The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Lino Donato needs a new job

Lino Donato, previous post here, has been voted out of his job as Mayor of Poteet. Not by the people of Poteet, but by the city counsel.

I have to admit, I was confused about this at first. Every story I came across seemed to refer to Donato being released from jail on bail last week, but that couldn't be right, because I first posted about him in 2006. And then it hit me. He'd been charged yet again.

Earlier Monday afternoon, Donato was released on $200,000 bond after he was arrested last week for the second time in two years on child sex charges. He did not attend the council meeting nor could he be reached by phone or at his place of business.

The most recent indictments allege that on Aug. 15, 2007, Donato touched a girl younger than 14 on her genitals and breasts, resulting in a first-degree felony charge of aggravated sexual assault and a second-degree felony charge of indecency with a child by contact, respectively.

Donato's also accused of kissing the girl on Aug. 17, 2007, and is charged with the third-degree felony of attempted indecency with a child by contact.
Donato's term would have expired in 2009, however a condition of the sex offender registry hampered his ability to work at the courthouse, or even attend council meetings there. Add on the new charges, and the history of the past charges and I'd say Poteet was in need of a new Mayor years ago.

Full story

Monday, September 29, 2008

Teacher Student Sex Nets Six Years

Kelsey Peterson, a recent case of teacher going above and beyond in her duty to instill knowledge in her students (in this case, carnal knowledge) has been sentenced to six years for the sexual relationship she had with a 13 year old student. Some might recall that Peterson showed an incredible lack of intelligence when the investigation into the then alleged crimes began by taking the boy on a 'let's flee to Mexico' trip.

The two disappeared in October after the district's superintendent confronted Peterson with allegations of inappropriate conduct with the boy. She was arrested a week later in Mexicali, Mexico, after the boy made a cell phone call to his family.

Peterson was arrested by Mexican authorities and transported back to Nebraska.

"I want to move on with my life and make it better," Peterson said Monday in court. "I'm here to take responsibility for what I did."
Not buying that. She's there only because she is being forced to take responsibility, since she 'fought the law and the law won' when they arrested her and Mexico shipped her sorry 26 year old cradle robbing butt back here to face charges.

Full story.

Children found dead in freezer...

Police are investigating a woman after the bodies of two young little girls she had adopted were found in a freezer.

Calvert County authorities said they found them Saturday as they were investigating a report of an injured child.

A woman who said the girls were her adopted daughters has been arrested, according to The Washington Post. Renee Bowman, 43, told deputies that the remains had been frozen since at least February.

A third girl was found after escaping the home and reported that she had been beat with a shoe, leading police to investigate the mother.

What a lovely family...

Really hard to pick a title for this one, it was a toss up between current title and "Mental Illness Can Be Hereditary".

Honestly folks, if the school nurse shows up on your door step because there is concern for the mental state of your children, and you want to reassure them that your kid is not a nutcase- you might want to remember that *most* people take note of the old saying "apple doesn't fall far from the tree".

School spokesperson Ebony Pugh said a nurse and a social worker were assaulted by the parents of a Brashear High School student when they went to take the girl home.

The employees decided to take freshman Maria Malloy home, along with her sister, because they had concerns that Maria was acting erratically.

According to family members, once there was talk that the student may have some type of mental illness, the mother of the student attacked the school workers.
The family, holding tight to the notion that there's no mental illness running through their blood stream- defends the mother with comments like 'my mom went to jail for no reason' and 'So my wife, she was mad. She's just mad because they've been doing this for years…playing our daughter, our kids'. Clearly, personal responsibility for ones actions isn't a big life lesson in this family.

The behavior that the school felt was nutty, and the family defends as nothing more than a stomach ache included "pulling her hair and scratching her face and didn't know what was happening."

Perhaps if the family would have answered the phone call from the school, they wouldn't have had to deal face to face with realisation that they clearly couldn't handled....
Pugh told WTAE that "the school district is trying to build relationships with the parents. (The school nurse and social worker) wanted to talk with her parents. They had genuine concern."


Pugh said the school tried to contact the girls' parents. When they didn't get a response, the school decided to take Maria home with her older sister, who's also a student at the school.


Kelsey's Walk

The Third Annual Kelsey Briggs Run/Walk Against Child Abuse will be held October 18th. The location is in Bricktown in Oklahoma City. You can still register online and the deadline has been extended.

If you have difficulty with the website when trying to register please email

You do not have to run to participate. We offer a one mile fun walk immediately following the 5k Run. Children can walk for free. You will receive a free T-shirt when you register. You can also purchase T-shirts while supplies last if you do not register. This years design is very unique.

ALL proceeds will go to Prevent Child Abuse Oklahoma.

Cherokee Ballard, Journalist and Spokesperson, will be this years Honorary Chairperson. She would love to meet each of you.

Please support the children still living in fear. WE do not need another case like Kelsey's to get everyone's attention again. There are still children needing our help.

If you would like a copy of the flyer with more details please email

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Alicia Lee

Trench at Bad Breeders has the case of Alicia Lee, likely finalist for this weeks Worst Mother award. She's accused of sexually abusing her 2 year old son, and then bragging about it in emails. She included photos of the abuse to heighten her excitement I suppose.

*Warning, wait 30 minutes after eating before viewing link above.

Peter Frances Milosavjevic

If I was lazy, I'd just sum up Peter Frances Milosavjevic and his deviant behavior by saying that he was a filthy piece of worthless trash that didn't deserve to live, and barely was worth the effort it would take to actually get the state kill him.

Milosavjevic is accused of luring at least 11 mentally handicapped women into his home on the pretense of providing them shelter in exchange for light housekeeping/cooking duties. Victims and police have testified that once inside the home, the women were subject to brutal sexual and physical abuse.

For more than an hour Wednesday afternoon, defense attorney Chris Jensen quizzed his client about the women the prosecution alleges he raped, sodomized and forced to stay in his home for weeks and -- on a couple of occasions -- months.

One of his alleged victims testified that she stayed with the defendant on two separate occasions in 2005, and that Milosavjevic routinely tied her up, raped, sodomized and sexually assaulted her with a foreign object.

