The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, July 31, 2008

America's Most Wanted

This Saturday, at 9 pm on your local Fox station, America's Most Wanted will air the following cases:

Terrence Washington: He's one of the slipperiest fugitives we've ever encountered, and Terrence Washington has made a long career out of breaking out of prison and laying low. Most recently, he broke out of prison, seduced a woman, moved into her house, and made her believe that he's a law-abiding tool salesman before disappearing once again.

Reigh Storrow Boss: Boston police call Clark Rockefeller, accused of kidnapping his 7-year-old daughter Reigh and going on the run, a "mystery man." Cops say he recently liquidated his assets into gold, possibly preparing for a life on the lam. It turns out the man who claims to be from the famed "Rockefeller" clan isn't a Rockefeller at all. In fact, cops aren't sure who he really is.

Ricky Regalado: Unaware that he was wanted for murder, cops were surprised by the lengths that Richard Regalado went through to avoid capture after he allegedly robbed a bank in Beaumont, Calif. But months later, police finally caught up with Regalado, and he is now behind bars.

Marcos Rivera: Police say they received an anonymous tip that wanted sexual predator Marcos Rivera is staying in Brooklyn, N.Y., and that he could be found at the Port Authority bus terminal. Undercover cops staked out the area, waiting for Rivera to make his move, but haven't nailed the accused child abuser yet.

Graham Gravely: A man who served four years in prison for kidnapping is once again a wanted man and the subject of a manhunt in Arizona. Cops say 51-year-old Graham Gravely bound, raped, and burglarized a 73-year-old woman in her home on July 20, 2008, and authorities hope AMW viewers can help put Gravely back behind bars.

David Marshall: Cops say it all began innocently enough...20-year-old David Marshall met a woman at a Phoenix convenience store and later met her and a group of friends for a night of drinking and romancing. However, the house party ended with a flurry of bullets that left one man dead. The victim, 33-year-old Alan Phillips, came to the shindig late with another woman but bumped into a partygoer's car as he left the home. Police say that's when Marshall shot him three times, point-blank. Now, police are determined to take a ruthless killer off the streets.

Fairly Earls: Wisconsin Police are on the look-out for a convicted sex offender who fought for a new trial... and won .. but took off before launching the defense he claimed was his right.

Ran Mesika: Jonathan Vernier has been convicted of murdering Israeli tourist Ran Mesika, and the disturbing letters he wrote to the victim's father offer a rare glimpse into the mind of a killer.

Mo Atat: A worldwide manhunt is on for Mustapha "Crazy Mo" Mohamed Atat, who many consider to be a legend on the off-road drag racing circuit. Cops think he may be traveling between Lebanon and the U.S., and they hope someone can turn this accused killer in to authorities before his dangerous hobbies get someone else killed.

Juan Bautista: Nearly four years after Chris Applegate's life was destroyed by an accused drunk driver, her family has vowed to change the law they say allowed the suspect to get away.

Ivory Green: Family members say that missing teen Ivory Green lived fast and fell in with the wrong crowd, and on March 6, 2004, after Ivory called to say she was on her way home, police say she went missing.

Michael Barrera: Years after Michel Barrera allegedly robbed a Florida bank--police say he's still on the run. He seems to have disappeared without a trace -- and with no new leads to go on, cops are hoping someone will recognize him.

John Walsh And The FBI Put The Pedal To The Metal: AMW host John Walsh recently visited the FBI Academy in Quantico, Va. to see what ordinary men have to go through to become true G-Men. On top of repelling down walls, flying in choppers, and diffusing a mock hostage situation with a SWAT team, John spent some serious time behind the wheel with FBI driving instructor Tim Moles.

Of Local Interest...

(Disclaimer--- I'm rambling about a local criminal case, which is the result of a raid in which a police officer shot and killed a woman. It's a main attraction in town these days, with the forth day of the trial being today. The case, while very cut and dry, has opened a floodgate of racially charged articles from our local news, and seems to have removed every bit of common sense from more people than you can imagine.)

One of the defense lawyers attempted to 'judge' the racism of a potential juror by asking him which candidate he was going to vote for, Obama or McCain. Evidently the man answered that it was none of his business, good answer. But I think I would have been slightly more rude about it. Because although it really is no one's business- I get rather annoyed with the thought that the color of the person I'd vote for is used as a measuring stick for whether I am a racist.

I could spend all day complaining about just that part of the case... but it seems almost pointless. Just like I could complain until I'm blue about the fact that our local news seems to have picked out the one reporter with the most bias to cover the case for the paper. Really... how can something be 'blotched' if the raid actually accomplished the mission? They arrested the drug dealer, which brought him to court, which resulted in a guilty plea, and thus put the drug dealer behind bars. How is that blotched? Really, it's not just the little words I have issues with. It's the headline "All White Jury Seated". As if the headline was meant to incite a little more anger into a town already dealing with more shootings than a community of 40,000 should have. Of course the jury is all white. The county is mostly white, we pull juries from the voter registration dockets, and looking at it fairly- the odds were stacked by little things like this to almost ensure a all white jury. And, in the community- it's not an oddity to have an all white jury. But, it is an oddity to see the newspaper complaining about the fact that we have one now.. after all- I can't recall the last time they even bothered to mention race of jurors.

Like I said, there's a lot I could complain about. The fact that a drug addict was killed because she lived with a drug dealer that ended up getting the home raided. The fact that this 'wonderful' mother of six didn't seem to care enough about her children to ensure that they were being raised in a healthy home, rather than growing up in an environment littered with cast offs from the world of drugs. The fact that only now, only after her death is there an outrage by the public... and most of those folks are only outraged because she's dead, not because she lived a life that was questionable to say the least. And I get it, it is sad that a woman, a mother- someone's daughter- is dead. But, it seems that most people, the local news included, has taken to forgetting about personal responsibility. Forgetting that she was in that home the night of that drug raid because she chose to be. That officers where there, not of their own free will, but because it was their job. One that, like it or not, the city of Lima instructed them do.

And, so now... A police officer- one with a good record and recommendations from his 30+ year career is sitting before a jury, having spent two days listening to the prosecution pander their case about how he fired on a unarmed woman. How in doing his job, he was negligent- and how that lead to the death of this woman. I see their point. There he was, reacting to a shadowy figure popping in and out of a room, hearing gun fire and thinking it was coming at him. And so he shot back. There's nothing about how negligent the woman was, how she bore 6 children from almost as many different men- most of whom were involved in drugs themselves- but after bringing them into this world, failed to offer them a life free from the drugs, crime and dangerousness of her chosen lifestyle. She'd learned this cycle of crime and drugs from her own mother- who now acts shocked that this is the end result.... it causes me confusion, this 'shocked at the outcome' act her mother is putting on. I get it, her daughter is dead, and that's sad. But while I believe that no mother should ever have to bury their child- I also strongly feel that when a woman raises her children in a life of crime and drugs, she forfeits the right to be called a mother at all. So this is what the dead woman knew- a life of drugs, a sting of different men, criminal behaviors, and it was what she was teaching her children- after all, she opted to reside in a home with a drug dealer, she'd had drug problems herself... made no effort to provide a different future for her children this time. But there's nothing about that, nothing about the fact that each day she lived this life style, she was negligent with both her own life, and the lives of her children. How easily it could have been a bad drug deal that ended her life, rather than a tense moment in the middle of a police raid. That if she'd not lied to police two weeks before when she was pulled over for a traffic violation, and gave the wrong address for her residence, police might have known she lived in that home with her children. Or better yet, if she had at any point up until that night put her children before herself- and moved away from the life of drugs and the home of a drug dealer- the police wouldn't have ran into her that night.

