The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, June 28, 2008

No Jail Time?!?

Before Aaron Nichols could even get a drivers license, he'd already molested enough children to convince most people that he was a danger to society. Most people, but not all people. Not his father, who he'd confessed to and who had instructed him to 'remain quiet', not the original prosecutor that waited until the last minute to admit that his dealings with Nichols father (the county coroner) and Nichols uncle (a county councilman) had conflicts of interest in handling the case, not even the first judge who also ended up recusing himself because of dealings with the same two men. And, amazingly after years of waiting for this to go to court- it seems that Nichols, charged with molesting an 11 year old boy in 2002 and an 8 year old boy in 2003, still hasn't had enough victims to convince the current prosecutor that he's a clear danger to society and needs to be locked up.

Instead, the prosecutors office has worked up a plea deal with the defense that seems to do nothing to bring justice to these victims, while at the same time teaching Nichols a lesson that it's all about who you know.

SOURCE--- Prosecutor Stephanie Smith said even though the victims’ families did not agree with the plea, she went ahead and filed it to save the child victims from going to trial.

The parents of the children have clearly stated that their children are ready and willing to testify, that they want to testify in order to ensure that this pervert is put away... according to unnamed sources, it's alleged that Smith actually had a disagreement with one of the families involved claiming other reasons for the plea deal, but then spinning this 'save the children' tale for the press. Honestly, given the overwhelming evidence of the case, and the willingness of the victims to testify- there is no reason for a plea deal other than to reward Nichols for being born into a well known family.

After all, just how do you explain a plea agreement that will let Nichols walk away without having to serve even a day in jail? That's right, multiple victims (there are more than just the two involved in the charges) and he gets no jail time, 8 years probation and only 10 years on the registry. Might as well start a donation program for his future victims, because I can promise you that this serial child molester will not be deterred from repeating this crime when the worst punishment given is a slap on the wrist.

The Tipton County charges allege Nichols fondled a boy who was 7 or 8 between April 1, 2003, to Nov. 30, 2003. The two Hamilton County charges allege he fondled or touched an 11-year-old boy on two occasion between May 1, 2002, and May 31, 2002.

The plea, if granted by Proffitt, would have Nichols serve six years all suspended with four years of probation on all three charges with the Tipton County and Hamilton County offenses to run consecutive for a total of eight years probation and no jail time. Nichols also would be required to register as a sex offender for 10 years.

Proffitt will make her decision on the plea at an Aug. 13 hearing.

Nichols declined comment after the hearing.

The following is from comments posted at another forum (link), and include quotes from transc from the court.

CAUSE NO. 29C01-0704-JD-652 AND 80C01-0704-008
Transcript of Proceedings, taken in the initial & waiver hearing held in the above captioned causes on the 4th day of September 2007, before the Honorable Judith S. Proffitt, Judge and Special Judge of said Courts.

More comments can be found at the foot of this article, which was linked in my original post. One of them I feel is worth quoting:
The message that THIS proscecutor's office is sending, is the wrong one. If she(they) think that by giving this monster probation and registry, will encourage other molesters to turn themselves in...she is DEAD WRONG!

Promote your own agenda somewhere else, Prosecutor!

Judge Proffitt, please do not allow this plea! Please stand for the children. DO NOT allow them to be re-victimized.

The commentor is correct, we need to send a message to the prosecutor in this case, and to the judge- we can not sit back and do nothing while the fate of the victims is left in the hands of a prosecutor who clearly has walked away from her obligation to seek justice for the victims of this sexual deviant.

Please, take a moment to put pen to paper, or to pick up your phone and let the judge in this case, and the prosecutor know that this sort of plea deal does more harm than good= and that we as a society expect more from those we put in positions meant to bring justice to victims. It might not be your child this time, but with Nichols out walking around free- it could certainly be your child next time.

Judith S. Proffitt Judge
One Hamilton County Square #337
Noblesville, IN 46060 317-776-9635Phone:
Administrator: 317-776-8589

Prosecutor's Office:
Hamilton County Deputy Prosecutor Stephanie Smith
Phone: 317-776-8595,
Fax: 317-776-8469
Address: One Hamilton County Square Suite 134 Noblesville, IN 46060-2230

(Previous post on the case)

Ohioians, the busy folks...

It started with me just reading one article about a woman in Ohio who works at a 'sex shop', which I can only assume is an adult related store. Anyway, it seems that the woman, who is a mother of some odd number of children has decided to sue the state of Ohio because she doesn't like Ohio's new sex offender laws. How they actually effect her is confusing, at least to me, but the article says she fears she'll be arrested for pandering obscenity because of her job as manager of the sex shop. And, evidently if she does get arrested- she faces the prospect of being labeled a sex offender which then in turn would "mean her daughters could no longer go to Catholic school because the school conducts background checks." Honestly- I think she's putting a lot of pressure on the 'what if' aspect of this all. It's not like working in a sex shop really makes her all that great of a Catholic to begin with, but that's just my two cents.

After that interesting little article, I noticed another one linked on the page. The headline was enough to get my attention rather quickly.

Repeat Ohio sex offender charged again

A repeat sex offender whose crimes led to tougher Ohio penalties for exposing charges has been arrested again.

Police say Michael Hamblin was arrested Thursday in Oxford, six weeks after his release from prison. He is charged with three counts of child enticement.
 Seems Hamblin was caught attempting to lure two young girls into a wooded area. His previous convictions resulted from him exposing himself to a little child in a store.

So, first woman doesn't like tougher laws because of 'what if's' that she's likely to not ever even encounter- and Hamblin is one of the poster boys for tougher laws. I'm sorry- but if it comes to picking between some sex shop workers children going to Catholic school, and stopping another child from being preyed upon by people like Hamblin.... I'm always going to pick stopping these monsters.


I sometimes wonder if certain men have some sort of animal DNA breed into them. The type of DNA or whatever it is that makes animals ritually preform certain actions. Like lions, when a male lion takes over a pride it'll often kill the offspring of the previous male, before mating with the female lions and creating cubs of it's own. I only wonder this, because it seems like there are an overwhelming number of men out there that end up killing the children of their girlfriends, not all of them do- but on a case by case comparison between girlfriends killing their boyfriends offspring and boyfriends doing it, it just seems that it's a lot more common amoung men. NOT THAT ALL OF THEM DO THIS... there are some great boyfriends/stepfathers out there that actually take care of kids as if they are their own... but then we have cases like Christopher Thunborg and Kashon Scott.

Thunborg was babysitting his girlfriend's 11 month of baby in March when police say he caused " internal injuries that appeared to be caused by blunt force trauma to the abdomen," resulting in the child's death. He of course gives a story of his own:

Thunborg told police the injuries were caused when he tripped and fell while holding the baby.
    A five-day trial by jury will begin Dec. 8. Thunborg faces a third-degree felony charge of obstructing justice as well as second-degree felony child abuse homicide.

