The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Tuesday, July 31, 2007

There's Something About Jack

Due to time restrictions, I can't give you the full details, but Stephen from Crime Scene Blog has something you ought to know about Jack:

A friend of mine, who writes at Lost in Lima, Ohio has been doing further research into Jack McClellan’s sites. And what she has found provides more insight into his thoughts and plans.

Most folks only know McClellan from his previous site, “Seattle-Tacoma-Everett Girl Love” and from the revamped version of the same site, “Los Angeles Girl Love,” both of which appears to be down at the moment, at least at his old address.

But what you may not realize is that Jack McClellan had other interests before he turned his sites, and his camera, to little girls.

Read his full post.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Some of you are messing with me, right???

Because there is no way that these can be the real answers:

Long prison terms, no treatment
16 (25%)
Short prison terms, no treatment
1 (1%)
Long prison terms, treatment
40 (64%)
Short prison terms, treatment
3 (4%)
Nothing but treatment
2 (3%)

I'd like a certain 6% of you who answered this to stay after class, so we can have a serious talk about this.

Excuse me....

But, could the news media just once get it right? Seriously, if I read ONE more time that Jack McClellan has "not broken any laws" I'm going to scream. How do they know he hasn't? I mean, seriously. How do they know? He could be breaking laws right and left... and they wouldn't know until he was caught. That's the key word here. Jack just hasn't been CAUGHT. Doesn't mean he didn't commit a crime... just that no one has CAUGHT him doing it.

McClellan hasn't broken the law

legal experts say he hasn't broken any laws.

he just says he's attracted to children, but he's never actually molested a child," Hart said.

I'm very sorry people, but let's face facts- child molestation and rape are UNDER reported.

In most cases, however, child molestation goes unreported. Estimates are that only 35% of sexual abuse is reported. Kids can be frightened or embarrassed and many times do not say anything.

That means, there are more people doing it, than there are people getting charged for doing it.

And, just because Jack says he's never done it, or you've never seen him do it, doesn't make it so. Basically the best way you can describe his is "he's never been charged with". Not that he's never done it, just that we haven't caught him yet.

Should we really sit back and let this ticking time bomb explode at will before we take actions to protect our children?

For more coverage, see Crime Scene Blog, who has been following Jack since day one.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

What's Up Jack?

Remember Jack McClellan, the Washington man who is an admitted pedophile, and who went to kid friendly events, took pictures of the children there, and then rated the events and posted the images on his Seattle Girl Love website?

Oh, of course you do, I've told you about him before.

He's in the news again, after having relocated to LA and had his site shut down again. This time it appears he's a little mad that someone snapped a photo of him, and put it online along with a warning to parents. Now, some people have been doing that for months- and never thought twice about doing it- after all, turn about is fair play, right Jack? Well, it seems that this time it was the local police department playing "How do you like it now?" <----- click link for police flyer, really- click it, print it off and hand copies out at the next children's event you go too. So, once again, we get Jack back in the news, complaining this time that his photo is being published!! online!! without his consent!! Sort of like he did to all those little kids in Washington. Only, with concerned parents are the ones looking closely at Jack's mug- while it was deranged pedophiles staring at the kids he posted. According to the news :

McClellan is threatening to sue the Santa Monica Police Department.

I just wish all the parents in Washington would have done the same to him.

And in the sick freako world of pedophiles, they've already been responding to the actions of the police in posting the flyer of Jack.

Jack McClellan story in NYT
  • Santa Monica Police bulletin (link inside)
  • Re: Jack McClellan story in NYT
  • Re: Jack McClellan story in NYT
  • Has he acted on it?
  • Re: Jack McClellan story in NYT
  • Witch-hunt escalates? NOTORIOUS PEDOPHILE ADVOCATE

    Someone should of told them all that if they insist upon being a danger to our children, we are likely to start insisting that someone keep an eye on them.

    Saturday, July 28, 2007

    A dip in the pool

    Most people would quickly assume that a dip in the pool with a few children was nothing more than harmless fun. Sadly, one Ohio man wasn't interested in swimming laps or relaxing on floaties, - instead he was intent on finding young girls to "dunk" in a pool for his own sexual pleasure.

    Florida police say that 45 year old Jeff Doland of Uniontown Ohio traveled to Miami in order to meet with a woman he'd met online. In their online conversations, Doland had offered to pay the woman (who was really an undercover police officer) for the "dunking' sessions in which he wanted to hold "her daughters" under water until they lost consciousness, calling it his means of sexual gratification, and that he enjoyed "watching the bubbles."

    But wait, this case gets worse... because it turns out he was a school computer technician with two step kids and his very own backyard swimming pool. Yep, worked at a school, had stepchildren and a pool.

    Superintendent Wade Lucas said the district shut down Doland's access to district information late Wednesday as the arrest was announced by the Florida attorney general. "It is my understanding that he had no direct contact with children," Lucas said.

    Doland was Green's director of technology until April, when he accepted a job with a computer company that provides technology services to the district on a contract basis. He had an office in Green Intermediate School.

    More coverage from Fox.

    And this:
    According to Doland's arrest papers, he was planning to have young girls perform sex acts on each other and on him.

    He even brought three choke collars with him, allegedly to be used by the mother and girls.

    From an updated News Five story.

    Friday, July 27, 2007

    The stories that are told

    For every person currently sitting in jail, I'll bet there is a story they tell about how they are innocent, were framed, got a raw deal, did the crime but don't deserve the time, and on and on. Even after their release, some people stick by their stories of how the system got it wrong, and how they were cheated.

    Kirk Bontempo is one of those people. He plead guilty to showing minors, two boys and a girl- pornography online and porn movies in 2004. But, don't blame him. He now regrets pleading out, and even is attempting to have his record expunged. His claim to fame story is that some boy snuck into his home a got a hold of his playboys. And, of course- he doesn't think that the 10 years he has to register as a sex offender are fair either. He just "didn't get a fair share" as he puts it.

    Bontempo status as one of PA's tried and true sexual offenders isn't the only thing that he has going for him. According to recent news sources, he also has a tendency to annoy his neighbors.

    The Stonecrest Homeowners Association, which is in charge of the development where Bontempo lives, has sued him more than once for unpaid dues, according to Hugh McDonald, president of the association.

    One time Bontempo, sent a postcard taunting McDonald from a Caribbean resort called Hedonism III that said "Hey Hugh, guess who? It's 82 degrees and sunny. Spending all my dues here ...."

    A sex offender at a Hedonism vacation resort, well I suppose it's true that they really will let anyone in. But, this bad neighbor didn't stop there:

    "He keeps a bunch of African guinea fowl on his property," according to John Serran, who lives across the street from Bontempo. Serran said Bontempo also has roosters that crow all night, and he claims Bontempo has harassed him while he walks his dog on the street separating their properties.

    Bontempo also destroyed a culvert the association built on a right of way in the front of his property, McDonald said. The township has also investigated him for building structures without permits on his property, according to Serran.

    I'd personally suggest that isn't never a good idea for the neighborhood pervert to run around harassing the people that live next door, but even all of that wasn't enough for Bontempo. It seems his latest deeds are even more questionable.

    The Pennsylvania State Police Megan's Law Web site lists Bontempo's address as 121 Skyline Drive near Blakeslee. That's where he lives, according to neighbors. But an address sign in front of his property reads "513," apparently a lot number. The wrong number. Bontempo's home is actually on lot 121. Lot 513 is on Oak Ridge Road, a parallel street separated from Bontempo's home by one lot.

