The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, July 11, 2008

Crazy People...

Now and then, I some how find myself in communication with a nut job. You know, someone who clearly should be locked up in a white padded cell- but for some amazing reason isn't.

In three years, I've gotten all sorts of mail. A lot of good ones, a lot of bad ones. And then... well crazy ones. The other day, I got one of those crazy ones. Of course, being the *ever so sweet* person I am, I attempted to provide a response regardless of the fact that the author was clearly living in a 10 story building whose elevator only went two stories up.

Suject: need help in discovery ...

from Roberta Kelly
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:51 AM
subject need help in discovery ...

no matter how i type it and no matter how much i do my best to find, i can't ... his childhood history appears to be disappeared and therefore we can't trace his use in grade school, of the drugs which the companies who wage war create (Ritalin, for example).

I agree that sick animals must be put down. The interesting question is, why did STUDSTILL want to keep the boy alive as a "mysterious study?"

Best, Roberta

To all who love to watch a human put to death --

How much Ritalin did the boy get forced into, at a young age in school? Or, how many drugs did the boy take to stop his "hyperactivity" in GRADE SCHOOL!?

And then the next question to ask the attorney STUDSTILL - why do people like Condi Rice think about BIOWEAPONS, when the Cambodians think that the "Resurrection" syndrome they've just discovered is a life gift.

Condi rushed the UN bioweapons secret police to Cambodia to act as if their discovery of the "Resurrection" occurring was a US top secret discovery.

Hmmm, maybe the QUESTION IS:


Has the US secret police, also been involved in, creating such weapons of mass destruction - CHILD KILLERS, like the poor wretch SCHWAB, whose life may very well have already been lost, in grade school?

It is a question we need to ask since there have been far too many young humans indiscriminately killing and so far, the drug trace is grade school for ADD and ADHD and so on.

Look at every MASS KILLING and other CHILD MURDER. Should a young human be involved ... 9 times out of 10 and I'd bet 10 out of 10 -- were those poor children whose brains were used as experiments beginning in 1974, from all the wonderful CORPORATIONS (many who wrote the WMD papers).

Think about it for just a few minutes.

Okay, at first glance, I thought this was some sort of Nigerian spam mail... but I was completely confused when I couldn't find just how much money they wanted to deposit into my bank account, so I read it a few more times.

That's when the name struck me. SCHWAB. I'd posted about him earlier that day, or the night before. Mark Dean Schwab was executed at the Florida State Prison in Starke for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a little boy.

I couldn't for a moment believe that someone talking about weapons of mass destruction, and the Bush admin was trying to tie that with the execution of a man deserving of death, so I went back and read the email again. Yep... it was still crazy. But I do attempt to reply to all emails, crazy or not.

from Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta Kelly
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 7:38 PM
subject Re: need help in discovery ...

The attempt to claim Schwab was some sort of valuable scientific study case was nothing more than a mere shabby attempt at postponing or preventing his execution. The man himself was nothing specular- just a pedophile who hoped to evade prosecution by killing his victim. I disagree with your suggestion that he was a product of any sort of forced medical treatment... People will simple minds, ruined by overuse of drugs- legal or not- do not normally display the foresight to stalk, befriend, manipulate and plot the kidnapping, rape and murder of someone. This man's sickness was born and breed because he put his sick desires above the value of a child's life. The unwillingness to even attempt to control his actions more than proves that it was his intent- his personal choice, not some sort of side effect from drugs. He meticulously planned, and lied his way into this child's life- the entire time having the end result of the family's trust in mind. He knew what he was doing- but did nothing to stop himself, rather he furthered his relationship with the family, made himself more interesting to the child- and then struck leaving a trail of suffering and pain behind him.

If you for a minute expect even the slightest ounce of concern out of me, over the life of someone as worthless and heinous as Schwab, then I fear you have somehow misread my personal feelings on the matter. In my eyes- he should have been executed long ago.


I'm not sure what sort of response she expected... but clearly I didn't give her what she'd hoped for. As this was her response to me:
Roberta Kelly
to Lilo

I am doing my best, in spite of your inability to actually know the English language and how to spell simple words, to understand what has created your vacuum in time.

Now, I never mean to insult people... but really? I mistyped two words- which is common when I'm multitasking and attempting to reply to something that, seriously was so out of this world it didn't even deserve a response. But I was trying to be nice.

Of course, *her* email to me left me feeling that her insults were a little unjustified. So, I might have gotten a little less sweet in my next email.

rom Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta Kelly
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:02 PM
subject Re: need help in discovery ...

