The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, October 11, 2007

I rarely do this....

But, I'm going to mix politics with profanity tonight.

I voted for Bush. Twice. I have never regretted that, been annoyed about it a few times- but never regretted it. Except for the last few days, when I've been left with foul words in my mind, and more than a bit of anger in my body.

So, this is what it has come to, me reading this --->Father of Murdered Girl Questions Bush's Support to Halt Killer's Execution and being left with nothing to say, other than:

Fuck Bush.

I'm tired of standing behind someone who would close his eyes to millions of criminals and then plead for our congress to give them a path "getting away with breaking the law". But... this is more than being tired of someone. This is being down right pissed.

Two girls were RAPED, SODOMISED, and MURDERED. He was caught, convicted and sentenced to death.

But, Bush wants to fight that conviction. Not because an illegals life is worth more than a child's life, but because a rapists life is worth more.

I'm sorry- but the bigger crime outweighs the smaller crime. I don't care if this monster was white, green, blue or spotted... born here, on the moon, in the ocean or magically summoned to life... green card, vacation visa or natural citizen, he committed heinous crimes against innocent children. He ought to have already been burning in hell by now- not having the President jump around kissing ass to defend him.

Tell me, Mr. Pres... how would you be feeling if those two teenage girls had been YOUR daughters? Would you still be so willing to defend this man? Would you still hold that position if this was about the murder of one of your children:

Around 11:30 p.m., as Ertman and Pena passed the young men, Medellin grabbed Pena and dragged her down a hill.

According to court testimony, Ertman was able to run away but heard Pena's cries and returned to help. The other boys grabbed Ertman, and for the next hour proceeded to rape, sodomize and beat the girls before strangling them.

The final act of brutality came when the girl's bodies were stomped on to make sure they were dead, court testimony shows.

The boys' were so brazen about their actions that one of them, Derrick Sean O'Brien, even turned up smiling on videotape taken by local news crews reporting at the scene.

The girls' bodies, meanwhile, were found four days later in a nearby woods.

O'Brien, Medellin and the other gang members were arrested after police received a tip from a brother of one of the gang members.

O'Brien told police that he and the other gang members raped both of the girls, and that Medellin strangled Ertman with a red nylon belt that was pulled so tight around her throat it snapped in two.

So, yeah. Profanity and politics.

Fuck you Mr. Bush.