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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Special Blogiversary

There's hardly anything more special to a blogger than their first Blogiversary, making it long enough to stick out through the entire first 12 months of blogging, unless of course you count having a blogchild make it past their first Blogiversary.

I know, I've bragged about the blogchild Home Sweet Home before- she's one of my favorite bloggers out there, and not just cause I claim her as "mine", but because she takes on a difficult topic, and because she does with with passion, and understanding. When she started blogging a year ago this week, I just knew that she'd be a wonderful addition to the blogosphere- and I was right. I can't be more delighted that she's hung in for the last year, and I hope she continues to for many years to come.

So please, take a moment to go over and wish HomeSweetHome a Happy Blogiversary.

It's that time again-

Once again, I'm pleased to announce that the True Crime Bloggers have done their little dance, picked out the best of their posts for the week- and had a Carnival hosted over at Harding's place- TO Crime. So, if your ready to sit for a spell and see what crime news made the top of our lists in the past week, head on over to the Carnival.

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

New Breasts, Dead Husband

I've written about Cynthia Sommer, the Cali wife of a Marine who decided to commit murder for $250,000 and breast implants, before.

Well friends, years after Sgt. Todd Sommer's murder by arsenic- Cynthia has been tried and convicted of murder by a jury of her peers.

A woman was convicted Tuesday of murdering her Marine husband with arsenic so she could cash in on his $250,000 life insurance policy, some of which she used to have her breasts enlarged.

Prosecutors argued that Cynthia Sommer, 33, wanted a more luxurious lifestyle than she could afford on her 23-year-old husband's $1,700 monthly salary and saw his military life insurance policy as a way to "set herself free."

In addition to the breast enlargement surgery, Sommer's friends and co-workers testified, she threw wild parties and had casual sex with multiple partners in the weeks after her husband's death and the payment of the insurance policy.

(And when I say "her peers", I only mean people from that community- not peers as in trashy murdering loose women.)

Kelsey Briggs

The beautiful little blond girl, with the heartwarming smile who was loved so much in life, that her death inspired a law intended to protect the children of Oklahoma will never have her killer found guilty for her callous murder.

A little more than a year ago, I was browsing the news sites, when I stumbled upon the most heartbreaking of stories.

Lance Briggs and his ex-wife, Raye Dawn Porter had had a rocky marriage to say the least, it ended with their divorce, but it also lead to the birth of a charming little girl on December 28th, 2002, who could capture hearts with just a simple smile. Kelsey Briggs spent the first years of her life surrounded by the love of her extended family, who would soon learn just how fragile Kelsey's life really was.

Allegations of abuse began, and it wouldn't be long before Kelsey was removed from her mothers care, and put into the custody of Lance's parents. As for Lance, well- he found himself serving his country overseas, and little did he know that back home there was a war waging that would cost him his daughters life.

After a series of bruises and broken bones, the judge on the case who was suppose to have the best interest of Kelsey in mind, released her back into the custody of her abusers.

Kelsey's Story can be read here
, where I have spoken about it before.

Kelsey, and those who loved her best, lost the battle to protect her, when she was beaten to death October 11th of 2005, just months before her birthday. Lance had been on his way home, after being injured in Iraq, when he learned of his only child's death.

Kelsey's mother was charged with enabling child abuse and child neglect, her husband Mike Porter was charged with murder in connection with her death. Only, he most likely will never face a judge or jury for that charge, as news has been released that he was offered, and is planning to accept a plea deal lowering the charges to a lesser charge which would net him 30 years in prison.

A published report says a man accused in the death of a Meeker toddler has agreed to enter a plea to a lesser charge and receive a 30-year prison term.
The Oklahoman says Lincoln County prosecutors have agreed to drop first-degree murder and child sexual abuse charges against Michael Lee Porter.

The 26-year-old would instead face a charge of enabling child abuse for the October 2005 death of Kelsey Smith-Briggs. Porter was scheduled to go on trial February 12th.

Kelsey's family, those who struggled to save her, and then fought for a law that would prevent this sad story from replaying in the lives of other people have created a website and forum in Kelsey's memory. You may visit it here.

Monday, January 29, 2007

Dean Schwartzmiller UPDATE

Dean Schwartzmiller is thought to be one of the most prolific serial child molesters in the United States. His victims locations cover a span across numerous places, including Washington, Idaho, Mexico and Brazil. Investigators studying notebooks he kept filled with information on his victims believe that the 1200 pages contained in them, along with a 456 page memoir provide clear evidence that he has assaulted hundreds of boys as far back as 1969- at one point believing that he could easily have had as many as 30,000 victims.

I wrote about Schwartzmiller previously, including when pages from his notebook where released to the press.

Today, Dean Schwartzmiller was sentenced to 150 years in prison:

Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, a child molester with convictions in several states over three decades and a knack for avoiding prison, was sentenced Monday to 150 years to life for sexually abusing two boys when they were about 11 years old.

Schwartzmiller, 65, shackled at the wrists and wearing a red jailhouse jumpsuit and using a cane, did not speak before his sentencing in Santa Clara County Superior Court on 11 felony counts of child molestation and one misdemeanor charge of child pornography possession.

Judge Edward Lee said that despite Schwartzmiller's legal savvy in getting some previous charges dismissed, he will spend the rest of his days filing appeals from a prison cell.

"For all that above-average intelligence and charm, I have a couple of faults (with you) — an English teacher might call them tragic faults," Lee said. "You have no empathy for your victims; that's not particularly unusual. And you cannot see yourself as others see you."

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Friday, January 26, 2007

George Horner


Tonight, police in Arizona are looking for a convicted sexual offender who they believe kidnapped a 6 year old girl. The child, who was staying with family prior to her abduction was later found wondering the road after being sexually assaulted, about 20 miles away from her home.

From FoxNews- Authorities were searching for the suspected kidnapper, George Richard Horner, 26, who had been staying with the girl and her mother for three days. "We don't know if he's skipped out or gone to ground," said Capt. Jeff Karns of the Pinal County Sheriff's Department.

Officials had initially identified Horner as the mother's live-in boyfriend, but Lt. Scott Elliott later said Horner had only been staying at the home after being introduced to the mother by a mutual friend. The Associated Press initially identified the girl but is no longer doing so because she is believed to have been sexually assaulted.

Horner was supposed to take the girl to school Friday. But the mother called police after her call to her house from work went unanswered and after being told the girl wasn't at school.

While Horner's present whereabouts are unknown, he was logged into his MySpace account back in December of last year.

Those interested may want to click over to Steve Huff's True Crime Blog, where he is discussing this case also.
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Judge Rude? Remove 10 years from sentence

James Robert Scott was charged, convicted and sentenced in the sexual abuse of a child- three counts of sodomy on a child, a first-degree felony. Due to a plea deal, 17 counts of sex-abuse charges where dropped, and he was sentenced to 30 years in prison, the victim was a six year old girl. That could have been the end of the story for Scott, but thanks to a winner of a judge, it's not.

Evidently, Scott's lawyer felt insulted at a hearing:

Roger Kraft, told the Deseret Morning News in November that Lewis was rude and hostile to him in court, so he wrote her a letter.

First, I don't feel that whining to a judge because you think she was rude and hostile to you during your attempt to defend a child rapist is a bit unprofessional, and child like. In fact, I know more than one lawyer who has felt slighted by a judge in the past and has managed to avoid running around crying about it. But, I'll over look that seeing how Kraft later redeems himself.
You see, it turns out that after Kraft whined, good ol' 3rd District Judge Leslie Lewis who had sentenced Scott, decided to kiss up to Kraft by calling and apologizing to him, and then- just to make things worse, she offered to chop 10 years from Scott's sentence.
"She said, 'I would appreciate it if you would not discuss this with the prosecutor.' My jaw kind of dropped and I asked myself, 'Am I really hearing what I'm hearing?'" Kraft said at the time.
Kraft disclosed the conversation to prosecutors, who filed a formal complaint against Lewis. Voters ousted Lewis in the November 2006 election.
The Utah Court of Appeals has sent the case back to district court to decide which sentence applies.