    Someone intending to visit 513 Oak Ridge Road can easily and mistakenly go to the Bontempo home. Children being dropped off for a play date. Students soliciting donations. Emergency vehicles responding to a fire or illness.

    Until about two weeks ago, a sign that read "513 Hoefer" stood in front of the property. Hoefer is an alias Bontempo is known to have used. It is also, according to the homeowners association where he lives, the name of his sister, Christina Hoefer, of Raleigh, N.C., who owns the home.

    Bontempo opted to skirt the SOR laws by registering his address, and then under permission only from himself- changing his literal address to a different number. What's most annoying about this, despite the fact that it is misleading to people who may mistakenly approach the home, is that there's nothing "illegal" about it, according to some.

    The penalties for violating the registration rules are tough. "It's a felony-grade offense," according to Vesnaver, "with a mandatory minimum sentence of two years if convicted of violating the law's requirements."

    But Vesnaver said displaying an incorrect address is not a violation of Megan's Law. "There's nothing in the law that says they are required to post an accurate address in front of their home," Vesnaver said.

    Of course, the man with many excuses has one for this too. He claims he did it because he feared for his life.

    Ultimately, he's afraid someone might try to harm him.

    "I don't know if they're going to shoot me or kill me or burn my house down," he said.

    On one occasion he said several people at the end of his driveway were making threats.

    Another time someone broke into his house using a rock, according to Bontempo.

    From the very same man who refused to pay association dues, and harasses neighbors walking down the state, came these words:
    "I can't go to a convenience store because I'm afraid I'm going to be hassled," he said.


    "I see people driving by and slowing down in front of my house," Bontempo said. "I'm afraid to go out."

    Perhaps they are driving slowly, because they are lost? After all, the house numbers seem to magically change from what they used to be. Bontempo's house has went from being 121 Skyline Drive to 513 Hoefer to 513 Skyline Drive over a few weeks time.

    Pocono sex offender skirts law with fake address
    Convicted sex offender fears for his own safety

    About that "add to google toolbar" thing

    Evidently at some point my link for adding a Lilo button to your Google Toolbar over there in the top left column, stopped working. Not because of bad coding... my coding kicks butt. But because the hosted file was no longer available thanks to petty little hosting companies that offer space, but then put CRAZY restrictions on you for no reason.

    Not to worry, I changed to hosting the button and the coding for it on Google Pages. So, now when you click it... it works.

    For those of you wondering just what this magical button does- well it will bring you here. Either to the main page, or if you click on the arrow beside the button post pages will pop up and you can jump directly to one of them. Even better, if you type a search into your Google Search Bar, on your Google Toolbar and click my button- it'll search all my posts for that search term.

    Try it out, if you don't like it (which you should) you can always remove it. I won't even know if you do.

    Thursday, July 26, 2007

    Silly Non Crime Things..

    Once in a while, I post something personal. Just because I can. There's really nothing you can do about it either.

    Anyway, my other half and I enjoy playing checkers against each other online. I always win. Always. Usually with 5 or more checkers left. Although, sometime I feel sorry for him, and win with just two.

    Tonight, I had things to do. He wanted to play. So, he went online to play with someone else, via one of the Internet Checkers games from Microsoft.

    The first games ends with "damn". I know he lost. Then, he decided to try again. That game ends with a "I must be playing against a girl". I asked how he'd come to that conclusion.

    He'd lost again.

    I love this man.

    Poll closed, results available.

    The previous poll asking which cases you are most interested in reading about has closed. The results are:

    Sex Offenders
    33 (37%)
    Missing Persons
    10 (11%)
    14 (15%)
    Child Abuse
    32 (35%)

    I've started a new one, to get an idea of where you stand on sex offenders:

    In sentencing sex offenders, do you favor:
    Long prison terms, no treatment
    0 (0%)
    Short prison terms, no treatment
    0 (0%)
    Long prison terms, treatment
    0 (0%)
    Short prison terms, treatment
    0 (0%)
    Nothing but treatment
    0 (0%)

    Vote on this poll

    Wednesday, July 25, 2007

    Name not released...

    Of course her name released... god forbid people know what sort of nasty, deviant person she it. Instead, we'll just give details of what this loser participated in.

    Police said the Mount Pleasant mother, whose name were not releasing, snapped the pictures while her cousin-by-marriage pleasured himself. She is charged with felony sexual abuse of children, corruption of a minor and indecent assault.

    The entire thing case was discovered after police, who had been receiving complaints about the cousin snapping photos of area kids, issued a search warrant and found lewd photos of children in his home. They also found photos of nameless woman's child.

    Murphy and the mother are pointing fingers at each other for taking pictures of the girl's feet while he licked whipped cream and chocolate off them.

    Court papers said the mother didn't see a problem with it, because they were just feet.

    She's changed her story a little now, according to her lawyer (amazing how things changed when lawyers get involved) and is now "taking this seriously".

    And, just so you know Timothy Murphy, 23, has a history of sexual assaults against children- he was formerly convicted of molesting a co-worker's daughter.

    Updates from America's Most Wanted

    Those of you who have been following the case of missing 4 year old Madeleine McCann of Britian, will be interested in the following press release from AMW:

    Father of Missing British Girl Comes to U.S.

    The father of British 4-year-old Madeleine McCann, who disappeared in May while her family was on vacation in Portugal, has come to the U.S. to meet with American officials and child safety experts, as he seeks help in the search for his daughter. On Monday, July 23, Gerry McCann toured the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children and then met with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales. And, as part of his quest to spread the word about his missing child, McCann also met with producers from FOX’s America's Most Wanted.

    AMW video of McCann’s visit to NCMEC and the Justice Department can be viewed online at the America’s Most Wanted website, The website also contains portions of his interview with AMW, which airs Saturday, July 27 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. In it, he describes how his family is “constantly living between despair and hope” and is determined to find Madeleine and bring her home. As the McCanns began to take action, he said, “the more we did, the more we felt better about having an influence on the outcome.”

    AMW host John Walsh and his wife, Revé, founded the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children after their 6-year-old son, Adam, was abducted and murdered in 1981.

    America’s Most Wanted: America Fights Back airs Saturday nights at 9 ET/PT, 9 CT on FOX.

    You can view the continuing coverage of Madeleine's case by AMW here: AMW MISSING DATA FILE FOR : Madeleine McCann


    Once again, it's time for the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. It's been hosted by Crime, Interrupted... and she's done a wonderful job.

    Tuesday, July 24, 2007

    One of the very few times that I can't support SOR

    I firmly believe that anyone who commits a sexual crime against a child should be labeled, for life as a sexual offender. I firmly believe that they should spend a good amount, if not the rest of their lives, in jail.

    But some cases... they aren't sexual offenses. And, they shouldn't be tried as one.

    John Thomas Taylor was annoyed at the driving habits of the people in the Benz on 1-4 in Orlando the other day. He decided to express his anger, not by committing some horrible act of rage like pulling a gun, or forcing their car off the road- but by doing the most immature thing... mooning them.

    He now might be facing 15 years in prison, and lifetime sex offender registration.

    Two witnesses told deputies that Taylor had dropped his pants and hung his bottom out of the window, according to the Sheriff's Office report. One was the back-seat passenger in the Tahoe.

    Deputies ordered the Tahoe to pull over after two callers phoned the Sheriff's Office to complain that the Tahoe was involved in a road-rage incident.

