The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, September 30, 2006

Drawing the line...

At what point do we draw the line? When is it that we stand up and say enough is enough?

Is a tattoo on the forehead of the man that molested and killed a 10 year old girl actually acceptable, or does it cross the line? I'm not asking if you understand the desire to have revenge... I'm just wondering if you agree with it. If you're okay with that... then how far are you willing to bend the justice system to okay the avenging of a loved one?

Like I said, I understand it, and it's hard to condemn it, but you MUST. Because like it or not, our laws do not make exceptions just because the other person committed a crime first. It doesn't stand back and ask which crime was worse. You see, if we don't, then we become no better than the criminals we are locking up every day.

You see, despite our desire to have the criminals feel a small portion of the pain they inflicted, we have to be better than them. We have to put justice into the hands of the law.

It's easy to understand how it's possible for a family member of an abused child can become enraged, can become overwhelmed by anger over what has happened. We all understand that. But the line that divides the criminals from the rest of us, is the ability to follow the law.

Aaron Malinowski, 23, allegedly broke the law. He is accused and charged with raping a young girl.

Police Chief Joseph Waldron said that rape happened back in March, but the victim just came forward.

"The victim was babysitting at the time. And this subject is not known to her, and they are not acquaintances in anyway," said Mechanicville Police Chief Joseph Waldron.

A Mechanicville man has been charged with raping a young girl, and a member of the alleged victim's family is now facing charges that he hired someone to kill the suspect. Our Curtis Schick has the details.

Police aren't disclosing why or where in Mechanicville the girl and Malinowski came in contact. Malinowski does live in the city, on North 3rd Avenue. Police said the victim's mom reported the crime a week and half ago.

"The victim who was naturally very scared, and was afraid to come forward," said Waldron.

While this crime is heinous, and we understand the pain and anger victims family must be going through at this time, what happened next is also criminal.
"Mr. Malinowski was also a target of a murder-for-hire. The young girl's relative tried to hire someone to kill Mr. Malinowski," said Saratoga County District Attorney James Murphy.

Kelsey Karp, 38, of Greenwich has been charged with conspiracy and Criminal Solicitation in the plot. State police arrested him in Washington County on Thursday, and he is being held in the County Jail on $2 million bond.

When a child is victimized, well there really is no way to express the pain and the emotions that they go through. And those that love them, are effected by the crime too.

However, stop to think for a moment- that child is already needing the full support of those around her. The guilt and pain that they feel is already more than most adults could handle, add into it the fact that she will now have to deal with knowing that a relative has been arrested because of this- and it's likely to add to that. What good does it do for her to have them locked away, when the most important place that he actually needs to be is there, giving her support and comfort while she deals with what has happened.

So, I'm left to ask, at what point do we draw the line? When does revenge become a punishable crime, that we find unacceptable?
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Wegmann Guilty

For those of you that recall, a local case involving the shooting death of a 19 year old girl by her (ex) boyfriend has been going on.
Today, the jury came back with a guilty verdict.

A jury convicted Richard Wegmann of murder this morning in the death of his 19-year-old girlfriend, Linsi Light, wrapping up a six-day trial.

A jury deliberated for seven hours Friday and about an hour and a half today before returning a verdict at 10:15 a.m. The verdict means Wegmann will spend at least 18 years in prison with the possibility of the rest of his life behind bars.

Wegmann showed no emotion on his face as he heard the verdict. Judge Richard Warren asked Wegmann if he had anything to say, and he simply responded, "No."

Full story, from the Lima News, with Video.
Coverage by me

Friday, September 29, 2006

I was finished with this...

Over the last few days, I had thought that I was pretty much done with writing on a certain topic. I thought that what I wanted to say, had been said. What I needed to say, it was already out there for you to read.

Turns out, I was wrong.

When I posted that photo, my intent was nothing more than to post it. For me, it was something that I thought should be seen- but nothing that I thought would turn into this. I never thought much about being quoted by anyone other than my blogging friends, who pretty much do it because at least one of them has to once a week for our "crime blogging carnival".

But, seeing your reactions here, and at other places- I'm amazed at your thoughts on this tattoo. Your thoughts on the case in general.

For those of you who have asked, yes I am aware that two guards were fired as a result of this photo. And, I have commented that I am not in agreement with that. My choice would to be to focus on how this happened, not how this story got out. As for whether I believe the guards are in any way connected with this other than the "leak", no, I have no reason to believe so. And, as odd as it may seem to some of you, if I knew now that posting the photo would have had this outcome- I would not have done it.

My intent, and those that read here often can hopefully verify for me, is not to be quoted by the AP. My intent is to give a voice to those that often find themselves without one.

I choose to write the stories I do, because I am touched by them, because I can relate to so many of them... and to hopefully be able to make others aware of what is lurking out there. And because I want those who read the stories to also be touched by them. As a society, I believe it is our responsibility to work together against those that would harm our children- and I hope that by sharing these stories you are moved to take an effort to make a difference.

Katie's story was heartbreaking, as so many of the stories I write about are. Yet, I know that there is nothing I can say to her family, and those that love her which will help in easing their pain. However- I believe that their efforts to do something truly wonderful in her name, can be further accomplished with our help, and perhaps a small act on our part can bring them a little more healing. I'm again providing the link to Katie's Park, and requesting that those of you moved by her story who can provide assistance, and would like to, take the time to look at the site. Perhaps her park will even inspire you to create something locally that will benefit the children of your hometown.

I'm sure that this story will soon cool down, and the news will shift to a different story- as it always does. But I hope that those who have seen it, who have taken the time to read Katie's story will take it to heart, and remember her always. It's our job to make this world a better place, and we owe it to all the Katie's that we have lost do to whatever it takes to accomplish that.

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Republican Mark Foley

Here I am, attempting to watch Law and Order, knowing that I have been completely slacking in reading the news- when the man yells in from the other room "hey, did ya hear about that congressman in Florida?". Now normally, it's me yelling in about news to him, and his reply is usually "how could I since you haven't told me yet". So, the fact that he would tempt me with news is a interesting turn. I knew it had to be good.

I wasn't expecting this:

Mr Foley was the author of the key sexual predator provisions of the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act, which President Bush signed into law in July this year. But one of the e-mails he sent to a 16-year-old Congressional intern was described by the recipient as “sick sick sick”. Saying that the e-mails had “freaked me out”, he passed on his concerns to staff on Capitol Hill.

Mr. Foley is, or was, like I mentioned a Florida Congressman. I'm not really proud about the fact that he was polluting my party, but I wouldn't wish this on the other party either.

I don't know what is more shocking, that he actually had the nerve to send the emails despite his position, or that he had a role in writing one of the most important laws of our time. We tend to think that these sick perverts are safely locked away in our prisons... all the while some are actually sitting comfortably in our government offices.

"I am deeply sorry and I apologize for letting down my family and the people of Florida I have had the privilege to represent," he said in a statement issued by his office.

Deeply sorry. Ever notice that all of them are "deeply sorry" especially after they get caught?

For a more indept story on the case, I suggest you do some reading here.

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An "Exclusive" Stolen From Huff

Sometimes, there is misconception of just who bloggers are, just what it is that they do, and just how important their "work" is to them. There are bloggers who will spend 30 seconds spitting out a post, others that will spend hours and even days researching a topic in order to bring their readers the most information possible. But, no matter what style they choose, one thing is very clear- they take pride in their work, and expect to be given common courtesy from others.

Part of that courtesy included giving credit for published work. If a blogger spends days searching out, and researching a case- they deserve to be recognised for that. There seems to be this big issue with the MSM and bloggers, because after all- most of us "bloggers" are not journalist. We didn't go to some school to learn the finer points of reporting on a story, and we don't depend upon breaking news for a living. Personally, I don't think that makes what we do any less important, but not everyone sees it that way.

And while it's bad enough that some news media sources feel it's okay to blow us off, what really is even worse is when another writer believes it's okay not to just dismiss us, but to completely steal our work.

Those of you who have visited here before know about Steve Huff, or "the grandaddy of
crime blogging" as he's been called in the past. Huff is one of those bloggers that will work through the night on a story in order to go the extra mile and provide more than just the latest information on a case. A quick look at any of his posts and you know that spending hours searching online for hard to find information, things that most people would never be able to track down isn't an uncommon occurrence for him. He's good at what he does, and most likely, if it's a big crime in the news, he's got the best background information available on it. Which most likely gets under the skin of some other writers. The kind without blogs, and without hundred of regular visitors who willingly spend time attempting to find that next hot lead for their favorite crime blogger. I can only imagine that it is this jealousy that caused someone to cross the line of common courtesy and steal Steve's work.

One of Steve's most recent stories involved John "Woody" Woodring, the abusive nut case that hunted his estranged wife down in a women's shelter and murdered her. You can find Steve's enties at the following links.

What made this case so much more interesting wasn't just the fact that Woodring posted an online plea to his wife in hopes that she would return to him. Or that he had a previous record of beating women. It wasn't even so much the fact that he left little traces of himself all over the internet. What really made this case interesting was that "Woody" seemed to have a desire to be a crime writer, and well- you'll really have to check out Steve's posts in order to get the entire story.

Now, I refuse to link it, because why on earth should I give them the honor of that? But I find it most disturbing that a "major" website owned by a "major" network would not only have someone employed with them that would steal another writers work- but that the editors would actually allow this stolen "exclusive" to make it onto their site. Makes you wonder about what sort of people make up the managing fraction of the Crime Library.

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Somewhere, there's a predator out there

It seems our child stalker has been caught.

Christopher D. Weisel, 27, of Ruther Glen in Caroline County, is charged with two counts of aggravated sexual battery.

It's never a surprise when a sexual predator molests a child behind closed doors. Taking a child out of public view, in what the molester believes is a "safe" place to commit his crime without an overwhelming chance he's going to get caught, IS the norm. Those are the people we most often think of, most often fear- because we have no idea of who they are, and no idea of what they are doing.

Sadly, there is another type of predator out there. I've been doing this sort of thing for a long time, and it's been my experience that when someone is so compelled to molest a child that they will increase the stakes of getting caught by stalking a potential victim in a public place- it's more than likely that they've had past victims, more likely that they will do it again and again until they get caught- and more likely that they pose a clear danger to all children. They've lost that fear of being found out, leaving them more brazen, more apt to strike again.

The people in Fredericksburg, Va should be growing concerned- as should those in neighboring areas, because you have one of these people within your mists- walking beside you in your stores, perhaps even giving you a little smile as you pass him by.

Area police are looking for a man they say sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a Fredericksburg department store and was caught on camera in a different area store stalking another young child.

The second store was in a neighboring county, and Fredericksburg Police spokesman Jim Shelhorse declined to name either of the department stores.

In the second incident, the store video shows what police say is the same man methodically trying to catch up with a 7-year-old girl.

The city incident took place on Sept. 13. The second incident occurred after that, but Shelhorse would not say exactly when.

Presently, you've been lucky. This man is only known to have been stalking young girls, and at this time we have no reason to believe that anyone has been hurt by him. However, it's not something we should push to the back of our minds. Don't forget what he looks like, don't forget the story- because the next time we see him on tape, he might have already caught up with a child, and only he knows what he plans to do when that happens.
So, for those of you in the area, if you have seen this man, or see him in the future- pull your children close to you and call police.

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Wednesday, September 27, 2006

So, you want to see the tattoo....

Those of you looking for the Anthony Stockelman tattoo please see this post.

For those of you interested in a even better, more fascinating story, I suggest you click here instead.

I'm sure that a few minutes spent at the second link will be more worth your time.

