The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Another boyfriend...

I'm pretty sure the last 'mom's new boyfriend abuses baby' post is still showing on the front page of here, so the fact that I have another one is disturbing. Sort of a 'here we go again' feeling, although thankfully this child isn't dead as a result of his mothers choice in men.

Police say that after Christian Perez dipped his girlfriends 16 month old son into boiling water badly scalding the child , he decided the best people to call wouldn't be the police, the hospital or even someone capable providing the smallest amount of medical help. Instead, he decided to call his sister, who picked him and the child up. They didn't think it was important to call for help right away either.

During the next two hours, police say, the trio drove the toddler several miles across Hayward to a Walgreen's drugstore, bought ointment off the shelf and tried to apply it on the child.

They allegedly called relatives in Mexico to ask for advice, and tried to put the injured boy to bed at the sister's home.

Finally, at 1 p.m. Thursday, while driving around again, Perez called 911 after the child began having seizures and his sister told him he was going to die, Hayward police Lt. Chris Orrey said.

The boy, whose name is not being released, was rushed to Children's Hospital Oakland in an ambulance and was later transferred to Shriners Hospital in Sacramento, where on Tuesday he remained in critical condition.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Misc little updates...

As much as I adore new stuff, I've been reluctant to test out this Twitter thing, but the other day I read a story of some guy that was arrested and he GOT OUT by using twitter to alert his friends. Okay, sure there was a little more to it than that. But the important part is that HE had twitter, and I didn't. So- I reluctantly decided to try it out, for a moment. It was okay at first. Then I realised that Trench had it too. And OMG John had it. And CNN had it TOO!!! And even FoxNews has it!!! Suddenly, my love for twitter grew.

So, for those of you that have twitter... you can find me here. For those of you who don't have it- what on earth are you waiting for? You can get updates from the blog(s) as soon as I post them AND even better- you can check out what I'm doing at any moment.

Here's a preview of what I'm talking about, for those that have no idea what I'm talking about:

My twitter feed:

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Life Lessons...

They ought to have a special semester in teacher school in which they cover things like not having sex with your students. And for people like Stephanie Ragusa, they should follow that semester up with one about not continuing to have sex with your students after you've already been caught and suspended for sleeping with with your students. And you certainly shouldn't be getting caught a third time.

Stephanie Ragusa, 29, was arrested for the third time in about six weeks on charges of sex with a minor, The Tampa Tribune reported.

"She's in need of help," Hillsborough County Sheriff's Lt. Fred Asteasuainzarra, one of the detectives who interviewed Ragusa on Monday, told the Tribune.

Officers discovered Ragusa and the now-16-year-old boy at his house about 12:20 p.m. Monday, the arrest affidavit states. Ragusa had gone to the teen's house to discuss the criminal case but wound up in bed with him, police said.

Detectives nabbed the woman as she was leaving and getting into her boyfriend's truck, according to the newspaper. Ragusa is behind bars at Orient Road Jail, charged with two counts of unlawful sexual activity with a minor.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Smiley Face Murders

I have to tell you, some of the most interesting cases I read aren't ones that I find while reading the news, but ones that are sent in to me. And, while this isn't the usual sex crime case- I have to say that it perked my interest a great deal. Something about the possible serial murders of around 40 young men, from various states around the US... and the possibility that the serial killings are the work of more than one person.

University of Minnesota college student Chris Jenkins was found in the Mississippi River in February of 2003.

Minneapolis Police began investigating the case, which also caught the attention of two retired NYPD detectives.

Turns out, Jenkins' death was the missing part of the puzzle for Kevin Gannon and Anthony Duarte.

They think Jenkins connects dozens of other deaths around the country over the last decade. The stories are the same all over the country--an athletic, intelligent, well-liked college student goes missing.

Family and friends launch a massive search. Weeks or months later, the young man is discovered drowned. In more than 40 cases, the deaths are blamed on a drunken accident--except for one.

The death of Chris Jenkins in Minneapolis is the only one

"The level of evil we are dealing with here is rampant, it's deep and it's widespread," Chris' mother Jan Jenkins told 5 EYEWITNESS NEWS
where the cause of death was changed from 'undetermined' or 'drowning' to 'homicide.'

For 40 murders to have possibly occurred- if they are indeed murders and not accidental deaths as they were first believed to be- and to have never been connected before, despite most of them being tagged with a smiley face near or at the crime scene... well that's just intriguing, and downright scary.

Read the entire piece, because if this turns out to be what detectives now think it may be- it's going to be one of the most interesting criminal cases we've seen in a while... and because if it's all true- then we have serial murderers out there that we all ought to know about.

Special HatTip to Darci


Yep. That's all.

Do we need a list now?

I'm not sure how we got to this- but clearly it's time for a us to sit down with people who insist on bringing children into this world without first actually taking any time to figure out what they should/shouldn't do with said children. These idiot breeders evidently need the rest of us to draw up a list of 'proper behaviors for raising children' and 'things you shouldn't do with kids'.

I figure I'll start the list- but you all can feel free to speak up a little and add to the list. It should read like the warning labels put on electrical devices for the protection of stupid people- short, simple and simple little images help.

Feed the kid
Keep the kid warm
Provide for the kid

Drive drunk with a kid in the car
Try to leave the kid at a strip club
Have drug paraphernalia on you when the cops arrest you for doing the above

Sadly, this list doesn't come in time for some people.

Robert Hancock faces child neglect charges after he tried to leave a 5-month-old baby boy in the care of a nightclub employee.

Deputies say he told the Showgirls nightclub employee that he was on the run from police and needed someone to care for the child.

Case proven for Civil Confinement

The Union Leader of New Hampshire has been so kind as to offer the perfect case which proves the importance of Civil Confinement- except that it doesn't. Let me explain the case a little, and then we'll get on with the reasons it doesn't prove the need for civil confinement over the need for judges who will sentence properly.

From the time Lawrence Woodard was 19, he's spent a good deal of time in prison- 33 years in fact- all stemming from violent crimes committed against women- rape, kidnapping, assault.

From the time he was 19 years old, any time Woodard was free, he preyed on women. He had been sentenced to life in the state psychiatric hospital, but after seven escapes and numerous crimes he finally was found competent to stand trial and was locked up for 33 years, the Concord Monitor reported this week.

When he was released two years ago, "I knew damn well he was going to do it again," Thomas Winn, a retired state police trooper, told the Monitor. But New Hampshire had no law allowing the civil commitment of violent sex offenders to the state psychiatric hospital.

So, 33 years in jail- he gets released and offends again. They blame it on the fact that NH has no civil commitment laws. This in fact is not the problem at all. The problem really stems from the fact that 30 plus years ago this deviant predator was sentenced to 33 years in prison. It's a flaw of our old laws and sentencing guidelines, which we are attempting to correct now by virtue of civil commitment.

Don't get me wrong- he's the perfect example of someone... but more of someone who should have NEVER been released from prison to begin with. Now, I'll take civil commitment as a last resort- if that is the only option we have to keep these monsters behind bars. But, at the same time, I can not embrace the concept. Because, I know as do most people that laws enabling civil commitment will only give more judges excuses to lighten sentencing on offenders- pushing more of the responsibility of keeping these people off the streets onto those who are in charge of seeking and or ordering civil commitment. It will be used, as so many things are nowadays, as an excuse to not give the max--- I can here the bleeding heart liberal now 'well, I'll give you the least amount of time, that way if you somehow get yourself 'fixed' in jail, you'll have another shot at life; and if you don't- well the civil commitment board will play catch and keep with you'.

Civil commitment should be used, in cases where the sentencing predated new tougher laws, and where it's a last resort to keep the public safe. But, for those current cases sitting in courts- let's take care of the problem before it starts and give mandatory maxi um sentences that fit the crime, rather than fit into a system that thinks that someone might one day be able to drag themselves out of the filth and be a better person. The judicial system is in place to punish those who break the laws, and to protect society from the chance that these same criminals will have a chance to break them again.

Father Stabs Assault Witness

Over the weekend, a female student at Wunsche High School in Houston was sexually assaulted by a school mate. The father of the victim arrived at the school today with his wife to inform school administrators of the assault. That's when police say that the father noticed a male student who had evidently witnessed the weekend sexual assault... and stabbed the male.

After the parents saw a male student who was allegedly present during the assault, the father stabbed the boy three times, a school spokesperson said.

The stabbing victim was taken to a hospital in The Woodlands, where he was listed in good condition.

The father was arrested by Spring ISD police.

The girl's parents had reported the sexual assault to Harris County Constable Precinct 4 over the weekend, according to the school spokesperson.

