The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Knock Knock....

You're at home minding your own business when suddenly someone knocks on your door. The man standing on the other side, is wearing running shorts, a tank top and no shoes. He asks if there are any kids home in the house, because his uncle is having a party and he's suppose to find some youngsters to invite.

The hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up... you've gotten that nagging feeling that something just isn't right. Could it possibly be that a child predator has become so obsessed in his need to victimize someone, that he's actually begun going door to door looking for victims?

Coweta County officials have charged a suspected child molester they say went door to door in search of young victims. But when Eugene Murphy, 20, knocked on the door of an officer who investigates sex crimes, she made sure authorities knew what he was up to.

Authorities said Murphy had an intense desire to harm children. Murphy was knocking on doors wearing running shorts, a tank top and no shoes, according to officials. An off-duty officer told police she knew something wasn’t right and jumped into action.

The officer, acted on instinct- and likely saved another child from becoming this man's victim by following him, and alerting on duty police officers when she caught him going on to the next door.

“At that time the suspect made statements that were alarming to the deputies about his intent and why he was looking for these children,” said Lt. John Lewis with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Murphy was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to entice a child for indecent purposes. After further investigation, authorities said they found another victim and Murphy was charged with kidnapping and attempted child molestation.

Other news articles on Murphy that have come out after this first report seem to indicate that Murphy had already in some fashion committed crimes, as new charges have been filed against him- although police aren't giving details into why.

Murphy, a resident of a Sharpsburg neighborhood, is now charged with kidnapping and criminal attempt at aggravated child molestation, in addition to his original charge of criminal attempt to entice a child for indecent purposes. The two new criminal charges stem from a separate incident that is still under investigatio