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Karen Fletcher

It's a known fact that all sorts of people use the internet on a daily basis. In fact, the reasons behind why someone might log on are endless. And, as anyone who has ever hung around any of the crime blogs for long can tell you, there are just as many bad reasons for people to be online as there are good ones.
Karen Fletcher found one of those bad reasons, and decided to use it in order to fill her pockets. Fletcher, a 54 year old Pittsburgh women used to run a site dedicated to stories detailing the sexual abuse and physical abuse of children. She wasn't doing this in an attempt to help fight against it, rather- she was writing the stories and publishing them as "child erotica", letting visitors to her website read experts of the stories for free, while charging others for the complete "story".

SOURCE "Use of the Internet to distribute obscene stories like these not only violates federal law, but also emboldens sex offenders who would target children," U.S. Attorney Mary Beth Buchanan said Wednesday in announcing the charges against Karen Fletcher, 54.

Excerpts of her stories were available to all visitors to her Web site, while others paid to read whole stories, prosecutors said.

Fletcher was indicted by a federal grand jury Tuesday on six counts involving six stories about the kidnapping, torture, sexual molestation and murder of children 9 and under. The charges carry five years in prison each.

All I can say is, it's about damn time. Too many of us have waited too long for these sites to be found, shut down, and their owners imprisoned.

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Michael Donnell Matthews

Every so often, we get to hear a case of "he said, she said" when dealing with sexually oriented crimes. Sometimes, it's hard to tell which side is true, and which side is nothing more than a desperate attempt to explain away something without having to accept responsibility for it.
For Michael Donnell Matthews, his cries of "don't blame me" fell upon deaf ears. Of course, that may have something to do with the fact that the "she" in this case was under the age of seven, and despite Matthews' best attempts- no one was buying the whole "she came on to me" line he was selling.
Matthews didn't take the news so well:

A convicted child molester banged his head on a courtroom wall before falling to the floor this week when he was sentenced to 40 years for assaulting a young child and giving her a sexually transmitted disease.

Circuit Court Judge David Strong on Thursday sentenced Michael Donnell Matthews, 23, to 40 years in prison, ordering him to spend 30 years with no possibility of parole.

Matthews pleaded guilty to sexual battery of a child under 7 in the case involving a May 22 attack.

Shortly after Strong announced the sentence, Matthews purposely hit his head against the courtroom wall, crying that he had nothing to live for. Matthews then fell on the floor onto his back.

After his less than noteworthy display of pouting, he further attempted to sway sympathy his way by screaming out "Police brutality, police brutality."

Someone ought to sit down and have a chat with Matthews, and explain to him just was "brutality" really is. Perhaps the doctor that discovered his victim, remember- she's under seven, had contracted gonorrhea and showed signs of sexual abuse.

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Girl Kills Baby

I can hear it now, the whole "but Lilo, she LOVED that baby" crowd telling me it was an accident, and that we don't blame parents for making tragic accidents. Hopefully, they can hear me telling them that they are wrong.

SOURCE- Authorities said DeJesus spent the evening of Sept. 15 downing gin and smoking cigarettes and then returned before dawn to the shelter where she lived with the 4-month old girl, Niah. DeJesus threw up into a bucket of cleaning solution next to her bed, then passed out on the bed, clutching Niah's legs, authorities said.

When she awoke about 10 hours later, she found the baby with her head in the bucket, which contained about six inches of liquid, according to court papers.

First, parents who love their children do not attempt to care for said kids when they have spent the night tossing back gin as if it is water. Part of a parents responsibility is to ensure the safety of their children, and no one can honestly say that they can do that to the best of their ability while passed out drunk.

Second of all, what is a 18 year old doing drinking anyway? Yes, I know it is a common thing for underage kids to drink... but grow up. Take some responsibility for the life that you brought into this world- and start turning down the booze.

Drunk parents do not make good parents.

Hat Tip to Charles.


The Band Guy, and the Student

As much as I enjoy living in Lima, I often find myself scratching my head when it comes to what makes the news, and what doesn't.
For me, a school employee have a sexual relationship with a student... that's news. Not the surprising sort of news, like when a coach tapped a kid on the leg and got fired at Shawnee... but only because we've all heard the "teacher, student, sex" story line before. Still, when it happens in your home town... it's news. To me anyway.
Clearly, not everyone is concerned.
But fellow Lima Blogger, "Right Moment", who tipped me off to this- seems to be not so happy about having to share bad news about the situation at his alma mater.
I know, not much of a story yet... but I am working to find out what is going on over there in Elida... and why we aren't hearing anything from the local news sources about it.
Updates as soon as I get them.

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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Katie's Revenge

UPDATE: Charges filed against tattoo artist in Stockelman case. And for more detailed information, please see the latest news from The Republic.

Those wanting to see the photo... scroll down to the bottom of the post.

I'm updating this. And insisting that you read the update before you read anything else. Because, there is something important that I believe should be shared.
A entire family grieved over the murder of 10 year old Katie Collman. And those that loved her took their grief and used it to create something beautiful, something inspired by the love they have for her. I think it's important to share that. To remind everyone that evil doesn't always breed more evil, and that sometimes out of the most horrific pain comes the most endearing tributes.

Katie's Playground was constructed in memory of 10 year-old Katie Collman, who was abducted in the small town of Crothersville, Indiana and later found murdered. Volunteers constructed a safe, handicap-assessable and community-built play area for children to gather and enjoy.

Katie's Playground was designed by local elementary students and Katie's classmates -- with the help of Marc Leathers of Leathers and Associates, an architectural firm that specializes in playgrounds worldwide -- and was built by volunteers. Beginning with a child's imagination, our dream was to erect a playground at the local school that would be a source of ongoing community pride.- From Katie's Playground.

So, as you continue to read this story, keep in the mind the loss that was suffered, and the good that was done in Katie's name.

re·venge (rĭ-vĕnj') pronunciation
tr.v., -venged, -veng·ing, -veng·es.

1. To inflict punishment in return for (injury or insult).
2. To seek or take vengeance for (oneself or another person); avenge.


1. The act of taking vengeance for injuries or wrongs; retaliation.
2. Something done in vengeance; a retaliatory measure.
3. A desire for revenge; spite or vindictiveness.
4. An opportunity to retaliate, as by a return sports match after a defeat.

Sometimes, the pain of those we love is too much to bare. Sometimes, it seems as if there is no real justice, that nothing will ever even out the injustice done against the punishment of the convicted. And the burning feeling inside can often make us believe that it is up to us to avenge the ones we love.

Not to long ago, I told you about Anthony Stockelman. He had plead guilty to molesting and murdering a 10 year old Indiana girl.
Katlyn "Katie" Collman was found dead in a stream near Seymour Sunday. She'd been missing since Tuesday, and Thursday, nearly 48 hours after her disappearance, an Amber Alert was issued.

Between the time Katie went missing, and Stockelman plead guilty, there were a lot of bumps in the case, and every single one of them seemed to make the case even more difficult to handle. Nothing is ever easy about the gruesome murder of an innocent child, and there is no punishment that can ever be considered enough justice in a case like this, Stockelman pleading guilty in order to avoid the death penalty just made matters more sickening. Why should he be spared? So he admitted it, does that really make him less deserving of death? Personally, I don't believe so. Sadly, the system doesn't always see things my way.

I know, this case seems a bit older, and I have no new links to offer you. In fact, there's little reason for me to even be writing this post.

I once was speaking to someone and the conversation drifted to child molesters. And how there was really no way to ever really know who was one, and who wasn't. Even the sex offender registry has loop holes, and let's face it- the chances that you could spot one on the street just by looking at them is relatively low.

At some point, we reached the conclusion that perhaps these monsters should be branded. Much like the scarlet letter once forced upon Hester Prynne, we could somehow come up with a sign, visible to all who seen it, that would inform everyone that the wearer was a predator. Not to be trusted. One to watched. Of course, the idea took sort of a twist of it's own, and it was suggested that perhaps a study of how the cowboys marked their cattle should considered. As the conversation cooled, we both knew that it was something that would never happen. It wasn't PC, and I'm sure that the ACLU would be all over the case, right there with the rest of the "give them treatment and forgive them" advocates.

So here I am, sitting back typing this all out. Trying to figure out how it is that I am suppose to say that this is wrong. I'm suppose to say that we, as civilized people, do not take justice into our own hands. We don't seek out revenge, and we don't over step the law in order to avenge out loved ones. I'm suppose to say that this is wrong, that it is criminal, and all of that other crap. But, I can't. Because I understand the desire behind it. Because I imagine that Katie could have been my child, my sister, my childhood friend. And when I think that- I can't get to the point where I'm suppose to condemn them for their actions. I know the law... and I long to abide by it always, but it doesn't erase the fact that I know a portion of the pain Katie's family suffered, and that makes it hard to not side with them.

When the "justice" handed down by the court fails to ease the pain of losing someone as loved as Katie, when the sentence imposed seems to fall short of erasing the knowledge of how her death came about- how do you respond?

There's a Latin Proverb that says "revenge is a confession of pain", which I believe is extremely fitting in this case. Whenever you deal with a crime against a child, you produce more than just one victim. In Katie's case, everyone who knew her, everyone who loved her was touched by this crime. They will all bare the pain of knowing her suffering, the anger over her death, and the never ending emptiness that her murder has caused. We all understand the desire to avenge those who have been wronged, to desire revenge for a heinous crime committed upon someone we love.

So, I'm back to attempting to figure out a way to say that no crime is ever okay, that it's best to leave these things in the hands of the law... all while knowing that I sympathize with the guilty person in this case (or the less guilty I should say) . Normally, I like to be on one side or another. I like to keep it very black and white- either something is wrong, or it's not. Forgive me if I can't really do that in this case. But my heart just really isn't into condemning someone who was acting out in a "confession of pain" such as this.

The image below is Anthony Stockelman, the ruthless monster responsible for Katie's sexual assault and murder. The photo was taken after his conviction, and after a relative of Katie's managed to leave a permanent reminder of what Stockelman has done- upon his forehead. It seems that the two were serving time in the same jail when a situation allowing them to come into contact with each other occurred.

Now, the details are still uncertain at this time, but it is believed that the markings are actually a tattoo. I've looked at the photo, and I'm pretty convinced based upon the information that I have, that it's real.

Sometimes revenge isn't sweet- it's just the only way to release some of the pain that has been afflicted upon us.

For those needing, or wanting the image in a larger size, the owner of has kindly uploaded it for me, and made it available for download.

Other than the cousin being charged, and given additional time, it seems the tattoo is also being removed, free of charge by a doctor, for more detailed information, please see the latest news from The Republic.

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Monday, September 25, 2006

I'm not like the other perverts...

Ivan Rychtarik is not like the other perverts out there downloading child pornography unto their computers. Really. Just ask him.
The simple truth to this matter is that Ivan Rychtarik was found to have "hundreds of pictures on his personal computer" that were declared child porn. He was charged committing his crime, and found guilty. That is the simple truth.

Ivan Rychtarik however, likes to spin it a bit different. And, amazingly he's not playing the "innocent card", instead he's pulling out the ol' "I'm not like those other people with child porn".

Under cross-examination, he told Crown prosecutor Paul Mason he didn’t download the images for sexual purposes, but couldn’t explain why he searched for the material on the Internet.

“I just collected out of curiosity, not for sexual gratification,” Rychtarik said.

“It was something to do with (my) mental stage at that time ... boredom, if you will, to do something interesting, something exciting,” he said.

“To look at something taboo.”

Rychtarik agreed with Mason his seeking out of such material promoted its production, which resulted in the abuse of children.

