The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Lilo... The Update Editions

Seeing as I'm in the mood to try new blog things- I figured I'd start giving you sneak peeks at what is coming up here in the near future along with odds and ends of what is going on with the crime blogging world.

I hope to finish my miniseries on David Alway, I know... it's long overdue huh?

Along with doing the AMW previews and peeks at crime documentaries airing on MSNBC, I hope to be bringing you a special edition related to the Duke/Nifong case- in which I'm looking to include a review of one of the first (if not the first) books out on the case.

I also will be posting on some older cases- long time readers are sure to want to stop by to check out some of the unexpected updates in these.

On a different note, Steve Huff, who is along with Trench Reynolds- responsible for making crime blogging what it is today, has a new blog. It's not exactly crime exclusive- but given Steve's talented method of writing interesting pieces, I expect it'll be enjoyed just as much as his crime themed blogs have always been. So, go check it out, and add it to your favorites.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Rocks and Shot Guns

There is always the "kids will be kids" saying that is suppose to justify whatever bad acts they may commit. But, let's be honest- we don't walk around saying "50 year old adult men will be 50 year old adult men" to justify their actions. Nope, at some point we expect the children to grow up, and to use their natural ability to maintain self control.

Jonathan Watts openly chose to not do that. The kids in his neighbor had been throwing rocks at his home for some time. At one point Watts had even relationated by throwing a brick back at one child. That didn't send the intended message to the children, nor did it curb Watts' need to avenge his anger.

On Tuesday, when Watts was again confronted with a child throwing rocks, he didn't call the police as he had many times before. He didn't even grab another brick. Instead, Watts reached for a more deadly weapon- a loaded shotgun, and aimed at 9 year old Demotric Moore. The irritated man then did the unspeakable- he shot the young boy in the neck- killing him.

There is no way to even begin to defend Watts in this case- his actions were deliberate, and a horrific response to kids throwing rocks. But, while it no way gives him an excuse do to what he did- I have to wonder where the parents were in this one. After all, if this had been going on for this amount of time, and police had previously been called over the situation- what parent in their right mind would allow their children to continue throwing rocks? Just as easily as Watts could have reached to the phone rather than the gun- a involved parent could have also prevented the tragedy by keeping their child in check.

Armando Gonzalez

An undocumented (which means illegal in MSM terms) worker had been employed at country music's queen Dolly Parton's Dixie Stampede dinner show for nearly three years, gaining access to countless children who preformed in the show.

Usually we don't make a fuss over a company hiring a illegal worker and allowing them around kids, but Gonzalez is "special". You know, that sick demented sort of "special".

Dressed as an elf, although certainly more dangerous than one, Gonzalez used his position to prey upon and molest children.

Beginning next week, Armando Gonzalez is set to stand trial on one count of aggravated sexual battery on a child under 13 for the first of the four alleged victims.

No one else from Dixie Stampede or Dollywood Co. is facing criminal charges in connection with the allegations, but multimillion-dollar lawsuits are pending against the company for negligent hiring and breach of contract to care for and protect the children.

Court documents say Gonzalez, who was an employee of Dixie Stampede for three years, touched the children over their clothes in the genital area as they were preparing to go on stage in a wagon in November 2004.

In all, there are 12 counts against him, which all happened within a 12 day period, and while his defense seems to be "I didn't do it", the very fact that this low life ran for a year after being indicted seems to add to his guilt. Well, that and the multiple children that are accusing him.

Carnival Of The True Crime Blogs

It's that time again, where the best of the best- the most talented of bloggers, bring you updates to what they've been working on. This week Trench has kindly played host to the True Crime Blogs Carnival, so click over and have a read. I'm sure you'll find some interesting reads.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

A Killing in Carrolton

Imagine your child is missing, and after hours of searching- her lifeless body is found. Within a short time, police tell you they have the person responsible and a confession to the crime has been made. You pull yourself together, trying to deal with the tragic loss, sitting through all the court hearings, waiting for justice. After the verdict, after the sentencing... just when you are starting to heal, something happens that turns your life upside down again.

That is the life Tom and Shari Yates have been living for over three long years.

Amy Yates was just eight years old on April 26, 2004 when she decided to go for a short bicycle ride in the mobile home park that she lived in her with parents. Her parents became concerned after Amy failed to return home, and called Carrollton, Georgia police.

After a desperate search, deputies found Amy's body at the bottom of a hill at the edge of a ditch; her white notebook lay five feet way. Massive bruising across Amy's chest and around her neck disclosed a brutal murder. When the police finally made an arrest, the identity of the suspect was almost as disturbing as the crime.

The suspect arrested by police turned out to be a 12 year old boy- Jonathan Adams,, a friend of Amy's who also lived in the park. After hours of interrogation- the young boy would eventually break down and confess to killing the young girl.

After Jonathan's plea bargain resulted in a murder conviction, and it looked like the case was closed, but two years later; the story takes a stunning twist with a chilling phone call that changed everything.

For those not fully aware of the case, or who have only heard about it in passing- this is certainly a show you will want to catch. I've actually read a good deal on it myself, and if nothing else- the case will open your eyes to just how the justice system can work against innocent people.

You can catch the documentary on the case entitled "A Killing in Carrolton", Thursday 6/28 at 11 PM and 2 AM on MSNBC.

(note from Lilo: As a new feature, I'll be sharing previews of crime related MSNBC specials now and then. Like the AMW updates, this is not a paid gig, just something new I feel you'll be interested in. All related posts will be labeled MSNBC)

Coming up on AMW

Every week, I have the pleasure of presenting you with a preview of some of the case that America's Most Wanted will be profiling, and this week is sure to be a show you'll want to catch.