 Scott decided to beat his girlfriends 3 year old son while he was staying at her home, and again we end up with a death that resulted from ' blunt force trauma to the abdomen'. He could have faced the death penalty, but prosecutors have decided not to seek it in this case, instead he's looking at life in prison plus 30 years if convicted.

I have to wonder, is having a man in your life really so much more important than the life of your children? Because frankly, I have a hard time believing that these two scum bags could have been so wonderful in front of these mothers that neither of them seen any sign that perhaps these men weren't the type to be around kids.

A perfect get a away

Donald Edward Lynch might like to travel a bit, but thanks to a judge with a backbone and some proper ethics- the only trips Lynch will be taking for the remander of his life are the ones from his jail cell to the jail house cafeteria.

"I know you're not gonna probably live that long Mr. Lynch, but it is my intent that you never be outside the walls of the Tennessee Department of Correction at any time ever for the rest of your life," retired senior judge Jerry Scott informed Lynch at the conclusion of Friday's sentencing hearing.
Lynch was convicted earlier this month of two counts each of especially aggravated sexual exploitation of a minor and aggravated sexual battery, and six counts of rape of a child. For his crimes, Scott ordered Lynch to serve 66 years in prison and pay $400,000 in fines.

Credit for this proper sentence has been given to the testimony of counselors who talked about the effects Lynchs' actions have had, and will continue to have on his victims.

Now, if only we could get a few of these 'pay 'em on the wrist and let them go' judges to start taking lessons from Lynch's judge- we might be able to start getting some results. Personally- I'll take a 'lock 'em up' judge over a 'give them a second chance' one any day.

Friday, June 27, 2008

America's Most Wanted This Week

Unknown Randi Gorenberg Murder: Detectives continue to try to unravel the murder mystery of a well-liked Boca Raton resident, Randi Gorenberg. Is her murder connected to two other similar crimes in the same town, or was she targeted for another reason?

Unknown Nancy and Joey Bochicchio Killer: Authorities have released new surveillance video of a "suspicious" person of interest in the South Florida mall murders. In March, AMW released the latest sketch of the suspect in the killing of Nancy Bochicchio and her 7-year-old daughter Joey -- and the person of interest in the new video bears a striking resemblance to the sketch.

Michael Chavez: Police say Michael Chavez, 26, was living a horrible secret life. Newly married, cops say Chavez was sexually abusing his wife's two young daughters. Now, the Sacramento Sheriff's detectives have launched a manhunt for this pedophile father who may be working as a tattoo artist.

Elliott Stamps: Federal authorities say Elliott Stamps kidnapped a 55-year-old woman from her home, bludgeoned her with a hammer, and stole her ATM card to finance his crack habit. Now, the U.S. Marshals are taking the manhunt national, and they say Stamps is one of the most violent fugitives they've ever gone after.

Sidney Campbell: Law enforcement tells AMW that Sidney Campbell has escaped from courthouses, run from the cops in the Lone Star state, and evaded authorities in Alabama. Now, this sexual assault suspect is blowing in the wind, and police need your help pinpointing one of the most wanted men in Texas.

Faarah Iiman: Cops tell AMW that an argument over a missing PlayStation 2 left one man with a gunshot wound, and Faarah Iiman on the run.

Samuel Israel: Samuel Israel was convicted of stealing $300 million from the hedge fund he ran, but rather than showing up to prison to start his sentence, authorities say he faked his own suicide to throw cops off his trail. Now, the feds are hot on the trail of this Wall Street scam artist, and they need your help to track him down.

Shane Lennon: Cops in Portland, Ore. tell AMW that for weeks, an unknown male was terrorizing and robbing local businesses with a seven-inch hunting knife. That is, until a hooded sweatshirt the robber wore during one of his heists helped police ultimately identify him as Shane Matthew Lennon. Lennon skipped town before a hearing, and the search is on for the 23-year-old fugitive.

Jared Salazar: One of the worst things a parent can go through is losing a child, but the LAPD says the events that unfolded at the Salazar house were far more tragic. Detectives believe that 5-month-old Jared "J.J." Salazar Jr. underwent months of abuse at the hands of his very own father, Jared Salazar, before dying.

Shawn Clarke: Philadelphia police say that Shawn Clarke was one of a group of Jamaican men who conspired to kidnap and hold a business owner for ransom. Once Clarke and his cohorts had kidnapped the man, they allegedly demanded $600,000 from one of his relatives in exchange for his safe release.

Lamont Cooke: Police in Maryland and the FBI have teamed up to look for Lamont Cooke, wanted for his alleged involvement in a murder over a drug exchange gone bad. Cops say Cooke and an accomplice shot and killed a man who accidentally received a package of drugs that had been sent to the wrong house.

Tanya Brown: When we brought you the story of Tanya Diane Brown and the children that cops say she abducted, it was only a matter of time before someone noticed Tanya and her five kids. When an AMW tipster spotted her, she had a new common law husband, a new child, and a new baby on the way. Our cameras were there to capture her arrest in Feb. 2008.

Thursday, June 26, 2008

Teen has baby, helps it drown in toilet

A 14 year old girl has been charged in the death of her newborn baby after giving birth in a school bathroom and allowing the child to drown in a toilet.

But this doesn't seem to just be a case of the teenager giving birth and walking away, leaving the baby to die- especially given the condition of the infant.

Investigators said the 5-pound, 6-ounce boy died April 2 in a restroom at Cedar Bayou Junior School, located at 2600 Elvinta. The baby had toilet paper stuffed in his throat, and suffered blunt trauma to his head and neck, according to an autopsy

Officials said the baby boy was alive and was drowned in the toilet. The medical examiner said the newborn died of water submersion and internal airway obstruction

Frederick McKaney

I've heard of some odd things, but I have to admit that Frederick McKaney's recent assaults on his mother and another woman might just be the strangest thing I've read in a few days.

It seems that during a disagreement, McKaney decided to stab his mother, with a fork. Apparently she had refused to give him money, thus earning his rath and a stab to the back of the neck with the fork. About an hour later, he had a even stranger method of assault, when he attacked a neighbor with a frozen chicken.

Read all...

Girl Gone Missing...

Brooke Bennett had told her uncle that she was suppose to meet a friend to go visit someone sick in the hospital. But, after Brooke failed to return home, her family's questions about the meeting seemed to lead them no where. Now, it is believed that the 12 year old made the story up in order to meet up with a man she meet on the internet and police are searching for any information that may lead to finding her.

Surveillance camera footage from the Cumberland Farms store showed Brooke being dropped off by her uncle and cousin, who drove off, according to Covell.
The footage showed Brooke walking away from the store by herself, he said. That was the last time she was seen.
A family member searching for her Thursday in Brookfield — near her uncle's home, where she spent the night — found items belonging to her near Route 65 that were similar to what she had been wearing, prompting an intensive search by police and dogs in the area of the Floating Bridge.
An Amber Alert has been issued for Brooke.