No Books for You

All Gary Detrick wanted to do was get a teeny little library card. What he didn't want to do was fulfill his requirement to register and update his status as a sexual offender in Albuquerque. Detrick had been convicted for molesting three children in another area prior to his move to Albuquerque. He had however failed to update his registry information as required by law.

SOURCE- Gary Detrick had been under the watch of deputies after moving to Albuquerque after molesting three children in Silver City, but he hasn’t updated his sex offender registration in recent months.

None of this would have anything to do with getting a library card, except that Albuquerque has a law banning registered sex offender from city libraries. And, when Detrick applied to get his library card, officials cross checked his name with the state sex offender registry- and upon finding his information there, along with a notice that he was considered 'an absconder', they notified police. While Detrick was able to flee prior to police arriving, his little stunt has renewed interest in his status- and police are now hoping someone will step forward with information on his whereabouts.

160 Works for Me

A jury sentenced, and a judge laid the sentences out consecutively rather than the defenses desired concurrent method, a child molester to 160 years after finding him guilty of two counts of aggravated sexual assault of a child and one count of indecency with a child by exposure.

Prosecution argued, and the jury evidently agreed that Keith Allen Porter sexually abused a now 12 year old boy. During testimony for sentencing, the jury learned that Porter had also sexually assaulted the victims younger bother although he was no charged in connection to that.

His attorney, Stan Schwieger, said he will appeal the conviction and the judge’s order to “stack” the sentences instead of ordering them to be served concurrently.

“I think it is a tragedy for everybody,” Schwieger said. “Certainly it is a tragedy for my client, certainly a tragedy for his family and certainly a tragedy for those who made the allegations. It was not a happy place in 54th Court this week.”

Sloan said Porter deserved the long sentence. Prosecutors had offered him 20 years in prison in a plea bargain before trial started and increased it to 25 years after the boy, now a 12-year-old fifth-grader, testified Tuesday, Shafer said.

“I am glad the jury took this opportunity to sentence a pedophile,” Sloan said. “I think the sentence is appropriate considering the facts and the evidence.”

In punishment phase testimony, it was revealed that Porter also abused the boy’s younger brother while taking a bath with the siblings at a home in West. He was tried only in the abuse of the older boy.

As if being a pedophile wasn't enough to prove that this man was a disgusting waste of human DNA- it seems he also had a odd obsession of collecting dead animals in jars.

Porter, who has misdemeanor convictions for family violence and criminal mischief, also kept a collection of dead animals, including a kitten, turtles, frogs, a snake and an unidentified animal, in jars filled with oil in his closet, according to court testimony.

A West police detective said she also found dead animals in his freezer. The older boy testified that Porter put the kitten into the jar of oil while it was still alive.


An incredible deal, so good it's been shortened to incredideal in order to highlight the shortness of the deal.

Ezequiel Serrano-Ginez seems to be today's lucky winner- because despite being a kidnapping, child molesting scum bag, he was able to walk away from his charges with nothing worse than "about a year in jail after accepting a plea bargain with prosecutors."

Well, let's see what this winner did, that helped land him this awesome plea deal:

The abduction occurred Sept. 23, after Serrano-Ginez dropped the victim's 15-year-old brother off at the siblings' home.

The girl's mother said she and friends were eating hamburgers at the home when Serrano-Ginez, whom she has known for three years, grabbed the girl outside the family's front door, forced her into his car and drove off.

Serrano-Ginez drove the girl to a shopping plaza at the 6300 block of 15th Street East, and allegedly molested her there.

(First, small note to Bradenton Harold editors- it's no longer 'allegedly' after he's been convicted or plead guilty)

Back to the case at hand. A year? He's known to the family, and clearly since he'd had the victims brother with him at one point- he'd been able to gain some amount of trust from the family. He took the girl from her house- a place that should be her 'safe zone', and molested her.

Somehow just about a year doesn't seem like justice at all.

Visit Bradenton Herold for more, and be sure to scroll down for the next story there too- it's worth reading.

Something to get you through Monday Morning

It's only 7 minutes into Monday- and I already have the feeling that this is going to be a very long day. So, in light of that feeling- I think I'll start the day off with a a little humor. I know, I know, sooo unexpected. But trust me, after I get a few serious posts up- you'll be thanking me for this one.

click here.

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Beer or School stuff?

A recent comment by a Florida education official is drawing some back fire, and while I think there might of been better ways to say it- he sort of has a point which reminds me of the old saying 'sometimes the truth hurts'.

School board member Jay Wheeler's comments were made in an e-mail response to parents’ complaints that they cannot afford the new uniforms mandated by the Osceola County School District, according to

"Everyone can afford Wal-Mart and if they can’t, they need to think about turning off their cable TV or stop buying alcohol or cigarettes and spend their money on their children," he wrote.

There are many people who are putting their children first, and who are still struggling and having problems paying for everything- living on the necessities and not enjoying the extra's right now, that will have problems providing the needed garments for the school uniform policy.

At the same time, there are a lot of parents out there struggling to make ends meet who will not be able to afford the uniforms, but who make sure to pick up that pack of smokes, or eat out 3 times a week, or drink their paychecks away each week. And, in those cases- I think he's right, cut out the beer and cigarettes, and put that money aside to help cover the cost of clothing for your child.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sex Offender files lawsuit

Michael Grimaldi had a sexual encounter with his kids babysitter in 1995, and it cost him a few years in jail. Now, he's living the dream with his family, in a new town and new home. He's trying hard to escape the label of' 'sexual offender', but at the same time he's accusing his neighbors of using that label to harass him and his family.

Lori Paggioli, 44, faces a breach of peace charge in Superior Court in Rockville for saying to Michael Grimaldi during a boundary dispute last March, "If you so much as look at my kids, I will kill you," witness affidavits say. The court has twice denied her bid for accelerated rehabilitation.

In the suit filed Monday in U.S. District Court in New Haven, the Grimaldis accuse the Paggiolis of "extreme and outrageous" conduct that has deprived them of protections under the Constitution and federal and state laws. The suit also names the town of Bolton for subjecting them to "a different standard of enforcement of municipal regulations than that imposed upon any other town residents."

First I have to say- I don't think anyone should be in trouble for warning a sexual deviant about their behavior. In fact, I have no issue at all with telling some perv that if they look at your kids- you'll kill them. It's not a treat, it's a warning, and at least she was nice enough to give it.

I've read over the story- and although I can only go by what is currently available online- I'm saying this suit is a little crazy. These are merely disputing neighbors, one who happens to be a sexual offender. And- honestly- if he didn't want to feel different than other people, or be treated differently by society, then perhaps he should of kept it in his pants. Trying to use his criminal record as a reason to make a buck off neighbors now seems a little too much like prospering from his crimes.

This Week On America's Most Wanted

The best part of the week is here, and hopefully you're getting ready to enjoy it. Just be sure to be around Saturday night, for America's Most Wanted- which airs at 9pm on your local Fox station. This week, the following cases will be aired:

The NorCal Rapist: Since 1991, police believe that one man has been responsible for a series of sexual assaults on women in various Northern California communities. He's been dubbed 'The NorCal Rapist' and since his last attack in October of 2006, cops have intensified the search for this serial predator.

Unknown Sean Aquitania Killer: On Sept. 14, 2007, Elk Grove School District bus driver, Cathy Snow, witnessed an unforgettable tragedy. At the end of her shift, a man ran along side her bus with a dying baby in his arms. He handed the child off to a stunned Snow, but it was too late...the 7-month-old baby's injuries were far too severe. Now, authorities in Sacramento, Calif. are on the lookout for two men responsible for the murder of young Sean Aquitania Jr. who was injured during a home invasion robbery that also claimed his father's life.

Maribel Vasquez: For months, accused madam Maribel Rodriguez Vasquez has eluded arrest by federal agents for the atrocious crimes of illegally importing young, innocent girls from Guatemala and forcing them into the brutal life of sexual servitude. Law enforcement officials recently bolstered their efforts to find Vasquez by naming her as one of the FBI's Top Ten Fugitives in Los Angeles and they say that it is only a matter of time until she is captured.

Jurel Roberson: When three army buddies on leave from Iraq headed for a night out to a Tucson, Ariz. nightclub, it seemed like the perfect recipe for some much needed rest and relaxation. However, cops say one of the men chatted up a woman, and her boyfriend -- Jurel Roberson -- may have taken their conversation the wrong way. Hours later, police tell AMW that Roberson gunned down 25-year-old Army Spc. Robert Glenn and left another man wounded in a deadly drive-by shooting.

