The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, March 21, 2008

America's Most Wanted 3/22/08

This week America's Most Wanted will be featuring the following cases. Please be sure to tune in Saturday night at 9pm on your local Fox station:

Jose Garcia: Kentucky police say Jose "Joey" Garcia brutally attacked and raped his co-worker in September 2004, and then fled. Even though a DNA test came back as a match, Garcia was gone before police could nab him.

Manuel Penaloza: After AMW profiled Manuel Penaloza on Sept. 29, 2007, a tipster alerted authorities that the suspected killer is hiding with family members in Guerrero, Mexico and occasionally comes back to Los Angeles to visit. Pasadena police and US Marshals continue to hunt for this 'Lil Bad Boy' who is wanted for carjacking, assault, and murder.

Candy Srichandr: Cops say Candy Ellen Srichandr is bad news: a graffiti artist and a stripper, they say she's gone from defacing public property with her spray paint to taking part in a heinous murder. When gunfire erupted at a SoCal art show, a family man who Srichandr considered a rival was dead, and Candy was nowhere to be found. Now, police have put this Valley Girl where she belongs: in a cage.

Cuong Nguyen: On June 26, 2005, Tri Van Bui and some friends left a wedding party but were not ready for the festivities to end and decided to take the party elsewhere. They headed to a popular local Stanton, Calif. bar, "All Stars", where a conflict emerged between the wedding-goers and some other bar patrons. Police say while the fight began over something petty, it ended tragically when Cuong Viet Nguyen retrieved a gun from his car killed Bui in cold blood.

Oden Gutierrez: A manhunt is underway for a 17-year-old who recently escaped from a New Mexico jail. Officials in San Juan County are searching for Oden Gutierrez -- but according to detectives, Gutierrez isn't just an escape artist: he's also wanted on a first degree murder charge for shooting and killing an 83-year-old man.

Richard Boakai: Richard Boakai was studying medicine in America and, at the same time, working at Johns Hopkins Hospital. But according to police, this medical student had a dark secret, and it was a secret that went undiscovered for over six months.

Chad Shores: Oregon's Bland Mountain Fire in 2004 not only scorched 10,000 acres of land, it also provided a necessary diversion for prisoner Chad Shores to make his getaway. As the inferno blazed, Shores vanished after three days on a prison work-release program set up to battle the fire. Now, Oregon authorities and the ex-girlfriend that Shores sadistically victimized want to put him back behind bars.

Tyeisha Martin Killer: Detectives in Texas continue to search for answers in the unsolved 2006 murder of a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, a teenage mom named Tyeisha Martin. Now, AMW has teamed up with the Seventeen Magazine writer who profiled Tyeisha's dramatic escape to help find her killer.

Kurt Sohrbeck: Multiple law enforcement agencies in New Mexico are searching for a man who cops say shot and severely injured a sheriff's deputy on Mar. 13, 2008. As a veteran detective fights for his life, and cops say the man who they think shot him -- Kurt Sohrbeck -- ran like a coward and could be headed to Texas.

Miguel Mateos-Martinez: Miguel Mateos-Martinez is accused of killing a defenseless hair salon owner in front of two young witnesses in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, the U.S. Marshals have upped the ante by adding him to their 15 Most Wanted fugitives list. Marshals are determined to not let Miguel Mateos-Martinez remain a free man for long.

Nick Garza: Friends thought that Middlebury College student Nicholas Garza couldn't have gone far after he left their dorm room on Feb 5, 2008. But since he and his friends parted ways, Garza has disappeared without a trace.

Kevin Armstead: In the Baltimore underworld of drugs and crime, police say Kevin Armstead fits right in. Now on the run, cops want to question Armstead about the brutal murder of an innocent man in Charm City.

All-Star Week 4 Winner: Darrin Helton's work has touched many, many people in the Marion, N.C. area, and his community has thanked him by helping him become the fourth weekly finalist in the 2008 America's Most Wanted All-Star Contest.