According to prosecutors, the defendant cruised streets, bus stations and anywhere else he might find dispossessed, drug-addicted and developmentally disabled women to exploit.

The prosecutor said Milosavjevic often acted as though he was concerned for his alleged victims' welfare, telling them he could give them shelter in return for their helping him clean house, cook or perform other small tasks.

Milosavjevic's prior convictions include the sexual assault and beating of a woman in 1983, and the brutalizing of another woman 10 years later -- an assault that put the mentally impaired victim in a coma for days.
If there was ever a poster child for pro-abortion, this man's face could be on it.


*Note--- I'm not endorsing abortion, rather wishing there was a way to prevent these monsters from entering society before they could inflict this level of suffering on another person. Oh... wait. There WAS a way. We could have kept this predator locked up the FIRST time around, and then saved 11 mentally challenged women from him.

See Red Alerts for more

Sex Offended Dead After Break-In

By the time police arrived, David T. Meyers was already unresponsive and they were able to pronounce him dead. What killed him isn't a huge mystery- either Meyers had a heart attack or he was the fatal victim of his own deviant behaviors.

A jobless sex offender has died after a struggle with a northside Indianapolis resident who found him in his teenage daughter’s room wearing nothing but a mask and latex gloves, police say.

About 3:20 a.m. this morning, Indianapolis metropolitan police were dispatched to a residence at the 3000 block of West 79th Street to check a reported home invasion. When they arrived, police said they found Robert McNally, 64, resident of the home, on the floor with his arms wrapped around the neck of an unresponsive David T. Meyers, 52.

Regardless of the outcome of the autopsy, police have indicated that it's unlikely any charges will be filed against the father.
If a person breaks into your home, you are justified in using deadly force in defending your family,” said Sgt. Matthew Mount, a spokesman for the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department. “In this situation, I don’t think he was trying to kill him, he was trying to hold him down.”
McNally had heard his daughter yelling, and upon entering her room discovered that a nude Meyers had entered the room through an open window.
Meyers also had rope, condoms and a knife with him, and that he had knowledge of the home’s layout because his uncle owned the property.
The father showed an awful lot of compassion, describing the incident as a lose-lose situation, and pointing out that Meyers also had a family that would now have to deal with the death.
While it's truly sad that someone had to die, I do feel it's better that a serial predator be dead, than a innocent person be victimized.
Meyers was a registered sex offender in Marion County and had been convicted in 1999 of criminal deviate conduct. He had been living with his mother for the last couple of years, the release said, and recently had lost his job.

Meyers also had served 10 years of a 20-year sentence for criminal confinement and sexual deviate conduct out of Hamilton County and was wanted in Boone County for failure to register as a sex offender, according to an IMPD release.


Friday, September 26, 2008

This week on America's Most Wanted

The following cases will be aired this Saturday on America's Most Wanted. You can catch AMW on your local Fox station at 9pm.

Roger McCray: Fort Lauderdale, Fla. detectives are trying to find this fugitive, who they say set his roommate on fire, leaving him to burn to death. There's just one problem: he's used so many identities, they don't know who he really is.

Larry Laudig: Police say Larry Laudig failed to show up for a scheduled court date, and police have no idea where this alleged sex offender could be lurking.

Douglas Adamson Killer: When dismembered body parts began washing ashore in Oregon's idyllic Colombia River Gorge, cops had to not only figure out who their John Doe was, the also had to identify his killer. Luckily, police were able to pull a fingerprint off the victim, a local truck mechanic named Douglas Adamson. Now, police hope AMW viewers can lend information that will help catch his killer.

Leonard Ray Harper: More than ten years have passed since Leonard Ray Harper has fled murder charges and the search is still on. The last lead cops received, in 2005, placed Harper in San Antonio, Texas; police in San Antonio believe their leads have dried up. Authorities hope avid AMW viewers will help revive this case by supplying the information needed to catch this accused killer.

Tommy Halfacre: Carlos Ortiz Orellana was nearly home when confronted with a lethal predicament. Cops say two men, Tommy Halfacre and a friend, planned to rob Carlos as he was parking at his apartment complex. The situation escalated from bad to worse when Halfacre pulled out a gun and shot Carlos in the head. Halfacre's accomplice has been apprehended, however Halfacre is still on the run. Recent sightings place Halfacre in Nebraska, where he is suspected to be hiding with his family.

Chatyn Byrd: Cops say Chatyn Byrd has been a thorn in law enforcement's side for years, racking up a rap sheet which includes armed robbery and various drug charges. But in November 2007, cops say he graduated to a far greater level of criminality, when he pumped four bullets into another man's body, nearly killing him.

Armando Orta: In pictures, he looks friendly, and on paper, he appears accomplished. But behind closed doors, police say Armando Orta is a monster.

Sarah Pender: She served almost six years of a potential 110-year prison term for her role in a double murder, but Sarah Pender decided that enough was enough. On August 4, 2008, police say she broke out of prison -- with the alleged help of a prison guard -- and hit the road. Now, cops need your help to track her down and lock her up again.

Marlow Reynolds: After convicted killer Marlow Reynolds broke out of prison, he has been spotted at a convenience store in West Columbia, Texas. Authorities say you should be on the lookout for a rugged man who may be living in abandoned buildings or in the wilderness.

James Roberts: Police say Toby Roberts had a mission, and he wasn't going to stop until the job was done: cops say he tried to kill his girlfriend, and he was so determined, he used three different tools to finish the job.

Patricia Viola: On the morning of February 13, 2001, Jim says Pat seemed a little agitated. His sister was staying with them, and Pat had been dreading a confrontation about smoking in the house. The discussion didn't go well, but Pat continued her day by going to her son's elementary school, E. Roy Bixby, where she volunteered as a librarian. Her co-workers said she seemed sullen when she first got there, but by the end of her shift seemed much more relaxed. At 11:35 a.m., Pat walked one block back home, talked to her mother on the phone at around noon, and then set the house alarm at 1:11 p.m., and left. She was wearing a green or gray long sleeved sports shirt, jeans, white athletic shoes, and a black cloth winter jacket. This is the last anyone has seen or heard from her.