To see more on the cases, click on the links provided, or tune in on Saturday Night, at 9pm on your local Fox station.

Canton, Ohio…

JESSIE MARIE DAVIS UPDATE…The search for a missing pregnant woman in Ohio has come to a tragic end. Police found the body of Jessie Marie Davis in a national park last Saturday. Bobby Cutts, the father of Jessie’s two-year-old son and believed to be the father of her unborn child, has been charged with two counts of murder, and Myisha Ferrell, an acquaintance of Cutts’, has been charged with obstruction of justice. Cutts’ next court hearing is scheduled for July 2nd.

Manhattan, New York and Miami Beach, Florida
UNKNOWN NEW YORK AND FLORIDA SERIAL RAPIST… Police are searching for a man wanted in connection with four attacks spanning from New York to Florida. One of the victims was a homeless woman in New York City who AMW viewers opened their hearts to after the story first aired.

Santa Rosa County, Florida
JOSEPH CHRISTIAN FONTANA…Joseph Fontana seemed like a wonderful guy to a woman he met at church. But cops say the man who went by his middle name, Christian, was full of evil. Now, the hunt is on for a registered sex offender who has dozens of new charges filed against him.

Fort Lauderdale, Florida
STEPHA HENRY MISSING…Twenty-two-year-old Stepha Henry is not the type to just run off. She's a recent college grad from New York who was getting ready to apply to law school -- when she went missing while on vacation in Florida.

Joseph Fontana:
Cops say Joseph Fontana seemed like a good guy. But upon moving to Fort Walton Beach, Florida—his true identity was revealed. Fontana allegedly made a new friend with her two young sons. What his new friend didn’t know is that Fontana was sexually molesting the boys for years.

And because every once in a while we need to take a moment to step away from the gore of the crime stories, here are a few cases that should be uplifting:

Vicki Ragins Hero:
In December of 2004, Shahidah Harley, her five children, and her sister Sheba were headed home to Atlanta after Thanksgiving. Shahidah lost control of her car and swerved into a water-filled canal. At the same time, 57-year-old Vicki Ragins was on her way to her son’s for breakfast. She saw Shahidah sitting on the side of the road in shock that while most of her family escaped the canal, her 13-month-old was still trapped in the car. Vicki’s terrified of water, but that didn’t stop her from diving in and saving the child’s life.

Lyle Baade:
In September of 1993, 59-year-old heart patient Lyle Baade got a new lease on life. A tragic twist of fate gave him the transplant he needed to survive—Lyle received the heart of a 16-year-old murder victim by the name of Benny Zweigle. Seven years later, alive and well in Arizona, Baade was attending a homeowner’s meeting. Suddenly, a disgruntled neighbor by the name of Richard Glassel burst into the room--opening fire on the homeowner’s committee. Witnesses say Baade sprang into action. It was almost as if Benny, the 16-year-old heart donor was acting from beyond the grave.

For more information, flip the channel over to AMW this weekend, or visit their website.

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Paul Thielemann

Paul Thielemann, and the following men were "special" friends, who decided to share a "special" hobby.

school bus driver Paul Benoit, from Milford; utility construction worker Roy Benson, from Leipsic; electrical supplies clerk Lee Blotzer, from Wilmington; swimming pool installer Frank Kesting, from New Castle; contractor Jonathan McKinney, from Wilmington; clerk Christopher Phillips, from Lewes; volunteer firefighter and paid EMT Eric Tyre, from Harrington; materials tester Carl Wilson, from Milton; and corrections officer Derek Wilson, from Dover.

While normally one wouldn't care about the factors that brought such a interesting group of men together to be pals are... this time it's something that seriously needs to be know.

Delaware State Police say the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children contacted them in late January of this year. Police say that tip led them to Thielemann, who in turn led them to the other nine men.

Court documents show that Roy Benson, a previously convicted sex offender, talked about with Thielemann about sex with young children.

Police say they arrested Wilson in connection with the investigation.

Documents allege the rest of the men exchanged child pornography with Thielemann.

Police point to the geographic proximity of the arrested men as one unusual twist in this case, since with internet crimes, people may easily be in different states or even different countries.

The 10 men combined are facing about 100 charges, most of them felonies. Some of charges include sexual exploitation of a child, dangerous crime against a minor, and possession of child pornography.

According to Delaware code, the combined possession of child pornography charges alone could mean up to 150 years in prison.

Scary that such a deranged group of people could live so closely together. Even scarier is that one of them was a school bus driver.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Thomas Reilly

Thomas Reilly had been previously charged with assaulting his wife in March of this year. The two separated, with his wife being granted custody of their two children, Thomas Reilly.

The two young girls had been dropped off at their fathers home for visitation, but when Reilly, a building engineer and former bar owner failed to answer his phone- his estranged wife became concerned and police were sent to investigate. What they found would devastate Reilly's wife, and police:

A man drowned his two young daughters in a bathtub and hanged himself at his home, authorities said.

The bodies of Thomas Reilly, 5-year-old Megan, and 6-year-old Kelly were found Thursday, just hours after his estranged wife dropped off their children for a visit, police said.

When one takes the cowards way out by killing themselves, but chooses to inflict even more pain by killing children first- that's more than shameful.

Notes of Interest

Readers might be interested in a special documentary from MSNBC:

MSNBC Special Murder by the Sea
Eric Volz is the young American accused, charged and convicted of murdering his ex-girlfriend, the beautiful Doris, the jewel of San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua. Eric Volz was an American expatriate who had staked his future on a place far from home. He'd grown up in San Diego-ambitious, competitive, even driven, and an eager student of Latin America. But in a flash, he became a monster to the people in Nicaragua. The crime scene photographs show her body trussed up like some animal, and left, as if on display, on the floor of her little clothing shop by the beach. Despite a strong alibi and evidence in his defense, the Nicaraguan court convicts him. Volz was caught up in a story of jealousy, injustice and a murder so twisted; it united this nation in outrage... and revenge. Follow up in this gripping investigation of a young American accused in a foreign land.

