The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Wishes

Some of you may not get the joke... but for those that do- Happy Freaking New Years!

Happy News Years....

Consider this my special New Years post- a quick highlight of just some people who should have made their last years New Years Resolution to try to be anything other than the sick pervs they are. Maybe, with proper jail time- they'll be able to make up for it this time around.

Neil Edwards was recently released from jail, the repeat offender- let loose Sept. 6 of this year after serving a laughable sentence of 7 years clearly didn't learn his lesson.

A child molester recently released from prison was arrested Monday on suspicion of sexually assaulting a mentally retarded man.

Neil Edwards, 66, befriended the man last Friday and brought him to Edwards' Peeples Valley home, where he proceeded to sexually abuse him, Yavapai County sheriff's detectives said.


Next up, and a little more special because this one is from my beloved Ohio, we have William Dexter Saint-John... he wanted to get one of those great carry and conceal deals for guns from Ohio.

According to deputies, William Dexter Saint-John had applied for a concealed weapon carry permit in November.

He was charged with falsification after a background check showed that Saint-John had a long criminal history, including a child molestation conviction in Georgia, where he spent time in prison.


Next meet Anthony Uckele, sick perv and internet predator who sexually abused a 12 year old girl he met online. (Side note- I'm really really losing patience with you people who CONTINUE to allow your kids to go online without supervision. In fact- I'm starting to believe that in cases like these, the parents ought to be charged with endangerment, for not ensuring that they are protecting their children)

Authorities say Uckele, a former West Valley College student, had sex with the girl numerous times in the course of a seven-month relationship, which began in 2005 when Uckele saw her MySpace page and sent her an electronic message. At the time, Uckele was 22 but listed his age on MySpace as 16. The girl was 12 and testified that she listed her age as two or three years older.

But the girl, whose name is being withheld to protect her privacy, testified that both admitted their true ages within a short time after they first met, and before they had sexual intercourse. Defense attorney Richard Pointer has said his client admitted having sex with the girl twice, but suggested that she has exaggerated the number of times.

Read more..

And last we have Ross M. Wenner. Which the story reports:

Authorities on Tuesday began the long work of clearing up a backlog of charges against Ross M. Wenner, an alleged sexual predator of young girls in four Minnesota counties.

In Dakota County District Court Tuesday, Wenner, 26, pleaded guilty to attempted kidnapping, felony harassment and soliciting a 12-year-old girl for sexual activity in Lakeville last summer.

Oh yeah, that's one that will be rotting in hell.

Concluding my quick round up of sick freaks and low life scum- I'd like to take this chance to wish all ya'll a very Happy New Years. May you be blessed a hundred times over, and find happiness, love and peace....

Well, except for those idiot parents who still haven't read enough stories about internet predators to know that they need to get up and MONITOR their children a little better. I'm hoping those dimwits get hit in the head with a 2x4 and awake to a new sense of enlightenment that provokes them to do their damn jobs and protect their children.

Friday, December 28, 2007

America's Most Wanted... Top Ten

This week AMW will be counting down their top ten most wanted fugitives, and I've got a preview of nine of the highlighted cases for you- but you'll have to tune into the show to see the number one.

10: Alexis Flores: Five-year-old Iriana DeJesus was found sexually assaulted and strangled to death in an empty apartment complex near her house in 2000. For years, the case went unsolved, but in March, the FBI got the break they were looking for: a DNA match from convicted criminal Alexis Flores.

9: Dominic Lyde: Deputies in South Carolina say two fugitives still on the run after one of the country's largest armored car heists might just be staying close to home. Police say Dominic Lyde played a role in stealing nearly $10 million -- $5 million of which is still missing.

8: Derrick Benjamin: Deputies in South Carolina have already arrested five suspects who they believe were involved in the robbery. Detectives say that Derrick Benjamin was also involved.

7: Nai Yin Xue: Authorities in Los Angeles tell AMW that a multi-agency international task force is currently on the lookout for Nai Yin Xue, a self-proclaimed martial arts master accused of killing his wife in New Zealand and abandoning his 3-year-old daughter at a train station in Melbourne, Australia.

6: Patricio Sosa: Patricio Sosa was one of the ringleaders of an operation that imported women and children from Mexico and forced them into prostitution in Florida, according to authorities. Now, law enforcement wants to put the brakes on this alleged trafficker.

5: Rafael Cadena-Sosa: Like many young men, authorities say Rafael Cadena-Sosa went into the family business. Unfortunately, that business was human trafficking and prostitution, according to the FBI.

4: Carmela Cadena: Imagine being kidnapped from your home country, held captive, and forced to work as a prostitute. This is the fate of thousands of women and children who are smuggled into the U.S. every year. The FBI says they're kept in line by women like Carmela Cadena, a member of the Cadena-Sosa family who is alleged to run a major trafficking and prostitution enterprise.

3: Paul Jackson: Cops say that when Paul Erven Jackson went to visit his brother, the pair didn't engage in the usual family bonding. Instead, they lured teenage girls back to a homemade sex-torture chamber. While Jackson is still on the run, Vance Roberts turned himself in back in September of 2006 and was convicted on June 6, 2007 after an hour of jury deliberation on 24 counts of charges ranging from first-degree kidnap to first-degree rape. On August 3, 2007, Judge Timothy Alexander sentenced Roberts to 108 years in prison.

