The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, June 19, 2008

America's Most Wanted

This week on America's Most Wanted:

Giovanni Ruanova: Federal agents say Giovanni Ruanova and his stripper girlfriend are in love ... with drugs and money. The couple discovered common ground as alleged co-workers in a drug organization worth millions of dollars. The DEA believes Ruanova is a big-time drug runner, and that his sidekick was along for a wild ride.

Annette Sanchez: Cops say Annette Sanchez was willing to do anything for her drug-running boyfriend -- including lie to the police. When cops found $9,000 in her purse, she said it was money she'd earned by stripping. Detroit cops say they might've even bought her story, if it weren't for the $1.8 million of dirty money hidden in the trunk of her car.

Rodolfo Gonzalez: On Oct. 30, 2005, a group of close friends celebrated Halloween with a party with a special theme: "Crime Scene." But before the night's end, an ironic twist turned the fake crime scene into a real one.

Fred Wanamaker: Police say ex-sailor Frederick Wanamaker molested three brothers and one of their friends over a 12-year period. He befriended the family, then let his sick desires take over, cops say.

Larry Woods: Everyone thought Larry Woods' fate was sealed when he was sentenced to more than a century in jail for shooting his boss. But cops say Woods had different plans: Indiana State Police say that Woods escaped from prison in a garbage truck and hasn't been seen since.

Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez: While only 26 years old, cops say Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez has managed to become the head of a huge meth dealing organization. Tapia-Martinez is accused of transporting more than 30 kilos of meth into North Dakota and Minnesota, and sending the proceeds back to California. As an illegal immigrant, Tapia-Martinez has been deported twice, but cops believe he is back in the country and up to no good. North Dakota Marshals have had enough, and now they are asking AMW viewers to help them nab Tapia-Martinez and his associates.

Rebecca Parrett: U.S. Marshals are searching for a grandmother who is facing 75 years in prison and $2.5 million in fines: Rebecca Parrett was convicted by a jury of her peers for her role in the $3 billion collapse of the company she helped to found. Now, cops say she took advantage of the system and slipped away before an ankle bracelet could be attached to her.

Antonio Caloca Soto: Elsy Molina wasn't your usual truck driver...she was young, beautiful, and had a lust for life. Authorities tell AMW that Elsy was found murdered in her big rig in her own neighborhood in the Rancho Dominguez area of Los Angeles at around 10 pm on October 11, 2007. However, now cops have named a suspect and its someone Elsy knew all too well...her estranged boyfriend, Antonio Caloca Soto.

Corey Gaston: When a 10-year-old girl was plucked from her Detroit home by a stranger, taken to a nearby park and raped, cops quickly identified a suspect: police say Corey Gaston left his cell phone at the scene. U.S. Marshals in Motown tracked him down within days of the assault, but Gaston posted bond when he was charged with the disgusting attack and fled.

Lindsay Harris: Almost exactly three years after Lindsay Harris went missing, authorities have confirmed that remains found in Illinois belong to her. Lindsay moved from upstate New York to Sin City to be with her hip-hop promoter boyfriend in May of 2005. But she kept her new life a secret from her parents. Since she went missing her loved ones never gave up hope and never stopped searching for answers.

Eric Rosenstrom: Eric Rosenstrom likes to write murder mysteries, but police say the fatal shooting of a hotel owner on August 16, 2001 is no whodunit: they believe Rosenstrom is the perp. But with his vast knowledge of law enforcement, cops say he could be tough to catch.

Tobias Howard: Cops throughout Michigan are on the hunt for a man who they say is obsessed with toes, and is wanted for raping a minor. Tobias Franklin Howard has been evading the law since a warrant was issued for his arrest in June 2007. They say this guy has a ton of quirks, and anyone who knows him should be able to pinpoint his whereabouts in a heartbeat.

Unknown Chelsea Rohn and Matthew Brumbaugh Killer: A teenage bride and her roommate were found dead just after midnight on April 24, 2007. No one in the area heard a thing, including the two deadly shots. Now, Clay County detectives are working hard to break the silence and solve this mysterious double homicide.

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