But instead, the local news got a years worth of catchy hate mongering headlines, and bias reporting that may win them some great award from one of those nifty little journalism associations. And the criminals who complain that they can't sell drugs as freely as they want because of all the racial profiling from the police got more 'proof' that they are being targeted. And all the people looking for a reason to sink even lower into a life filled with drugs, violence and rampid crime got their wish.... now they can blame it on all the police who make life in a drug ridden world so difficult on them.

Oh, and a police officer doing his job got to go to court and hear how horrible of a person he really is. After all, it's really every cops dream to shot an unarmed woman while ducks in and out of a bedroom, holding a cell phone in one hand, and a child in the other. That's why cops wake up every morning, and go to 'the office', just on the slim chance that they maybe, just maybe might get to kill a black woman. (Who was only 1/2 black, so I suppose the officer only got half his wish.) Sounds unbelievable, yet so many people are busy presenting this very theory- pointing the finger and declaring the officers intent to kill someone that night.

It's all sad, the blame being passed around, the cries of injustice, the marches and the anger. Sad, because it's all being directed at the wrong thing. Where were the marches before she died? The cries of injustice for the life she was forcing onto her children, the blame for the way she decided to live her life? Why did no one care enough while she was alive to step in and make a difference... but now that she is dead she's been promoted to the poster child of 'blame the police'? Why not be angry that this is how a 'mother' chooses raise her children?

At some point, the case will go to the jury- the all white jury as the news loves to point out- and they will decide if there is guilt. And possibly after the outcome is known, and people adjust to the verdict, then life can move on again. The lingering thing that will haunt us is that even after it's all said and done, after the verdict and the news coverage subsides- we will always have a that feeling in the back of our heads, keeping us up a little later at night.... wondering just how we got to where we are.

And then maybe, after some time has passed- we'll remember. We got here, because a woman made a lifetime of bad choices for which she never attempted to move past, and a police officer made a quick judgment call in one tragic moment that shots were aimed at him and so he fired back.... and few people were willing to look past the headline that a white cop killed a black woman.

Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Remember that pervert?

A while back I told you about David Hardman. He's a 'photographer' who sells his work on the web, in image and video form. While that isn't unusual for a photographer these days- the fact that the 'models' he used were barely dressed minors was.

Well, it looks like just when we'd thought that he couldn't sink any lower- pervert opted to gravel a little bit more into the filthy desires of pedophiles. According to recent news, he's once again doing websites- except this time he's selling something other than DVD's and photos.

The changes a Melbourne photographer made to his controversial teen modeling web site are raising new concerns.

In November of 2006, Channel 9 first investigated parents' fears that David Hardman was sexually exploiting teen models by posting nearly nude photos online. They are the kind of pictures you'd find in a steamy magazine, but the pictures are of teenage girls. Suzanne Mark said Hardman tracked down her 11-year-old daughter.

"Through a legitimate casting web site," she said. "And he posted an ad about what he was originally trying to do, which was sell swimsuits."

Mark said Hardman wanted to take pictures of her daughter and pay $500 a day. But she did an internet search and found several news stories about Hardman's web site and photography.

Hardman is now selling the swimsuits in which the girls have modeled. Some suits appear to be latex and some of the girls are posed in bubble baths.

The swimsuits, thong styled, are referred to as "great looking suits for girls".

_____________ has all the hot bikini styles that cute girls all over the world want to wear! Whether your at a public pool in Florida to surfing off Rio de Janeiro we'll have a bikini or thong swimsuit for you

Cute girls? In thongs? I know- he MUST be referring to women as girls. Grown women. I do that all the time. I call most of my adult female friends 'girls'. As in," I'm going out with the girls tonight.". Surely, that must be how he's using the word when he says 'cute girls' right?


That should be great news for progressive teens and preteens that want high style and great quality too!

All the current bikinis are "Brazilian" rear coverage so you can wear them anywhere in the world, including Florida!

(Just to be exact on what a Brazilian style would be- here's the encyclopedia page on it)

I swear, I really question just how much sicker this man can get, before we find out that he isn't just catering to pedophiles--- he's actually one himself.


It seems that Vermont, home to the judge who sentenced a man to 60 days in jail for molesting a child over a span of years- on the pretense that the man needed 'therapy' rather than prison, the same state that allowed a man who repeated sexually abused a boy to go free, the state that is really sex offender friendly- is about to get a little tougher. Maybe.

When a state Senate committee begins deliberating later this summer on how to respond to the kidnap and killing of 12-year-old Brooke Bennett, it also will be under pressure to deal with a new federal law named for another slain child.
Vermont to Deal with New Sex Offender Laws

The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006 establishes new mandates for the way states set up their sex offender registries -- mandates Vermont currently does not meet.

Lets hope that after years of failing the victims of sexual abuse, the leaders of Vermont can pony up the courage to actually do approve something that resembles justice to replace the current system which seems too often to include arresting them, trying them, and then kissing them sweetly before letting them back out on the streets.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Rape, Baby, Abortion, Marriage

One of four teenage boys who picked a then 16 year old girl up from her home and proceeded to get her drunk before taking turns raping her was sentenced to juvenile custody until his 21 birthday.

According to testimony and police, after the four boys raped the girl, they bragged about the incident on various social networks and through email. It was also reported that the boys had discussed killing the victim in order to prevent her from testifying against them.

During sentencing of the 3 attacker, the judge cited the boys "utter lack of remorse" as reasoning for the sentencing.

While sentencing the boy in King County Juvenile Court, Judge Michael Hayden revealed that the victim, 16 at the time of the attack, became pregnant as a result and later had an abortion.


But Hayden said that what "struck me the hardest" was a section of a presentence report in which the boy was quoted as calling the girl a liar for accusing him of rape. Other presentence documents indicated the boy denied responsibility for the attack, was not amenable to treatment and showed no concern for the girl.

In response to the judges comments, the boys mother defended her son, attempting to assure the judge that the rapist was sorry and going as far as to inform the court of the deed discussion the family had about the situation, which included the fact that the boy was upset the victim had an abortion, and that the boy would marry the victim.

(Because that's what every rape victim would want, the chance to marry the sexual predator that attacked her)

Two of the other boys were sentenced to lesser terms in June, with one ordered to spend 52 to 65 weeks in custody after pleading guilty to second-degree rape and unlawful possession of a firearm. Another boy, who cooperated with police, was sentenced to 15 to 36 weeks in custody after pleading guilty to second-degree assault.