Delbert Sampson: Delaware State Police are seeking information on the whereabouts of a convicted child molester, Delbert Duane Sampson, who they say bolted from the state after failing to register as a sex offender.

Roger Day: Investigators for the Department of Defense are gunning for a con artist with a knack for intrigue. Agents say Roger Charles Day, Jr. may have faked his own death in an attempt to escape prosecution for defrauding the DOD out of $8.4 million in defense contracts.

Pedro Ortiz: A South Boston teen, expecting a fair fight, set out to settle a score in his Dorchester, Mass. neighborhood. But when he arrived, he was mobbed by six attackers ranging in age from 16 to nearly 30. What ensued was a savage beating in full public view.

Brianna Denison: One day after Reno authorities found female remains in an industrial area of southeast Reno, an autopsy has tragically confirmed that the body is that of Brianna Denison. Police say that Brianna was found in a vacant, undeveloped field about 8 miles from where the 19-year-old college student was last seen. The field had up until recently been covered in snow and cops believe that her body had been there for more than a week. The autopsy showed that Brianna had been strangled and now Reno authorities believe that they have a serial rapist on their hands since DNA evidence has linked Brianna's case to three other incidents. The Denison family spoke with AMW today to urge the public to keep a watchful eye for clues leading to Brianna's killer because "now we're on a manhunt."

A Special Visit From Arnold Schwarzenegger: AMW host John Walsh met recently with Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger, and the Governor said he strongly believes in DNA database collection, both to convict the guilty and to exonerate the innocent.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dad takes out molester

Few of us could imagine what it would be like to find a sexual deviant in our child's bed, touching them in the middle of the night. I don't imagine that any of us wants to find out what it would be like- although most of us can reasonably come up with an idea of what we'd do if put in that situation.

Stop the ACLU has a case where a father found himself in that situation, along with video of him retelling the ordeal. Follow this link for more...

A cheat, and a murderer

Well, perhaps not a full fledged murder, but a 'attempt to hire a hitman wanna be' murderer. Either way, he's pretty much scum. Cheating on the wife was bad enough, but then not having the balls to come clean and divorce her like a normal man? Attempting to hire a hit man to clean up his mess?? Yeah, this guy is a loser, and I'm sure that his wife- after getting over all the betrayal- will be glad to have a few prison walls between the two of them.

Kenneth Griffin fell in love with a Venezuelan prostitute, decided she should move to America and concluded his wife must be killed, according to details in an affidavit released on Wednesday.

Yeah, he had an affair with a hooker. Bet he feels special when he wakes up on that jailhouse cot in the mornings.

According to the arrest document, the former Oklahoma City police officer went to Venezuela with an ex-convict friend, Jonathan Eric Conlon, in July 2007. While there, Griffin met a prostitute and decided he wanted her to come back to the United States.

Conlon told authorities Griffin wanted him to kill his wife, Maya. Griffin went so far as to pay Conlon $1,000 in cash on April 15, money that was to be paid to a hit man named "Vic," investigators said.

Thank God for the wife that this loser has the same sort of brains as he has taste in women lately- bad.

I don't like my sister

To be blunt-- I don't really like many people in my family. They are what most people would consider 'assholes'. Of course, it'd be wrong for me to consider them to be assholes, so I just focused on being thankful that I can go the rest of my life without having to talk to them again. But, that's not really the point. You see, even when I did like my sister- I don't think I liked her enough to cherish the thought of having to live with her, and I am really sure that I have never liked her enough to live with her dead, mummified body.

An elderly woman lived for a year with her mummified sister in a home on Detroit’s east side, police said.

Authorities made the discovery Wednesday after neighbors expressed worries over not seeing the sisters in some time.

Investigators found the dead woman sitting in a chair inside the house on Buffalo Street near Seven Mile and Mound roads, police said.

Most likely not a crime, other than failing to report the death- if that indeed is a crime. However... it's got the 'ick' factor going, and I needed a quick change of thought to distract me from the stories that do include crimes.

(personal note- not everyone thinks my family members are assholes, in fact if you asked them they'd say they are all great and I'm the problem. But- really- between us, it's not me at all)

Mom, Boyfriend and baby

I have to start by saying that single women do have a right to date, to experience adult relationships with men despite having the 'mom' in their name. However, it never seems to fail that every few days we hear of a case where mom, boyfriend and baby equaled one baby to many- and the boyfriend has taken it upon himself to take care of the extra baggage- sometimes with the mothers consent, but most often without.

There's no excuse for a 'boyfriend' to beat a child. In fact, I find it seriously troubling that any man, regardless of the relationship he has with a mom, believes that he has the right to touch a child. I honestly believe that we ought to be enacting the age old lesson 'do unto others as you'd have done unto you' saying, and start beating a few of these assholes, as a sort of "How do you like it now, fucker?" experiment.

I'm tired of reading the same old headlines, especially when they all seem to end the same way:

Boyfriend Charged In New Castle Baby Death

I doubt that I need to quote much, as we all know what happened: mom left baby in care of boyfriend, boyfriend couldn't act like a real man and instead began beating child. Child dies from injuries. This time, in this case- it took an entire 45 minutes from the time mom left, until boyfriend called police to report the child not responding.

We can now welcome 23-year-old Mark Strickler to the special community of men who beat children to death. Bet his mom is really proud, and thanking God that none of her boyfriends ever acted like her son did.

Five years later, Beloved Doe gets justice

After waiting five years to identify the little body of a child found in a dumpster in Houston, police say they now know who the child was- and how his life was cut short, and his body tossed out as if it was nothing more than trash.

"Beloved Doe" was 5-year-old Jose Bernardo Martinez. He was found in a Dumpster at the Willowcreek Apartments on Office City Drive on March 13, 2003.

FBI officials said Jose had been wrapped in a gray blanket and placed in a plastic bag. He was wearing only a diaper.

His 30-year-old mother, Ma Dana Martinez, was charged with felony murder -- injury to a child by omission, officials said.

Jose died from dehydration and malnutrition, an autopsy ruled. He weighed between 18 and 28 pounds at the time of his death.

The little boys father, who is not with the mother, was evidently told that his son was ill, and had been in a hospital getting treatment, with a limited visitation schedule.

Investigators said Martinez gave a partial confession. They said Jose was singled out from other children in the family because of an illness and was allowed to starve to death.

"I can't explain why that happened," Moreno said.

Martinez told investigators that Jose's illness required him to have a feeding tube. Detectives said Martinez tried to justify her son's death, but did not elaborate.

Officials do not yet know Jose's illness.

Besides the malnutrition, there were no other signs of abuse or injuries.

I don't care what sort of illness a child has- allowing them to starve to death, and then tossing them aside as if they were nothing is never an acceptable way to deal with it. This woman is sick, but the sort that requires mental help- a lifetime in prison should be treatment enough.

I've had enough...

For those of you who pop in on a regular basis, you've likely come to realize that I tend to focus a bit more on certain types of crimes although I'm likely to post just about any crime that grabs my attention while browsing the news. However, the main focus has, and always will be crimes against women and children. Usually- we're talking physical abuse or sexual abuse. It's because I'm impassioned about these topics, because I believe that it's important to share these stories with you. I have however failed to give proper attention, at least here, to another form of abuse that often goes under mentioned by a lot of people.

Fat kids. I know, that's not nice to say. But- lets face it there are some kids out there that pasted the 'babyfat' or chunky or big boned description all the way to the 'dear god that child is fat' stage. And I know, that's mean to say about anyone- let alone a child. However, I feel that even meaner than me saying it, is that parents allow this to happen. For the record, we are not talking about a kid 10 pounds to heavy, or one that has medical issues which prevents them from keeping a healthy weight. We're talking about children who are allowed to devour whatever assortment of foods they wish, while doing nothing that even resembles activity beyond reaching for another cupcake.

I know parents who wouldn't think of beating their child, who couldn't imagine taking an action against their child that would endanger that child's life. And yet- at the same time they allow their child to maintain a lifestyle surrounded by food which- get this- can endanger their lives. Being overweight puts adults at a greater risk of life threatening illnesses, just what do you think it does to the health of a child?

I know it's hard to tell your child that they can't have that extra piece of cake- but it's your job to. Grow up people. You're slowly killing those children you claim to love so much. I would think that when having to pick between taking your kid outside to motivate them to burn off some of that extra junk food you allow them to shove in their mouths, or having to inject them with medications for diabetes or heart disease every single day- you'd pick the first one.

I don't really care that someone thinks beating a kid until they are an inch from death is worse than feeding one until they are an inch from death-- either option IS abuse, and anyone who would do either seriously needs to have their parental rights evaluated.