Jose Rivera: Federal Corrections Officer Jose Rivera was stabbed to death by two inmates as he transported them to their cells on June 20, 2008. Since his death, the 'Jose Rivera Correctional Officer Protection Act' has been introduced in Congress to provide correctional officers with stab-resistant vests.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Violent Sex Offender No More

With three convictions in his back pocket- all of which were considered 'sexually violent', Gary Eugene Cherry walked into a court room and asked to have some of the restrictions put on him removed. By pointing to counselors who concluded that he was no long "sexually violent predator" and despite the state's objections, Judge James Sawyer lifted some of the restrictions, adding that Cherry still needs some supervision.

"You require and maintain a level of community surveillance to protect your opportunity to ultimately be a free man someday and the public from what could be a disaster," said Judge James Sawyer.

While the details need to be worked out, Cherry will continue to wear a GPS anklet and will keep checking in with a probation officer.

His next door neighbor hopes Gary Cherry is never left completely unsupervised.

"I'll be more worried because right now I'm safe, and so are people in this community," said Debbra Price.

I'm sure that his next victim will be ever so grateful that he's now considered to no longer be a violent sexual offender, and that the judge dismissed the notion that a violent sexual deviant is what he is, and offers little hope of ever changing.


Two beers please

A father attending a fair in Wisconsin attempted to invoke a law which allows a minor child to drink alcohol as long as they are in the presence of their parents. It may have worked, except that when he ordered two beers- one for himself and one for his son, he happily pointed his child out to the cashier. She quickly informed police, who objected to the whole 'beer for kid' idea.

Might have had something to do with the fact that the son was four years old, and was sharing the beer with his two year old brother.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Couldn't it have waited?

It's bad enough that people feel it's okay to drive drunk. It gets worse when they decide to do it while towing their children around... but actually sitting in the school parking lot passed out? I can't even begin to describe just how worthless a mother must be to do that to her children. I suppose we have someone to thank for teaching the little kids enough to go get help rather than sticking around.

A 9- and 5-year-old walked into a Salem, N.H., restaurant looking for help because their mother was drunk and passed out in their car near an elementary school, police said Tuesday.

The siblings went to Sayde's Restaurant near the Soule Elementary School at 173 S. Policy St. on Monday and said that their mother was passed out in the car in the school lot. A witness called 911, and when police responded, they found Laura LaSorsa, 38, of Salem, in the car that was still running and in drive, police said.


Richard "Ric Ric" Henyard

Richard "Ric Ric" Henyard is going to die, unless someone quickly steps in and saves him. I'm crossing my fingers that no one does.

Unless a court intervenes, Richard "Ric Ric" Henyard, 34, will be executed by lethal injection at 6 p.m. at Florida State Prison for the murders of 7-year-old Jamilya Lewis and her 3-year-old sister, Jasmine.

Henyard and a younger accomplice carjacked Dorothy Lewis and her daughters outside a grocery store in the central Florida town of Eustis on the night of Jan. 30, 1993. Henyard, then 18, raped Lewis and then shot her multiple times at close range, but she survived. He then participated in the shootings of her daughters after they cried out for their mother.

Mark Gruber, one of Henyard's state-paid attorneys, filed two appeals to the U.S. Supreme Court last week and filed a final brief Tuesday morning, hoping to postpone the execution.

A handwritten civil rights appeal filed by Henyard in federal court in Jacksonville was denied. The appeal alleged the state's execution team lacks training and could cause a painful death if the IVs aren't properly inserted. That was the case during the December 2006 execution of Angel Diaz. Diaz took more than twice as long as normal to die, triggering a moratorium that ended this year with new procedures for lethal injection.

Painful death huh? Well, I'm sure that a little needle going in wrong is still better than being watching your mother raped and shot in the head before having the gun pointed at you, and the trigger pulled.
Lewis and her daughters had gone to a Winn-Dixie about 10 p.m. when they were carjacked by Henyard and 14-year-old Alfonza Smalls.

Smalls repeatedly demanded that Lewis "shut the girls up" because they were crying.

At one point, Lewis beseeched Jesus for help and Henyard replied, "This ain't Jesus, this is Satan."

Henyard and Smalls raped Lewis before Henyard shot her in the leg, neck, mouth and between the eyes. She was rolled off the side of the road and left for dead.

As they were driven away by Henyard and Smalls, the girls yelled: "I want my Mommy! Mommy, Mommy!"

A short time later, the girls were taken from the car and killed with gunshot wounds to the head.
Here's hoping for no intervention, and a long painful death to the son of a bitch.

Foxnews for more.

Wicked Stepmother...

Kristie Hazell must have thought she was living in some sort of fairytale, because she clearly was acting out the role of the evil stepmother.

Kristie Hazell, 27, and her husband, Ezra Emanuel Hazell, 30, were charged last year in the October 2007 beating of his daughter with a military belt and computer cord because she wasn't doing her homework.

At the time, Mesa police considered it among the worst child abuse beatings they had investigated, with nearly 100 bruises found on the girl's back, legs, arms, buttocks and chest.

The little girl was 5 years old, and should have been treated like a princess- not a punching bag.

The beatings happened within the same month, and only came to light when the little girl informed a teacher of what was going on. The father's excuse was that the little girl- who was FIVE- was out of control. Honestly, I believe that the people actually out of control where the father and stepmom.


Sunday, September 21, 2008

Jason Nathaniel Lewis

Jason Nathaniel Lewis, a 39 year old landscaper, broke into a Modesto home, threatened a woman with a knife, tied her hands behind her back and raped her. Afterward he made the woman shower and douche to remove any evidence. As he was leaving, he threatened her life if she told police, and stole the bottom sheet from her bed in order to hide any other evidence of the assault that may have been there.

The woman, too afraid to call police only confided in a friend about the attack after neighbors grew concerned that she'd stop taking her daily walk. To calm her fears, they contacted police for her, and removed a few planks from her back fence in order to sneak the officers into the home without anyone seeing. Just the extent that was taken to reassure this woman that she would be safe is a telltale sign of how emotionally crippled she was by the attack.

Did I mention that the woman Lewis brutally raped and scared was just 81 years old? Likely unable to even defend herself against a man half her age- any yet he still terrorized her in this manner?