    The family in the Mercedes told deputies the Tahoe had cut them off and was driving recklessly, and that Taylor had thrown something at them and mooned them.

    The Tahoe's driver, Kyle Lee Donaldson, 18, of Orlando, told deputies that the Mercedes cut him off. His back-seat passenger, James Patrick Sears, 19, of Orlando, told deputies that Taylor had hung his bottom out of the window but had exposed only a small portion of it.

    I'm sorry, but I'd rather Florida focus on true sexual predators, instead of turning childish behavior into a sexual ordinated crime. Yes, it was stupid, and thoughtless, and crazy... but do you really think it's worth labeling him forever in a classification that should be reserved with the likes of John Couey?

    A picture is worth a thousand words.....

    Raye Dawn Smith...

    Thanks to Myspace bulletin.

    In the closet...

    Amanda Buckley was in the news last year for pitching a no-hitter with 15 strikeouts against another softball team. An only child, Buckley seemed to be a star both on the field, and off the field. She'd been a four-year softball player helped her team win Class 6A state championships in both 2005 and 2006.

    But, by Friday night, the 18 year old Palm Beach's body was discovered.

    On Wednesday, Buckley joined up with a new friend and his family for a short trip. The new friend, 26 year old Jason Shenfeld began acting strangely days later. His parents suspected something was wrong when he started locking the door to his bedroom, and seemed nervous. His father made the awful discovery upon entering Shenfeld's room on Friday, when he found Amanda's body stuffed into a closet, with bruises on her body from what is believed to be sexual contact, and her hair stuck to duct tape.

    Shenfeld's father, John, found her wedged between blankets, sheets and clothing in his son's bedroom closet.

    Nervous and agitated, Shenfeld left the house earlier that day with another girl, whom investigators said he had dated. When his father confronted him about the dead body, the younger Shenfeld said Buckley had died from a drug overdose and said "I didn't know what to do," according to an arrest report.

    His father called 911, reporting the finding of Amanda's body, but not until after he drove to the home of a lawyer who had previously represented Shenfeld in two other cases that were later dropped:

    In the case from November, two women, then 18 and 20, accused Shenfeld of dragging them to his bedroom and forcing them to have sex.

    Investigators saw tape residue on each woman's wrists. One had several scratches on her wrist and on the back of her hands. Detectives also saw she had a cut on her right foot, between her smallest toe and the adjoining toe. The other woman had scratches and marks around her neck.

    Jason Shenfeld is charged with first-degree murder, sexual battery and false imprisonment.

    Oh, I'm going to sue you, because my brother was a perv...

    Nothing like overlooking the simple fact that your brother was a perv who wanted to sexual exploit underage children, and instead focusing on suing someone else.

    The sister of a Texas man suspected of being a sexual predator who killed himself sued NBA Universal today for $105 million.

    The suit accuses "Dateline NBC" as taking over police duties and then failing to protect her brother.

    Patricia Conradt filed suit in federal court in New York.

    Louis William "Bill" Conradt Junior shot himself last November while in Terrell (TER'-el) as police knocked at his door.

    I wrote about ol' Bill here. I suppose however that his sister finds it easier to blame someone else (who has lots of money to make her feel better) than accepting that her brother was a perv.

    Monday, July 23, 2007

    Mahamu Kanneh Update

    I brought you this story a few days ago, and now it seems that it has even more disturbing information coming to light.

    The prosecutor in the case of a Liberian native charged with repeatedly raping and molesting a 7-year-old girl said Monday that he is filing an appeal of a controversial judge's ruling that dismissed all charges because an interpreter who spoke the suspect's rare West African dialect could not be found.

    That's the good news. But, sadly that's not the only news, and this is likely to just piss you off even more than the fact that this judge dismissed the charges.

    The fact is on four separate occasions this court provided Vai interpreters," McCarthy said, adding that one of the interpreters had agreed to participate in further proceedings.

    Court records, meanwhile, show that an interpreter was "sworn" by a Maryland court on the same day Savage dismissed the case, has learned.

    Loretta Knight, a clerk with the court system in Montgomery County, Md., claimed she had been unable to find an interpreter to stay on the case, even after an exhaustive search that included the Liberian Embassy and courts in 47 states.

    But a look at the court docket for July 17, the day the case was dismissed, shows the entry "Interpreter sworn.” Several items below in the docket, Judge Savage “grants defendant’s oral motion to dismiss case based on a speedy trial violation.”

    And, if that's not bad enough, it gets worse. Think witness tampering by this freaks mother- who threated witnesses with harm and VOODOO. (The mother also was recently charged with child abuse over actions against the witnesses in this case.) Think this sicko was living in a home with another sexual predator... and two young minors.

    Read the update from Foxnews...

    Another update... looks like he sexual abused an 18 month old little girl too.

    Sunday, July 22, 2007

    What cases most interest you?

    Some of you might have noticed that along with the new look, hidden in the new features is a poll question. I'm trying to get a feel for what most interests you, what cases you'd most like to read about.

    For those that didn't notice the poll over on the left, here it is... right in a post where you are sure to see it, at least till it ends in 3 days. I've went ahead and showed the results so far, but you can still vote by either clicking the link (it'll open in a new page) or going over to the poll on the left and voting there.

    Sex Offenders
    24 (38%)
    Missing Persons
    5 (8%)
    9 (14%)
    Child Abuse
    24 (38%)

    Vote on this poll
    Votes so far: 62
    Days left to vote: 3

    Language Issues

    I completely believe that the US needs to have one single language. We need to be able to say that if you are coming to this country to live, you must speak English. You must be able to fully carry on a conversation. I know, it sounds harsh. After all, is it really fair to offer asylum to people in need, and then hold the offer out like a piece of candy dangling inches out of the grasp of a child- just because someone can't speak English?


    Because we have laws, and if you can't speak English, we can't know if you really understand them. And, then when you break them- the cost of finding someone who can speak whatever tongue you speak falls upon the court. And, when the court fails to find someone- things like this happen:

    A 7-year-old girl said she had been raped and repeatedly molested over the course of a year. Police in Montgomery County, acting on information from a relative, soon arrested a Liberian immigrant living in Gaithersburg. They marshaled witnesses and DNA evidence to prepare for trial.

    What was missing -- for much of the nearly three years that followed -- was an interpreter fluent in the suspect's native language. A judge recently dropped the charges, not because she found that Mahamu Kanneh had been wrongly accused but because repeated delays in the case had, in her view, violated his right to a speedy trial.

    There's more to it than that. Like the fact that this pervert spoke in English to the detectives. And that they actually had found translators, but the judge said "too late". But, that matters little now- because he's currently free to rape more children...

    (Image borrowed from Go ahead, buy one now.)

    Just another rant..

    My neighbor is 88 years old. He is a veteran, and up until the last few years- he loyally walked in every parade with the Vets, served at funerals for other Vets, and placed flags on graves for Memorial Day. Between our homes there is a line of creeping roses that his wife planted years ago that I weed out now and then, she passed away sometime long before we moved here. He has an older dog- a intensely aged Shepard that woddles around deaf and almost blind. Out of what I can only assume to be sheer confusion- he never did it before- the old dog has taken to wondering around our yard. The gentleman next door lives alone, which has caused me more worry than you can imagine. After a recent 23 day stay at Wright Patterson, he brought home another dog- the cutest little thing you've ever seen. It often outruns him, and ends up in our yard. It brings much entertainment to the children- who jump and yell that the puppy is loose... again.

