right to pretend to be a parent ends the moment that said parent KILLS their child, then you might want to head over and read Trench's post. Because, at this moment- the grandfather of that innocent baby is fighting for custody of the child's body to give her a proper burial. Perhaps an outpouring of support for this grandfather and his desire to show this child the love and respect her mother refused her will help persuade someone to do what is right.

It just wouldn't be right if we allowed this woman to disgrace this child in death, as she so willingly did during her life.

Castration as a method of stopping sexual deviants?

Every so often, someone comes along with the theory that sexual offenders can be fixed with this or that treatment. One of the most supported theories, but least used is the idea of castration.

On first glance, the idea would seem to be reasonable. After all, if you remove the ability of an offender to get sexual gratification from his actions, it would seem that he'd be less likely to engage in them. If you cut off (no pun intended) the ability of a sexual predator to perform, then it would seem to follow that the offender would lose interest in carrying on his demented desires. But that's only at first glance.

A second look however, is a little more insightful. I've talked about castration and it's use as a deterrent for sexual offenders committing other sex related crimes. And I've openly discussed how I believe that while it sounds good in theory, it will fail in practice.

Kevin Reilly fought for freedom based upon the theory that he was no longer a danger to society because he'd been castrated, Bobby James Allen won a reduced sentence on the condition that he have the operation preformed, and Bruce Coltfelter used his castration in an attempt to be released from a state hospital.

In each of these cases, one factor was conveniently left out by the offender, and their defense team. Sex crimes, for the most part, are not committed in a moment of heat. They are not usually crimes of passion in which the abuser is intent on fulfilling nothing more than a sexual desire. There is more to sexual crimes than just sex. The crime, whether it's raping a stranger seen walking down the street, or preying upon a child who lives next door- actually has little to do with sex, and more to do with the emotion high derived from the act itself. Rape is about power, control, humiliation, imposing pain and suffering, anger- but rarely about sex. The offender has the demented need to dominate, to torture, to completely possess the mind of the victim. Because castration- either by surgically removing testicles, or chemically reducing the amount of testosterone- deals only with the sexual ability/desire, it fails to offer a intelligent solution to a problem that isn't really about sex at all. Until a way is found to block the overwhelming desires to abuse another person in such a horrendous manner- there is no reasonable solution to the problem that would promise to keep society safe while 'curing' the offender in question.

Which bring us to this:

A convicted child molester whose campaign to be castrated spurred Texas to become the only state to allow the procedure for prison convicts is back behind bars, accused of possessing sexually explicit materials, authorities said Wednesday.

Larry Don McQuay, 44, was jailed in San Antonio after parole officials said they caught him early last month with "cards depicting individuals having sex, as well as (cards of) nude women" — a violation of the rules under which he was freed from prison three years ago, said Michelle Lyons, chief spokeswoman for the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.

McQuay became infamous for serving 8 years of a 20 year sentence after convincing the courts that castration was a answer to his continued deviant behavior.
At the time, he insisted that the castration would stop his sexual urges for children; psychologists and doctors disagreed over whether the procedure would be effective.

In 1997, the Texas Legislature made voluntary castration available to convicts. Since then, three convicts have voluntarily undergone the procedure, including McQuay, who was surgically castrated a year before his release on parole.

Lyons said McQuay's release from prison before his sentence ended was because "his good time credits and his flat time (physical time behind bars) equaled the length of his sentence."


Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Kevin Coe

Kevin Coe is no longer a danger to women, well, at least that is what he'd like everyone else to believe- despite the fact that he has committed at least 40 rapes.

The Spokane area was terrorized by the South Hill Rapist crimes from the 1960s to the early 1980s, with dozens of women raped in the neighborhood before Coe was captured in 1981.

Coe was originally linked by police to more than 40 rapes, but was convicted of four. Appellate courts threw out three of those convictions, leaving Coe with a single rape conviction. He completed his sentence in 2006.

Coe has steadfastly maintained his innocence.

The state contends Coe suffers from mental disorders that prevent him from controlling his sexual behavior, and that he is a danger to reoffend.

As for all of this, Coe says:
Convicted rapist Kevin Coe said Tuesday that he poses no threat to women if released from state custody and is at "zero" risk to reoffend.

Coe, testifying in court for the first time since his trials in the sensational South Hill Rapist cases more than two decades ago, continued to maintain he is innocent of all the rape allegations against him.