Deputy District Attorney Annette Rees said she suspects Lewis picked his victim carefully because he did landscaping work in the neighborhood. The prosecutor noted that there was little reason to use so much force on a frail woman who was frightened to death.

"She's obviously going to comply and try to stay alive," Rees said last week.

Lewis now faces 74 years in prison.

Cmdr. James Mattingly

Cmdr. James Mattingly might have displayed self control and dedication in his career- but online, he showed a bit more of his true colors. Mattingly was arrested after a task force tracked him down from a site that sold child porn. Law enforcement has said that Mattingly was purchasing porn 'in packages' which ranged from costing $79 to $99. When arrested, hundreds of images and videos were found which contained child pornography.

He had hundreds of sexual pictures and video of pre-pubescent children, some clearly in pain from the rapes, prosecutors said.

"This is a personal, psychological issue of great importance to him, but which did not impact on or have anything to do with his duties as a commander in the Navy," defense attorney Brook Hart said.

His defense goes on to say:
"He's trying to do something positive about it so he doesn't repeat the behavior. He's ashamed of it," Hart said.
Of course, it's clear by his behavior at the time of his arrest that he's more interested in finding a way to get out of his recent trouble, than finding a way to control whatever behavior issues he may have.

As agents broke through the door of his Waikiki home last December, Mattingly grabbed some of his computer equipment and threw it out the window, authorities said. Unfortunately for him, there was still plenty of evidence left on the equipment he was not able to destroy, prosecutors said.

But really, he's trying to get better. Trying to get the court to feel bad for him, just ask his lawyer how very sorry he is about all of this. Just don't mention the fact that he admitted to accessing the internet at a relative's home in order to view more porn despite the court order that required him to stay away from it.

Full Story..

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Curt Bassari

Curt Bassari spent 8 years sexually abusing a young girl, while her mother ignored the abuse. The girl, confided in a family member in 2005, after having spent half her life as a victim of Bassari, now she'll be able to spend the rest of her life knowing that Bassari will never harm her or any other child again.

Curt Bassari, 47, received a 125-year term Friday from Superior Court Judge Stephen Holden. The sentence bars parole eligibility for more than a century.

Bassari in June was found guilty of 10 counts of aggravated sexual assault and three counts of endangering the welfare of a child.
The mother of the girl is herself serving a 7 year year sentence for sexual assault, after admitting that she knew about and enabled the sexual abuse.


Kelly Lumadue

By the time most people turn 21, they are thought to have enough of a concept of right and wrong to be considered a full fledged adult, and they are expected to act according to those concepts. Kelly Lumadue evidently believed that at 21, she should be given an exception to that belief, and even now she fails to take responsibility for her actions and would prefer it if the world would just let her pass the blame onto her dead husband.

Twelve years ago, back when the now 33 year old was just 21, she was married to a pornographer. It wasn't until after her husband died in 2003 that the evidence of her deviant acts was found in the garbage by a sanitations worker. The man had found video tapes on the curb in front of Lumadue's home, and after discovering the content of them, turned them over to police.

The tapes showed Lumadue sexually abusing a 5 year old boy, which she claims was done at the direction of her late husband. She was charged with the abuse after the discovery of the tapes in 2003, and even found guilty- but a judge questioned the verdict on the pretense that despite her ADMITTING the abuse, and despite the graphic evidence provided by the tapes, the victim no longer recalled the abuse and is appearing to live a well adjusted life. The judge demanded a retrial, tossing the conviction out.

Lumadue has once again had her case brought before a jury, and once again the evidence has proven her guilty-- and she's been given a life sentence in jail.


Kelly Lumadue Tapes Reveal Sex with 5-Year-Old Boy, Life in Prison Post Chronicle

Woman Gets Life Sentence for Sex With 5-Year-Old FOXNews

Birthright, and a girls coming of age

I have shocking news for some film directors and the companies that pander to their no holds bar desire to make movies that are more likely to grab headlines because of their content, instead of their quality.

I've talked before about the movie Hounddog, where a young (12 year old) Dakoda Fanning plays the role of a underprivileged girl who is raped by a fellow lead character in the movie.

When Hounddog first came along, a good deal of it's defenders attempted to rationalize the acceptance of the sexual abuse portrayed in the film by making a comparison of it to the 1996 film Bastard out of Carolina. (See previous post) "Bastard out of Carolina" evolves around the life of a young girl whose family is completely in disarray. After the loss of a caring stepfather, the girl is forced to deal with the marriage of her mother to a man who later physically and sexually abuses her. The story, as told in the film is less about her abuse- few images of it are seen and instead the sexual abuse is suggested more than witnessed- and more about her fight for survival in a world that seems ready to collapse on her.

Having seen Bastard out of Caroline (likely more times than anyone should readily admit) and having read in depth about Hounddog without having seen it- I will leave the comparisons of the idea of what the intent of both films might actually be portraying to someone else.

Yet, I would take offense with the notion that I should also leave the judging of those involved with the development of Hounddog to someone else- because it isn't the film I currently take issue with, as it is the careless attempts to dismiss any questioning of the content. As mentioned, some people attempted to defend the film, while others put it on the same level as child porn. (Having read quite a bit about it, I myself would be tempted to shove it closer to an endorsement of child sexual abuse than a Bastard out of Carolina type film- but I'll leave that for another time)

Recently, a film critic has joined in the masses that are protesting both Hounddog, and another movie "Towelhead". Towelhead described as "Hilarious" on the WB website, focuses on a young foreign girl cast into living with her father in an American neighborhood while dealing with the confusion of the changes her body is going through. At at least one point in the movie, she is violently raped by the father of the young boy she babysits. Of course, this being Hollywood- at the time of the rape, the girl apparently is oblivious to the fact that she's being raped, and instead is in awe of the attention she's receiving from the older man. (previous post on topic)

The lead characters in both movies- both young girls- have been brilliantly described by their Hollywood defenders in a manner which leads me to question just what their standards are, and how willing they are to accept sexual abuse as an acceptable, almost required norm for young girls in society today.

In the film's press kit, Hounddog's writer and director Deborah Kampmeier said of Fanning's character, "She is simply and innocently experiencing and relishing the aliveness of her being, the life force pulsing through her body, celebrating the power and creative force of her sexuality that is her birthright."

