The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, August 30, 2008

America's Most Wanted

Although the show already aired, I missed posting this previously and thought that in case any of you missed watching it tonight, you might like to catch a peek at what cases they highlighted.

Dan Hiers: Dan Hiers -- a former cop as well as an accused murderer and child molester -- is on the U.S. Marshals' 15 Most Wanted List, and John Walsh has added him to his Dirty Dozen list -- the notorious group of fugitives he wants to see taken off the streets the most. Cops say he killed his wife, stole her truck, and fled three years ago, and he hasn't been seen since.

Roy Hiatt: Cops say Roy Stephen Hyatt is a convicted sex offender on the run who still has an appetite for children. Police are looking for him on charges of downloading, possessing, and possibly distributing child pornography.

Dionne Garcia: After several years of hard work, the Chicago FBI's Joint Task Force on Gangs was able to indict 52 people in relation to the manufacture and distribution of PCP on the streets of the Windy City. Of all those indictments, only two people remain on the run. Agents say Dionne Garcia fled after being charged, probably with her common-law husband and their four children.

Jose Orlando Lopez: Jose Orlando Lopez has been deported twice for crimes committed in the U.S., and authorities still can't seem to get rid of him. They say Lopez has so little respect for this country that he raped a stranger on a busy street in New York. Police believe he's running from his latest charges from 2004 to prevent being deported, again.

Taizhi Cui: In October 2006, Los Angeles' Korean community was shocked by a triple murder that happened in their own backyard. Cops say the deaths were the work of a jilted lover hell-bent on getting revenge on an ex-girlfriend and her new paramour. However, authorities are still looking for the man they say pulled the trigger ... Taizhi Cui.

Kenneth Cofer: The fugitive task force in Oklahoma City hasn't forgotten about Kenneth Cofer -- and neither have we. Despite confusion about numerous look-alikes, Cofer is still a free man.

Edmundo Cerda-Anima: The manhunt for accused killer Edmundo Cerda-Anima has led agents south of the border. Investigators believe the former Hurricane Katrina contractor may be going back and forth between the U.S. and Mexico -- and if he's caught, he'll have to answer for a lot more than crossing the border.

William Plemons: Police say William Plemons has a reputation as a real romantic ... that is, until you get to know him better. Plemons carried on a series of pen pal relationships from behind bars -- but according to authorities, he was more interested in money than love. When one woman threatened to unravel his alleged scheme, police say Plemons turned from Casanova ... to killer.

Daniel San Diego: We’re looking back at the case of Daniel San Diego, accused of using violence to advance his own radical agenda. Law enforcement sources tell AMW he portrays himself as an animal lover and an activist, but the FBI says San Diego is a cold-blooded domestic terrorist -- and they need your help to apprehend him.

Giovanni Gonzalez: Police have discovered incriminating evidence against the father of missing 5-year-old Giovanni Gonzalez. Inside Ernesto Gonzalez' apartment, Massachusetts State Police say they found what appeared to be blood-stained objects -- including a mop that was apparently stained with blood and cleaned with bleach.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Apartment, car, child care needed..

All Jennifer Richards of Texas wanted was a car, a place to live, and maybe a babysitter for her 10 month old daughter- so the thought that she's now sitting in jail over her efforts to fulfill these needs might seem a little odd. Until that is, you learn that Richards and her 40 year old boyfriend Sean Michael Block had planned on exchanging sex with Richard's five year old daughter for them.

The pair was arrested Tuesday after an investigation by the FBI concluded that Richards and Block were prostituting the child. The FBI said the pair also intended to sell the younger child's sexual services later and to blackmail the informant, who had received the proposal via text message.

According to the affidavit, an informant told the FBI about a text message allegedly sent by Block that read: "Nice piece 5 yrs old belongs to my gf and she wants to sell it."

As if these two couldn't come off as being any more demented than they already do- reports indicated that Richards had claimed that she believed the sex would be good for her daughter, and that she (Richards) might get 'gratification' from watching it. They also had planned other things:
The chief investigator said the two were also making plans to abduct, rape and "carve up" a teenage runaway.
Richards appeared in court for a bond hearing, although it seems that the judge opted that bond might not be the best idea in the world.
U.S. Magistrate Judge Nancy Stein Nowak concluded that 25-year-old Jennifer Richards, who moved to San Antonio from Phoenix nine months ago, was a flight risk and is likely to be convicted.

"It's about as dangerous as it can get when a mother sets up her own child for this," said Nowak in finding that Richards should remain in custody.

The waitress with shoulder-length blond hair sat with her shoulders hunched and began to cry.

Richards is charged with using interstate facilities to transmit information about a minor, a charge that carries as many as five years in prison. Assistant U.S. Attorney Tracy Braun said other charges could be added.

Clare Koontz, Richards' attorney, said the Internet exchanges about child pornography and sexual assault were just chat room discussions.

"All of this is fantasy. It was chat room stuff," Koontz said in court. "This was a fantasy response to Mr. Block, not actual conduct."

Just chat room discussions, a fantasy... not actual conduct. Nothing like seeing a lawyer try to sugar coat things, regardless of the fact that Richards was arrested when she meet up with an informant who she planned to meet again - accepting $300 from him believing he was a child molester.


Saturday, August 23, 2008

America's Most Wanted News Update

This came in yesterday, and I thought I'd share it with you:

AMW fugitives David Green and Luc Pierre-Charles have been named to the U.S. Marshals’ 15 Most Wanted list.