The girl, who just finished seventh grade, is described as 4-foot-11 inches tall, 98 pounds, wearing blue jeans, a pink sweater and white sneakers with pink lettering. Police won't say what items were found by the relative.
Anyone with information about Brooke's whereabouts is asked to call the state police at (802) 234-9933.

Father facing 40 years

The little 10 year old girl suffered from cerebral palsy and was blind and partially paralyzed, relying on a wheelchair. Her fathers girlfriend decided to give her a bath in April of 2007, and placed her into a scalding tub of water, which left her with burns so sever she later died but not before suffering for 8 days while neither the girlfriend, LaShawn Brown or the child's father Shawn Lockett Sr attempted to get her any medical attention.

He's looking at 40 years, which sounds about right. The girlfriend however took a deal, and for some strange reason got a much better outlook for her future plans of freedom:

Brown pleaded guilty to third-degree murder last month in exchange for a seven- to 14-year term. She "has at least expressed some responsibility in this girl's death," prosecutor Sean McCormack said Thursday.

At least some responsibility? That's the best they can come up with? Who the living hell puts a child into a scalding tub of water and then calls it an accident- and refuses to take her to medical professionals??? That's no freaking accident. That's a woman who knew just what the hell she was doing, and now will be free in 7 to 14 short years.

Although Lockett had told police he saw his daughter's skin peeling off, he told the jurors that he had not seen peeling skin and that the burn looked like a sunburn. He said that he was working two jobs at the time and that the wounds were bandaged when he saw her.

Prosecutors acknowledged the injury was accidental but said the couple's failure to seek prompt medical attention amounted to murder.

The girl, who used a wheelchair and could not feed herself, "needed these people 100 percent," McCormack said.

If she couldn't feed herself, it's unlikely she could have bathed herself either. So- I really wonder what sort of burns Brown 'accidentally' got while attempting to wash the child.

It seems to me that the person responsible for hurting the child should be held just as accountable as the person who failed to help the child- after all, Brown caused this, and could have taken it upon herself to ensure that the child was given medical attention by a trained professional- but didn't.

Maybe they are right about the death penalty....

Perhaps we've all jumped the gun, and maybe just maybe, the Subprime* Court is right about sentencing rapists to death. After all, there is always the option of sentencing these sexual deviants to long prison terms where they are monitored and unable to continue carrying out heinous crimes.

Or, not.

One thing most of us have learned by now is that regardless of the best attempts by society to restrain these freaks from tainting society with their vile acts, it's impossible to ever 'stop them forever' without the assistance of their death. Even locking them up behind bars and guarding them doesn't really stop them, if it's there intent to persist in their perversions.

Take Enoch Hall, of the Tomoka Correctional Institution in Florida. He's currently serving two life sentences for sexual battery with a weapon and kidnapping convictions from a 1993 case. But being in prison didn't do much to stop him from taking another victim.

An inmate raped and murdered a female corrections officer at a prison in Daytona Beach, Fla., according to police.

Enoch Hall, 39, attacked Officer Donna Fitzgerald, 50, Wednesday night while she was on duty at Tomoka Correctional Institution, the state Department of Corrections reported.

I know, I know- you're telling me that that is just one case- a rare happening. So, to back up my point- let's look at Eugene Watson Bond, he's serving a life sentence for sexually abusing a 6 year old girl. Thankfully he's behind bars and unable to hurt yet another child, right? Not exactly. See I found his name at Trench's new place, Bad Breeders. And that is never a good sign. Turns out that Bond had a wife who came to visit him while he was in prison. And she decided to bring her 8 year old daughter along, where Bond was able to molest her in the visiting room- in plain view of other people who were smart enough to report it. Normally I wouldn't give people such credit for just doing what should be considered a 'must', but it seems that in this case, expecting the MOTHER to report it, or at least not bring the child wouldn't have done any good.
Mrs. Bond admits seeing her husband get sexually aroused when the girl was sitting on his lap during previous visits. So basically she was serving up her daughter to her child molesting husband.

Geez, the longer I think about it- the more I'm stuck wondering just what the hell the Subprime Court expects us to do with these sexual heathens... because it seems that even while locked away from society they are still able to add victims to their criminal histories.

*Subprime Court, think of subprime mortgages- doesn't meet normal standards, less than desirable, something that should be shunned.

Patrick Kennedy

Patrick Kennedy walked into the bedroom of his 8 year old daughter, and raped her so severely that the child required surgery. Richard Davis prostituted a 16 year old girl before getting her pregnant, then sexually abused the child they conceived- before spending nearing a year raping another child who was five at the time.

For their crimes, they faced a trial by their peers in which they were found guilty. They were given the max sentence allowed by the law of the state (Louisiana), the death penalty. Until yesterday, they were sitting rightfully on death row- the only two death row inmates in the United States sentenced to death for the crime of raping a child.

But the Supreme Court of the United States has said their sentences are beyond was is allowable- that child isn't bad enough to make the punishment fitting of the crime. That the death penalty should be saved for crimes that take a life- rather than just damaging the life to the most extreme extent. Oh- wait. Except for treason against the US. They still can kill you for that. Because giving aid and comfort to an enemy of the US is so much worse than raping your own child to the point that serious medical attention is needed.

source. Therefore the United States Code at 18 U.S.C. § 2381 states "whoever, owing allegiance to the United States, levies war against them or adheres to their enemies, giving them aid and comfort within the United States or elsewhere, is guilty of treason and shall suffer death, or shall be imprisoned not less than five years and fined under this title but not less than $10,000; and shall be incapable of holding any office under the United States."

It's not that I don't see treason as a serious crime- I do. But I also feel safe in knowing that our government is so inclined to prevent acts of treason from having any real impact (between 1952 and 2006 there were TWO cases of treason filed by the gov) that it's slim chances that anyone will succeed at bringing down the US. On the other hand, every day some pervert succeeds at destroying the innocence of a child. And it's hard to justify death for one that rarely happens, while refusing the same punishment on one that happens so often.

On the brighter side of things- it looks as if states are willing to fight for the will of the people and challenge the Subreme Court's asinine ruling, with many law makers vowing to continue writing laws that include the death penalty as a sentencing possibility.

Regardless of the intent of the state law makers, it seems that the idiots on the bench have just grown too far out of reach of the common person. Perhaps it's the lack of involvement with those who actually have been subject to the effects of childhood rape.

VIA CNN In his majority opinion, Justice Anthony Kennedy wrote "the death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child," despite the horrendous nature of the crime.

Republican Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal called the ruling "incredibly absurd," "a clear abuse of judicial authority" and said officials will "evaluate ways to amend our statute to maintain death as a penalty for this horrific crime."

I recall talking to a victim at one point who had been so badly abused, who'd just suffered so much pain from the attacks themselves to the emotional strain it put on her years later that she'd just gotten to the point that she really felt she'd have been better off if she'd been killed than repeatedly raped by a family friend. She'd told me that at least in death, she knew she'd be able to finally have a peaceful night of sleep. To not wake up in a sweat with her heart pounding because she'd dreamed it happening all over again. That had she just been killed, she wouldn't find her self having flashbacks of her attacks years later while standing in line at a store. That death would have prevented her from having children, but it would be less painful than knowing that being repeatedly raped at a very young age had caused so much damage that she'd never be able to have kids. That at least if she'd been dead, she wouldn't be around now to know that her rapist is free right now.