A spokesman for Warner Independent Pictures, which released "Towelhead," said, "Our film deals with a girl's coming of age." He said that the art-house production is rated R, and will be released Friday in select cities across the country.

Hounddog, a movie based on the blatantly violent rape of a young girl- described as experiencing and relishing the aliveness of her being... the sexuality that is her birthright? And Towelhead, raped played down to being nothing more than the usual coming of age for a adolescent girl.

Guess what?
Rape is not a 'birthright', nor is it a magical moment of 'coming of age' for a young girl. And describing it as such does nothing more than promote the idea that the sexual degradation and abuse of children is acceptable, and even expected. I'm pretty sure that a quick poll of survivors of childhood sexual abuse will reveal that NONE, not even one ever 'relished' the moment that they were forcibly raped, robbed of their dignity, of their self esteem, of their ability to have control over their own body and what is done to it. I can guarantee that not one will consider their experience a 'birthright', something to which they would want to seen passed on to their daughters, and to their daughter's daughters.

Hollywood, the directors, and the deep pocketed movie companies which continue to pander this filth may be allowing the possibility of financial gain from these sexually repulsive films to leave them with rose colored glasses on when attempting ot justify the ruthless way they go about propogating the idea that children are sexual tools to be used by adults as they see fit- but I can promise that no survivor of sexual abuse is going to be okay with the mainstream Hollywood bigwigs tossing the idea of child rape around as if it should be the norm. And hopefully, no one else will be okay with it either.

"This is abhorrent and abusive," said Movieguide founder Ted Baehr, who is also the chairman of the Christian Film & Television Commission. "We are calling on people to avoid these movies, to tell other people not to see it."

Baehr said the movies are damaging to the child actresses filming the explicit scenes, as well as the public at large.

"There are two sides of it. The side of actual abuse to the actress and promoting or condoning these activities," he said.

A national campaign against two two movies is growing in strength. Family and women's groups have been especially active in North Carolina, where the controversial child-rape scene in "Hounddog" was filmed. Baehr said "Hounddog" received nearly $400,000 in tax credits funded by state citizens.


America's Most Wanted

The following cases will be highlighted this Saturday at 9pm on America's Most Wanted: America Fights Back. The show airs on your local Fox station, and you can also catch updates on their website

New Mexico Escapees: On August 23, 2008, eight prisoners escaped from a jail in southern New Mexico. Although four men have been caught, four are still at large -- including Larry McClendon, a murder suspect. As the manhunt continues, so does the urgency to put the escapees back behind bars.

Luz Diaz:  In 2007, cops say 33-year-old Luz Diaz met a 14-year-old boy on an online, multi-player video game called 'Gears Of War.' But police tell AMW that Diaz took the relationship off-line -- seducing the teenage boy and having sex with him in a Motel 6.

David Allen Weir: It was their sophomore year in high school when Victoria Ramirez and David Allen Weir met. While the relationship weathered its share of ups and downs, cops say Weir's drug use and infidelity was finally breaking the pair apart. Victoria told friends that it was over, but before she could break up with Weir, police say he ended things... with murder.

Ariel Patrick: Police say Jamaal Barras, 20, was attacked by two men with a metal rod and a baseball bat -- and they say the assault was caught on tape. Barras died soon after, but suspect Ariel Patrick is still at large, and police say they believe he's fled to Central America.

Matt Serrano: Police tell AMW that for ten years, Martin Orozco Serrano's 12-year-old nephew withstood his uncle's sexual advances. But cops in Oceanside, Calif. say Serrano's cycle of abuse didn't stop there: authorities say he also molested the boy's two younger sisters and another of his nieces.

Darryl Crenshaw: Rev. William Baskerville tells AMW that he has found the strength to forgive the man accused of killing his stepdaughter, Ashley Peoples, before going on the run. Just days after her murder, William says he received a phone call from Darryl Crenshaw, where he apologized for beating and strangling Ashley. William accepted the apology, because as he told his church, "the God Almighty says that vengeance is mine."

Unknown Ramon Lopez Killers: Sometimes, surveillance cameras are they only way police are able to draw clues from crimes. Cops in Newark, N.J. are hoping some clear footage of a vicious murder and robbery at a local liquor store will be good enough for someone to recognize the two thugs they say are responsible and turn them in to face justice.

Courtney Savage: On nights when the moon was full, a Florida family was awakened by the sound of gunshots blasting their home and their cars, the shooter sometimes firing into bedrooms where children were sleeping. Police say the shootings were caught on surveillance tape, and they need your help to find the person responsible.

William Greer: America's Most Wanted has received exclusive new information that may put investigators one step closer to catching accused murderer William Greer.

Marc Bryant: Marc Clifton Bryant's obsession with his 16-year-old roommate led him to use a blowtorch and screwdriver to torture and assault her. Bryant skipped town before his trial, but the jury still convicted him of the heinous crimes -- and police need your help to find him.

Marlow Reynolds: A manhunt is underway outside of Houston, Texas after a convicted killer with nothing to lose broke out of prison. Though he may have been shot during his escape, Marlow Reynolds is still one step of ahead of the Lone Star State posse tracking him down.

Michael Phillips: Detective Michael Smith Phillips was shot and killed while conducting a buy-bust undercover narcotics sting on August 7, 2008 in Virginia. His wife says he served his community selflessly at every turn because he wanted his children to grow up in a community where they didn't have to fear the effects of the violence that emanates from a narcotic-infected society.

Joel Urena: Police say gang member and career criminal Joel Urena is now wanted for questioning in connection with a murder near San Francisco, Calif.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Kid busts mom...

Guadalupe Aguilar just might be regretting letting a teacher teach her 5 year old daughter how to dial 911 for help, or at least regretting taking that two hour walk during which she left the 5 year old and the child's younger sibling home alone.

The girl called police after waking up and discovering her mother was nowhere to be found. When officers arrived at the home, they found the little girl and her 1-year old brother in the apartment all alone.

Officers began a search for the missing woman, only to have her walk into the home a short time later.
Aguilar is now facing charges for child endangerment after being booked into the local jail.