2: Robert Bowman: AMW tipsters are telling cops exactly where they've seen 71-year-old accused killer Robert Bowman. Cops say the strongest tips are out of southern California and Sin City: tipsters have spotted Bowman living on the strip in Las Vegas as a homeless man. None of the sightings have been confirmed but cops are working to pinpoint any location that Bowman may have been recently. Since 1967, Ohio cops say Robert Bowman has literally gotten away with murder. They say science has finally caught up to the accused killer, and DNA irrefutably ties him to the abduction, rape and murder of 14-year-old Eileen Adams in Toledo, Ohio some 40 years ago.

America's Most Wanted- America fights back, can be seen at 9pm on your local Fox station. You can also check out their website- for more information on these cases and others.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Um... yeah

I know CRIME BLOG. Right? Well, it's MY crime blog, so once in a while I can stray from the crime topic. Today is one of those times.

The CNN headline reads :What will you tell kids about Britney's sister?

Funny they should ask. One of my kids likes that show- although I surely don't know why. And I suppose that I just may have to explain something to her, without getting into all the details. I'm thinking, I'll just stick to my usual 'celeb gets arrested/photographed acting inappropriately/knocked up at 16' explanation:

The only reason we have celebrities is so that the rest of us 'normal' people can learn from their stupidity, and this is one of those great learning experiences.

Giuliani OK with accused child molester

Between Mike Huckabee, and Rudy Giuliani I'm having a hard time figuring out which one would be less likely to have signed The Adam Walsh Law into effect had they been president at the time.

Looks like at least one of them is on the path to 'defend the sicko'.

"We think it's inexcusably callous and reckless for a man of Giuliani's stature to have on his payroll a priest who has been suspended by his own bishop for molesting kids," Clohessy said.

Placa was never charged with a crime because the statues of limitations expired by the time the allegations surfaced.

"He has been my friend for many, many years and I have confidence in him," Giuliani said. "I guess the better way to answer this is I trust him."

Trust? Heh. If only I had a dollar for every time someone 'trusted' someone else, only to later find that their friend they'd known for many many years was a child molester.

Read all...

David B. Bowen

Indiana police made an arrest in the 1979 murder of Kenneth Conrick. The 8 year olds body had been found nude, tied to a tree and a cord had been tied around his neck, and his body showed signs of brutal, prolonged torture.

Bowen, then 16, emerged as a suspect, but no physical evidence linked him to the crime until investigators reopened the case three years ago. Authorities located Bowen's sister and took a DNA sample from her that showed enough similarities to genetic material found at the scene to link Bowen himself to the crime.

Bowen surrendered a DNA sample to Lake County investigators months ago, and investigators said it matched DNA taken from Conrick's clothing.

If convicted, he could be sentenced to as many as 60 years in prison. Honestly- I can't say that is enough. Perhaps it's time that the justice system starts handing out sentences in the 'eye for an eye' fashion.

H/t Lisa

This week on America's Most Wanted

One of my favorite shows of all time, America's Most Wanted airs at 9pm on Saturday nights, and can be seen on local Fox stations everywhere. This week they will be airing the following cases, and hoping that you might have the information they need to solve them:

Unknown Rashawn Brazell Killer: Police in New York want to know who would want to decapitate 19-year-old Rashawn Brazell, stuff his body parts into trash bags and leave them in a New York Subway station. That's why they've turned to AMW to help solve this gruesome murder. AMW received lots of tips the first two times we aired this story. Now, cops hope the third time is a charm in finding Rashawn's killer.

James Bell: Parents near Providence, R.I., were in for the shock of their lives when they found out that James Bell -- the trusted gymnastics coach at a local YMCA -- was accused of molesting their children. What's more, cops say this is just one incident in a long history of sexual abuse and manipulation. But now, Bell has disappeared, and police are on the manhunt for a predator they say is responsible for victimizing girls across the country.

Troy Bolin: Police say although fugitive Troy Lane Bolin might be a thin, scruffy looking guy, he's as dangerous as child predators come. Bolin is wanted for molesting two young girls repeatedly over the course of several years.

Evelyn Guzman: Evelyn Guzman was only spotted once by FBI agents, but what they saw was enough to convince them that she was part of a large drug conspiracy that been operating for months in Chicago.

James Roberts: Police say Toby Roberts had a mission, and he wasn't going to stop until it was completed. Cops say he tried to kill his girlfriend, and he was so determined, he used three different tools to finish the job. But he might not have known his girlfriend as well as he thought, because she wasn't going down without a major fight.

Augusto Rodriguez: Most fugitives will do anything to avoid being recognized -- use an alias, change their hairstyle, you name it. But the FBI says one Pennsylvania kidnapper has gone even further. According to reports, Augusto Rodriguez is so afraid of getting caught, he may have taken on the ultimate disguise -- dressing like a woman.

Unknown Chicago Jane Doe: Chicago Police are doing everything they can to identify an unknown murder victim, even reaching out to one of AMW's favorite crimefighters for help -- forensic artist Karen Taylor. With Karen's illustrations and clay recreations, Windy City detectives are hoping someone recognizes the victim and that will lead them to her killer.

