The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, March 31, 2008


One of my favorite bloggers, is Ala from blonde sagacity. She hits on almost every topic imaginable: politics, crime, military... and even a little personal rambling now and then- making her place a perfect mix of everything that interests me. Today, she has one of the best posts of the year up... and I seriously couldn't be any more happier for her.

I was achy and I kept falling asleep on the couch -something I never do. Finally my sister convinced (nagged really) me to buy a test. It was such a ridiculous waste of $13.

Congrats Ala... you deserve this special blessing from God.

Sex Offender Charged with Suspicion of Kidnapping

Police say that 56 year old John Drusts, a convicted sex offender has been arrested and charged with suspicion of kidnapping, failure to register his address, as is required of convicted sex offenders, and on suspicion of failure to carry identification. Drusts was at a church when he was caught attempting to abduct a 4 year old girl from the church's cafeteria. The girl had been standing beside her 7 year old brother then Drusts pushed the boy out of the way and grabbed the girl, carrying her towards another part of the church and a door that lead outside.

Before Drusts got outside, Robinson said, the girl's father and other parishioners spotted what was happening and corralled him.
"The girl was not injured physically. I believe she was shaken up," Robinson said.
According to the DPS sex offender Web site, Drusts was convicted in Bakersfield County, Calif. of annoying, molesting a child and sexual assault.
The Web site provided no further details on Drusts' conviction, his sentence or why he came to Arizona.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Oh hell...

That's it... I quit. Really. I do. I mean, after the picnic table thing, and the bigfoot claims, and the blaming the devil case (see prior posts)- I just was about at the end of my rope. But this really is more than I can handle.

Really??? Are people getting this disturbed in the head that they have to flaunt their insanity like it's the jersey of their favorite football player?

Arthur Cradock, a 48-year-old orchard worker from Motueka on South Island, rang police on February 11 to say he was being raped by the slow moving Australian marsupial at his home, The Nelson Mail reported.

He rang back soon afterwards to say he was withdrawing his complaint against the wombat, a court was told Wednesday.

"Apart from speaking Australian now, I'm pretty all right you know," he told police in the second call.

I can't even shake my head in disgust anymore... I'm just to annoyed with the world.

Fine, I don't really quit- but one more stupid animal/non animate object story during the next 24 hours... and I'm going to go on a long long vacation.

Devil Made Me Do It

Okay, I am forced to admit- it's not as bad as blaming it on Bigfoot... but still- blaming deviant sexual behaviors on anyone other than the one committing them is just bullshit. Of course, it's not surprising that low life sick freaks like child molesters don't have the courage to take responsibility for their actions... but really... the devil made him do it? I think not.

A 34-year-old man who told a sheriff’s detective that the devil made him touch and fondle a girl was arrested Tuesday and charged with lewd and lascivious conduct on a 12-year-old, according to a Marion County Sheriff’s Office report.

The victim told Detective Anthony Riggins that about seven years ago Russell E. Gant took her to an abandoned building and, once inside, pushed her against a wall and inappropriately touched her.

I'm crossing my fingers that God makes the judge sentence him to life in prison.

Kidnapping, backwards

It's not strange to read a case where a sexual predator took their victim captive. Not that it's a daily occurrence, but we all do know that in some cases- predators will kidnap their victims. What isn't usual is the current case going on in Mew Mexico- where the alleged perp was the one kidnapped.

Investigators say Hernan Flores used a gun in the kidnapping of a man he thinks molested his daughter. He and wife Norma Garcia are accused of abducting Alberto Espinosa, 34, then dragging him to a Deming church to face a preacher.

Neighbors of Flores say he is a church man who liked to go horseback riding with his sons and daughters. They say they are surprised Flores abducted the accused child predator.

The pastor at the church was able to convince the father to let law enforcement handle things, and Flores contacted police and waited for them to arrive- but not until after putting the perp in the trunk of his vehicle. Police are investigating the entire case, and have said they have reason to believe that Espinosa may have victimized at least 5 different girls. He's claiming the allegations involve nothing more than 'hugs misconstrued as being sexual'.


Loch Ness Monster, Skunk Ape, Champtanystropheus, Chupacabra, Leeds Devil- all cryptids- animals or monsters that some believe to exist despite little evidence (or believable evidence) of their existence. Most people seriously doubt these animals are anything more than fictional creations in the minds of sanity challenged individuals. Which might be why so few people opt to use them as excuses when pleading their cases in a court of law.

Gene R. Morrill may just be an exception to that, as it seems that the convicted child molester- who recently plead guilty to 20 charges related to his attempts to solicit sex from an underage boy online- has decided that his best defense is to blame his actions on bigfoot. And not just on the existence of bigfoot either...

According to the Freelance Star, Defense Attorney Terrence Patton cited Morrill's mental health issues in seeking leniency from Judge J. Howe Brown.

Morrill reportedly told an investigator preparing his pre-sentence report that he had been sexually assaulted by the legendary Bigfoot. Patton said Morrill really believes the assaulted happened.

"I take him very seriously because I know Mr. Morill has issues," said Patton.

"I've had a few that have claimed abuse, but never by a mythical creature," said Stafford County Detective Darryl Wells, who has built the case against Morills one online chat at a time.

"He is a sexual predator that targets children," says Wells.

That's one for the books folks... "I'm a child molested because bigfoot molested me as a kid". Nothing like blaming a fictional creature for your own deviant behaviors.

Just sick...

Dallas... poor poor Dallas

Not being an expert in laws regarding certain adult entertainment establishments, I can't tell you whether Dallas Texas has restricted stripping to those over 18 or over 21. But- it really shouldn't matter either way, as the particular 'dancer' in question wasn't even 18 yet. In fact, she wasn't even old enough to drive a car.

Dallas police are investigating how it turned out that a 12 year old girl (yes I said 12) ended up working at Diamonds Cabaret, a nude strip club. The girl, a runaway, met 22 year old David Bell who first took her to the club.

According to court documents, the 12-year-old said that before giving her the job, a club employee asked her to "take off her clothes to see if she was too shy to dance nude."

"You know, she looks like an adult body-wise, but she's 12," the girl's mother said.

The court records say the girl gave a fake name, said she forgot her birthday, and the club didn't get an ID.

