The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, December 31, 2007

Happy News Years....

Consider this my special New Years post- a quick highlight of just some people who should have made their last years New Years Resolution to try to be anything other than the sick pervs they are. Maybe, with proper jail time- they'll be able to make up for it this time around.

Neil Edwards was recently released from jail, the repeat offender- let loose Sept. 6 of this year after serving a laughable sentence of 7 years clearly didn't learn his lesson.

A child molester recently released from prison was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexually assaulting a mentally retarded man.

Neil Edwards, 66, befriended the man last Friday and brought him to Edwards' Peeples Valley home, where he proceeded to sexually abuse him, Yavapai County sheriff's detectives said.


Next up, and a little more special because this one is from my beloved Ohio, we have William Dexter Saint-John... he wanted to get one of those great carry and conceal deals for guns from Ohio.

According to deputies, William Dexter Saint-John had applied for a concealed weapon carry permit in November.

He was charged with falsification after a background check showed that Saint-John had a long criminal history, including a child molestation conviction in Georgia, where he spent time in prison.


Next meet Anthony Uckele, sick perv and internet predator who sexually abused a 12 year old girl he met online. (Side note- I'm really really losing patience with you people who CONTINUE to allow your kids to go online without supervision. In fact- I'm starting to believe that in cases like these, the parents ought to be charged with endangerment, for not ensuring that they are protecting their children)

Authorities say Uckele, a former West Valley College student, had sex with the girl numerous times in the course of a seven-month relationship, which began in 2005 when Uckele saw her MySpace page and sent her an electronic message. At the time, Uckele was 22 but listed his age on MySpace as 16. The girl was 12 and testified that she listed her age as two or three years older.

But the girl, whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy, testified that both admitted their true ages within a short time after they first met, and before they had sexual intercourse. Defense attorney Richard Pointer has said his client admitted having sex with the girl twice, but suggested that she has exaggerated the number of times.

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And last we have Ross M. Wenner. Which the story reports:

Authorities on Tuesday began the long work of clearing up a backlog of charges against Ross M. Wenner, an alleged sexual predator of young girls in four Minnesota counties.

In Dakota County District Court Tuesday, Wenner, 26, pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping, felony harassment and soliciting a 12-year-old girl for sexual activity in Lakeville last summer.

Oh yeah, that's one that will be rotting in hell.

Concluding my quick round up of sick freaks and low life scum- I'd like to take this chance to wish all ya'll a very Happy New Years. May you be blessed a hundred times over, and find happiness, love and peace....

Well, except for those idiot parents who still haven't read enough stories about internet predators to know that they need to get up and MONITOR their children a little better. I'm hoping those dimwits get hit in the head with a 2x4 and awake to a new sense of enlightenment that provokes them to do their damn jobs and protect their children.