But he distanced himself from other kiddie porn collectors.

“I am not like those people I see in the newspapers and on Dateline, luring children and exchanging pictures,” he said.

Because this pervert believes he is "not like those other people", he's busy in court fighting what he considers to be "the last straw"... registering on the sex offender database. Because, after all... he's not like those other people with child porn.

Ivan Rychtarik testified he has already been stigmatized by his conviction for having images of naked children on his computer.

And he said he will suffer further public humiliation and scorn if placed on the national registry for convicted sex offenders.

“That would be the last straw, if I may say so,” Rychtarik told defence lawyer Jack Kelly.

“I’ve suffered greatly already,” he said.

So pretty much, Mr. Child Porn has decided that he's suffered enough. That his punishment should be over, and that "it's not fair" (read that with a really whinny voice).

Well, let us look at this for a moment. Hundreds of pornographic images of children. Most likely different children, as that is how it usually happens. I'll just call it "hundreds of documented cases of child sexual abuse", downloaded for some time of entertainment by a man who was bored. And, yet he believes HE has suffered enough. I don't think so. In fact, I'm pretty sure that the only ones really suffering are the children who have been not just abused, but had the abuse recorded for the entertainment of deviant perverts such as Ivan Rychtarik.

And, if I may say so- Ivan Rychtarik, you are not any different than the rest of these perverts. You willingly and knowingly downloaded images of children being sexually exploited... for entertainment. Because you wanted to see something "taboo".
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Saturday, September 23, 2006

This has not been a good week for women

In what seems to be the most horrific week of crimes against women that I can recall, I almost didn't check the news today. Something just kept telling me that it was only going to get worse.
It all started with a report of a woman's body found laying in the road, dead after being tied to the rear of a vehicle and dragged for an unknown distance. Even before the complete report came out on it, something about the photo found near her body lead me to believe that this was a crime committed by someone the victim knew, rather than by a stranger.
Sadly, it turns out that I was right, Luz Maria Franco-Fierros, 49, was identified through fingerprints and turned out to be the mother of three, and the victim of her live in boyfriends rage.

From -Investigators say Franco-Fierros had been dragged behind a vehicle for more than a mile, leaving a bloody trail. Preliminary autopsy results said she suffered fatal head injuries and strangled as she was dragged.

Jose Luis Rubi-Nava, 36, was being held without bail on a charge of first-degree murder.

Friends told the Rocky Mountain News that the woman lived with Rubi-Nava, even though he had a wife and children in Mexico. Cesar Gustavo Flores, 20, a roommate, said the couple sometimes argued violently.

The news continued to get worse with the mother who was found dead, her baby cut from her womb, and her three young children missing. The kids were last seen with a woman who is in custody, although no charges have yet been files against her in the slaying of 23-year-old Jimella Tunstall.

Tunstall's children — ages 7, 2 and 1 — were last seen Monday with the woman now detained, authorities said Friday, clinging to hope that the youngsters still would be found alive.

The children have not yet been found, and as horrifying as the first reports of this crime were, they seem to only get worse:
Ace Hart, a deputy St. Clair County coroner, said the woman in custody summoned police to the Frank Holten park on Sept. 15, saying she had gone into labor. The dead baby, taken to a hospital, showed no signs of trauma, and an autopsy the next day failed to pinpoint a cause of death, he said.

The woman would not let doctors at the hospital examine her and offered conflicting reasons for why she went into labor, alternately saying she had consensual sex and was raped, Hart said.

Authorities say the woman in custody acknowledged to her boyfriend during the baby's funeral Thursday that the child wasn't his, and that she killed the mother. The boyfriend told police, who arrested his girlfriend hours later, investigators said.

I thought I had read as much as I could stand, including the now solved case of the mother who's neck was slashed during the kidnapping of her newborn, when I read the next story.

One of the bravest things a woman can ever do is leave her abusive husband. I say that because in most cases, the abuse has ripped the woman's self esteem into pieces. The majority of abusive worthless pieces of trash (also called abusive men) have taken control over every aspect of the woman's life, gaining complete control over the woman, making leaving seem almost impossible in a victims eyes. Add in the "fear factor" and it can be next to impossible to work up the courage to leave.
So, when a woman gains the strength to leave- it's worth commending her on. Sadly, the abusive assholes don't always see it this way, and react in even more horrific ways. This is the case I had to read this morning:
Bonnie Woodring, 48, moved into the shelter after that attack. In court records, she said her husband "keeps tabs on where I am 24/7" and had threatened her 13-year-old son from a previous relationship.

On Monday night, her husband, armed with a shotgun, pushed past a staff worker who was leaving the shelter for the night, then shot his wife in the kitchen, investigators said.

Bonnie Woodring and her son were the shelter's only occupants. The boy heard the shooting from another room, but was not hurt.

And the lowlife scum bucket who committed this cowardly act?
John "Woody" Raymond Woodring, 35, was believed to have fled in a stolen car from this town of about 2,500 people in the Great Smoky Mountains in the far western corner of North Carolina, near the Tennessee state line.

Woodring, a graduate student and teaching assistant at Western Carolina University, was considered armed and dangerous, authorities said. He was charged with first-degree murder, in addition to domestic violence charges alleging he violated a protective order and tried to strangle his wife at her home Sept. 14. SOURCE

Of course, before this no good piece of crap killed his wife, he made a plea for her to return to him. On their website. Which is now in the barely there state. Although, you can still see the "message for Bonnie" link. Reports say that he's attempted this sort of begging before-- only in the form of a paid ad in a newspaper ten years ago for his now ex wife.

As if all of this isn't quite bad enough- I had to go and read the news today. I didn't mean to, and really regretted doing so once I read the headline to this one.

Man stabs toddler, wife in La. traffic
The 2-year-old girl was in a car with her parents when her father started stabbing his wife with a kitchen knife along Interstate 110 near the Governor's Mansion, said Cpl. L'Jean McKneely, a Baton Rouge Police spokesman.

When the 26-year-old woman got out and ran for help from an East Baton Rouge Parish sheriff's deputy in squad car just ahead of them, her husband stabbed his daughter, McKneely said.

"He kept stabbing her until the knife was stuck in her head," witness Gloria Spears told WAFB-TV.

After leaving the knife lodged in the child's head, he placed the toddler outside of the car, and attempted to leave. That seems to be when he hit his wife with his car, flying her 20 to 40 feet, before running the car into a series of utility poles. This complete asswipe is currently in the hospital, as he then flipped the car unto another vehicle.
All three were taken to Our Lady of the Lake Medical Center. The child was in "extremely critical" condition, with a cut "along her midsection and a kitchen knife lodged in her head," McKneely said.

Her mother, who was thrown 20 to 40 feet by the impact of the car, also had numerous stab wounds, he said. She was expected to live. The man was being treated for minor injuries, McKneely said.

He said police will not release the man's name until he is released from the hospital and booked into jail; the woman's and child's names were withheld because they are victims, he said.Story

As I said before, I can not recall another time when stories of heinous behavior against women filled the news in such a rapid manner. These are our mothers, our sisters, our daughters, and our friends that this is happening too. Where is human decency? When did we lose so much of ourselves that this has become acceptable behavior in the eyes of so many?

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Lists of Four...

Okay, the previous posts took care of Cathy's meme... so I better get on to ALa's.
According to the post at blonde sagacity, I'm suppose provide answers to a bunch of questions, here we go:

1) Currently in the internet related business
2) Service Advisor at a dealship
3) Assistant or something at a optometrist's office
4) Inside sales at a Bearings Company


1) Sixth Sense
2) Gone with the Wind
3) Gladiator
4) Beaches


1) Lima
2) Orlando
3) Lima again
4) The other side of Lima


1) Law & Order (original, SVU, CI)(I stole it from ALa, but only because I'm a bigger fan that she is)
2) House
3) Monk
4) O'Rielly Factor


1) Cary NC (to the inlaws)
2) Outer Banks, NC (Ha I get to steal another one from ALa)
3) Orlando, FL (Before I lived there)
4) St Augustine Fl (love that place)


1) Basil's Blog
2)Riehl World View
3)Home Sweet Home
4)The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns


1) Sugar Cream Pie
2) Pepper Steak
3) Ruffles Chips
4) Homemade Chicken and Dumplings


1) on my laptop
2) at the beach (rather than in rainy Lima(
3) in the kitchen making muffins
4) asleep (stolen from ALa)

Volunteers? Anyone?


I've been tagged?

Few times have I ever been tagged with one of these "meme" things. Last week it was Cathy, and now, ALa.
A little busy lately, but I suppose I should follow through. Plus, it's a break from the bad news I'll be pitching at you later on this weekend.
Cathy's is easy enough- it's just seven songs I love listening too. Let's see if anyone can notice a pattern to them:
1. Hurt, Johnny Cash
2. Hello Darlin, George Jones
3. In my life, Johnny Cash
4. The Gambler, Kenny Rogers
5. Ol' Red, Blake Shelton
6. Something In Red, Lorrie Morgan
7. It's a Wonderful World, Louis Armstrong

Truth be told, I'd be happy with listening to nothing but Cash, Jones and Rogers for the rest of my life. But, my kids demand that once in a while, I add something new to the mix.

I'm not tagging anyone, cause well- I can't think of anyone to tag. But feel free to leave your own seven songs in the comments, or write a post and I'll link it.


Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Because teenagers do what they are suppose to do...

Once, a long time ago- I was a teenager. Okay, it actually wasn't all that long ago- but it sure feels that way sometimes. My point is that as a teenager, I had things I was suppose to do. Like dishes. I didn't do them all that much. Like homework, which again I successfully dodged. And of course there was that time I promised my best friends parents that I would watch out for her at school (she was a few years younger than me) and make sure she didn't hang around the "wrong crowd". That one really got me. Because, strangely enough- you're sweet Lilo was, well I was part of the "wrong crowd" back then. We were the kids standing in the alley smoking before school started. The ones that ditched class more often than we went, who could get a case beer before lunch period... you get the point. The thing is, I didn't give the appearance of being in the wrong crowd- and even my grades seemed to suggest that I wasn't. So when my friends mother pulled me aside, and asked that I keep her updated on the people my friend was hanging around, and watch out that she didn't befriend the wrong sort of kids- I just knew I was in trouble. And that there was no way I was going to do it. It'd be like cutting off my own arm, because in order to tell her the truth- I'd have to admit my own behavior... and I was having none of that.

Because, I was a teenager. And teenagers know how to do one thing if they know how to do anything- lie to protect themselves.

Which brings me to the 17 year old who was convicted of sexually abusing his 6 year old step sister when he was 14.

It seems that a court ordered him to... well, to inform the parents of any girl he dates until he is 18 that he was convicted of a sexual offense.

Sussex County Assistant Prosecutor Jerome Neidhardt said he was set to argue in favor of the notification requirement imposed on the teenager, who pleaded guilty in 2004 to committing a sex act against his 6-year-old half-sister when he was 14.

"I think it was an appropriate decision," Neidhardt said. "I understand the reasons why the family court judge imposed the conditions."

The youth was sentenced to three years of probation, required to register as a sex offender and ordered to have no contact with his half-sister or any unsupervised contact with children 10 years or younger. The judge also ordered the boy to notify the parents of anyone he dates about his conviction until he turns 18.