Mark Everett: Once upon a time, Mark Everett was a child actor who craved time in front of the camera. Now, cops say he's a killer on the lam who's doing everything he can to stay out of sight -- and his run from justice isn't easy with a kid in tow.

Bobby Weatherton: U.S. Marshals say Bobby Weatherton -- accused of rape, kidnapping, attempted murder and violating his federal probation -- very nearly killed a female friend he'd assaulted and held prisoner. She managed to escape, and now the Feds are hot on Bobby's trail.

Shorty Rodriguez: Police announced the capture of a suspected career criminal -- Ronald "Shorty" Rodriguez -- at a press conference Thursday in New York. Nassau County, N.Y. cops say it all went down in the picturesque beach resort of Coney Island after Shorty's family saw him on AMW; police believe people close to Rodriguez turned on him to save themselves from getting into serious trouble. Rodriguez is now in custody awaiting trial on a number of charges.

For more information on these cases and other, please visit the AMW website- And while you're there, be sure to check out the widgets they have made available for your websites and blogs.

Updates: Dania Yesenia Haros

A recent request for more information on a previously posted case had me spending the afternoon attempting to find updates.

Dania Haros, (previous post here) was arrested in the fatal beating of her foster child- four year old Angelina Espalin.

She entered not guilty pleas to the charges of murder and assault on a child causing death, which occurred in November of 2006.

The little girl suffered from brain swelling, numerous bruises to the face and body and 30 hemorrhages to her scalp when she died at Rady Children's Hospital, prosecutor Kelly Mok said.

The county Medical Examiner's Office declared the death a homicide after an autopsy, but it took a year to investigate the circumstances of the child's killing, Mok said.

The prosecutor told Judge Adrienne Orfield last week that she was concerned that Haros and her husband were planning to move to Mexico.

That judge set bail at $5 million, half of what the prosecutor wanted, and rescheduled the arraignment for today. Judge David Rubin accepted her not guilty plea and set a preliminary hearing for Feb. 19.

Haros is currently being held on $5 million bail.

Court information on the case can be found here, although it currently reads:

Suspect: Dania Yesenia Haros
Charge: Murder
DOB: 09/05/1984
Court No.: CN238723
Prosecutor: Kelly Mok
Defense: Manuel Gonzalez
Synopsis: A 23-year-old woman accused in the bludgeoning death of her 4-year old foster daughter.
Custody Status: In custody
Next Court Date: Preliminary Exam Readiness, Feb 5 2008 8:30AM, Department 6, San Diego Superior Court, North County Division, Vista Regional Center

There is likely to be very little information released until the trial in Feb, but I'll be posting any that I run across between now and then.

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Someone smack NJ upside the head

In case I haven't mentioned it in the last few weeks- I fully support the death penalty. In fact, I believe that it should be used way more often that it currently is, and should be carried out much faster once the sentence is given.

SOURCE- The New Jersey Public Defender's Office said Tuesday it won't challenge Gov. Jon S. Corzine's decision to commute the death sentences of eight men now that the state's death penalty has been abolished.

The office had questioned whether Corzine had authority to do that because the penalty of life imprisonment without chance of parole didn't exist when the men committed their crimes. But spokesman Tom Rosenthal said legal research has shown that the governor does have the authority.

Corzine commuted the sentences Monday as he signed a law making New Jersey the first to abolish the death penalty in more than 40 years. Relatives of those killed by the eight had worried that if the commutations were overturned, it could open the door to at least some eventually getting released on parole.

One of the relatives of a murder victim- who is likely the most well know victim Megan Kanka- commented that ""The only thing we can really hope for is somebody in jail will knock off these guys," he said."

Megan. I know, I see the wheels turning in your head- you know the name... but can't place it with the case. Let me refresh for you:

On July 29, 1994, Richard and Maureen had their lives shattered when their 7-year old daughter Megan was lured into a neighbor's home with the hopes of seeing his puppy. Shortly after, thirty yards from her front doorstep, Megan Kanka was raped and murdered.

Unknown to the Kankas, a convicted sex offender lived across the street. The murderer had already served six years in prison for aggravated assault and attempted sexual assault on another child. "We knew nothing about him", says Maureen Kanka.

"If we had been aware of his record, my daughter would be alive today." Letters poured into the Kanka family home with offers of support and contributions to a memorial fund. The result of this tragedy was a nationwide law. A law that would give parents what they desperately wanted: the right to know. A law that would require notification when a convicted sex offender moves into a neighborhood. A law to protect our children.

Yes, that Megan. Of Megan's Law. Her website can be found here, for those interested in more reading.

Her death could have been avoided, and because of that a law was created. Her killers life should have been taken, but now there's law preventing that.

Please, tell me- just how screwed up is that? Since when do we put the lives of the guilty above the lives of the victims?

Someone is on the naughty list this year...

I'm sort of use to having to share stories of bad Santa's with you- every year there seems to be a long line of sexual offenders hoping to get their jollies by portraying the much loved old man of Christmas. So it might come as a bit of a surprise when I tell you that this recent addition to the naughty list isn't the Santa... it's the woman who police claim sexually assaulted Santa.

Santa Claus says that a woman who sat on his lap was naughty, not nice.

