The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

The man behind the mask...

There are things in this world that I've never been able to grasp the logic behind... and this story seems to be filled with those things.

James Leshkevich, also know online as Yankee James, or Yankee Jim had a lot going on in his life- an activist with a Neo-Nazi group called National Alliance he could often be found pandering his beliefs to others on forums and blogs. Fellow blogger from Red-Alerts gives a personal description of "Yankee James" stemming from experiences he's had with him:

I have had several contacts with “Yankee James” other wise known as James Leshkavich and know him to be a coward, a bully and a creature so corrupted by his love of hatred as to give up the right of being called a man long ago. I received the occasional email or comment where Leshkavich would pretend to be a Jewish supporter of Red Alerts who’d make some outrageous claim designed to make Jews look petty and evil. This, according to the swine he affiliated himself, with was evidence of his “genius.”

But it seems that Yankee James' problems didn't end with his dislikes of blacks or Jews... he also seemed to be paranoid about his wife, and shared his problems with her on his personal blog-
I will not name the "nice guy" here (maybe later) as he was led to believe (by my wife) that we are legally separated, but still living together under the same roof for economic reasons, and "each doing our own things" I can't really blame the "nice man" for any of this. I wanted to link the phone conversation MP3 audio file to this writing, but chose not to. (It's simply too embarrassing)

Evidently, he caught her cheating... after recording her phone conversations. And later at some point he went as far as to buy a GPS tracking device.. which he mentions and tosses a "Oh...I blew $240 on a GPS tracking device which is being delivered today. I never even got a chance, or had to even use it!"

The above linked post is updated 4 times, over a period of him clearly becoming more and more disturbed about the entire situation- which began evidently sometime around June, 2007 and continued from then on. The post starts pretty much at the beginning, providing a one sided glance into the emotional breakdown of Yankee James.

According to new, he lost the battle...
State investigators are looking into the unexplained deaths of two residents of a Morgan Hill Road home.
State police checked on the residence of James and Deborah Leshkevich around 11 a.m., after Deborah’s co-worker grew worried about her welfare. Police entered the home to find both James, 52, and Deborah, 55, dead in separate parts of the house.

The last known written words (the last ones available for viewing) regarding the situation with his wife in hindsight may be a little more telling than anyone could have foreseen.
This will also be the last post on The Hudson Valley Freeman for a while. I'm just too depressed over all this to continue. Hopefully that'll change in the future.

Why the fuck did it have to end like this?!!!

I've never understood the need for outright hate of another person, but it's clear by his posting that he was full of it. And, I've never been one to understand how someone can so easily take the life of another person- especially one that they know. And never will I get why so many seem to see suicide as a means to an end of their misery.

A quick search and you might be surprised to find many of Yankee James' fellow Neo-Nazis expressing sympathy for a man that murdered his wife in cold blood... and you'll even find a few that take the time to praise him for what he has done.

If you ask me, murder and suicide have always been quite cowardly acts...

tip of the hat to Red Alerts, for sharing this.

Recent news reports indicate cause of death for both, although the timeline is still being investigated:
BCI Capt. Wayne Olson said Deborah was struck over the head seven times with a blunt object and then strangled and suffocated to death by her husband. It was after he killed his wife that James hung himself in the garage of their home on Morgan Hill Road in Hurley on Tuesday.