Mary Lou Makley

Mary Lou Makley got permission to take a 2 year old boy shopping after stopping ot visit his mother. Makley however, failed to get permission to blow her crack smoke into the child's face. Which, honestly- I can't imagine anyone giving permission for ever. But, then again I can't imagine giving permission to a crack head to be around one of my kids, let alone go somewhere with them.

Police say Makley had the mother's permission to take the boy shopping when she stopped at a friend's house in Aliquippa and smoked crack near the boy on May 13. Police say the boy's mother took him to the hospital when he later complained of stomach pains and his blood tested positive for cocaine.


Wednesday, September 17, 2008

John Jackey Worman

John Jackey Worman gets convicted:

A man who produced thousands of images of himself sexually abusing children as young as 3 months old was convicted Wednesday on more than 50 child pornography charges.

Jurors spent more than a week reviewing excruciating video evidence in the case of John Jackey Worman, 41, of the Philadelphia suburb of Colwyn. The jury announced its verdict after deliberating for about half a day.

Worman, who showed little reaction to the verdict, faces a maximum sentence of 15 to 30 years in prison on each count.
Even if he gets the max sentence, he could never live long enough to do enough time in prison to actually pay for what he has done.

Read all...

Things to do with your kids...

For those unaware of alternitive activities for children, or for those just to lazy to stop and think of any- I thought it might be helpful to give a refresher course on things you can do with your children.

Take a bike ride.
Help with homework.
Watch a movie.
Eat dinner together.
Play a board game.
Read a book.
Play a game of baseball.
Make cookies.
Go shopping.
Make kid friendly crafts.

Seriously, there are endless ideas of what a parent who wants to spend time with their children can do.

Please note- none of these ideas are, and none of the ideas you come up with should be, to take your kids on a drug buy.

Three people are facing drug charges Tuesday, including a Woonsocket man police say brought his 9-year-old son on a drug buy with him.

Police said officers were monitoring the parking lot of a Manville Rd. convenience store when they saw Christopher Robertson, 32, pull up. They said Robertson and a small boy got out of the car, used a pay phone and left.

Officers then followed Robertson's car to the Walgreen's on Clinton St., where they said they witnessed a drug transaction.

I'm okay with the bullet idea.

The rapist/murderer who would like to delay (or avoid) his execution because he's claiming he is just to fat to go through with it, had a prison interview in which he defended his claims that his fattness (he's gained 70 lbs since being sentenced to death) makes it hard to access his veins, thus making lethal injection 'cruel'.

While I'm not usually one to agree with someone who raped, strangled and then carved into the bodies of two young women- I'm making an exception just this one time. I'm even offering to buy the bullet- as it would be a hell of a lot cheaper than allowing him to stay on death row another day, AND cheaper than the actual cost of lethal injection.

But he says that ridicule reflects ignorance of his underlying claim that it's the inaccessibility of his veins that makes it difficult to get an IV inserted for a lethal injection.

The legal challenge is based on constitutional issues and not fear of execution, Cooey said. "It has nothing to do with weight gain," he said.

Instead of lethal injection, "If it would make people happy, shoot me in the head with a .45," Cooey said. "Do it legally."
Quick! You Ohio lawmakers, get with the business of making a 'death by bullet' legal, and I'll donate the bullet. In fact, I'll donate an entire CASE of bullets, on the slight chance that another death row inmate decides to eat his way to fatness so they can claim to be "too much of a lard ass to execute".

Yeah, bit bitchy these days... but at least I'm blogging.


I'd like to take half a moment to welcome scribblemuse to the internet. Crime blog readers make some of the most interesting people, and so it's always great to learn when they've moved up from that label and began establishing their own little niche corner of the web. While ScribbleMuse isn't a crime blog, it is a crime forum- so I'm sure that a lot of you will be interested in checking it out. Rumor has it there's even  a live chat over there, so perhaps one night we can all engage in some lively discussions.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

People you don't want to hang out with..

Actually, I suppose I should have titled that "groups of people you don't want to hang with" but it's too late now.

I received this in an email, and thought that I would share with you all two articles of interest from
The first one is Top 10: Criminal Organizations. This isn't just your normal gang of bad guys, these are the worst of the worst and the list includes some interesting groups.

The second article gives off the Top 10 Unknown Serial Killers. The only way to get on this list was to fit special criteria:

If a killer has made this list, he (or she) satisfied the following criteria.

- As of 2007 he is good and dead.

- He faced some form of earthly justice, whether through arrest, conviction, execution or mob rule.

- His acts of violence were so totally incompatible with civilized human society that he was entirely unfit for life within it.
I honestly have to admit, while some on the list were known to me, a few of the more recent ones were completely unknown. Nothing like a Top 10 list to make a crime blogger wonder just how well they known their serial killers... but I still bet you can't guess which ones I didn't know.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

High Risk...

First, let me remind you that I believe some of the best people in the world work in the field of child protection. These are the folks who look at every child in their case load as if that child was their own, always working diligently to ensure that everything that can be done to help that child, is.

Having said that, I must also confirm that too many social workers, child protection caseworkers or however you label them, are just there to show up, put in their hours, call it a day around 5pm and grad their checks on the way out on Friday afternoons.

I'll let you decide what category these folks belong in.

A baby boy had his back broken at the climax of eight months of violence leading to his death, the Old Bailey heard yesterday.

The 17-month-old had been placed on Haringey council’s child protection register eight months before he died, the jury was told.

The mother and her partner were on police bail after being arrested on suspicion of assaulting the child before his death.

Doctors and social workers had seen the toddler in the run-up to his death, the court heard.

They feared that the mother could neglect and physically abuse the baby.

Yet 'Baby P' was still returned to his mother and died in circumstances which would be 'likely to fill any reasonable person with revulsion', the court heard.
Eight months? Eight months of fearing for this child, of knowing the situation he was in, the abuse that he lived with every day... and yet he wasn't taken from the home? Honestly, at some point- these other people began sharing responsibility for the suffering this child was forced to endure while they stood back merely doing nothing more than 'fearing' that he'd be abused.

Hat tip ALuckyLady

The 12 year old 'new kid' in a Arizonia court who turned out to actually be 30 and a sex offender (previous post) has plead guilty to 7 charges, including two that involved his gig as a pretend teenager.