You can find links to their stories here:

Also, while you’re at it. Be sure to check out our new video of recent capture Michael Bresnahan:

Justice, or not

We are lead to believe that if we stand up, do the right thing and give voice to the victims in the world, then the rest of the world will react accordingly. We tell each other to put faith in justice, to trust that the truth will prevail and that in the end the victims will be vindicated by verdicts and sentences handed out.

I wish that I could lead this into a post that would continue to support our basic desire to believe that justice is, well... justice. Instead, I have to find a way to explain that sometimes justice is nothing more than a laughable deal for a child molester and a slap in the face to his victims.

In the case of Aaron Nichols, the plea deal meant allowing a child molester who had upwards of 11 victims to go free from the Hamilton County Circuit Court- with not a day in jail. His youngest victim was just 6 months old- but that case will never even make it into a court room. The cases that did make it - just two of them- involved two young boys in 2002 and 2003. His guilty plea awarded him six years in the Department of Corrections, with all suspended and four years probation for each case, two of which run concurrently and one consecutively, handing him just eight years of probation. He'll also have to register as a sexual offender.

I could plead the case that those involved, those who stood up and demanded justice gave their voices strong enough that that alone brought justice to the victims. Brought the victims a piece of serenity, of acceptance, of peace knowing that even if the courts would not do it- those who supported them gave vindication to their allegations, to their suffering. But I'm tired of that. I'm tired of seeing the courts shun their duty, and then whitewashing their failures by highlighting the dignity, respect and support that the community provided them when the courts failed. I'm just tired of making excuses for those in the 'justice' system who fail to do their jobs, leaving the rest of us to pick up the pieces and make amends for their lack of humanity.

Aaron Nichol's started molesting children as early as 15 years old. At 18, he exposed himself to a child. His victims have a wide range of ages. His family offers support to hide his behaviors, making it nearly impossible for society to have a realistic expectation that they might consider putting the next child he victimizes above their own desire to protect their child. The DA refused to hold him accountable on every case, opting to just take two to court. And then agreed to and supported a plea deal that will allow this man to remain free in society. To top it all off, a judge agreed to the plea deal- setting in stone the likelihood that one day Aaron Nichols will again be the predator abusing yet another child. This is not justice. This is blatant disregard for the suffering thrust upon the families of Aaron Nichols victims, disregard for the emotional and physical suffering of the victims themselves, and disregard for the safety of society who will now be defiled with the presence of this monster in their community and the threat that the next time he preys on a child- the victim will be their child.

Feel free to read the miscarriage of justice yourself,
articles here and here

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Meet your new sister, she's out in the dumpster...

Oh, the joys of being 11 and waiting nine months to meet your new baby sister- the thought is just darling. Until you realise that in order to meet your beloved, long awaited sibling is to go out back into the dumpster which your mom decided to toss her in hours after her birth.

Shawn Sepulveda, 38, was arrested on suspicion of attempted murder after an 11-year-old girl found the baby in a trash bin behind 30041 Tessier St. at about 9 a.m. Saturday, according to Jim Amormino of the Orange County Sheriff's Department.

Neighbors said the girl who made the discovery is the newborn's sister.

The baby was taken to Mission Hospital and was reported in good condition, he said.

Amormino said a trail of blood led to Sepulveda.

The baby was believed to have been born just hours earlier and placed in the trash only about 15 minutes before the girl got her out, Amormino said.

Perhaps the story is even more angering to me because a law created in 2001 provides for a "safe surrender" of unwanted babies which provides safe places to leave the babies such as hospitals, police stations and fire department. But, rather than make the slightest attempt to do right by the child she brought into the world, Sepulveda took a inhumane and lazy way out, tossing the baby into a dumpster as if it was nothing more than a piece of rotting trash.

Seriously, it's things like this which make me wish that somehow we could find away to limit the breeding capabilities of people like this.

Friday, August 15, 2008

New Years Baby Dies

A baby boy who claimed the title of the first New Years Baby has passed away. His death though, isn't the result of some illness, or accident. Rather, it came at the hands of his own father, who was angered after having an argument with the child's mother. Camryn Jakeb Wilson born 33 minutes after the stoke of New Years, is now part of a statistic, being one of the 1,400 babies annually injured or killed by someone shaking them.

Camryn's father, Craig R. Wilson, 28, of Cuyahoga Falls, is scheduled for a pretrial hearing on murder and other charges August 20. Police say he confessed to shaking and squeezing the infant after arguing with his wife, Crystal Wilson.

But he has pleaded not guilty to all the charges and faces trial in September.

"There are no excuses for this to happen to any baby," said Crystal Wilson, 26. "This is murder. He had no reason to die. He died because he cried"

Source CNN

Trial Continues

I was questioned today as to why it seems that every crime blogger worth their weight seems to be avoiding the current ongoing trial of Joseph Duncan. The deranged pedophile/murderer who plead guilty to the grisly murders of 13-year-old Slade Groene, his mother, Brenda Groene, and her fiance, Mark McKenzie, all murdered in order for him to kidnap Dylan and Shasta Groene.

While I attempted to explain that I was sure no one was trying to avoid blogging about it, I cringed a little. I can not speak for others, but for myself- there was a hint of truth about my reluctance to read the articles from CNN, Fox or anywhere else. Part of me really doesn't want to know what happened in the mountains and in order to blog about the current proceedings- I would have to read the stories.

