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~~~ Albert Einstein

Friday, January 04, 2008

America's Most Wanted - INSIDER

Joseph Quartieri

Not-So-Great Escapes

This Saturday night on America’s Most Wanted, we’ll be going after some bad guys who’ve already been caught. The problem is, they’ve broken out of jail. Now, law enforcement needs your help to get them back behind bars.

One of them is Joseph Quartieri, who investigators believe is connected to the infamous Gambino crime family. Back in 1979, cops say, Quartieri botched a jewelry store robbery on New York’s Long Island, nearly killing a police officer in the process. He was arrested, but broke out of jail before his trial and vanished. Now police wonder if a mysterious man they spotted attending recent mob funerals might be the long-lost fugitive.

For AMW's Jon Leiberman, this case was his first real exposure to the world of organized crime. Jon sat down with investigators for a briefing on the ins and outs of the mob, and after chatting with police, the possible sightings of Quartieri become even more interesting. "I learned that cops usually know who everyone is at mob funerals," Jon says. "The fact that they caught a guy on tape who they can't ID is bizarre." After 30 years of dead-end leads, this may finally be the break police have been waiting for.

We need your help in answering some important questions. Is the guy seen at the mob funerals really Quartieri? And if not – who is the man in the photos? Check out the pictures at, then tune in Saturday night to help us crack the case.

Otis Blunt &
Jose Espinosa

An Escape Made In Hollywood?

For Otis Blunt and Jose Espinosa, the movie "Shawshank Redemption" may have been more than a Hollywood story. It may have been a game plan. Cops say that on December 15, Blunt and Espinosa used tools to remove cinder blocks from their cells at the Union County jail in New Jersey. Like the fictional prisoner in the film, they covered the holes with pictures of magazine centerfolds, then escaped onto the roof. Now, a nationwide manhunt is underway for these two dangerous men.

Producer Matt Jablow has worked with a lot of law enforcement organizations, but he says he’s never seen anything quite like this escape. Perhaps the most incredible part of the breakout was the fact that the two inmates jumped 25 feet from the roof over a fence lined with razor wire. Matt visited the jail and got a close look at the cell. "It's hard to have a real appreciation for the boldness of these guys without being there," he says.

Cops think that Blunt and Espinosa split up after breaking free, and could now be anywhere in the country. They’re considered armed and extremely dangerous, and police are eager to bring them down. Check out our exclusive footage inside their jail cells at, and join us on Saturday for your chance to rewrite the script on this escape plan.

AMW Safety Center

AMW Safety Center: Self-Defense Tips

It’s advice we hope you never have to use, but to mark Self Defense Awareness Month, the AMW Safety Center is offering you tips on how to deal with violence in your family’s lives wherever it may occur. We’ll be covering many angles over the course of the month, including such topics as information about martial arts training and ideas on how to communicate with your kids about violence. Self defense is all about avoiding violence and getting out of dangerous situations, and you’ll find some important guidance at our Safety Center. Check it out for ways to keep you and your family on guard and out of harm’s way.


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