15 weeks? Wow. That's a quick lesson in how to rape someone, and pretty much get away with it.

Seriously, even 3 years isn't long enough, the other two sentences are just beyond failures of justice. But, I suppose we can hold out hoping that the forth rapist actually gets punished. He's scheduled to be sentenced next month.

Friday, July 25, 2008


Years ago, there was a rash of missing girls up in Canada. And, there was a seemingly normal young married couple. Then police connected the married couple to the missing girls- and a case overflowing with sheer deviance and inhuman nature was born.

And now, the case that captured the attention of a nation, and quite a few of us down south of there, is available on iTunes.

Karla KARLA gives an unflinching look at the disturbing true story of “the Ken and Barbie killers.” In stunningly acclaimed performances, Laura Prepon (That 70’s Show, Slackers) and Misha Collins (24, NCSI) breathe perverse life into their real life counterparts, Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka.

Winter 1990 - the most notorious serial killers in the history of Canada begin their psychological dance with death and depravity as an entire country is held captive in fear. As the gruesome events unfold, and lovely young girls disappear, the utter lack of remorse from Paul coupled with his quirky charisma paint a delusional world of normalcy for Karla. The couple's horrific killing spree and trial captivates the nation.

**Note, this is an unpaid advertisement.

A list?

A sexual offender spending 90 days in jail provides overwhelming proof that just as a cat can't change it's stripes, a sexual deviant can't be cured with a few months in jail.

Christopher Dwayne Watson has been locked up in the Malheur County Jail for the past 90 days for a sex crime with a minor. Erin Landis with the Malheur County District Attorney’s office tells NewsChannel 7 that sheriff's deputies found a list titled "people to look up," written by Watson.

The list contains the names of various children ages 6 to 17, and also includes the victim in the case he's now serving time for. Police say the list was detailed with information about the children, providing "everything short of an address to look these girls up".

But wait, it gets worse. He's still going to be freed, they aren't going to keep him behind bars they are just planning on 'watching him'. I'm sure that brings peace of mind to all the parents of these children.

Landis says as of Friday morning Watson is done serving his 90 day sentence, and the law can no longer hold him.

"We've done what we feel we can,” Landis said. “We've got him housed at the community Corrections Center. It's our expectation that he will spend the vast majority of his time there. If he does choose to leave that's an option, but we are going to keep an eye on him with the GPS.”

Turns out this sexual predator isn't even from the area to begin with. Rather, he's from Georgia and only came to the area after meeting his first victim online. The community would like to have him sent back to GA to serve out his 3 years of probation. Can't say I really blame them.

And he's still out of jail?

Bonnie over at My Life of Crime sent over this case from CNN a few days ago, and to be honest- I just couldn't figure out how it is that anyone, let alone a judge, could assume that allowing this man who has been convicted to remain free comes anywhere close to actually bring justice to his victims.

For nearly two years, the South Florida middle school art teacher forced the boy to have sex in a classroom supply closet. Sometimes, Aaron Mohanlal would call in sick to work, take the boy to his home for sex and drop the seventh-grader back off at school at the end of the day.

To keep the abuse secret, Mohanlal bought the 13-year-old a cell phone and created nicknames for their genitalia. When police arrested him, the teacher was caught on hidden video trying to destroy letters threatening the boy if he ever told.

He was arrested, he was tried and found guilty. He was even sentenced. But he's out on bail awaiting an appeal of his conviction.

"The idea of that monster being that close to my family again is outrageous," said the boy's father, who is often so overwhelmed with rage and sadness that he drives to a park, leans against a tree and sobs.

"What did we go through a trial for?" he said.

A man who identified himself as Mohanlal hung up on a CNN reporter who called his home in Port St. Lucie, Florida, his address on record with the state's sex offender registry.

Read the bond hearing transcript Read Mohanlal's curfew schedule

Mohanlal's appellate attorney, Tom Odom, refused to comment on the case beyond saying, "Everyone has a right to a first appeal."

Gold gave Mohanlal the right to live, work, travel and attend church in South Florida, according to numerous interviews and documents CNN has obtained. The judge ordered Mohanlal to wear a GPS device, register as a sex offender and surrender his passport.Mohanlal was allowed to post the $610,000 bond using his relatives' properties as collateral, the transcript shows.

America's Most Wanted

This week, the following cases will be airing on America's Most Wanted, which can be seen on your local Fox station Saturday nights at 9pm.

Emigdio Preciado: Cops say Emigdio Preciado, Jr. is responsible for the Sept. 2000 shooting of L.A. County Sheriff's Deputy Michael Schaap. Preciado has remained on the loose, but he's found a home on an infamous list -- the FBI's Ten Most Wanted.

Jason Derek Brown: As one of the FBI's Ten Most Wanted fugitives and a member of John Walsh's Dirty Dozen, Jason Derek Brown is topping the charts as one of the country's most elusive bad boys. The former toy salesman, from Salt Lake City, Utah, is wanted for robbing and killing an armored car driver outside a Phoenix, Ariz. movie theater in November 2004. Cops say Brown fled the scene on a bicycle with more than $50,000 in cash.

Robert William Fisher: Cops in Scottsdale, Ariz. say Robert Fisher couldn't be bothered to get a divorce -- so he murdered his entire family and blew up their home to cover his tracks. Now, John Walsh has added him to his Dirty Dozen list, the notorious group of fugitives he wants to see taken off the streets the most.

Glen Stewart Godwin: Fugitive Glen Stewart Godwin became the only man to ever escape from Folsom Prison in 1987, and hasn't been seen since. Now, authorities would like to see this convicted killer move from "most wanted" to "most likely to spend the rest of his life behind bars."

Victor Manuel Gerena: The FBI says it won't give up the fight to find Victor Gerena, a thug who they say is responsible for one of the nation's largest-ever armored car robberies.

Jorge "Pepe" Alberto Lopez-Orozco: Police say Jorge Lopez-Orozco was living two lives simultaneously. When his worlds were about to collide, cops say he eliminated the problem and hit the road.

James "Whitey" Bulger: James "Whitey" Bulger vanished in 1995, but America's Most Wanted is still working with the FBI and law enforcement agents all over the world to track him down.

Alexis Flores: Alexis Flores is accused of a heinous crime: the rape and murder of 5-year-old Iriana DeJesus. The FBI linked Flores to the Philadelphia girl's tragic 2000 killing using DNA evidence, and now, everyone's out to find him. So far, he's earned a spot on the FBI Top Ten list and John Walsh's Dirty Dozen list -- and agents say they'll pursue the accused child predator until he's off the streets.

Pedro Enrique Falcon-Fuentes: As a member of Latino rap group Los Cambollanos, Pedro Falcon-Fuentes' music career was just beginning to take off. But that all changed in September 2007, when cops say Falcon-Fuentes committed a heinous act outside a Detroit nightclub.

Usama Bin Laden: After nearly six years, the search for Usama Bin Laden continues. On July 13, 2007, the U.S. Senate voted 87-1 to approve an amendment to double the reward to $50 million for information leading to his capture or death.