Chalk it up to yet another worthless judge, although since she was voted out- we can have a little comfort in knowing that it'll likely be her last stupid judicial mistake.
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Thursday, January 25, 2007

About that movie...

A lot has been said about the new film "Hounddog", starring child actress Dakota Fanning. In fact, almost everything being said about it now, is exactly what was said about it months ago... before the Sundance festival.

If we are fighting the topic of the movie, than we should be asking about where the rage was over many other movies, after all Hollywood has been putting kids in sexually suggestive roles for years. Man in the Moon portrays a 14 year old (played by Reese Witherspoon) head over heels for an older boy- and the sexual tension within the movie is clearly predominate in comparison to everything else happening on the screen. And then there is "Interview with the Vampire", which has a child star falling in love with an adult. The situation here is quite different- as young Kirsten Dunst's character is a few hundred years old, while still in the body of a very young girl. Yet, it didn't stop people from looking twice when the then 12 year old shared an on screen kiss with Brad Pitt. If it's not the subject, but the actual stimulated act of sexual abuse that all the fuss is about- well as Steve Huff mentioned in a recent post, the stimulated rape of a child on screen is nothing new- Bastard Out of Carolina included various scenes of abuse back in 1996. So what really is at issue here?

Dakota Fanning has found herself in a particularly odd position, she is being placed under the watchful eyes of both the movie industry- and the rest of the world. And, a lot is being said about her current role, and the movie itself.

FoxNews isn't exactly nice in it's latest report:

"Hounddog," the simply awful movie in which 12-year-old Dakota Fanning’s character is raped, has no buyers.

"No one wants it after the terrible reviews," one distributor told me, just as we were sitting down to see another disaster, J.P. Schaefer’s "Chapter 27."

There's even a Religious group calling to boycott Hounddog, while Fanning herself is just "mad" about all the comments and complaints.

But what really does the movie show, and what really does it say about the standards of the movie making world? Back to the Fox News Story on it, where we get a small glimpse of what at least one scene shows:
12-year-old Cody Hanford, who plays Fanning’s boyfriend in the provocative and poorly written outing, [...] In the film, his character lures Fanning’s into a barn and then watches as she’s raped. Hanford and Fanning also have numerous kissing scenes, some in which they’re half-dressed.

Paul Petersen touches upon the movie, and the effects of it- not just on the child stars involved but in regards to Hollywood's reaction to such situations in his multi part series "A Minor Consideration".
An insidious evil is spreading throughout Hollywood, the town that raised and trained me as a boy for a career that would not exist for me as a man. The exploitation of children, which Hollywood both employs and to which they market, has sunk to another mindless low point with the announcement that 12 year-old Dakota Fanning will portray a pre-adolescent rape victim in the movie, "Hound Dog," an independent film alleged to feature Dakota, not yet in her teens, totally naked and actually assaulted on film in a realistic portrait of the rape that spins her into a fantasy world centered on Elvis Presley.

But, no matter what anyone says- we are back to the question of what it is that we really object to- and why out of all the films involving the sexual exploitation of children, this is the one that has received the highest level of objection.

One could easily assume it might have something to do the old anti Hollywood feeling of "You make millions to play a _______ (fill in the blank), while I make next to nothing being a _________ (fill it in with the same word). Could it be that we object to Fanning making money playing a victim of childhood rape while others who actually survive it struggle to heal? I doubt it.

Can we chalk it up to a stimulated act really being just that offensive? I don't think so- as mentioned before, the on screen acting out of a child rape is nothing new to any of us.

Let's go back to looking at the movie itself:

FULL STORY Right away, I will tell you: 12-year-old Dakota Fanning plays a girl who endures a graphically suggested rape. If that’s not enough, she is also filmed sleeping dreamily while a half dozen real snakes slither all over her.

The rape scene, no matter how it’s spun, is disturbing and unsettling in fictional terms. In real life, though, it’s creepier to think that Dakota’s parents considered this a scene that was appropriate for their daughter.

Of course, when you meet Dakota, she is unusually mature and very precocious. Maybe it’s hard for those around her to recognize that she is only 12, and that though she understands “Hounddog” is fiction, it’s nevertheless happening to her, as it were.

“Hounddog” takes place in rural Tennessee around 1955, when Elvis Presley is just taking off. Dakota’s character, Lewellen, is obsessed with Elvis and sings his songs to anyone who asks her to.

That her moves are suggestive is another matter altogether. The director seems to be implying that Lewellen is almost asking for her rape by a 20-year-old boy who delivers the family’s milk.

It’s either that or Lewellen should be allowed to act seductively without fear of being attacked. Either way, the arguments do not stand up.

A lot of “Hounddog” sounds like it’s an entry in a bad Faulkner contest anyway. All the clich├ęs are there: The runaway mother (or aunt in this case) is played by Robin Wright Penn. David Morse is the hick father with a zero IQ; Piper Laurie, so way over the top it’s not funny, is the sensible, salty grandmother who’s raising the kid.

I'm left to wonder: is our objection to this film that we feel as if Hollywood is attempting to mainstream the sexual exploitation and victimization of children for the sheer benefit of the almighty dollar?

Or, worse maybe it's knowing that this sort of thinking is out there that really scares us (from the pedologs)
Excellent review of the new upcoming DK feature film Hounddog. Can't wait to see it, though I am sure the rape scene will upset me.

What I would really like to see made (maybe with Dakota) is a well-made feature film about a loving (even sexual), consensual intergenerational relationship between a man and a young girl.

Man Without A Face could have been such a film for a man/boy relationship, but the movie was not faithful to the book (written by a woman). For A Lost Soldier was well done, but I wish the relationship had not ended badly. In the beginning of The Incredible True Adventure of Two Girls in Love one of the girls is involved with an adult woman (funny how no one--to my knowledge--has made an issue of that), but it is a brief moment in the film. Bastard Out of Carolina also involved the rape of a young girl; excellent film, though. It seems like negative perspectives and violence are all we can get right now when it comes to intergenerational relationships.

First, for as much as the pedophiles insist that "they" would never hurt a child- I'm curious as to why on earth they would include the violent rape of a child in "intergenerational relationships". After all, a relationship is most often referred to as "A romantic or sexual involvement.", and rape isn't anything that I feel would be defined as a relationship at all. And on a personal note- I wouldn't be settling for anything remotely violent as a symbol of a relationship that I was involved in. But then again- I think most of us would agree that most arguments passed around in the pedo crowd are objectionable- and seeing as they are a group of people claiming the that sexual exploitation of a child isn't a bad thing- maybe they really don't care that a violent rape is being used to define their much sought after "intergenerational relationship".

Second, and what bothers me in part about this movie- it's the stimulated act of rape upon a child, without thought about the actual rapes of other children. It minimized the actual effects of childhood sexual abuse, while laying a carpet down for those who would justify such offense betrayals because they believe that the role is "Oscar" worthy.
Fanning's mother, Joy, and her Hollywood agent, Cindy Osbrink, see the movie as a possible Oscar vehicle for the pint-size star.

Not, a movie that can bring understand and enlightenment to the horrible effects and emotional trauma of childhood abuse. Not a movie about the extreme ability for a child to recover from devastating events in her life.