As if that isn't enough to cause anger, it now seems that the 'bar' in question will continue to operate, because there is no law that requires it to be shut down.
"There's a laundry list of things we can use to deny or revoke a license, but having a 12-year-old dancing in their establishment is not one of the things that automatically enables us to revoke their license," police Lt. Christina Smith, who oversees the strip-club permit process, tells the paper.

Sadly, this isn't the first time this club has been found to have employed an underage girl. A 17-year-old girl was found to be working in the club just months ago.
SOURCE Demonica Abron, 27, who worked as a stripper in the club, and David Bell, 22, are facing charges in connection with the 12-year-old girl's dancing in the club. Mr. Bell does not appear to have been employed by the club.


The 23-page city ordinance allows the revocation of a club's license if, for example, the club knowingly allows prostitution, the sale or use of drugs at the club, or if there are two convictions for sex-related crimes at the club within a 12-month period.

Friday, March 28, 2008

America's Most Wanted 3/29

James Gonzalez: New York Cops are searching for a grocery store employee who they believe fatally stabbed his ex-girlfriend and slashed another employee inside the store, then fled the scene. The horrific scene was caught on tape inside the Key Food Grocery store in the East Village neighborhood of Manhattan. AMW speaks exclusively to the woman who police call a hero - for trying to save her friend's life, and becoming a victim instead.

Frank Montoya: Australian tourist Robert Schneider left his native Adelaide in May 2007 to embark on an around-the-world adventure. The 26-year-old stopped off in sunny San Diego, Calif. to meet up with some friends for a surfing expedition to Mexico, but his trip turned tragic in the early morning hours of Feb. 27, 2008. Cops say that's when Robert ran into two transient locals, Frank Montoya and Damian Maple, who were on drugs and had been drinking. Police tell AMW that Montoya and Maple savagely beat Robert with a skateboard before throwing him into a blazing fire pit. Luckily, Robert was pulled out of the pit and received medical attention but now San Diego investigators are on the lookout the two men charged in the senseless beating, Damian Maple and Frank Montoya.

Damian Maple: It's the phone call no parent wants to get: a call saying that their child has been injured, thousands of miles from home. But it's a call that the parents of Australian tourist Robert Schneider, received after their son was savagely beaten and burned on a San Diego beach last month. Now, cops need your help to catch the thugs responsible.

Troy Bolin: Police say although fugitive Troy Lane Bolin might be a thin, scruffy looking guy, he's as dangerous as child predators come. Bolin is wanted for molesting two young girls repeatedly over the course of several years.

Thomas Lollis: Andre Wood was 29 years old for just one hour before his life ended. As he left his own birthday celebration, cops say Andre ran into Thomas Lollis, who was packing heat, and never had a chance.

Taizhi Cui: In October 2006, Los Angeles' Korean community was shocked by a triple murder that happened in their own backyard. Cops say the deaths were the work of a jilted lover hell-bent on getting revenge on an ex-girlfriend and her new paramour. However, authorities are still looking for the man they say pulled the trigger ... Taizhi Cui.

Carey Price: Police have been searching for alleged drunk driver Carey Price after he didn't show up for a court appearance. Price is one of two fugitives who still remain on the run from a February 2005 airing of AMW -- the other 8 are all behind bars. It's time all ten fugitives from this episode are put where they belong.

Jason Howard: Police found the bodies of Jewel and Mildred Cleveland buried in their own barn in June 2004. The couple had not been heard from for over a month. Also missing was Mildred's 35-year-old son, Jason Howard. But police say the mentally ill man is probably responsible for his parents' deaths and they are trying to track him down.

James Roberts: Police say Toby Roberts had a mission, and he wasn't going to stop until it was completed. Cops say he tried to kill his girlfriend, and he was so determined, he used three different tools to finish the job. But he might not have known his girlfriend as well as he thought, because she wasn't going down without a major fight.

Erick Morales: Usually, when high school kids ditch classes for the day, it doesn't end in murder. But on May 21, 2001, 15-year-old high school student Quetzalcoatl "Quetzal" Alba, decided to cut classes with one of his best pals, 16-year-old Erick Morales. The pair played hooky and went to their hangout, a converted storage closet in a Daly City, Calif. apartment complex. But police tell AMW that something went horribly wrong, and Morales stabbed his one-time friend to death before going on the run with his roommate, Reynaldo Maldanado.

James Kelly: Michigan authorities are looking for an anesthesiologist who, they say, received child pornography on his computer. Now, they're worried that this man with means could be up to his old tricks but in a whole new city.

Jelmo Kirkland: The Citgo gas station in Miami Gardens, Fla. was full of people on January 20, 2007, but police say that didn't stop a man known as "Skeebo" from pulling out a gun and opening fire on a car. Now, cops have released surveillance footage that they hope will help catch a killer.

All-Star Week 5 Winner: A police detective from Buffalo, N.Y. whose work helped clear a man wrongly-imprisoned on rape charges and a woman accused of killing her daughter –- and who is now in the midst of a controversy because of his work -– has been chosen as the latest weekly finalist in the 2008 America's Most Wanted All-Star Contest.

Monday, March 24, 2008

Vote For Me!!!!

Brian Sliter wants to be elected mayor of Wilmer Texas. He really does. And he's hoping that he can get enough votes in May to make that dream come true.

Unfortunately for Sliter, things haven't always gone the way he hoped they would. Take for instance that time back in 2004 when he was hoping to meet up with the young 15 year old girl he'd meet on the internet. Sliter was hoping that he was hooking up with her for a sexual encounter, but instead found himself in handcuffs. Turns out the 15 year old wasn't really a 15 year old, and might not have even been a girl- since his online relationship was merely nothing more than a internet sting being conducted by police officials.

The incident occurred in 2004, when Sliter arranged a meeting with the girl on the Internet, and went to a home where police, and not a teenager, waited for him. Sliter was charged with attempting to commit sexual assault of a child and placed on 10 years probation, according to state records.

But, regardless of his past bad luck (which I'm sure we are all grateful for) Sliter has high hopes that people will overlook his past and vote for him... making this dream of Mayorhood come true, despite that little 'sex offender' registry issue he has.

I deserve something...

