The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Pro Death

I've not ever tried to hide my pro death stand. I'm willing to openly admit that I favor keeping the death penalty, and that there has been more than one case where I've found myself stunned that the guilty didn't get it.

Anthony Stockelman is one of those people. You all know the story- he kidnapped, molested and killed a 10 year old girl. Then thanks to DNA, he was convicted. He didn't get the death penalty. Should have, but didn't.

And that might be a valid point in explaining my surprise to find his name listed on a website that appears to be against the death penalty. Something senseless called 'Walk 4 Life 2008". A quote:

For now talk about it. Talk about it amongst one another or here if you wish, what would it take to satisfy the people that want a death penalty? Life without parole is no gift of life let me tell you. It is a death sentence, you just die slowly. Having a convicted murderer serve life opposed to being executed always gives the victims family the opportunity to forgive, not forget, but forgive. I believe this is where the healing is.

Forgive? I hardly think so.
And then from the 'dedication' post:
The Following Day's Have Been Dedicated to Prisoners By Their Loved Ones. To dedicate a day to loved one please contact us at Mark subject Prisoner dedication.

And on April 6th- "Anthony Stockelman (Indiana)".
He my friends, is a waste of human cells. But he's not on death row. Should be. But isn't.
But, I did notice something odd. April 6th. That's the date someone picked for him. And, it's the date that Stockelman was arrested back in 2005.
Mr. Stockelman was arrested on April 6 after he provided a DNA sample that matched semen found at the crime scene as well as saliva on a cigarette butt found at the creek, the butt having not been processed until March 30.

Feel free to show your 'support' to the walker, or the 'organizer' of this walking protest if you want... here's his myspace. Maybe someone might want to remind him about how Stockelman forever hurt a family, and how he forced a child who was just 10 to spend her last moments experiencing his perverted desires.