If you were around any of the crime blogs back in the height of the case, you might of noticed the personal toll the case took on those covering every detail of it. I can easily say that many conversations between bloggers included the phrase 'it can't get any worse', yet it failed to live up to that hope.

Personally, I had just gotten my feet wet with blogging when the case erupted... and while I'd come to respect Steve Huff and his blogging- there were moments back then that it was hard to continue reading his posts on the matter. But most of us continued following the case, continued pouring through internet archives looking for any small chance that we'd find the key to just what caused this man Duncan to become the monstrous creature who committed these gruesome acts.

The truth is that Joseph Duncan lacks even the smallest bit of humanity, and the outcome of the current case, in the penalty phase now, will never bring justice. Death is too good for him, but so is life.

Coverage can be found:
via CNN


Idaho killer tells mother he had evil in his heart
The Associated Press - 1 hour ago
"I have once again become a medium of violence in the world," Joseph Edward Duncan III wrote. He said he had been "inflicted by an evil 'demon' that is ...
They can't execute this one fast enough
Kansas City Star, MO - 1 hour ago
In 2005, Duncan broke into the home of Brenda Groene, and her fiance, Mark McKenzie, and beat them to death, along with Slade Groene, age 13. ...
Idaho killer's letter: 'I am driven by my hatred' - 1 hour ago
Aug 15, 2008 9:37 AM (1 hr 35 mins ago) By REBECCA BOONE, AP BOISE, Idaho (Map, News) - Joseph Edward Duncan III, facing the death penalty for the 2005 ...
Idaho killer's letter laments 'huge reservoir of hatred' in his heart
KNDO/KNDU, WA - 2 hours ago
That admission is contained in a letter Joseph Edward Duncan III wrote in a letter to his mother, but apparently never sent. Duncan pleaded guilty in ...
Duncan wrties never-delivered letter to mother
KTVB, ID - 2 hours ago
A letter from Joseph E. Duncan to his mother was introduced in court Friday - detailing some of his inner-thoughts. You're probably wondering if I am even ...

Read them at your own risk, I've already had enough sleepless nights.


A father, who turns out to be a child rapist... his victims are his own three daughters.

Robert Metz, raped his three daughters for years, assuring the silence of at least one by threatening her life, and the life of her mother. But, even that wasn't demented enough for Metz...

Investigators found 20,000 images of child and infant pornography on Metz's computer. One of the images depicted Metz performing a sex act on Amber when she was an infant. Others showed babies being sodomized and defecated or urinated on.

Metz is, a prosecutor said, the worst child predator she's seen in 22 years.

He's been sentenced to 40 years in prison, not even close to being enough.

Oh, and his family (mother, siblings, ect) spoke on his behalf... honestly, we ought to be able to charge them with something just for defending him

Metz' mother, sister, brother-in-law and nephew spoke in his defense, saying he has led a good life, volunteering in civic organizations.

"What he has done is in the past," said Metz's brother-in-law, Joseph Miller. "He can't change things. What he needs to do is move forward from this point in time."

Read the whole thing...
*warning extremely disturbing*

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Heart, Bad Kid

One of the kindest, most selfless gifts a person can give, is one that they can only give after they are gone- and one that relies upon their remaining family to usually orchestrate.

Deciding to give someone else a gift of life by donating an organ of a loved one is something that a lot of families struggle with. On one hand- they have a chance to do something wonderful in memory of their loved one; they spare another family from feeling the loss they feel; they get to, in a sort of way, see their loved one live on- if only a part of them. On the other hand, choosing to take a piece of their loved one away, to cut them open and allow for them to be dissected can be a frightful thought; not to mention the worry about the recipient. What if the life they save turns out to be tarnished? If they spare a piece of their beloved one, only to give life to someone monstrous.

An 11 year old boy dies, a sad and heartbreaking moment in time for his family. They however, make the wonderful choice to allow his organs to go to others, in the hopes that their lose will save someone else.

All goes well, as they watch a young recipient grow up and blossom. They are there the day he graduates from school- a bitter sweet reminder of what they are missing, and what they made possible.

And then the sweetness of the story ends, as the young man is arrested for planning a twisted murder of a complete stranger.

Authorities said Andrew Busskohl, 19, carefully planned how he would kill Jim Fratto, also of Woodbury, and took the first step by smashing the man's patio window around 1:30 a.m. on Aug. 6. He allegedly planned to return a day or two later, enter through the broken window and finish the job.

"He was going to come in, cut out my heart, cut off my eyelids and slash my throat," Fratto said Wednesday.

The criminal complaint says a friend of Busskohl's called police the same day and tipped them off that Busskohl had come up with a plan to find a man who lived by himself and kill him. He allegedly told his friend he'd wear a swim cap, latex gloves and shoe coverings. His friend told police Busskohl told him he would either stab the victim in the chest or slash his throat, and then either cut off the victim's eyelids or cut out his heart.

Busskohl received a second chance at life, a gift more valuable than he will ever stand, at the expense of the life of another sweet little boy. To imagine that he has grown into this must be devastating for both families.


This Saturday on America's Most Wanted...

America's Most Wanted will be airing the following cases this Saturday, on your local Fox station at 9pm.

Rashawn Brazell: Cops in New York found 19-year-old Rashawn Brazell's decapitated body stuffed into trash bags in a NYC subway station, and they say they need your help to catch his killer. Take a good look at the clues, and help police bring a grieving family some justice.