(note from Lilo: As a new feature, I'll be sharing previews of crime related MSNBC specials now and then. Like the AMW updates, this is not a paid gig, just something new I feel you'll be interested in. All related posts will be labeled MSNBC)

The other danger of Myspace

I tell you all the time: If you are going to allow your kids on the computer, then you need to be willing to carefully watch what they are doing, who they are talking to, and where in the world wide web they are clicking to.

I didn't ever imagine that I'd need to reinforce the idea that you should also be cautious on who YOU are talking too. But... clearly I do.

Michael J. Kairis was a MySpace user, and in August- he met a woman online via MySpace and eventually sat up a date with her. They had a brief romance.

The woman that he met had a MySpace page too. Her profile made mention of her young daughter, who was just six.

One week later, the girl told her mom that Kairis had raped and groped her while in her house. Kairis, of 368½ Campbell Ave., threatened to kill the girl if she told anyone.

"There couldn't be anyone more of a risk to the community than Mr. Kairis," Cook told Judge John P. Bessey.

The mother, 33, was in court yesterday to see the plea. She said she did a computer search on Kairis after her daughter told her about the sex and was shocked to find his name on a Web site of sexual predators.

Now, you know that I just have to say something here. I mean- I can't help it. You wouldn't give your car to a complete stranger to borrow- so why the hell would you leave your child alone with one- even for a moment? The simple fact is, anyone can be friendly and seem harmless online. But- IMing someone for a few weeks doesn't actually mean that you "know" them, and certainly isn't enough to say that you know them well enough to leave them with your child. Yes, I feel horrible for this mother- but I also hope that other parents will learn from this. Check out EVERYONE that is going to be in your life, or that may have possible contact with your child. It's our responsibility to maintain a safe environment for our kids- and just checking someone's MySpace profile isn't enough to do that.

On the other hand- let's put the biggest blame where it sits. This guy is now a two time loser- with this conviction for raping a child and a past conviction for raping a child. He should have never been out after the first... and the choice to allow him out after only 12 years this time is nothing but a slap in the face to society.

"There couldn't be anyone more of a risk to the community than Mr. Kairis," Cook told Judge John P. Bessey.

That's from the county prosecutor's office, out of the mouth of Assistant Prosecutor Brant Cook- who agreed to the plea deal that will allow this monster back out- while admitting to what a great danger this man is to the community. WTF? Am I the only one that sees the craziness in that? Honestly people... better laws only work when the Judaical system is willing to let them.

Go ahead, read the whole story. It'll help you understand just why we keep seeing repeat offenders raping and molesting children.

Thursday, June 21, 2007

"those relationships sound consensual to me"

This is the story:

Dale Hutchings was arrested Tuesday and charged with 305 counts of raping a child, 356 counts of aggravated indecent assault against a child under 13, and 356 counts of indecent assault against a child under 13.

Over 1000 charges. All of them against a child under 13.

Now, by law- a child under 13 (regardless of the state) can not consent to sexual acts with an adult.

Police began investigating Hutchings on Monday when an 11-year-old girl accused him of putting his hand down her pants as she made breakfast at his house toward the end of the school year, according to court documents. Police were led to other victims who also said they were molested.

Here is a man who's sole purpose is to watch out for the safety of young children. All the while- he seems to be the biggest danger to them.

And, yet. Some of the responses to the story are, well- a little unusual. Like this one by BluegrassBoy:

To me it sounds like there's a whole lot to this story that's not being reported. Sure, he broke the law...but those relationships sound consensual to me.

Of course, few of us can really be surprised- seeing as how Bluegrass Boy is just another sick freak on the pedophile chain of predators over at GirlChat.

Then we have another reaction, this time from blackmyheart :

it makes the rest of us have to work harder for acceptance...

does make me wonder if we're getting the whole story here... the girl who spoke first was at his house... was there consent given for any of these encounters? were any of the girls pressured into turning on him? if these are legitamite assaults, the i agree he should be punished, but ive become jaded to the way these cases are investigated and reported...

Now, mind you NO child under 13 has the ability to consent to sexual acts... so what they are really going for here is to say that this man, this child molester, should be able to find a loop hole and get away with abusing all of these kids. Because, really- if you can persuade a child to allow you to do whatever you want to them- then it should okay.

Remember, this is from the same group whose self imposed "pedo leaders" made these comments during an interview:

Scott: Can a 6 month old do that?

Lindsay: I'm sure that 6 months old also have nerve endings and understanding and an understanding of what is pleasurable to them, yes
Scott: So a 6 month old can consent to sex
Lindsay: A 6 month old can consent to activity that it finds pleasurable

And, yet they wonder why they can't find acceptance in decent society.

I understand that you all don't feel we should "see our souls" in this fight, but the fact of the matter is we are 'perceived' as dangerous. Period. Think about this witch hunt in progress. The ONLY way to get anywhere in this fight is for people like us to make the case that we pose NO THREAT.

Perhaps they need to be reminded that when someone's main goal in life is to have sex with little children, and exploit those children for their own deviant desires.... then they are a threat, and one that we will keep fighting.

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Reward for Jesse

New information has been published that the FBI has put out a $10,000 reward for information in the ongoing case of the disappearance of Jesse Davis.

CANTON The Federal Bureau of Investigation is offering a $10,000 reward for anyone with information that leads investigators to find Jessie Marie Davis, the pregnant mother who hasn’t been heard from in nearly a week.

