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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, August 16, 2007

TCB Carnival

Once again it's time for the weekly Carnival of the true crime blogs, and it appears that I am the lucky host. So, let's get started:
Trench of CrimeNews has an interesting update on the trial of killer accused killer Richard Henderson Jr, who is charged with murdering his family, from court testimony to some great commentary:

Let me stop Dr. Chalupa right there for a second. Since Henderson's cuts were superficial it sounds like to me he was just an attention whore. Real cutters hide their cuts. And the group suicide plot was more than that, it was also a plan to attack a high school. Which is how I got interested in this case. But let's get back to Dr. Chpotle...

Bonnie, of My Life of Crime has an update on the Melissa Shook murder:

Unfortunately, I was not surprised to see this turn of events. It seems like lately every time a woman goes missing (and many times she is pregnant, althought not in this case), it turns out to be her

HSH of HomeSweetHome has been following the case of Martin Fitzgerald, who is wanted by police:

On Saturday about 1:10 am, a woman jumped out of a window of an apartment. I have seen her age listed variously as 19 and 24. She was on fire. Inside the burned apartment, firefighters found the body of Deshon Tucker, 40. Ms. Tucker had been the girlfriend of Martin Fitzgerald.

Police have said that Fitzgerald allegedly walked into the apartment on Sat. and poured gasoline on Ms. Tucker and lit it. The neice caught on fire and jumped from a window. He allegedly bolted the door as he left. Ms. Tucker died, her niece was burned over 70% of her body.

Laura James of CLEWS does an interview with True Crime Author Morley Swingle

Add the fact that said author is steeped in the true crime genre, and the book, unseen, earns my utmost approbation. I must insist that my Clewsians purchase a copy; we can jointly fund his retirement so he can permanently take up the pen.

MCA of When A Child Goes Missing looks at the case of missing Madeleine McCann:

There are many theories, rumors and allegations of the possible involvement of missing Madeleine McCann’s parents in her disappearance. Since the parents are waging such a public campaign, surrounded by professional’s, why would they make these type statements?

Mark Gribben highlights the interesting historical case of the 1938 execution of Anna Marie Hahn,

“Don’t do this to me,” she cried after a matron and three guards carried her to the electric chair. Anna managed to walk into the death chamber in the old Columbus prison, but collapsed in a heap when she saw the chair where she would die.
“Ow! Please don’t,” she said as they tightened the straps. “Think of my boy! Can’t you help me? Won’t anyone help me?”
The first woman to die in Ohio’s electric chair, Anna was the second woman to be executed in Ohio (the first was in 1840). She was executed for the murder of 73-year-old Jacob Wagner of Cincinnati in 1937 and was suspected in several other poisoning deaths.

Parents Behaving Badly brings us Donielle M. Maki:

In West Bend, Wisconsin, Donielle M. Maki, 23, and her friend bought 10 LSD-laced SweeTarts. Maki went home, and passed out on the couch after putting her two-year-old daughter to bed. When she woke up the next morning, her daughter was sitting with one of the drug-laced candies in her hand.

MyCrimeSpace looks at Walmart's mother of the year, Tina Lynn Tatum.

She’s the trailer-trash mom accused of beating her son bloody in an Arizona Wal-Mart. It’s not her first run-in with child abuse charges either. is working on the Criste Reimer case:

In 1998 a woman felt moved to write a message in an online guestbook. The guestbook was attached to a site telling the story of a man who lost his wife after a struggle with heart problems.

The guys at CrimeRant have answers from Dr. Joyce Brothers:

Here are the answers to the Dr. Joyce Brothers criminal test from the other day.

Missing and Murdered children is discussing the odd case of Joseph Burgess, a young boy that recently went missing.

At this point according to the news account Joseph was attending the Cowley County Fair in the Winfield, Kansas Fairgrounds with his mother, Lorna Burgess. Joseph asked his mother at about 9:20 p.m. if he could go on one of the rides at the fair and his mother gave him permission. According to Lorna Burgess her son never returned to her.

Crime, Interrupted has been posting on the Taegen McKinney case:

Taegen McKinney was just 17 months old when her babysitter's boyfriend allegedly murdered her. Her brief time on Earth has touched the hearts of many.