A Santa at the Danbury Fair mall said the woman groped him.

"The security officer at the mall said Santa Claus has been sexually assaulted," police Detective Lt. Thomas Michael said of the weekend complaint.

Sandrama Lamy, 33, of Danbury, was charged with sexual assault and breach of peace. She was released on a promise to appear in court on January 3.

Something tells me that she isn't even going to get coal this year.

Way to teach him to be a man...

I'll tell you what- some people aren't worth the air that they breath. Take Aundre Jermaine Hill, 25 of Orange County Florida.

A man was arrested on child abuse charges after he beat a 7-year-old boy with a belt because the child put pink fingernail polish on his own nails, according to Orange County sheriff's deputies.

I'm supposing that the man was upset because nail polish is a 'girl' thing... but somehow that doesn't make his actions any less horrific. This was a child- his putting on nail polish was likely more a desire to goof off than a sign of famine behavior. The only suitable punishment for this creep is to paint his nails- and then return the favor of beating the living hell out of him. Source.

Case sways over rape allegations..

There are many subjects which I'm comfortable with my knowledge on enough to voice my thoughts about them. But I'm forced to admit that knowledge of autism is not one of my strong points. It's not that I don't know anything about it, it's just that I'm uncomfortable basing opinions on something which I know so little about. So, while I'll share the case- I'll leave the judgements on it for you, .

West Bloomfield police say a 14-year-old girl with autism who cannot speak cried rape the only way she could: through a controversial technique where a teaching aide helps a student type words on a keyboard.

Earlier this month, the girl accused her father of raping her repeatedly while her mother did not intervene, investigators said. The girl's 13-year-old brother, who also is autistic, told investigators he saw his father showering with his sister and naked with his sister.

I'm not sure how disabled the child is, or how much assistance is needed from the teaching aide in order to use the keyboard.

"The problem here is that the prosecutors are acting as though the only limitation this child has is that she cannot speak," said defense attorney Robyn Frankel, who represents the girl's mother against charges of child abuse and witness intimidation. "What they don't understand is that when a person has autism, their brains are wired differently."

Said attorney Jerome Sabbota, who represents the father: "Here these people struggle all these years to take care of these disabled children, and something like this happens"

The father is charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct.

In court documents, authorities do not report physical evidence, such as DNA, to link the father to a sexual assault, instead citing a registered nurse's report that the girl's hymen showed three "nonacute tears," likely signs of sexual assault.

Defense attorneys said the strength of the prosecution's case is undermined by the girl's claim that her parents and brother violated a court order by visiting her in the home in which she was placed.

The child, in additional typed messages, said the parents visited her at night and said they would be taking her to South Africa.

"I can say absolutely it did not happen," said Rabbi Levy Shemtov, the family's rabbi with whom the girl has been staying. "Her parents were never there. And the child was never alone."


(side note, before anyone says anything- this case is labeled by the allegations, not as a way to voice guilt or innocence... )

Monday, December 17, 2007

Stop the ACLU Crosspost

Its become a popular yearly tradition now to send the Anti-Christian Liars Union grinches a Christmas card. I personally think its ineffective, and that the money you waste on a stamp for the organization to toss in the shredder would be better served towards a good cause. So, I encourage you to save that money, dig a little deeper, and contribute to an organization that fights the ACLU and defends Christmas. The Alliance Defense Fund, and the ACLJ are both great organizations that defend Christmas each year. The Alliance Defense Fund does it for free. Why not help groups like that out this year?
However, from experience last year...I know that many will insist on sending the ACLU a Christmas card. Afterall, it is tradition. If that is how you want to make your message...we have some great greeting cards and postcards available at our online store. Plenty of other great Christmas gifts too.
Send your Christmas card to the ACLU at:

125 Broad Street
18th Floor
New York , NY 10004

Friday, December 14, 2007

80 percent increase in child abuse related deaths

A recent study shows an 80% increase in child murders which resulted from abuse.

The number of child deaths in Florida reportedly increased 80 percent from 2005 to 2006, according to a draft of a report expected to be sent to Governor Charlie Crist and other legislators at the end of the month.

The Florida Child Abuse Death Review report indicates that 171 died last year in the state as a result of child abuse and neglect, up from 95 child abuse deaths reported in 2005.

According to the findings, more than half of the children who died as a result of abuse or neglect had prior involvement with the Department of Children and Families, and that children living in households with unrelated adults are 50 times more likely to die of inflicted injuries.

I don't understand how any child can be beaten to death by someone responsible for their care... someone who's main priority in life should be protecting and loving that child. And I have just as much if not more difficulty understanding how a child who had a glimpse of hope tossed at them in the form of the ' Department of Children and Families' could still end up dead because of abuse. It makes no sense that those who naturally should protect these children are not, and those whose entire JOB is to help ensure these children are safe fail.

And, don't even get me started on the sad fact that rather than a decrease in these cases... we have an 80% increase. We are failing these children, and honestly I'm damn tired of it. It's time that we actually start putting children first, rather than just telling people we are going to do it.

30 feet away

I've often commented that our children are never as safe as we often allow ourselves to believe they are. And tonight reading the news, I found the perfect example of that.

How many times do you take your child to the park, or to the playground? Imagine the last time you were there, and think about just how far away your child was from you.

