The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

And then I realised why Effingham was so properly named...

There's a town called Effingham. I couldn't imagine why on earth any town would want to be called anything that resembles 'effing'- seeing how so many people use that term in short for 'fucking'. And then I read the story about the Sheriff's deputy. And it hit me right then and there- they call it Effingham to warn the rest of us just how fucking screwed up their law enforcement is there.

At this moment I wish to remind readers that 99 times out of 100 I love, adore and respect law enforcement officials, and I find disrespect of them completely unacceptable- accept when they flat out deserve it. And this time around, I don't even have to hesitate prior to calling *someone* in this story a effingham (ie, fucking *pig).

Here's the quote that takes the cake on the list of worst quotes ever from people in uniform:

Chief Deputy Bush says Brown has been seeking help but the group setting was tearing him apart, "I mean, he's gone through enough and he don't need to be you know, having suicidal thoughts like he has been an our job is not to knock somebody where they're down but to lift them up and make them a better person"

And Bush says he would do the same thing no matter who the person was, "Just because they are a convicted child molester, does that mean that we put them in jail, and throw away the key, and, um, never realize who they are as a person? I mean, they're people and if they can be helped then I think it's our job to see that we help them."

The issue at hand is that Deputy Effingham Bush was making this statement about a child molester, in defense of his testifying on behalf of sad sick individual.

News 3 has recently received many phone calls and emails from our viewers about Effingham County's Chief Deputy Richard Bush in court in support of convicted child molester Kenneth Brown.

Brown was convicted of child molestation on December 8th of 2005.

NEWS 3's Tristan Tully sat down with Chief Deputy Bush to find out what exactly he was doing taking the stand on behalf of a registered sex offender and child molester.

Chief Deputy Richard Bush, Effingham County:
"All I was asking for was to reduce the group therapy to a one-on-one counsel with an individual. That's it."

Effingham County's Chief Deputy Richard Bush says that the group therapy Kenneth Brown has been going through wasn't working, "I'm seeing what it's doing to Kenny as far as going to the group counseling, it's not helping him. Um, there... He's just not getting anything out of the counseling because he don't open up. He's a shy and timid type of person."

He's shy? OMFG! I mean, really? Shy? Cause clearly he wasn't too shy to sexually abuse a child. And he wasn't to shy to ask a deputy to come testify in his behalf. Honey, this isn't a sex offender being shy- this is a sex offender wanting 'special' rules made up for him, and wanting to be able to play the game the way he sees fit. But- it's refreshing to know that Effingham has such a great law enforcement team that they willingly cater to his needs. Perhaps next time he feels like fondling a child- they can help provide him with one, since they seem willing to do anything for him as it is.

And, lets get back this little quote from Bush- "Just because they are a convicted child molester, does that mean that we put them in jail, and throw away the key, and, um, never realize who they are as a person?" I'm glad he had the forethought to ask that. Because I'd love to answer that for him. YES! Yes it fucking does dumbass. A child molester is more likely to reoffend than a murderer. Sexual predators are who they are- their crimes, and the motivating factors in their crimes are part of their personality, part of their inner self. There's no dissecting the child molester from the man- he is what he is. And the ONLY way to stop him from acting out on that deviance he's got in his head is to lock him up and throw away the key.

I'd like to tell you that that's the entire maddening story, but it isn't. Evidently when the local news reported on the testimony given in defense of the child molester- people in the area were unhappy about it, and posted comments in reaction to the news article. The reporters were nice enough to take these comments to the Chief, who by the way is defending child molester loving deputy Bush. Chief of Effingham gave a upstanding, superb reaction- completely fitting of the department which endorses screwing victims and supporting sexual deviants:
His response, "We call that the weasel list because those people on there don't have enough guts to face anybody face to face, they'd rather put it on there and put in their own twist. You know, I'm going to tell you the facts and that's going to be the truth."

Oh yeah. The confusion on the town's name is ALL cleared up for me now. Effingham- home of fucking *pigs.

(*term used to describe the selfish selfrightous attitude of these folks, and any pun that could be made in reference to them being police is unintended. Sort of.)