And an update on Bin Laden highlights:

Usama bin Laden: The reward for information that will lead to Usama bin Laden has risen to $50 million. After more than a decade of directing terror around the globe, the search for bin Laden continues. He's the world's most-wanted man, and authorities say there's nothing that they won't do to find him.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Sex Predator VS Credit Card Company

I've already detailed the deviant behaviors of James Colliton, here. But to summarize it, he's a convicted sexual predator who spent only 19 months in jail after fleeing charges that he sexually abused two young teenage girls, after 'buying' them from their mother. Oh, and he was a high profile hot shot lawyer at the time too. After the charges were filed against him, he ran off to Canada. Not being the smartest guy- he used his credit cards to check into a nice hotel. He has a defense for this ""You're not a fugitive if you sign into a major chain hotel using your driver's license and your American Express card," he says." See.. I told you he wasn't the smartest thing.

Anyway, AE gave police information that he'd used his credit card in Canada, and that lead to his capture, and conviction.

Now, this sexual deviant is suing American Express, claiming that when they provided information to the police, they breached some rules.

A disgraced lawyer has sued American Express for $4 million for telling cops where he was hiding while on the run from charges that he had sex with two underage sisters.

James Colliton, once a $500,000-a-year tax lawyer at Cravath, Swaine & Moore, contends the credit card company breached its rules by telling authorities that he had used the card in February 2006 to pay for gas in Ontario, Canada.

"Is that why you pay fees to American Express - so they can spy on you?" Colliton said. "They're willing to sell you out."

Spy on you? I love how he makes it sound so morally wrong that they provided information to the police which lead to the capture of a sexual predator. I mean, I don't know about you- but I certainly don't like entertaining the idea that my credit card company (or any other company I do business with) would help a sexual predator by not turning information over to the police.
In his suit, filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, Colliton says Canadian authorities would never have "falsely arrested" or "unlawfully detained" him on immigration charges if American Express hadn't revealed when and where he had used his credit card.

"That's not why I gave them 20 years of fees and thousands of dollars in profits," he said. "They spied on me."

Colliton, 44, has sued Cravath, Swaine & Moore in federal court, claiming the firm owes him $950,000 in salary, bonuses and vacation pay. The registered sex offender also sued Manhattan District Attorney Robert Morgenthau and two assistant prosecutors.

"When people stop violating my rights, that's when I will stop filing lawsuits," he said.

When people stop violating HIS rights. Huh... amazing that HE thinks people shouldn't violate his rights (which I don't believe anyone is) but at the same time he's all for violating the rights, and in violating the bodies of two innocent sisters.

Read full story..

Thursday, July 17, 2008

This Week On America's Most Wanted

The following cases will air this Saturday on America's Most Wanted. You can catch it at 9pm on your local Fox station.

Jelmo Kirkland: Caught on Tape: Jelmo "Skeebo" Kirkland was taken into custody on Monday evening after a viewer tipped the police to his whereabouts. Kirkland was wanted for one of the most brazen murders ever caught on tape in the Miami area.

Happy Pham: Cops in Houston, Texas have been searching for 23-year-old Happy Tran Pham for almost two years. They say Pham was "unhappy" because the girl he was dating went back with her old boyfriend. Houston detectives believe Pham's jealousy led to the murder of 29-year-old Pierre Mai, and they have surveillance video of the crime.

Anibal Mustelier: Federal agents haven't given up searching for a fugitive who disappeared from south Florida in the late 1990's. Police say Anibal Mustelier is wanted for various charges including, plotting a man's murder and coordinating a bank heist that netted millions of dollars worth of jewelry. Investigators believe it's only a matter of time before they catch up with the man called the "ghost".

James Huden: Police tell AMW that Russ Douglas' marriage was on the rocks, but despite the turmoil between him and his wife, Brenna Douglas, he joined his family for Christmas in 2003 at their home on Whidbey Island, Wash. But one day later, cops say Russ Douglas was killed in a remote part of the island after being contacted by one of Brenna's friends. Now, authorities are looking for the suspected gunman and husband of that friend, James Huden.

Juan Cruz-Hernandez: To the outside observer, 33-year-old Juan Cruz Hernandez seemed like the consummate family man. The Salt Lake City, Utah man worked long hours as a truck driver, doted on his children and hosted neighborhood block parties. But beneath his gregarious personality he hid a sick secret: cops say he showered one of his 11-year-old neighbors with gifts and compliments for years before sexually abusing her.

Reyna Navar: When Maria Exberger broke off her short relationship with Miguel Gonzalez, nothing could have prepared her for the harrowing life and death situations that would soon follow. Cops tell AMW that Gonzalez and his partner-in-crime, Reyna Navar, not only kidnapped Maria, they shot her in the face, and left her for dead in a San Bernardino, Calif. alleyway.

Don Fritzsche: When 33-year-old registered sex offender Don Leo Cox Fritzsche got out of jail, he was given a chance to start over. Shoshone County, Idaho authorities say that after his release, he got married and moved in with his wife's family, then molested her 10-year-old daughter.

Carl Eder: El Cajon, Calif. resident Thomas Pendergast was driving on the San Diego Freeway in the fall of 1958 when cops say he noticed a hitchhiker on the side of the road. Thomas offered the 16-year-old a ride and later decided to invite the homeless teen home. El Cajon cops say that six weeks later, hitchhiker -- Carl Alfred Eder -- was arrested for murdering Thomas' wife and four children.

Jean Marie Jean Francois: On the outside, cops say Jean-Marie Jean-Francois may have seemed like a friendly, church-going family man. But police say nothing could mask his obsession with voodoo, seduction and pain -- which cops say eventually spiraled into a deadly mess.

Renee Kyles: Michigan authorities are searching for Renee Kyles, who cops say disappeared off the streets of Kalamazoo, Mich. Authorities say the grandmother vanished without a trace, and they're hoping someone can point them in the right direction to bring her home.

Jabalee Double Homicide: Ron and Christine Jabalee were savagely murdered in their own home on October 7, 2006, and their children are desperate for clues that will reveal why someone killed their beloved parents. Now, the local Crimestoppers organization is offering a $160,000 reward to shake loose the facts of the tragic crime.

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Really Condi??

16-year-old Elizabeth Pena and 15-year-old Jennifer Ertman did not deserve to die in 1993. At around 11:15 on June 24 the two girls, who had been best friends in school, left another friends home and headed back to their homes. Because the city curfew was at 11:30, and they wanted to make it home as quickly as possible, they took a shortcut. The path they followed went down railroad tracks and through a neighborhood park close to Elizabeth's home, but neither of the girls ever made it home.

Four days after the girls disappeared, a person identifying himself as 'Gonzalez' called the Crimestoppers Tips number. He told the call taker that the missing girls' bodies could be found near T.C. Jester Park at White Oak bayou. The police were sent to the scene and searched the park without finding anything. The police helicopter was flying over the park and this apparently prompted Mr. 'Gonzalez' to make a 911 call, directing the search to move to the other side of the bayou. When the police followed this suggestion, they found the badly decaying bodies of Jenny and Elizabeth.