He also said he would not seek treatment for sexual deviancy if released.

"I don't believe I need that," Coe told the jury of eight women and four men. "That's not how I would define myself."

Let's hope that his plea for freedom fails, because if it doesn't we'll need to be prepared for the new victims he leaves behind.


He's already FAILED to appeal, isn't it a little silly to raise bail now?

Bill Marcus Ennis Jr was suppose to appear in court on charges that he sexually abused a young boy a few years ago. Facing three counts of Sodomy I, four counts Sex Abuse I and one count of Attempted First Degree Sodomy, Ennis was released on $200,000 bail.

And then he failed to show up for court, prompting the court to decide that perhaps it might be a good idea to make that bail a little bit higher.

Bail has been raised to$1 million dollars after a Roseburg man failed to appear in court two weeks in a row.

SOURCE with photo. Let's get him locked up.

Johnny Corrales

Johnny Corrales is a convicted rapist.

Seems he couldn't keep himself out of trouble, and was wanted for a parole violation when he ran from LE

Minnesota officials, along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, gathered evidence that suggested Corrales may be accompanied by a 16-year-old runaway. The two went missing on August 15 and were believed to have fled to Arizona a short time later, Hershey said.
Officials received a tip that Corrales and the teenager were staying at the home of one of his family members. After setting up brief surveillance in the area, police arrested Corrales and took the girl into custody.
Let's see- convicted sexual offender, teen runaway, and his family offering him their undying support by allowing him to hide out in their home.

I bet anything they tell people what a nice guy he is, and how that first conviction wasn't his fault.

Full Article.

Personal Message

I've been battling in my head over whether or not I should talk about this with all of you. Honestly, part of me would rather it just blow over so I don't have to deal with it. But the other part of me realizes that sometimes, well, sometimes standing up and telling the truth is the best thing to do- regardless of how difficult it may be.

I've been a little quiet lately, overwhelmed by the feeling that I'm being watched. You see, it all started a few days back, when I received a rather uncomfortable phone call. The phone call was followed up by a post card a few days later- which of course had no return address. And then, just this morning I started getting the emails.

I've tried everything I can to rid myself of this unwanted attention, to explain calmly that I'm not interested. But- clearly it's not working out so well. And, to be blunt- it's getting to the point where this persistent behavior has become nothing short of creepy.

I'm down to my last resort- so I'm just going to be straight forward and say how I feel, and hopefully my wanna-be stalker gets the idea and leaves me alone. But, I'm not holding my breath, I've learned he can be very persistent.

Obama, you are not my type. I just can't connect with someone who holds onto the beliefs that you do. We just have to many differences holding us apart. I mean, honestly- I don't like terrorist, but you knock elbows with them. I love my country, but your mentors hate it. My friends were hurt by Fannie and Freddie, your friends made millions off them. I'm against voter fraud, you helped fund it.

"You shall judge a man by his foes as well as by his friends." -- Joseph Conrad

Sorry, Obama. You see- it just won't work between us because I happen to respect your enemies more than I could ever tolerate your friends.

Thursday, October 02, 2008

"bvut your dealing with someone whi is legall mindes a genius, intellegoinence level "

Seriously, some asshat wrote that to me, while attempting to defend their spot on the Ohio Sexual Offenders Registration.

Here, read it again... maybe  you can make sense of what he's trying to tell us:

bvut your dealing with someone whi is legall mindes a genius, intellegoinence level

And, not to be accusing anyone of lying, but has anyone else noticed that the legal age of consent in Ohio is 16.. which would make it sort of hard for someone to be charged because they had consensual sex with a 16 year old. You know, cause in Ohio, consensual sex with anyone 16 and over is... legal?

Anyone else smell bullshit?

Wednesday, October 01, 2008

America's Most Wanted

The following cases will air Saturday on America's Most Wanted, on your local Fox station.

Unknown Sean Aquitania Killers: On Sept. 14, 2007, Elk Grove School District bus driver, Cathy Snow, witnessed an unforgettable tragedy. At the end of her shift, a man ran alongside her bus with a dying baby in his arms. He handed the child off to a stunned Snow, but it was too late...the 7-month-old baby's injuries were far too severe. Now, authorities in Sacramento, Calif. are on the lookout for two men responsible for the murder of young Sean Aquitania Jr. who was injured during a home invasion robbery that also claimed his father's life.