When the crime is so horrific to the victims that some actually would have preferred death- -then firmly believe that death is a fitting punishment for those that committed these atrocities.

Oklahoma officials said they, too, weren't ready to give up, and would "certainly look at what options we have," state senator Jay Paul Gumm said. "I think the people of Oklahoma have spoken loudly that this is one of the most heinous of crimes."

Even White House hopefuls joined the fray. Republican John McCain called the ruling "an assault on law enforcement's efforts to punish these heinous felons for the most despicable crime." Democrat Barack Obama said there should be no blanket prohibition of the death penalty for the rape of children if states want to apply it in those cases.

Forty-four states prohibit the death penalty for any kind of rape, and at least four states besides Louisiana permit it for child rape -- Montana, Oklahoma, South Carolina and Texas. There's disagreement over the status of a Georgia law permitting execution for child rape, although Justice Kennedy said in his ruling that it was still in effect.

Following the ruling, all become unconstitutional.

One point that always bothers me is that people blame the child victims- the comment was made more than once in the last day that this saves the children from having to be under the burden of having someones sentence of death in their hands.

I call bullshit on that. The very people making that statement are the very same people who are giving credit to the predators out there that use the 'if you tell, your family will be destroyed and it'll be your fault that I go to jail' line. Do not for a minute put this on victims, the life or death or any punishment that a child rapist is facing has nothing to do with the victim. The rapist has his sentence, regardless of what it is, on his own head. By merely suggesting that the burden is unduly put on the victim, gives false credit to the blame game that to many predators use to silence their victims to begin with. It's about damn time that we knock this use of undue guilt away from the victims, and back to the rapist and child molesters who are truly the ones responsible for their current state of conviction. It's bad enough that the perverts tell the victims that it's their fault, do we really need people backing up that claim by making irresponsible statements?

"Most child sexual abuse victims are abused by a family member or close family friend," the group said in a statement. "The reality is that child victims and their families don't want to be responsible for sending a grandparent, cousin or long time family friend to death row."

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Cruel and Unusual...

Just what constitutes cruel and unusual? I suppose, it depends on who you ask these days.

Promoting a 16-year-old for prostitution in 1996- an example of cruel and unusual, getting that 16 year old pregnant, and then sexually abusing the child when he's four years old- even more 'cruel and unusual'. Moving on to repeatedly rape a five year old girl for nearly a year- let's just say now that this man is in line with the worst of the worst. And for his crimes, Louisiana jurors sentenced him to death in line with a state law that allows them to do so.

But, that's wasn't the end of Richard Davis, formerly of Ohio. No, he appealed the sentence calling IT 'cruel and unusual' punishment for his crimes. The man that sexually abused children, including his own, and who cried during the trial had the gull to think that the death penalty was 'unfair'. Even worse- an appeal court agreed with him today.

In another appeal dealing with child rapists, LA Justice Jeffrey Victory wrote,

"Our state Legislature and this court have determined this category of aggravated rapist to be among those deserving of the death penalty, and, short of a first-degree murderer, we can think of no other non-homicide crime more deserving."

Victory wrote that the Louisiana law meets the U.S. Supreme Court test requiring an aggravating circumstance — in this case the age of the victim — to justify the death penalty.

There's more about that case, and the facts behind it here.

But, in this case- Richard L Davis seemly has won the right to be a repeat offender, the worst of the worst and we can thank judges for casting aside the sentence of the jury and imposing 'cruel and unusual' punishment on society by forcing the rest of us to allow this monster to continue to breath. A write up about that can be found via the New York Times.

“The death penalty is not a proportional punishment for the rape of a child,” Justice Anthony M. Kennedy wrote for the court. He was joined by Justices John Paul Stevens, David H. Souter, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and Stephen G. Breyer.

The court overturned a ruling by the Louisiana Supreme Court, which had held that child rape is unique in the harm it inflicts not just upon the victim but on society and that, short of first-degree murder, no crime is more deserving of the death penalty.

Stop the ACLU has a reaction from the LA Governor, who seems to agree with the rest of us that the judges erred in this case.

James Fagan

I'm going to let some people in on a not so little secret about child abuse, because it seems that James Fagan isn't exactly aware of it and should be told.

Victims of sexual abuse often deal with the emotional and often times physical results of that abuse all of their lives. Counseling may help, a loving environment helps, in fact a lot of things help- but the sad truth is that the effects are always there to some degree. No child victim of rape needs someone to remind them of it- it's there in their head every day of their life. They will feel it at 8, feel it at 12, and guess what? At 19 they still feel it. It's stays with them their entire life, they'll go through the throwing up, the not sleeping, the difficult relationships- not because of some half witted lawyer who decided it was a good idea to run them through the ringer during the criminal trial of their attacker- but because they had an attacker to begin with.

James Fagan doesn't get that though. Instead he thinks, and has admitted publicly in front of his peers, and his constituents that it's his job to open up all the pain and suffering, to undo any healing that might have happened and traumatize victims of rape all over again- just because he's a lawyer, and doesn't like the looks of a new law.

.....that 6-year-old is going to sit in front of me, or somebody far worse than me and I’m going to rip them apart. I’m going to make sure that the rest of their life is ruined. That when they’re 8 years old they throw up; when they’re 12 years old, they won’t sleep. When they’re 19 years old they’ll have nightmares and they’ll never have a relationship with anybody. And that’s not because I’m a nice guy. That’s because when you’re in court, and you’re defending somebody’s liberty, and you’re facing a mandatory sentence of those draconian proportions, you have to do every single thing you can do on behalf of your client. That is your obligation as a trial lawyer.”

His words mean that in order to defend the right of his client to be released in a few years with the option of taking on more victims- he has to degrade, humiliate, and assault a victim of the client to begin with. That in his mind, if we want to protect another child from being brutally raped by this same fellow- we must be willing to allow him to butcher the current victim.

What sort of reasoning is this? What sort of man can look at all the children who've been raped, and all the adults that were raped as children- and still be so vile against victims? And does this lawyer, this Democratic Representative James Fagan from Massachusetts not know about the laws designed to protect victims of rape during criminal cases? Is he so unaware of "rape shield" statutes, and the ability of states to create similar statues to protect children victims even more? I'd assume he does- but just doesn't care about it.

In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb here and assume that perhaps really what this man is telling the world is that he makes these victims relive every painful detail, he scars them even further- because for some deviant reason he's just enjoying doing so. Perhaps he's living out his real desires vicariously through these court proceedings, and running home at night with all the details and all the evidence laid out before him to get a few minutes of perverted enjoyment out of the suffering of others. Because no other reason justifies his statements.

