The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Oh, well as long as you had a good excuse...

Carlton Don Anderson has four children- ages 4, 3, 3, and 1- with his wife. Despite one neighbors assurance that Anderson always seems to do a pretty good job of keeping a watchful eye on the little ones, police might be a little skeptical of his parenting abilities.

Turns out that Anderson left the four children alone while he went to pick his wife up from a bar. She refused to go with him, so he decided to spend the next 12 hours drinking. In the meantime, his two three year old twin decided to do a little hopping around on their own, and headed for the highway, I-17 to be exact.

A motorist who almost ran the children over was able to pull over and contact police.

The other two children remained at the apartment, which had broken glass from beer bottles covering the kitchen floor and trash piled up in the corner.

Police arrested Anderson on arrival, and he admitted to leaving the children alone in the past, including a previous incident where the children had wandered along Glendale Avenue and had to be returned by a neighbor who recognized them.

Anderson also stated that he was sick to his stomach and the incident was “stupid,” the court document states.

A few tiny points.

Anderson didn't return until 8 am. How many bars stay open until 8 am? And, lets face it- if he was actually drinking until 8 am- it's likely that he was more sick to his stomach from a hangover than from concern over the fact that the children he left alone were almost killed.

Of course then there is the 'mom' in this case, who isn't being charged because she claims to be unaware that Anderson left the kids alone. I have to wonder- when he walked into the bar to fetch her, and her children were NOT by his side, did she ask him just where the hell they were? And, really, perhaps this is just my over obsessive mothering coming into play here- but Anderson made it home by 8 am, just what time did the mom opt to stroll in? Is this 'out hitting the bars all night long while forgetting that you have four little ones at home' some sort of new wave parenting that someone failed to mention to me? I'm just not getting it. Two adults, old enough to understand how to produce almost half a dozen kids, old enough to spend the night ruining their livers in a bar... but not old enough to show common sense that someone should be watching the kids???

At least Anderson has an excuse for his display of thoughtless parenting- he was mad that his wife wouldn't leave the bar with him. Personally, I think both of them have a little more explaining to do- since it's clear that the children were not living in an environment meant for children.

the apartment, which had broken glass from beer bottles covering the kitchen floor and trash piled up in the corner.

Maybe someone should use a little money from the 'all night binge drinking at the local bars' fund and invest in a few trash bags.