Nope, it's a just movie that could win her an Oscar.

Here's an idea for Hollywood- if you are going to make a movie depicting horrible situations that millions of children are forced to suffer through in their lifetimes, how about doing it in order to bring awareness to the plight of these children, rather than stimulating a rape on a child for a little gold man?

There are other reasons I disagree with, not the movie, but the need to had certain scenes in the movie and while I could spend all day telling you how much I object this all of this- it's nothing that hasn't already been said a million times by a million people. And, I doubt that it would sway any already developed thoughts on the movie to begin with.

However, I'd like to hear what some of you think- which arguments for or against the movie stand out the most in your minds.
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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Crime Bloggers News:

Just a few items of interest I thought I would share with you all.

First up, this weeks edition of the True Crime Blogs Carnival is currently being held over at Bonnie's Blog of Crime, so make sure you stop over and check out what the best crime bloggers on the internet have been typing out lately.

Second, I'm pleased to share with you an interview of Crime Blogging legend Steve Huff over at the TrueCrimeBlogroll blog.

Also, our most beloved multi-crimeblog writing Trench has delighted us all with yet another blog- Public Enemy: Player 1. And here's a little about it, direct from Trench:

I’m Trench Reynolds. You may know me from such blogs as TheTrenchcoat Chronicles, News of Doom, and MyCrimeSpace. I’m here today to present my latest project, Public Enemy: Player 1. Myself, and hopefully some others, will be bringing you news and opinion of crime and how it relates to videogames.

Now don’t misunderstand the object of the site. I am not one of those people that think videogames are responsible for crime. As a matter of fact I’ve been a gamer since the late 70’s when my dad bought me the Sears VCS. That’s the Atari 2600 to you. So if you’re a gamer I’m on your side.

Hope that's enough to keep you all busy until I return.

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Saturday, January 20, 2007

How Safe is Your Kid's School?

Your first grader gets permission to go to the bathroom down the hall during the middle of class. He makes his way there, just as he has numerous times before. Nothing seems out of place, nothing hints at the danger waiting for him on the other side of the bathroom entrance...

It's not the class bully waiting to steal his lunch money. It's not a poorly mopped floor still slippery enough to cause him to fall. It's not even the thousands of germs left from uncounted numbers of dirty hands touching everything in sight. Instead, it's a child rapist who has made his way unnoticed into the building, waiting quietly for a child to appear.

Hard to believe? Completely impossible? I know, it could never happen, right? Well friends, think again.

A first-grade boy told family members that on Jan. 12 he was in a bathroom when a man came underneath a stall and grabbed him by his arm, choked him and raped him.
The man then grabbed the boy by the neck and dragged him outside the school, the boy's aunt said.

The young boy and his attempted capture were just feet from a vehicle, when the boy was able to kick him- and make a successful dash back into the school, saving him from whatever fate the rapist had planned for him.

While we would all like to believe that this story could never replay itself in our children's school- it might be a good time to think about when the last time you were stopped in the school and questioned about who you were, and why you were there by school employees.

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Friday, January 19, 2007

The Not So Twelve Year Old

Robert James Snow (his MySpace) and Lonnie Stiffler must have thought they were in pedo heaven after meeting Neil Havens Rodreick II.

Law enforcement believes that 29 year old Rodreick tricked the two older men into believing he was a pre-teen boy, and proceeded to live with the two older men for nearly two years- continuing with the "I'm just a young boy" scam. Snow and Stiffler might never have wised up to the truth, but in what police believe was an attempt to use Rodreick as bait to lure more young boys into their grasps, Stiffler pretended to be Rodreicks grandfather to enroll him in a school.

Officials at the charter school in Chino Valley, about 90 miles northwest of Phoenix, told deputies that papers the "grandfather" presented appeared to be fake and that "boy" looked much older than 12.

Police investigated the home where the men were living, arresting each of them and a forth man- Brian J. Nellis, 34 who was apparently Rodreick's cell mate in prison, both had been convicted of previous sex related crimes.
Stiffler was booked on counts of forgery and hindering prosecution and was being held on $100,000 bond. Each of the three others was being held on $50,000 bond on a charge of failing to register as a sex offender. Prosecutors said decisions on any additional charges would be made by Monday.

As if this story wasn't horrible enough, police believe that the men had attempted to enroll Rodreick in other area Arizona schools, and have forwarded the information along to the proper LE departments.

As an added kick- it was reported that upon finding out that they had been fool- Snow and Stiffler both appeared very upset over the fact that they had been having sex with a 29 year old, rather than a young 12 year old boy.

And, of course- wouldn't you know it... at least two of these pervs are sex offenders.
Oklahoma Department of Corrections online records show that Rodreick was convicted in 1996 of lewd and indecent proposal to a minor and served time in prison from Nov. 19, 1996, to Jan. 30, 2002. The records show that Nellis was convicted in 1997 of lewd molestation and was imprisoned from July 24, 1997, to July 28, 2000.

During interviews with the men, detectives learned that Stiffler and Snow met Rodreick through an Internet chat about two years ago, Quayle said, and they began to trade sexually explicit photos. He convinced them he was "Casey Price" and was only 12.

Stiffler and Show went to Oklahoma and met Rodreick at a hotel, then brought him back to live with them in Arizona and began an ongoing sexual relationship, Quayle said.

Rodreick apparently shaved his body hair and used makeup to keep up his guise as a pre-teen boy, Quayle said. He also dressed as a juvenile and tried to act and talk like a pre-teen.

Read full article....

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Honor Thy Father and Mother

Christopher Woods, 19 told investigators that he believed in the Fourth Commandment, honor thy father and mother- he said nothing about Psalms 127:3, which says "Lo, children [are] an heritage of the LORD: [and] the fruit of the womb [is his] reward." Which is interesting, since the very one he choose to ignore could have been used to prevent him from treating these "gifts" like his personal whipping post.

According to Allen Superior Court affidavits, Pledger said the girl got “under my skin” Monday night, so Pledger said she hit her with a broomstick. Then Woods tried to make her drink bleach from a mop, according to the affidavits. The adults bound the girl with duct tape, placed a strip over her mouth so she couldn’t scream, and whipped her with an electrical cord from the television, the affidavits said.

They also ordered her brother, who people from the neighborhood say she adored more than anything in the world, to hit her, the affidavits said. Later, Woods threatened to cut off her toe while he removed the duct tape. He also threatened to drown her while she sat in a bathtub of hot water.

Woods told investigators he believed in the Fourth Commandment, honor thy father and mother, the affidavits allege. He is not the father of either child. The girl was taken to a hospital after a teacher at Study Elementary School noticed her shivering in a classroom, the affidavits said. The teacher saw marks on the girl and noticed she had swollen hands. At a hospital, medical personnel removed the girl’s clothes and found lacerations over her back, shoulders and buttocks, the affidavits said.

Sadly, these "religous" people are expecting yet another child.

Full story...

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Thursday, January 18, 2007

Paul Martinez

LIMA — The former president of a local Hispanic organization has pleaded guilty to charges that accused him of raping two children.

Paul Martinez, 40, of 404 Orena Ave., pleaded guilty to two counts of rape. The charges accused him of raping two children under the age of 13, Prosecutor Juergen Waldick said.

Martinez will face up to 20 years in prison for the crimes when he is sentenced Feb. 26, but prosecutors have recommended he receive 12 years. The rapes took place in 2005 and 2006, Waldick said.

Martinez was the past president of the League of United Latin American Citizens, the oldest and largest Hispanic organization in the country. He helped start a chapter in Allen County.