Authorities didn't find any victims of sexual abuse at the schools 30-year-old Neil Havens Rodreick II attended. But when Rodreick's ruse was discovered in January 2007, they found an extensive collection of child pornography at his home.

Rodreick had originally faced 28 counts, but pleaded guilty to only a quarter of them Friday in Yavapai County Superior Court in northern Arizona, according to a plea agreement document obtained Wednesday. Rodreick pleaded guilty to four counts of sexual exploitation of a minor stemming from the pornography, as well as one count each of failure to register as a sex offender, fraud and simple assault.

The felony fraud and misdemeanor assault charge are the only ones that stem from Rodreick's involvement at schools. Authorities say he enrolled in school under fraudulent pretenses, and that he grabbed a girl's buttocks at a charter school in Prescott Valley with the intent to injure, insult or provoke.
Despite his guilty plea, sentencing hasn't been had yet and therefore we aren't sure what sort of punishment he's likely to get, although the most severe charge against him carries a max sentence of 21 years in prison. I'm not holding my breath for that.

Read full article.

America's Most Wanted 9/13 Edition

This week you'll be able to catch the following cases on America's Most Wanted, which airs on Saturdays at 9pm on your local Fox station:

Sarah Pender: She served almost six years of a potential 110-year prison term for her role in a double murder, but Sarah Pender decided that enough was enough. On August 4, 2008, police say she broke out of prison -- with the alleged help of a prison guard -- and hit the road. Now, cops need your help to track her down and lock her up again.

John Pezzenti Killer: On December 3, 2007, police detectives were called to a two-story shack in Anchorage, Alaska, where they found a body, soon identified as acclaimed wildlife photographer John Pezzenti, Jr. With no signs of forced entry or robbery, cops say John knew who pulled the trigger, and they hope that AMW viewers can help solve the murder.

Alexis Flores: Mota DeJesus dreads July 29 every year, the day her 5-year-old daughter, Iriana DeJesus, was lured from her Philadelphia home, raped, and murdered. Every year, she hosts a memorial service to honor her daughter's memory, and this year, AMW was there with her.

Kevin Armstead: In the Baltimore underworld of drugs and crime, police say Kevin Armstead fit right in. But it only took four days after his first AMW appearance for an AMW tipster to lead US Marshals right to Armstead, who was wanted for the brutal murder of an innocent man in Charm City.

Javier Trevino: The Orange County, Fla. Sheriff's Office has teamed up with the U.S. Marshals in Orlando to find Javier Trevino, who police say is responsible for killing a young woman and shattering her family.

Christopher Adams: Police in Colonial Heights, Va. are looking for the man they say sexually molested two girls for almost four years. The trial for Christopher Adams was scheduled for March 29, 2005. Adams never showed up and hasn't been seen since.

James Watts: Allegheny County, Pa. police are on the hunt for a violent offender. Cops say James Garland Watts burst into the Clairton home of a good friend and opened fire. Now, a mother is dead and a convict is on the run. Now, cops need the public's help to track down this killer.

Jonathan Ramirez: U.S. Marshals and cops in Colton, Calif. are not relenting in the search for Jonathan Ramirez, wanted for the beating death of a 72-year-old grandfather at a local eatery. Cops say Ramirez and his brother, Omar, savagely beat Enrique Bermudez in May 2006 and fled. Marshals captured Omar in Mexico, but Jonathan remains at large.

Tuen Lee: There were few clues to help police target the attacker who viciously raped a woman in Massachusetts -- except for the suspect's foul breath, which the victim immediately recognized. She says the smell could only be from the manager at the sushi restaurant where she worked: Accused "Bad Breath Rapist" Tuen "Dickie" Lee.

Erick Morales: On May 21, 2001, 15-year-old high school student Quetzalcoatl "Quetzal" Alba decided to cut classes with one of his best pals, 16-year-old Erick Morales. The pair skipped school and went to their hangout, a converted storage closet in a Daly City, Calif. apartment complex. But police tell AMW that something went horribly wrong, and Morales stabbed his one-time friend to death before going on the run with his roommate, Reynaldo Maldonado.

James Roberts: Police say Toby Roberts had a mission, and he wasn't going to stop until it was completed. Cops say he tried to kill his girlfriend, and he was so determined, he used three different tools to finish the job. But he might not have known his girlfriend as well as he thought, because she wasn't going down without a major fight.

Brian Barton: Cops say days after his Washington-based band As Fate Would Have It received a contract from a Southern California company, 25-year-old Brian Barton disappeared. Two years later, Brian's family still hasn't given up hope that the young rocker will be reunited with his family.

Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Crime TV, Not Crime Blogs!!

In case any of you have recently seen the MSNBC article linking over eating to crime shows such as Law and Order, and CSI (those that didn't can see it here) and who may be contemplating a diet in the near future, I want to talk to you on behalf of all crime bloggers.

Please, please for the love of chocolate cake, cherry pie, triple mousse tarts and all those other delightful snacks- remember that the article clearly states that it's crime TV that is causing your over eating. Not crime BLOGS. So, feel free to grab your favorite after midnight plateful of snacky goodness and continue reading your favorite crime blogs without fear of weight gain.

~much love,

Richard Leroy Bruce

Sexual offender Richard Leroy Bruce was charged with sexually abusing a five year old girl after one of his relatives walked in and witnessed him engaged in sexual contact with the child. According to the article, the family was notified and contacted police.

He has been charged with first-degree statutory sex offense.

Bruce was convicted in 1992 of second-degree sex offense, but wasn't under GPS surveillance, Venable said.

According to state offender records, Bruce was also convicted of misdemeanor assault in 2007.
Well, at least we know the courts HAD a chance to safe guard innocent children from this deviant. Too bad they didn't actually attempt to do it.

H/T reader.

The Count of Monte Cristo

I've watched The Count of Monte Cristo various times. The entire plot revolves around a man falsely convicted of a crime, and sent off to prison. His beloved marries the man who helped plot against him, and he spends his time day dreaming of revenge. It's actually a pretty good movie. The innocent convict escapes, and runs his enemies through various sorts of retaliation.

