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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, August 13, 2007

David Hardman, And his teen models

*Rather than updating the previous post any more, I've opted to start a new one*

As mentioned before David Hardman has a fondness for photography, especially when it includes semi nude female models. Doing a little digging into his "Internet empire" lead to his older sites, which focused on 18+ year olds in multiple bikini shots- all available for sale as DVD's. What is clear is that at some point, Hardman decided to begin including a younger and younger string of girls in his photo shoots- without ever doing much to change his basic concept of "skimpy, form fitting" attire.

His list of websites, some dating back to the late 1990's include the "any less clothing and you have porn" started in 2006 , started in 1998 , started this year, started in 1998 - and his current site that started him in all the hot watered news coverage started in 2006 and then / which ran from 2003 to current.

Florida Teen Models had it's own set of requirements from past sites he'd promoted, and seems to be exclusive to a very particular age group according to the site:

The ideal prospect for this web modeling site should meet some or all of the following requirements:

(1) Between 12-16 years old, these ages are competitive with the many other USA teen modeling websites.

(2) Would prefer models living here in Florida, but we will accept applications from other states for review.

(3) Be very comfortable at the beach in Brazilian cut bikinis, your not required to wear thongs, but that might be suggested, there are some thong themes that pay bonuses, however, most of the girls on teen web modeling sites are doing thong shoots. Every model selected will do a beach day bikini shoot. Plus an additional theme. See the suggested themes section...

Personally, the idea of a 12 to 16 year old in a Brazilian cut bikini is more than a little icky. And, the very fact that he's actively seeking "open minded" parents suggests that he was well aware of the questionable nature of this photo shoots.

More of his rules for underage models include:

(2) Inside home based studio runway/stage set with various club dancing with mini skirts, catsuits, high heels and other exotic outfits. The model can wear a couple of her own outfits (anything but jeans!) and her favorite music to groove to, but will be required to wear a few selected sexy/fun/clean outfits.

(3) A lingerie theme with hose and high heels. A $200 bonus for this theme done during the winter months, (Dec to Feb) This doesn't automatically mean skimpy thong underwear!


(5) Sexy thong V style bikini contest style suits fashion show. This will be done inside and for the more adventurous girls, there is no age limit, but should be an extremely big seller. A $300 bonus for this theme during the winter months.

Now, I've talked to a few real modeling agencies- just for those of you that believe that somehow dressing your preteen up in barely legal attire and parading them in front of a camera in semi pornographic poses can lead to a "real" respectable modeling job- and this is pretty much the consensus: they confirmed that THERE IS NO WAY that is a legit road to modeling, and that even the slightest hint of that sort of thing would send up red flags. They morally, ethically, legally, and personally object to parents or so called professionals that would participate, or scout models in such a fashion as that.

According to a recent report by 10Tv News in Tampa, Dave Hardman isn't enjoying his recent media attention at all:

Hardman says the ongoing investigation into his business has caused his neighbors to turn against him. He says there is nothing wrong with what he is doing because the parents give consent.