There might be a little more to this story than it appears at this moment, as I've been hearing over the last few months rumors surrounding this man. One thing I should note is that the most recent update on my sexual offender list for Allen County dated
does not list him as a sexual offender, in fact it doesn't list any with tht name as a sexual offender.... which is odd, because in a previous list from June 2005 there IS a Paul Martinez, who at the time was described as being 38, listed there. (**UPDATE- He's on the list again on ESORN, right where he used to be, before he was off the list) This, given some interesting background information I have received in relation to this case, is a tad disturbing to say the least. As I am able to look a little more into this case, be sure to watch out for updates on it.
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Wayne Logan

Wayne Logan is currently employed by the Shelby County Sheriff's Department in Memphis Tennessee. His title in the Records and Identification Department is listed as "Executive Officer - Assistant Manager IV". Logan, 60 is also said to be in a relationship with sitting Judge Joyce Broffitt. It would seem, from the outside looking in that Logan had made a place for himself in the legal world- on the "right side of the law" if you will. But we all know that if that was the case, his story would most likely not end up here.

Logans walk to the wrong side of the legal world began when a eight year old girl went to school and began complaining about being in pain. The little girl is said to have told her teacher that she had "pain between her legs".

Eyewitness News The report goes on to say “the 8 year-old victim advised the teacher that it was her mother's friend. The victim also stated that this occurred several times and that when it does, her mother gets money. The 8 year-old victim further stated that she is made to perform oral and vaginal sex acts with her mother's friend.”

The young girl's "mother" (term used loosely) twenty-seven year-old Sharon Crawford is charged with charged with allowing Logan to sexually abuse the 8 year old girl in exchange for money.

Logan's bail was first set at $150,000 until he asked for a special judge to be called in, since he has that ongoing relationship with the judge mentioned previously. Now, when I say "special" you might assume that I mean special as in one from outside of the area- and while that would partly define the judge that he received... I happened to mean it in the other way- "special" as in most likely has some sort of severe mental disability that prohibits them from functioning with anything over than a IQ of 55. Because dear friends, the new judge- the one that suppose to be better that having one from the area due to conflicts of interest- is nothing short of a half baked ass, proven by the mere fact that the retired judge (Steve Daniel) from Rutherford County cut the bail in half to just $75,000.

Logan's story takes an strange turn when one begins looking a bit deeper into his past.
Action 5 News- n 2000, Logan's 9-year-old son died in a fire that was deliberately set at a Southeast Memphis home.

The child's 16-year-old stepsister reported being raped by an intruder the day Brandon Logan died while trapped in his burning bedroom.

No one has ever been arrested or charged in the rape and fire case that happened in 2000.

In fact, police tell's Action News 5 that it is an open and active investigation. And for that reason they can't tell us whether Logan was or was not somehow involved.

Allegations that he raped an 8-year-old just surfaced last week. With his bond now cut in half, Logan could be set free soon.

Defense Attorney Leslie Ballin says Logan's friends are working to raise enough money to bail him out.

While there is no direct evidence that Logan was involved in that case, Eyewitness News reports that there is a possibility of more charges being filed against him, although it doesn't really expand any further on what those charges may involve. MyFox Memphis does a little better job explaining, as they were able to talk with a woman who alledges that at least one other child has come forward with accusations that Logan molested and raped her.

After today’s bail hearing one woman expressed outrage. She claims she knows of another girl who was allegedly victimized. Concerning the original eight-year old and this second alleged victim she told FOX13:
" They’ve been molested and raped, and I’ll be damned if I’m going to let this man and this woman get away with what they did to these kids…I can’t believe they would let this pervert out”

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Tuesday, January 16, 2007

True Crime Blog

** Sticky Post***

Those of you here looking for the True Crime Blog, which broke incredible news on the Devlin case, and has been mentioned in all the major news reports....

You're at the wrong place. Steve Huff's "True Crime Blog" can be found here. The post you are most likely searching for is -Ben Ownby, Shawn Hornbeck Found Alive! Be sure to scroll down for updates.

Saturday, January 13, 2007

Andrew James

Just what in bloody hell is this??

When Andrew James walked out of court Monday after pleading guilty to sexually assaulting a 4-year-old boy, there was nothing preventing him from having contact with his victim or any other child.

Now, before you jump to the conclusion that his being in jail will assist in preventing him from contact with the victim or other children, I should tell you that it won't... because this little bastard isn't getting any jail time.
James pleaded guilty in Bennington District Court on Monday to a felony charge of aggravated sexual assault on a victim less than 10 years old. The 4-year-old victim, now 5, told police the assaults had taken place on at least 10 different occasions.

Costello said he agreed to the plea bargain to spare the victim the ordeal of a trial, and because the victim's age would have made it difficult for him to testify.

Bennington District Court Judge David Howard sentenced James to 30 months to five years in jail, but suspended all of the jail time. Instead, Howard ordered James to comply with three conditions: successfully complete sex offender therapy; refrain from criminal behavior; and pay a standard $22 court surcharge.

The maximum penalty for the crime to which James pleaded guilty is life in prison and a $50,000 fine.

Soooo, pretty much this pervert got to have his way with a four year old, pimped out by the state for $22 bucks. Real freaking nice.
I've said it before with the Cashman/Kimbal/Hulett case- when Cashman sentenced the child rapist to sixty days- the state slogan should be Vermont- The Sex Offender Friendly State. How can we honestly tell our children that justice will prevail, that crime doesn't pay, that bad people are punished when they do wrong- when Vermont would rather let these predators roam free.
Hey Vermont- here's a new idea for you: LOCK YOUR DAMN SEXUAL PREDATORS UP! It might even end up saving a few more children from being victims of these deviants.

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John Patrick Violette

John Patrick Violette had been left alone with his only child, a four year old daughter named Caitlyn. A neighbor recalled being uneasy when she saw John speeding to the house around lunch time on Friday, apparently with signs that he was under emotional distress.

Neighbor B.J. Woodall had an uneasy feeling around lunchtime Friday when she saw John Violette speeding into the neighborhood in his stationwagon.

"His face was cringing; he looked like he was disturbed about something," said Woodall, who stood in the yard talking to another neighbor as Violette zoomed by. Woodall said Violette was talking angrily into his cell phone as he raced up to the home's front stoop.

But there was no way that she could possibly know what laid ahead for John's family.
Amber Violette arrived at her Clayton home late Friday afternoon to find that her 4-year-old daughter had been killed, the child's head severed from her body, according to emergency dispatchers.

A immediate search for John started, and by the early hours of the morning, police were able to track him down, and arrest him.

John Violette had driven to Raleigh-Durham International Airport in a 1991 Buick stationwagon and taken a flight to Washington, although Clayton Police Sgt. S.P. Lapsley said this morning that nothing had led law enforcement authorities to believe he had any contacts in Washington.

"It was basically a follow-the-money-type thing ... through his credit cards," Lapsley said. "We tracked him to the hotel room that he had taken with his credit cards."

A statewide bulletin with a description of the vehicle had gone out, and RDU police notified Clayton officers at about 1 a.m. that the car was found.

Lapsley added that the warrants for Violette's arrest were handed down between 2 a.m. and 3 a.m., and "we were pretty much already on his trail by then."

D.C. police said Violette was awaiting an extradition hearing. Lapsley said Clayton police hoped he would appear in court Monday for an extradition hearing and be back in North Carolina by the middle of the week.

I don't know what would possess someone to kill their child at all, let alone in such a dramatic and horrid way, I can only say that there is no punishment that will ever make up for what has been done.