She was the only one on the jungle gym at University Park in Phoenix when she was attacked, a 4-year old girl 30 feet away from her own family.

Witnesses say William Speed grabbed the girl and took off her clothes.

The scary part is that this child was in view of her family, and it still didn't deter this sexual predator from attacking her. The anger comes into play when it's discovered that the monster has previous convictions... and yet was out hunting for his next victim.

In 1996, Speed was convicted of molesting a7-year-old girl and spent time in prison. Police say he is a registered sex offender but is also homeless. His address comes back to the CASS shelter in downtown Phoenix. The director of Central Arizona Shelter Systems says at least 70 sex offenders are living on campus and there's no real way to track them.

Update: For a little more information on the case, I recommend this link. Be sure to check out the comments on there too.

Dania Yesenia Haros

Dania Yesenia Haros's foster child was just four years old, that did not however stop Haros from inflicting tremendous injuries on the little girl. Records show that the child, taken to the hospital the day after she was beaten by her mother back in November of 2006, had : "significant brain swelling" "multiple bruises on her face and body, 30 hemorrhages to her scalp and died of blunt force trauma".

Haros "ultimately admitted to assaulting the victim," the prosecutor said.

Mok told Vista Superior Court Judge Adrienne Orfield the defendant and her husband were preparing to move to Mexico when she was arrested.

The judge set a Monday hearing for Haros to enter pleas on charges of murder and assault on a child resulting in death.

S'te Elmore, Angelina's previous foster mother, said after the short hearing that she was "shocked and horrified" at the allegations.

"Angie was beautiful, outgoing, very outspoken," Elmore said. "She loved life, loved people. I can't imagine what Angie went through and why anybody would do that to her. It's just unimaginable."

There has to be a better way to ensure that children put in FOSTER CARE FOR THEIR PROTECTION are ACTUALLY CARED FOR rather than allowing them to be horribly beaten by 'foster parents'.

And, we are responsible for finding that better way.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

Interesting read

The incredible and ever interesting blogger Ala at blonde sagacity has a must read post up detailing her recent purchase of a book. But, it's not just any book- it was written by Michael Smerconish and Maureen Faulkner- Faulkner is the widow of Officer Daniel Faulkner who was murdered in cold blood by Mumia Abu-Jamal. The case, which has lasted 25 years because of 'appeals' and faked 'new' evidence helps highlight the serious problems with not only the justice system but 'celebrities' who would rather support a cop killer with their money than have any morals or compassion.

Seriously... go check out her post, she's got links to more information including the first chapter of the book.

Warnings signs ignored...

I'm going to do something a little odd here... I'm going to jump out on a limb and suggest that if a student suddenly comes out of the blue and starts asking a teacher what the penalty for MURDER is... the teacher might want to consider hiding any dangerous objects and maybe, just maybe- trying to find some help for the deranged student.

Sadly, it seems that a California shop teacher may have failed to do either, because after inquiring about the penalties were for murder, he later decided to walk into a woodshop class and injured another student who he was having problems with.

A Fontana High School student grabbed a hammer in woodshop and clubbed another teen, sending him to the hospital in serious condition with a head wound.

The attack apparently involved a dispute over a girl.

Police Sergeant Jeff Decker says a 17-year-old boy sneaked into the shop class Tuesday and hit the victim, also 17, once with a hammer.

Lets all hope that someone learns to pay attention to suspicious questions next time around.a


This weekend promises to deliver some interesting must see television shows, including CBS's 48 Hours Mystery which is airing an episode entitled "The Girl Next Door". The case follows the 2003 discovery of a female teenager's body found in a trash bag behind a California restaurant, highlighting how a forensic sculptor helped put a face to the victim, and a tip that lead investigators to Mexico where they discovered the identity of the teenager.

On the night of May 1, 2003, a teenage girl’s body was found in a trash bag left behind a restaurant in peaceful Castro Valley, Calif. The gruesome discovery became one detective’s obsession and touched the entire community, which came to call the young girl “Castro Valley’s Jane Doe.”

With no identity, the chances of tracking down Jane Doe’s killer were slim. Following countless leads, police eventually turned to forensic sculptor Gloria Nusse who embarked on an incredible effort over several weeks, to recreate Jane Doe’s face. Armed with this lifelike construction, police hoped to track down the victim’s identity, an effort that was fruitless, until suddenly the tide turned.

After the relentless efforts of the authorities and the local community, and a tip after a 48 Hours broadcast, police finally caught a break that led them to Yahualica, Mexico, a bereaved mother and a potential suspect.

Now, knowing the identity of their beloved Jane Doe, will police find their killer, and close the case that has haunted them for five years?

Harold Dow reports 48 HOURS MYSTERY: "The Girl Next Door," on Saturday, Dec. 15 (8:00-9:00 PM, ET/PT)** on the CBS Television Network. This broadcast is produced by Clare Friedland. Judy Tygard is the senior producer, Al Briganti is the executive editor and Susan Zirinsky is the executive producer.

For a preview of the show, you can check out a video on it, and for more information on this case and others- please check out the 48 Hours website.

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

State troopers...

Don't know where this one is going yet, but it seems that a woman has claimed that 6 state trooper who were off duty sexually assaulted her at a home in New Jersey.