While I could go on about this for quite a while, I think I'm about boiling to the point of profanity and so I'm compelled to just send you over to Jay at Stop the ACLU- he's got more to the story and even a video of the statements- if you can stomach watching this disgusting piece of garbage as he threatens those who should be shielded the very most during the most difficult period of their life.

State House District Office
Room 163 26 Dean Street
State House Taunton, MA 02780
Boston, MA 02133
Telephone: 617-722-2040 508-824-7000
Facsimile: 508-823-9892

Monday, June 23, 2008

Christel C. Gravlin

Christel C. Gravlin was labeled a level 1 sex offender and given a sweeter than hell deal for charges that she sexually abused a student.

33-year-old Christel C. Gravlin plead guilty in March to one count of 3rd degree Rape in a deal that will see her sentenced to no more than six months in jail followed by ten years probation. Today, Judge Richards set her Sex Offender status at Level 1, the lowest level. The judge cited “clear and convincing evidence” that she was not a risk to be a repeat offender, as she has been undergoing drug counseling and psychiatric treatment since the case came to light.

This winner of a woman who never should have been in a classroom blamed her actions on depression, pressure from the boy, alcohol, prescription drugs

Which makes me wonder what the hell the judge was thinking. After all, we know that offenders who refuse to take responsibility for their crimes are more likely to repeat them (blaming the victim, blaming everything else... ringing any bells here judge???), so the lowest level status might not have been the right pick. I suppose me call all just sit back and hope that she is the one in a billion exception and actually learns something from this extended vacation the judge has sent her on.

Donna Jou

After a year of searching for answers, Donna Jou's family is no closer to solving the question of her whereabouts than they were when the 19 year old disappeared with a man she met on the internet, John Steven Burgess.

Burdess is a convicted sex offender currently doing time in a California prison on unrelated charges stemming from his failure to register as a sex offender. He'll be spending the next three years behind bars, while Jou's family continues to hope for information on what happened to her.

Investigators say Jou met Burgess through Craigslist. Jou offered her services on the Web site as a math tutor, and Burgess advertised rooms for rent at his Los Angeles home.

Authorities say Jou received phone calls from Burgess on June 23, 2007. He picked her up near her mother's home on his motorcycle that evening. From there, the two went to Burgess' home for a party, police said.

Jou has not been seen since. There has been no activity on her bank account or her cell phone with the exception of a text message sent to her mother about 6 a.m. June 24, 2007.

Her family has a website they have started to help gather any information any one might have, and to keep her case in the public eye. Please take a moment to look at it, and pass it along.

As for the current status of the case:

Jim Amormino, a spokesman for the Orange County Sheriff's Office, said the case is being treated as a "critical missing person."

"There is not a lot new in the case. I hate to say it, but the chances of a return are slim," he said.

Burgess has not cooperated with investigators.

"He remains a suspect," Amormino said. "We believe he knows what happened to her."

Johnny A. Foster

Johnny A. Foster doesn't seem to have a lot of common sense, or a lot of self control. "Baby J," "J-Dog" or "Little Mac," as he likes to be called was just released in April after doing a 14 year stint for sexually battery of a child under the age of 12. But, to the complete surprise of no one, police have arrested him already and now he's looking at another long stretch. It might have saved a few tax payer dollars in court costs and law enforcement costs if they would have second thought letting him free and just kept in in prison to begin with.

In stead, Foster was able to go free, and then traumatize a teenage girl.

Foster, 31, is accused of climbing through a Fort Pierce teen's bedroom window June 6 and trying to pay her $50 for sex.


According to the warrant affidavit used to secure Foster's arrest, the terrified 16-year-old victim awoke about 4 a.m. to find Foster in bed with her and pulling on the sheets.

"Foster offered her $50 for sex and $20, after she refused, so she would not tell her mother," according to the report.

Foster, wearing only his boxer shorts and a shirt at the time, left through the window and came back a second later with the $20, according to the report. He gave the girl the money and left.

Someone tell me again why it is that we keep letting these scum bags free? I mean, seriously, is catch and release and catch again REALLY that fun for the states? Cause, I can't imagine that for the victims- old and new- it's any thing other than horrific.

When those who shouldn't have children do...

We've all read the articles about people who in some cruel twist of fate have been left in charge of children. You know the people I'm talking about- they are the sort you'd feel bad leaving an animal with, let alone allowing them to 'care' for children. People who shouldn't have kids, but do. Parents who should not only have their children removed, but should have all their reproductive organs taken out too for preventive measures.

Trench calls them Bad Breeders, and has added yet another blog to his collection of many many blogs, dedicated just to them.

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Thomas Wolverton

There is an editorial from Jeff Webb, editor of editorials at the St Petersburg Times covering the recent highlighting of the botched case of Thomas Wolverton. He's a convicted sexual offender, whose victims were 4, 5, and 7. He'd spent just 6 years in prison, and then was released without any SOR requirements. He'd promptly moved into a place that was extremely close to an elementary school in Brooksville. The errors that lead to all of this was only 'caught' when the mother of the victims spotted him and began asking questions.

Webb makes some very good points on the entire case, while giving an update on the current status, and the editorial is worth taking a few moments to read. I won't get into the entire piece to deeply, because I really do want you to read it, but out of fear that some of you just won't click over regardless of how much I insist that you do- I want to share the last lines of his writings.

This big boy, whom I will forever more refer to as Wolverton-'O-Goo, deserved a bigger sentence. And the little ones he physically and emotionally desecrated deserved a better effort from the adults whose responsibility it was to avenge them.

Looking at a lot of recent news stories- one locally where the perp was actually sentenced to 20 days for victimizing a 13 year old, another case that while it wasn't sexual abuse- it was some of the worst abuse I've read about in a long while- really brings that last point home for me. These children, the ones in this case and the ones in so many other cases deserve better effort from those responsible to avenge them, and sadly, many of those deserved better from those that were responsible to PROTECT them in the first place. If we can not provide better, if we can't put the effort out there, than we are really failing children everywhere.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

America's Most Wanted

This week on America's Most Wanted:

Giovanni Ruanova: Federal agents say Giovanni Ruanova and his stripper girlfriend are in love ... with drugs and money. The couple discovered common ground as alleged co-workers in a drug organization worth millions of dollars. The DEA believes Ruanova is a big-time drug runner, and that his sidekick was along for a wild ride.

Annette Sanchez: Cops say Annette Sanchez was willing to do anything for her drug-running boyfriend -- including lie to the police. When cops found $9,000 in her purse, she said it was money she'd earned by stripping. Detroit cops say they might've even bought her story, if it weren't for the $1.8 million of dirty money hidden in the trunk of her car.

Rodolfo Gonzalez: On Oct. 30, 2005, a group of close friends celebrated Halloween with a party with a special theme: "Crime Scene." But before the night's end, an ironic twist turned the fake crime scene into a real one.