Clayton child found decapitated
4-year-old's father taken into custody

In lieu of flowers, the family asked that contributions be made to the church for a new playground to be dedicated in Katlin's memory.
Colonial Baptist Church
6051 Tryon Road
Cary, NC 27518
(919) 233-9100


Friday, January 12, 2007

Shawn & Ben

(photo AP)
I was eating supper, with the news on but volume turned down when a familar face flashed upon the TV- Shawn Hornbeck

Many will recall the speculation about the 4 year old disappearnce of 11 year old Shawn Hornbeck, who was last seen riding his bicycle in a rural area in Richwoods, Missouri on October 6, 2002.

From CBS:

CIRCUMSTANCES: Shawn Hornbeck left his home in Richwoods, Missouri at approximately 1 pm on October 6, 2002 to ride his bicycle to a friend?s house, with the understanding that he would return home by 5 pm. He never arrived at the friend?s home, and didn?t return home. Hornbeck was last seen riding his bicycle approximately ? mile from his home at about 4:30 pm.

REMARKS: Shawn Hornbeck was last seen wearing an orange Astros t-shirt (from his little league baseball team), blue jeans and Nike athletic shoes. His left ear is pierced.

The news tonight brought a rare and wonderful end to not only Shawn's disappearence, but also Ben Ownby's.

William (Ben) Ownby, who goes by Ben, disappeared after he stepped off his school bus on Monday. The straight-A student and Boy Scout was last seen running the few hundred feet down a gravel road to his home.

A friend who left the bus with the boy told authorities that after the two parted, he saw a small white pickup with a camper shell speeding away from where Ben had been walking.

Toelke said the break in the case came Thursday night. Kirkwood city police officers were serving a warrant on an apartment complex when they noticed a white truck matching the description of a vehicle authorities had been searching for in the Ownby investigation.

Kirkwood officers contacted the Franklin County Sheriff's Department and determined where the owner of the truck was. Authorities then searched Devlin's house and found both boys.
Information is still slowing pouring out, so not all the details of the rescue are available yet- nor information pertaining to this monster who has caused so much pain. Thankfully however, Crime Blogger Steve Huff has done a wonderful (and FAST) job of writing up an incredible post on both the kidnappings and the rescue of these boys.

**This will be a continuely updated entry as more information comes in.

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Author Harry MacLean on writing "In Broad Daylight"

Imagine a murder so brazen that it was committed in plain few of dozens of witnesses, and a victim so disliked no one would tell what they saw. Now imagine that you were so intrigued by this murder that you felt inspired to write the book on it.

True Crime author Harry MacLean made a name for himself when he wrote about the murder of Ken McElroy, which captivated news outlets around the world due to the circumstances behind the murder and the silence of those who witnessed it.

I'm honored to be able to share with you a guest post by Harry, in which he proves that everyone has a story- you just have to be willing to wait to hear it sometimes.

In Broad Daylight—Getting The Story

Ken McElroy was shot to death on the main street of Skidmore, Missouri, on the morning of July 10, 1981. He was sitting in his pickup, his wife at his side, when two gunmen across the street opened fire. Forty-five men witnessed the killing. After three grand jury investigations—including a federal probe in Kansas City—no indictments were issued. Twenty-five years later, still no one has been charged. McElroy was the “town bully,” who had terrorized all of northwest Missouri for twenty-five years. The consensus in the community was that since the law couldn’t handle McElroy, there was little choice but to take care of it themselves.

The story of Ken McElroy’s reign of terror, his killing, and the aftermath of silence was the subject of my first book, In Broad Daylight. (The book won an Edgar Award and was made into a movie.) I am often asked how I managed to get the story, to convince the townspeople to open up, when there were killers still in their midst and the locals were so determined not to give them up. After all, Rolling Stone and Playboy did stories, and they were for the most part shallow, sensationalist pieces. Sixty Minutes got on it early, but the story was not in depth. Another book was written, and it was so bad that it passed largely unnoticed. The people didn’t trust outsiders, and I was an outsider.

One thing that helped was that I was from a small town in north central Nebraska, and I mentioned that whenever I got a chance. Another was that I assured the locals that I wasn’t out to solve the crime; I had no intention of naming the killers in the book. Which was true; the first time around I really wasn’t that interested in establishing the identity of the killers. In fact, there never seemed much debate as to who was on the guns. From the day I arrived, I heard the same two or three names.
A key thing was the amount of time I spent in the town. Most media types blew in, dug around for a week or two, and then split for New Jersey or LA, or wherever they were from. I was there off and on for five years. People got used to seeing me around. It’s hard to shut the door in someone’s face when you’ve talked weather or bean prices with him at the coffee shop or sang hymns next to him in church. The people began to take me seriously.

I also had a lot of conversations with the locals in which McElroy’s name never came up. If I were at a tractor pull or a bake sale, I would get into the flow of the event and never mention the killing. Sometimes the locals were the first to mention it. At a dog show at a small town east of Skidmore, a fellow came up to me and whispered that over by the edge of the water was McElroy’s wife’s father, whom I had never met. Others became interested in the book and provided what assistance they could, albeit often scrumptiously.

The real break came, however, when I was adopted by the Goslees, a successful and highly respected local farm family. A common technique of anthropologists studying foreign cultures is to try to connect with one of the leaders of the community. If the chief, or one of the deputies, accepted you, others were suddenly a lot more willing to talk to you. There were four Goslee sons in the area, and they all had separate groups of friends, and they all introduced me to them with a stamp of approval. By the way, I did a lot of work in the bars; booze does loosen people’s tongue. The only problem was, I had to get loaded right along with them. Try typing up your notes at 2 a.m., after a long night of beer and shots at the local tavern.

By the time I left, I felt more a member of the community of Skidmore than I did my own town of Denver. I go back often to see friends and acquaintances. If there was one lesson I learned, and would pass on, it’s that most people don’t like being rude to others. It was up to me to find a way that allowed them to be nice to me. By the time I left that little town I was selling tickets to the Mother’s Day bizarre and judging dance contests at the annual Punkin’ Show. It was a long way from when from when I first showed up and doors were slammed in my face and curses muttered behind my back.

I listened and took notes and came back a month later and asked more questions, and came back six months later and asked more questions. Patience and persistence were the key. That and the realization that nobody in this world believes that they’re listened to enough. People know when you’re really listening to them, and I listened.

Harry MacLean's book, In Broad Daylight has been re-released as a 25th Anniversary Edition, and is available for purchase through his website- In Broad Daylight.

Joseph Kupchik

James Renner, author of Amy: My Search for Her Killer, has been working on another Cleveland Ohio case that remains yet unsolved. The 2006 murder of a young man by the name of Joe Kupchic shines light on every parents fear- having to fight to find the murderer of a child.

The story about the death of the young man who appeared to have so much going for him weighs heavy on the heart- and only grows worse when you read the struggle the family went through to ensure that his murder wasn't mistakenly labeled a suicide.

The Murder of Joseph Kupchik
A Free Times Investigation Rewrites the Strangest Death of 2006

Officer James Foley arrived at the scene first and searched the garage. On the top floor, he found a Honda Civic with its driver's side door open, the keys dangling from the ignition, the engine turned off. The driver's seat was bloody, and a rolled-up white shirt covered in blood lay between the seat and the door, beside a bloody leather jacket. A pair of shoes rested on the floor under the steering wheel. A trail of blood snaked from the door to the railing. A 6-inch fillet knife lay on the snowy cement a few feet from the car. Written on a piece of paper on the dash was Joseph Kupchik's name and home address. George later recognized the handwriting as his son's.

I encourage you to take a moment to click over and read Renner's latest piece, and perhaps help this family in their search for justice.

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True Crime Notes

I've been a little late at posting this, but here you go:

Home Sweet Home
kindly hosted this weeks carnival of the true crime blogs, so if you want a peek at some of the most talked about cases this week- head on over to the carnival.