However, I must say that Jason Landis is no Count of Monte Cristo. He's a convicted sex offender with multiple unconnected convictions to his name. It just happens that in one particular case, he was acquitted. But, make no mistake- his story is nothing like that of Edmond Dantes, otherwise known as the betrayed Count. Regardless of how much he wishes it was.

n May, Landis petitioned in Miami County Probate Court to legally change his name to Edmond Dantes, the lead character in “The Count of Monte Cristo,” who retaliates against people who helped wrongfully convict him of a crime.

Because of that story line, prosecutors opposed the name change in court. They also warned police, judges and others connected to Landis’ past cases to watch out for possible acts of revenge.

Continue reading...

Victims over the AoC

Most of you already know AoC is the term used to refer the legal term "age of consent". And while this blog usually focuses a little more on the sexual abuse of those UNDER the AoC, there is another blog I felt you all might take some interest in.

Victimized over the AoC, is a well written blog focusing on the crimes committed against victims that are mostly adults. The blogger does a incredible job of highlighting the importance of establishing laws and providing a voice to those who are older- but victims none the less. What is even more interesting is that the blogger is a man. And I mean that with the highest amount of respect. All to often, it feels as the fight against sexual crimes is being fought by politicians and women alone- so having a man share in supporting these victims is note worthy to say the least.

I had the chance to do a little corresponding with the blogger, Brian Heard and with his permission- I'm sharing an email from him with you. I found it inspiring and motivating, and hope that after reading it- you'll be moved to follow the link to his site and show your support.

Some thought from my blogging and research -

I believe that laws prohibiting professional/client sex need to be expanded to cover pastors and preachers as well as therapists, doctors, counselors, and jail guards. When there is professional/client sex, the adult status of the lesser partner makes it a lesser sexual crime than if it had been a 13 year old,but not a consensual relationship.

In Arkansas, acts which would be considered 1st degree sexual assault when done with a minor are considered 3rd degree sexual assault when done with an adult. This means that pastors, counselors, and others with professional power over another don't get off scot-free when they victimize folks over 18. The are still listed as SO's, still have to attend SO counseling and undergo SO restrictions, and are still banned from working with kids or living around kids in other states if they move there.

2) Manipulative 30 and 27 pairings can be every bit as damaging as a 30/15 pairing. Cyberpaths and Lovefraud are two blogs which deal with sexual predators who target adults. These predators successfully skirt the law by 1) targeting grown victims, 2) using psychological manipulation instead of force or threats, and 3) creating power differences instead of using existing power differences.

3) Wife/girlfriend rape can be seen as the extension of CSA to grown kids, and parental involvement can deter DV and date rape situations in certain cases, even above 18, 21 or 30. Like CSA, the boyfriend/husband grooms his victim, then pounces, all the while making the victimized woman believe that she is in love with her abusive "partner." The same dynamic occurs in CSA when the victim believes her perp is in love with her.

With girlfriend or wife rape, the rapist can be seen as someone who not just the woman, but who the woman's parents entrusted their child to, but who betrayed them, not unlike a molester. I've read many parents of grown kids wishing that they could have done something to stop the predator from killing or harming their adult child.

The sexual abuse of a wife happens in one out of eight marriages, according to this study. Abuse in general (not necessarily sexual) occurs one out of 4 times. There is a need to talk about dating violence and wife rape, because 1 in 4 women comes to 30 million women in the USA. 1 in 8 women means 15 million women are raped by husbands. I honestly believe that in cases of abuse, parental intervention could save women from abusive partners or boyfriends.

I'm currently giving $75 a week to this rape crisis center, and plan to give the same next year. That's a lot of money, more that the fines of some sexual predators, but I'm paying $700 a month in credit card bills, and these payments will end next year. I'm still saving almost $4000 a year from my current CC payments.

Honestly, we could use a few more men like Brian on our side.

Visit his site:
Victims over the AoC.

Children, just an annoyance.

I find it overwhelmingly annoying having to tug three children around all the time. I mean, after all- I too have a life, and just why on earth should my life be interrupted by the needs of three little heathens, always needing feed, clothed, taken care of. I mean, really... just how am I suppose to do what I want, when they are just so bothersome? And lets not even go into the fact that they are hampering my relationship with my boyfriend.

Perhaps not word for word what Amanda Hamm thought, but I'm betting it's close enough to count.

December 2006, I wrote a post about Amanda Hamm, her willful neglect of her children and her willing participation in their murder- all because she felt they were an inconvenience to her lifestyle. At that time, she was sentenced to 10 years in prison in Illinois, because the judge found her to be just about half guilty of the drowning deaths of her three children- 6-year-old Christopher Hamm, 3-year-old Austin Brown and 23-month-old Kyleigh Hamm. I firmly believed that 10 years was not enough to serve as justice for the lives that were stolen, 10 years was not long enough to be considered punishment for a woman who would put her children into a car and allow that car to sink into a lake- taking with it the last moments of the lives of those children. And, to this day I still believe that ten years is nothing short of a slap in the face to the victims, putting a price of just three years and four months as the value of each life the child could be living today.

And then, today I read a disturbing article about Hamm, and about just what the real value of those children's lives are according to the state of Ill. Amanda Hamm was released from prison, not even having served a full two years. 21 months total time since she was found guilty, which breaks down to just around 7 months per child. This disgrace on humanity actually spent more time pregnant with each of these children than she did serving time for their murders. Oh, but wait. It's actually worse than that. You see, she was found guilty 21 months ago- but didn't start serving her sentence until 14 months ago... so that's about 4, almost 5 months per murdered child. Is this really what they consider justice in Illinois?


Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Misc post: This is what I'm doing

I am not ignoring my blog, err actually maybe I am a little bit. But that's because this is a CRIME blog and not a POLITICAL blog- which makes it hard to blog when I am currently focused deeply on politics.

I know, there are a lot of cases which I could and should be covering right now- and I promise to get to them ASAP. It's just that this week is the RNC and honestly, unless you want me to ramble about it- I'm going to be on a very light blogging schedule.

However, if you happen across something of interest, feel free to share it with me. I'll be trying to collect and post links throughout the week and would be delighted to share any stories of interest you've come across.