At a press conference that ended minutes ago at the Stark County Sheriff’s Office, Chief Deputy Rick Perez said the department’s Web site has been inundated with approximately 500 tips — and some of those tips report possible sightings of Davis

In other news on the case, the FBI has also questioned Jessie Davis' boyfriend, Bobby L. Cutts Jr. searching his home for her cell phone, quilt and other possible evidence. Cutts, who is a Canton Ohio police officer and the father of Jesse's two children (one of which she is pregnant with) has stated to news outlets that while police have told him he is not a suspect, he'd be " dumb and naive to think they weren’t treating " him as a suspect based on the events of recent days. The interview with the news source was recorded, and can be heard here.

I'll be honest here, it doesn't look good for Cutts. Even if you ignored the fact that he has had domestic violence issues in the past- the stats are set against him. One of the biggest dangers to a pregnant woman is the person they are in a relationship with. Sadly, DV is one of the leading killers. And, even without that, I doubt very many people will get past the case forever marked in our memories of Lacy Peterson.

New York (MedscapeWire) Feb 20 — The leading cause of death among pregnant women is homicide, according to a study published in the current issue of the Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health.

The study's authors reviewed 651 autopsy charts from the District of Columbia's Chief Medical Examiner's Office for cases from 1988 until 1996. The researchers discovered 13 homicides of pregnant women that had not been reported with the 21 maternal deaths from medical causes (eg, hemorrhage and infection). These 13 unreported deaths account for 38% of pregnancy-associated deaths.

And, let's be honest- a woman is more likely to be harmed or killed by someone that she know, than a stranger. Cutts, therefore, is the best suited person of interest at this point.

But, that's not meant to role out the lingering possibility that there was another motive behind Jesse Davis' disappearance. The horrific acts of Valerie Oskin , Lisa Montomgery, and Effie Goodson are enough to remind us that killing a woman for her child isn't something new.

And, as with every case- there is always the hope that Jesse's story will end different than most we hear about, and that she will be found- safe and ready to return to those that love her. I think that's the ending scenario we're all crossing our fingers for.

Older post for Jesse here.

This just aired on Larry King Live. I'm not used to getting my info from his show- so I can't say how reliable it is. But the scroller on the screen said Cutts was read his rights by police.

In other strange news, dogs being used to help locate Jesse turned up a scent at a recently dug up area. Although no remains were found, the trained search dogs had indeed found something interesting... a freshly planted marijuana plot.

And, for all those interested in following the case even more, don't forget that tommorow night, America's Most Wanted will be featuring Jesse's disappearance. For more information, you can see their post on it.

AMW This Week

America's Most Wanted airs at 9pm on your local Fox station every (or almost every) Saturday night. This week's episodes will be highlighting the following cases:

Northern New Jersey…

UNKNOWN NEW JERSEY MAD HATTER UPDATE...Cops in New Jersey say the Mad Hatter has a red face -- but not because he's embarrassed. The serial bank robber who's been stalking their state since September tried robbing his 17th bank, but a teller slipped a dye pack in with the stolen cash, and cops say it literally exploded in the Mad Hatter's face as he ran from the bank.

Phoenix, Arizona…
MIKHAIL DRACHEV CAPTURE…When Mikhail Drachev finally told his fiancĂ©e his real name, it led to his capture. The five-year manhunt came to an end thanks to dogged detectives, and a courageous woman who found out the truth on

Hialeah, Florida…
RICARDO OLMEDO…Police say Ricardo Olmedo got away with horrible crimes against children for years -- until one day, when two victims came forward.

Orlando, Florida…
EMANUEL VEIGA…Florida law enforcement officials are searching nationwide for Emanuel Veiga - an accused child rapist - who cut off his tracking device and took off. Now cops need your help to track him down.

AMW will also be featuring the disappearance of Canton Ohio missing mom Jesse (or Jessie) Marie Davis. Davis, who is 9 months pregnant, and due at the start of July, has been missing for nearly a week now. Police say that she was last spoken to by her mother Wednesday night, and her 2 year old son was discovered alone in their home Friday morning.

Jesse is expecting the child of a local police officer, who is currently married. While police have said that he is not a suspect, it seems that they haven't checked him off the list of possible suspects either.

For more on Jesse's case from AMW, please read their information page.

Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Seven Hundred

I'm told there are 53 players on a football team roster. The average Super Walmart employs around 300 people. There are in 535 Members of Congress. I'm just short on ideas of examples where there are 700 people. But, I suppose I could tell you to imagine the House of Representatives next to the employees of a SuperWalmart. Yeah, I suppose that will work.

Okay, imagine the House of Representatives next to the employees of a SuperWalmart. now, imagine seeing the amount of people swapping child porn. Sickening? Okay, then I'll give you a better image to work with- think of those (roughly) 700 people locked up in jail. The child porn people, not the the House of Representatives and employees of the SuperWalmart.

British police, with aid from U.S. investigators, have shattered a global Internet pedophile ring, rescuing 31 children and rounding up more than 700 suspects worldwide, authorities said today.

Some 200 suspects are based in Britain, said the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Center. Authorities would not say where other suspects came from.

The ring was traced to an Internet chat room called “Kids the Light of Our Lives” that featured images of children being subjected to sexual abuse — including on streaming live videos.

Police rescued 31 children, some of them only a few months old. More than 15 of the children were in Britain, the child protection center said, declining to elaborate. Authorities would not say where the other children were from.

Officials did say the United States, Canada and Australia were Britain’s main partners in the investigation, which involved agencies from 35 countries and lasted more than 10 months.

I'm sorry, but there just isn't a painful enough death for these sickos. While reading the story today, my other half had called me in the room to talk about it. Well, he didn't really want to talk- he just wanted to know how in the hell there could be THAT many sick bastards out there. I avoided telling him that that wasn't even the tip of the iceberg.

