The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Where's your compassion?

Your sitting in your living room, petting one of the two dogs that roam the place you call home while taking in the refreshing smell of dinner cooking in the kitchen, and exhaust fumes bellowing in from up on the roof. Suddenly you're confronted with someone telling you you must leave the only home you now have, and move both yourself and your possessions elsewhere. Even though you might be willing to bow to this demand, you find that you'll have to jump through hoops in order to do so- you can't live in certain areas, can't be within a given distance of particular building structures, and you can't even reside with some of your current roommates. And no one is telling you just how you are suppose to fund this move, pay for this new place- or even find it... rather they just tell you you have to do it. Your objections to this treatment, to this life of being an outcast go unheard... and you resent it.

Well buddy, don't feel too bad- there is a good life lesson in this- had you not been a sexual deviant, casting out the objections of your victims in order to gratify your own perverted sexual desires- you wouldn't be in this position now. I feel no compassion for those who willingly victimized another person.

SOURCE The state is trying to dissolve a community of sex offenders living under a bridge that includes a gym, kitchen, living room and two dogs.

The men have lived under the Julia Tuttle Causeway for a year. They say limited money and strict local ordinances make it nearly impossible for them to live anywhere else. But state officials are telling them to leave.
On pillars supporting the bridge, and on the slope, residents have spray-painted their thoughts: "We 'R' Not Monsters." "They Treat Animals Better!!!" "Why?"

Juan Carlos Martin, a 29-year-old on the sex offender list for lewd or lascivious exhibition to a victim under the age of 16 -- a crime he says he didn't commit -- said it's been impossible for him to leave the bridge. He has been rejected from 15 jobs because of his record and can't find a place he can afford that's in compliance with the law.

Martin sits on his couch and sucks on a cigarette as a tiny white kitten peaks out from behind a stereo that no longer works. A gold crucifix hangs from his neck. He is off probation now, but he says he feels no freedom.

"What the law's doing to us is totally wrong," said Martin, who has lived here about six months. "Society will see that we aren't animals."

Alright, they have a small point- they aren't animals... after all animals normally behave better.