Fred Wanamaker: Police say ex-sailor Frederick Wanamaker molested three brothers and one of their friends over a 12-year period. He befriended the family, then let his sick desires take over, cops say.

Larry Woods: Everyone thought Larry Woods' fate was sealed when he was sentenced to more than a century in jail for shooting his boss. But cops say Woods had different plans: Indiana State Police say that Woods escaped from prison in a garbage truck and hasn't been seen since.

Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez: While only 26 years old, cops say Curi Caberi Tapia-Martinez has managed to become the head of a huge meth dealing organization. Tapia-Martinez is accused of transporting more than 30 kilos of meth into North Dakota and Minnesota, and sending the proceeds back to California. As an illegal immigrant, Tapia-Martinez has been deported twice, but cops believe he is back in the country and up to no good. North Dakota Marshals have had enough, and now they are asking AMW viewers to help them nab Tapia-Martinez and his associates.

Rebecca Parrett: U.S. Marshals are searching for a grandmother who is facing 75 years in prison and $2.5 million in fines: Rebecca Parrett was convicted by a jury of her peers for her role in the $3 billion collapse of the company she helped to found. Now, cops say she took advantage of the system and slipped away before an ankle bracelet could be attached to her.

Antonio Caloca Soto: Elsy Molina wasn't your usual truck driver...she was young, beautiful, and had a lust for life. Authorities tell AMW that Elsy was found murdered in her big rig in her own neighborhood in the Rancho Dominguez area of Los Angeles at around 10 pm on October 11, 2007. However, now cops have named a suspect and its someone Elsy knew all too well...her estranged boyfriend, Antonio Caloca Soto.

Corey Gaston: When a 10-year-old girl was plucked from her Detroit home by a stranger, taken to a nearby park and raped, cops quickly identified a suspect: police say Corey Gaston left his cell phone at the scene. U.S. Marshals in Motown tracked him down within days of the assault, but Gaston posted bond when he was charged with the disgusting attack and fled.

Lindsay Harris: Almost exactly three years after Lindsay Harris went missing, authorities have confirmed that remains found in Illinois belong to her. Lindsay moved from upstate New York to Sin City to be with her hip-hop promoter boyfriend in May of 2005. But she kept her new life a secret from her parents. Since she went missing her loved ones never gave up hope and never stopped searching for answers.

Eric Rosenstrom: Eric Rosenstrom likes to write murder mysteries, but police say the fatal shooting of a hotel owner on August 16, 2001 is no whodunit: they believe Rosenstrom is the perp. But with his vast knowledge of law enforcement, cops say he could be tough to catch.

Tobias Howard: Cops throughout Michigan are on the hunt for a man who they say is obsessed with toes, and is wanted for raping a minor. Tobias Franklin Howard has been evading the law since a warrant was issued for his arrest in June 2007. They say this guy has a ton of quirks, and anyone who knows him should be able to pinpoint his whereabouts in a heartbeat.

Unknown Chelsea Rohn and Matthew Brumbaugh Killer: A teenage bride and her roommate were found dead just after midnight on April 24, 2007. No one in the area heard a thing, including the two deadly shots. Now, Clay County detectives are working hard to break the silence and solve this mysterious double homicide.

AMW can be seen Saturday nights at 9pm on your local Fox Station.

Vases Stolen...

I know it's not the usual sort of crime I post about- but you're stuck reading it now.

Police are investigating 28 stolen vases, taken from the graves of Veterans in Crownsville Md.

I've just got to come out and say it, it's almost a sure thing that these are being taken to be sold off for scape metal- there's no other reason why any stranger would want them, and the chances of someone being related to all 28 vets is extremely slim.

So, they've clearly got some low life asshole over there in Md, disgracing the entire town, and bringing shame to generations of his/her/their families. I can only hope that guilt eats away at the responsible person, as well as some sort of nasty infection- starting with his/her/their appendages. The entire idea of showing such complete disrespect for someone who served to protect the rest of us is nothing short of unforgivable.

Cemetery officials said the vases started disappearing in April and that 28 of them have been taken.
Click here to find out more!

"When they start stealing the vases, they start hurting the families. That's pilferage. All they wanted was money for these because they're not worth anything to anybody unless you cash them in for salvage or something," said Bob Hooper of the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Jeff Pelo, he used to arrest people...

Jeff Pelo once was a respected member of law enforcement, earning himself a position as a Bloomington Ill. police sergeant. That's before he was convicted of raping four women and the stalking of a another woman.

Jeff Pelo, 43, was found guilty on 35 counts, including 25 of aggravated sexual assault. Two other charges were dropped during the trial.

The rapes took place from 2002 to 2005. Pelo has been jailed since his June 2006 arrest, unable to post $100,000 to cover $1 million bail.

Prosecutor Mark Messman noted that the jurors reached their decision despite a lack of DNA or similar forensic evidence linking Pelo directly to the rapes.

While the trail contained 'no smoking gun', according to Messman, three of the women were able to pick him out of police lineup, and other strong evidence was presented to the jury.

Defense attorney Michael Rosenblat said he likely would appeal. He plans to argue that the judge shouldn't have let jurors see pornography found on Pelo's home computer, and should have let the defense call an expert witness to testify about the reliability of eyewitness identifications.

The pornography included violent material such as forced sexual encounters at gun point.

The defense however claims that evidence presented proved that the attacks were carried out by different individuals- since the victims descriptions of both the attacker and the actual assault were not similar in most cases. An appeal is likely.

Mohammed Al Hamdani,

Mohammed Al Hamdani may not be a big fan of people who give their young kids cell phones, especially cell phones that are capable of snapping his photo.

Police say that Hamdani attempted to abduct an 11 year old girl by luring her to his vehicle when she pulled out her camera phone and snapped a photo of him before running away. The girl then took the photo to police, who distributed the photo to the community.

I've seen the little kids out and running around with cell phones, and never been a huge fan of the idea- mostly because I think it provides a false sense of security to parents who believe that tossing a cell phone at a child constitutes 'keeping an eye on them'. In truth, had this child had an adult with her instead of a cell phone, it's unlikely she would have even been approached. But, I will give her complete credit for some fast thinking- she likely did something few adults would have had the mind to do.

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Starkeisha Brown

When child services received a tip that something was wrong at the apartment where 24 year old Starkeisha Brown and her girlfriend resided with Brown's five year old boy, she agreed to come into the office to discuss the allegations. She even brought in two healthy children, to show child services that the children were fine and in good health. The problem was that the children she brought in where not her children, and the child DHS was concerned about, had received the tip about- was left with a complete stranger.

Starkeisha Brown had left the little 5 year old boy, telling a stranger to watch him because she'd be right back. The person, who has so far gone unnamed, started going to a few people in the neighborhood concerned about what to do with the little boy as he appeared hurt, and ill. Police were called and back in the child services building Brown and her girlfriend were failing to trick to officials into believing that the 4 year old boy and 6 year old girl they had brought in where Browns children- so they left them there and took off.