The following is a description of what these two young teenagers suffered through prior to their deaths, and while sexual assaults are often presented here, I must tell you that the quoted information is both graphic and disturbing- but I'm quoting it because it is needed to point out the complete inhumanity by the individuals involved, and the extremely heinous and disturbing nature of their actions.

For the next hour or so, these beautiful, innocent young girls were subjected to the most brutal gang rapes that most of the investigating officers had ever encountered. The confessions of the gang members that were used at trial indicated that there was never less than 2 men on each of the girls at any one time and that the girls were repeatedly raped orally, anally and vaginally for the entire hour. One of the gang members later said during the brag session that by the time he got to one of the girls, "she was loose and sloppy." One of the boys boasted of having 'virgin blood' on him.


When the rapes finally ended, the horror was not over. The gang members took Jenny and Elizabeth from the clearing into a wooded area, leaving the juvenile behind, saying he was "too little to watch". Jenny was strangled with the belt of Sean O'Brien, with two murderers pulling, one on each side, until the belt broke. Part of the belt was left at the murder scene, the rest was found in O'Brien's home. After the belt broke, the killers used her own shoelaces to finish their job. Medellin later complained that "the bitch wouldn't die" and that it would have been "easier with a gun". Elizabeth was also strangled with her shoelaces, after crying and begging the gang members not to kill them; bargaining, offering to give them her phone number so they could get together again.

The website quoted from has done an excellent job presenting the story of these two stolen girls, and highlighting the ongoing fight to ensure that these girls and their families receive the justice. You must read the entire thing.

The reason I've mentioned all of this is because, one of the men convicted in this brutal, extremely horrifying case is set to face his maker, via the death penalty from the state of Texas.

Unless the White House gets their say in it.

You see, José Ernesto Medellín, one of the men convicted for these crimes is a Mexican National. And though old Mexico doesn't have a problem with sending their deviants here, they do have a problem with us punishing them for their crimes.

Mexico had appealed to the World Court to block the executions. At hastily convened hearings last month, Mexico argued that the United States is defying a 2004 International Court of Justice order to review the cases of 51 Mexicans sentenced to death by state courts.

That order was based on the Hague-based court's finding that the condemned prisoners had been denied the right to help from their consulate following their arrest.

And now, because Mexico has more regard for the life of a cold blooded killer and rapist than the victims that they attacked and murdered, OUR White House is playing kiss ass to them, and asking Texas to back down.

Earlier, President Bush issued a directive to the state courts to abide by the decision and also asked Texas specifically to review Medellin's case ahead of his planned Aug. 5 execution.

Those steps were "highly unusual," Bellinger said. "It almost never happens that the federal government enters an appearance in state court proceedings."

However, Texas refused, and in March the U.S. Supreme Court ruled by a 6-3 vote that Bush lacked the authority to compel state courts to comply with the judgment from The Hague.

Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and Attorney General Michael Mukasey have jointly written to Texas Gov. Rick Perry, urging him to review Medellin's case, Bellinger said.

I keep rereading that, and I keep thinking to myself "Just what the fuck?!?!?". I mean, who does Condi look out for? I had thought she was a representative of the people of the United States of America... just when did she start putting the interests of Mexico before those of the US?

I know, this is all about politics, because when it comes down to it- everything is about politics. But, I'm compelled to believe this is a time when we owe it to the victims, to their memories and to their families to demand that those we helped place in office remember what nation they serve, and whose people they are accountable to. You can call the White House at 202-456-1414, and ensure then that we are watching, and we are wanting justice.

It almost sounds like the start of a bad joke...

Once there were three men, a Catholic School principal, his friend, and a man they met online....

See, it really could be a joke, except that once you read the entire story- it's not so funny.

Greenburgh Police in Westchester County discovered three naked men having sex in the back yard of an abandoned home on Sunday night.

Police say Francesco Autera of Thornwood and Gabriel De Jesus of Ossining have been charged with public lewdness, trespassing and disorderly conduct.

Man number three was able to evade capture, leaving police searching for him.

Backyard of an abandoned home... do they not have hotels around there?

I'm not even justifying this one with an answer

I know I haven't posted screen captures lately, and I'm not really posting one now- as I don't have the means at this moment to grab an actual screen shot, but I am going to post the info from the page (copy and paste is sometimes a good friend).

Referring Link not put pictures of children on ebay%3F
Host Name
IP Address [Label IP Address]
Country United States
Region Florida
City Leesburg
ISP Embarq Corporation
Returning Visits 0
Visit Length 0 seconds
Browser MSIE 7.0
Operating System Windows XP
Resolution 800x600
Javascript Enabled

Seriously, 'why not put pictures of children on ebay' I'm not even answering that.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Treatment won't work?

OMMFG. I do believe that for one the very few times ever- a a psychologist and member of the state's Sexual Offender Assessment Board actually might have looked at a pervert, and saw them for just what they really are. Untreatable, and a danger to society for as long as they live.

He testified that Kauffman exhibited a longtime pattern of seeking adolescents for sexual interaction - a disorder for which "no successful treatment" exists. He said Kauffman formed relationships that involved invitations to his house, where alcohol was served, "for the purpose of sexual victimization."

I wonder how long it will take them to figure out just how many perverts who fit that bill have already been released into society- on the false pretense that this 'sugar pill' they call treatment actually works.

Timothy Brian Kauffman, 40, of Coatesville, pleaded guilty to involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and corruption of minors, stemming from a series of illicit encounters he had with boys ranging in age from 15 to 17 from 1998 through 2006.

Addressing Chester County Court Judge Anthony A. Sarcione, Kauffman apologized to the victims, his family and the community. In attendance were his mother, Dawn Jones, and his sister, Sheree Pealor.

Kauffman described himself as "an open-hearted, kind and caring person" who devoted himself to helping others, beginning at age 14 when he joined a fire company and continuing through his military service in the Persian Gulf war, and his award-filled paramedic work, which included Brandywine Hospital, Uwchlan Ambulance and the Parkesburg Fire Company.

Of course, despite the fact that they have already come out and pretty much admitted that he'll never stop, he's only been sentenced to 10 to 20 years, making him anywhere between 50 and 60 when he gets out.

Dwayne Dale Billings

Dwayne Dale Billings has had his trial for raping a 9 year old autistic girl postponed until he reaches a point where the system can determine that he is competent to stand trial.

The Odessa American reports a judge today ordered Dwayne Dale Billings, a registered sex offender, to stay at least 120 days in the North Texas State Hospital in Vernon.

The judge's ruling was based on the opinions of two experts who evaluated Billings.

Defense psychologist John Howlett and another expert for the prosecution Perry Marchioni reached agreement on Billings' mental incompetence.

I suppose we should just be happy that at least he'll be locked up- even if it's not exactly in a jail cell.

But what gets me the most is this comment:

Defense attorney David Zavoda said he didn't know if Billings' time in Vernon would help because he said Billings had a long history of mental health issues.

Sure, agree to send him somewhere for 'treatment' when even his defense lawyer admits it's not likely to help him.

63 Year Old VS Would be Rapist

A 5-foot-10, dark skinned man with an afro lost in a fight with a 63 year old woman.