Had I told my friends mother what she expected me to, my friend most likely wouldn't have started smoking. She surely wouldn't have ended up dating that one guy, and most likely would have been a little less like me. But, I'd have had to take some unwanted heat from my parents- and let's face it- teenagers are all about making things easy on themselves.
You have a teenager who committed a sexual offense, proving right there that this boy is more interested in himself than protecting other people. He's already walked past the line of someone you can't, someone you shouldn't trust. And yet, the court actually thinks that he's going to become all honorable and step up and tell some girls parents that he is a child molester? That's damn near the funniest thing I've read all day.
My idea, put his name, his address and his offense on the sex offender database. Protect everyone, from his girlfriends to his best friends little sister. Let's stop treating these monsters different just because they haven't reached the magic age of 18. He lost his right to privacy and protect under the juvenile laws when he committed an adult offense.

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So much for the GPS'ing of sex offenders

It's not fair to lock rapist and child molesters up for life. No, we can't do that. Let's just give them a little counseling, put a GPS device on them and call it a day. Maybe, if we really want to be proactive- we'll cross our fingers and hope that it works as we release them into public.
Good plan huh?
I don't think so, and here's a really good reason why GPS monitoring will never be as much protection as we actually need:

Piscataway police said a sex offender who was monitored by satellite tampered with the device and sexually assaulted a teen.

Police said the assault happened at a birthday party at a hotel.

The teen partygoer told police she went to a room to sleep and awoke to find Marcal Campbell, 25, of Plainfield on top of her.

Three simple words would have prevented this:

Life. Without. Parole.

These people don't change. They can not be "fixed". They will continue to terrorize innocent people as long as they are free.

Just when will the system realise that?

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Monday, September 18, 2006

If the shoe fits....

Unlike the Pope, I quote these words with absolute belief in what they imply. Unlike the Pope, I stand firm that Islam is a cult of violence, hate, and bullsthit.

Show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached

And how do the followers of Muhammad react? How does this "religion of peace" respond to the remarks that were quoted in a lecture, in which he clearly stated he was quoting someones else?
"You infidels and despotic, we will continue our jihad (holy war) and never stop until God avails us to chop your necks and raise the fluttering banner of monotheism when God's rule is established governing all people and nations," the statement said.

I shall say it again, and mean it even more firmly this time, show me just what Muhammad brought that was new, and there you will find things only evil and inhuman, such as his command to spread by the sword the faith he preached.

And for a little insight into what is being said and done in the name of this cult leader? Well, friends- just click here and look for yourselves.

Saturday, September 16, 2006

How's 2015 Sound to You

Mark Phillip Turner is a child molester. A sexual predator with a conviction history that defines those how should never be allowed to roam on this side of a prison wall.

Mark Phillip Turner (TDC 606569) of Lubbock was convicted of 3 counts of fondling the sexual parts of a female child in Texas (1971), 2 counts of sexual exploitation of a child and 1 count of prostitution in Kansas (1981), 1 count of lascivious acts with a child in California (1990) and 1 count of sexual performance by a child in Texas again (1991). The 1991 charge was originally 2 counts of sexual performance, but prosecutors plea bargained and charged him with only one count.

Sadly, this pervert was released into the public. How nice of Texas.
The story takes a strange twist right there. It seems that some of those who have survived Turner's abuse started a organization. It's called "Their Voice", and intends to act as a center for helping abuse victims, by "educating the public on the effects of child sexual abuse and working with legislators to enact stricter child sexual assault laws."
They didn't have to look far to find a case that fit of the bill of someone who should have remained locked up, as they had Turner's on first hand knowledge. So they highlighted his case, and in doing so- received some unwanted attention from him.
Mark Turner was released in July to an El Paso halfway house after spending 15 years in prison for sex offenses in three different states. Rhonda Kuykendall says Turner sexually abused her and her sister when they were young, but they didn't prosecute him because of the statute of limitations.

She posted comments about him on the crime victim's website Turner then sent the website an email in response, which included threats and even admissions of what he did to Rhonda and her sister.

"What he said to me was basically a signed confession for what he did," said alleged victim Rhonda Kuykendall. "It's a signed confession for the abuse." News Source

Thanks to Kuykendall and her active fight against these monsters- Turner is back in jail. Seems that threatening former victims is against parole. And having those admissions from him couldn't have hurt the case either. As Turner will now be locked up until 2015.

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Friday, September 15, 2006

One Man Came Forward

I don't believe I have been this disgusted in a long time. It's not only that a six year old girl was molested in a public restroom at a mall that is burning me up. It's that the restroom was full of men, and only ONE took the time to alert someone about it.
How in anyone's mind can you justify NOT STOPPING THIS MONSTER? Not calling for help, not doing anything other than "holding your own" and relieving yourself. I'm sorry but, WTF???
Philadelphia- the land of brotherly love. So much brotherly love that a room full of men wouldn't bother to stop pissing long enough to stop the sexual abuse of a SIX year old girl.

A one-armed teenager managed to transform a Center City mall's extra-large bathroom stall into his very own pedophile haven where, cops say, he sexually assaulted his 6-year-old niece on Monday.

The story gets worse, bad enough that I'm not printing it here, but I will give you these gem to ponder over:
Witnesses said there were a half dozen people in the restroom at the time, but only one man alerted a mall worker.

The 19-year-old uncle, who is missing his left arm, was quickly arrested and charged with rape, statutory sexual assault, false imprisonment and other crimes, police said.

Half a dozen, who turned out to be no better than the rapist himself.

"This is a family situation," Darby said yesterday, "not a public-safety issue."

A family situation? Don't even get me started on that one.

Harris said there had been a handful of guys in the restroom during the attack. However, he said, only one ran up to him to tell him what was going on.

Again, only one ran to get help?

The housekeeper said he raced into the stall and saw the little girl "stretched out on the floor."

"I shouted, 'What the hell are you doing to this little girl?' " said Harris.

Harris asked a co-worker, Sami Arrington, 29, who ran into the restroom behind him, to guard the uncle while Harris ran to the nearby food court to find a cop.

Arrington said he watched in disgust as the teen struggled to buckle up his pants

Police said it wasn't the first time the teen had attacked the child.

"He had the confidence and trust of this little girl," Darby said, "and we believe that he molested this child more than once."

Sickening. And sad that every one in that bathroom wasn't charged with some sort of crime. If I wasn't so completely pissed, I'd make up a entire list of possible charges for them all.

Full disgusting story here.

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Who is at fault?

Everyone, and I do mean everyone, makes bad choices. It's just the way life goes. Some of us make worse choices than others, again that's just the way life goes.... IF WE LET IT.
I'm really annoyed at this entire "it's not my fault, I'm completely free of blame" attitude displayed by so many people now a days. So, let me take a moment to clear a few of these "who's to blame" questions up:
You're sitting in your house when a tornado comes through- not your fault.
You're watching TV, see the news report that a tornado is headed you way, and you go outside to watch it. You get hit with a branch and die- you're fault.

You're walking down the street when suddenly a power line breaks and you get electrocuted- not you're fault.
You're walking down the street, see a power line down that happens to be in a pool of water, and you run over to play jump rope with it, and die- you're fault.

You're online and someone breaks into your house killing you- again not you're fault.
You're online and you invite someone over that you don't know but has multiple comments about wanting to kill people on their site. They get to your house and kill you- you're fault.

Do you see where I am going with this? You make BAD CHOICES, and you have to suffer the cost of that. Don't like it? Stop being stupid. It's that easy.

I know, you're wondering why I feel the need to address this. Well, here it is:

Yahoo News: Tanya Nicole Kach, 24, came forward March 21 and told police that she had been living in Thomas Hose's house for 10 years. Kach told police that Hose, 48, kept her in a bedroom in the small, two-story home where he lived with his parents.

Bad situation. Tragic really. But, the story doesn't end there. It turns out Kach has decided to sue people involved in the case, because she feels that they didn't do enough to find her.

Pretty crappy of me to try to say she's wrong, that she should be taking responsibility for the fact that she was held captive, huh? Well, you might think that... until you see this gem:

SOURCE "Ms. Kach had told her in recent days that when she was in the eighth grade her parents were going through a contentious divorce and that she was convinced neither parent wanted her, leading her to run away.

At the time, Ms. Kach said, she had a crush on Mr. Hose, and when she confided her plans to leave home, he offered to take her in"

I know, we don't blame victims. It's not PC. But, lets look at this.

She pursued an older man. Bad Idea.
She told him she was running away. Bad Idea.
She ran away. Bad Idea.
She went to him. Bad Idea.

And now, who does she decide to blame? Not herself for being a stupid 14 year old girl who willingly ran away. Not even her capture really. No, she's blaming those who tried to find her. Who worked the case, spent hours going over possible leads. She's going to sue, because at 14 she made a bad choice, and they weren't able to find her.

People, I try to be understanding. I try to give the benefit of the doubt to everyone. But, this one is really hard for me to grasp. I can see her suing the man, his family- because according to reports 3 other people lived in that house with them, but to sue the city?

Did the city instruct her to be a spoiled little brat who put her own stupid little plans of running away into action? Was it the city or the school that caused her parents unimaginable grief when she left?

Yes, what happened to her was bad. But at some point, she has to be willing to step up and say that her actions played a role in this, rather than blaming the city for not rescuing her.

Smoking causes cancer. If you light up, and you end up with cancer... it's your fault.
Drunk driving causes deaths, if you get completely wasted, and hop in your car, crash into a tree and die... it's your fault.

Had she not been a selfish little girl acting out, chances are she wouldn't have ended up with the life she did. It is fair? NO. Was this perv wrong in doing this to her? YES. But she has to accept her own personal role in this.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Canadian school shooting

My fellow blogger, who has a much better sense of humor than I, and who normally spends her time writing witty post that leave her visitors laughing, isn't so funny today. Samantha Burns is from Canada, and so my thoughts go out to her and her fellow countrymen as I keep my eye on the news of a shooting at Montreal College.She's been keeping readers updated to the story, so please take a moment to click over.
Our thoughts are with all of our northern friends today.

Christopher Tindall

At the end of last year, I brough to you a story about a horrific murder. A 16 year old previously convicted rapist had broke into the home of a 72 year old woman, raped and murdered her, and then fled. For all the posts on this case, please follow the links below:

Tindall Drops Insanity Plea

Christopher Tindall

Group Home Closes

Joan Green

Tindall, 16 and a predator

Christopher E. Tindall

I'm again writing about this heinous crime because the monster in question appeared in court yesterday.
He plead guilty in exchange for some of the charges against him being dropped:
Tindall, who is now 17 and had been charged as an adult, pleaded guilty in Logan County Common Pleas Court yesterday to aggravated murder. He admitted that he’d killed the woman who lived two doors from the Logan County Juvenile Court group home that he had sneaked out of that night.

In exchange for the guilty plea, prosecutors dropped the rape charge, as well as charges of aggravated burglary, breaking and entering, and abuse of a corpse. Judge Mark S. O’Connor set sentencing for Oct. 16. Tindall faces life in prison, although the judge could order him eligible for parole after 20, 25 or 30 years.

I do not believe that he was deserving of a plea deal. They had him, they had the evidence against him, and they had the knowledge that he was a repeat offender. He was in a boys home at the time of the murder, after serving time for raping a class mate. This monster doesn't deserve to ever see the light of day again.
When she heard someone sneaking through her house on Christmas Eve, 72-year-old Joan Green rushed right out of her bedroom and began yelling at whoever had dared to invade her home.

She surprised would-be burglar Christopher Tindall, so the 16-yearold hit her with his fist. But that wasn’t enough. He picked up a flagpole and began beating her. He didn’t stop until she quit moving. Then, police say, he raped her.

