The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, April 24, 2008

I've had enough...

For those of you who pop in on a regular basis, you've likely come to realize that I tend to focus a bit more on certain types of crimes although I'm likely to post just about any crime that grabs my attention while browsing the news. However, the main focus has, and always will be crimes against women and children. Usually- we're talking physical abuse or sexual abuse. It's because I'm impassioned about these topics, because I believe that it's important to share these stories with you. I have however failed to give proper attention, at least here, to another form of abuse that often goes under mentioned by a lot of people.

Fat kids. I know, that's not nice to say. But- lets face it there are some kids out there that pasted the 'babyfat' or chunky or big boned description all the way to the 'dear god that child is fat' stage. And I know, that's mean to say about anyone- let alone a child. However, I feel that even meaner than me saying it, is that parents allow this to happen. For the record, we are not talking about a kid 10 pounds to heavy, or one that has medical issues which prevents them from keeping a healthy weight. We're talking about children who are allowed to devour whatever assortment of foods they wish, while doing nothing that even resembles activity beyond reaching for another cupcake.

I know parents who wouldn't think of beating their child, who couldn't imagine taking an action against their child that would endanger that child's life. And yet- at the same time they allow their child to maintain a lifestyle surrounded by food which- get this- can endanger their lives. Being overweight puts adults at a greater risk of life threatening illnesses, just what do you think it does to the health of a child?

I know it's hard to tell your child that they can't have that extra piece of cake- but it's your job to. Grow up people. You're slowly killing those children you claim to love so much. I would think that when having to pick between taking your kid outside to motivate them to burn off some of that extra junk food you allow them to shove in their mouths, or having to inject them with medications for diabetes or heart disease every single day- you'd pick the first one.

I don't really care that someone thinks beating a kid until they are an inch from death is worse than feeding one until they are an inch from death-- either option IS abuse, and anyone who would do either seriously needs to have their parental rights evaluated.

Children shouldn't look like short sumo wrestlers, take away the french fries and fast food, give them less deserts and candy- and encourage them to do daily activities that require more effort than opening the frig. And if my annoyance at you allowing your 7 year old to weigh 175lbs isn't enough, then read this.