He attacked the woman about noon Sunday at a house near Southwest 28th Street and 84th Avenue. After a ''brief struggle,'' she fought him off, and the attacker took off running, Miami-Dade police said in a press release.


John Price rapes a 2 year old

Thankfully, the court has decided to try John Price as an adult, after he was charged with beating and raping a two year old girl.

Price, of 192 Bourdon Blvd., was babysitting his girlfriend’s 2-year-old girl when he allegedly beat, bit and raped the child on June 29, according to police. The mother, 24 years old, was visiting a friend elsewhere in the Bourdon Boulevard Family Housing Development at the time.
Police say Price was also babysitting another of his girlfriend’s children, an infant, at the same time, but that child was not injured.

24 and dating a 17 year old is a little well, questionable. But I'll ignore that to just question what the living hell would possess a 17 year old to RAPE a baby.

Please, someone give this deviant a long long stay in the prison system.

This office does not discuss that

It must be easy for the attorney general’s office in Waynesboro to ignore the fact that they have just released a sexual predator convicted of raping a teenager and molesting two young children go free. After all, when they are hit square in the face with the question of why they dropped the attempt to keep him civilly committed beyond his original prison release date- all they had to do was say that they don't discuss those sorts of things with the public. You know, the same public who now has to deal with the fact that after being convicted in 1997 for the first rape, and 1998 for the molestation charges, Jeffrey W. Small will be roaming free once again.

Small, 32, was convicted of raping a 15-year-old girl in 1997 as she lay passed out at a party at his Staunton home, according to court records. While free on bond and awaiting trial on the rape charge, Small molested two young girls, 8 and 6, in January 1998 as he spent the weekend at the home of a Waynesboro woman.

Small was sentenced to eight years in prison on the rape and molestation charges and had an additional 16 months added on after being convicted of trying to intimidate a witness in the rape case, according to court records.

In October, the state filed court papers seeking Small’s civil commitment, a legal maneuver upheld by the United States Supreme Court in 1997 that allows states to keep convicted violent sex offenders committed indefinitely at a state-run facility. Virginia is just one of 17 states that engages in the practice of civil commitments for convicted violent sex offenders. Small’s original release date was Nov. 9.

Why even enact a law that allows these perverts to be civilly committed, if you have no plans on actually using the law? Instead, just goof around for 8 months, making it look like you're looking out for the general public, and then drop everything.

Read full story...

And be sure you don't miss this 'opps, we didn't want to have to explain that!!' remark:

“This office does not discuss the internal decision making process in civil commitment cases. Mr. Small has been placed on a very strict conditional release, and will be closely monitored to ensure that he abides by all the terms and conditions of that conditional release,”

Besides just committing these crimes, Small was also in trouble for trying to intimidate a witness in the rape case, and more than 30 prison infractions during his more than nine years behind bars... geez aren't we glad he'll be out free.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Leonard Miles Gets More Than He Deserved

Leonard Miles was given something that few in his position will get, and what even less actually deserve.

The 17 year old was convicted of raping 3 women, although he was suspected in five different counts. In each instance, he approached female strangers, threatened them by claiming he had a gun and would shoot them, and then proceeded to rape them.

At his sentencing he received 25 years, with a possibility of parole in 17 years. But that wasn't the only thing he received.

Seventeen-year-old serial rapist Leonard Miles exchanged words with his victims at sentencing in Hennepin County District Court on Friday.

He offered them apologies. They offered their sympathy and compassion.

"I want you to get help for whatever reason brought you to do this," one woman said in her statement to the court.

Friday, July 11, 2008

Explaining the difference...

There are sex offenders who pose a danger to society. And I've openly praised efforts to cast them as far away from the rest of us as possible. But at the same time, I am often teetering on the edge of annoyance over the laws that seem to be sweeping in people who clearly aren't any sort of danger.

Rarely do I get to present my thoughts on the matter in cases that involve women- both coming from opposite ends of the spectrum.

Brenda K. Baillargeon is 40 and a former teacher. She is in trouble for having multiple sexual encounters with a 16 year old boy. Her refusal to follow judges orders to remain away from the victim has lead to her being banished from the city in which they both lived. Completely justified.

A judge ordered Brenda K. Baillargeon, 40, out of Amery for the next 15 years after she repeatedly violated court orders to stay away from the now 17-year-old boy.

Polk County District Attorney Daniel Steffen said the sentence was appropriate given that Baillargeon had contacted the teen at his home, work and elsewhere in the village of about 2,800.

Predator, who despite telling the court she was "trying to be remorseful" by apologizing to the victims family when she sees them in public.

Baillargeon had sex with the teen at his home, his grandfather's cabin, on a bench at a nearby park and at her cabin near Amery over the course of seven months, Steffen said. She also took the boy on trips and sneaked into his home in the early morning hours for sex, court records said.

Remorseful.. I'd say only because she was caught. This woman still stalks her victim, making no effort to let the child go on with his life, or allow his parents a moment of peace of mind.

That is someone we want on the list.

Not so with the case of Wendy Whitaker. She's on the Atlanta sex offender list because when she was 17, she had oral sex with a 15 year old boy. Since then, the now 28 year old has married, bought a house and followed every requirement of Georgia's registration laws. This is merely a case of Romeo and Juliet, only this time around Juliet was a few years older than Romeo.

Folks, teenagers are going to have sex. Unless you plan on locking them all in their rooms until they hit that magic number 18- it's just going to be something that they engage in. Punishing someone because their object of affection was 2 years younger- is just senseless. Perhaps Whitaker didn't use the best judgment during the heat of passion, but then she was barely mature enough to to begin with. Continuing to act as if she is the next Joseph Duncan or John Couey is not only pointless and tragic- but it's a waste of tax payer funds, and a cloud of smoke that fogs up the attention that should be saved for the real predators.

Sadly, Atlanta doesn't feel this way, and they now are forcing her to move yet again, only this time it's from the home that she's lived in with her husband for years. Because, despite the overturning of the Georgia law which would have made offenders to leave homes they live in- she's stuck in a anti loophole. Her name wasn't on the deed until a year after the deadline. Despite law saying that marital property is shared, the fact that she lived in the home with her husband whose name HAS been on the deed since January 2006- just months prior to the cut off.

S.B. 1 maintains the residency restrictions but says they cannot be enforced against offenders who bought homes before July 1, 2006.

This week, Columbia County Sheriff Clay Whittle, after finding Whitaker's name was placed on the deed in 2007, ordered her to move within 48 hours.

Whitaker said Friday she has had ownership rights to the home, even if her name was not on the deed. "We've been married eight years, and everything we have we have together," she said.

Whitaker's lawyers asked Whittle to not enforce the residency restrictions against the woman while the federal suit is pending. The sheriff agreed. The matter is now pending before U.S. District Court Judge Clarence Cooper, who is overseeing the federal case.

But on Thursday, the state Attorney General's Office filed a motion stating that if Whitaker actually has a property interest in the home, she should seek relief from being evicted in the state courts, not the federal court, the motion said.