Most sincere words ever spoken by a child predator-
"I know that I deserve something for that, but I don't think I deserve what I got," he said."
Odd that while I was reading the quote, I found myself agreeing. After all- this comes straight from the mouth of 72 year old Leroy Schad. He was allowed to plead guilty in March of last year to aggravated indecent solicitation of a child. He'd actually been charged with four counts of taking indecent liberties stemming from assaults on a 9-year-old girl and an 11-year-old boy.
District Judge Ron Svaty sentenced him to five years of probation and put him under house arrest. Not nearly enough of a punishment when he could have gotten about three years behind bars- which still isn't enough. But the judge decided after tossing out the idea of the three years that Schad should have something more, and ordered him to post signs reading "A Sex Offender Lives Here" around his house and put a nice decal with yellow lettering reading "Sex Offender In This Car" on his car.

Shcad, being the narrow minded 'this is so not fair' type of perv he is, doesn't like the signs and is appealing them. Personally- I think fellow residents of the small town he lives in, and his victims should be able to appeal the fact that the child molester isn't in jail... but no one would ever let that happen.

So, he has signs around him... and he's sad about it. Well, I'm betting the parents of the children he assaulted are even more bothered by his actions than he is about the signs. Like he said- he deserved something, but not this. Only he forgot the important ending to that sentence--- he deserved much worse.

Friday, March 21, 2008

America's Most Wanted 3/22/08

This week America's Most Wanted will be featuring the following cases. Please be sure to tune in Saturday night at 9pm on your local Fox station:

Jose Garcia: Kentucky police say Jose "Joey" Garcia brutally attacked and raped his co-worker in September 2004, and then fled. Even though a DNA test came back as a match, Garcia was gone before police could nab him.

Manuel Penaloza: After AMW profiled Manuel Penaloza on Sept. 29, 2007, a tipster alerted authorities that the suspected killer is hiding with family members in Guerrero, Mexico and occasionally comes back to Los Angeles to visit. Pasadena police and US Marshals continue to hunt for this 'Lil Bad Boy' who is wanted for carjacking, assault, and murder.

Candy Srichandr: Cops say Candy Ellen Srichandr is bad news: a graffiti artist and a stripper, they say she's gone from defacing public property with her spray paint to taking part in a heinous murder. When gunfire erupted at a SoCal art show, a family man who Srichandr considered a rival was dead, and Candy was nowhere to be found. Now, police have put this Valley Girl where she belongs: in a cage.

Cuong Nguyen: On June 26, 2005, Tri Van Bui and some friends left a wedding party but were not ready for the festivities to end and decided to take the party elsewhere. They headed to a popular local Stanton, Calif. bar, "All Stars", where a conflict emerged between the wedding-goers and some other bar patrons. Police say while the fight began over something petty, it ended tragically when Cuong Viet Nguyen retrieved a gun from his car killed Bui in cold blood.

Oden Gutierrez: A manhunt is underway for a 17-year-old who recently escaped from a New Mexico jail. Officials in San Juan County are searching for Oden Gutierrez -- but according to detectives, Gutierrez isn't just an escape artist: he's also wanted on a first degree murder charge for shooting and killing an 83-year-old man.

Richard Boakai: Richard Boakai was studying medicine in America and, at the same time, working at Johns Hopkins Hospital. But according to police, this medical student had a dark secret, and it was a secret that went undiscovered for over six months.

Chad Shores: Oregon's Bland Mountain Fire in 2004 not only scorched 10,000 acres of land, it also provided a necessary diversion for prisoner Chad Shores to make his getaway. As the inferno blazed, Shores vanished after three days on a prison work-release program set up to battle the fire. Now, Oregon authorities and the ex-girlfriend that Shores sadistically victimized want to put him back behind bars.

Tyeisha Martin Killer: Detectives in Texas continue to search for answers in the unsolved 2006 murder of a Hurricane Katrina evacuee, a teenage mom named Tyeisha Martin. Now, AMW has teamed up with the Seventeen Magazine writer who profiled Tyeisha's dramatic escape to help find her killer.

Kurt Sohrbeck: Multiple law enforcement agencies in New Mexico are searching for a man who cops say shot and severely injured a sheriff's deputy on Mar. 13, 2008. As a veteran detective fights for his life, and cops say the man who they think shot him -- Kurt Sohrbeck -- ran like a coward and could be headed to Texas.

Miguel Mateos-Martinez: Miguel Mateos-Martinez is accused of killing a defenseless hair salon owner in front of two young witnesses in Salt Lake City, Utah. Now, the U.S. Marshals have upped the ante by adding him to their 15 Most Wanted fugitives list. Marshals are determined to not let Miguel Mateos-Martinez remain a free man for long.

Nick Garza: Friends thought that Middlebury College student Nicholas Garza couldn't have gone far after he left their dorm room on Feb 5, 2008. But since he and his friends parted ways, Garza has disappeared without a trace.

Kevin Armstead: In the Baltimore underworld of drugs and crime, police say Kevin Armstead fits right in. Now on the run, cops want to question Armstead about the brutal murder of an innocent man in Charm City.

All-Star Week 4 Winner: Darrin Helton's work has touched many, many people in the Marion, N.C. area, and his community has thanked him by helping him become the fourth weekly finalist in the 2008 America's Most Wanted All-Star Contest.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

More on police sergeant arrested for rape

Yesterday, in an attempt to get a few cases up in a hurry, I mentioned the arrest of an officer accused of raping a 17 year old girl after returning to her home. He'd first been at her home responding to a DV case.

I didn't go into the case, but linked the story. Thankfully, Red-Alerts had more time than me and has a MUST READ post up on the case. So go read it.

Parents arrested

The parents of a 2 year old boy have been arrested after police were called to a relative's home where the charred body of the little boy was found in the basement. Police say the cause of death is still unknown but that the child had suffered from from malnutrition, numerous broken bones, disease and abuse. The body of the little boy was burned on the family's grill in an attempt to hide the body.

Joseph Miller III and Nickello Reid were arraigned on charges of: felony murder, which carries a maximum penalty of life in prison without parole; involuntary manslaughter, which carries a maximum penalty of 15 years in prison; child abuse first-degree, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 15 years in prison; mutilation of a dead body, which carries a maximum penalty of up to 10 years in prison; and, welfare fraud over $500, which carries a maximum penalty of up to four years in prison.