Also, the True Crime Blogroll blog has completed yet another interview- this time with Trench of MyCrimeSpace, News of Doom and Trenchcoat Chronicles. If you've ever wondered about the man in the long coat- click over to read this interesting question and answer piece.

The crime bloggers who have volunteered to run the True Crime Blogroll blog for the group not only handle the crime blogger interviews- but they also have the task of posting information on Crime Bloggers in the News. Whether it's a mention in newspaper, or a press release on a new book- they are sure to have the information for you. This week, they have shared information from one of our Authors- whose book was recently published.

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Where's Ben?


A white pick up, banged up with missing hubcaps and a matching cab on the back seems to be the only clue surrounding the disappearance of 13 year old William " Ben" Ownby. As the FBI has begun to investigate, and a profiler has been called into to present possible leads to what steps investigators might consider taking; Ben's father issued a heartfelt plea to whoever is responsible for his disappearance:

During a news conference held Thursday afternoon, Ben's father, Don Ownby, issued a plea to anyone who thinks or suspects they know something to come forward.

"It could be something to break this thing open for us," said Ownby.

Ownby said his son wants to go to college for computer programming and has already taken his first ACT test. He said Ben's the "perfect student and the perfect son.
"He has his whole life ahead of him ... let his family have him back."

For the latest news:

Profile of abductor will take time in case of missing boy, sheriff says Open this result in new window
The Springfield News-Leader - Jan 12 8:59 AM
Beaufort — Investigators think a stranger abducted 13-year-old Ben Ownby, but drawing a psychological profile of the kidnapper will take "quite some time," Franklin County Sheriff Gary Toelke said this morning. The strongest clue police have is a white pickup truck seen speeding from the scene of Ben's disappearance Monday afternoon. Toelke said time is a growing concern, as is approaching bad ...

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Thursday, January 11, 2007

PC Pandora

*This is an unpaid product review*

One of the most popular questions I receive is about internet safety. As many of you are well aware, I am a strong advocate for cautiously monitoring your children's online activities. There are far to many predators out there, and far to many ways for the internet to be used as a doorway into your home by them to not keep a close eye on the activities of your children.

I try to keep an eye out on the different programs available, because I know that having the best protection available is extremely important. Recently, I was given the chance to test out a newer product now on the market, and I must say that I found myself rather impressed by the features it offers, and the quality of the program overall.

PC Pandora is described by it's makes as:

PC Pandora is your very own personal PC and Internet detective that hides on your hard drive and monitors all computer and Internet activity.

This program will allow you to record and take snapshots of the websites visited, emails sent and received, Instant Messages sent and received, Chat room conversions and other computer and Internet activity that is done on your PC.

This software can also be used as a keylogger that will allow you to record secret passwords that someone may want to keep hidden from you. Once you know the passwords you will be able to enter any site that someone tries to keep hidden from you, or login to secret Hotmail, YAHOO, AOL or other web based email accounts.

After testing it out, and using it in real life situations, I can honestly tell you that I give it a high recommendation as a tool in ensuring your children's online protection.

PC Pandora is simple to use, it has adjustable options which allow you to customize the features to what suits your needs best.

The most common feature on any simular software is the ablity to record keystrokes. This includes typing of passwords, ID's- giving you the ability to go back and access accounts that you otherwise may not be able to view- and I honestly believe that it is a feature that could play an important part in providing information if ever you needed to access these accounts for security reasons.

One of the options, which I favored were the ability of the program to perform screen captures at intervals that you can adjust, letting you preview everything your child is seeing on the screen. Whether they are reading a blog, chatting on an IM, or watching a webcam- you will have a saved image of it. I found this feature most important, because not only do we need the ability to know who our children are talking to- having the ability to see what they may be viewing on webcams, or messages that they may be receiving from potentially risky people, is essential when it comes to ensuring online safety. The screen captures can be seen by thumbnail, or in full screen mode- and you have the ability to save them as files on your computer, for later reference.

PC Pandora gives you the ability to monitor instant messages, emails, websites that your children may be visiting, and other programs that may be used. For those that have different Windows logons for different computer users in their home- PC Pandora even provides the option of only monitors certain Windows User Accounts.

One of the problems that I did incur while using the program was that it appeared to slightly slow down the loading of some programs. While I am more than use to Internet Explore 7 being relatively slowing in opening a new browser page, I was a little surprised to find that both Flock and Firefox also seemed a little delayed, and I encountered a slightly increased number of error signs telling me that a program had stopped responding while still in the process of opening. I did not count this as a huge issue, and I doubt that it will have any serious effect on your use of your computer.

A feature that I wish was available is the ability to monitor audio, especially in IM's and chat rooms.

For those seriously interested in not only watching, but also logging online and offline activities preformed on their computer- I would have to say that I would recommend this program. I believe that it's easy to use format, and the amount and quality of features it offers makes it a most valuable tool for all parents.

Now, I did want to share with you the simple fact that this program can be used for more than just monitoring your children. Recently, I had been working on a case where the accused had published files to the web, I had viewed them, but had not had the chance to do my usual screen capture of what was written, nor had I lifted the HTML. I had wrongly believed that I could go back later and access those files, only when I went back- the site was shut down. There was no cache of the pages yet, because of them having been online for such a short amount of time, and I thought that I had completely lost all chances of getting the information that I needed. When I realised the following day, after being quite disturbed by this situation, that I would be able to log into PC Pandora on my computer, and possible have screen captures from the site- I was relieved... and even more so when I was able to find the desired pages in jpeg form, and save them for later access.

When first asked to review PC Pandora, I was skeptical of doing so, as I didn't know if it would live up to what I felt it should, and even more because I realised that if I recommend this- I'd be putting my reputation, and your children's safety at risk. Weighing those two concerns, I knew that the program would have to be able to stand up to some high standards... and I really believe that it does.

So, if you are looking for an application to assist you in protecting your children online, I happily suggest that you look into PC Pandora. And, if you decide it's something that you would like to invest in and use- please let me know. I'd love to hear your thoughts on it, and perhaps share a few readers reviews with others.

*This has been an unpaid product review*
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Last Chance to Nominate for the Bloggies

I know I've mentioned it before, but since today is the last chance- I'm bringing it up again:

What You Need to Know

* A "weblog" is defined as a page with dated entries.
* The contest is open to any weblogs that existed for a period of time during the year 2006, so weblogs that were discontinued during 2006 are also eligible.
* Only one nomination form and one finalist voting form may be submitted per person.
* E-mail addresses are required to vote. You must use your own address and confirm the validation e-mail.
* If you attempt to submit a second ballot, your first one will be replaced.
* In the nomination phase:
o URLs are required.
o The maximum number of weblogs you may nominate for a category is three (3) for most categories and four (4) for Weblog of the Year.
o At least three (3) different weblogs total must be nominated.
o There is no limit to the number of categories a weblog may be nominated for.
o Nominees have to fit the category they are placed in.

From now until 10:00 PM Eastern Standard Time (GMT-5) on Thursday, January 11, 2007, anyone can nominate their favorite weblogs.

Crime bloggers have generally been forgotten about on this event, not due to a lack of talent, or readers, but due to a greater number of non crime bloggers. So, I'm asking that you all take a short moment to go over and show support for your favorite crime blogger.