James Bell: Parents near Providence, R.I., were in for the shock of their lives when they found out that James Bell -- the trusted gymnastics coach at a local YMCA -- was accused of molesting their children. What's more, cops say this is just one incident in a long history of sexual abuse and manipulation. But now, Bell has disappeared, and police are on the manhunt for a predator they say is responsible for victimizing girls across the country.

Robert Bowman: Since 1967, Ohio cops say Robert Bowman has literally gotten away with murder. They say science has finally caught up to the accused killer, and DNA irrefutably ties him to the abduction, rape and murder of 14-year-old Eileen Adams in Toledo, Ohio some 40 years ago.

Harpal Hira: Cops say Ritika Hira invited her estranged husband, Harpal Hira, to her home -- despite a restraining order against him -- because she wanted her sons to spend time with their father. What she didn't know, is that the family birthday party would turn deadly.

Mark Everett: In the early 1980s, Mark Everett was a child actor  who craved being in front of the camera. Now, cops say he's a killer on the lam who's doing everything he can to stay one step ahead of the law, and his run from justice can't be easy with his ailing mother and kid possibly in tow.

Cloned Dogs, Sexual Predator and now burglar?

Joyce Bernann McKinney  is turning out to be more than any proud parent of 5 clones puppies would want to be. Forget the bad checks, forget the stalking, go ahead and put the sexual predator issue aside- since none of that will land her in prison now- recent news has her with an open warrant, this time for failure to appear on charges of criminal conspiracy to commit aggravated burglary and contributing to the delinquency of a minor.

The charges stem from a Nov. 9, 2004, incident in which the parents of a 15-year-old boy told the Carter County Sheriff’s Department that a woman driving a van with North Carolina license plates had approached their son and asked him to participate in a burglary of a residence in Hampton.

The boy told investigators the woman was supposed to pick him up after school the next day. The boy and his parents agreed to have a microphone planted in his clothing and work with the sheriff’s department in apprehending the woman.

According to the arrest report, McKinney picked the boy up as scheduled. Officers followed her van and listened to the transmitted conversation. She allegedly had a map of the residence and showed it to the boy, pointing to a specific window that was always left open and told the boy where a safe was kept that contained money.

Rape, stalking, bad checks, a little B&E... I'm starting to think that there isn't much this nutjob HASN'T done.

In 1993, she was charged with attempting to break into the Washington County Animal Shelter. That case dragged on for years in Washington County Sessions Court before it was dismissed in 1997.

In all fairness to her, it seems that once again, her criminal behavior was the result of some sort of mentally twisted affection... except this time, instead of the object of her affection being a Mormon Missionary, it was a three legged dog.
McKinney’s strange life trajectory brought her to Carter County, Tenn., in 2004 with a different pet-oriented mission impossible: obtain money to buy a prosthesis for her three-legged horse, said an attorney who represented her.
“Really, really weird,” is how the arresting officer remembered his brush with McKinney.

“She was mentally not all there,” Laverne Julian, who retired from the Carter County Sheriff’s Office in 2006 and now works as a Realtor, said in an interview Wednesday.

“Everything was so perfectly planned out,” Julian said, referring to a drawing of the house’s interior he found on McKinney. But once he arrested her, “It was like she just woke up from a dream.”

It was never clear, Julian said, how or why McKinney targeted the residence in question, and the owners did not know her. McKinney, in keeping with a blanket declaration of her innocence of all criminal charges, denied that she intended to break into the house, Elizabethton attorney David Crockett said in an interview.

“She wanted an artificial leg put on a three-legged horse she owned. She said she was trying to raise money,” Crockett said, adding that he was aware of her “bizarre conduct over in England.”
Really really weird is seeming to be a good way to describe a lot of her past behaviors.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Living Faith Christian Center

Members of the Living Faith Christian Center in Oak Harbor Wash. are really the forgiving type, almost to a fault. Well, actually to a fault.

It seems that a member of their church, 21 year old Nathan Martinez has made a few mistakes, but since he's been such a helpful member of the church- volunteering as a youth counselor at the church, teaching Sunday school and showing kids how to dance- they just feel it would be wrong to hold those mistakes against him.

Now, everyone makes mistakes, but when you look at the mistakes Martinez has admitted to making, along with the ones that police currently suspect him of- you might want to check the Living Faith Christian Center off your list of possible future places of worship.

Martinez admitted to molesting three boys and girls between the ages of 3 and 13 since June 2007. He had been babysitting the children, whom he had met at his church, at the time.

But wait, the church has an explanation for this behavior of 'loving' him anyway:

Some of the alleged victims could be members of the church, police said, but church members aren't so sure.

"Now see, we don't know that was his intention to target anyone. So we can't make that assumption ourselves," Burleson said.

The Oak Harbor man only admitted to molesting three children, but police have already identified eleven additional victims, not all of whom had been babysat by Martinez.

Yeah, he went to the church, befriended families and babysat for at least 3 kids from there, but that's not the reason he went to the church... oh, no... he went there to share his love of God with other like minded people. Or something like that, right?

Source, and info about contacting police for those with any knowledge of the case.

Well isn't that nice...

I have to roll my eyes when hot shot anti death folks decide to jump in on a case, before it's even officially a 'death case'. I'm not shy about admitting that I'm pro death penalty, in fact I'm not even the least bit bothered to tell you- I think it ought to be used way more than it is.