    I bring all of this up for a reason.

    My kitchen window gives me a good view of the cars that ignore the speed limit on our little semi country road. For years I've complained that one day, one of the many many little kids on the street is going to get hit by a car. During the school year, it's so bad, the police monitor the road during pickup and drop of times for the buses. We regularly have cars that will pass stopped buses... without a second thought to the children who may be crossing. Summer doesn't give me anymore relaxation from the traffic, because it just means that kids are crossing all day, rather than just twice a day.

    So, a few days ago- as I prepared to leave the house for a quick run out to pick up a few things, my heart stopped when I heard- not the screeching of tires from a car attempting to stop- but the loud thud of something being hit. In a flash I imagined that the sound was a child. I froze, unable to move just for that second- fearing the slight chance that I'd have to see a small child laying out there. But just as quickly as I heard the thud, another painful noise appeared and lingered for a moment. Yelping. Not the normal sound of an animal, not quite the sound of a child. I looked up, forcing myself to glance out the window, just catching the view of a small dog running off.

    The man next door had been preparing to take the small dog outside when it escaped him, and made it out the door alone. He had went to retrieve it's lease, and when he returned to the door- the dog stood there ready to come in. I'd ran over, and after a few minutes of waiting for him to answer the door- he's on oxygen and isn't the fastest walker in the world now a days- I wondered if he'd even realised what happened. When he answered the door, and I along with a concerned passerby who had seen the dog get hit and had decided to stop, had to fill him in on what happened. The driver of the car returned a few minutes later- she explained she'd not seen the dog, and by the time she had- she was unable to stop as there was a car close behind her, and unable to swerve as there were oncoming cars.

    We checked the little dog over, with the woman who hit it offering to take it to a doctor. My neighbor can no longer drive, and with oxygen is rather bonded to staying home.

    The dog is fine, or so it seems. A little cut up on it's mouth, and a few drops of blood from scrapes on it's legs- but better than I'd expected. And far from the worst case of what could have been.

    I suppose we could say we were lucky it wasn't a child, but to many their pets are like their children. And, I can't imagine that anyone would rather get somewhere a few moments earlier, over getting somewhere without hurting a child. It's not so hard to drive a little slower. To keep a better eye on the road and drive a little more cautiously.

    Yes, I suppose it would make your speeding less of a big deal if we kept all animals and children safely within our yards, and out of the streets. But, my child or my neighbor's "child" crossing the street isn't illegal. Your speeding 25 miles over the posted limit, while talking on your cell phone and not watching the road is.

    Do you really want to hear that thud, and know that your lack of attention has cost a life, or an injury?

    Saturday, July 21, 2007

    Things to do when you have a bad day....

    It's not been a terribly bad day, but it has been annoying enough for me to feel the need to flaunt a little of my bad mood around on other people.

    So... I opted to air my bad mood, and take up a subject that has been annoying me for sometime- that fictional Judge Keys book which is suppose to be about the case of Kelsey Briggs.

    Having closely followed this story, and talked to many of the people involved in it, I just wanted to drop you a line to give you my thoughts.

    Anyone involved in stoking this lunatic's ego by publishing a self serving "tell what makes him look good passing the blame somewhere else" book is nothing more than a money hungry jackass.

    And, you might want to look into changing the lines about the "unknown abusers"... I'm pretty sure that after two convictions- we know who the abusers were, although I will concede that it was in character for the judge to continue denying who the abusers were.


    Yeah, I feel a little better. And, while it's not formatted in a text file, or well written by the author to begin with, here's the available pages of bullshit being offered by this lunatic.

    And, for those of you who are sharing bad moods- here's a contact list:

    Planned Television Arts
    New York, NY
    Leighanne Zdrodowski

    Morgan James Publishing
    1225 Franklin Avenue, Suite 325
    Garden City, New York, 11530

    Phone number: 516-620-2528
    Toll Free: 800-485-4943
    Fax number: 516-908-4496

    Wholesale Book Orders
    Ingram Publisher Services
    Customer Service, Box 512
    1 Ingram Blvd
    LaVergne, TN 37086

    Why not let them know just how you feel?

    (small update)
    After revisiting Keys site, I realized that in tune with his need to revamp himself as a victim in all of this, he also decided to revamp his website- cleverly removing the comments about "unknown abuser". But, google cache still has the old version, and I made a quick screen cap of it for you, I've even highlighted the change. (Just a tip, if you click on the thumbnail below, it will take you to a larger view of the file, but you still will not be able to clearly read it. Look for a icon in the top right above the image, you can use it to enlarge and then move the file around.)

    From key

    Michelle Rendino

    The relationship must have left Michelle Rendino a little unhappy, because it certainly left her wanting a little revenge on her ex-boyfriend. Perhaps the twenty year old isn't the tallest tree in the forest though, because her grand idea of "getting back at him" seems to have evolved around the idea of going into the woods with a man, and having him shoot naked photos of her.

    Not the brightest idea, but other than maybe a misdemeanor public indecency charge, nothing majorly criminal in posing naked in the woods while some guy snaps a few entertaining photos.

    Unfortunately for Rendino, her timing was less than perfect, and in order to make the photo shoot, she had to find something to do with the four small children who were left in her care. And that is where the criminal behavior really turns bad- as she decided to take them along for the ride, and just leave them in the car while she stripped down.

    A man fishing saw the children crying and called police. When police arrived, the oldest girl — a 6-year-old — told police that "Aunt Michelle" went into the woods to take "nasty pictures."

    An hour later, Rendino and a man in a wheelchair returned from the woods, and came face to face with police. She told police she had taken a moment to "talk" with the man, while he informed police that she'd actually asked him to take photos of her in the nude.

    Friday, July 20, 2007

    Fine, I admit it...

    The "making changes" this is a tad addictive. So.....

    I did some things you most likely won't notice.

    I changed the background again, faster loading times WEEE!!

    I've added a FUN FUN FUN random post link, although I doubt the posts will be fun to read.

    I'm dying to put a few more hacks in... but I'm going to TRY to stop at least for a few days.

    Thursday, July 19, 2007

    A boom, a thump

    Those were the sounds Sasha Glenn heard as she was folding laundry, when she went to investigate, what she found was inexcusable.

    Glenn testified Wednesday during a hearing against her boyfriend that she seen him, Derris Smith, holding her 18-month old son by his pajama top. The child had drywall stuck to his head, and a wooden door was cracked. Smith is accused of swinging the child against a wall after getting mad about toilet training the child.

    "When I picked him up he put his arms around me," Glenn said. "He was staring at me for a minute with big eyes, then he went limp." The child never regained consciousness and died after being hospitalized at Cincinnati Children's Hospital Medical Center.
    She said she took her son to the bathroom to wash the drywall off his head and that Smith told the boy "he needed to start listening."

    When Glenn said the boy had had enough, Smith told her, "Don't tell me what to do," she testified. "He picked him up and hit his head on the wall" before dropping him on the bed.

    The child later died as a result of his injuries, and Smith who was 17 at the time, has been charged with murder. He will be tried as an adult.

    My first thought is, she told him the boy had had enough? WTF? I'm thinking my first comments would be- get the hell out of here, and I'd be calling the police. I sure as heck wouldn't be letting him get his hands on my child again in order to continue the abuse. My second thought is, well there's not a punishment cruel enough to pay back Smith for what he has done.