Here's a list to make it easier for you:

1947 project
Blogging the Unsolved
Crime in Charlotte
Crime Rant New Blog
Crime Scene Blog Group Blog
Criminal Conduct
Dreamin' Demon
From Whispers to Roars
Home Sweet Home New Blog
HOTT-Hot On The Trail
Huff's Crime Blog
Lost In Lima Ohio
Malefactor's Register
Missing & Abducted Blog
My Life of Crime
News of Doom
On Crime
Parents Behaving Badly
Randomized Drivel
Ricky Holland Vanished
Serial Box
slabtown chronicle
T.O. Crime- Canadian Blogger
The Cellar
The Missing & Murdered Children
The Year 'Round
TheTrenchcoat Chronicles Lifetime Achievement
Trench's Crime News
True Crime Blogroll

I've marked some that qualify for a special category, although all fit into the "best kept secret" "best american" "best writing" "best topical" categories !
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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Dyer, the lost pages

Every once in a while, I find myself covering a story that gets bigger than what I imagined it would be. Not so much because of the horrible crime committed- but basically due to the incredible lack of human decency committed by the person (sometimes persons) involved.

I find the entire Nancy Dyer story to be sort of like the fruit cake your aunt Betty gives out at Christmas- no matter how hard you try, you can't get rid of it. You feel guilty if you pass it up for another dessert... and yet you don't have the courage to just accept the fact that it's there- and someone has to deal with it.

I have repeatedly read the forums going on at the Indy Star covering this sad cause of unbelievable neglect on Dyers part- and of course I've traced through her online activities and honestly folks- I get the disgusted feeling that this is a Jerry Springer story gone bad.

However, it's a story, and clearly it's one of extreme interest- not just because of the behavior of the adults, but because this case involves a number of children who will have to survive this. There are five children, and one on the way; that desperately need a chance at a stable life filled with people who are willing to put the children's lives first. And because there is such an extreme interest in this case, it seems completely fitting to point you all over to a new blog- filled with pdf's that follow Nancy's online path- past just the MySpace account, and her attempts to defend herself. Although I have participated in sharing some of the information found there- there is a ton of information that the writer has painfully dug up, and painstakingly published in a more easily accessible format. Without further ado- I urge you to take a look at Antimidas' Blog, as he has been more than willing to accept Aunt Betty's fruit cake.

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LaShuan Harris

The woman who tossed her children off of a bridge in San Fransico Bay was acquitted of murder in the deaths of the three children.

Story Highlights
• LaShuan Harris convicted of assault
• Boys, ages 6, 2 and 16 months, died in San Francisco Bay
• Lawyer: Harris thought she was sending her children to heaven
• Jury still considering second-degree murder, manslaughter charges

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Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Serial Child Rapist

Phoenix police believe they have a serial child rapist on the loose, with four attacks on young girls that all seem to lead to the same unknown predator.

Detectives said Thursday that four young girls who live in the southwest part of town may have been attacked or nearly attacked by the same man.

Officials say similarities in these cases make them believe the attacks could be linked.

The attacks have all happened during the night, while the children were in their homes- leading police to believe that the rapist is casing homes seeking victims before attacking.

The first attack happened in June near the 1600 block of 27th Street. A 5-year-old was the victim.

In August, police say a man attacked a 3-year-old near Buckeye Road and Third Avenue.

Then in November, a 5-year-old living near Buckeye Road and 20th Avenue was kidnapped and sexually assaulted.

Police say the last attack happened in late December. A 13-year-old who lives near Eighth Avenue and West Alta Vista Road was sexually assaulted.

For more information, please read the entire story.
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William Ownby (Ben)


A 13 year old boy in Missouri is currently missing, and feared kidnapped. Please kep your eyes open:

Ben was feared abducted Monday after getting off a school bus near his rural eastern Missouri home. He was last seen around 4:15 p.m. Monday near Missouri Route 50 in Beaufort, an unincorporated town about 60 miles southwest of St. Louis.

An Amber alert was issued Tuesday as the Franklin County Sheriff's Department, the Missouri State Highway Patrol and the FBI were joined by dozens of volunteers in the search.

Ben and a friend got off the bus after attending middle school in nearby Union, then separated. Ben's friend told authorities he looked back minutes later to see a white pickup truck with a camper shell in an apparent hurry, backing into a ditch briefly before speeding away.

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Someone wise once said that once something is on the internet- it's always there. Which, actually is only about half true. Once something is out there- it can be removed, and be gone forever... as long as someone doesn't find it and copy it.

As mentioned in other posts on Nancy, Dyer put up a webpage telling her story recently. Clearly, it didn't get the sort of reaction she was seeking- so she removed it. I had ment to get a copy of it, but figured that I had time- so I put it off to do more important things. When I went back to "Nancy's Story"- AUGH it was gone.

I've been kicking myself in the butt all day. And then I remembered my secret weapon, and so with a little copy/paste/save 'ing on my part- I have the entire story, except the last few line. Which the lines were really nothing more than her defending herself even more, so it's not like we need them- by the time you read the rest of it- you'll pretty much have her point. The file is a jpeg- and it's a LARGE file, because Nancy had a lot of "oh poor me" ranting to do. Click here for Nancy's Story jpeg. You may have to click it to enlarge it.

((Update: thanks to Lisa, we now have the page in HTML form which is here)

Also, for those who missed Nancy's Myspace before it went private- I've got an html mirrored page available. Just remember it's a cache, and so some links may not work.
Click here for Nancy's Myspace Profile, Cache

And here is the latest new:

State takes custody of boy found on I-465; mom vows to fight Open this result in new window
The Indianapolis Star - Jan 09 12:51 AM
Too frail to properly care for young children, the grandparents of the boy found wandering on I-465 handed him and his sister over to Child Protective Services on Monday.

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Monday, January 08, 2007

A sad note...

Today marked an important day in the case of Jessica Lunsford's killer- John Evander Couey. Couey was in court asking that statements he made during an investigation into another child murder be thrown out.

A judge ruled Monday that statements allegedly made to detectives by the man accused of kidnapping, raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford will not be allowed at his trial.

Circuit Judge Ric Howard said Orlando police detectives should not have been allowed to question John Evander Couey about a 1985 murder case because he had already told Citrus County authorities he wanted a lawyer.

A taped confession to Jessica’s slaying was thrown out in June for the same reason.

Read full story at MSNBC

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Someone Call Jerry Springer

First, it was "I'm signing the kids over to my father- because they can take care of them better than I". I was in agreement with that comment... decided that I'd put off blogging it until tonight. Then, just hours later- SHE'S KEEPING THE KIDS!

Come on people, did one of you slip up and tell her that she wouldn't get as many state handouts if she gave up the kids?

Neglectful Indiana Mother Relinquishes Parenting Rights Open this result in new window
News 25 Evansville - Jan 08 5:12 AM
INDIANAPOLIS - The mother whose child was found wandering on an interstate said she will give up the rights to her kids. Nancy Dyer's three-year-old son was found walking on Interstate 465 near Indianapolis.

Mother Of Toddler Found Along Highway Wants To Keep Two Children Open this result in new window
22 WSBT South Bend - Jan 08 12:52 PM
(AP) The mother of a 3-year-old boy found wandering on a busy Indianapolis highway told a judge Monday that she wants to keep her two children. The decision by Nancy Dyer means the youngsters will be removed from relatives’ care and placed in a foster home.

How does that happen? She just considered doing what is most likely the only nice thing she's ever thought up on behalf of those kids- and now she's gone and changed her mind about it.

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Sunday, January 07, 2007

Hurry Time is Running Out

As I mentioned yesterday, the nominations for the bloggies have started. Please take a comment and go cast your nominations for your favorite crime bloggers....