Reid was charged with another count of welfare fraud over $500 and two counts of failure to inform, each of which carries a maximum penalty of up to four years in prison.

Worthy said Reid failed to inform authorities her child had died but continued to collect assistance money from the state of Michigan.

Four other children were removed from the home.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

A day full of new

I hate it when there is so many stories to share that I have to lump them together just to touch on them all. But, it seems to be one of those times.

First, a man has been arrested after police say he stabbed his two year old son to death with a screwdriver, and then attempted to kill the child's mother with an axe.

A 15 year old girl thought to be missing was found in the basement of her home, murdered by her older cousin.

A 9 year old boy police believed was abducted after a report was received from another child was found dead. Police say that the underground hole he'd crawled into collapsed, killing him.

A New York police officer is being accused of raping a 17 year old girl.

New Rochelle Sgt. David Rodriguez, 36, allegedly returned to the girl's home and raped her Feb. 9, just hours after he and three officers had arrested her 35-year-old live-in boyfriend on a domestic violence charge.

And, a 15 year old killed her grandmother by poising her.

Lastly, a security guard has been arrested:
Panama City Beach police on Tuesday afternoon arrested a hotel security guard accused of sexually assaulting an 18-year-old spring breaker.

Which all leaves me to wonder what the hell is wrong with people.

Girl Scouts

Men in general are good. In general. But, just like there are evil women, there are evil men. Sometimes the bad people try to appear to be good people by doing nice things.

Take volunteering. It's a good thing, and a lot of good people do it. But some bad people do it to. Like William Blekkenk. He volunteered. But he was far from good- and I seriously doubt that it was a desire to show kindness to others that prompted him to sign up.

A 6-year-old family member told police that William Blekkenk touched her inappropriately.

Police arrested Blekkenk last Friday and the next day a Girl Scout mother took a disk from Blekkenk that she though contained cookie sale spreadsheets.

She told police that when she opened the disk there were images of adults having sex with children. She turned the disk into investigators immediately.

I don't get why men are volunteering for 'girl scouts' to begin with. But that's just me.

ht Trench...

Pro Death

I've not ever tried to hide my pro death stand. I'm willing to openly admit that I favor keeping the death penalty, and that there has been more than one case where I've found myself stunned that the guilty didn't get it.

Anthony Stockelman is one of those people. You all know the story- he kidnapped, molested and killed a 10 year old girl. Then thanks to DNA, he was convicted. He didn't get the death penalty. Should have, but didn't.

And that might be a valid point in explaining my surprise to find his name listed on a website that appears to be against the death penalty. Something senseless called 'Walk 4 Life 2008". A quote:

For now talk about it. Talk about it amongst one another or here if you wish, what would it take to satisfy the people that want a death penalty? Life without parole is no gift of life let me tell you. It is a death sentence, you just die slowly. Having a convicted murderer serve life opposed to being executed always gives the victims family the opportunity to forgive, not forget, but forgive. I believe this is where the healing is.

Forgive? I hardly think so.
And then from the 'dedication' post:
The Following Day's Have Been Dedicated to Prisoners By Their Loved Ones. To dedicate a day to loved one please contact us at Mark subject Prisoner dedication.

And on April 6th- "Anthony Stockelman (Indiana)".
He my friends, is a waste of human cells. But he's not on death row. Should be. But isn't.
But, I did notice something odd. April 6th. That's the date someone picked for him. And, it's the date that Stockelman was arrested back in 2005.
Mr. Stockelman was arrested on April 6 after he provided a DNA sample that matched semen found at the crime scene as well as saliva on a cigarette butt found at the creek, the butt having not been processed until March 30.

Feel free to show your 'support' to the walker, or the 'organizer' of this walking protest if you want... here's his myspace. Maybe someone might want to remind him about how Stockelman forever hurt a family, and how he forced a child who was just 10 to spend her last moments experiencing his perverted desires.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Scott Wade Smith

Our friends at Stop The ACLU alerted me to a extremely disturbing case involving Scott Wade Smith, an 18 year old who was left to care for a 5 month old baby while the child's mother went to school.

This guy couldn’t control his privates around a five month old infant! He needs to be put far away from society...

Prison is really too good for this monster

Friday, March 14, 2008

AMW All Star

This weeks finalist for the AMW All Star:

North Carolina Lawman Wounded In The Line Of Duty

Becomes America’s Most Wanted All-Star Finalist

March 10, 2008 – Martin Lawing, a Burke County, North Carolina, Sheriff’s Deputy who was shot while trying to help end a standoff has been chosen by the public as a finalist in the 2008 America’s Most Wanted All-Star Contest, sponsored by Sprint.

On December 12, 2007, authorities arrived at the home of a 60-year-old woman with a history of mental illness to serve involuntary commitment papers and take her to a mental hospital for evaluation. The woman refused to cooperate, threatening to shoot anyone who approached her door. Police say she made good on that threat, leading to a tense standoff between the woman and SWAT teams. Deputy Martin Lawing was attempting to toss a phone into the woman’s home so that negotiators could talk with her when police say she opened fire, hitting Deputy Lawing in the neck. The wound has left him paralyzed, but he is undergoing physical therapy and hopes to regain the use of his legs.

Deputy Lawing, 31, joined the Burke County Sheriff’s Office in 2002. He formerly served for five years in the U.S. Army’s elite 3rd Ranger Battalion. Martin Lawing becomes the third of eight weekly finalists to be chosen by the public in the AMW All-Star Contest, which honors the heroic work performed by the nation’s first responders. Any first responder, such as police officer, firefighter or EMT, is eligible for the contest, and any member of the public can nominate and vote for their favorite first responder online at The nomination process is simple; all people have to do is fill out a short online form naming their favorite first responder and explaining what makes them an All-Star.

Each weekly finalist will be profiled on America’s Most Wanted (Saturdays at 9 p.m. ET/PT, 8 p.m. CT on FOX). Then, through its online votes, the public will choose the grand prize winner. AMW Host John Walsh will present the 2008 AMW All-Star winner with a check for $10,000 at the NASCAR SPRINT Cup Series™ All-Star Challenge at Lowe’s Motor Speedway in Charlotte, North Carolina.

