The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Bailey Rian Thrasher

Bailey Rian Thrasher was just 16, but she'd already lived a lifetime of pain handed out by her one time live in boyfriend, 32 year old Robert Paul Roberson.

Yes, you read the ages correctly.

It seems that Thrasher had met Roberson when she was a 13 year old, and he was her drill instructor at an alternative school in Yukon. Her family said that soon after meeting, a romance was formed between the two, and her parents allowed them to move in together.

Darin Thrasher knew better, but he said he thought the situation might benefit his daughter because Mr. Roberson didn't drink or do drugs and would be a good example.

"I thought it would be a positive for her," he said. "Then I also thought the relationship would fizzle out, and she would be done partying."

*Note to parents, allowing you 13 year old child to be under the control of a pedophile isn't "a positive"... it's a crime.

Not long after the move in, Thrasher began experiencing the controlling behavior of Roberson, using the threat of violence against her family to ensure that she would do as he said.

After three years, Thrasher moved out of the place she shared with her abuser, and into an apartment with her sister. That's when police said Roberson reacted with a fit of rage- and killed her:

Mr. Roberson, wearing a wig, kicked in the door of the teen's apartment and made everyone inside line up against the wall, said Melissa Stringer, Thrasher's aunt.

"'If Bailey doesn't come with me, I'm killing her first, then I'll kill all of you,' " Ms. Stringer said she was told the gunman demanded. " 'If anyone calls 911, I'll kill you all.' "

Meanwhile, Ms. Thrasher called 911 with a cellphone without the gunman knowing, Ms. Stringer said. Ms. Thrasher decided to leave her apartment with her ex-boyfriend, stating as she left, "He won't hurt me."

They got into a car, which was not his, Ms. Stringer said. As they left the apartment, an officer spotted the car and followed. A chase ensued. It ended on State Highway 152 in Mustang when an officer pushed the car off the road.

As officers approached the car, Mr. Roberson was stabbing Ms. Thrasher repeatedly, police said. He wouldn't stop, so officers fired several shots at him, killing him.

I can't even begin to express my sympathy for this family... while at the same time wondering just how someone could justify allowing a troubled 13 year old to have a sexual relationship with an adult that clearly knew how to use her weakness to control and manipulate her.

I just don't get it.

Special thanks to Kat, and for detailed background into this case and Thrasher's online life, be sure to see Websleuths.