The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, January 25, 2008


Usually you get all the headlines for America's Most Wanted's upcoming episodes in one single post, but one of the cases didn't make it to my first post, and after hearing a little about it- I wanted to make sure that I gave it some attention.

It's an all to common story of a broken marriage with less than amicable relationships- that turned into a mystery when three members of the family disappeared.

Ruby Santiago was happily married until she joined the military and her husband Victorio became upset with the lack of time she spent with the family- which included her two sons: Noel and Daniel. As the marriage began to deteriorate, domestic violence began increasing and Ruby ultimately filed for a temporary restraining order against Victorio. That's when things got worse:

Cops say that Victorio went to talk to his wife about the restraining order and ask for forgiveness. Cops say he scattered rose petals all over the ground inside the house in an attempt to charm his estranged wife.

Although Victorio intended to reconcile the domestic issues during that emotional conversation, the couple got into a fight. Police claim Victorio held Ruby down on the bed and punched her in the head.

Ruby, who was in tears and was so injured she had to seek medical care, locked herself in the bathroom. Victorio then drove off with the boys in a car rented from Thrifty Rental Car.

Neither Victorio nor the two boys have been seen since shortly after 1am when he took the children from his Pearl Harbor home. Because he was enlisted, military police began looking for him after he failed to show up to work, and due to the domestic violence claims against him. They have been unable to locate either him or the children.
n their investigation, police discovered questionable notes Victorio left for his family and his colleagues, saying he was sorry for what had happened. In the notes, he expressed how he wanted his affairs handled if he died. Victorio hoped that Ruby would drop the restraining order and they would eventually get back together. He was very apologetic that his marriage had failed, concerned that he had cast a negative light on his profession, and -- most importantly -- he was worried that he would separated from his two boys.

Cops say that Victorio wrote a note indicating that he felt lost because his wife refused to give him another chance. They say he also wrote that if he was to be separated from his kids, then expect the worst: he might end his life. He specifically requested that his body be cremated and that his ashes be scattered near his mother's grave.

For more information on this case, be sure to tune in to America's Most Wanted Saturday at 9 pm on your local Fox station, or click over to their website where you can find details on the case, along with aged progress photos of the children, and descriptions of Victorio.