I'll give you a perfect example.

Convicted sexual predator goes online with fake aliases, luring his own niece into a meeting with him. At some point, the 12 year old girl ends up dead and her body is disposed of. Of course, no one knows that the uncle has committed this crime, because he has a story about dropping her off to meet a friend. But then, during the few days that the national manhunt for this beautiful young girl is going on, another relative comes forward and says the uncle has been sexually abusing her. He gets arrested. And, as the facts of what really went on the day the 12 year old goes missing start to unravel, the missing persons case because a homicide.

It would be nice if this was just a story I made up in my head as an example of what would be a perfect case for the DP... if that's how this story really came about. Instead, this is a real life case, the 12 year old girl in it is the same one we all heard about as national news broadcast her amber alert.

The uncle, Michael Jacques, accused of kidnapping her just pulled a big break in being able to get two anti death idiots to pick up his case.

At Desautels' request, U.S. District Judge William Sessions III on Monday appointed Jean deSales Barrett and David Ruhnke of Montclair, N.J., to help Desautels.
Maybe I should give them the benefit of the doubt. Maybe they don't realise what this man has done, the pain he has caused and all of the premeditation that was involved in luring this child to her death. Maybe, expect that well, I can't imagine that they would be in this case if they didn't know WHY it was a possible DP case.

The decision about whether to seek the death penalty is months away, Anderson said Tuesday. It will be made after the investigation is complete, the case is presented to a grand jury and an indictment is made.

"Ultimately, that decision is made by the attorney general of the United States," he said.

Desautels, Jacques' lawyer, declined to comment on the appointment of Ruhnke and Barrett.

The husband-and-wife team have been involved in 22 or 23 cases since the early 1980s, two of which resulted in death orders, Ruhnke said.

One was set aside and the other was appealed, he said. They've also had 20 or 30 cases resolved without a trial, he said.

"The reason we've been appointed in this case is it carries a potential death sentence. It doesn't mean it's going to be a death penalty case. One of our functions will be to try to marshal reasons to the government why the death penalty shouldn't become an issue," said Ruhnke.

It'd save a lot of time and energy if they'd just look at the facts LONG enough to see there are no reason to marshal.


Woman Stings Ex

For the record, I'm not sure if I am willing to buy  that the estranged wife 'accidentally texted' her ex husband. It takes effort to text someone... first putting their number in, then typing a message, then sending the message... it's not like she was walking down the street and bumped into him.

But that's not the point I suppose.

It seems that the 23 year old wife claims to have gotten a new cell phone, with a new number. She "accidentally" texted 40 year old Jesse Arnold Read. And from there, one thing lead to another and he ended up sitting in a car outside a gas station with the belief that he was meeting a 17  year old and 15 year old for sex. The woman played vengeful ex perfectly, contacted police who showed up to greet- and arrest- Read.

Full story...

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

A piece of shit...

When the police officers that investigated previous cases involving the  main suspect a 'piece of shit' of a case half way across the country, you know that more than likely- the suspect's really are exactly what they have been called. I'd have to say that in this case, it rings more true than ever.

Sheriff Keith Kellerman said he had to deal with Cutler a few times, including a domestic violence case and a few traffic infractions. Kellerman said, "He's a piece of (expletive)."

The current case in which Charles Smith is being investigated involves a 3 year old girl who it's alleged he abused to the point that she had dead flesh on her arms and legs.

Court documents obtained by KREM 2 NEWS say the deputy who found her took pictures of the child for evidence.

The pictures show a "small, blonde-haired child" with "blood on her butt and thighs... caked-on feces... feet dark, dead flesh from ankles to toes black... hands showed same... all over deep bruising of some kind... infection or internal bleeding... a large patch of blood on cheek."

The documents also said the girl "appeared to go in and out of consciousness."

Doctors told the deputy that the girl has a 50% chance of survival and that she would need multiple surgeries to remove dead flesh from her fingers and hands.

Charged for this heinous abuse is the child's mother, 26-year-old Christina Haynes and 29-year-old Charles Smith who the mother explained she met on the internet. Haynes is apparently attempting to point the finger at Smith, telling police that she worked out of her home while Smith was alone with the 3 year old. Personally, I would think that if she worked out of her home, as in worked from home- then she was there and could have stepped in. But, even if she hadn't been around during the abuse- most people would start to wonder just what the hell was going on when their daughter had dead flesh on her body.

Police said neither adult seemed to concerned about the child's condition.

Full story...

h/t Danielle

Arrest made...

After delaying justice for longer than it should be, it seems that an arrest has been made in the tragic case of Coralrose Fullwood. She is the little girl that disappeared from her home, only to have her body later discovered nearby. The case itself opened a wormhole filled with investigations, including when her siblings were removed from the home and her father was arrested for possession of child porn.

Police say DNA tied 27-year-old Patrick D. Murphy to the murder.
"The warrant charges Murphy with the kidnapping, sexual battery and murder of 6 year-old Coralrose Fullwood," said North Port Police Chief Terry Lewis.
When he was arrested and charged with Coralrose's death, Murphy was already in jail serving time for burglary.
"All of have been saying since day one- we were more concerned about getting it right than doing it fast. I look you all in the eyes today and say I think we've done it right," said North Port Police Chief Terry Lewis.
The family was asked about Murphy, and there is so far no apparent connection between them and him. Her mother stated that she'd never seen him before.

