The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, January 07, 2008

Feeling the Heat...

I'd like to introduce you all to John Contini, a criminal lawyer from Florida who began his career in 1983 as a prosecutor and became a criminal attorney in 1987, whose career has given him material for not one, but two true crime books gathered from his own life experiences. Contini is well known for his legal defense of Gilbert Fernandez, Jr., the former Florida police officer once called "Miami's Meanest Cop". The following is an exert from one of Contini's websites on his book "Feeling the Heat: An Interrogation of the Soul" which follows the journey made possible by a turn of events no one could have seen coming.

How would you feel if you knew in your spirit that your good friend was wired, targeting you with the feds for indictment? Betrayed? Sure, but what do you do when there's no time for hurt and anger, when you're scared to death and surrounded by undercover "patrons" pretending to blend in at the neighborhood coffee shop? Start bawling like a baby, or just get up and leave? Neither choice helps.

No, you've got to go for door number three, the only choice that screws up their wire. Start running your mouth in desperation as fast and convincingly as possible. How many times can you get anything exculpatory or decent on the wire - forget that the feds would call them "false exculpatories," it only matters that it's on the wire. How fast can you muck up their recording with your spin of the real deal... before it's too late and you're writing to your kids from federal prison?
"Feeling the Heat" is an inspirational true story that begins with betrayal and deception, moves to addiction and recovery and closes with faith, redemption, reuniting with family and love - another true crime and crossover faith story of second chances from the God of second chances!" A federally-indicted client and former friend chose to 'wear a wire' for a couple of rogue federal agents, while targeting Contini for indictment to minimize his own prison exposure. “This painful time in my life was actually used of God to bring me closer to Him - a prodigal son experience that will not be forgotten. What they meant for bad, God meant for good."

As mentioned before, John is the author of not one, but two true crime books- and his other- Danger Road - is one that I couldn't possibly get by without mentioning. The book details the case of "Miami's Meanest Cop":
Contini gives readers a unique insider perspective on the mindsets of both a defense attorney in a capital murder case and a defendant who had become a completely different person by the time of his trial. Danger Road also reveals details about the influence of the media on the trial, and the biased judge and prosecutors who were hell-bent to send Fernandez to the chair. By ripping the lid off the behind-the-scenes machinations of our legal system, one of the author's goals was to cause readers to take another look at the way justice is dispensed in our society.

You can learn more about either book, or purchase them, directly from their websites-- and For more information about John who still is practicing law, please see his website- or add him to your MySpace friends.