Children shouldn't look like short sumo wrestlers, take away the french fries and fast food, give them less deserts and candy- and encourage them to do daily activities that require more effort than opening the frig. And if my annoyance at you allowing your 7 year old to weigh 175lbs isn't enough, then read this.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Romeo set free

As passionate as I am against sex crimes, I have for a long time believed that while the sex offender registry is good in theory- there's a few places where it could be improved. Don't get me wrong, I believe we all should be warned when the rapist moves in next door, or the pedophile decides to make his home near our families. But- there's been this gray area... these Romeo cases where honestly- it wasn't a pedophile preying on a young girl, or a case where some teenage boy forced himself on an unwilling victim. No, there are the cases where two willing and wanting teenagers- no matter how misguided they were, made a choice to be together, landing one of them in jail.

I don't believe that a few years age difference between two fools who believe they are in love should end with one wearing a lifetime scarlet letter. Maybe it's because in my younger years I 'loved' someone a few years older than me, and because of that- I can see not only the silliness in my 'love' but the immaturity in my actions.

I know not everyone agrees, but seriously- a 18 year old with a 16 year old girlfriend shouldn't be our biggest concern, and putting them on the list with sexual deviants and serial predators only belittles the seriousness of the crimes committed against actual victims. Punish them if you must- but don't toss them in with people who groom children, people who are out to victimize others. Most of these Romeo's are barely adults themselves, and pose little real threat to anyone. Despite their lack of proper judgment.

All that being said- I must say that I'm happy to know that the new Romeo and Juliet type laws allowing registered sex offenders whose crimes really shouldn't have put them on the SOR list, are starting give these people a shot at being cast in a light other than being the town perv.

Take Joshua Tomlin, he was 19 when he had sex with his 15 year old girlfriend. He was charged, pleaded no contest and put on the sex offender registry. He's spent 10 years living his life as best he can, raising a family and attempting to make amends for the mistakes he made in the past. He is not a predator, not a pedophile, not a rapist- just a guy who once made the choice to have sex with a girl who he cared about, but who wasn't really old enough. Yes, I know- he could of waited until it was legal. Could have held off and saved himself a conviction, and the stigma of having to be labeled a sex offender. But he didn't. And he's paid for it ever since... well up until now.

So when he found out about a new law giving him a chance to have his name stricken from the state's registry of sex offenders, he planned to use his income tax return to get a lawyer.

Last week, after a court hearing in which state prosecutors agreed that he met all the criteria set out by the new law, Tomlin became the first person in Sarasota County to get his name removed from the state's registry, usually a lifelong stigma that follows convicted sex offenders.

He is the 20th person to be granted relief under the "Romeo and Juliet" law, intended to separate those convicted of certain teenage sexual activity from other sex offenders. There are more than 43,000 men and women registered as sex offenders or sexual predators in Florida.

Few sex offenders qualify to have their name removed from the registry under the new law. The victim in the case must be between 14 and 17, a willing participant in the sexual activity and no more than four years younger than the offender. The offense must be the only sex crime on the offender's record.

Look, I'm not saying that he should be awarded- or that anyone who violates the law should be, I'm just saying that sometimes teenagers have sex. It's not rape, it's not grooming- it's just sex. We can try as hard as possible to stop it, but it's going to happen. And we really need to sit back and decide whether it's more important to protect our children from pedophiles, our sisters from rapist etc, or if it's more important to punish a teenager for doing what teenagers do. I don't know about you- but I'd rather the real threats to our society be on the lists, and the love lorn teenagers be kept off it. We've got enough problems deciphering what the SORs are saying about the demented perverts on the list, we don't need to add to the trouble by putting people on there that shouldn't really be.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Sure... that's what they want us to think

So, I'm scrolling through the news today and I start reading some halfwitted commentary on CNN about sex offenders, and the guy who had to put up signs all around his yard to help point out to his neighbors that he's one of 'those' people who can't keep their hands to themselves. It started out decent, but went on a downhill slop about the time that the writer decided to mention a conversation with a friend of his on the case.

But child molesters get me riled up. I get angry, sad, hot whenever I hear a story about a child being hurt. Even other criminals get hot under the collar about child molesters. Child molesters in prison often have to be segregated from the general population lest they be beaten, raped or killed by other inmates.

But other than locking them up for life in some prison, what do you do with a child molester? I have often wondered what we can do to keep these creeps away from our children.

See, that is the logic part... the wondering what we can actually do to stop this, the concern that at some point these predators will reoffend- because we all know that they will at some point. Now for the less logical part:

"That's exactly what he deserves, isn't it?" I asked my friend Rich, another former sex crimes prosecutor.

I generally agree with Rich. He is smart (Harvard Law) and was a hard-as-nails prosecutor. But he surprised me when he said, "Actually, Sunny, I'm not so sure about that. Statistically, offenders that have a place to work and live and are reintegrated into society typically don't reoffend. It's when they are unmoored from society that they are at a higher risk of hurting a child again."

Then, he went on to say: "This scarlet letter thing encourages people to engage in vigilante-style justice and would make it impossible for offenders to live in our society. So you have to balance warning the public so they can take precautions to protect themselves and the possibility of vigilante justice and allowing offenders to integrate into society."

Hum. Okay- on the surface that sounds good. But, sounding good and actually being good is two very different things.

You see, everyone on this sex offenders are treated unfair trip likes to toss out the fact that they believe (and questionable studies seem to support, but we'll get into that at another time) that sex offenders living a normal life, blending in well with society, and having the same freedoms and life choices that the rest of us have prevents them from offending. They say that the less connected to society that an offender is- the more likely they will offend again.

I beg to differ. It might sound good, and it might even sound logical- but let's actually take into account what we know.

Most unconvicted, never been caught before child molesters appear to be normal everyday people. They blend in with society, they have family and friends and a 'normal' network of people around them. They are accepted into family environment, maintain jobs, homes and often even families. They are- sex offenders without the scarlet letter so to speak. Sex offenders who although they are committing crimes, haven't gotten on that registry yet because they haven't gotten caught. In fact- they have everything that these 'poor sex offender' supports believe that convicted sex offenders deserve... and yet they are out there offending. Blending into society, being accepted by others isn't deterring them from acting out and molesting children- it's ENABLING them to do it. No one knows what they are, so they can easily slide into a situation where they more inapt to commit a crime against a child. They have EVERYTHING that the convicted sex offender on the registry is begging for- and yet they are out there molesting kids!!! So... if being in society, being accepted by their peers, having jobs, families, friends blah blah.. isn't deterring them from committing these crimes- why would it deter a convicted sex offender from committing them again?

It's insane logic these people are using. Trust me- take two convicted offenders, mark one with a scarlet letter and pretend the other one is just an average Joe- and that Joe is far more likely to be accepted into a situation where he can find another victim. The only problem is that since no one knows what he really is- he has a greater chance of getting away with it. Remember, the average offend has dozen and dozens of victims prior to getting caught the first time around... the only thing they learn from being arrested is how to avoid getting caught the next time around. That's why we have the sex offender registrations- because so many unknown yet convicted perverts where out there reoffending again and again and again.

Back to the commentary, at the end the writer almost gets it correct:
But then he said, "Bottom line is, these guys that hurt children; the serial offenders -- I think they are just wired wrong. And nothing can fix that. They should just spend the rest of their lives in prison."

Now that's the Rich I know. We argued the issue up one side and down the other with no real resolution, because that's how lawyers talk to each other

Of course, by the time I got to that part, I was so annoyed with the 'scarlet letter is mean and wrong' theory being tossed in there that I didn't care much that the idiot attempted to slide back on the fence post and play the part of someone who actually knows that as long as these deviants are running free, we're running a risk of having our children victimized.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Child Molester Dead

A convicted child molester who three years ago cam forward, still claiming he was innocent, has died while serving out his sentence at the Montana State Prison in Deer Lodge.

(linked above- which you'll want to read the entire post)The convicted child molester, who is serving a 130-year sentence, talked about growing up in Massachusetts and his dream to run a halfway house for sex offenders. He also gave advice to parents on how to protect children from sexual predators.

But throughout the conversations, Bar-Jonah maintained he had nothing to do with the disappearance of 10-year-old Zachary Ramsay from Great Falls in 1996. Although Bar-Jonah was never convicted in that case, police allegations that he kidnapped, killed and cannibalized the boy captured international media attention.

Prison officials are investigating Nathaniel Bar-Jonah's death after he was found unresponsive in his jail cell, and then declared dead after being taken to Powell County Memorial.

Back On February 20, 2002 Bar-Jonah went on trial for kidnapping, sexually assaulting and choking a teenage neighbor boy and was eventually sentenced to 130 years.