Nominations are open at until April 1, 2008. Members of the public will be allowed to vote for their favorite All-Stars once a day, every day. Finalist voting runs until April 13 at midnight, and the Grand Prize winner voting will run from April 17 to May 6.

For more information on AMW ALL-Star, you can visit the All-Star site.

America's Most Wanted for 3/15/08

Every week, America's Most Wanted brings it's cases to your television asking for help in catching the bad guys. This week, they'll be highlighting the following:

Tinley Park Murders: ONLY ON It's been six weeks since five women were brutally killed inside a Lane Bryant clothing store in a south Chicago suburb. Now, AMW has teamed up with some of the best experts in the country to analyze evidence and help track down the killer. We are now releasing images of two cars that may be linked to these gruesome murders -- and an enhanced recording of the killer's voice caught on tape.

William Balser: Until February 18, 1998, most people thought Bill Balser was a respectable family man. He was well-educated and even had a photographic memory. In his free time he enjoyed exercise and playing jazz trumpet. However, police say that Balser and his girlfriend, Robin Lee Robinson, abused drugs, alcohol -- and her two daughters.

Robin Robinson: Robin Lee Robinson's two daughters withstood eight years of sexual and physical abuse at the hands of Robin's boyfriend, William Lloyd Balser. Cops say what made matters worse is the fact that Robinson was aware of it and did nothing. Since 1998, she's been on the run and cops are hoping that she'll soon be behind bars.

Mark Earhart: Police in Tennessee are on the hunt to track down an alleged sex offender who they say skipped town. Cops say Earhart may be working on a barge and is known to have experience with towboats.

Faarah Iiman: On December 14, 2007, cops say that an argument over a Playstation 2 ended in an attempted murder in Portland, Maine. Police tell us that suspect Faarah Iiman accused his friend of taking the video game console, and he wanted it back -- at any cost.

Jose Reyes-Sanchez: His nickname is "Angel," but cops say Jose Ramon Reyes-Sanchez won't be fitted for his wings any time soon. According to police, he killed two men following an argument, then hit the road with an unlikely partner -- his 12-year-old son.

Joseph Duran: Police in Vacaville, Calif. are on the lookout for an 18-year-old suspect in the shooting of one of his former friends. Cops say that Joseph Stanley Duran shot and killed 19-year-old Angelo Hurst during a drive-by shooting on June 20, 2007. Authorities tell AMW that Hurst wasn't the intended target -- Duran was aiming for someone else and Hurst was simply caught in the crosshairs in the wrong place at the wrong time. Now, Duran's on the run and cops are hoping that AMW viewers can help to pinpoint his whereabouts.

Tammy Vincent: Almost 30 years have passed since police were called to an isolated beach 20 miles north of San Francisco to investigate a grisly murder scene that centered around the charred remains of a teenage Jane Doe. For years, cops tried to identify the girl and figure out the events surrounding her death, but it wasn't until AMW lent a helping hand that parts of the puzzle began to fit together. Authorities now know that the murdered girl -- 16-year-old Tammy Vincent -- was the girl embroiled in the middle of a state's case against a sleazy Seattle strip club whose owners, cops believe, had her killed for the things she knew.

http:// /fugitives/brief.cfm?id=47984

Jon Schillaci: The FBI top ten list is generally reserved for terrorists and other violent criminals. But, the bureau - and AMW - believe that sexual predators should be part of the list as well. That's why the hunt is on for Jon Schillaci, a convicted child sexual predator. He is now on the top ten list. Cops say the ex-con was offered a new chance at life after serving time in Texas, but instead repaid one family's kindness with a parent's worst nightmare.

Chi Du: When a jealous ex spotted his former girlfriend with another man, he decided that if he couldn't have her, then no one would. Police say a brutal attack soon followed, and Chi Du left two stunned victims behind.

Eddie Harrington: Both the FBI and police in Columbus, Ga. have issued arrest warrants for the abduction of three children. Authorities say that Eddie Harrington, 28, got into an argument with his wife and kidnapped his three children from their home: twin sisters Aliyah and Agna Battle, 1 year old, and Cedric Harrington, 3 years old. The police are concerned about the safety of both the children and Harrington -- and he has a history of mental health issues.

Perry Griffin Killers: The family of Perry Griffin is trying to come to terms with why Perry, 37, was gunned down outside his office in Dothan, Ala.

All-Star Week 3: Martin Lawing, a Burke County, N.C. Sheriff's Deputy who was shot while trying to help end a standoff has been chosen by the public as a finalist in the 2008 America's Most Wanted All-Star Contest.

You can catch AMW on your local Fox station at 9pm on Saturday night. For more information, please see their website.

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Mom goes to jail

After letting a convicted sex offender move into the home she shared with her three teenage children, Mary Catherine Gordon was booked into her new home for three counts of child abuse and neglect. Her get outta jail bail was set at $150,000.

Gordon reportedly allowed Robert Jason Gilley, a sex offender who had previously been charged with an offense against a teen girl, to move in with her.

Stupid people take the short bus to jail. And, clearly the mere fact that she was willing to put her children at risk for a man proves that this loser was stupid.

I'm no expert, but I'm not believing he's Archangel Gabriel

Archangel Gabriel- according to Catholic Encyclopedia.

Thus he is throughout the angel of the Incarnation and of Consolation, and so in Christian tradition Gabriel is ever the angel of mercy while Michael is rather the angel of judgment.

Ever the angel of mercy.

Jose Luis Torres- stands accused of sexually abusing four family members that police are aware of, other victims may be unknown.

Police compared him to Charles Manson, describing him as domineering and controlling, the San Diego Union-Tribune reported.

Torres had two wives and lived off their salaries, the newspaper reported. Police fear he may have started another family.

Domineering and controlling, not a mention of mercy.

Yet, the 52 year old Mexican citizen with a U.S. visa claims to be Gabriel. And is currently wanted by the police in connection with the assaults.

I'm figuring someone wasn't reading their bible during Sunday school...

More information

I'm no expert, but I

Roger Smith and his unidentified woman

The unidentified woman is the mother of the two children involved in this case, so her name isn't being released- to protect the identities of the children. Regardless, both Roger Smith and this demented woman are accused of taking photos of the girls in "various stages of undress, arranged in sexually provocative positions and being sexually assaulted".