Julio Guevara-Mejia: Cops in Davis, Calif., say 35-year-old Julio Guevara-Mejia was so rife with misery following the break-up with his girlfriend, who was 17 years younger, that he devised an elaborate plot to exact his revenge. Authorities say Mejia enlisted a 15-year-old to be his accomplice, however, the murderous plot didn't turn out as planned.

The NorCal Rapist: Since 1991, police believe that one man has been responsible for a series of sexual assaults on women across Northern California. He's been dubbed 'The NorCal Rapist' and since his last attack in October 2006, cops have intensified the search for this serial predator.

Pedro Ortiz: Thanks to insider information provided by an AMW tipster, Pedro Ortiz was hauled into police custody on May 29, 2008. The tipster gave police Ortiz's exact location, where authorities say he tried -- unsuccessfully -- to hide from the cops. After seven hours of trying to get him out of the home, he was finally taken down in Lynn, Mass.

Leo Burt: Thirty-seven years ago, the sky lit up in Madison, Wisc. Buildings shook and people 30 miles away could hear the explosion at Sterling Hall. It was the worst case of domestic terrorism until Oklahoma City in 1995. Of the four accused terrorists, three were caught, convicted, and served their time in prison. But one -- Leo Burt -- hasn't been seen or heard from since he fled the scene after the bombing. AMW aired Burt's story in September and you responded by sending in dozens of tips. Many of your tips were promising and one sparked national headlines, but Burt is still on the lam and the FBI needs your help.

Marlow Reynolds: The Texas Department of Criminal Justice found their man -- but it took the help of some highly-trained bloodhounds to sniff Reynolds out of his hiding place.

George Perez: Cops in Baltimore, Md. say a bookkeeper there was not only cooking his employer's books, he was placing bets with his employer's money. Police say 32-year-old George Michael Perez embezzled more than $1 million from the company he worked for in order to fund his luxury lifestyle, but when his plan to beat the charges went up in smoke, he hit the road.

Dane Brooks: Cops in Pennsylvania are reaching out to the public for information on the whereabouts of a Pittsburgh bouncer who they say shot a man to death in a crowded bar. Cops say Dane Brooks, a convicted felon, was working the front door at Mac Can Do's Bar on March 30, 2008 when he produced a gun and shot 22-year-old John Allen in the neck. Police say after the shooting, Brooks pushed his way out of the bar and hasn't been seen since.

Mario Lozano: Cops say gang member Mario Lozano, 21, thought his girlfriend's cousin was too meddlesome. For weeks, tension between Lozano and 17-year-old Isaac Guzman escalated until, cops say, Lozano stabbed his nemesis 37 times in broad daylight in the middle of a busy civic center. Outraged witnesses chased Lozano and provided key photos to police.

Tambra turner: When a relationship goes south, some people cry, some people fight and some couples break up. But when Tambra Turner's husband started spending time with another woman, police say she didn't just get angry: she got homicidal.

Update on children found dead in freezer

A case previously posted here, has continued to develop as the investigation into the lives of the children, and their deaths has provided more information to police.

The sole surviving child was able to escape Renee Bowman's home by jumping out of a window. A neighbor found the little girl with blood on her shirt and clearly in need of assistance and took her to another home where police were called. The neighbor also ordered food for the child after learning she had not eaten recently. The child was described as being barefoot, having bruises all over her body, "extensive open, infected sores and lesions" and "eyes scarred in the corners."

Police found the remains of the other two children in the freezer while investigating the condition of the first child.

Montgomery County police Lt. Paul Starks said investigators are working on the premise that Renee Bowman's two adopted daughters were killed while the family was living in Rockville. Bowman's former landlord there told police the family moved away in November

Because all three children were in foster care provided by Bowman, she was able to adopt the children, and because they were considered 'special needs' by the state- she was able to rake in $2400 a month despite the horrid conditions the children were forced to live in.

Bowman was a foster mother to the three girls before adopting them in 2001 and 2004.

"There is pressure across the board to get those adoption numbers up," Richard Wexler, executive director of the National Coalition for Child Protection Reform, said Tuesday. "My question is: Did the D.C. workers have the time to look at it case by case?"

After adopting the three "special needs" children - a broad category that includes any child over age 5 - Bowman received a monthly stipend of about $2,400 from a federal program for adoptive parents, D.C. Acting Attorney General Peter Nickles said. He said Bowman apparently was being paid even after the children had died.