    3,500 Children, How Many Ignored?

    Child services workers in Hamilton County Ohio should be busy over the next few days- not due to an overload of child abuse investigations... but due to a much needed order by commissioners and the county administrator:

    The order comes after a recent case involving a father and mother who neglected to take their 18-month-old son to a hospital after he suffered a burn on his head and a lacerated liver.

    Hamilton County Judge Melba Marsh had ordered the DJFS to keep close watch over the young boy, but in a letter to the commissioners, Marsh noted that no home visits were ever made.

    In fact, she said that there was no contact with the child and no anger management counseling set up for the parents.

    "The employees who failed to follow appropriate procedures in this matter, subjecting these children to potential harm, have been suspended and will be disciplined accordingly," said county Administrator Pat Thompson.

    Hamilton County case workers are responsible for protecting 3,500 children. By Friday, every case is to be reviewed to ensure that home visits have taken place within the past 30 days.

    The fact that the order to "keep an eye" on this case was clearly ignored by the caseworker isn't enough to shock any of us- as we've all seen it happen time and time again. That is NOT to say that all caseworkers fail to do their jobs. There are certainly many out there that do keep control of their caseload, and do preform a wonderful service. It will be interesting to see just how many cases have been neglected, and how many have been actively followed.

    Wednesday, July 18, 2007


    The jury verdict is in on Raye Dawn Smith.

    "This trial is about her accountability," District Attorney Richard Smothermon said during a 45-minute closing argument in the felony child-abuse case against Smith. "This defendant abused her child. She either did it or let it happen."

    As he spoke, Smith wept at the defense table next to her attorney, Steve Huddleston.

    "Tears do not absolve you of your accountability," Smothermon said. "Kelsey Smith died -- died."

    Clearly, the juey must not have felt that the tears absolved her either, as they convicted her of enabling child abuse in the case against Smith. A guilty verdict, with a recommended 27 years in prison will not bring the precious little Kelsey Briggs back, and it will not reduce the pain that has been suffered by all who loved the two year old Oklahoma toddler- but it will give a little bit of justice.

    Smith, who could have received life in prison on the charge, lowered her head and cried, "I don't understand. Help me," when the 12-member jury announced its unanimous verdict.

    One has to wonder if she sees the irony in her words, because it's impossible to imagine that Kelsey understood, and with the words "daddy Mike hurt me", she too asked for help. Only- Kelsey was the one who really deserved it, and who never got it from her mother.

    Read full story from KOCO

    America's Most Wanted

    This week AMW will be sharing the following cases:

    Watchung, New Jersey…ALTERICK FINNEY CAPTURE…Two armed gunmen robbed a Verizon Wireless store, held the staff hostage and got away with thousands in cash. had the surveillance footage, and an AMW tipster came through: suspected crook Alterick Finney is now behind bars.

    Tirana, Albania and Washington, D.C.…MARJAN RROKU…When two teenage Albanian sisters met Marjan Rroku at a Bible study group, they thought he was a great guy. But five years later he had taken the life of one sister and sent the other fleeing to the US. After a close encounter on a Washington D.C. Metro train, police fear the killer is in pursuit again.

    Bronx, New York…UNKNOWN SAMANTHA GUZMAN KILLERS…On Mother's Day 2006, senior Samantha Guzman was just weeks away from graduating and wearing her crown as prom queen, but a ruthless group of suspects cut her life short on the cold streets of the Bronx. There were many witnesses to the crime, which means someone out there knows who killed this high school sweetheart.

    Bronx, New York and Lancaster, Pennsylvania…JAMES MALAVE…Police say it's time to put a stop to James Malave's fast feet. This fugitive has been on the run since 1999, and in the past several years has evaded police on several occasions. He also faces serious charges for allegedly putting an untimely end to the lives of two people.

    Houston, Texas…ALFREDO MARTINEZ…Cops say Alfredo Martinez dragged a young man to his death in the streets of Houston. Now detectives need help bringing the victim's family the justice they deserve.

    Stockton, California…FIDEL ROSAS FELIX…Christopher Wettstein left work on his motorcycle just after 6pm on Friday, Sepember 8, 2006. He was heading home to celebrate the birthday of one of his three children...but Christopher never made it. What should have been a celebratory evening for the Wettsteins changed when, cops say, Fidel Rosas Felix made a U-turn directly in front of Christopher's motorcycle. Authorities believe that Felix fled the scene of the accident and now they're looking to put him behind bars for vehicular manslaughter.

    Oregon…DANIEL CHAFE...Cops say Daniel Chafe is a delusional pedophile and a pathological liar who uses fantasy, fear, and then force to rape and sodomize teenage girls that he befriends.

    You can catch America's Most Wanted on Saturday night, at 9pm on your local Fox station.

    Low life, good for nothing perverts.

    Some people are just sicker than most of us can imagine. Julie Lynn Hinds and her husband Darryl Hinds are some of those disgusting freaks of nature.

    A woman accused of sexually assaulting her infant daughter and videotaping her husband performing sex acts on two children has pleaded guilty to three counts of child sex assault.

    Continue reading...

    What do you do with YOUR BBQ fork?

    I've always been rather favorable to the idea of only using my BBQ fork for well, BBQ. But one quick thinking mother has reinvented the fork- and I have to say, I'm mighty impressed.

    A Texas woman Linda Rhodes, and her son, John Jennings were grilling out when the son heard pleas for help coming from a young boy. Upon investigating, he found 17 year old Deshaun Ridge on the boy (it's been suggested that he was possibly raping the 7 year old boy).

    Ridge stood up, and Jennings then "punched him in the face", leading to a small altercation:

    "He put his hands up and I grabbed him, and we went fighting."

    Rhodes called police and then jumped into the fight to help her son apprehend the suspect. They held Ridge until police arrived.

    Oh, and the fork? Well,

    "I stuck him in his butt!" Linda Rhodes told,

    Via FoxNews.

    Now, don't get all fork happy- I'm not recommending this method of utensil usage. But if you DO find yourself in a similar situation- be sure to let me know. I'd be more than happy to buy you a replacement fork.

    It's time that somebody stand up for her

    "It's time that somebody stand up for her" might just be one of the more interesting quotes from the Raye Dawn trial yet. Only because when said in context of anything having to do with Kelsey Briggs- most people would assume that the "her" is Kelsey. Oddly enough, in this quote it isn't. Rather the defense counsel said it about Raye Dawn during closing arguments.

    A defense attorney for a woman charged with child abuse in the death of her 2-year-old daughter urged jurors Wednesday to find her not guilty, arguing that prosecutors had failed to prove their case.

    "It's time that somebody stand up for her," defense attorney Steve Huddleston said during closing arguments in the child-abuse trial of Raye Dawn Smith. "She has been through enough. It is time to stop it."

    The second most interesting statement, again on Raye Dawn Smith: ""Does that look like a woman who would allow someone to abuse her child," Huddleston said". Seriously, pretending that we can tell an abuser by their "looks" is so 1980's.

    Single Parents and Dating Sites

    So far, I've been blessed. I've never had to manage the life of a "single parent". And, I really hope that I never have too. I can't begin to imagine the stress and difficulties that come with that title- much less the havoc it causes in the dating scene. But, there are many out there that are single parents, and that are actively managing a life of raising children, and dating. While the internet has made it easier to connect with others, and opened up doors for those singles- not a month goes by without some news of the dangers that are popping up online.