I will say it now, and I will vow to it- if this monster ever gets the chance to be released into society again, I will actively fight it. I'll write letters, hand out petitions, ANYTHING.. to prevent him from being free to commit another crime.
Some people are not deserving of freedom... and despite his age- Tindall has proven himself to be one of them.

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There will be no crying...

She walked into office of Erie Manufacturing and Garment Conveyor Systems, intending to see what had prevented her son from returning home after work. What she found was beyond grisly.

Nicoletta was the first to come upon her daughter's body, lying in a pool of blood. [...] As she continued through the offices, she saw George Gonsalves' foot sticking out of her son's office, and discovered the bodies of the three other men inside.

In all there where five people coldly murdered, two of them Frank Dosso, 35, and Diane Patisso, 28 where her son and daughter, a third was her son in law -George Patisso, 26.
What makes this case even more angering, is the reaction to her testimony in court, where she openly broke down while recalling the events of that night.
The emotional display prompted a swift response from lawyers representing the defendant, Nelson Serrano, who faces the death penalty if convicted of four counts of first-degree murder.

"Mrs. Dosso's role in this case is more emotional than any witness identification situation I can imagine," defense lawyer Robert Norgard told the court after the jury was quickly rushed out of the room. "If she breaks down in front of the jury, we will ask for a mistrial."

Circuit Judge Susan Roberts agreed that an emotional display would unfairly bias the jurors against the defendant, and issued a stern warning to the prosecutor and, indirectly, to the witness and her family.

"If she gets emotional, I will grant a motion for a mistrial," Roberts said, eliciting emphatic headshakes from Dosso's friends and family. "If [the prosecutor] wants to put her on the stand with that in mind, he may do so."

A fear that tears of a grieving mother who stumbled upon her loved ones gruesome murder would sway the jury. Yes, let's not show the victims in this case as having had lives, friends, family- people that loved them. Let's not display the complete and tragic loss their families have incurred at the hands of a thug.
Polk County prosecutors contend that Serrano, 67, went to Erie Manufacturing to kill Gonsalves, who had removed Serrano from his position as president of Garment Conveyor Systems and cut his salary. He killed the others, they say, so there would be no witnesses.

Let's forget who the victims were, make all trials solely about how sympathetic we should be to the "misunderstood" criminals. Let's not cry, thus reminding the jury that PEOPLE WERE CRUELY MURDERED.
You know, I condemn those who would take justice into their own hands, who would openly deny the right to someone to have a fair trial. I always say 'yes, the crime was horrific, but let the legal system do it's job.' I've been a big supported of the "justice system", but every now and then, I see a case and I realise that the justice system is only as good as those involved in it.
No crying when testifying about the murders of the children you gave birth to, the ones that you watched over at night and helped grow into upstanding adults. Tell the jury, without showing any emotion, the details about the night you found them, gunned down and left to die.
Circuit Judge Susan Roberts, I grieve for the justice system that you have disrespected by your blatant removal of all emotion in an emotional situation. I mourn the loss of the ability to show that those lifeless bodies where once the pride of a mothers eye. I'm ashamed that you forget the fact that you are sitting in front of that case because people were savagely killed. Don't like my crying? Well, Circuit Judge Susan Roberts you may kiss my ass.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

A funny

I know, it's not crime. Although sometimes work feels just about how I picture jail feeling. Anyway, for those of you needing a little laugh....

I promise to get back to crime blogging now. And at some point, I imagine I'll get back to work too.

In the starry nights...

Imagine for a brief moment that you and your family are on vacation. As the return home, and the return back to normal hectic life looms ever closer at the passing of each day, everyone begins to feel weary over the return home. It's during these last few relaxing days that your child, a sweet faced two year old who you cherish, informs you that she does not want to go home.
As parents, most of us have heard this. Vacations are fun and exciting, and often more appealing that the normal day to day life a child experiences at home. But what if, what if just this one time you child has convincing thought as to why they should not return?
Take a breath, picture your child and imagine that they reason for their persistent object to going home was that someone was hurting them. How do you react? What thoughts rush to your mind, what words do you say?
This is the very situation that happened to the mother of the two year old Conn. child whose father now stands accused of killing a neighbor, allegedly after hearing that the former had molested his child.

The girl "explained that she did not want to go home because of Barry," police said in the report. When her mother asked her to explain, the girl said "that Barry puts it on her belly and her nose," the report said. When her mother asked her when James does this, she replied, "He comes to me in the starry nights."

Barry James, is the neighbor who was murdered, and his family through their lawyer strongly stand behind the notion that he did not commit this crime, that at no time did he sexual abuse the two year old girl.
Her father, however, after hearing the news from his wife proceeded to climb through James' bedroom window and fatally stabbed him on Aug. 28.
As a mother, I understand the desire to protect one's children. I understand the need to defend them unconditionally. I understand it all. Knowing what mental and physical pain can be inflicted upon a child- I understand how one could avenge their child. After this story broke, I had one of those rare conversations about "crime" with my husband. He normally prefers to leave the interest in crimes to me. We've had the "what if" conversation before. I just needed to have it again. I'm glad we did. He pointed something out to me that I hadn't stopped to think about.
At what point did they call the police and report the abuse?
I had to admit, I don't believe they ever did. Maybe I've missed that detail. Admittedly, I only browsed through some of the news reports, I read quite a few- but others I simply eyed quickly. Still, I didn't see the one where they called the police. The one where a report was filed. Why not? Is it that I just missed it, or it is because there isn't one?
Picturing this as my child, I admit my rage would be more than I could control. The anger and the desire to get justice would overwhelm me completely. But, I'd call the police.
Why? Because justice doesn't not come in the form of a child watching their parent spend their life in jail. Because murder doesn't wipe away the pain already suffered, because that child is going to need help- and it's the parents job to be there to ensure that they get it.
Would I want to kill them for hurting my child? Well, I believe that is the natural animal instinct in all of us. Thankfully, we're more than animals- and as humans most of understand that our own vengeance should not come above the welfare of our children.
There have been other stories, where a enraged parent murders someone supposedly in defense of their child. I've always understood how it can happen, even why it happened. But, it doesn't make it right. It doesn't make it acceptable. Did killing the person ever really benefit the child? It doesn't erase what happened, doesn't heal the pain. Instead- it proves only to ensure that their parent, one of the people they need most- is taken from them.
My heart goes out to the family, to the child and her parents- but I can't agree with what they have done. Justice was not served. No charges were brought up against James, no jury heard the case, no verdict was ever given. Instead, a man was killed. And at this point, he just may have been a predator.... then again he just may have been innocent.
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Sunday, September 10, 2006

Digna Alexandra Rivera Costanza

When I signed up to join the 9/11 Tribute, I wasn't sure what I would write. Even now, after weeks of working on it- I'm not sure how to begin telling this story.

On September 11, 2001 I started the morning just as I had every other day before. My husband went off to work, I made the kids breakfast and put on cartoons as we sat down to eat. We had a day full of activities planned for us, and I was in a hurry to get an early start. Sometime between Blues Clues and a stream of commercials, my telephone rang.

I listened for a moment, and then made my way into the bedroom, flipping on the television and changing the channel to the news. Despite having the phone up to my ear, I was no longer listening to the voice on the other end. My mind was occupied with the images flashing on the screen, and it wasn't until I saw a plane disappear behind a building, heard the horrified response of the person on the line, and realised that the plane was gone, that it became clear that something life changing was happening.

I've often heard that it was the day the world will never forget, and now five years later, that seems to be ringing true. Today however, is not about terrorists. It is not about The World Trade Center. Or the Pentagon, or the crash of flight 93 that took the lives of heroes- and prevented the deaths of countless people. It is not about planes.

"Te amare por siempre y nunca olvidare quien Sandra Rivera era en los ojos mio."- "I will love you forever and I will never forget who Sandra Rivera was to me.", message left by a loved one, translated to English
Today is about remembering 2996 people. People that had families, that had lives, that had dreams. People who woke up September 11th , 2001 and were going about their lives. Today, while we remember the sadness and pain of that day- we also celebrate the lives of those who were lost, and mourn for our loss.

Digna Costanza, often referred to as Sandra was just 25 years old. She was the daughter of Uriel & Albertina Rivera, and had two sisters: Ingrid and Uriel D. Rivera. Digna is also remembered by Anacelia Rivera, who was a cousin, an Aunt and Uncle- Gladys and Gusin and many others. She was married to John Costanza.
Digna had attended John Jay College, and worked at Marsh & McLennan as a claims specialist on the 100th floor of WTC Tower One. She was among the 295 Marsh employees who lost their lives that day.
While the the rest of us never had the honor of knowing Digna, those who did have given us a small glimps into the woman that she was, and shared with us the love that they had for her.

Digna is very much loved and missed by all her friends and colleagues. Her quiet dignity and the innocence of her beautiful smile will always be etched on our minds. Though she is no longer with us in the physical, her essence, her spirit will remain with us until we meet in the great beyond.

Digna's sister, Ingrid Rivera, described her as " a dynamic and humble person". And continued it by saying:
She was very generous to the family she tried to help everyone from Puerto Rico to Honduras. Education was a priorty to her and encourage her family members to continue their education as well as her friends.We will miss Digna, but she will not be forgotten.

From her cousin:
... As I sit here thinking, I can't help but think of your smile. It always lit up a room when you walked in it....

One can not begin to imagine the pain that Digna's family, and every other family who lost someone to the 9/11 attacks, has went through. And yet, whether we knew someone who lost their lives that day or not, as a country we have all been effected by it. 2996 people were taken from us that day, and all of us mourn the overwhelming loss that shall always be felt in our hearts.

Special thanks to Kim at United in Memory for the quilt image. You can read about the history of the quilt here.

You may find other tributes to the lives of the 2996 people we lost that day here. UPDATE: due to the worlds worst hosting company deciding to be completely horrible, the 2996 site has been shut down after exceeding their hosting limits. The host refused to upgrade their account. A mirrored site has been put up here, so please take the time to click over to it in order to see the full list of tributes. I've spent a lot of time reading many of them, and I promise that they are some of the most touching stories you will ever read.

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*More to Come

Saturday, September 09, 2006

9/11 Tribute

Monday marks the fifth anniversary of September 11th, and what has become one of the most tragic days in the history of the United States.

Please click on the button to the right to learn more about the Tribute being given by the blogosphere to those who lost their lives.