It did leave me wondering if any of those 700 are ones that we know, you know- the sick freaks over at the pedologs. I've been waiting since yesterday when the story was first pointed out to me, hoping to see a released copy of the names of the 700. So far, I've been unable to see list of anyone who was arrested. That sucks. But, what sucks more is knowing that although 700 are gone... there are more out there still, just waiting to be caught. And abusing children until they do.

I just wish we could catch them faster.

Sex Contract Mom Sentenced

The Ohio mother (name withheld by press) charged and convicted of including her 15-year-old daughter in a sex contract with her boyfriend (the woman wanted to ensure that he had sex while she was recovering from a medical condition) has been sentences to 12 to 22 years.

Her best defense for this horrid behavior was that she was concerned with the idea that her loser boyfriend might leave her. Which, I suppose is a valid excuse. Except for the fact that it's illegal, immoral, and just plain sick. Not to mention the small point that if the man you are dating is that big of a scumbag that he would require sex with your child to ensure that he doesn't roam around while you are recovering... then he's not really worth being with to begin with.

The boyfriend is currently sitting where he should be, in jail. Michael Fitzgibbon was sentenced to up to 15 years on each of four counts of third-degree criminal sexual conduct AND sentenced to 12 to 25 years for each of two other cases involving first-degree criminal sexual conduct charges involving a 12-year-old girl..

Neither of them should ever be allowed around children again, although I'm certainly sure that (unless they kick the bucked in jail) they will be.

"kissing, touching each other while naked and exposing private parts"

Let's just be frank for a moment- those are things that are perfectly normal, and acceptable, and often encouraged. But there are limits to when "kissing, touching each other while naked and exposing private parts" is acceptable behavior, and it seems that someone might have forgotten to inform a 38-year-old Prescott School District substitute teacher of when it is appropriate, and when it's not.

The woman, whose name has not been released pending a criminal investigation was engaged in these activities with the most inappropriate person- her 13 year old daughters boyfriend, who happens to be a 7th grader.

The investigation began after the student’s father filed a civil restraining order on behalf of his son against the woman following an incident that allegedly took place on May 17, said Sorenson, who is in charge of the investigation for Pierce County.

That evening, the father said he found the two having a “middle of the night rendezvous” together at the teacher’s home after the boy stole his mother’s car, WCCO-TV reported. The woman’s husband and 13-year-old daughter were home at the time, the station said.

According to the FoxNews story, there is also evidence of "e-mail messages the two had exchanged," that have since been deleted.

Hell of a mother, huh?


For those intested in True Crime, whether it's as a blogger, author, journalist or just a reader- I've slowly been working on a new community network. The site will allow for members to participate in forums, writing blog posts, and more. There are a lot of valuable features that take advantage of things like YouTube (you can use it to post videos within the group), almost any type of file attachments that you might need.

My intent is for it to be a more user friendly place that provides better ways to discuss cases and share ideas.

So, if you get time, and you're interested- check out  Membership is needed to intereact with others- but it's a rather painless process I promise.
(link fixed)

Sunday, June 17, 2007

Jesse Davis

Newer post here.

Jesse's body found, Bobby Cutts Jr to be charged with two counts of murder.
Around 9 pm Thursday night, Jesse Marie Davis' (also spelled Jessie Davis) mother spoke with her on the phone. At the time, nothing seemed out of ordinary and there was no reason for any concern. But Friday, all of that changed.

(Another news source gives the dates differently, Wednesday, June 13 was the last phone conversation, and Thursday she was missing. When I get the correct dates, I'll post it.) Okay, to clarify this, last conversation was the 13th, she was found to be missing on the 15th.

Jesse's mother went over to her house but instead of finding her pregnant 27 year old daughter, she discovered Jesse's 2 year old son home alone. Now, police are investigating the disappearance, and searching frantically for the 9 months pregnant woman.

Mansfield News- There were no signs of forced entry and authorities say Davis's car and purse were left at the home. However, her cell phone and bedroom comforter were missing.

Anyone with information is asked to call Stark County Sheriff's Deputies at 330-430-3684.

Jesse is described as- She's described as:
170 pounds
Light brown hair with blonde highlights
Hazel eyes

WKYC-TV is reporting a little more on the scene:

"Her comforter was off. Her mattress was pushed over," Porter said. "Her nightstand was knocked over. The lamp was knocked over. And somebody poured bleach all over her carpet."

"At this point, personally, I don't feel she just left," said Captain, Gary Shankle of the Stark County Sheriff's Office. "I think there is an element of foul play involved in this case."

For Updates, or to Discuss This Case. Video's on the case are available here.

A little more information on Jesse, although it may not be exactly related to the case is the popping up. It seems to be that the father to be in this case is a Canton Ohio officer, who is currently married. More information will be provided once links are available.

Thanks to MissLisa via comments, here is an updated news report.

And, another one- which is the most in depth one I've found yet can be read here.

Texas EquuSearch is joining in the search, see story here.

Bobby Cutts, Jr home searched, story here. And another here.

FoxNews is reporting that police are looking into a possible connection between a new born found 45 miles from Canton Ohio Monday night and Jesse's disappearance. They are also providing a little more background information on Cutts, and his relationship with a former girlfriend. Click here for more details.

Newer post here.

And, for all those interested in following the case even more, don't forget that tommorow night, America's Most Wanted will be featuring Jesse's disappearance. For more information, you can see their post on it.

Saturday, June 16, 2007

Meldrum Greg Harvey

Thanks to a commenter for this:

A Canadian citizen convicted of molesting a young girl in Kentucky has fled the country while free on bail to avoid a 40-year prison sentence, the FBI said.

