The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Sunday, September 23, 2007

Make Ten Grand...

According to the news, the FBI has issued a $10,000 reward for information leading to the arrest of Charles Hollin- who is wanted in connection to the abduction and sexual abuse of a 10 year old in Indiana.

Source- Investigators say Hollin has even pretended to be a police officer, so the FBI considers him armed and dangerous. He is originally from Manchester, so he could be in that area.

Case details from FBI wesbsite:
Charley Hollin is wanted for kidnapping and child molestation. On January 20, 1999, a ten-year-old female resident of Seymour, Indiana, was allegedly abducted at knife point outside a local girl's club and later sexually assaulted. After the molestation occurred, Hollin reportedly made the victim leave the car naked, and her clothes were thrown out of the car after her.

On February 3, 2000, an arrest warrant was issued for Charley Hollin in the state of Indiana, Jackson County, for two counts of confinement and three counts of child molesting. Additionally, on April 5, 2007, a federal arrest warrant was issued by the United States District Court, District of Indiana, after Hollin was charged with unlawful flight to avoid prosecution.