At the press conference, North Port Police stressed they still need tips. They want to know what Murphy was up to in September 2006, around the time of Coralrose's murder.
If you have any information, contact the tipline at 941-429-7336. There is a $10,000 reward for additional information.
If you would like to remain anonymous, contact Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 800-780-TIPS.

Full story...

ht to a reader who has done a wonderful job of updating me on this case.

Sunday, August 10, 2008


Something tells me that My Name is Earl might not have been on the top of the "Must See TV" list of John Melchior. Had he even watched one single episode, he might have known that Karma always comes back to bite you in the ass, or as in his case- knock you off the motorcycle.

Melchior was driving north at a high rate of speed on U.S. 42 and struck a southbound SUV head on driven by Susan Garret, of Valley City, according to the Medina Ohio State Highway Patrol, .

The motorcycle then traveled on and hit another car driven by Dawn Wilker, 32, of Medina.

Melchior was thrown off the motorcycle and struck the pavement. The other drivers were not injured.

Melchior died from the accident, and I know.. you're wondering where karma comes into play.

Turns out, Melchior was running from the police after a warrant was issued for him, in relation to a attempted rape and burglary .

Parma police had issued an arrest warrant for Melchior after he was identified as a suspect in a burglary and attempted rape at the Parma Woods Apartments on Thursday.

A 26-year-old woman told police she woke to find a nude Melchior in her bedroom. When she tried to call 9-1-1 he pulled the phone away and tried to attack her. The woman was able to escape after a struggle and ran to a neighbor.

Parma police said Melchior has a history of break-ins and assaults. He was listed as a registered sex offender after he was convicted of gross sexual imposition and rape in 1995.

As reader Spriddy pointed out, the comments are worth reading on this one.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Joyce McKinney

Wow, nothing says "morbid sex case" like a story about cloned puppies.... evidently.

While I normally have no interest in stories about cloned puppies, I have to admit that when the story ends up solving a 30 year mystery of what happened to a deranged sexual maniac- it's going to catch my eye.

The whole thing started years old, with American Joyce McKinney. Described by one former friend as 'beautiful' the young woman had apparently been blessed with the looks to win a Miss Wyoming USA pageant. She also had attended the Mormon based Brigham Young University. It was there that Joyce meet another student, a young man she grew very fond of to a dangerous level, Kirk Ewoll.

When the young man went overseas on Missionary work, Joyce wasn't so willing to let him escape her, and according to reports she hired a PI to locate him, and then followed him to England. If that didn't put a few red flags in the air, then what police and courts have claimed she did next surely will.

She and a male accomplice were accused of abducting the 21-year-old missionary as he went door to door, taking him to a rented 17th-century "honeymoon cottage" in Devon and chaining him spread-eagle to a bed with several pairs of mink-lined handcuffs.

There, investigators say, he was repeatedly forced to have sex with McKinney before he was able to escape and notify police.

In her own defense, she claimed the young man, Kirk went willingly with her, and was a avid participant in the sexual activities, also claiming that he only concocted the story of the abduction because he feared being punished by the church.

A photo of her holding a hand made sign out a window proclaiming her innocence is worth taking a peek at.

McKinney and her accomplice spent three months in a London jail before being released on bail.

Press reports at the time that said the pair then jumped bail, posing as deaf-mute actors in Ireland to board an Air Canada flight to Toronto and eventually a bus to Cleveland, where investigators lost their trail.

Joyce McKinney surfaced again in Utah in May 1984 and was arrested for allegedly stalking the workplace of the same Mormon man she was accused of imprisoning in England. News reports say that police found a length of rope and handcuffs in the trunk of McKinney's car, along with notebooks detailing the man's daily activities.

Set to stand trial for lying to police and harassment in 1986, McKinney again disappeared just before proceedings and the case was dismissed. (from Fox News)

That might have been the end of things, and we might not be hearing about all of this now, if not for one odd twist of fate.

Recently, a woman who had lost her beloved dog had the animal cloned- producing five cloned pit bulls. While the story hit the stands, and people from around the world were amazed at the clones, reporters in London where sitting back scratching their heads, because the woman- referred to in reports as Bernann McKinney, had a creepy resemblance to the woman they called Joyce McKinney 30 years ago.

The Mail was the first to connect McKinney to the infamous kidnapping of Kirk Anderson, a Utah missionary, by a Joyce McKinney back in 1977.

The paper noted "the face was familiar, albeit older and heavier. The surname was the same. So was the alleged American, ex-beauty queen background." Asked by the paper: "Are you really Joyce McKinney?", she snapped: "Are you going to ask me about my dogs or not? Because that's all I'm prepared to talk to you about."

However, the Guardian noted today that a check of public records in North Carolina confirmed that 'Bernann' is indeed the same woman who infamously said of her captive missonary: "I loved him so much that I would have skied down Mount Everest in the nude with a carnation up my nose if he asked me to." Source

Now, after dodging questions, and lying when she did answer, the cloned puppy owner has decided to just admit that she's also the crazy Mormon chick.

Dog lover Bernann McKinney acknowledged in a telephone call yesterday that she is indeed Joyce McKinney, who in 1977 became a British tabloid sensation when she faced charges of unlawful imprisonment in the missionary case. She jumped bail and was never brought to justice.