Not a lot of info on it... anyone catch more details to the case?

Are those real tears?

"This man is not totally worthless," Goines told jurors. "He has potential. He is not the worst of the worst. You don't have to kill him to stop him."

That's what the defense lawyer pleaded to jurors in what can only be described as a state of delusional rambling. Because, honestly- there is little evidence that Richard L. Davis has any potential, or that he's anything but worthless.

Thankfully, prosecutors had a better understanding of this sick monster, and they also shared that with the jury.

"When you think about how he victimized the most vulnerable among us - this is the only decision to make," said Brady O'Callaghan, Caddo assistant district attorney. "No one, no sacredness, is safe with Richard L. Davis."

Davis was convicted yesterday of aggravated rape of the girl. The assaults took place in 2004 and 2005.

The girl in the case was five.

Looking at the news from a day ago gives a little more insight into just how sick this monster is, and sadly shows that he wasn't the only one sexually abusing this child.

A Shreveport man who taught a 5-year-old to have sex with him and his girlfriend is facing the death penalty following a three-day capital rape trial that ended Monday with a speedy conviction.

Richard L. Davis showed little emotion as the unanimous verdict by the nine-woman, three-man jury was read by a Caddo deputy clerk.

The jury also found Davis, 35, guilty of indecent behavior with a juvenile for promoting a 16-year-old for prostitution in 1996. Monday's jury deliberations took one hour and 15 minutes.

The girlfriend, Melissa Ticer is also charged with sexually abusing the child, but blames Davis for her behavior...

During the video, the child told how Davis and Melissa Ticer performed oral sex on her, how they fondled her vaginal and anal areas and how she was forced to performed sex acts on the couple. Testimony showed that the child also was drugged and unconscious during some of the sexual encounters.

His lawyers had wanted the jury to believe he was only partly guilty of abusing the child. Right.

Btw, the tears, David 'cried' during the hearing. Feel sorry for him? Me neither.

Of course, maybe his lawyers somehow didn't know everything about Davis when they were pleading that he wasn't a lost cause...

"A person who prostitutes a 16-year-old girl, gets her pregnant and has a son, is charged with oral sexual abuse of his own 4-year-old child then rapes a 5-year-old girl "» he's on an elevator straight to hell. There is no other way to say it," assistant prosecutor Lea Hall said.

Oh, darn... it looks as if they did. Assholes.

h/t to a reader, who kindly suggested a sentence for these two: Death Sentence to Both of them....
yeah, I'm all for that.

Did you hear the one about the sex offender therapist?

It seems that while the state thought it had 62 sex offenders in a special state hospital treatment program... it really had 63- just the extra one wasn't a convict.

Monday, December 10, 2007

From Megan's Law to murder...

If you listen long enough, you're likely to hear someone complain about sex offender registries. How they aren't fair, they punish those who have already served their time, how blah blah blah...

Now, I'll be the first one to tell you that I support sexual offender registries, that I fully believe that the benefit of the registry outweighs any rights that some sicko believes he's (or she) has had taken away from them. That being said, I'm not blind to some of the problems that the registry creates. I don't quiet give a big damn about most of them either... but I do see the problems.

Outdated registries... they give a false sense of security to those who have grown to depend on them. If we are going to have them, then they need to be updated and usable. Which also brings another issue in- I don't care how great you think your local SOR is managed... just because some website tells you that there is no offender living on your block- you can't just close your eyes and allow your child to wonder for hours on end without supervision. We, as parents are ultimately responsible for protecting our children, expecting the state to do it for us is senseless and irresponsible.

I've also got some issues with just who is listed.. who is put into what category. Look, to be honest- levels are senseless. Just because the state head shrink thinks someone is low risk doesn't make them 100% low risk.

And then, well you have the offense listings. "oral copulation with a person under 14 or by force"... doesn't tell me if someone has sexually abused a child under 14, or if they assaulted an adult by force. There is a world of difference between a child molester, and your average rapist. Grouping them together is just bad management. And, sadly it seems to have lead to a gruesome crime.

Convicted rapist Michael A. Dodele had been free just 35 days when sheriff's deputies found him dead last month in his aging, tan mobile home, his chest and left side punctured with stab wounds.

Officers quickly arrested Dodele's neighbor, 29-year-old construction worker Ivan Garcia Oliver, who made "incriminating comments, essentially admitting to his attacking Dodele," the Lake County Sheriff's Department said in a statement.

The article goes on to say that Oliver had a son who had previously been molested (cases not related in any way) and upon finding Dodele's name on the registry, he assumed that it was because he'd molested a child- an interview from jail that Oliver gave gives a peek into his thoughts at the time:

"Society may see the action I took as unacceptable in the eyes of 'normal' people," Oliver said. "I felt that by not taking evasive action as a father in the right direction, I might as well have taken my child to some swamp filled with alligators and had them tear him to pieces. It's no different."

Although Oliver did not say he killed Dodele, he said that "any father in my position, with moral, home, family values, wouldn't have done any different. At the end of the day, what are we as parents? Protectors, caregivers, nurturers."

The problem? Dodele wasn't a child molester. He was however one of the many who had that poor descriptive listing "oral copulation with a person under 14 or by force" under his name.