Meldrum Greg Harvey, 52, fled to Canada in December about a week after his appeal of his conviction in Muhlenberg County was denied by the Kentucky Supreme Court, the FBI said Friday. Harvey was convicted in 2005 of molesting an 8-year-old girl while she visited his home in Sacramento in Western Kentucky.

I can not begin to imagine why on earth this child rapist (yes- it went beyond molesting her) was out of jail to begin with. Appeal or no- he should never have been a candidate for bond, and should have sat in a jail cell awaiting his appeal rather than being able to flee the country.

Harvey was convicted of first-degree rape and first-degree sodomy of a child under 12 in April 2005 and sentenced to 20 years in prison on each count, with the sentences to be served back-to-back. In August 2005, he was released after posting a $50,000 bond while his conviction was reviewed by the Kentucky Supreme Court.

The comment that alerted me to this included a link to this story:
FBI looking for Sacramento man convicted of child rape I'm not sure how long it will be viewable online, so I've copied the entire story:

Federal authorities believe a Sacramento man convicted of raping an 8-year-old girl has fled the country to avoid jail time.
Meldrum Greg Harvey received a 40-year prison sentence after he was convicted of raping and molesting a friend of his children in the summer of 2003. Court documents state he was accused of raping and sodomizing the girl in a backyard pool and in his bedroom. He also allegedly took pictures of her while she was changing clothes.

Edenfield Update

I really dislike the idea of moving trials. My personal opinion is that if someone doesn't want to sit in a courtroom in one county- then they should avoid committing crimes in that county.

Source-If attorneys for David Edenfield and his wife, Peggy Edenfield, get their wish, their clients will not be tried in Glynn County.

The attorneys for David Edenfield, one of the accused murderers of 6-year-old Christopher Michael Barrios Jr., filed a motion May 14 asking for a change of venue for his trial.

David Edenfield, his wife, Peggy Edenfield, and their son, George Edenfield, are charged in the March 8 kidnapping, sexual assault and death of the C.B. Greer Elementary School kindergartner.

The District Attorney's office is seeking the death penalty for all three.

Personally, with a case that was watched as much as this one, with the shocking and tragic end- I don't think it would matter if they moved the trial out of state.... these three are looking at the bad end of the needle.

Thursday, June 14, 2007


Whether it was an act of revenge, or an attempt at humor- it was certainly meant to grab someone's attention... and it worked.

Real Estate agent Charles Bowgren's daughter was at home when a neighbor brought over the damning piece of paper- a forged flier that listed Bowgren as a resistered sexual offender. The flier, which had a doctored logo of the state Department of Corrections, also featured his home address and a photo of him.

eneva Police Commander Joe Frega said the flier looks like a total fabrication. He said police haven't yet determined a motive.

"I would guess there was malicious intent," Frega said. "If it's a joke, it's not very funny."

Bowgren, who lives with his daughter and granddaughter, called the incident "nerve-wracking" but said his neighbors are rallying behind him.

Honestly, what the heck is wrong with people? Don't we have enough real sexual offenders out there as it is? Do we really need to start creating "fake" ones?

AMW, This Week

This week, America's Most Wanted will be sharing the following cases, and hoping that you may be able to assist in solving them.

Sherman Oaks, California

DAVID WEIR…Victoria Ramirez and David Weir first met during Victoria's sophomore year in high school -- and though they later broke up, they eventually reunited and moved in together. Police say the relationship was on the rocks due to Weir's alleged infidelity and dalliance with drugs. But before 22-year-old Victoria could break up with Weir, police say he took matters into his own hands.

Newport News, Virginia
ANTHONY EASON…Private First Class Jamel Bennett has seen war firsthand, serving his country in Iraq. But he was only home in Newport News, Virginia a few months when he found himself under fire again -- and this time, the battlefield was his own backyard. Police say Jamel ended up staring down the barrel of a gun, and now authorities want to find alleged shooter Anthony Eason.

Lancaster, Pennsylvania
CHARLES WALTON…Police say 35-year-old Charles Walton has never held a regular job or paid his own rent. In fact, cops believe there's only one thing he's ever been particularly good at, and that's being a fugitive. Three years after he was charged with molesting a little girl, police say they still can't find him -- and now they need your help.

Florence, Alabama…
RICHARD SLOAN…Police are searching for a sex offender that walked away from a work release program. He has a reputation for living outside the law and should be considered dangerous.

The Texas EquuSearch Mounted Search and Recovery Team was started in August 2000 in memory of founder Tim Miller's sixteen-year-old daughter, Laura, who was abducted, raped and brutally murdered in September 1984. In October 2005, we followed Texas EquuSearch down to Aruba in search of missing teen Natalee Holloway. Now we join them once again to hunt for the body of Kenneth Cummings Jr.; a murdered Texas man.

America's Most Wanted airs on you local Fox station at 9pm on Saturdays, tune in to see these cases and others, or stop by the AMW website.

turns out to be a pretty decent deal

Those of you that recall the Anthony Stockelman case, might also remember the name Charles James "Chuckie" Hickman. Hickman was the first person charged with the murder of 10 year old Katie Collman- after he confessed to her murder.

Police eventually determined that Hickman's confession about the Crothersville, Ind., girl's murder wasn't true, and Anthony Stockelman was convicted in the case.

"There is no evidence of any connection between Hickman and Stockelman," then-prosecutor Stephen Pierson said when he dismissed the murder charge against Hickman.

Confessing to a horrid crime such as Katie's murder, was always strange- given the fact taht DNA evidence pointed elsewhere. And many people questioned his motives for doing so. Other's questioned what crimes could have been hidden away in his closet that would prompt him into confessing.