Through tears, she explained that she went public with her efforts to replicate her dog Booger, who died two years ago, hoping people would be able to focus on that story rather than the "garbage" of the past. Source

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UPDATE... New Information Here

Forty years of evidence

Arthur Brown probably has learned a lot in the last 40 years, as he's continued to prey on children and refined his method of entrapping his victims.

The 67 seven year old has a long history dating back 40 years of molesting children, and his latest run in with the court put a $100,000 bond on him after he pretended to be a doctor and approached a 10 year old who had been injured at a ball game.

Brown began touching the boy but stopped when the boy's father intervened, they allege.

According to prosecutors, Brown was charged with contributing to the delinquency of a minor in 1966.

In 1974, he received supervision on a charge of taking indecent liberties with a child. He was convicted of taking indecent liberties with a child in 1984 and of aggravated sexual abuse in 1988. He also has a 2008 disorderly conduct case pending. His next court date is Sept. 12.

Currently, he's only charged with battery and with being a child sex offender in a public park zone stemming from the April case. Which might help explain why, despite 40 years of being a sexual predator, the bail is so damn low.

Reader comments on the original article pretty much sums up what a good deal of us have been screaming for years:

posted by Johelia on Fri Aug 08, 2008 9:47 PM

This guy is proof that pedophiles and sexual deviants can not be rehabilitated. Thank you Judge Scotilla for doing your best to remove this dangerous person from society and protecting innocent children in doing so.

Alan Woe, or not.

Alan Woe, which by the way isn't his real name but just a name given to him so he can remain unknown in the court papers, thinks that sex offender registration is a punishment, rather than a 'tool for community safety'. So, he filed suit against the state of New York, based upon his claims.

The offender, a Brookhaven resident who was given the pseudonym "Alan Woe" in court papers and who agreed to speak on condition of anonymity, had sued over a 2006 change that extended the length of time sex offenders must register. The change, the suit argued, unfairly deprived them of due process.

The registration time for Level 1 offenders was increased from 10 to 20 years, while Level 2 and 3 offenders are now registered for life. Level 2 offenders may petition for removal from the registry after 30 years.

The changes were enacted three days before the man, a Level 1 offender, would have reached 10 years on the registry, according to the lawsuit.

Aww... poor sex offender.

Now, before everyone starts feeling safe again, there's one possible snag in the ruling that the defense would like to believe opens Pandora's Box for all level one offenders.

On Monday, U.S. District Judge Leonard Wexler dismissed the lawsuit, ruling that the Level 1 offender did not have a right to have a 10-year period on the registry. Wexler noted that Level 3 and 2 offenders can petition to be downgraded to Level 2 and 1, respectively.

It is this potential "door-opening," said the lawyer who filed the suit, that counts as a victory because it possibly could give Level 1 offenders the right to petition to be removed from the registry before a 20-year period ends.

"For the first time, this judge's decision holds that sexual offenders have constitutional rights and that those rights can be enforced in court," said John Ray, the offender's lawyer, at a news conference at his Miller Place office yesterday.

Whether the legal community will follow through on this line of thinking or not is still open for debate- but I'm sure that it is a ruling that is going to get a good deal of attention from both sides, sex offenders and safety advocates alike.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

How to tell when treatment isn't working...

I'm always getting asked about my thoughts on treatment programs for sexual offenders. ANd my answer is usually always the same "if they really do need treatment, they likely aren't going to be helped by getting it". I say it that way, because it's the only honest way to put it. Romeo doesn't need sex offender treatment, he needs to learn to hold off from consummating the love with his barely too young girlfriend. On the other hand, Molester Mike who preys on little kids as a hobby, well- he might need help, but no amount of help is going to end his twisted desires.

Usually the second question asked, before anyone has had the chance to read the first answer is just how someone can "know" is treatment is working. Because I don't believe it can work, it's not a question that can really be answered. However, I can tell you some of the signs that sex offender treatment isn't working.

The first sign treatment isn't working... the sexual deviant escapes from the treatment program.

Investigators are on the lookout for a violent sexual predator who escaped from Larned State Hospital overnight.


Isely served time on two counts of molesting a child younger than 14 years old from 1987 to 2006. After his sentence was over the state committed him to the state hospital as a violent sexual predator.

The next sign that it isn't working.. is even easier to determine. If the sexual predator is still breathing, he's (or she) is still a danger.

More on this case here.

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Not out of jail now

Not long ago, I mentioned a case where a convicted sexual predator was granted bond while his appeal of his conviction awaited hearings.

The former teacher had been convicted on 13 counts involving the prolonged sexual abuse of a young boy. The judge in the case granted bond, allowing him to return to 'the free life' with little more than a ankle monitor, and not even a order to remain away from children. Everyone was outraged.

Now, Aaron Mohanlal's case has been again given the 'once over', only this time the judge actually did something right, something that should have been done a year ago at the time he was convicted.

When jurors returned 13 guilty verdicts in April 2007, the boy's father pulled him close. The boy wiped at tears. The prosecutor put her hand to her tear-stained face.

It was the end, they thought, of a four-year ordeal.

Instead, they were all incensed and distraught three months later to see Gold grant Mohanlal bond and allow him to be released later with an electronic ankle bracelet.

Mohanlal registered as a sexual predator through the Florida Department of Law Enforcement Web site, listing a Port St. Lucie address.

When CNN carried a story about Mohanlal on its Web site a week ago, child and victims advocates were outraged. Gold received a slew of angry calls and letters.