Authorities also charged Bar-Jonah with murder in the 1996 disappearance of 10-year-old Zach Ramsay, saying the evidence suggested Bar-Jonah had butchered the boy and disposed of his body in meals served to neighbors. The murder charge was later dismissed after Ramsay's mother said she would testify she believed her son was still alive.

Bar-Jonah pleaded guilty in Massachusetts in 1977 to charges of kidnapping, attempted murder and impersonation of a police officer after he posed as a police officer and kidnapped two boys.--- Montana News

The Silverman's

The Silverman family isn't your average family. At one time it consisted of 4 year old Mikel,and his 4-month-old sister Keylee, along with his father Doron and mother Heather. It could have been the all around perfect family- except that Doron is a convicted child molester- having molesting a 5-year-old girl when he was 13. Even that wouldn't have prevented them from being a normal family... but like so many other cases, this one gets worse- starting with what -allegedly- happened to Mikel.

During Memorial Day weekend 2006, Batya Silverman reported that he asked her to perform a sex act on him. When she asked him where he learned it, the boy and told her that "Daddy did it." according to Batya Silverman.

Batya is Doron's sister, who has also accused him of molesting her as a child. Because of the suspicion of new sex crimes involving Mikel, police opened an investigation and were looking into the charges when Heather -allegedly- burned the families home down, with the two children inside, killing both of them. She'll be headed to court on charges stemming from the arson and murder on April 28.

With the children dead, and no victim it was left to the court to decide whether statements Mikel make could be submitted into evidence.
During Silverman's December 2006 trial, Mikel's statements were admitted under an exception to the hearsay rule. Hearsay is second-hand testimony and is not allowed in most cases.

But Silverman appealed his conviction, and the higher court ruled in his favor.
The appeals court found that Montgomery County Common Pleas Judge Michael T. Hall erred when he found that because Mikel was dead, the court did not need to determine the boy's competency before including the statements.

Under Ohio law, a child under the age of 10 is presumed not competent to testify until proven otherwise. A judge will generally have a hearing, with the child present, to determine the child's ability to understand and remember facts and tell the truth.

The appeals court relied on a 1994 Ohio Supreme Court decision, Ohio vs. Said, which requires an additional finding of competence before such hearsay statements may be admitted under evidence rules. A court "cannot determine the competency of a child through consideration of the child's out-of-court statements alone," the high court found.

The prosecutors want the appeal overturned, and seem ready to take this to Supreme Court, because without the statements by Mikel- they have nothing to go on other than incriminating statements during interviews with detectives by Silverman himself.
In limited cases, prosecutors argue, the competency of a child unable to testify should be proven by evidence of the circumstances when the statements were made and evidence from persons familiar with the child.

Malocu said last week that, though he was not required to file a brief with the Supreme Court, he would consider doing so.

And so it gets down to a possible question of how the relationship with the aunt was- whether it's possible that the child would have confided in her, would have made the statement at all- and whether or not the court should find her to be a believable witness.

Silverman's lawyer is doing the best scumbad defender defense dance he can, and is holding firm to his position:
"This whole thing is about rules," Malocu said. "We have constitutional rights and we have fundamental fairness. It's the state's burden to prove it within the rules, whether constitutional rules or evidentiary rules.

Perhaps someone should remind him that it would likely be possible to question Mikel about his statements, would likely be possible to back up the state's claims- had he not be conveniently murdered at the hands of this lawyer's client's wife.

Could have been the perfect family... except that they were so far from it.

Saturday, April 12, 2008

BMX, Caves, and Myspace

Parents, I'm not saying that the predators aren't completely to blame for their behaviors- but at the same time I can not possibly stress the fact that if you are completely careless with your children that you don't stop to think that it's a little odd for that grown man to be spending weekends with your son- if you don't stop to question what your 12 year old is doing on MySpace, if you don't pause and wonder just how healthy it is for your kid to be camping out overnight with an adult, and driving his BMW, and working on his BMX bike with him.... if you actually take so little interest in your child that he comes home molested on NUMEROUS occasions by the SAME person- you are NOT doing your job. You are lacking in the 'taking care of your responsibilities' department... and that is not okay.

Having said that, Hubert Haraszewski, 32 of Vista California is a deviant sexual predator- grooming at least one of his two victims- and using all the usual methods. He ought to be spending a lot of time in prison, and we can only sit back and hope that he will- which might just happen since he's facing 381 years to life behind bars.

After a preliminary hearing that lasted just over a day at the Vista courthouse, Judge David Danielsen determined that enough evidence was presented to order the defendant to stand trial on 16 counts and allegations, including multiple counts of committing a lewd act on a child, possession of child pornography and posing a child for prohibited acts.

According to court documents, investigators found thumb drives in the defendant's car and his parents' home in Palmdale that contained pornographic images of the two alleged victims.

The older of the two, who is now 13, testified Thursday that he met Haraszewski while riding BMX bicycles near his home in Costa Mesa and that defendant -- who he knew as "Squirrel" -- molested him in various places, including San Onofre State Beach.

Read the entire article, and then read it again. And if you see anything that reminds you- even in the smallest amount- like a relationship your child has with an adult... you might want to step in and make sure nothing sinister is going on when you are out of eye shot.

I'm tired of predators using children for their disgusting benefit- but I'm just as tired of parents dropping the ball and allowing this to happen. Yes, it would be nice if we could all just trust that our children are safe regardless of who they are with- but quite frankly, that's just not a reality. Which means that we HAVE to remain aware and active at all times.

Thanks to trench.


I'm going to be frank about something, and all I ask of you is that you hear (or read) the entire little rant of mine through before making any assumptions about it.

Up until recently I was a huge supporter of 'child abuse awareness month'. And then I started thinking what a waste it really it. An entire month to promote the fight against child abuse? A month of having proactive, safe child, anti abuse messages tossed around endlessly. TV commercials, nightly updates on the current 'anti child abuse' activities going around, those little reminder flags that child protective service agencies feel compelled to put out on lawns. Even the marathons, the fund raisers... all of- wasteful. A slight distraction to our normal everyday life, which does nothing to change anything at all.

You see, there really is a series of problems with this whole 'child abuse awareness month' idea.

One month out of twelve, that's what we dedicate to raising awareness and preventing child abuse. 30 days out of 365 to remind communities of the children effected by abuse- of the children who died because of abuse, the children left beaten, battered, and their spirits broken. We give 30 days to somehow pretend that it's going to be better for the other 335 days of the year.

Now, really- some might say that my views on this are tainted- that most people involved in these programs give all 365 days, that they are continually active in preventing and dealing with child abuse... that their lives are dedicated to this cause, and that really these 30 days of April are meant to inspire others, to teach others- but that's not to say that they ignore the other months of the year. And I agree. There are people who make preventing child abuse a lifelong mission, and those people are to be highly commended.

And that's where the problem lies. Those who are on this mission- they are already doing all that they can, everyday that they can. They don't need a special month, a certain colored ribbon, or a flag stuck in the ground to be reminded of the children that are effected everyday by abuse- because they already do everything they can for these kids. And if the rest of us need a certain month to be reminded of children who are being victimized- well, that's just heartbreaking. No one should need to be reminded. No one should need a month dedicated to raising awareness- because it's something we all should be working to prevent every single day of the year. We shouldn't require a write up in the local newspaper in order to be prompted to reach out to a child who we see living in an environment that is unhealthy. We shouldn't need an ad on TV to remind us that if we see or know of a child who is being abused, we should step up to help them.

The fact that we need these reminders at all, is disheartening. But, the fact that someone actually understands that we DO need these... that's even sadder. Because I doubt that those who need to be reminded of the message the very most, will actually be moved into action in just a months time. Those are the people that need these reminders, these messages every single day- and lets face it- by the first of May, they are most likely to forget everything they just heard about, if they listened to it at all to begin with, and return to their shallow little lives- in the end moved to do nothing, and thus they will remain that way until next April comes around.

You see, that's really the problem with Child Abuse Awareness month- those who don't need the message are the ones getting the message, and those who need it most are only getting it for 30 days- and sadly, most of them are ignoring it anyway.

Every day of your life you have a responsibility to care for the children you brought into this world. To put their lives ahead of your own, to treat them with love, to cherish them- to never hurt them. You agreed, whether knowingly or not, to do your part to raise that child right the moment you helped bring them into this world. And, by default- by doing nothing more than breathing and living in this society you also have a second responsibility. You can try to blow it off by saying that it's not your problem, or that you don't like to get into other people's problems, or that you're just to busy raising your own children- but all those excuses are nothing more than sad cop outs. You know just as well as I do that you have a moral obligation, not just to seeing that your own children are well protected, but to also do what you can to protect other children. If that means stepping up and reporting abuse- then get some compassion and do it. I doubt any child is going to be upset that you helped saved them from being beaten by their parents.

