The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Crime Library Readers...

Yeah, I'm talking to you Crime Library message board poster.

Wow. Your grasp on reality isn't real tight is it?

This lostinlima person seems to have a handle on Jack's activities but then decides that Jack is harmless. (????) I got no idea where the logic disconnect is. They somehow think that the police have to be monogamous - that they can only have ONE suspect at a time for a murder. Bizarre. The cops should be able to investigate multiple suspects all at the same time.

The cops also seem to think that there is a limit how many crimes can be committed against a person in a lifetime. You are only allowed one stalking experience in a lifetime, and then you better not have a burglary or car wreck or anything else. Look at the crime statistics and the stalking statistics and you will see that there is plenty of crime to spread around for those who venture outside of their homes.

I got a big kick out of people asking who came up with the "insane idea" that Jack might have murdered the girl mentioned on his own web site in slightly larger type than the other items. And you gotta admit that he has given plenty enough reason for any non-sedated person to start asking if there might be a PATTERN and motivation to his babblings.

First off, I never said he was harmless- I do in fact believe that he poses a huge risk to children. Given his already deteriorated mental state, his use of drugs and his willingness to openly profess that he is interested in, and sexually attracted to little girls- he is a very real threat. But- that doesn't make him a murderer.

Listen, call the investigating officer on the case. Something that your beloved Crime Library hack of a journalist didn't do before she spouted off *insane* allegations that Jack is connected directly to this murder. I'm sure that he will tell you the same thing he told me. First- there is no connection to Jack from this murder, other than he put a link up to a story on it. There is, amazingly another suspect that, amazingly is being actively investigated.

I seriously don't know how you could read anything less into my post than you did. But, let's use common sense and look at this.

Read this news article.
Terapon Dang Adhahn is accused of kidnapping and murdering 12-year-old Zina Linnik. The girl was walking alone outside her home in Tacoma when police say that Adhahn pulled up in a van and kidnapped her.

Adhahn led detectives to Zina’s body in the Silver Lake area near Eatonville July 12. He is now suspected in a number of similar cases as well, including that of 10-year-old Adre’anna Jackson, who disappeared in December 2005 on her way to school in Tillicum. Her remains were found months later in a vacant lot.

Police found carpet in the nicely landscaped garden that the convicted sex offender spent weeks building.

And, here's more:

Adhahn, a 42-year-old handyman, is charged with abduction, rape and murder in the death of 12-year-old Zina Linnik of Tacoma. A not-guilty plea was entered on his behalf in the case on Monday and he was ordered held on $5 million bail.

He's also accused of abducting and raping an 11-year-old girl on her way to a Tacoma middle school in 2000 and of sexually abusing -- as many as 200 times -- a girl who lived with him in Spanaway. He pleaded not guilty to those counts last week.

In addition, police in nearby Lakewood have named Adhahn as a "person of interest" in the abduction and death of Adre'Anna Jackson, 10, whose remains were found in a Pierce County field in 2006.

Adhahn won't face the death penalty because Pierce County Prosecutor Gerald Horne agreed not to seek for Adhahn's help in finding Linnik.

Horne said the 42-year-old suspect led investigators to the girl's body, deep in the woods near Eatonville.

Both girls found in remote outdoor areas, both girls kidnapped and murdered. They were close in age. Both girls had brownish blond hair, brown eyes and similar builds. They lived within 16 miles of each other.

He's also charged with kidnapping and assaulting a girl while she was walking to school. Adre'anna Jackson was walking to school (a five minute walk) to see if it was closed that day.

Sorry to disappoint you, but not only do I "like" him for this murder... the police seem to too.

Now, lets look at Jack. He lived about 90 miles away, although he did visit the area. He posted about her murder. Guess what? So did Lindsay Ashford, on his missing/murdered children's website. Jack knew Lindsay, and of course- wanted his acceptance. No big jump to imagine that he would post about a case that would interest Lindsay.

But, let's really look at this a bit deeper. Jack is mentally ill, and an admitted drug user.

Jack has demonstrated an Addictive Personality, he has obsessive-compulsive traits- such as his need not only to frequent prostitutes but the need to progress into evoling his entire life around it- as verified by the website. He attempted to justify his drug use, by making claims of receiving benefits from it.

A little reading for you:

The report finds that there are several ''significant personality factors'' that can contribute to addiction:

- Impulsive behavior, difficulty in delaying gratification, an antisocial personality and a disposition toward sensation seeking.

- A high value on nonconformity combined with a weak commitment to the goals for achievement valued by the society.

- A sense of social alienation and a general tolerance for deviance.