Now, nothing excuses the behavior of Dodele- he certainly had earned his position on the SOR, and most certainly was a sexual predator... but he wasn't a child molester, and had Oliver known that- Oliver might not be sitting in jail tonight.

A neighbor at the Western Hills Resort & Trailer Park, a tattered collection of mobile homes and bungalows, said that two days before the killing, Oliver "told every house" in the park that he'd found Dodele listed on the website of convicted sexual offenders and was uncomfortable living near him.

"He looked it up on the computer . . . ," the neighbor said. "He said [Dodele] can't be around here."

The park resident requested anonymity because of a fear of reprisal, but reported Oliver's visit and statements to sheriff's deputies after the slaying. "A lot of people told them" about Oliver's claims, the person said.

The case is still being investigated, and currently it seems that local LE is wary on giving possible motives- but with the interview, and the statements provided from neighbors, it seems that there is a chance the motive will be interwoven with Megan's Law.

Like I said, I support the registries... and I believe there is a clear need for them- but I also believe they currently have a lot of room for improvement- including giving factually correct descriptions of the charges... it can't be that hard to tell us whether the perp is on there because he raped a child, or because he flashed a grandmother walking down the street.

Saturday, December 08, 2007

Tonight on AMW

I know... I know, I'm a tad late here. But here's a preview of the cases on America's Most Wanted... tonights episode which airs at 9 pm on your local Fox Station:

Jason Brown: About two weeks before Christmas 2005, a family in southern California received a UPS package from Portland, Ore. But it wasn't a welcome gift. It was a package of clues from accused killer, Jason Brown. A laptop, golf clubs, and his warm weather clothing.

Taizhi Cui: In October 2006, Los Angeles' Korean community was shocked by a triple murder that happened in their own backyard. Cops say the deaths were the work of a jilted lover hell-bent on getting revenge on an ex-girlfriend and her new paramour. However, authorities are still looking for the man they say pulled the trigger ... Taizhi Cui.

Richard Ochoa: Apparently, Richard Ochoa is a real nice guy. He's married, has a kid, and nobody has a bad word to say about him. Until police discovered that he was allegedly involved in the business of running drugs all over Michigan. Now, police want to bring him in before somebody else falls for his nice-guy act.

Carey Price: Police have been searching for alleged drunk driver Carey Price after he didn't show up for a court appearance. Price is one of two fugitives who still remain on the run from a February 2005 airing of AMW -- the other 8 are all behind bars. It's time all ten fugitives from this episode are put where they belong.

Javier Mendoza: In the early morning hours of Saturday, Aug. 6, 2005 in Kansas City, Kan. Maria Guzman was riding in a car with three friends when she was shot and killed when the car she was in exchanged gunfire. This stemmed from an earlier incident, where a girl lost a fight with another girl and was seeking revenge.

Tuen Lee: Two years ago, Tuen "Dickie" Lee was charged with sexually assaulting a co-worker from the sushi restaurant he managed. The victim said she was able to identify Lee by his bad breath. Earlier this month, Lee was convicted in absentia when he failed to show up for the closing arguments of his nine-day trial. Now, the manhunt is on for the 38-year-old who could face life in prison if and when he's apprehended.

Atlantic City Quadruple Murderer: Just before Thanksgiving 2006, the bodies of four prostitutes were discovered in a marshy creek not far from the lights of Atlantic City's casinos. The crime scene was eerie; each woman was fully clothed except for shoes and socks, and their heads were all facing east, toward Atlantic City. Although authorities are hesitant to say the murders are the work of a serial killer, the buzz on the streets is that there could be more victims. Those who call the streets of Atlantic City home are sticking together more than ever to protect themselves.

Unknown Fairmount Park Rapist: After four years of silence, DNA evidence confirms that the Fairmount Park Rapist has struck again. Cops in Philadelphia have linked an August 11, 2007 attack to others, dating back several years, including one that resulted in the death of a 21-year-old woman. Check out My Fox Philadelphia for continuing coverage and stay with for the latest in this case.

Justin Gaines: Gainesville State college student Justin Gaines has gone missing after a night out with his friends. Now, his family is trying to find out what happened to the Gainesville, Ga. man.

You can alway click over to their website, for more information on these cases and many others...

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

"Ivan" Aguilar-Cano

"Ivan" Aguilar-Cano, was just four when he went missing from his home in near Churchill Downs back in July. Neighbors had said that the young boy was often seen wondering around the apartment complex he lived in, and perhaps due to his curious nature had no problem walking through open doors in the building.

His lifeless body was found soon after he was reported missing, inside of a garbage truck, and a sexual offender who lived near by was closely looked at in connection to the crime, however no arrests were made in the case...

Until today:

Cecil Eugene New II, 46, who lived across an alley from the boy's family, was arrested Wednesday morning and charged with murder, Louisville Police spokesman Phil Russell said.

New had been previously convicted of sodomy involving 11- and 9-year-old victims and had been a SRO since March of 2000.

Best Idea Ever, now improved

Someone has a great idea... I improved upon it...

(Warning... link goes to a 'moodier me' site)

Chandler Rapist

The price being offered for information regarding the Chandler rapist has doubled... so in case you do have an idea of who this sicko is, but didn't think the funds were enough encouragement to get involved- maybe this will help change your mind.