    Michael Bradley is just one of those dangers- just the most recent predator using the internet and online dating sites as his tool for scoping out possible victims.

    Police say Michael Bradley, who was convicted of sodomizing a 15-year-old boy five years ago, was caught using the popular dating service. He was caught during a sting, while he chatted with someone he believed to be a woman with two young boys.

    The sting, lead by Parents for Megan's Law, was set up with the intention of catching perverts such as Bradley- you can read the full story on the case here.

    Single moms should refrain from detailing their household makeup or list the fact that they have children at home on such sites, said Laura Ahearn, the founder and director of Parents for Megan's Law.

    ACLU- Promoting Sex Abuse One Case At A Time

    I'm not sure why they call it "American Civil Liberties", since they mostly work against those of us who would like the liberty to raise our children in a safe environment... but that's besides the point I suppose.

    Once again, the ACLU has stepped up on behalf of a sexual offender- this time demanding that he be exempt from an Jefferson Indiana ordinance that prohibits convicted sex offender from seeking their victims as local parks. The ordinance bans members of the public who have been labeled as sexual offenders from entering any city parks. Sounds fair, right? Well, the ACLU on behalf of a deviant from Clarksville are determined to have the law declared "unfair", because the man wants to be able to attend the park while his little league team plays games there.

    I know, that last sentence was something huh? Yep, this sexual offender coaches a team of young children.

    The Evening News and Tribune reported that the man requested an exemption because he coaches a little league team that had a game scheduled in Jeffersonville.

    The ACLU suit asks the court to overturn the ruling that denied the exemption. It also asks the court to declare the ordinance unconstitutional.

    The good news is that it'll take six months for the hearings, so it's doubtful that he'll be in the park before then, unless he decides he's willing to pay the fines ranging from $100 to $2,500 which are included in the ordinance. The bad news is that tax payers are going to foot the bill for this one.

    You know, it still never fails to amaze me- these sick perverts are more than willing to wreck havoc on the lives of their victims... but then they are completely unwilling to accept that society would rather they stay way from possible future victims, than allow them to roam freely amongst us, while they go about their hunt.

    Carnival Of the True Crime Blogs

    Once again, it's time for the weekly edition of the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. The hostess this week was Bonnie's Blog of Crime, and she's done an excellent job rounding up some of the best posts of the week- so be sure to stop over.

    Tuesday, July 17, 2007

    Don't Kill Him, He's Stupid

    He didn't stop to question her mental state, her age, or even the prospects her life held for her before he brutally killed her. But, Jessica Lunsford's killer would like the state of Florida to stop and consider his mental abilities prior to deciding whether to execute him for his crimes.

    Court TV News- Lawyers for a Florida sex offender who was convicted earlier this year of raping and murdering 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford are set to appear before a judge Tuesday to argue that he should be spared a death sentence because he suffers from mental retardation.

    A Miami jury convicted John Evander Couey in March of kidnapping, rape and murder for abducting Jessica from her Florida home in 2005 and keeping her in his room before burying her in garbage bags behind his trailer.

    Let's see, this monster was smart enough to break into the home where she slept, steal her from the bed she was in, hide her for days while sexually abusing her, and then cruelly bury her alive in order to hide his crimes from police.... but he's not smart enough for the state to demand he pay for his crime.

    Give me a freaking break. This is a cold and calculating sexual predator, with a disturbing history of criminal behavior, I'm not for a minute believing that this guy is too dumb to be sentenced to death.

    Tampa Bay- Couey's mental state will decide his fate. In March, a jury recommended Couey be put to death for sexually assaulting and burying Jessica Lunsford alive, but mentally handicapped convicts may not be executed.

    Couey's IQ has been assessed seven times in his lifetime, with two scores falling below 70, according to Prichard. The first was when he was a child; the other was just before he stood trial

    They can't remove this man from the world soon enough.

    Get Permisson BEFORE You Post

    Especially if you are posting signs warning of a registered sex offender in Indiana. Blah.

    Look, I don't agree. I'm in a crappy mood- and seriously I figure that if some deviant thinks it's alright to sexually assault a child, then it should be alright for others to warn neighbors, and anyone else who might notice, that a pervert lives near by.

    A clash between a sex offender and his neighbors has led to citations for all involved.

    The incident began last week when the 27-year-old registered sex offender returned to his home on North Macy Street and found neighbors putting up posters proclaiming his status as a sex offender, according to a Fond du Lac Police Department report.

    The man went to his neighbor's house July 10 and took down a poster, according to the report. Police first made the report available to the media Monday, July 16, nearly a week after the report was made.

    Continue reading story...

    Shorty keeps probation

    The infamous short sex offender who a Nebraska judge sentenced to probation rather than jail because she felt he was "just too little" won an appeal of the sentence after the Nebraska Court of Appeals decided the sentence was fitting. Augh.

    Richard W. Thompson was sentenced to 10 years of probation for sexually assaulting a 13-year-old girl by Judge Kristine Cecava, because in part he was "too short" to go to jail. Not to short to sexual abuse a child- but clearly the judge wasn't concerned about that:

    "So I'm sitting here thinking this guy has earned his way to prison, but then I look at you and I look at your physical size. I look at your basic ability to cope with people and, quite frankly, I shake to think what might happen to you in prison because I don't think you'll do well in prison," Cecava said in court, according to a court transcript of the hearing.

    It's wonderful when judges look at how well a predator will do in jail as a basis for sentencing rather than what their crime was, how their victim will do knowing they are free, or what effect this will have on future victims.

    Thankfully, this might not be the end of the case:

    The appeals court said the only way Cecava might have erred was in failing to provide a detailed explanation of her sentence. The probation officer who prepared a pre-sentence investigation on Thompson recommended probation, the court said.

    "Such failure caused the trial judge's brief mention of Thompson's small physical stature to become the focus of attention, when in reality it was but a minor point," the court said.

    Bruning said he planned to ask the state Supreme Court to review the appellate court's ruling because he believes sexual assault of a child is a serious offense that warrants jail time.

    "The law does not impose a height requirement for jail," Bruning said.

    Raye Dawn, Prosecution Rests

    On an off note, I spent most of the day out and about with the little ones. I've stopped in a few times to keep an eye on the case- but there hasn't been a huge amount of news available- mostly the same rehashed highlights over the internet. But, one of the better pieces I've found on the Raye Dawn Smith trial can be found here.

    The Prosecution rested it's case, while the Smiths lawyers attempted to do the impossible- defend a guilty woman.

    The final prosecution witnesses Monday included a University of Oklahoma children's orthopedic surgeon who testified he was certain Kelsey's broken legs were from abuse.

    Dr. Andy Sullivan examined Kelsey on May 2, 2005, in Oklahoma City and found she had suffered spiral cracks to both shin bones. He testified he believes they were broken at different times. He looked at Kelsey after she was brought in by her paternal grandmother.

    The doctors said such an injury can happen when the bone is twisted as someone slings a child by the leg in anger. He said three other experts at OU confirmed his finding Kelsey was abused.

    Monday, July 16, 2007

    If you are viewing this...

    In a Mircosoft Internet Explorer browser... the site isn't as pretty for you. I tried to work on that. And then I realized, I was being greedy. My fixing the problem would only solve my issues with how you see this site. It wouldn't take care of all the issues you don't know you have when viewing other sites.

