The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, February 01, 2008

America's Most Wanted

BIG NEWS! The 2008 AMW All-Star contest website goes live today! Nominations start on Feb. 6th. If you have an exceptional first responder in mind that you think is worthy of the AMW All-Star reward, be sure to nominate!

Now to the cases…

Richard Regalado: When cops in California chased after a bank robbery suspect, they were surprised at the lengths he'd go to avoid capture. But when they found out who they were chasing, it all became clear.

Gustavo Mares: Thanksgiving Day 2006. Cops in Irvine, California receive a heartbreaking call that a woman has been murdered. Even worse, her body was discovered by her 9-year-old son. Police say that 36-year-old Brandi Mares was stabbed in the back with a screwdriver by her brother-in-law, Gustavo Mares.

Paul Carpenter: Horst Fietze saved for years to afford the vacation that he and his wife took to Santa Monica, Calif. in October of 1998. The house painter from Lobeau, Germany was enjoying his final evening in Southern California as he walked with his wife and another German couple by the luxury hotels and palm trees dotting the Santa Monica beachfront. Cops say the carefree atmosphere vanished the minute Paul Edmond Carpenter approached with a gun and three friends in tow. Now, the FBI has named Carpenter to their 'Featured Fugitives' list in hopes the last suspect in the murder of Horst Fietze will soon be behind bars.

Jacob Gordon: Maryland State Police are searching for accused rapist Jacob Corey Gordon, who police say raped a woman at knife point with another man in the back of Gordon's van seven years ago. While his accused accomplice is awaiting trial, police say they need your help to haul Gordon back to face justice.

Omar Mora: Omar Mora killed his wife and another man in May of 2007. After Mora went on the run, the trail went cold until July, when Chicago police found Mora's truck on the Windy City's north side. Now the trail has gone cold again and police say they need your help. Police aren't sure if Mora is still in the U.S. or has gone south of the border, but they are sure that they need to get justice for the two victims and their families.

Brianna Denison: Reno Police Cmdr. Ron Holladay has confirmed to AMW that two other Reno assaults are related to the Brianna Denison disappearance, according to DNA evidence obtained at the crime scenes.

Lamont Cooke: Philadelphia police say that Lamont Cooke was one of a group of Jamaican men who conspired to kidnap and hold a business owner for ransom. Once Cooke and his cohorts had kidnapped the man, police say they demanded $600,000 from one of his relatives in exchange for his safe release.

Shawn Clarke: Philadelphia police say that Shawn Clarke was one of a group of Jamaican men who conspired to kidnap and hold a business owner for ransom. Once Clarke and his cohorts had kidnapped the man, they allegedly demanded $600,000 from one of his relatives in exchange for his safe release.

Wheaton Bank Robbers: Five years after the Wheaton Bank Robber first started targeting Chicagoland banks, the FBI says they've finally got a picture of the man behind the mask. Armed with a sketch, agents hope to finally end the bandit's long string of successful robberies.

Travis Mullis: When cops in Galveston found a dead infant, they wondered if identifying him would turn into another Baby Grace case. But just days after the discovery, cops are hot on the trail of a man they think may know something about the horrific scene.

George Saravanos: Many times, fugitives flee the country in their flight from justice. After running from Queens, N.Y., accused killer George Saravanos fled to Ecuador, was shot inside a brothel, and was eventually arrested after an AMW tipster dropped a dime on the fugitive. AMW traveled to South America to find out just how cops were finally able to track him down.