Police say that the abuse suffered by Brown's 5 year old boy was some of the worst abuse imaginable. It included having his hands burned on a stove top, being hung from a doorway by his his hands and wrists while being beaten with a some sort of cord, chain or other object, having his body burned with cigarettes, and being routinely denied food.

After their dash from child services, both Brown and her girlfriend were caught by police and charged. This isn't the first time Brown has had a run in with the law either,

The boy's mother served a total of two and a half years in prison for two separate convictions: one for felony robbery of an elderly woman in 2003 and later for petty theft, when she and another woman stole a bracelet and other items from a Macy's department store.

Most recently, Brown was incarcerated from March 2006 to January 2007. During that period, the boy was in the custody of relatives, authorities said.

Police said the bulk of the abuse appeared to begin when Brown was released on probation.

Neglia said that Brown's probation officer recently had a hard time locating her because she was not living at her listed address.

Children services officials, citing confidentiality rules, would not disclose why the boy was returned to his mother after she was released from prison and whether appropriate checks on the boy's welfare were made, given that she was on probation

No doubt, someone failed this child at some point- and not just those adults that were in direct care of him. To be five and have already experienced abuse worst than that average person even READS about- is just devastating to say the least.

Since reports of the abuse became public, dozens of people have called police and social service agencies looking for ways to help the boy, authorities said. One elderly woman called police to see if she could donate her most recent Social Security check, authorities said.

Those interested in contributing can contact Michael Wrice with the DCFS at 213-739-6202.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Mother cries over boyfriends sentencing...

Your boyfriend, long time scam artist and career criminal sexually abuses your two daughters.

I can understand a victim feeling guilt about their abuser going to jail, and in a twisted in need of some emotional help from a medical professional- I can even see them believing that their abuser has changed and deserves leniency. After all, the victim was just a child, and it's hard to deal with both the pain of what happened, and the guilt that someone you cared for did such a thing.. and it's sometimes even hard to see that person punished for it. But- as adults we should know better when that victim is our child, and that abuser is our boyfriend.

They don't change. They may learn something from it- how to not get caught so soon the next time is a frequent lesson, but they don't change. And honestly- something in side of me thinks that the victims sympathy for her abuser in this case was helped out quite a bit by her mothers own desire to forget and forget.

Freeze, 44, formerly of south St. Louis County, pleaded guilty May 6 to four counts of child molestation and to one count of felony theft in an unrelated crime.

Prosecutors John Quarenghi and J.B. Lasater did not reach agreement with defense attorney Richard Hereford on a sentencing recommendation, so the penalty was entirely up to the judge. It is unclear what the maximum sentence could have been, but it would be more than the eight years.

The victims, 12 and 16 when they were fondled last year, joined their mother in telling Vincent that they had forgiven Freeze, that he realizes what he did was wrong and that they believed he could turn his life around. The mother was identified as Freeze's girlfriend.

Curtis R. Lange strikes again

Curtis R. Lange has an 1982 conviction for the rape and attempted murder of a teenager, for which he was released on parole in 2002.

Records show that the unemployed Sun Valley resident was paroled in 2002 after serving

20 years for raping a 17-year-old fellow Douglas High School student in 1982, stabbing her in the head and robbing her of $50.

According to Nevada parole records, in 1990, a prison psychologist evaluated Lange as not having a high risk to commit more sexually motivated crimes. Lange is a Tier 2 registered sex offender in Washoe County. Tier 2 offenders are assessed as having a "moderate" risk to reoffend.

Thankfully, he wasn't a high risk according to the evaluation, cause it'd be a shame to say he was a high risk only to get dirty looks for the fact that you released him, and he went on to commit more sexual crimes. So glad the State slipped under the radar on that one- cause now that he's committed more crimes, the rest of us can just blame... oh, wait- we still get to blame the state. I mean, regardless of what 'risk' level they concluded he was- they still were wrong about letting him out, as his new charges prove.

Police accuse Lange of breaking into a woman's home on South Meadows Parkway about 9:40 a.m. May 3 and holding her captive for more than four hours while sexually assaulting her multiple times.

At one point, he allegedly made her drive him to a bank and demanded she withdraw money and give it to him. Police said he fled from her home after her adult daughter interrupted the attack.

Lange also is accused of breaking into a 56-year-old woman's southeast Reno home on Nov. 4, 2006, and holding her captive for hours, while she was sexually assaulted multiple times at gunpoint. He then allegedly stole her property.

It's like a wild animal getting the taste of human blood- regardless of how 'likely' you think it is, the animal is going to end up biting someone else.... its not a matter of if, its a matter of when.

Oh, well as long as you had a good excuse...

Carlton Don Anderson has four children- ages 4, 3, 3, and 1- with his wife. Despite one neighbors assurance that Anderson always seems to do a pretty good job of keeping a watchful eye on the little ones, police might be a little skeptical of his parenting abilities.

Turns out that Anderson left the four children alone while he went to pick his wife up from a bar. She refused to go with him, so he decided to spend the next 12 hours drinking. In the meantime, his two three year old twin decided to do a little hopping around on their own, and headed for the highway, I-17 to be exact.

A motorist who almost ran the children over was able to pull over and contact police.

The other two children remained at the apartment, which had broken glass from beer bottles covering the kitchen floor and trash piled up in the corner.

Police arrested Anderson on arrival, and he admitted to leaving the children alone in the past, including a previous incident where the children had wandered along Glendale Avenue and had to be returned by a neighbor who recognized them.

Anderson also stated that he was sick to his stomach and the incident was “stupid,” the court document states.

A few tiny points.

Anderson didn't return until 8 am. How many bars stay open until 8 am? And, lets face it- if he was actually drinking until 8 am- it's likely that he was more sick to his stomach from a hangover than from concern over the fact that the children he left alone were almost killed.

Of course then there is the 'mom' in this case, who isn't being charged because she claims to be unaware that Anderson left the kids alone. I have to wonder- when he walked into the bar to fetch her, and her children were NOT by his side, did she ask him just where the hell they were? And, really, perhaps this is just my over obsessive mothering coming into play here- but Anderson made it home by 8 am, just what time did the mom opt to stroll in? Is this 'out hitting the bars all night long while forgetting that you have four little ones at home' some sort of new wave parenting that someone failed to mention to me? I'm just not getting it. Two adults, old enough to understand how to produce almost half a dozen kids, old enough to spend the night ruining their livers in a bar... but not old enough to show common sense that someone should be watching the kids???

At least Anderson has an excuse for his display of thoughtless parenting- he was mad that his wife wouldn't leave the bar with him. Personally, I think both of them have a little more explaining to do- since it's clear that the children were not living in an environment meant for children.

the apartment, which had broken glass from beer bottles covering the kitchen floor and trash piled up in the corner.

Maybe someone should use a little money from the 'all night binge drinking at the local bars' fund and invest in a few trash bags.

Friday, June 13, 2008

Predators of summer

Christmas brings the pedophile Santas, Halloween brings the haunted houses with perverts running about, and evidently summer brings the pool party predators.