They were arrested after an undercover officer posing as a 13-year-old had a chat online with Smith, who "who sent images of his genitals to her via his Web camera".

Winners these two are.

That led agents to search his Hollandale home Feb. 28. They discovered two digital camera memory cards, one dated November 2007 and another dated February of this year.

The cards contained multiple images of the twins in various stages of undress, arranged in sexually provocative positions and being sexually assaulted.

The woman told investigators she and Smith took turns taking pictures of each of them sexually assaulting the girls. She said she would give her daughters cough syrup before the assaults.

The woman also said she was at Smith's house in Hollandale in August 2007 when Smith sent some sexually explicit pictures of the girls to someone online.

Smith told investigators he sexually assaulted the girls, and the February 2008 assaults took place at the woman's home. The affidavit describes her home as being in central Illinois but doesn't say what city she lives in.

Not One More Child

Reader Lisa sent over information on the group "Not One More Child Coalition", and I thought it was worth sharing with you. For more information, please see their website.

The Surviving Parents Coalition (SPC) and National Association to Protect Children (PROTECT) launched their "Not One More Child" campaign in Washington, D.C. today, Feb. 7, 2008, with a formal event at the National Press Club. The event was attended by legislators, law enforcement, and other coalition members. The "Not One More Child" campaign website, was introduced, along with a public service announcement focusing on the exploding crisis of child exploitation. The groups also released law enforcement maps with data showing hundreds of thousands of criminals who are currently trafficking in child pornography.

"'Not One More Child' is literally about rescuing children," said Ed Smart, parent of Elizabeth, president of the Surviving Parents Coalition and member of the "Not One More Child" Alliance. "The campaign is not only about child pornography, but about pictures that include perpetrators, child victims in crime scenes."

Hundreds of thousands of sexual predators are at-large within the U.S., and law enforcement has the evidence to locate, arrest and prosecute them, but officials estimate they are able to investigate less than 2 percent of known child exploitation offenders, due to lack of resources, primarily personnel.

The "Not One More Child" campaign seeks to break stereotypes about child pornography, to rally support for immediate federal action, to spark a national public outcry of "Not One More Child!" and to rescue thousands of children from sexual abuse and torture.

The necessary funding to rescue thousands of children is less than $2 per child in the U.S. annually. Legislation now before Congress would increase funding for law enforcement agencies targeting child exploitation. The bill (HR3845/S1738) passed the House late last year and is now before the Senate. The "Not One More Child" campaign brings together groups and individuals who share a mission to protect children. The coalition formed will move the issue off the shelf and onto the public's agenda.

For three years, technology has been available free to law enforcement agencies. Using the existing technology, law enforcement can observe illegal computer activity and then locate the homes and businesses of hundreds of thousands of criminals in the U.S. who are trafficking in gruesome images and movies of child rape and torture. Experience shows that 30 to 50 percent of these criminals have sexually assaulted children. Stopping them now will save hundreds of thousands of children from sexual assault and exploitation.

About Surviving Parents Coalition and PROTECT

Established in 2007, the Surviving Parents Coalition membership includes parents who have endured the abduction and sexual assault of a child, as well as parents whose children are still missing. The coalition's mission is to empower surviving parents of children who were abducted and sexually assaulted to work together and present a unified voice for legislation and prevention education that will maximize efforts to stop child sexual abuse, exploitation and abduction.

PROTECT, established in 2002, is a grassroots, non-partisan political lobbying association. The non-profit organization advocates for nonpartisan, pro-child, anti-crime initiatives including legal advocacy for child victims, legislative reform and adequate funding for law enforcement and child protective services.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Missing Kids Considered in Extreme Danger

The following is from another crime blogger, (link at bottom) and is being posted here, because I believe that it's important to get this case out as much as possible. Please consider forwarding it on to those you think might be interested- the more people aware and looking out, the better our chances of bringing these kids home:

http://blackandmissing. blogspot. com

It is critical that we get this story out quickly as possible. These children may be in EXTREME DANGER. The story is as followed:

On March 5th 2008, three children from Columbus, Georgia were abducted from their home. Their father, Eddie Harrington, 28 took them in the middle of the night about 1:30 am while their mother Agena Battle was out the house. When she got back, she found that Eddie took her twin one year old daughters, Agena and Aliyah Battle and her three year old son, Sedrick Harrington. Authorities issued an AMBER Alert for the kids and they believed that Eddie can be heading for his hometown – Indianapolis, Indiana. Investigators said he has contacts in Tennessee and Florida as well.

Harrington left in a 2002 dark green Chevy Impala with cracked windshield with Indiana license plate number 93-L4740.

Agena Battle, the children’s mother said that when she arrived home, she found a note on the dresser. It stated that “he can't go on living. He said he was taking the kids to make me happy. He thought if he left, he would be leaving the kids on me and I'd have to do all the work.”

She said it was not the first time he tried to leave with the kids. Eddie attempted to do it before in Indiana but the cops stopped him before he could go anywhere. Police said that Harrington did not indicate in his note that the children might be at risk. There was no custodial issue between the parents and the father is entitled to be with the kids. Agena was living with Eddie when he left. Both has been together about 6 years and lived in Columbus for 6 months. Before he left, Harrington was working as a sitter with patients at New Horizons and Agena is working at a CVS Pharmacy.

Eddie is described as a black male who is 5 feet 9 inches tall with brown eyes and black hair. The twin daughters, Aliyah and Agena Battle are both about 2 feet tall and weighs 25 pounds each. Sedrick Harrington is about 3 feet tall and weighs 40 pounds.

On March 10th, Agena Battle, the mother, sent in a new plea:

"I still have not given up on my missing family and I'm not hearing about it as often. Can you please let the world know my family is still out there and need help finding their way back home.

"Agena Battle, age 23 months.... Aliyah Battle, age 23 months.... Sedrich Harrington, age 3.... Eddie Harrington, age 28

"Agena and Aliyah has on a pink shirt with white sleeves and pink plaid pants. One of the girls has on all white K-Swiss sneakers and the other has on pink, white, purple, Nike sneakers.

