The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Baytown Rapist Convicted

Statistics tell us every day that a woman is more likely to be the victim of rape than a man. But behind all the data, the studies and the reports there is the sad fact that even today, not all women will report sexual crimes committed against them. Whether it's fear, embarrassment, denial, self blame or any possible combination of reasons- it's a true to life fact that sexual assaults will always remain one crime that is not accurately reported among women. And if we are willing to accept that women don't always report rapes, we must also accept that men will forgo reporting them also- many times for the same reasons, and many times because they somehow feel that the crime committed against them makes them less of a man. As a society, we have to fight this notion, we have to be willing to accept that a sexually based crime can happen to anyone, of any gender, and any age. And for those that do find the courage to come forward- we have to be able to offer them justice.

For months, a rapist terrorized Baytown Texas, but sadly there were few mentions of it in the news which could have played a role in the time it took to catch him. One has to wonder if the victims gender played a part in the little media attention the cases received. One would hope not.

The serial rapist has been covered here and here.

Keith Hill, after months of committed heinous crimes against men was finally caught by diligent police efforts to crack the case, and has just finished up his 'day in court' so to speak.

A man accused of kidnapping and raping five young men in Baytown during an eight-month spree in 2006 was convicted Tuesday of sexually assaulting a teenager at gunpoint after abducting him from his driveway.

Keith Hill, 20, could receive a sentence ranging from five years probation to life in prison after being convicted of aggravated sexual assault. The sentencing phase of the trial is set to begin later Tuesday.

Knowing that one less predator is off the streets always is a good feeling, but given the suffering of at least one of his victims, I have to clearly state that in no way is five years enough.... I'm crossing my fingers for a life sentence.

The victim in this case testified Monday that he thought he was going to die in the attack that began as he searched for something in his car.

He said he was blindfolded with duct tape, his hands were tied behind his back with zip ties and he was forced in the back seat of an SUV. There the assailant forced him to perform oral sex and hit him on the back of the head with a gun eight or nine times.

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