Silent Witness doubled the reward money for a tip that helps catch the Chandler Rapist, Chandler police announced Tuesday night.

The reward money jumped to $50,000 from $25,000, said Chandler police Chief Sherry Kiyler.

“While the money may not be the answer, we’ll do what it takes,” Kiyler said at a public forum held at Andersen Junior High School to address residents’ concerns.

First, money should never be the answer- people ought to just be doing the right thing and turning this man in for the sake of his victims, and to help prevent him from continuing this heinous behavior. Sadly, not all people are willing to look beyond how things effect them, so they don't get involved.

This is your call to get involved. If you know who this man is, call the police. Even if it turns out you were wrong and it's not the man they are looking for- you'll know that you did your part trying to make the world a little better.

You'll never believe it...

Actually it's likely that you will. But, still- according to the news last night, it's shocking.

Let me set the scene for you.

I'm sick, which has nothing to do with the story, other than to explain why I was watching Nancy Grace instead of FoxNews. But, last night, on the news... OMG.. it was Debra. The teacher. Who had sex with a student in the back of her SUV while his cousin was in the front driving them around. You know.. Debra Lafave. Blonde... young... remarkably stupid.

She had plead guilty to the sex with student charges, and been handed a peachy deal of house arrest and probation. I'm going to assume that the sentence had more to do with her looks than her regret over her bad choices. But, we won't get into that.

Evidently the now single and back to using her maiden name- don't bother asking me what it is, cause I forget- former teacher broke probation and carried on a non sexual relationship with a 17 year old girl. She was arrested, and then bailed on her own recognizance.

Lafave was arrested at 12:30 p.m. Tuesday at her mother’s barbershop, where the former teacher cleans, mops floors and performs reception work. Circuit Judge J. Rogers Padgett, when presented with the house arrest violation document, checked a box allowing for Lafave’s release on her own recognizance. She walked out of the Orient Road Jail about 3 p.m. There is no court date set.

Asked by a reporter why she was arrested, Lafave teared up.

“I don’t know,” she said.

Just goes to show... some people are dumber than most think possible.

Although, I have to say something here- not in defense of the bitty brain, but out of sheer curiosity...

Does anyone else find it odd that she worked at this place around minors for TWO years before anyone decided to make a big deal outta it? It may just be me, but something doesn't sound exactly right here.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Guilty Plea

Joseph Duncan, low life, murdering child rapist- plead guilty in court today. No deal was made, so death is still on the table.

May he be sentenced as harshly as he sentenced others... and then be given a swift and short ride to the execution room.

Church Practices Forgiveness...

Or whatever bull they are wanting to call it this week.

But, when First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown decided to take on this act of stupidity- they evidently didn't have much regard for the possible outcome.

Kenneth Brightman, had a record of sexual assault, but was allowed to move into a home owned by the First Baptist Church of Jeffersontown. Brightman volunteered at the church, often working with children.

The bigger problem arose when Brightman's neighbor decided to be open hearted and invited him over to share in a Thanksgiving dinner.

The man had once been homeless and now lived nearby, in a home owned by the church down the street from her house. She says it was in that tidy white house on Old Taylorsville Road that the crime happened.

"From what she said, he grabbed her arm and pulled her all the way over there," the victim's mom told WAVE 3. "He wouldn't let her leave. That's where the rape took place."

J'town Police Chief Richard Sanders says 38-year-old Brightman knew of his alleged victim's mental limitations.

"We have reason to believe he was well aware of her mental capacity and went ahead and committed the act anyway," Sanders said.

The deacon of the church refused to commit. I should think that he would refuse. I mean, putting a sexual offender in a home, pretending he's normal and safe neighbor and allowing him to work around the church's children.... while that's beyond stupid- it's down right predatory itself.

The death of TaJanay Bailey

The headlines say it all- a quickly worded sentence providing as much information as needed in deciphering why TaJanay Bailey is dead at just three years old.

All of the risk factors for abuse were present

Unwed teen mother with a imperfect past, drug abuse, failed attempts to reconnect the two after DHS became involved, history of domestic violence... the list goes on.

Children have died when only one of these factors was present.
But in TaJanay's short, tragic life, all of the major risk factors cited by social workers came into play. They were present in May 2006 when the Department of Child Services took TaJanay from the care of her mother, Charity N. Bailey, after a doctor found bruises all over her body and evidence of neglect.
And many of the factors appear to have remained at the end of October when DCS workers sent her back to live with her mother and Bailey's boyfriend, Lawrence L. Green, on a trial basis.

All the signs of trouble are outlined in the reports that document the little girls life, but none of the reasons why case workers felt justified in returning TaJanay are present.

Why did DCS send her back into a situation where so many risk factors still existed? No clear answer is contained in court files released Friday or other documents that have been made public. DCS case files that will be released Monday could shed more light on the decision.
DCS officials, who are investigating the agency's handling of the case, have declined to comment on specifics until that time.
The state's ongoing push for reunification, even when Bailey and Green stumbled or refused to cooperate, shouldn't be taken as a failing of the system, Pierce said.

The goal is always reunification... but what happens when the goal is met, and the outcome is a child beaten to death?