April may be child abuse awareness month, but your devotion to doing all that you can to ensure every child has a safe environment to live in shouldn't start on the 1st and end on the 30th. You shouldn't need a reminder to do the right thing. Make everyday a day count become impassioned and motivated to help every single day of the year, and maybe one day we'll reach the point where we don't need a month to remind people that it's not okay to abuse a child, or to ignore the abuse of a child by someone else.

Friday, April 11, 2008

Probation for Girl Who Killed "dad"

I don't condone murder, I don't believe that anyone should take the law into their own hands because honestly- justice should be delivered via a courtroom.

That being said, I have to agree that this child, who was for years sexually and emotionally abused by the very person responsible for her care and upbringing- doesn't belong in jail. What she needs more than anything else is a safe place to recover, surrounded by people who are willing to love and protect her.

A 14-year-old girl acknowledged killing her father with a 12-gauge shotgun blast to the face to end years of sexual abuse and could be on juvenile probation until she turns 21, her attorney said Thursday.

Defense attorney Patrick Nightingale said the girl accepted an offer from the Allegheny County District Attorney's Office to be adjudicated delinquent, the juvenile court equivalent of a guilty plea. She was placed on probation on a charge of involuntary manslaughter, the least serious grade of homicide in Pennsylvania, the attorney said.

"I think the DA's office has been consistently very enlightened in its approach because they know my client suffered significant trauma at the hands of her father," Nightingale said. "And I'm very happy on behalf of my client that we won't have to live through that trauma again in a trial setting."

The girl was 13 when she shot Matthew Booth Sr., 34, on July 30 in the squalid home they shared in Elizabeth Township, a rural suburb about 20 miles southeast of Pittsburgh. Nightingale and the girl told authorities Booth had abused her since she was about 7.

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For a child to be put in such a disgusting environment is horrifying enough, but for this 'father' to steal years of her life by sexually abusing her- dead really was too good for him. We can now only hope and pray that this child is able to overcome everything in her life, and find a place to heal.

Parenting Differences...

I recall once listening to a friends mother describe how her folks had attempted to discourage her from marrying my friends father because they were of different religions and her parents feared it would lead to strong problems when they had children. And it did. The mother wanted to raise the kids in her Catholic religion, and the father was dead set on raising the children in his Jewish beliefs. Holidays were a ball of entertainment- as long as you weren't actually a member of that family.

In my own personal life, I'd received the greatest advice ever when it came to being a parent- make sure your mate has mostly the same child rearing beliefs as you do, or be willing to settle for arguments throughout the kids' childhood.

Sadly, Joseph Manzanares and his girlfriend must not of received any of the related advice prior to having their four year old son. Even worse is the fact that these two losers were able to have a child at all- let along together.

A fight about the decision led to a public disturbance with the father's arrest. Joseph Manzanares went to the video store where his girlfriend worked, threatened to kill her and knocked over several video displays, police told KMGH Denver.

Police arrested Manzanares at his home, Commerce City police Sgt. Joe Sandoval told KMGH Denver.

The girlfriend told authorities they were fighting over which gang their son should join. The girlfriend, who is black, is a member of the Crips while Manzanares, who is Hispanic, belongs to the Westside Ballers.

I'll admit, I think some child rearing disagreements are fair game- not everyone thinks it's best to put their kids in bed at 8pm, and you're likely to run into that couple that can't agree on how big a 2 year old's birthday party should be, or more commonly- there will be some area of parenting where you and your beloved don't see eye to eye. And that's okay. Except when the topic of discussion revolves around what gang your kids should be raised in. Then, the issue should be refocused onto something more important- like which DHS agency should be snatching that kid out of your care.

Taming the Beast: Charles Manson's life behind bars

Edward George has been where few of us would willingly go, both physically and emotionally. His book, Taming the Beast: Charles Manson's Life Behind Bars, is evidence of that. He spent 8 years as a prison counselor to Charles Manson, and now offers readers a rare glimpse at the man who led his followers down a deadly road.

The following is from Mr. George:

