The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember that pervert?

A while back I told you about David Hardman. He's a 'photographer' who sells his work on the web, in image and video form. While that isn't unusual for a photographer these days- the fact that the 'models' he used were barely dressed minors was.

Well, it looks like just when we'd thought that he couldn't sink any lower- pervert opted to gravel a little bit more into the filthy desires of pedophiles. According to recent news, he's once again doing websites- except this time he's selling something other than DVD's and photos.

The changes a Melbourne photographer made to his controversial teen modeling web site are raising new concerns.

In November of 2006, Channel 9 first investigated parents' fears that David Hardman was sexually exploiting teen models by posting nearly nude photos online. They are the kind of pictures you'd find in a steamy magazine, but the pictures are of teenage girls. Suzanne Mark said Hardman tracked down her 11-year-old daughter.

"Through a legitimate casting web site," she said. "And he posted an ad about what he was originally trying to do, which was sell swimsuits."

Mark said Hardman wanted to take pictures of her daughter and pay $500 a day. But she did an internet search and found several news stories about Hardman's web site and photography.

Hardman is now selling the swimsuits in which the girls have modeled. Some suits appear to be latex and some of the girls are posed in bubble baths.

The swimsuits, thong styled, are referred to as "great looking suits for girls".

_____________ has all the hot bikini styles that cute girls all over the world want to wear! Whether your at a public pool in Florida to surfing off Rio de Janeiro we'll have a bikini or thong swimsuit for you

Cute girls? In thongs? I know- he MUST be referring to women as girls. Grown women. I do that all the time. I call most of my adult female friends 'girls'. As in," I'm going out with the girls tonight.". Surely, that must be how he's using the word when he says 'cute girls' right?


That should be great news for progressive teens and preteens that want high style and great quality too!

All the current bikinis are "Brazilian" rear coverage so you can wear them anywhere in the world, including Florida!

(Just to be exact on what a Brazilian style would be- here's the encyclopedia page on it)

I swear, I really question just how much sicker this man can get, before we find out that he isn't just catering to pedophiles--- he's actually one himself.