"Assuming there is actual enforcement of an existing provision of the sex offender statute, [its] to protect the most innocent of victims, Georgia's children," the motion added. "There is indisputable evidence that convicted sex offenders have a propensity to re-offend."

Yes, evidence that sex offenders re offend. But- really, is a 17 year old having sex with her 15 year old boyfriend really what most of us would want defined as a sexual offender? Can we really justify putting "Juliet" on the same list as Couey? Can we really look and honestly say that these kids having consensual sex is as huge of a danger to society as Joseph Duncan?

I don't think so. And, with three young kids of my own that will one day grow into teenagers- I'm rather concerned for the outcome of our own refusal to use common sense before writing laws and punishing children.

Sex offenders don't reoffend

"They" tell us all the time about how sex offenders don't reoffend. About how it is the very laws we've created which cause the problems of sex offenders today. How it's not about protecting the public, but about punishing the offender even more. We've heard them say time and again that the rate of offenders who go out and continue to commit sex crimes is so low- it's barely noticeable. That sex offender treatment programs work so well, it's hardly worth bothering to monitor these predators.

I've heard it, other bloggers have heard it. The news media has heard it... and I'm sure if you want the nightly news, or read your paper, or visit a crime blog- you've seen all the excuses and heard all the 'guilt' that the sex offender supporters what you to feel.

After all, they made a mistake- shouldn't they get another chance?


Because for every time I've had to read about how sex offenders aren't the monsters we all believe they are- every time I've had to listen to some sack of human waste defend his desire to quietly blend back in with normal society... I get to read one of these:

Sex offender charged in girl's hotel death

Police Capt. Robert Colbert says 33-year-old Mathew Caylor of Auburn, Ga., told investigators he killed Melinda Denise Hinson on Tuesday. The girl's body was found by hotel staff in Caylor's room on Thursday.

Sex Offender Flashed Child At Foxwoods, Police Say
A registered sex offender was arrested Thursday night after allegedly exposing himself to a 12-year-old girl at the Foxwoods Resort Casino.

Shelton Hendricks, of 15-1 Grande Street in New London, is scheduled to appear today in Superior Court in New London. He is charged with risk of injury to a minor, public indecency, breach of peace and interfering with police.

Sex Offender Charged With Assaulting Siblings

In 2003, a metro boy told his mother that Tharbar O. Ross had sexually assaulted him. Ross, 29, was the boy's aunt's boyfriend at the time and living in the same home as the siblings. The boy was nine at the time of the alleged assaults.

The case was taken to Child Protective Services, but nothing happened with the case until his sister told police in 2007 that she had also been abused by Ross when she was four or five years old.

Ross is a registered sex offender in Texas from an incident in 2000 and denies these allegations.

Idaho Child Molester Receives National Coverage
"Idaho recently released Bradley Stowell from prison after he served just three years for sexually abusing a child. And get this, Bradley Stowell admits to molesting two dozen boys, yet he served three years," said Bill O'Reilly during Monday's "The O'Reilly Factor" on Fox News.

Ironically, one day after he brought up Stowell on the show, the former camp counselor who sexually abused at least 24 boys is once again behind bars.

After just five weeks of relative freedom, Stowell's parole officer discovered he not only failed at getting a job but somehow he obtained a computer.

Oh, tell me again how sex offenders are harmless... how treatment programs work... how the only thing 'hindering' a sex offender from living a peaceful crime free life is the damn registries we require them to be on.

Let me let you all in on a little secret- most of these offenders were living the 'dream life', blending in with society, walking around without a scarlet letter on their heads- no registry, no criminal history... BEFORE they were out raping women, molesting children and displaying their lack of humanity. That didn't stop them from ruining it all by committing these crimes, just as putting them on a list hasn't prevented them from getting the 'need of reentering society' enough to be less likely to offend. These people were monsters, by their own choices, before we put them on the registry. And with or with out a database of sexual offenders- they will continue to be monsters. The registry just makes it easier to spot them.

Crazy People...

Now and then, I some how find myself in communication with a nut job. You know, someone who clearly should be locked up in a white padded cell- but for some amazing reason isn't.

In three years, I've gotten all sorts of mail. A lot of good ones, a lot of bad ones. And then... well crazy ones. The other day, I got one of those crazy ones. Of course, being the *ever so sweet* person I am, I attempted to provide a response regardless of the fact that the author was clearly living in a 10 story building whose elevator only went two stories up.

Suject: need help in discovery ...

from Roberta Kelly
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:51 AM
subject need help in discovery ...

no matter how i type it and no matter how much i do my best to find, i can't ... his childhood history appears to be disappeared and therefore we can't trace his use in grade school, of the drugs which the companies who wage war create (Ritalin, for example).

I agree that sick animals must be put down. The interesting question is, why did STUDSTILL want to keep the boy alive as a "mysterious study?"

Best, Roberta

To all who love to watch a human put to death --

How much Ritalin did the boy get forced into, at a young age in school? Or, how many drugs did the boy take to stop his "hyperactivity" in GRADE SCHOOL!?

And then the next question to ask the attorney STUDSTILL - why do people like Condi Rice think about BIOWEAPONS, when the Cambodians think that the "Resurrection" syndrome they've just discovered is a life gift.

Condi rushed the UN bioweapons secret police to Cambodia to act as if their discovery of the "Resurrection" occurring was a US top secret discovery.

Hmmm, maybe the QUESTION IS:


Has the US secret police, also been involved in, creating such weapons of mass destruction - CHILD KILLERS, like the poor wretch SCHWAB, whose life may very well have already been lost, in grade school?

It is a question we need to ask since there have been far too many young humans indiscriminately killing and so far, the drug trace is grade school for ADD and ADHD and so on.

Look at every MASS KILLING and other CHILD MURDER. Should a young human be involved ... 9 times out of 10 and I'd bet 10 out of 10 -- were those poor children whose brains were used as experiments beginning in 1974, from all the wonderful CORPORATIONS (many who wrote the WMD papers).

Think about it for just a few minutes.

Okay, at first glance, I thought this was some sort of Nigerian spam mail... but I was completely confused when I couldn't find just how much money they wanted to deposit into my bank account, so I read it a few more times.

That's when the name struck me. SCHWAB. I'd posted about him earlier that day, or the night before. Mark Dean Schwab was executed at the Florida State Prison in Starke for the kidnapping, rape and murder of a little boy.

I couldn't for a moment believe that someone talking about weapons of mass destruction, and the Bush admin was trying to tie that with the execution of a man deserving of death, so I went back and read the email again. Yep... it was still crazy. But I do attempt to reply to all emails, crazy or not.

from Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta Kelly
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 7:38 PM
subject Re: need help in discovery ...

