The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, June 27, 2008

America's Most Wanted This Week

Unknown Randi Gorenberg Murder: Detectives continue to try to unravel the murder mystery of a well-liked Boca Raton resident, Randi Gorenberg. Is her murder connected to two other similar crimes in the same town, or was she targeted for another reason?

Unknown Nancy and Joey Bochicchio Killer: Authorities have released new surveillance video of a "suspicious" person of interest in the South Florida mall murders. In March, AMW released the latest sketch of the suspect in the killing of Nancy Bochicchio and her 7-year-old daughter Joey -- and the person of interest in the new video bears a striking resemblance to the sketch.

Michael Chavez: Police say Michael Chavez, 26, was living a horrible secret life. Newly married, cops say Chavez was sexually abusing his wife's two young daughters. Now, the Sacramento Sheriff's detectives have launched a manhunt for this pedophile father who may be working as a tattoo artist.

Elliott Stamps: Federal authorities say Elliott Stamps kidnapped a 55-year-old woman from her home, bludgeoned her with a hammer, and stole her ATM card to finance his crack habit. Now, the U.S. Marshals are taking the manhunt national, and they say Stamps is one of the most violent fugitives they've ever gone after.

Sidney Campbell: Law enforcement tells AMW that Sidney Campbell has escaped from courthouses, run from the cops in the Lone Star state, and evaded authorities in Alabama. Now, this sexual assault suspect is blowing in the wind, and police need your help pinpointing one of the most wanted men in Texas.

Faarah Iiman: Cops tell AMW that an argument over a missing PlayStation 2 left one man with a gunshot wound, and Faarah Iiman on the run.

Samuel Israel: Samuel Israel was convicted of stealing $300 million from the hedge fund he ran, but rather than showing up to prison to start his sentence, authorities say he faked his own suicide to throw cops off his trail. Now, the feds are hot on the trail of this Wall Street scam artist, and they need your help to track him down.

Shane Lennon: Cops in Portland, Ore. tell AMW that for weeks, an unknown male was terrorizing and robbing local businesses with a seven-inch hunting knife. That is, until a hooded sweatshirt the robber wore during one of his heists helped police ultimately identify him as Shane Matthew Lennon. Lennon skipped town before a hearing, and the search is on for the 23-year-old fugitive.

Jared Salazar: One of the worst things a parent can go through is losing a child, but the LAPD says the events that unfolded at the Salazar house were far more tragic. Detectives believe that 5-month-old Jared "J.J." Salazar Jr. underwent months of abuse at the hands of his very own father, Jared Salazar, before dying.

Shawn Clarke: Philadelphia police say that Shawn Clarke was one of a group of Jamaican men who conspired to kidnap and hold a business owner for ransom. Once Clarke and his cohorts had kidnapped the man, they allegedly demanded $600,000 from one of his relatives in exchange for his safe release.

Lamont Cooke: Police in Maryland and the FBI have teamed up to look for Lamont Cooke, wanted for his alleged involvement in a murder over a drug exchange gone bad. Cops say Cooke and an accomplice shot and killed a man who accidentally received a package of drugs that had been sent to the wrong house.

Tanya Brown: When we brought you the story of Tanya Diane Brown and the children that cops say she abducted, it was only a matter of time before someone noticed Tanya and her five kids. When an AMW tipster spotted her, she had a new common law husband, a new child, and a new baby on the way. Our cameras were there to capture her arrest in Feb. 2008.