That's alright, because it took me sort of a long time to figure out that your first email wasn't one of those Nigerian spam emails.

The next email from her came with a different subject:
furthermore "Lilo," you actually entertained the "idea" ... Re: need help in discovery ...
from Roberta Kelly
to Lilo Verbrechen
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:16 PM
subject furthermore "Lilo," you actually entertained the "idea" ... Re: need help in discovery ...

I thought you would actually reply with an email to my plea? And better yet, you have even fleetingly, actually entertained the idea I would expect something other than what you sent and who you tragically appear to be/are?

Oh, my, you underestimate the power of evil intention - it has no boundaries, its energy hovers at critical mass as you know.

Be afraid of yourself, be very, very afraid - energy is, what energy creates. Time's vacuum consumes itself as energy does, once it has spun the cycle of dark.

Light and dark dance intermittently and therefore, ask poor Mark Schwabe -- there are more things in heaven and earth than what are dreamt of in your philosophies dear Horatio, er .. I mean Lilo Verbrechen.

With ideas that you cultivate, time is not your friend.

You don't worry me, but you should certainly worry you.

Roberta Kelly

Yes, people I'm evil. I'm not the one defending a repeat child molester who raped and killed his last KNOWN victim... or insulting strangers on the web because they don't feel sorry for the monster... Ouch.

So I responded... because still I'm nice.

Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta, bcc: Stitches

What plea? Your email read like insane babbling... what is it you are looking for? A reason to blame anyone other than the murdering bastard himself? And, really- bringing WMD into the conversation? Have you forgotten to take your medication lately? Did the nice men at the hospital forget to tighten your straight jacket again?

The man hunted an innocent child down like he was an animal- brutally raped him, and then drained every bit of life from that child's body. That was evil. My rejoicing that this monster had his last victim, that he's dead and buried is justified after the pain and suffering he left behind thanks to his own actions.

I would suggest, after three emails from you- that the only 'critical mass' we should be concerned about is the one you have blocking your thought process. Schwab will be burning in hell, as I'm sure you'll realize once you are standing there beside him.

You contacted a crime blogger, one who works daily with victims of people like your beloved child rapist... you're expectations of me granting my sympathy to either him- or smalled minded mentally challenged individuals like yourself is completely out of the question.

Please, next time you decide to email me- take the damn tin foil hat off your head and think before you spew nonsense. It's not that I mind crazy people- I just prefer them to be properly medicated before attempting to have conversations with me.


And then she changed the subject again:
Lilo Lilo pimping is oh so ordinary
Roberta Kelly
to Lilo

stop your virtual whoring, you're boring.

And I may have gotten a little more annoyed at this point:

from Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta Kelly

and you are off your meds...
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Throughout his career, Donald has needed to spread his body of work across a number of galleries. Certain galleries only wanted to exhibit his abstract stone pieces. Other galleries preferred his wood sculptures. Still others would only exhibit his drawings. No one gallery could handle the breadth of his vision.

Atelier 3151 was established to be that gallery.

Ryan and Ian Wilson look forward to exhibiting alongside their father's work. Ian has been apprenticing with his father for the past five years and is beginning his build his own body of work. Ryan is a poet as well as painter and sculptor.

Roberta Kelly is an established sculptor and the mother of Ian and Ryan. She and her husband Larry Olstad own the Mortgage Galeria which houses Atelier 3151. Roberta's work is collected privately throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and publicly in the regional Pacific Northwest. She will also be a regular exhibitor at the gallery.

Donald, Roberta, Ian and Ryan continue to share a studio compound in Castle Rock, Washington.

At this point, I think nutty Roberta may have actually found her meds, because she decided to move on...

from Roberta Kelly
to Lilo Verbrechen
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:35 PM
subject and you're deleted so i honestly don't even bother

not sorry for you go find another towel

I'm not sure what is scarier- that this woman actually has access to the Internet, or that she's cast her insanity on all of us by actually blogging.

Look, in all honesty- I completely get that some people are not going to agree with me, and I understand that my beliefs are very black and white- leaving little room for the 'gray' that most people come to expect. I'm sorry if my deepest belief is that a man who rapes and murders a child should be executed offends you- but in truth, the fact that *some* people would have this same man pronounced a cause worthy of life offends me.

One thing I do agree with, evil is in this world. Of course- I normally don't see myself as being said evil, but I suppose I'll leave that finial judgment up to a Higher Power. As for now, I'm going to continue on my merry way. And make a plea to all those who ponder the idea of emailing me... if you're going to complain about my typos- feel free to. But remember I may in turn have to complain about your mental instability.