The attempt to claim Schwab was some sort of valuable scientific study case was nothing more than a mere shabby attempt at postponing or preventing his execution. The man himself was nothing specular- just a pedophile who hoped to evade prosecution by killing his victim. I disagree with your suggestion that he was a product of any sort of forced medical treatment... People will simple minds, ruined by overuse of drugs- legal or not- do not normally display the foresight to stalk, befriend, manipulate and plot the kidnapping, rape and murder of someone. This man's sickness was born and breed because he put his sick desires above the value of a child's life. The unwillingness to even attempt to control his actions more than proves that it was his intent- his personal choice, not some sort of side effect from drugs. He meticulously planned, and lied his way into this child's life- the entire time having the end result of the family's trust in mind. He knew what he was doing- but did nothing to stop himself, rather he furthered his relationship with the family, made himself more interesting to the child- and then struck leaving a trail of suffering and pain behind him.

If you for a minute expect even the slightest ounce of concern out of me, over the life of someone as worthless and heinous as Schwab, then I fear you have somehow misread my personal feelings on the matter. In my eyes- he should have been executed long ago.


I'm not sure what sort of response she expected... but clearly I didn't give her what she'd hoped for. As this was her response to me:
Roberta Kelly
to Lilo

I am doing my best, in spite of your inability to actually know the English language and how to spell simple words, to understand what has created your vacuum in time.

Now, I never mean to insult people... but really? I mistyped two words- which is common when I'm multitasking and attempting to reply to something that, seriously was so out of this world it didn't even deserve a response. But I was trying to be nice.

Of course, *her* email to me left me feeling that her insults were a little unjustified. So, I might have gotten a little less sweet in my next email.

rom Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta Kelly
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:02 PM
subject Re: need help in discovery ...

That's alright, because it took me sort of a long time to figure out that your first email wasn't one of those Nigerian spam emails.

The next email from her came with a different subject:
furthermore "Lilo," you actually entertained the "idea" ... Re: need help in discovery ...
from Roberta Kelly
to Lilo Verbrechen
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:16 PM
subject furthermore "Lilo," you actually entertained the "idea" ... Re: need help in discovery ...

I thought you would actually reply with an email to my plea? And better yet, you have even fleetingly, actually entertained the idea I would expect something other than what you sent and who you tragically appear to be/are?

Oh, my, you underestimate the power of evil intention - it has no boundaries, its energy hovers at critical mass as you know.

Be afraid of yourself, be very, very afraid - energy is, what energy creates. Time's vacuum consumes itself as energy does, once it has spun the cycle of dark.

Light and dark dance intermittently and therefore, ask poor Mark Schwabe -- there are more things in heaven and earth than what are dreamt of in your philosophies dear Horatio, er .. I mean Lilo Verbrechen.

With ideas that you cultivate, time is not your friend.

You don't worry me, but you should certainly worry you.

Roberta Kelly

Yes, people I'm evil. I'm not the one defending a repeat child molester who raped and killed his last KNOWN victim... or insulting strangers on the web because they don't feel sorry for the monster... Ouch.

So I responded... because still I'm nice.

Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta, bcc: Stitches

What plea? Your email read like insane babbling... what is it you are looking for? A reason to blame anyone other than the murdering bastard himself? And, really- bringing WMD into the conversation? Have you forgotten to take your medication lately? Did the nice men at the hospital forget to tighten your straight jacket again?

The man hunted an innocent child down like he was an animal- brutally raped him, and then drained every bit of life from that child's body. That was evil. My rejoicing that this monster had his last victim, that he's dead and buried is justified after the pain and suffering he left behind thanks to his own actions.

I would suggest, after three emails from you- that the only 'critical mass' we should be concerned about is the one you have blocking your thought process. Schwab will be burning in hell, as I'm sure you'll realize once you are standing there beside him.

You contacted a crime blogger, one who works daily with victims of people like your beloved child rapist... you're expectations of me granting my sympathy to either him- or smalled minded mentally challenged individuals like yourself is completely out of the question.

Please, next time you decide to email me- take the damn tin foil hat off your head and think before you spew nonsense. It's not that I mind crazy people- I just prefer them to be properly medicated before attempting to have conversations with me.


And then she changed the subject again:
Lilo Lilo pimping is oh so ordinary
Roberta Kelly
to Lilo

stop your virtual whoring, you're boring.

And I may have gotten a little more annoyed at this point:

from Lilo Verbrechen
to Roberta Kelly

and you are off your meds...
Registration Service Provided
By: Willow Sky

Domain name:

Registrant Contact:
Mortgage Galeria

3151 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97232

Administrative Contact:
Willow Sky
D. Lawrence Olstad ()
PO Box 2744
Portland, OR 97208

Technical Contact:
Larry Olstad ()
Fax: 503-249-0846
Mortgage Galeria
3151 NE Sandy Blvd
Portland, OR 97232

Status: Locked

Name Servers:

Creation date: 11 May 2005 17:38:27
Expiration date: 11 May 2009 17:38:00
Version 6.3 4/3/2002

Roberta Kelly


* Website:


Mortgage Galeria is our patron of the arts.

Financial plus economic awareness is a vital tool which we fully disclose to all of our clients at Mortgage Galeria.

How do we become financially independent?

and cartooning. The Marylhurst Museum in Oregon features a room that exhibits drawings of Donald Wilson alongside works of Rodin. Donald's works are collected privately throughout the U.S. and Southeast Asia, and are collected extensively for the public throughout the Pacific Northwest.

Throughout his career, Donald has needed to spread his body of work across a number of galleries. Certain galleries only wanted to exhibit his abstract stone pieces. Other galleries preferred his wood sculptures. Still others would only exhibit his drawings. No one gallery could handle the breadth of his vision.

Atelier 3151 was established to be that gallery.

Ryan and Ian Wilson look forward to exhibiting alongside their father's work. Ian has been apprenticing with his father for the past five years and is beginning his build his own body of work. Ryan is a poet as well as painter and sculptor.

Roberta Kelly is an established sculptor and the mother of Ian and Ryan. She and her husband Larry Olstad own the Mortgage Galeria which houses Atelier 3151. Roberta's work is collected privately throughout the U.S., Canada, Europe, and Southeast Asia, and publicly in the regional Pacific Northwest. She will also be a regular exhibitor at the gallery.

Donald, Roberta, Ian and Ryan continue to share a studio compound in Castle Rock, Washington.

At this point, I think nutty Roberta may have actually found her meds, because she decided to move on...

from Roberta Kelly
to Lilo Verbrechen
date Sun, Jul 6, 2008 at 8:35 PM
subject and you're deleted so i honestly don't even bother

not sorry for you go find another towel

I'm not sure what is scarier- that this woman actually has access to the Internet, or that she's cast her insanity on all of us by actually blogging.

Look, in all honesty- I completely get that some people are not going to agree with me, and I understand that my beliefs are very black and white- leaving little room for the 'gray' that most people come to expect. I'm sorry if my deepest belief is that a man who rapes and murders a child should be executed offends you- but in truth, the fact that *some* people would have this same man pronounced a cause worthy of life offends me.

One thing I do agree with, evil is in this world. Of course- I normally don't see myself as being said evil, but I suppose I'll leave that finial judgment up to a Higher Power. As for now, I'm going to continue on my merry way. And make a plea to all those who ponder the idea of emailing me... if you're going to complain about my typos- feel free to. But remember I may in turn have to complain about your mental instability.