Well, today we know. an interview after Katie disappeared, Hickman volunteered to investigators that, when he was 18, he had a 13-year-old girlfriend, according to FBI notes. Hickman was subsequently charged with child molestation as a Class B felony, carrying a penalty of six to 20 years in prison.

On May 10, Jackson County Circuit Judge William Vance approved a plea deal between Hickman and the county prosecutor under which the molestation charge was reduced to a Class C felony. Hickman also will be required to register as a sex offender after he is released, currently projected for Jan. 20.

I'm just going to say this folks, when a defense lawyer says : "It turns out to be a pretty decent deal except for the sex-offender registry,"- it's usually because it really is a SWEET deal, for the guilty party, although hardly ever a good deal for the public.

Personally, just for the pain that his confession caused, just for the added amount of time it took to find the real killer because of him- I'd have hoped that this loser would be sitting in a cell next to Stockelman for at least the next ten years. Anyone ever heard of "interfering with an investigation"?

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Vincent Ledoux

Vincent Ledoux, who was featured on AMW was captured this last week, in Livingston TX.

Ledoux had been a wanted sexual predator for the last ten years.

A few weeks ago he was profiled on America's Most Wanted, soon after a tip was called in. A tip that came from someone in Livingston who worked close by him. That is what led US Marshals to him and ended the long chase.

The people of Livingston knew him as Eli Wolfe, just one of his many aliases. He worked in a computer shop right across the street from the Polk County Courthouse, and just a block from the police department. People who worked just doors down say they were shocked. Joe Roth said, "I was surprised. Who wouldn't be to find out that the guy who runs the computer shop two doors down from you is a fugitive from justice."

But now, Vincent Ledoux is in the Polk County Jail. He will eventually be transferred back to Oklahoma where he was charged with the crime. Residents in the area say it's definitely been a wake up call. "It just reinforces the fact that people need to be vigilant.

Thanks to Deputy James Brown for the info on this.

Saturday, June 09, 2007

Dana McGee

Dana McGee should never have made it out of prison to begin with, and he proved that point when he molested a young girl while out on parole.

A man who served nearly 19 years in prison for murdering a gas station attendant was sentenced yesterday to 60 years in prison for sexually assaulting a 7-year-old girl while on parole.

Dana McGee, 48, of Palmyra was convicted in January of three counts of aggravated sexual assault, three counts of sexual assault and six counts of endangering the welfare of a child. He was acquitted of single counts of sexual assault and endangering the welfare of a child.

In all likelihood, McGee will die behind bars. He must serve 51 years before he becomes eligible for parole.

Jason Hill

Jason Hill cried and told the court how what he'd done had "ruined a lot more than" his life. He said he was sorry, that he wished it had never happened.

Of course, that's all easy for him to say now. He's already been caught. Leaving the rest of us to wonder if it's that he is sorry for what he did, or just sorry that he didn't scare her enough to keep her silent.

Jason Hill, 31, was sentenced to four and a half years in prison after earlier pleading guilty to having sexual contact with a child and counselling a child to sexually touch him.

Court of Queen's Bench Justice Brian Burrows said it was aggravating that the abuse went on for a long time and involved sexual acts on the "extreme end" of the scale.

The judge also found it aggravating that Hill had showed pornography to the child prior to assaulting her and had told her not to tell anyone what had happened.

According to agreed facts, the sexual abuse happened between June 2003 and July 2004 when the victim was between seven and nine years old and Hill was 27 and 28.

Court heard the victim, who is now 11, told police Hill had showed her pornography on his computer and both raped her and forced her to perform oral sex on him.

Four and a half years
just isn't enough, regardless of how much this predator can cry in court.

Friday, June 08, 2007

If they say it one more time....

I am not into celeb crimes. I really couldn't care less if I ever see Paris Hilton on the news again or not. I'm not impressed by her, by her lack of brains, or by her ability to get out of jail just because someone believes that being a spoiled selfish brat is a "medical condition".

Sadly, the MSM has forgotten that there are other things happening in the news, other crimes, other topics of MORE importance. Thankfully, I have a full range of blogs that aren't as dense- and that understand that I really don't want to spend the day reading/hearing/ or staring at things about Paris Hilton.

So, for those of you who are like me and are in need of some real news... feel free to check out the great writings brought to you by the members of the True Crime Blogroll:

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And, FYI dear members of the MSM- please stop using the word "interesting" and Paris Hilton in the same sentence. If you say it one more time, I'll be forced to "de favorite" your channel on my remote control.

What the heck is your kid saying?

My little ones have not yet been hit with the texting bug. They are quite capable IMers, although it's done in plain English- thankfully because their grandmother would be lost on the "SMHID" sort of typing. Which is sort of the point, the texting IMing lingo is designed to leave most of us a tad confused. And it's working.

Not for long though, as America's Most Wanted has sort of a text to English translation guide. Click here for the pdf. I recommend printing it off while you have it open.

David, The Devaint Years

This is the fourth part of a mini series on the life of David Alway. Please read the previous posts if you haven't yet:
David, The Early Years
David, The Failure Years (Part II)
David, The Pained Years
Having gotten to know a little more about David, his upbringing and his life in the previous posts, we're all left with a lingering question:

Just who is David Alway, and what has become of him?

David's upbringing, including his time at faith based schools had been an attempt to instill finer beliefs in his heart- to help shape him into a productive and well adjusted member of society. A love for God, even a love for country. His parents encouraged him to be a "good person", to do the right things, to strive for success.

But David had other plans, and so after his failures, after his bankruptcy (more, more, more), after disowning the family that had loved him since he was a little boy, after the ruin of his marriage, after the failure of his business- he opted to follow his plans. Regardless of the effect his actions would have.