Scott Lurken, 47 of River Drive NE, is being held without bond at the Brevard County jail, according to a Palm Bay police spokeswoman. Investigators said they don't know how many kids have been invited to pool parties at Lurken's home over the years, but they said they have had three young girls who don't know each other come forward on their own and they wonder if there are more.

Detectives say he performed oral sex on a nine-year-old girl. They also believe he abused an 11-year-old girl and a 13-year-old girl.

Mom Catches Sex Offender

A mother who wishes to remain unnamed stumbled upon a startling discovery after her young teenage daughter informed her that she'd been chatting with someone on MySpace. The mother says that the daughter approached her after the conversations began making her uncomfortable. Failing to find a phone number for the man in question- the mom turned to the sex offender registry, only to discover that Andrew Coslett, 30 was indeed listed there, having served time for a sexual assault on a child on 2000.

The mother said she discussed the experience with her daughter. "When I showed her his photograph and there it was as a sex offender, she started to cry."

Police say Coslett also has previous arrests for aggravated vehicle theft, burglary, forgery and fraud. They also will investigate whether he had communicated with other children.

Coslett had also failed to register, so it's imaginable that the charges against him should help to put him away for at least a small amount of time.

If nothing else, this should AGAIN remind parents that it's important not only to talk to your children about their online activities, but to also monitor their activities. In this case, the mother was lucky that the child came to her- but it doesn't always turn out that way.

Billy Potts

Police allege that a 12 year old girl was kidnapped and sexually abused by Billy Potts, although she managed to walk away from him at some point and get help.

After an amber alert was canceled for the California girl, police began searching Potts and for a van which matched the description of the one used in the crime. A highway patrol officer spotted the vehicle, and approached it to question the driver, who informed the officer that he was a registered sexual offender gave his name to the officer. As the officer was turning to walk away, Potts evidently shot himself, which resulted in his death.

If Potts did indeed sexually abuse the child after kidnapping her- then it's a shame he waited until after doing so to end his pathetic life...

America's Most Wanted 6/14/08

Updates from America's Most Wanted- which airs at 9pm on your local Fox station. You can also check out their website, for updates and other cases.

Starting this week, you can catch all the latest episodes of America’s Most Wanted at

James Gonzalez: It took less than 48 hours for AMW tipsters to help nab the man suspected of being New York's "Supermarket Slasher." Now, James Gonzalez is back in N.Y.C. to face the music. He is being held without bail, and his attorney has asked him to be put on suicide watch. When we asked him what he had to say to AMW, he said, "You did a great job."

Carlos Thompson: New York cops say Carlos Thompson handed a .38-caliber revolver to a 13-year-old boy and ordered him to murder 15-year-old Phoenix Garrett in 2005. The crime shocked Harlem's conscience, and now police, Phoenix's family, and a legend of hip-hop are all teaming up with AMW to try and bring Thompson to justice.

Unknown Skyla Whitaker and Taylor Paschal-Placker Killer: First on America's Most Wanted has learned that investigators believe two different shooters may be responsible for the deaths of Weleetka, Okla. girls Skyla Whitaker, 11, and Taylor Paschal-Placker, 13. The girls were found shot to death on Sunday, and cops say they need your help to solve the one of the biggest mysteries in Oklahoma history.

Lopez Brothers: Hired Hitmen Killed The Wrong Man: Ruben Lopez was riding high in the lowrider industry, and cops say he'd stop at nothing to get ahead in the business. So when he and his brother David had a disagreement with a rival lowrider entrepreneur, police sources say the brothers had no problem taking out the competition, literally.

Unknown Al Kite Killer: People always talk about the perfect crime. But usually, a killer leaves a trail of evidence or an obvious motive. But what happens when a detective can find no motive, and all the evidence leads cops further from the killer?

Nicholas Francisco: Days after 28-year-old Nicholas Francisco vanished from the parking lot of his Seattle office, cops in Federal Way located the missing man's car outside a condo complex. Although cops did not find any blood or other signs of foul play, they are perplexed by the mystery of this father-to-be's sudden disappearance.

Daniel Chafe: Cops say Daniel Chafe is a delusional pedophile and a pathological liar who uses fantasy, fear, and then force to rape and sodomize teenage girls that he befriends.

Monday, June 09, 2008

Bad Apples...

Generally speaking, one of the safest places a person could normally find themselves is stuck in a bar with two law enforcement officials. After all, who's going to commit a crime against you when you have not one, but two cops right there beside you?

Well, for one woman, the answer to that is rather shocking- because as it turns out, the most dangerous place for her at that moment was in the bar she worked out, while she was alone with two police officers from Creston Iowa.

Police Chief James Christensen, 40, and Assist. Police Chief John Sickles, 38, turned themselves in for arrest Friday afternoon at Iowa State Patrol Post No. 1 in Des Moines, after Judge Arthur Gamble issued arrest warrants.
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According to Division of Criminal Investigation investigator's affidavit, the alleged victim was a female bartender working at the Crestmoor Golf Club in Creston on April 18.

She told the investigator that Sickles raped her behind the bar while Christensen "held her hand, stroked her hair and 'shushed' her."

A police chief and an assistance police chief.

Saturday, June 07, 2008

Knock Knock....

You're at home minding your own business when suddenly someone knocks on your door. The man standing on the other side, is wearing running shorts, a tank top and no shoes. He asks if there are any kids home in the house, because his uncle is having a party and he's suppose to find some youngsters to invite.

The hair on the back of your neck starts to stand up... you've gotten that nagging feeling that something just isn't right. Could it possibly be that a child predator has become so obsessed in his need to victimize someone, that he's actually begun going door to door looking for victims?

Coweta County officials have charged a suspected child molester they say went door to door in search of young victims. But when Eugene Murphy, 20, knocked on the door of an officer who investigates sex crimes, she made sure authorities knew what he was up to.

Authorities said Murphy had an intense desire to harm children. Murphy was knocking on doors wearing running shorts, a tank top and no shoes, according to officials. An off-duty officer told police she knew something wasn’t right and jumped into action.

The officer, acted on instinct- and likely saved another child from becoming this man's victim by following him, and alerting on duty police officers when she caught him going on to the next door.

“At that time the suspect made statements that were alarming to the deputies about his intent and why he was looking for these children,” said Lt. John Lewis with the Coweta County Sheriff’s Office.

Murphy was arrested and charged with criminal attempt to entice a child for indecent purposes. After further investigation, authorities said they found another victim and Murphy was charged with kidnapping and attempted child molestation.

Other news articles on Murphy that have come out after this first report seem to indicate that Murphy had already in some fashion committed crimes, as new charges have been filed against him- although police aren't giving details into why.

Murphy, a resident of a Sharpsburg neighborhood, is now charged with kidnapping and criminal attempt at aggravated child molestation, in addition to his original charge of criminal attempt to entice a child for indecent purposes. The two new criminal charges stem from a separate incident that is still under investigatio