    So, change of plans. I'm not fixing the site. I'm recommending you download Firefox. It's free. And it has less issues than IE.

    Sunday, July 15, 2007


    I've made a few minor changes to the site. Nothing big. Just small little things that I hope will improve the site for you.

    There's a new poll feature- on the left, towards the top. That'll give me an idea of what types of cases are most important to you.

    There's still three columns, the main with the posts in now in the center.

    There's a new search feature, top right, that will allow you to look for certain posts- given you can recall something about it.

    I've changed the archives into a calender format. Just because.

    The top 8 categories (known in blogger as labels) are now available in tabs across the top- click one, you'll get the last 100 posts in that label. If you click on a label IN a post, it will pop up recent posts within that label in a summery display across the top of the page. If you click on label heading in the left side bar, it'll take you to a page full of posts in that label group.

    Recent comments still show- scroll down towards the bottom left sidebar. Although, I'm trying to figure out if I should bring back blogger comments, or stick with haloscan.

    Anyhow... it was all just minor changes that I hope will make it a little more pleasant to navigate around here.

    Saturday, July 14, 2007

    More Testimony in Raye Dawn Smith Case

    Testimony highlights from the OK vs Raye Dawn Porter abuse/ murder case is available here.

    Annette Swinford said she was with Raye Dawn Smith during Smith's supervised visitation with Kelsey Smith-Briggs when she overheard the child say "out of the blue ... Daddy Mike hurt my head."

    Swinford said Smith laughed and told Kelsey that "Daddy Mike" couldn't have hurt her head because "he's not been around you."

    "Daddy Mike" is Michael Porter, who married Smith a month before the visit.

    Prosecutors have charged Smith with child abuse or enabling child abuse in connection with Kelsey's Oct. 11, 2005, death. Porter was charged with first-degree murder and child sexual abuse but pleaded guilty to enabling child abuse and received a 30-year prison term in an agreement with prosecutors.

    Friday, July 13, 2007

    Texas Perv

    I suppose the thought process went sort of like this:

    "If I do a search for "hidden child porn links the police havent found", maybe just maybe Yahoo will show links to a hidden child porn site".

    Enter search, view results.

    "Damn, this isn't a child porn site, it's a crime blog."

    Freaking perverted idiot. Wonder what I should do with his IP?

    Attack of the.... hairbrush?

    There have been many cases where I've read something which has left me with a raised eyebrow. There's always that "one case" with that "one statement" that just never sits right.

    Today, while looking for updates on the Raye Dawn Porter/ Smith case, I found such a statement. And, even now... my eyebrow won't drop back into place.

    The two key pieces of the puzzling statement include red marks on Kelsey's rear, and a hairbrush. It was concluded that the red marks were indeed caused from the hairbrush- but not in the manner you might think:

    Jurors also heard from the former assistant police chief of Meeker, who investigated whether Kelsey's injuries in January 2005 were from abuse. The former assistant chief, Matt Byers, said he and a police sergeant concluded they were not from abuse.

    Smith told investigators she didn't know where some of the bruises came from and that she suggested some of the facial bruises came from the same fall from the crib that broke Kelsey's collarbone, Byers said.

    He decided Kelsey might have gotten the most suspicious injuries, the red marks on her behind, from falling on a hairbrush he had seen in her room, Myers said.

    Byers was called as a prosecution witness but prosecutor Pattye High tried to establish that he hadn't done a complete investigation and that he was biased against the Briggs family, who had reported the injuries.

    Byers acknowledged that he may have described the Briggs family as "the village idiots." He also acknowledged he questions if Kelsey's death is even a homicide.

    I seriously didn't know that they allowed such dense idiots to carry not only a badge- but a freaking gun too. I'm shocked as hell that this mindless pitiful man hasn't mistakenly shot himself in the foot while attempting to load his gun.

    In all seriousness, she was two. And could only have been 3 or so feet tall- could a normal toddler fall have been so forceful that a hairbrush would leave noticeable red marks on her- despite the cushion provided by a diaper and possibly other clothing?

    Or, is this likely a better explanation for it:
    Raye Dawn Smith's former boss at Lewis Manufacturing in Meeker, Deborah Gilbreath, said Smith was upset because police were investigating her. Gilbreath testified that Smith said Kelsey kept climbing on her while she was putting on makeup or doing her hair and she had swatted the child "through a diaper with the brush."

    A former co-worker, Mildred Johnson, said she also heard Smith say that.

    Guest Post

    The following is a guest post from Crime, Interrupted- a fellow member of The True Crime Blogs.

    Dear Lilliana: Children And Pets Are NOT Game Pieces!

    I'm a little hostile this morning, but that's because I get sick of hearing about women who are willing to put their children (and in this case, a pet, too) in harm's way, all because a man wants to leave them.

    A puppy is dead after Maricopa County sheriff's deputies said a woman arguing with her boyfriend tried to keep him from driving away by placing her children at either end of his moving vehicle and then throwing her pet under the tire.

    Twenty-seven year old Lilliana Campo of Phoenix,Arizona,is the woman accused of using her children and her puppy as "pawns" to keep her boyfriend, Gary Jeffries from leaving. The puppy had to be put to sleep because of his injuries, but the children are fine. Campo was charged, booked, and released. From another article I have read, the children were placed in the custody of CPS.

    Perhaps the most ironic and disturbing part of this whole incident is that it appears the boyfriend is still with Campo. He even got her a new puppy.

    Here's this quote from Jeffries, regarding the puppy that was accidentally run over by him.

    "We had him for a week," Jeffries, Campo's boyfriend, told CBS 5 News. "She had slept with the puppy by her side. It was like her child."
    Yeah, she allegedly killed a puppy, which was "like her child". Which really makes a person wonder how far she would be willing to go to hold onto her man, should another argument suddenly break out.

    Sources: KPHO
    Tucson Citizen

    Thursday, July 12, 2007

    Kelsey's Mother In Court, Day Two

    The criminal case against Raye Dawn Porter/Smith- or whatever she's going by now, continued today in a neighboring county in OK. The case had been previously moved away from Meeker, because of publicity.

    One of the witnesses that testified today was Mike Porter, Kelsey's step-father and the now ex-husband of Raye Dawn. KSBI-TV has high speed video, although I have to admit I've yet to watch it, so I can't say what the video actually details. Sorry, but I've been short on time. I'll be viewing it later, and will repost with info on it, or feel free to view and give your thoughts on it in the comments.

    Porter, Kelsey's step-father, is currently serving a 30-year sentence after pleading guilty of enabling child abuse.

    Porter testified of three incidents dating back to January 2005, where he says he saw Raye Dawn abuse Kelsey. He stated one of those times he witnessed her punching Kelsey in the stomach. He went on to say that he willingly lied to authorities several times in order to protect Raye Dawn.

    Porter also made it clear according to the report that he is testifying without receiving any deal.

    Also testifying were: a first responder who was on call the day Kelsey died, the state medical examiner who examined Kelsey, and two more witnesses.

    While the report quoted and linked above really gives little detail on how the trial is beginning to shape up, KOCO is reporting some interesting testimony that might give all those people feeling sorry for Raye Dawn at this point something to think about.

    Deborah Gilbreath who was once an employer of Raye Dawn testified that she not only advised Raye Dawn to look into matters between Porter and Kelsey, but that Raye Dawn has indicated that Kelsey had "an attitude" and was "jealous", to the point of even calling Kelsey- then two years old "Little Miss Attitude". This all came about as a reaction to Kelsey's calling Mike Porter "mean".

