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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Missing Kids Considered in Extreme Danger

The following is from another crime blogger, (link at bottom) and is being posted here, because I believe that it's important to get this case out as much as possible. Please consider forwarding it on to those you think might be interested- the more people aware and looking out, the better our chances of bringing these kids home:

http://blackandmissing. blogspot. com

It is critical that we get this story out quickly as possible. These children may be in EXTREME DANGER. The story is as followed:

On March 5th 2008, three children from Columbus, Georgia were abducted from their home. Their father, Eddie Harrington, 28 took them in the middle of the night about 1:30 am while their mother Agena Battle was out the house. When she got back, she found that Eddie took her twin one year old daughters, Agena and Aliyah Battle and her three year old son, Sedrick Harrington. Authorities issued an AMBER Alert for the kids and they believed that Eddie can be heading for his hometown – Indianapolis, Indiana. Investigators said he has contacts in Tennessee and Florida as well.

Harrington left in a 2002 dark green Chevy Impala with cracked windshield with Indiana license plate number 93-L4740.

Agena Battle, the children’s mother said that when she arrived home, she found a note on the dresser. It stated that “he can't go on living. He said he was taking the kids to make me happy. He thought if he left, he would be leaving the kids on me and I'd have to do all the work.”

She said it was not the first time he tried to leave with the kids. Eddie attempted to do it before in Indiana but the cops stopped him before he could go anywhere. Police said that Harrington did not indicate in his note that the children might be at risk. There was no custodial issue between the parents and the father is entitled to be with the kids. Agena was living with Eddie when he left. Both has been together about 6 years and lived in Columbus for 6 months. Before he left, Harrington was working as a sitter with patients at New Horizons and Agena is working at a CVS Pharmacy.

Eddie is described as a black male who is 5 feet 9 inches tall with brown eyes and black hair. The twin daughters, Aliyah and Agena Battle are both about 2 feet tall and weighs 25 pounds each. Sedrick Harrington is about 3 feet tall and weighs 40 pounds.

On March 10th, Agena Battle, the mother, sent in a new plea:

"I still have not given up on my missing family and I'm not hearing about it as often. Can you please let the world know my family is still out there and need help finding their way back home.

"Agena Battle, age 23 months.... Aliyah Battle, age 23 months.... Sedrich Harrington, age 3.... Eddie Harrington, age 28

"Agena and Aliyah has on a pink shirt with white sleeves and pink plaid pants. One of the girls has on all white K-Swiss sneakers and the other has on pink, white, purple, Nike sneakers.

"Eddie has on a black T-shirt with black pants and brown and white sneakers; he also is wearing his glasses.

"I'm not sure what Sedrick has on, but I do know he has on his Spider-Man play sneakers. Sedrick also has a greenish color to his right arm from birth.

"Please air this stating that they are still missing. I have not eaten or slept well since they've been gone. I need them home. I am crying for your help. I have tried to do my daily routine but I cannot function well with out them."

Since her plea, the FBI has entered an interstate investigation seeking the safe return of the children. They stated:

"We do believe it's very likely he is en route to Indianapolis, Indiana," said FBI spokesman Agent Stephen Emmett from the Atlanta office. "We are working in information and the assumption that he still has the children.

"The primary purpose for us right now is for the appeal for him to safely return the children or turn them over to family or authorities. We consider this a very serious matter."

The FBI said Tuesday that at some point, Eddie Harrington, the father of the three kids, sent a letter to his father stating that he was going to kill the kids. That was the last update made on the case.

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Please consider this case. The mother desperately need your help. Thanks for all your help.