The Legend of Charles Manson
I who write these verses,
Expands his dirty deeds.
Perhaps the worse that I can do
Is immortalize this Beast.
Charlie went to prison,
By way of death row.
That’s where I met this murderer,
At San Quentin, years ago.
He had a mother who didn’t care,
And a father who wasn’t there,
Nobody there to wipe his ass,
And everybody treated him just like trash
Scram, little shit, you’re in the way.
Get lost, you idiot, go out and play.
The little bastard had no place to go,
So like a stray dog, his meanness grew.
Down dark alleys, asleep in parks,
He wandered the streets in the dark.
He met some friends who helped him along.
They taught him things that were very wrong.
Who cares for little boys who run away?
And when they steal, what do they say?
Who cares for kids who don’t know what’s real?
What do they say when they start to steal?
He stole some cars and robbed a store,
He grabbed the money and ran out the door.
When he got caught, he ran away,
In foster homes, he would never stay.
Reform schools added to his lot,
Deforming him was part of the plot.
Twisted thoughts was what they taught,
And he learned the skills that evil men sought.
They locked him up with the big boys
Who took away all his toys.
They told him, kid, shut your mouth,
And never snitch about what you see.
Big boys give and little boys take,
And every day, he’d cry and shake.
He lost his manhood one lonely night,
In fear of dying, he gave up the fight.
He asked God’s help,
When he prayed at night.
No angel came to
Take away his fright.
He threw away his virtue,
Called Jesus a big joke.
His soul became defiant,
And he gave up heavenly hope.
Christians like to torture,
They like to start wars.
They fight over doctrines,
And kill without remorse
They forget love and compassion,
The one thing that counts.
Still they hope is for a heaven,
That many people doubt.
Even his mother, a child’s only hope,
Left him for a man he didn’t know.
His father, he called a traitor
Who slipped away like soap.
His body raped when the sun went down,
His soul purged by day.
They lock him in a chamber
Where no one wanted to stay.
For years they gave him dirty looks,
Stripped him with every glance.
He cried at night, till he cried no more,
And dreamt of living on a far off shore.
Sitting in prison cells for many years,
His music came with a rush of tears,
When he struck a cord on an old guitar,
Songs poured out like water from a jar.
He spent half his life behind cold stone walls,
For crimes that weren’t so bad,
Like stealing cars and smashing doors,
Writing bad checks and pimping whores.
Then one day, in nineteen sixty-seven,
He thought he died and gone to heaven.
He got a parole after doing a dime,
So he grabbed his guitar and walked the line.
From the LA streets and the Hollywood set,
He went to San Francisco without a cent.
He picked up girls as they came along.
In the summer of love, nothing was wrong.
With sex and drugs and music free,
He found the awesome LSD
Who could imagine what he had in store,
With psychedelic powers, he opened a door.
Searching the Haight and Asbury Streets,
He roamed through acid and flowery sweets,
Dazzling creatures with a cunning smile
Embracing each love with hidden guile.
He held resentment toward the world,
For the loss of fun he never had.
He hated those who had much more,
And the girls whose parents could buy the store.
No high school proms, no football games,
No flashy clothes or camp fire flames,
No friends to hang with after school,
No where to go but play the fool.
He went to Berkeley and found new tricks,
And checked out Telegraph where stoners trip.
He fed his cravings and fucked on the floor,
Chasing for pleasures all men adore.
Fun and games went on for days,
They danced and swayed in a lazy daze.
Charlie claimed he was the one,
Who would save the world before he was done.
The girls wanted things he couldn’t give,
But he would show them how to live.
He hated all their social skills,
And broke them down in piggy swills.
With voodoo eyes, he mesmerized.
They could not turn away.
He worked his magic into their souls,
And in their minds the devil rose.
“If you want to follow me,” he said,
“You must change what you do.
I live outside the law, I’m an outlaw by name.
Just a prison junky who doesn’t want your shame.”
Living for years in a wired cage,
He hit the streets with savage rage.
No one knew the plan in his head,
Or how many people would soon be dead?
The women who followed were clever and bright,
As rebellious as Charlie and ready for flight.
They turned away from homes that were good,
So strong the attraction of Charlie, the hood.
They jumped on a bus and hit the road,
And leaped over mountains like a big mother toad.
They painted the bus with rainbows of color,
And never turned back to wave to their mothers.
He led them through a forest bright,
Feasting on them with great delight’
Feeding them tales by a camp fire sight,
With wolf like eyes that shown in the night.
Now Charlie claimed he was the only way.
It was pretty incredible, that all the girls stayed.
He made a pack like Dorien Gray,
For demon powers that would never decay.
Charlie liked to play the clown,
His sinister side he hid with renown.
A mask so Raven, a smile divine,
He seduced each girl with loquacious wine.
They jumped on the bus and started to jam,
It was then the psychedelic party began.
With LSD and his mystical charm,
He used this power, every soul to harm.
He had a plan with a goat headed ram,
To be the leader with a swastika brand.
They rolled into Hollywood hoping for gold,
Thinking about a million records sold.
They traveled around with hardly a cent,
And staked out a mansion without paying rent.
Charlie walked puddles in Beverly Hills,
And hung with the Beach Boys at a Malibu Grill.
His plan was to sing and be a great star,
His girls would sing backup, a little bizarre.
They gave out sex at their master’s command.
Then dared his friends with new demands.
They wanted a record to be made,
But Terry’s offer Was doomed to fade.
When Manson team pushed him around,
Terry Melchor put him down.
Rejected by the LA crowd,
Manson began to screech aloud.
He threatened those who were his friends,
And said that he would take revenge.
Charlie’s head woman, found on the street,
Soon became his favorite sweet.
She carried the torch when Charlie was gone,
Protecting the family whether right or wrong.
She found an old ranch where a blind man lived,
And through her charms, he invited her in.
Charlie shoveled shit to pay his way
And fed the horses, so he let him stay.
Lynette cut hay as quick as should could,
Taking charge of the ranch as Charlie would.
She assured Mister Spahn understood
That he’d better be quiet for his own good.
The girls gave sex to join his club,
Charlie took honors, never using a sub.
Just like a pimp, he made them feel tall,
As long as they stayed under his law.
But get out of line or become a snitch
Your life was over as quick as a stitch.
Charlie condemnation, as strong as a Pope,
He gave no forgiveness and offered no hope.
When money ran low, all the fun stopped,
They ate garbage, and whatever they stole.
They crept by night over the Hollywood Hills,
When the lights were low and the air filled with chills.
Charlie ranted and railed about corporate greed,
And in his family, he planted a deep seed.
You fight these freaks with sneak attacks
With knives held behind your backs.
The Beatles spoke to Charlie’s brain,
Sending messages in their songs.
“Helter Skelter” told him what to do,
How could the solution be wrong?
At first, he gave orders to test his thoughts,
To see if his minions did what he sought.
Amazed was he, they did what he said,
He found the power others would soon dread.
A hot desert wind blew over the land,
The keeper of the wild began to demand,
“Protect the planet, the water, the air,
The animals and trees are under our care.”
The rich build decks out of redwood trees,
They rape the land and destroy the bees,
They pollute the air, the water and sea,
The animals are dying, all agreed.
For days they sung of death and doom,
Until one night under the moon,
With ropes and guns and blades in hand,
And crept into a stranger’s land.
So desperate now, they stayed out of sight,
Their fiendish minds no longer bright,
Whoever they sought as they stalked the night
Tex had dreams of malicious delight.
Gather your knives, and follow me,
Let’s show them malice for cutting the trees.
No one will stop us, no one be spared,
We’ll strike tonight, our vengeance be theirs.
Charlie gave Tex a knife and a gun,
Then whispered, “Go do the devil’s run.”
Tex, so stoned, his soul so broke,
He thought the whole thing was just a joke.
It was time to act, would they obey?
Charlie knew the right things to say.
Tex led the family, the slaughter to do.
Stalking Cielo Drive with his deadly crew.
In the shadow of evil, Tex drove on,
His moral strength completely gone.
Blood so cold, brain so hot,
His conscience stoned with meth and pot.
Peaking through windows at a peaceful sight,
No one could imagine the fury of that night.
They burst into beauty and innocence bright,
And slashed God’s creatures gasping in fright.
To stay alive, Sharon pled, in despair,
“Take my life, but please, my baby spare.”
Then Sadie spoke, “You both will die.
There is no mercy, no escape to try.”
Tex beat and stabbed whatever moved,
He shot and stabbed without a thought.
So much he loved the little man,
He willingly killed at his command.
The headlines gave LA a stroke
When earth and heaven the next day awoke.
The stabs, the cuts, the blood soaked hall,
The wounds so deep, pigs on the wall.
Like vampire wolves they slipped away,
Returning to their hidden caves.
What they had done, was beyond belief,
Left the Hollywood set deep in grief.
The deeds they’d done to helpless souls,
So senseless, the tragedy enfolds.
How could this happen without a cry.
Not one person heard them die.
There was no mercy in the air,
Their cries were all for naught.
When silence came and all were slain,
No life or breath remained.
The silent sky, its cloudy curtain closed.
The stars shrieked and turned away.
The face of darkness trembled in the wind,
Unable to bear the horror of their sin.
The screams and wails meant nothing more
Than screeching seagulls above the shore.
Dripping with blood, the horror done,
They returned to Charlie, their faithful son.
For those who did these horrible deeds,
The shameless daughters, Satan’s breed.
They searched their hearts for answers clear,
Answers that only brought them fear.
What madman lurked within their minds
That they could do such horrendous crimes?
No one imagined how great the sin,
Or what his motive to begin.
To start a race war, some would say,
To get revenge another way.
To murder just for a thrill,
Or set a diversion for Bobby B’s kill.
Manson’s blood lust unsatisfied,
He stalked for more innocent lives.
It didn’t matter who they were,
There was no one that night would spare.
Leno and Rosemary paid the price,
When they returned home that fateful night.
No one knows their time is near,
Nobody knows when it’s time to fear.
The stalking butchers took their lives,
For reasons only Charlie knows.
He entered first and calmed them down,
Tied them up without a sound.
Then he left the murder scene,
Without revealing he was a fiend.
On the way out, he made the orders clear,
“Tex, kill them, then, have a beer.”
Patty was strong. Leslie was weak,
Tex pushed them both to the brink.
He told Leslie she must take part,
Already a zombie, and faint of heart.
Charlie was an actor, a president at heart.
A Hitler, a Stalin and a Mao for a start.
He waned to play a general as his part,
Just like Napoleon, he thought himself so smart.
After the murders, they all ran away.
Searching in the desert for some place to stay.
Charlie found a hole, deep underground,
A place they could hide and never be found.
It wasn’t long, before they heard a sound
Of deputies searching all around.
They caught them there in the Valley of Death,
Sun baked, brown and out of breath.
The Bug tried the bastard, a wondrous job he did,
And sent Charlie to prison for eternity to rid.
And Tex, the vicious murderer, also got his due,
Then Moose Davis and Bobby B and the whole female crew.
Some went to prison, others to death row.
Then the courts changed their sentences,
To the possibility of parole,
And time to save their souls.
Charlie kept his loyal women,
Waiting in great anticipation
For President Ford’s assassination,
Which Squeaky tried and failed.
The secret service stopped her,
Before the task was done.
She said she didn’t shoot the gun,
Only wanted to show Charlie her love.
Charlie thought her marvelous,
Her heart so brave, indeed.
“She’d die for me,” he told me,
On this we both agree.
Even after many years, some followers remain,
Some visit him in prison, and honor his holy name.
Some have set up websites to cause a little fright,
So Charlie’s on the internet hosting you at night.
As time goes by, his followers,
Have cast off Charlie’s spell.
They point at him, the dirty rat,
Who left them there in shock.
They were so young and foolish,
Taken in by a friendly guru.
Who gave them drugs and set them up
And told them tales that were not true.
Each year they beg parole boards,
So long they’ve served for him.
Charlie won’t admit he used them,
And that’s his biggest sin.
They followed him as if a god,
Who led them to and fro.
Like angels fallen at his feet,
They knelt before him in deceit.
He gave them shame without remorse,
With tender promises, he sealed their course.
The monstrous deeds they did for him,
He forever denied the blame.
Murderous thoughts, he sang to them,
They tripped on what he said,
With fear and magic he controlled,
The love he had was soon disposed.
To kill for him was all he asked,
A little favor, nothing bad.
“People die everyday,” Squeaky said,
“So what’s the big deal.” It’s not that sad.
My life, Squeaky once told me,
“Depends on what you do.
Treat Charlie right, help him escape,
And no harm will come to you.”
I’ve searched his eyes for grace,
I’ve seen first hand his dirty face.
He’s melted me with burning fire
And attracted me with great desire.
He had a special something,
As eerie as it sounds,
It haunted me like the Sirens,
When Ulysses’ men all drowned.
I’ve felt the fury of his grasp,
And gave to him what he asked.
I learned the power of this man,
Who tried to hold me in his hand.
I talked to him like a brother,
And tried to change his heart,
“Why do you hate so many things,
When it’s tearing you apart?”
He never admitted to murder,
Yet the rage was always there.
He said I was a Mamma’s boy,
And would never feel a real man’s joy.
He told me I was a paycheck,
Living in a paper bag,
A working stiff from eight to five,
A man who was hardly alive.
Charlie told me lots of things,
That sounded pretty good.
“You want to control the prison,
You must rule convicts like a hood.”
“You’ve got to have balls of steel,
And beat the men with a forceful will.
You must rule by fear and not by love,
You must play at life with an iron glove.”
Charlie thought like a Nazi,
He thought that was cool.
He didn’t like Niggers either,
And used them as a fool.
He tried to trash my spirit,
Tempting me with his girls,
He hooked me up with Squeaky,
Before she aimed at Ford.
Once he threatened my family.
That’s when he crossed the line.
I had a gang connection,
A gangster friend inside.
I told my friend to tell him,
He’d do the job for me.
If he touched one of my family
He’d be dead and hell to see.
Some saw Charlie as a man of God,
A wonder in every way.
They could not see beyond the veil,
That he was only a man of clay.
Manson’s fury the walls can’t stop,
Squeaky and Sandra will keep the watch.
He’s kept their brains so tied in chains,
They’ll never, never change.
The rest have all broken away
To claim their lives for another day.
For years they’ve lingered in a cell,
Although they’ve broken his evil spell.
In life and death, he claimed no shame.
He gave the innocent teens the blame.
They followed blindly this holy man
Who sifted them with the devil’s hand.
They cry for justice as years go by,
While victims say they all should die.
Heaven listens to their groans,
While parole releases are postponed.
No sentence can ever make it right.
What they did that horrible night.
Few can pardon what was done,
And only God can judge each one.
Whatever lives this man has claimed,
They lie now in their quiet graves.
But the real victims of this plot,
Are those left in prison to rot.
The victim’s want their vengeance,
Their curse relentless to the end.
They will grow in pain tomorrow,
And go on forever in their sorrow.
When someone takes your child,
And turns them into a fiend,
The heart is torn within you,
And sadness never leaves.