We Remember:
A. Todd RanckeHarry TabackMichael L. Collins
Aaron HorwitzHarshad Sham ThatteMichael L. DiAgostino
Aaron JacobsHarvey J. GardnerMichael L. Hannan
Abdoul Karim TraoreHarvey Robert HermerMichael L. Selves
Abdoulaye KoneHasmukhrai Chuckulal ParmarMichael Lepore
Abdu MalahiHeather Lee SmithMichael Lynch
Abigail Cales MedinaHeather Malia HoMichael M. Taylor
Abner MoralesHector Luis TiradoMichael Massaroli
Abraham J. ZelmanowitzHector TamayoMichael Matthew Miller
Abraham Nethanel IlowitzHeinrich B. AckermannMichael McDonnell
Abul K. ChowdhuryHeinrich KimmigMichael Montesi
Ada L. MasonHelen Crossin-KittleMichael O'Brien
Ada M. DavisHelen D. CookMichael Otten
Adam AriasHemanth Kumar PutturMichael P. Lunden
Adam David RandHenry FernandezMichael Patrick Iken
Adam J. LewisHenry MillerMichael Patrick LaForte
Adam K. RuhalterHerbert W. HomerMichael Patrick Tucker
Adam S. WhiteHerman C. BroghammerMichael R. Canty
Adel Agayby ZakharyHerman SandlerMichael R. Horrocks
Adele SessaHernando R. SalasMichael R. Wittenstein
Adianes OyolaHideya KawauchiMichael Ragusa
Adriana LegroHilario Soriano (Larry) SumayaMichael Richards
Adriane Victoria ScibettaHilda E. TaylorMichael Roberts
Aida RosarioHilda MarcinMichael Rourke Andrews
Aisha HarrisHonor Elizabeth WainioMichael S. Baksh
Alan BeavenHorace Robert PassanantiMichael S. Costello
Alan BondarenkoHoward (Barry) KirschbaumMichael Scott Carlo
Alan D. FeinbergHoward G. GellingMichael Seaman
Alan D. KleinbergHoward Joseph HellerMichael T. Carroll
Alan H. MerdingerHoward L. KestenbaumMichael T. Wholey
Alan J. LedermanHoward Lee KaneMichael Taddonio
Alan Jay RichmanHoward ReichMichael Theodoridis
Alan K. JensenHoward SelwynMichael Trinidad
Alan L. WisniewskiHugo Sanay-PerafielMichael V. San Phillip
Alan LafranceHweidar JianMichael W. Lomax
Alan LintonHyun-joon (Paul) LeeMichael W. Lowe
Alan N. PalumboIan J. GrayMichael Weinberg
Alan Wayne FriedlanderIan SchneiderMichel Adrian Pelletier
Alayne F. GentulIgnatius AdangaMichel Paris Colbert
Albert Alfy William ElmarryIgor ZukelmanMichele (Du Berry) Beale
Albert CondeIngeborg Astrid Desiree LaribyMichele Ann Nelson
Albert DominguezIngeborg JosephMichele B. Lanza
Albert JosephInna BasinaMichele Heidenberger
Albert OgletreeIouri A. MouchinskiMichele L. Hoffmann
Alejandro CastanoIra ZaslowMichele Reed
Alejandro CorderoIrina BusloMichell Lee Robotham
Alejo PerezIrina KolpakovaMichelle Coyle-Eulau
Aleksandr Valeryerich IvantsovIsaias RiveraMichelle Herman Goldstein
Alena SesinovaIsidro OttenwalderMichelle Marie Henrique
Alex F. CicconeIsrael PabonMichelle Renee Bratton
Alex FilipovIvan Kyrillos Fairbanks BarbosaMichelle Scarpitta
Alexander BraginskyIvan PerezMichelle Titolo
Alexander H. ChiangIvan ValeMilagros "Millie" Hromada
Alexander J.R. NapierIvelin ZiminskiMildred Rose Naiman
Alexander LyginIvhan Luis Carpio BautistaMilton Bustillo
Alexander OrtizJack Charles AronMing-Hao Liu
Alexander Robbins SteinmanJack L. D'AmbrosiMirna A. Duarte
Alexandru Liviu StanJackie Sayegh DugganMitchel Scott Wallace
Alexey RazuvaevJacqueline (Jakki) YoungMohammad Ali Sadeque
Alexis LeducJacqueline DonovanMohammad Salman Hamdani
Alfonse J. NiedermeyerJacqueline J. NortonMohammed Jawara
Alfred BracaJacquelyn Delaine AldridgeMohammed Salahuddin Chowdhury
Alfred Gilles Padre Joseph MarchandJacquelyn P. SanchezMohammed Shajahan
Alfred R. MalerJaime ConcepcionMoira Smith
Alfred VukosaJake Denis JagodaMoises N. Rivas
Alicia Acevedo CarranzaJames A. GibersonMolly McKenzie
Alicia Nicole TitusJames A. HaranMon Gjonbalaj
Alisha Caren LevinJames A. OakleyMonica Goldstein
Alison Marie WildmanJames A. RomitoMonica Lyons
Allan ShwartzsteinJames A. WaringMonique E. DeJesus
Allan TarasiewiczJames AmatoMontgomery McCullough Hord
Allen BoyleJames Andrew GadielMorton Frank
Allen V. UptonJames Andrew O'GradyMukul Agarwala
Allison Horstmann JonesJames Arthur GreenleafMuriel F. Siskopoulos
Alok AgarwalJames AudiffredMychal Lamar Hulse
Alok Kumar MehtaJames Brian ReillyMyra Aronson
Alona AvrahamJames C. RichesMyrna T. Maldonado-Agosto
Alva Jeffries SanchezJames Christopher CappersMyrna Yaskulka
Alvin BergsohnJames CorriganMyung-woo Lee
Alvin Peter KappelmannJames D. CleereNana Kwuku Danso
Alysia BasmajianJames D. HalvorsonNancy Bueche
Amarnauth LachhmanJames DebeuneureNancy Carole Farley
Amelia V. FieldsJames Donald MunhallNancy Diaz
Amenia RasoolJames E. CoveNancy E. Perez
Amy E. ToyenJames E. HaydenNancy Liz
Amy Hope LamonsoffJames Edward PotortiNancy Morgenstern
Amy N. JarretJames F. MurphyNancy Muniz
Amy O'DohertyJames Francis LynchNancy T. Mauro
Amy R. KingJames Francis QuinnNancy Yuen Ngo
Ana FosterisJames G. SmithNaomi Leah Solomon
Ana Gloria Pocasangre de BarreraJames Gerard GeyerNarender Nath
Ana Iris MedinaJames J. CarsonNasima H. Simjee
Ana M. CentenoJames J. McAlaryNatalie Janis Lasden
Andre BonheurJames J. StraineNathaniel Lawson
Andre CoxJames J. WoodsNathaniel Webb
Andre G. FletcherJames Joe FergusonNauka Kushitani
Andrea Della BellaJames Joseph DomanicoNeal Hinds
Andrea Lyn HabermanJames Joseph KellyNehamon Lyons
Andrew AlamenoJames Joseph SuozzoNeil D. Levin
Andrew Anthony AbateJames Kenneth SamuelNeil Dollard
Andrew BrunnJames L. CrawfordNeil G. Shastri
Andrew Clive GilbertJames L. HobinNeil James Cudmore
Andrew FisherJames Lee ConnorNeil K. Lai
Andrew FredericksJames LynchNeil Leavy
Andrew GarciaJames M. GartenbergNeil R. Wright
Andrew H. GolkinJames M. RouxNeilie Anne Heffernan Casey
Andrew I. RosenblumJames MaounisNereida DeJesus
Andrew J. BaileyJames Marcel CartierNestor Andre Cintron
Andrew Jay-Hoon KimJames MartelloNestor Chevalier
Andrew JordanJames Matthew PatrickNichola A. Thorpe
Andrew K. FriedmanJames Michael GrayNicholas A. Bogdan
Andrew KatesJames N. PappageorgeNicholas C. Lassman
Andrew KnoxJames NelsonNicholas G. Massa
Andrew LaCorteJames P. HopperNicholas Humber
Andrew Marshall KingJames P. LadleyNicholas John
Andrew Peter Charles Curry GreenJames P. O'BrienNicholas P. Chiofalo
Andrew StergiopoulosJames Patrick BergerNicholas P. Pietrunti
Andrew SternJames Patrick LeahyNicholas P. Rossomando
Andrew Steven ZuckerJames Patrick WhiteNicholas W. Brandemarti
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Carrie BlagburnJon S. SchlisselRichard Rescorla
Catherina RobinsonJonathan (J.C.) ConnorsRichard Rodriguez
Catherine A. NardellaJonathan C. RandallRichard Ross
Catherine Carmen GorayebJonathan Eric BrileyRichard S. Gabrielle
Catherine E. ChirlsJonathan J. UmanRichard Todd Myhre
Catherine Fairfax MacRaeJonathan Lee IelpiRichard Y.C. Lee
Catherine K. FaganJonathan N. CappelloRicknauth Jaggernauth
Catherine Lisa LoguidiceJonathan R. HohmannRita Blau
Catherine Patricia SalterJonathan Stephan RyanRobert A. Lawrence
Catherine T. SmithJong-min LeeRobert A. Vicario
Cecelia E. RichardJoni CestaRobert Adrien Jalbert
Cecile M. CaguiclaJoon Koo KangRobert Alan Miller
CeeCee LylesJorge Luis LeonRobert Alan Zampieri
Celeste Torres VictoriaJorge Luis Morron GarciaRobert Allan Hepburn
Cesar A. AlviarJorge Octavio Santos AnayaRobert Andrew Spencer
Cesar Augusto MurilloJorge VelazquezRobert Arthur Campbell
Cesar GarciaJose A. GuadalupeRobert Arthur Rasmussen
Chandler KellerJose Angel MartinezRobert C. Kennedy
Chantal VincelliJose Bienvenido GomezRobert C. McLaughlin
Chapelle SarkerJose CardonaRobert C. Miller
Charles (Carlos) DominguezJose EspinalRobert Chin
Charles A. (Chuck) MauroJose J. MarreroRobert Cordice
Charles A. ZionJose Manuel Contreras FernandezRobert Curatolo
Charles Antoine LesperanceJose Nicolas DepenaRobert D. Colin
Charles Austin McCrannJose R. NunezRobert D. Eaton
Charles BurlingameJose Ramon CastroRobert D. Higley
Charles DrozJoseph A. Della PietraRobert D. Mattson
Charles E. SabinJoseph A. KellyRobert D. Pugliese
Charles Edward JonesJoseph A. LafalceRobert David Peraza
Charles Francis Xavier HeeranJoseph A. LenihanRobert Dismas McMahon
Charles Gregory CostelloJoseph A. MascaliRobert E. Russell
Charles Gregory JohnJoseph AgnelloRobert Eddie Murphy
Charles J. HoustonJoseph Albert CorbettRobert Edward Evans
Charles J. MauroJoseph AmatuccioRobert Edward Pattison
Charles KarczewskiJoseph AngeliniRobert Emmett Parks
Charles L. KasperJoseph AngeliniRobert Fangman
Charles LaurencinJoseph Anthony EacobacciRobert Fazio
Charles Lawrence (Chip) ChanJoseph Anthony IanelliRobert Francis Mace
Charles M. MillsJoseph B. VilardoRobert Frank Tipaldi
Charles MendezJoseph CalandrilloRobert G. McIlvaine
Charles MurphyJoseph CollisonRobert Gabriel Martinez
Charles Peter LucaniaJoseph DelucaRobert Garvin McCarthy
Charles S. FalkenbergJoseph Dermot DickeyRobert George LeBlanc
Charles WatersJoseph DiPilatoRobert Grant Norton
Charles William MathersJoseph E. MaloneyRobert H. Lynch
Charles Wilson MageeJoseph F. GrilloRobert Hamilton
Cheryl Ann MonyakJoseph Francis HollandRobert Hayes