He'd brand himself as one who loved children, one who could appreciate what he considered "their beauty". He'd write about the way he felt their rights were being violated. He'd insult and chastise those who would question his beliefs. He'd encourage others to form together in order to defend the rights he felt the children were denied. He'd move about from country to country, looking for a home where he'd be more free to do as he wanted.

You see, the "rights" he so fiercely believes children are denied, aren't really rights at all. No, David, despite seeing the effects first hand of sexual abuse and how it effected his entire family, believes that sexual relationships between small children and adults should not only be legal- but that they should be encouraged.

He'd start websites, become sort of a "leader" in a new world- he'd be the poster boy for those with black hearts and repulsive desires. He'd begin a whole new life- while disregarding the very teachings that those who'd loved him had attempted to instill in him.

I know, you're thinking back to the first part of this series, where I told you that David Alway had changed his name. You're starting to put two and two together... and your coming up with the answer to just who David Alway really is... at least those of you who have hung around here for a while are.

For the sake of those that may be new, I'll give you one last hint:

David Alway, the name behind the pedofreak

That's right, David Alway is no one other than the infamous sicko pervert- Lindsay Ashford. Best known for his "girllove" sites and his rabid belief that all children, regardless of age, have the ability and desire to be sexually involved with adults.

David, or Lindsay Ashford as he now is known, runs a mass of websites- all devoted to encouraging the sexual exploitation of children by adults. He even has a site geared towards convincing young girls that sexual relationship with adults are not only "okay" but that they are very much to be desired. He considers them "special" and something that benefits the girls. Most of his self run sites fall under the domain There you can find Manifesto, which is nothing more than the creed of sexual deviants, the site mentioned above, Sugar and Spice which of course, states that it's "just for girls" without mentioning the pervs that support it. And, you can even find his blog- a place where he touts his ambitions to crush the innocents of children everywhere by legalizing sexual abuse of them... and oddly enough he also includes his frequent rants about how much he despises the United States. (He doesn't mention much of his family, the pain they suffered, or the abuse his sister survived though.) David can also be found as a regular commenter at the pedologs (or girlchat as they prefer to call it), where he encourages other sicko pedophiles to fight for the legalized sexual abuse of children and complains about the "suffering" he experiences due to his heinous desires. You can even read about his blatant disregard for the well being of children at Wikipedia- where many of his online activities have been documented for those interested.

Yes, it seems that David Alway, or Lindsay Ashford closed his mind to the lessons he learned in grammar school about being a better person, about putting others first- instead he has taken with the idea of promoting the very thing that once caused his family so much pain- that thing that has haunted his own sister to this day- sexual molestation. He's forgotten the pain, the feeling of betrayal left by the abuse and instead decided to become like the old man who assaulted her... he'd rather prey upon children than use his experiences to help protect them.

David Alway, the adopted and loved little boy from a God fearing family that became a monster using his ambitions to prey on children. He even pokes fun at the idea of sexually abusing children, as seen by his recent "pun" on the Virginia Anti Rape site. His site, is nothing short of disgusting- although it gives a glimpse of just how deviant this man really is.

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

AMW This Week

The following cases, along with others, will be featured on America's Most Wanted this week:


INTERNET JOHN DOE #5…Disgusting images of this man molesting children were found on the Internet. Now, he'll face charges, as soon as police can determine his identity.

New York City, New York…
BABLU HASSAN…New York City Police say Bablu Hassan slashed a 5-year-old girl who was simply trying to protect her mother from his attack. Now authorities fear he may be long gone -- maybe even as far as Southeast Asia.

Montgomery, Alabama…
LINE OF DUTY – KEITH HOUTS…Montgomery, Alabama police officer Keith Houts was shot several times in the head and chest during a routine traffic stop. When he wasn’t protecting the streets, Officer Houts enjoyed spending time with his wife. They met while serving in the Army Reserves in Kuwait. They were hoping to start a family soon.

Queens, New York…
UNKNOWN USHA TANEJA KILLER…Usha Taneja couldn't hold in her excitement as her family began arriving in town. It was a day she had been looking forward to for years -- her son's wedding. But on the eve of the wedding Usha went out to buy groceries and never returned. She was found murdered on the sidewalk just blocks from her home and her killer remains a mystery. Police need a tip to crack this mystery.

Hayward, California…
GREISY VALENCIA…Greisy Valencia has been eluding authorities since 2002 when her then 11-year-old daughter was discovered by cops wandering the streets -- a victim of extreme abuse. Cops desperately want to get this mother in custody and are seeking any clues about her whereabouts.

AMW was also primed to cover the abduction of Kelsey Ann Smith (family's site), the 18 year old Kansas girl who was abducted from a Target parking lot. Although given the recent developments (police say they found her body earlier today), I expect a change in the program to focus on helping track down her killer. AMW has updated it's page on her case, and you may want to check it often to follow any updates that may develop between now and the show air time.

America's Most Wanted can be seen on your local Fox station, at 9pm on Saturday nights. For more information about the cases featured here, and other cases AMW has covered, please visit their website-

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Missing Kelsey Smith

I've noticed a good deal of traffic coming in looking for "Kelsey Smith", although not exactly the one that would be found here, Kelsey Smith Briggs.

My Kelsey coverage was on a little girl beaten to death while her father served overseas. Her stepfather and mother both faced charges related to her death, Mike Porter received 30 years and her mother is due for trial soon. If you haven't heard her story, please take a small moment of your time to read it.

The Kelsey Smith that they are looking for most likely is a missing 18 year old who police believe was abducted from a Target shopping center. I've not covered that story- but I certainly know someone who has. So- for those of you looking for that Kelsey, please see Mr. Huff at There is also video of the suspect leaving Target, which can be found via Fox- here.

You may also be interested in the site, which appears to have been moved to a blog format.