Written by Ed George, Author of “Taming the Beast,” Charles Manson’s life behind Prison Bars. Vince Bugliosi sold over 7 million copies of “Helter Skelter.” Here a summary in ten pages of verse. Of course, I could go into a lot more detail, but… Enough. Ed

Notes for verse: Fear of death is the real compeller used by Manson. He held this awesome terror over his followers. It’s the same fear that drove his Hollywood friends away. Male friends didn’t want to admit that a 5 foot three man weighing 130 pounds gripped them with a wary feeling of pending disaster. His biker buddies stayed for the girls and drugs, the more rational friends took flight.

This other worldly fury in his eyes, forever shifting from menace to kindness, drew people to him. He offered excitement and pleasure. His bizarre and weird behavior attracted followers who were looking for risk taking energy and daring.

His language, the words, his dramatic, intense voice seduced with such religious fervor, I thought impossible. “How does he do it,” I asked myself a thousand times?

“I had to find out.”

For years, I tried to befriend him. I spent hours talking with him. I read his mail. I probed him every way I could. I read all the psyche reports. I communicated with Squeaky Fromme and Sandra Good and other family members. I read all the books. Later, we wrote each other and I wrote, “Taming the Beast,” Charles Manson’s Life Behind Prison bars.

Strangely I liked Charlie and became fascinated with him. He seemed to like me most of the time, mainly, to get what he wanted. That went from hot to cold. He always tried to hold fear over me like he did with all his family and some of my staff. He was good at it. A very clever manipulator. He told me I didn’t understand him because his thoughts were many levels higher than mine. He held himself up as a suffering guru, a Jesus, who understood the world and all its pain. His thoughts were much deeper than his followers could imagine.

He projected a mystical image over his followers, demanding they submit and obey his divine will. This worked because he was able to tear down their moral beliefs with sex and drugs and program them to murder, just like Hitler did with the German people. Unbelievable as it seems, he did it. The tragedy is, they obeyed and murdered. He transformed them, convincing them it was okay to kill.

Now that’s pretty awesome.

I believe that I am one of the few squares in the world who experienced Manson’s power first hand. The man mesmerized me with his theories on the meaning of life. After all our conversations about why the murders, he told me, “It’s all a game,” and that should have wised me up. He called me a “Mommy’s boy.” He told me that my wife was only interested in my pay check. “Stop coming home with the money,” he preached, “and she’ll dump you.”

He wanted me to quite my job, and join the family. The girls would take care of me, treat me nice. I’d party with lots of sex and drugs. “Sure, I thought, it sounds good, but I’d end up with a knife in my back.”

My old buddy, Pin Cushion Smith, warned me to stay away from the family, but those wicked women sure attracted me. He told me that I didn’t understand a murderer’s mentality and that I was playing with fire. My prison psyche told me the same thing. “Back off,” he told me. “You’re getting to close.” And I knew it.

I gave him special treatment in prison, watched his back for him and spent more time with him than any other inmate. I should have been doing other things, but my interest in him was like an addiction. I gave him too much time and attention. I could have been fired. I almost was. Some of it is in the book.

I can admit it now that his charisma overwhelmed me. I allowed it to happen. I got too close. As nutty as his tirades were, some of it made sense. His ideas about the environment excited and motivated me. I wanted clean air and water. I wanted to protect the trees and animals. I wanted to know more about this unique person under my control.

Did he have supernatural gifts? Why did he want to murder? Why did he program his followers to murder? How did he convince them right was wrong and wrong was right?

I was too close to let go, too fond. For eight years, I visited him almost daily. I befriend him, knowing full well who he was and what he had done.

Those girls were puppies in his hands. I felt it. I sensed the power. He molded them without them realizing what he was about or the evil he planned for them. When he unleashed his plan, when he told them to follow Tex, these girls responded like robots. They were blinded by his magic charisma. Drugged, demoralized, sexually abused, held in bondage, battered and terrified. They had no choice but to follow his maniac’s desire for revenge and power. If they did not follow, deathly consequences shadowed them, consequences like what happened to Shorty Shea. They were kidnap victims like Patty Hearst who joined a the Symbionese Liberation army with a proverbial gun at her head. She was very rich and got off with a slap on the wrist..

Steven Grogan, a former Manson follower and a close friend, once told me when I asked him why he helped kill Shorty Shea, the Hollywood stunt man, he answered, “There was no saying no to Charlie back then.”

That’s power.

The girls were so programmed to defiance and arrogance, they confessed to the murders and gave the Mastermind Charlie a pass on the whole deal. They hung them selves for Charlie. Of course, Vincent Bugliosi went after the big fish and got him. But the girls got a bad rap too.

You can purchase Taming the Beast through Amazon, and check out the Myspace page for the movie too.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Making Friends

Since it seems like the MySpace 'fad' isn't going to go away anytime soon- and more than likely your child or a child you know has an account, there's a suggestion floating around that you might want to consider. We all know that online predators are out on the web in every one of the places that our kids will want to be- it's just in their deviant nature. But, more and more often local police agencies are popping up at those same places, hoping to bring a little online assistance to your kids. The suggestion is that you add a police department (local if possible, but any will do really) to your or your kids tops friends lists. It puts a direction connection to law enforcement in case of predators, or online bullies... making assistance just a few clicks away. There are dozens of them out there, available to 'friend' you or your kids, but just as a random sampling- here's a few to get you started.

And the article that popped this subject into my head tonight:

"Random people do send messages," said Sullivan. "It's kind of weird. You'll read it and it says hey, just want to see what's up. I'm 24. I'm 17 years old in high school. You shouldn't even be looking at my profile. It's just weird."

That's where the Herkimer and Mohawk Police Departments come in. They want to be your kid's number one friend on MySpace - hoping this patch with deter the bad guys.

"If the opportunity exists, you never know," said Officer Jody Wheet of the Herkimer Police Department. "But hopefully, we can stop it before it happens."

And if the patch isn't enough to keep the potential predators away, your kid will have easy access to the police, as another line of defense.

"They can send us an email, instant message; they can contact us if they run into a problem with a predator," Wheet said. "Somebody trying to approach them."

So what do teens really think of this top friend initiative?

"I'm sure that could strike enough fear into some predators, but some predators wouldn't even notice it," Smith said.

"It's for safety," Sullivan said. "So I'd do it."

It's a program that's just getting started, but police say they hope it takes off soon.

You can find these LE MySpace pages at or