    We all know there has been a good deal of talk about how innocent Raye Dawn is in all of this. How she "never" knew what was going on (despite the multiple bruises and broken bones), and that it never would have entered her mind that Mike Porter was capable of abusing Kelsey. If that is the story you prefer to go with, then perhaps you should adjust to "Raye Dawn was too busy calling names and willingly ignoring the signs that there was something wrong". Clearly, there was enough going on that her boss suggested she investigate matters... but of course, most of us know the sad truth- she either willingly ignored it, or was too busy participating in it herself to care.

    AMW This week

    The following cases will be airing this Saturday on America's Most Wanted. You can catch the show at 9pm on you local Fox station, or visit the AMW website for more information.

    Erie, Pennsylvania…ERIE COLLAR BOMBER INDICTMENT…AMERICA'S MOST WANTED can finally confirm what we have known for some time: the case of the Erie Collar Bomber is coming to an end. When AMW aired a special on the bizarre death of pizza delivery man Brian Wells this past January, producers with the show were made aware that indictments were soon to be handed down. And now, two people have been charged in the case: Marjorie Diehl-Armstrong and Kenneth Barnes. Authorities, speaking on the condition of anonymity, say AMW played a unique role in helping close this case.

    Raleigh, North Carolina…UNKNOWN JENNIFER NIELSEN KILLER UPDATE… Police in Raleigh, North Carolina say that eight-month-pregnant mother Jennifer Nielsen was stabbed while delivering newspapers for USA Today. Police have confirmed that a knife was found a quarter of a mile away from the crime scene, but the search continues for Jennifer's murderer.

    Houston, Texas…WILLIAM GREER…On December 22, 2006 police in Cleveland, Texas made an unusual arrest. A man was wandering naked in a field, visibly intoxicated. As the officers were interviewing the man, 41-year-old William Greer, he said he had done some cocaine and confessed to accidentally shooting and killing his live-in girlfriend. Since the cops didn't have anything to prove what they were being told, they released Greer the next day. But now cops can’t find him or the woman he says he killed.

    Huntingburg, Indiana…JAVIER SANDOVAL-FLORES…Police in southern Indiana are looking for three men who are on the run for a deadly drive-by shooting. Cops say Javier Sandoval-Flores played a major role in the murder - he handed a shotgun to the alleged triggerman.

    Prattville, Alabama…ROBERT SZYMANSKI…John Hinton, 69, was found dead in his home -- his head in a pool of blood and hands bound behind his back. Cops discovered his car was last in the possession of Robert Szymanski, a transient who police say stole John's car and has a history of vehicle theft.

    Lauderhill, Florida…OMAR WILLIAMS…The cross country search for Omar Williams continues. Police say their fugitive killed his ex-girlfriend and an innocent co-worker of hers in 2004. Cops haven't stopped their search for this accused cold-blooded killer.

    Madill, Oklahoma…JOSE BADILLO…He was a cop, entrusted with protecting a small Oklahoma community. Now, Oklahoma and Federal authorities are hunting down the cop turned accused sexual predator.

    Elkton, Ohio…DAVID GREEN…AMW has put "Daddy Dave" Green front and center throughout Cleveland, Ohio. Green was featured on digital billboards in multiple locations throughout the city starting in February. Now, because of those billboards, police have new information on Green, who escaped from the Federal Correctional Institution Camp in 2000.

    Fairfax County, Virginia…JACK CLARK…Jack Clark was an associate pastor at his father's church in Herndon, Virginia, and he used this position to gain the trust of people in his congregation. According to police, Clark soon began abusing that trust when a young girl from his church started spending the night at his house -- and that was only the beginning of his fall from grace.

    Washington, DC…UNKNOWN CRYSTA SPENCER KILLER…Just a few blocks from the U.S. Capitol, a 6-year-old girl on her way to church was killed by a hit-and-run driver. Police know what the vehicle looks like, and they even have it on tape...but who was behind the wheel?

    City Counselman Horror Stories

    Not that you ever have before, but just in case you felt the sudden need to... I don't want to hear you complain about how bad your city counsel people are. At least not unless their faults are worse than counselman Roger Fisher, of Rockville.

    • Speedway Police arrived at the room to question Fisher about the juvenile. He first told police he was alone but then admitted the boy was there.

    • The boy was found hiding in the bathtub with no clothing on below his waist, covering himself with a pair of pants.

    • Fisher told police he thought the boy was 18 and he had intended on having sexual intercourse with him, according to the documents. However, the boy told police that he told Fisher he was 15 during their second phone conversation.

    • Over the course of the past nine to 12 months, Fisher said he spoke with the boy on the phone about six times. This was their first time meeting in person.

    • During a search, Fisher was found to be in possession of hydrocodone, a pain reliever, for which he said he had a prescription, but that couldn’t be verified when he was arrested.

    • Police also found a used condom with fluid inside, which Fisher said belonged to a friend that Fisher had sex with in the room before he met with the boy.

    • Some clear liquid in a brown glass bottle was found in Fisher’s pocket, according to the documents. Fisher told police he inhaled the liquid from the bottle to get high.

    But don't worry, cause according to the news report- he still has his job as of right now.

    Wednesday, July 11, 2007

    Things to Watch

    Once again I have a few shows from MSNBC that you might be interested in flipping the channel over to see.

    MSNBC Reports Anatomy of a Murder
    THURSDAY, JULY 12th, 2007 , 10 PM, EST

    Who killed Melva Niell, a quiet, respectable, sweet lady 82 years young? Police found her bed splattered with blood, a church newsletter and her favorite zucchini bread recipe scattered nearby. Then, in the bathtub, they found her tormented body and began a search for her killer. At first the evidence against prime suspect, Sterling Spann, a local teen, seemed overwhelming. In just 90 minutes a jury convicted him of murder and sentenced him to the electric chair. Justice was served.. or was it? When two more women were found murdered the same way while Sterling is in jail it looked like police got the wrong man. MSNBC's Anatomy of a Murder takes you along on this emotional race for justice, the search for a killer and one man's 20 year battle behind bars to clear his name and win his freedom. Is Sterling Spann a brutal killer or wrongfully accused? Who really killed Melva Niell? Watch this engaging documentary and judge for yourself.

    To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach
    FRIDAY, JULY 13th, 2007, 11 PM EST
    To Catch a Predator is coming to Flagler Beach, the serene, small spit of land on Florida's sunny east coast that attracts thousands of cheerful visitors every year. But some of those visitors aren't just coming to catch a tan by the shore; they've got their eyes set on underage teens for a sexual encounter, teens they've stalked on-line. But when these men take the giant step from chat room to living room their wildest fantasies will suddenly become their own worst nightmare. Get ready for an astonishing show as sex predators looking for young victims find instead an undercover camera crew, a dozen cops and NBC's Chris Hansen. MSNBC's To Catch a Predator: Flagler Beach 2.

    Things you won't find here...

    There is a lot of information available to those clicking through this site. A lot of cases, a decent amount of law talk, a good dose of my opinions... and every now and then, there is even a completely off topic post.

    But, there are some things that you just won't find here, regardless of how hard you try to find them.

    This is one of those things:

    Once in a while there is a Judge worthy of his position

    This was forwarded to me, and because I normally spend so much time explaining what a bad judge is- I figured I should give an example of a good judge.

    Judges Tells Off Mom