Cheryle D. SincockJoseph G. HunterRobert Hussa
Chet LouieJoseph G. ViscianoRobert J. Baierwalter
Chih Min (Dennis) FooJoseph GrzelakRobert J. Caufield
Ching H. WangJoseph J. BerryRobert J. Coll
Ching Ping TungJoseph J. CoppoRobert J. DeAngelis
Chow Kwan LamJoseph J. KellerRobert J. Deraney
Chris Michael KirbyJoseph J. OgrenRobert J. Foti
Christian AdamsJoseph J. ZuccalaRobert J. Gerlich
Christian Hans Rudolf WemmersJoseph JenkinsRobert J. Hymel
Christian L. DeSimoneJoseph John HassonRobert J. Maxwell
Christian MaltbyJoseph John PerroncinoRobert J. Mayo
Christian Michael Otto RegenhardJoseph John PyciorRobert J. Shay
Christina Donovan FlanneryJoseph LostrangioRobert James Crawford
Christina Sunga RyookJoseph LoveroRobert John Ferris
Christine Anne OlenderJoseph M. DoyleRobert John Halligan
Christine BarbutoJoseph M. GiacconeRobert Joseph Gschaar
Christine EganJoseph M. NavasRobert King
Christine Lee HansonJoseph M. RomagnoloRobert L. Cruikshank
Christine Sheila McNultyJoseph M. SisolakRobert L. Horohoe
Christine SnyderJoseph MaffeoRobert L. Scandole
Christoffer CarstanjenJoseph MaggittiRobert Levine
Christopher Charles AmorosoJoseph MaioRobert M. Levine
Christopher CiafardiniJoseph ManganoRobert M. Murach
Christopher D. JonesJoseph MathaiRobert Michael Shearer
Christopher D. MelloJoseph MistrulliRobert Minara
Christopher DincuffJoseph O. PickRobert P. Devitt
Christopher Edward AllinghamJoseph P. HenryRobert Parro
Christopher FaughnanJoseph P. KellettRobert Penniger
Christopher GardnerJoseph P. McDonaldRobert R. Ploger
Christopher Hugh ForsytheJoseph P. SporRobert R. Talhami
Christopher J. ScudderJoseph Patrick SheaRobert Sliwak
Christopher James HanleyJoseph Peter AnchundiaRobert Speisman
Christopher Joseph BlackwellJoseph PiskadloRobert Sutcliffe
Christopher Joseph DunneJoseph PlumitalloRobert T. "Bobby" Hughes
Christopher Lee BurfordJoseph R. RiversoRobert T. Lane
Christopher LunderJoseph ReinaRobert T. Twomey
Christopher M. ColasantiJoseph RivelliRobert Thomas Jordan
Christopher M. MorrisonJoseph RobertoRobert Thomas Linnane
Christopher M. PanatierJoseph Ross MarchbanksRobert W. O'Shea
Christopher M. TrainaJoseph Ryan AllenRobert W. Spear
Christopher Michael DuffyJoseph SacerdoteRobert Walter Noonan
Christopher Michael GradyJoseph Vincent VigianoRobert Wayne Hobson
Christopher MozzilloJoseph W. FloundersRobert William McPadden
Christopher N. IngrassiaJoseph ZaccoliRoberta Bernstein Heber
Christopher NewtonJosh Michael PiverRobin Kaplan
Christopher Newton-CarterJoshua A. RosenthalRobin Larkey
Christopher OrgielewiczJoshua AronRocco A. Medaglia
Christopher Paul SlatteryJoshua David BirnbaumRocco Gargano
Christopher Peter A. RacanielloJoshua M. RosenblumRochelle Monique Snell
Christopher PickfordJoshua PopteanRodney Dickens
Christopher QuackenbushJoshua S. VitaleRodney James Wotton
Christopher Randall LarrabeeJoshua Scott ReissRoger Mark Rasweiler
Christopher Robert ClarkeJoyce Ann CarpenetoRoko Camaj
Christopher S. EppsJoyce CummingsRoland Pacheco
Christopher SantoraJoyce SmithRon Golinski
Christopher Sean CatonJoyce StantonRonald C. Fazio
Christopher Seton CramerJuan Armando CeballosRonald Comer
Christopher Stewart GrayJuan GarciaRonald E. Magnuson
Christopher Todd PitmanJuan LafuenteRonald Gamboa
Christopher VialongaJuan NievesRonald George Hoerner
Christopher W. MurphyJuan Ortega CamposRonald Gilligan
Christopher W. WodenshekJuan Pablo Alvarez CisnerosRonald J. Ruben
Christopher ZarbaJuan Romero OrozcoRonald John Hemenway
Christy A. AddamoJuan SalasRonald Keith Milstein
Cindy Ann DeuelJuan William RiveraRonald Michael Breitweiser
Cira Marie PattiJuanita LeeRonald Orsini
Clara Victorine HindsJude Elias SafiRonald Paul Bucca
Claribel HernandezJude J. MoussaRonald Philip Kloepfer
Clarin Shellie SchwartzJudith A. ReeseRonald Tartaro
Claude D. RichardsJudith Belguese Diaz-SierraRonnie Gies
Claude Michael GannJudith Florence HofmillerRonnie Lee Henderson
Claudia Alicia Martinez FosterJudith JonesRosa J. Gonzalez
Claudia Suzette SuttonJudson CavalierRosa Maria (Rosemary) Chapa
Clement FumandoJudy H. FernandezRosa Maria Feliciano
Clinton DavisJudy LarocqueRosanne P. Lang
Clive ThompsonJudy RowlettRose Mary Riso
Clyde FrazierJulian CooperRosemarie C. Carlson
Cmdr. Dan Frederic ShanowerJuliana Valentine McCourtRosemary A. Smith
Cmdr. Patrick S. DunnJulie Lynne ZipperRoshan R. (Sean) Singh
Cmdr. Robert Allan SchlegelJulie M. GeisRoy Michael Wallace
Cmdr. William Howard DonovanJulio Fernandez RamirezRuben D. Correa
Colin Arthur BonnettJupiter YambemRuben Esquilin
Colin Richard McArthurJustin J. MolisaniRuben Ornedo
Colleen Ann BarkowJustin McCarthyRuben Solares
Colleen Ann DelougheryKaaria MbayaRudolph Mastrocinque
Colleen Laura FraserKacinga KabeyaRudolph N. Riccio
Colleen SupinskiKaleen E. PezzutiRufino Conrado F. (Roy) Santos
Cono E. GalloKalyan K. SarkarRuth E. Ketler
Conrod K.H. CottoyKapinga NgalulaRuth Magdaline McCourt
Constantine (Gus) EconomosKaramo TrerraRuth Sheila Lapin
Cora Hidalgo HollandKaren A. KincaidRyan D. Fitzgerald
Corey Peter MillerKaren A. MartinRyan Kohart
Corina StanKaren HagertySadie Ette
Cortz GheeKaren Helene SchmidtSal Tieri
Courtney Wainsworth WalcottKaren J. KlitzmanSalvatore A. Fiumefreddo
Craig A. SilversteinKaren Lynn Seymour-DietrichSalvatore B. Calabro
Craig D. MontanoKaren RendaSalvatore F. Pepe
Craig Damian LiloreKaren S. NavarroSalvatore Gitto
Craig James MillerKaren Susan JudaySalvatore J. Zisa
Craig Michael BlassKarl Henri JosephSalvatore P. Lopes
Craig Neil GibsonKarl Trumbull SmithSalvatore Papasso
Craig William StaubKarl W. TeepeSamantha Egan
Cristina de LauraKarleton D.B. FyfeSamantha Lightbourn-Allen
Crossley WilliamsKarlie Barbara RogersSamuel (Sandy) Ayala
Curtis Terrence NoelKarol Ann KeaslerSamuel Fields
Cynthia GiuglianoKatherine (Katie) McGarry NoackSamuel Oitice
Cynthia L. ConnollyKatherine S. WolfSamuel R. Salvo
Cynthia WilsonKathleen (Kit) FaragherSanae Mori
DaJuan HodgesKathleen A. BurnsSandra C. Taylor
Damian MeehanKathleen Hunt CaseySandra Conaty Brace
Damion MowattKathleen MoranSandra Fajardo Smith
Dana FalkenbergKathleen NicosiaSandra L. White
Dana HannonKathryn Anne ShatzoffSandra N. Foster
Daniel C. LewinKathryn Blair LeeSandra Patricia Campbell
Daniel D. BergsteinKathryn L. LaBorieSandra Teague
Daniel F. LibrettiKathy BantisSandra W. Bradshaw
Daniel F. McGinleyKathy Nancy Mazza-DeloshSandra Wright
Daniel Hal CrismanKatie Marie McCloskeySanford M. Stoller
Daniel HarlinKatsuyuki HiraiSankara S. Velamuri
Daniel IlkanayevKazuhiro AnaiSantos Valentin
Daniel James GallagherKazushige ItoSantos Vasquez
Daniel James SheaKeiichiro TakahashiSara Elizabeth Manley
Daniel John LeeKeiji TakahashiSara Low
Daniel L. MaherKeith Alexander GlascoeSarah (Ali) Escarcega
Daniel Laurence SmithKeith BroomfieldSarah Clark
Daniel LopezKeith Eugene ColemanSarah Khan
Daniel LugoKeith G. FairbenSarah Prothero Redheffer
Daniel M. Van LaereKeith James BurnsSaranya Srinuan
Daniel Martin CaballeroKeith K. O'ConnorSareve Dukat
Daniel McNealKeith McHeffeySatoshi Kikuchihara
Daniel Michael CoffeyKeith RomaScott C. Timmes
Daniel Patrick TrantKeithroy MaynardScott C. Vasel
Daniel PesceKelly Ann BoomsScott D. Bart
Daniel R. BrandhorstKenichiro TanakaScott Hazelcorn
Daniel R. NolanKenneth Alan SimonScott J. O'Brien
Daniel RossettiKenneth Albert ZelmanScott Jeffrey Weingard
Daniel SuhrKenneth Charles LedeeScott Kopytko
Daniel Thomas AfflittoKenneth F. RiceScott Larsen
Daniel W. SongKenneth F. TietjenScott M. Johnson
Daniela R. NotaroKenneth GrouzalisScott M. Schertzer
Danielle DelieKenneth J. SwensenScott Martin McGovern
Danielle KousoulisKenneth John CubasScott Matthew Davidson
Danny A. Correa-GutierrezKenneth Joseph MarinoScott Powell
Daphne F. ElderKenneth Joseph TarantinoScott Rohner
Daphne PouletsosKenneth KumpelScott Saber
Darlene FlaggKenneth LewisScott Thomas Coleman
Darren C. BohanKenneth M. McBrayerScott W. Cahill
Darryl Leron McKinneyKenneth Marcus CaldwellSeamus L. Oneal
Darryl TaylorKenneth P. LiraSean B. Fegan
Darya LinKenneth W. Van AukenSean Booker
David A. DefeoKenneth W. WhiteSean Canavan
David Alan James RathkeyKenneth WaldieSean Gordon Corbett O'Neill
David AngellKenneth WatsonSean Hanley
David B. Rodriguez-VargasKenneth William BasnickiSean Lynch
David Brian BradyKerene GordonSean Patrick Lynch
David D. AlgerKermit Charles AndersonSean Patrick Tallon
David DiMeglioKevin D. MarloSean Peter McNulty
David E. RetikKevin DennisSean Rooney
David E. RiversKevin Francis ClearySean Schielke
David FodorKevin Francis ConroySean Thomas Lugano
David FontanaKevin H. BrackenSebastian Gorki
David Francis FerrugioKevin James HannafordSee-Wong Shum
David G. CarloneKevin James MurphySeiLai Khoo
David GarciaKevin Joseph FrawleySeima Aoyama
David Gregory ArceKevin L. BowserSelina Sutter