- A sense of heightened stress. This may help explain why adolescence and other stressful transition periods are often associated with the most severe drug and alcohol problems.

Yes, Jack could very well be capable of murder. But, the likelihood that Jack could just commit ONE murder and stop is unrealistic. Follow through his growth on the web, and you'll see that whatever Jack is inclined to do once... he's inclined to repeat. At this point, even talking to the media has become a huge addiction for him. He's mentally incapable of stepping back and controlling himself. Yet... there's only one dead girl you can find a link to? Odd. He didn't have just one website, visit just one hooker, snap a photo of just one child, do just one drugs, attend just one family event, talk to the news just one time, attempt to gain acceptance with the pedophiles at girlchat just one time, go to a campus he knew was off limits just one time... but the thing that would most likely give him the biggest "high" being able to kidnap and sexually abuse a child before killing her- that is what we are to believe he did just one time? I don't think so.

But, it's not just his addictive personality that makes this far fetched... it's his mental state. Jack is seeking acceptance. He desires to be seen in a light where he isn't the shell of a man that he is in reality. He wants to have respect, power, admiration- from others. The biggest force for visiting "ladies of the night" was that the rate of rejection would be almost non existent. He didn't have to measure up to what society believes a man should be, he could be his pitiful self- and still for a short time, feel that he'd gotten that acceptance which has always evaded him. He might have continued to be satisfied with the company of street walkers... accept that he seen them for what they really were- women only willing to be in his presence for a price. And, we all know that Jack isn't the richest man in the world. Jack has already commented that one part of his attraction to little girls is that they don't demand money or gifts, and that they are less likely to judge someone like women do. His desire is to find someone long term that could provide him with affection, expecting little to nothing in return. His dreams are of having an ongoing relationship with someone naive enough to accept him for his limited abilities. He just can't have that if his victim is dead. He longs for gratitude, to actually be respected despite the the man he is. He turned to the online pedophiles- because their stories of their "young friends" excited him... left him with hope that perhaps somehow- he'd find his own little girl to befriend.

I know, you're thinking that still doesn't put murder completely out of the question- but for Jack it really does. Only because his hope is to find someone willing to love him... someone who he could groom into believing that he was all the things he knows he'll never quite be.

The three basic types of pedophile behaviors are : seduction, introverted and sadistic. We can break them down to explain them, although they are pretty simple without explaining.
Source Here.
Seduction Molester-Acquires victims by seduction-gifts, affection. Targets lonely or misunderstood children. Coaches, camp counselors, teachers

Introverted Molester- prefers children but has no skills for seduction. Stereotypical child molester-hangs around playgrounds or marries women with children.

Sadistic Molester- prefers children but is gratified only by inflicting pain or death on victim. Child killers, abductor-killers.

First, we can take sadistic molester off the possible list for Jack. His goal is long term relationships... his desire includes feeling as if the child "loves" him, needs him and appreciates him.

We're left with introverted and seduction. Now, this is where what Jack would prefer to be, and what he is gets mixed up. He'd very much like to be someone who could slowly groom a child- as it would give him the benefit of a more controlling relationship with the child. But he lacks the skills needed- he can not find himself in a situation where he has access to a child for a prolonged enough period of time to actually develop any sort of trusting relationship in order to establish a bond with them. He lacks the ability to seduce a child- due to his self awareness of his faults. He uses the same strategies that a introvert would use... but fails miserably when it comes to doing anything more than snapping photos of little girl. A awkward combination of the two- not having the confidence to actually be a seducer, but still longing for the sort of relationship with a victim that being one would allow him. His biggest hope- as proven by his writing is that he'd find a "needy mother" with a child tagging along that he could offer a ride to and befriend. Of course, that puts him in a sad place- he'd actually have to communicate on an adults level- without setting off their "hinky" meter.

Of course- now of this means that Jack couldn't find a venerable mother and take advantage of her neediness in order to close in on her children. In fact, that is the most likely scenario. And, it certainly doesn't mean that Jack is beyond attempting to chat up a child that is alone- he's given us enough evidence to believe that he feels capable of quickly befriending a lone child. But, a quick assault in a park would lack the very thing that he longs for most- an ongoing, continuous relationship that would allow him to feel superior and appreciated.

Of course, this all means nothing to you- if you can't tell the simple difference between my saying that an attempt to pin this murder on him is insane- but still believing he is a threat to children- which is what I said, and me saying he's not responsible for the murder therefore he must be no danger- which is what you're suggesting I'm saying.

Like it or not, you can be a danger to children without being a child killer.