"Eddie has on a black T-shirt with black pants and brown and white sneakers; he also is wearing his glasses.

"I'm not sure what Sedrick has on, but I do know he has on his Spider-Man play sneakers. Sedrick also has a greenish color to his right arm from birth.

"Please air this stating that they are still missing. I have not eaten or slept well since they've been gone. I need them home. I am crying for your help. I have tried to do my daily routine but I cannot function well with out them."

Since her plea, the FBI has entered an interstate investigation seeking the safe return of the children. They stated:

"We do believe it's very likely he is en route to Indianapolis, Indiana," said FBI spokesman Agent Stephen Emmett from the Atlanta office. "We are working in information and the assumption that he still has the children.

"The primary purpose for us right now is for the appeal for him to safely return the children or turn them over to family or authorities. We consider this a very serious matter."

The FBI said Tuesday that at some point, Eddie Harrington, the father of the three kids, sent a letter to his father stating that he was going to kill the kids. That was the last update made on the case.

Sources: (In chronological order - there may be other articles out there but this is what I found so far; pictures are included in articles)

1. Three Missing Kids May be in Tennesse :

2. Levi's Call: The search is on for three missing children

3. Amber Alert Issued for 3 Georgia Children Considered to be in Extreme Danger

4. New Lead: Harrington and toddlers spotted in Tennessee

5. Georgia Amber Alert suspect could be in Kentuckiana; suspect has ties to Indianapolis

6. Have you seen these children?

7. Amber Alert suspect may have been spotted in Jackson

8. Police on look-out for Georgia children

9. Search for children spans the state line

10. Report of missing kids leads to search

11. Father, 3 kids still not found

12. Levi's Call Mother Makes New Plea

13. Police Still Looking for Missing Children (video available)

14. FBI enters interstate probe for missing children

15. FBI Searches for Father Who Allegedly Threatened to Kill Kids,2933,336933,00.html

16. Police: Father wrote note about killing his three children

NCMEC poster :

Radio interview with the mother Agena Battle:

Youtube video on the case:

Please consider this case. The mother desperately need your help. Thanks for all your help.

Teens Sexually Assault Special Ed Student

An 18 year old boy, Romal Roberts and two just as demented 16 year olds leered a special education student to skip school and go with them to one of their homes. Once in the home, police say the three boys sexually assaulted the 16 year old special ed student.

All are students at Montclair High School. The attack allegedly took place Thursday afternoon at the home of the 18-year-old after the students skipped classes, Loriquet said.

The mental capacity of the girl was still being determined, he said.

"The victim told a girlfriend who told a Montclair High guidance counselor," who notified authorities, Loriquet said.

Police are still investigating whether anyone else was involved in the assault.

Again with the school employees...

When a concerned mother became worried that her son was being bullied at school- there's little doubt that what she discovered was much much more than just your average bullying by a peer.

The investigation began after one boy's mother complained to both the Slidell Police Department and to school officials that her son had been assaulted by another 10-year-old student. After interviewing the victim, authorities determined Schwertz, a school custodian at the time, had sexually assaulted him, police said Monday.

Turns out, the once possible bully had also been sexually assaulted by Dino Jay Schwertz, 41, of Slidell LA.


William Constable

William Constable has spent an incredible amount of time traveling all over the world, including Thailand, Cambodia and Vietnam since 1983. In fact, every year he treats himself to a trip overseas. The only problem is, he's not going to sight see- but to sexually abuse young girls.

Prosecutors said the camera and dozens of cassettes and compact discs later seized from Constable's Nantucket home showed him sexually assaulting girls as young as 5, sometimes two at a time.

During a hearing Tuesday in U.S. District Court, Constable pleaded guilty to seven counts of sexual exploitation of children and one count of possession of child pornography. According to a plea agreement filed with the court, the recommended sentence will be 25 years in prison and a $50,000 fine, with restitution to be determined when Constable is sentenced on June 10. He also faces lifetime supervision after his release.

Constable told investigators he videotaped himself having sex with the girls so that he could later "re-create the moment," Assistant U.S. Attorney Dana Gershengorn said.

Sadly, at his age- he doesn't have enough years of life left to even come close to how long he should be locked up.

Women in Crime

For true crime buffs there's a new blog on the web you might just be interested in seeing. Written by a rather large, and very impressive group of women- Women In Crime Inc. should be on your list of daily must reads. Bloggers include :
Pat Brown
Andrea Campbell
Kathryn Casey
Tina Dirmann
Stacy Dittrich
Diane Fanning
Cynthia Hunt
Vanessa Leggett
Michele McPhee
Donna Pendergast
Robin Sax
Katherine Scardino
Donna Weaver

So head on over and say hi.

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I always find it hard to believe that we as a country can expect someone to serve us, to fight for our rights, to engage in our battles- but then seem to be willing to forget them once it comes time for us to take care of them. I'm a firm believer in providing our finest men and women, those who serve in our military, with the best of medical care, the best housing, the best monetary rewards for their service. Hearing things from politicians about how there's 'no funding' so we can't give our wounded or needy veterans what they need most just pisses me off.

Of course, then I read something like this: has learned that a former command master chief caught in a sex sting and discharged from the U.S. Navy continues to receive a partial pension and medical benefits despite a conviction as a sex offender.

Former Command Master Chief Edward E. Scott, 43, was arrested in March 2007 after a month-long covert Internet operation near Seattle uncovered Scott’s communication with someone he believed to be a mother with 12-year-old twins. The woman was actually an undercover agent.

Scott asked the woman to get a hotel room with her children, giving graphic detail of specific sex acts he wanted to perform on the children and for the children to perform on him.

And see that this poor excuse for human DNA actually received an 'honorable discharge' that will allow him to keep a lot of his benefits... and I have to sit and wonder who's ass he's been sucking up to all these years.

Am I really to believe that some low life perv is more deserving of benefits from our military than those who are currently struggling on a waiting list- crossing their fingers that the treatments/ benefits they need will be available soon?

Do unto others....

Some people who give birth are somehow confused with a mom. I understand where the confusion lies- they had the child- therefore normal people sort of naturally expect them to behave in a certain manner, although they don't always do what is expected of them.