Gold revisited the case after prosecutor Anita White filed a motion noting no liens had been placed against the properties securing Mohanlal's bond and one of the properties was in foreclosure. Prosecutor Ellen St. Laurent argued Friday that some of the properties were valued at much less than Gold had initially been told. The prosecutors also voiced concerns that Mohanlal might victimize another child.

Someone needs a diet...

In 1986 Richard Cooey raped and killed to young women. For his crimes, he was tried, convicted and sentenced to die by Ohio's method of the death penalty- which happens to be lethal injection. After 22 years, Cooey will be facing the needle in October. Unless his lawyers have their way.

According to Cooey, and papers filed on his behalf by his lawyers, he is just too fat to die.
Actually, at 5'7 and 267 lbs, he likely could use a diet, but I don't think it really justifies keeping him alive that much longer. However, I do see the need for people to look their best when they go to meet their maker so to speak, so I get why why he'd think he might be a little too fat. Which is why I'm supportive of using tax payer funds to help rectify this situation.

In fact, if he signs up now with he could be fit and happy with his new body makeover just in time for them to insert the needle.

Although, really something tells me that this is less about him thinking he is too fat, and more about him looking for a way to slip through a loophole and get out of serving his sentence.

A death row inmate scheduled for execution says he's too fat to be put to death, claiming executioners would have trouble finding his veins and that his weight could diminish the effectiveness of one of the lethal injection drugs.

Lawyers for Richard Cooey argue in a federal lawsuit that Cooey -- 5-feet-7 and 267 pounds -- had poor veins when he faced execution five years ago and the problem has been worsened by weight gain.

The lawsuit, filed Friday in federal court, also says prison officials have had difficulty drawing blood from Cooey for medical procedures.

Odd that he KNEW he was set to die, knew he was on the chunky side, but instead of watching his weight, he continued to stuff his mouth and add on the pounds. A little rude if you ask me.

But, then again- what can you expect from someone who evidently was okay with the idea of raping and killing two women?

Seriously, I'm getting tired of all these excuses people have for why they shouldn't be served justice... I seriously doubt he stopped to think about the victims he killed, and their personal feelings, or even medical conditions (like the need to remain alive) that effected their physical health. So, why should I care about his?

Yes folks, I know... I'm really not sympathetic to the fat guy on death row tonight. But, can you blame me?

Sunday, August 03, 2008

Creepy Weekend

Normally, I enjoy the weekends. Slow, relaxing and let's face it- weekends are usually rather low crime times. Times when I can actually read the news, and fill my minds with other headlines.

And then, this weekend happened.

Not one, not even two... but THREE different cases of people killing and beheading people.

Really, I'm sort of like 'what the hell...' on this.

The first case I came across involved a Brazilian drug dealer who was dating a 17 year old girl from London.

The torso of Cara Marie Burke, from Southfields, southwest London, was identified by her mother from a photograph of a distinctive tattoo that said “Mum”.

Mohamed D’Ali Carvalho dos Santos, 20, is alleged to have admitted taking photographs of Cara’s dismembered corpse on his mobile telephone after killing her in GoiĆ¢nia, central Brazil.

He told police that he murdered Cara on Saturday after she threatened to tell his parents, who live in London, that he was a drug dealer addicted to cocaine. He said that she was also considering turning him in to the police.

If having one case of murder and mutilation over the weekend wasn't bad enough, then there's the case of the passenger on a Greyhound bus in Canada. If nothing else, it will surely make you think twice the next time your about to step foot for a trek across a country in a bus-mobil.

After taking a short stop, passengers of the Greyhound bus reboarded and proceeded on their way, with many of the riders drifting back to sleep. One passenger had changed seats, and sat down near another rider who had been listening to headphones and sleeping. Then a startling scream lead to people turning to see the passenger who'd been asleep being savagely attacked with a knife by his new seatmate. As the bus stopped, and riders fled off the bus a few people attempted to step in and help- only to be scared off by the attacker lunging at them with the knife before returning to behead the victim.
In the tape of radio transmissions, a Royal Canadian Mounted Police officer refers to the attacker as "Badger" and says he is armed with a knife and scissors and is "defiling the body at the front of the bus as we speak."

On the tape, which lasts about 80 seconds, officers continue to detail the attacker's movements until one reports, "Badger's at the back of the bus, hacking off pieces and e.ating it."

For some unknown reason, two gruesome murders in one weekend evidently wasn't enough- so Athanassios Arvanitis of Greece decided to follow those crimes up with a few beheadings of his own, starting with the dog of his girlfriend, and moving on to his girlfriend.

A 31-year-old man killed his girlfriend on the Greek island of Santorini on Sunday, beheaded her, then fled in a patrol car, a local official said.

During the ensuing chase, the suspect was shot five times by police and ran over two women doctors who were riding a motorcycle before he was caught, the official said.

The suspect, Athanassios Arvanitis, a cook at a local restaurant, is undergoing surgery at an island hospital, said Chrysanthos Roussos, head of the Santorini district on the island.

Neighbors said that, following a heated argument, Arvanitis beheaded his girlfriend's dog with a butcher knife, then killed and beheaded the woman.

The victim, 25-year-old Adamantia Karkali, worked as a teacher at a local village, Angelos Roussos, the mayor of Thira, the island's main town, was quoted as saying by TV station Antenna. Angelos Roussos and Chrysanthos Roussos are not related.

Just beyond sickening... and unimaginable.