For those who need a reminder list of some of the best crime bloggers:

Blogging the Unsolved
Crime Rant
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Home Sweet Home
HOTT-Hot On The Trail
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Lost In Lima Ohio
Malefactor's Register
Missing & Abducted Blog
My Life of Crime
News of Doom
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Ricky Holland Vanished
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slabtown chronicle
T.O. Crime
The Cellar
The Missing & Murdered Children
The Year 'Round
TheTrenchcoat Chronicles
Trench's Crime News
True Crime Blogroll
True Crime Blogroll on MySpace
True Crime Blogs Group
TTLB Community Page

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Robert Fontanez Jr

There were suggestions of sexual abuse, hints pointing out an older neighbor as the accused, a father torn apart by anger- and the eventual death of the suggested child molester- but it isn't the case of Jonathon Edington. Rather it's the case of Robert Fontanez Jr and one that many might suggest Edington's lawyers pay particular attention to as they present their defense.

Edington as many will recall is the lawyer who found himself on the receiving end of a phone call that lead him to believe that his neighbor has sexually molested his young daughter.

Fontanzez also found himself in Edington's situation- with claims by his daughter that a 77-year-old neighbor (Bismark Vasquez) had molested her.

SOURCE- In April, an infuriated Fontanez punched Vasquez so hard that Vasquez went through the back door of his home. Fontanez punched him several more times as he lay bleeding on the concrete outside, police said.

plead guilty to the charges, and the court found that while he did indeed commit the crime, “The circumstances surrounding this crime were taken into consideration by the state”. He faced a maximum of 5 years in jail, however he was sentenced to just nine months.

One would think that Edington's best shot would be to follow in Fontanzez footsteps and attempt to gain the sympathy of the court- a move his defense team likely would be contemplating. In Sept, fellow crime blogger Stephen ofCrimeSceneBlog looked into the possible defense routine that Edington's lawyers might be considering, and it's well worth reading.

One possible flaw to Edington's defense that wasn’t present in Fontanzez’s case is the unreliability of the "molestation motive". Both cases of molestation have a lack of any physical evidence, both rely on the testimony of very young children- however LE have leaned towards the notion that factors in Fontanzez's case provide a reasonable belief that the molestation did occur- as the child's testimony has remained the same from the time she informed family to being questioned by investigators. Edington's defense hasn't been as strong- as law enforcement has already shown significant doubt that the allegations of sexual abuse are true, as previosly pointed out by Parent's Behaving Badly.

Saturday, January 06, 2007

Honk for Stupidity

I didn't have any idea when I woke up this morning that today was going to be a prime example of one of those days I just wished that other people hadn't gotten out of bed.

I'm reading the blogs, and reading the news, when I clicked over to a link entitled "Mother of tot found on I-465 is free on bail." I just kept thinking how amazed I was that yet another tot was found on that highway- cause God knows that it couldn't be "our" Nancy free on bail. No, it had to be someone else. I mean, really how the hell would a "contemplating being a whore, can't get off the computer long enough to find a worthwhile job, sleeping while her kid plays Frogger on 1-465, doesn't take care of the FIVE kids she's got so she gets knocked up again" woman come up with bail?

Well friends, let me tell you how she got bail. A child advocate financed it. I know, I know. Sort of strange huh?

The mother of the 3-year-old found wandering I-465 last weekend was freed from jail after a member of a child advocacy group paid her bail. A member of Honk for Kids paid $350 for the $3,500 bond, and Nancy Dyer was freed late Thursday, Marion County court records show."Right is right and wrong is wrong, and everyone deserves a fair chance," said Rita Staton, a member of the advocacy group.

"Honk for Kids recognizes the need for an unbiased investigation to ascertain the truth and to (ensure) civil liberties of parents and families are secured," Robertson said. "We will be closely following this case on an ongoing basis to ensure that this matter is handled in a just and proper manner."Robertson said Honk for Kids is considering assisting in Dyer's legal defense but has not yet made a final decision.Dyer is facing four felony counts of child neglect after prosecutors say motorists rescued her 3-year-old son, Damon as he ran on the interstate Dec. 30. Police later found her 2-year-old daughter, Gabrielle eating out of the trash in a dirty apartment, prosecutors say.

I now see, that just as some people should never be parents- some people should never be allowed to call themselves "child advocates".

The conditions these children were forced to live in were unfitting for animals- let alone toddlers. Pehaps Rita Staton should turn in her child advocate stickers and start a new foundation- "Honk for Stupidity, supporting those who neglect their children."

Rita- if you're out there, I beg of you to take two minutes and think about these children- the five now living, and the one on the way. I would implore you to consider what is best for them, what will benefit them, and what will ensure that they have a chance to grow up in a clean, safe and healthy environment. It's not to late to take your head out of your ass and put a child first.

More News -
Rita Staton, a member of Honk for Kids, said she paid the bail because she was furious about comments attributed to Marion County Prosecutor Carl Brizzi in The Indianapolis Star regarding the case. She said she made the payment on her own, and that it wasn't connected with the advocacy group.

And, from a few days back, at reduction for bail hearing:
"The little girl was found eating Spaghettios out of a garbage bag that had been placed there the night before, according to the mom," Marchal said.

Dyer told the judge that she moved to Indianapolis from Florida last month to be near family because she was in debt.

Dyer said that she gets inheritance money from a trust fund, but was looking for work. Dyer said in court that she couldn't get a job until she found childcare because she couldn't leave her children unattended.

The judge denied a request to reduce Dyer's $3,500 bond. The children are in protective custody, and Dyer is not allowed to have contact with them.

Nancy Dyer has released a statement here, and seems to be defending herself under a screen name of "the devil herself" at the Indy Star (you'll have to click on "read all comments" at the bottom of the story**).

(by the way- one of her comments includes the information that at 19 she gave up her son (who's now 15) to her father, she does this to "defend" the fact that she had 5 kids- three who apparently haven't lived with her for some time- that she doesn't take care of. To explain her son's adoption by her father- she simply states that the child requested it.

People, that's a sign. If your 4 year old can see what a miserable parent you are, to the degree that they want to live FOREVER with someone other than you- it's time to stop breeding.)

**If you don't want to go through over 300 comments looking for them, I've copied and pasted JUST her comments into a txt file here. If I've missed any, or you have some new ones- let me know.

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The Bloggies

Since I mentioned in my last post that there was a Halo Award going on (voting started today, so please check that post out for details).. I felt it important to inform readers that there is also another awards thing going on.

The Bloggies- WebLog Awards for 2007- have started accepting nominations. And, I'm just going to be honest with you- a crime blogger has never won. It's not a huge surprise- because even now crime bloggers are a relatively unknown group around the blogosphere. But, I'd like to change that this year- by challenging you all to nominate (and then vote for) your favorite crime bloggers.

Below are my own personal nominations, and hopefully we'll soon have a list of unofficial nominations supported by the entire group of crime bloggers. Please take a moment and head over to the bloggies to support these talented writers- who have spent the last year (or longer) dedicated to shedding light on the world of crime.

Best Canadian Weblog: T.O. Crime

Best American Weblog: CLEWS

Best Topical Weblog: Any of the crime bloggers

Best Writing of a Weblog: Crime Scene Blog

Best Group Weblog:

Best Community Weblog:

Best-Designed Weblog: any of the crime bloggers

Best-Kept Secret Weblog: any of the crime bloggers

Best New Weblog: Crime Rant , MyCrimeSpace (new in 2006)
Lifetime Achievement: TheTrenchcoat Chronicles (blogging since 2000)

Weblog of the Year: every single one of the crime bloggers

Please remember that while these are my personal choices- you are free to nominate any blogs you feel deserving.

For more information, and to make your nominations- please visit the 2007 bloggies. And then once you turn in your nominations: Check back on Monday, January 22 to vote for the winners!

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