Take for instance the 'mom' who was recently pointed out to me by CUG, people assumed that it was safe to consider her a mother, because she was with her child. But, I'm pretty sure the still images will wipe that thought out of most peoples minds.

An abusive woman has taken the phrase “wash your mouth out” to a disturbing level. Orange County, Fla., police are searching for a woman who was caught on tape abusing a child at a car wash, MyFOXOrlando reported.

The tape shows a woman getting out of a white Hyundai Elantra and putting money into a pressure washer. Another woman is seen bringing a girl out of the car. As the child tries to get away, one of the women sprays her with the high-pressure hose.

I'd held off on posting this, because I was really interested in seeing the next step in the case.

First thing to happen was the woman came forward, and admitted that she'd done it.. and then defended her actions:

Ramirez says she was trying to discipline her 2-year-old daughter for throwing a temper tantrum.

She told authorities she did not use the high-pressure feature on the hose when spraying the child. source

The woman has been charged, and released from jail Saturday after posting $1,000 bail.

Video: Watch The Video (MyFoxOrlando)

Seriously, this woman needs her head examined... and a nice vacation in the county jail for a long stay.

A&E Presents Crime 360

As most of you should know, last week A&E ran it's first episode of it's new series, Crime 360- a real life investigation with all the behind the scenes forensic evidence any crime buff could ever ask for.

This Thursday you can catch an all new episode at 10pm on A&E. Case highlights follow:

(March 13, 2008) Crime 360. Fatal Feud. Two men who live next to each other in a housing project get into a deadly argument. One is shot and killed. Detectives Crewell and Williams take the two men's girlfriends back to headquarters to find out what happened. One story tells of murder, the other self-defense. Detectives try to unravel the different accounts given by the girlfriends. The key may lie with a gun that was recovered from a trash can behind the house. A Federal lab tests a bullet found at the scene and the gun to determine if it is the murder weapon. Meanwhile, Crewell and Williams try to find holes in the girlfriend's stories. As the girlfriend's stories start to fall apart, the suspect on the run is feeling the heat. CC HD [TV14]

And for those that just can't wait, here's a sneak peek via video:

Kiss of Death

Well, maybe it's not really the kiss of death, but it very well could be the 'kiss of amisdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine".

It seems the Virginia has had enough of pedophiles bending the laws in order to prey on children, so they have opted to settle the matter of the 'french kiss' once and for all- by making it illegal to french kiss anyone under the age of 13.

State legislators passed a law Saturday that would require adults who French kiss a child younger than 13 to register as a sex offender.

Those convicted of tongue-kissing a child would be guilty of a misdemeanor, punishable by up to one year in jail and a $2,500 fine. The House of Delegates passed the legislation 96-1 and the Senate 39-0.

The bill now heads to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, who said he supports the legislation.

Delagate Riley Ingram, R-Hopewell, introduced the bill on behalf of a woman whose 10-year-old daughter was French-kissed by the 62-year-old husband of her babysitter.

The only crime prosecutors could charge the man with was contributing to the delinquency of a minor, which did not require that he register as a sex offender.

Continue reading..

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America's Most Wanted

The following cases will be featured this Saturday at 9pm on your local Fox station.

Terrence Washington: He's been on AMW four times in the last year, and federal agents in Nashville, Tenn. say a man known for escaping from the police has slipped away from authorities -- again. Terrence Washington has been behind bars in a Nashville prison since last April, but on Sunday, February 23, 2008, prison guards noticed that Washington was missing from his cell. Agents say Washington was last spotted just hours after his escape in northern Nashville. He was seen in a small, black, 4-door Cadillac.

Waqas Rehman: Florida police say Waqas Rehman is pretty computer savvy. That's because the 29-year-old is accused of luring a young girl into a real-life encounter with him after they "met" online. Cops say that what happened next is something no child should ever have to face.

Russell Rehrig: Pennsylvania cops are looking for Russell R. Rehrig, Jr., a convicted child rapist who was able to bond out of jail because of a clerical error and disappear.

Kevin Ta: Police believe Kevin Ta -- an alleged killer -- may be hiding out in Houston, Texas under a different name.

Adriano Jaramillo: She told her patients she was a doctor, specializing in plastic surgery. But police say Adriana Jaramillo has no medical training, and now, authorities have charged her with the death of former Newark police officer who sought Jaramillo for treatment.

Ben Hunter: Ben Walter Hunter, 40, was supposed to be teaching 11- and 12-year-old boys at a Lancaster County, Va. school how to wrestle. But instead, cops say Hunter left at least one boy wrestling with a dark secret.

Dominic Lyde & Derrick Benjamin: Police in North Carolina have arrested Dominic Lyde, one of two men wanted in one of the country's largest armored car heists. Police say Dominic Lyde played a role in stealing nearly $10 million -- $5 million of which is still missing, along with another man, Derrick Benjamin.

Miguel Torres: For years they enjoyed what seemed to be a storybook romance -- a love so strong they didn't even feel the need to formalize it with vows. But after Barbara West married Miguel Torres, she found that her new husband had a dark side ... one that would drive him to violent extremes.

Michele Comstock: Michele Comstock was convicted of manslaughter in absentia in 1992. Fourteen years later cops still haven't caught up with this elusive fugitive. But now they're hoping that a new age-enhanced picture will help put Comstock behind bars for good.

Artur Martirosyan: Police say Artur Martirosyan fled Colorado after being questioned by police in connection to a 1998 murder spree. Cops say they have enough evidence to put him behind bars -- now all they have to do is find him.

Justin Sparlin: Authorities on two continents are on high-alert for a veteran of the war in Iraq, AWOL from his Army duties, who stands accused of raping a child. Cops in Ottawa, Ill. say that Justin Sparlin bolted before they could put the cuffs on him for raping a 12-year-old girl. Now, the international spotlight is focused on this fugitive Army Specialist.

Brianna Denison Killer: AMW's John Walsh and the Reno police have teamed up and released a new video that contains the facts of the investigation into Brianna's death -- and how you can help bring the killer to justice.

AMW All-Star: A Pinellas County, Fla. Sheriff's Deputy whose day-off trip to a shopping mall turned into a life-or-death confrontation with armed carjacking suspect has become the second weekly finalist in the 2008 America's Most Wanted All-Star Contest.