The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wanna Play?

Fellow crime blogger Trench of usually lucks out and gets to be the one with all the "inside" information when it comes to crimes and games. He covers a lot of school related crimes, which has given him an edge on the massacre type games that have popped up at 'memorials" to the little punks that go on these killing sprees. If there is a new game remaking a school shooting- he knows. If there is some connection between an Xbox and a stupid criminal- he's got it posted. He has an entire section dedicated to it.

I've always sort of assumed that I would never have to post a "this is about a game" story. After all, I mostly do sex crimes... and there's just not really much of a relationship between pervs and games- at least not a directly related worth posting connection.

Until now. Yeah... I've finally made it to Trench status when it comes to nutcases making video games. It's something I never imagined I'd see.

But, from the minds of the sick little perverts who preach the idea that sex with toddlers is a good thing, and that the only thing wrong with adult/child sexual relationships is the fact that society refuses to accept it- is a new game...

Pedophile's Quest

The mission in the game?

Pedophile's Quest I: Eager to Challenge the System. Pedophile's Quest is a 3rd-person 2D adventure game that stars a pedophile who is trying to affect children.

Squint really hard and you can see the line where it says "You're looking for ways to have a good time and possibly also change the way some of the town's people think about pedophilia and child sexuality".

I'm sure, knowing them, that the goal is really more about "having a good time" than anything else.

*Correction: As pointed out in the comments, Alyric of now handles all the game posts there.