David GrimnerKevin M. CosgroveSergio Villanueva
David H. WintonKevin M. McCarthySeth A. Morris
David HaldermanKevin Michael WilliamsSgt. 1st Class Jose Orlando Calderon-Olmedo
David LaForgeKevin Nathaniel ColbertSgt. John Gerard Coughlin
David Lee PruimKevin O. ReillySgt. Maj. Lacey B. Ivory
David M. BerrayKevin O'RourkeSgt. Maj. Larry Strickland
David M. CharleboisKevin P. ConnorsSgt. Michael Curtin
David M. GraifmanKevin Patrick YorkSgt. Robert Kaulfers
David M. WeissKevin PriorSgt. Rodney C. Gillis
David Marc SullinsKevin Raymond CrottySgt. Tamara Thurman
David Michael BarkwayKevin Sanford CohenShabbir Ahmed
David Michael RuddleKevin SmithShai Levinhar
David OrtizKevin T. SzocikShakila Yasmin
David Otey CampbellKevin Wayne YokumShannon Lewis Adams
David P. KovalcinKhalid M. ShahidShannon M. Fava
David Paul DerubbioKhamladai K. (Khami) SinghShari Kandell
David Prudencio LeMagneKhang NguyenSharon Balkcom
David Ralph LeistmanKieran GormanSharon Carver
David Reed Gamboa BrandhorstKimberly S. BowersSharon Cristina Millan Paz
David RiceKiran Reddy GopuSharon Moore
David Robert MeyerKirsten L. ChristopheShashi Kiran Lakshmikantha Kadaba
David S. BerryKirsten SantiagoShawn Edward Bowman
David S. LeeKlaus BotheShawn Edward Powell
David S. SuarezKlaus Johannes SprockampShawn M. Nassaney
David Scott AgnesKleber Rolando MolinaSheila Hein
David SilverKris R. HughesSheila Patricia Barnes
David T. WeissKris Romeo BishundatShekhar Kumar
David TengelinKrishna MoorthySheldon R. Kanter
David TiradoKristen FiedelShelley A. Marshall
David VargasKristen MontanaroSherry Ann Bordeaux
David VeraKristin A. Irvine RyanSheryl Lynn Rosenbaum
David W. BernardKristine M. SwearsonShevonne Mentis
David W. LaychakKrystine C. BordenabeShimmy D. Biegeleisen
David William NelsonKui Fai KwokShiv Shankar
David WilliamsKum-Kum GirolamoShuyin Yang
David WiswallKyung (Kaccy) ChoSiew-Nya Ang
Davin PetersonLance Richard TumultySigrid Charlotte Wiswe
Davis (Deeg) SeznaLarry BowmanSimon Dedvukaj
Dean P. EberlingLarry I. BeckSimon James Turner
Deanna L. GalanteLarry John SenkoSimon Maddison
Debbie S. BellowsLars Peter QualbenSimon Suleman Ali Kassamali Dhanani
Debora MaldonadoLaShawana JohnsonSimon Weiser
Deborah H. KaplanLaura A. GiglioSita Nermalla Sewnarine
Deborah KobusLaura AngillettaSiu Cheung Wong
Deborah Lynn WilliamsLaura GillySoichi Numata
Deborah MedwigLaura Lee MorabitoSoledi Colon
Deborah MerrickLaura M. LongingSonia Morales Puopolo
Deborah RamsaurLaura Marie Ragonese-SnikSonia Ortiz
Deborah WelshLaura RockefellerSophia B. Addo
Debra (Debbie) ParisLauren GrandcolasSpc. Chin Sun Pak
Debra Ann DiMartinoLaurence Christopher AbelSpc. Craig Amundson
Debra L. GibbonLaurence CuriaSrinivasa Shreyas Ranganath
Debra M. MannettaLaurence M. PolatschSsu-Hui (Vanessa) Wen
Deepa K. PakkalaLaurence NedellStacey L. Peak
Deepika Kumar SattaluriLaurie Ann NeiraStacey Leigh Sanders
Del Rose Forbes-CheathamLawrence DavidsonStacey S. McGowan
Denease ConleyLawrence Don KimStaff Sgt. Maudlyn A. White
Denis F. LavelleLawrence Francis BoisseauStanley Hall
Denis J. McHughLawrence Patrick DickinsonStanley L. Temple
Denis P. GermainLawrence T. StackStanley McCaskill
Denise CrantLawrence VelingStanley S. Smagala
Denise GregoryLawrence VirgilioStephanie McKenna
Denise Lenore BenedettoLeah E. OliverStephanie V. Irby
Dennis A. CrossLeanne Marie WhitesideStephen Adams
Dennis BuckleyLee AdlerStephen Bunin
Dennis G. MoroneyLee Charles LudwigStephen Dorf
Dennis Gerard TaorminaLee S. FehlingStephen E. Poulos
Dennis J. O'ConnorLeo A. RobertsStephen Edward Tighe
Dennis J. PierceLeo Russell KeeneStephen Elliot Belson
Dennis James GomesLeobardo Lopez PascualStephen F. Masi
Dennis Lawrence DevlinLeon LeborStephen G. Hoffman
Dennis M CareyLeon SmithStephen Gerard Siller
Dennis Michael CookLeonard Anthony WhiteStephen Gordon Ward
Dennis Michael EdwardsLeonard J. SnyderStephen Huczko
Dennis Michael MulliganLeonard M. CastriannoStephen J. Cangialosi
Dennis O'BergLeonard RagagliaStephen J. Colaio
Dennis P. McHughLeonard TaylorStephen J. Fiorelli
Dennis ScausoLeonard William HattonStephen James Lauria
Deora Frances BodleyLeonel MorochoStephen Joseph
Derek James StatkevicusLeroy HomerStephen K. Tompsett
Derek O. SwordLesley Anne ThomasStephen LaMantia
Derrick Arthur GreenLeslie A. WhittingtonStephen Lefkowitz
Derrick WashingtonLester Vincent MarinoStephen Louis Roach
Diana Borrero de PadroLiam CallahanStephen P. Dimino
Diana J. O'ConnorLiam Joseph ColhounStephen P. Russell
Diane G. BarryLillian CaceresStephen Patrick Cherry
Diane M. Hale-McKinzyLillian I. FrederickStephen Patrick Driscoll
Diane Maria UrbanLiming (Michael) GuStephen Philip Morris
Diane Marie Moore ParsonsLincoln QuappeStephen V. Mulderry
Diane SimmonsLinda C. LeeSteve Mercado
Diane Theresa LipariLinda GeorgeSteve Pollicino
Dianne GladstoneLinda GronlundSteven A. Giorgetti
Dianne SnyderLinda JonesSteven A. Jacobson
Dianne T. SignerLinda LuzziconeSteven B. Lillianthal
Diarelia Jovannah MenaLinda M. ColonSteven B. Paterson
Digna Alexandra Rivera CostanzaLinda Mair GraylingSteven Cafiero
Dinah WebsterLinda Mary OlivaSteven Coakley
Dipti PatelLinda RiveraSteven D. Jacoby
Dolores B. FanelliLinda RosenbaumSteven Elliot Furman
Dolores Marie CostaLinda SheehanSteven F. Strobert
Domenick MircovichLindsay Coates HerknessSteven Francis Schlag
Dominick E. CaliaLindsay S. MorehouseSteven Goldstein
Dominick J. BerardiLisa B. CannavaSteven Gregory Genovese
Dominick PezzuloLisa Caren Weinstein EhrlichSteven Hagis
Dominique PandolfoLisa EganSteven Harris Russin
Don Jerome KauthLisa Fenn GordensteinSteven Howard Berger
Don SimmonsLisa FrostSteven John Olson
Donald A. DelapenhaLisa J. RainesSteven L. Howell
Donald A. ForemanLisa Kearney-GriffinSteven Lawn
Donald Americo DiTullioLisa L. TrerotolaSteven Lawrence Glick
Donald Arthur PetersonLisa L. YoungSteven Mark Fogel
Donald F. GreeneLisa M. King-JohnsonSteven P. Morello
Donald F. SpampinatoLisa Marie TerrySteven Paul Chucknick
Donald G. HavlishLizette MendozaSteven Paul Geller
Donald H. GregoryLizie Martinez-CalderonSteven R. Strauss
Donald J. DiFrancoLloyd BrownSteven Weinberg
Donald J. ReganLloyd D. RosenbergSteven Weinstein
Donald James BurnsLonny J. StoneStewart D. Harris
Donald James McIntyreLorenzo RamzeyStuart (Soo-Jin) Lee
Donald Joseph TuzioLoretta AStuart Seid Louis
Donald L. AdamsLorisa Ceylon TaylorStuart Todd Meltzer
Donald McArthur YoungLorraine D. AntiguaSue Kim Hanson
Donald Richard GavaganLorraine G. BaySuresh Yanamadala
Donald RobsonLorraine LeeSuria R.E. Clarke
Donald T. JonesLorraine LisiSusan A. MacKay
Donald W. JonesLouie Anthony WilliamsSusan Ann Ruggiero
Donald Walter RobertsonLouis A. CaporicciSusan Clancy Conlon
Dong LeeLouis ArenaSusan D. Murray
Donna Bernaerts-KearnsLouis Calvin WilliamsSusan Elizabeth Ancona Pinto
Donna BowenLouis F. AversanoSusan G. Santo
Donna ClarkeLouis J. NackeSusan Huie
Donna Marie GiordanoLouis Joseph MinervinoSusan L. Blair
Donna Marie RothenbergLouis Neil MarianiSusan Lee Kennedy Schuler
Donna WilsonLouis S. InghilterraSusan M. Clyne
Donnie Brooks TaylorLouis V. FersiniSusan M. Getzendanner
Dora MenchacaLouise A. LynchSusan M. Pollio
Doreen J. AngrisaniLourdes Galletti DiazSusan Mary Bochino
Doris Suk-Yuen EngLt. Andrew DesperitoSusan Miszkowicz
Doris TorresLt. Anthony JovicSusan Sauer
Dorota KopiczkoLt. Brian G. AhearnSushil Solanki
Dorothy Alma DeAraujoLt. Charles Joseph MargiottaSuzanne Calley
Dorothy J. ChiarchiaroLt. Charles William GarbariniSuzanne Geraty
Dorothy MauroLt. Christopher P. SullivanSuzanne H. Passaro
Dorothy MorganLt. Cmdr. David Lucian WilliamsSuzanne Kondratenko
Dorothy TempleLt. Cmdr. Eric Allen CranfordSuzanne Youmans
Douglas A. GowellLt. Cmdr. Otis Vincent TolbertSwarna Chalasani
Douglas B. GardnerLt. Cmdr. Patrick Jude MurphySwede Joseph Chevalier
Douglas B. GurianLt. Cmdr. Robert Randolph ElsethSyed Abdul Fatha
Douglas C. MillerLt. Cmdr. Ronald James VaukSylvia San Pio Resta
Douglas D. KetchamLt. Col. Canfield D. BooneTaimour Firaz Khan
Douglas FarnumLt. Col. David M. ScalesTaizo Ishikawa
Douglas Frank DiStefanoLt. Col. Dean E. MattsonTakashi Kinoshita
Douglas G. KarpiloffLt. Col. Dennis M. JohnsonTakashi Makimoto
Douglas IrgangLt. Col. Gary F. Smith (Retired)Takashi Ogawa
Douglas J. StoneLt. Col. Jerry Don DickersonTakuya Nakamura
Douglas MacMillan CherryLt. Col. Karen WagnerTamitha Freemen
Douglas OelschlagerLt. Col. Stephen Neil HylandTara Creamer
Durrell PearsallLt. Dennis MojicaTara Debek
Dwight Donald DarcyLt. Edward Alexander D'AtriTara McCloud-Gray
Eamon J. McEneaneyLt. Gen. Timothy J. MaudeTara Yvette Hobbs
Earl Richard ShanahanLt. Glenn C. PerryTarel Coleman
Eddie DillardLt. Glenn WilkinsonTariq Amanullah
Edelmiro (Ed) AbadLt. Gregg Arthur AtlasTatiana Ryjova
Edgar H. EmeryLt. Harvey L. HarrellTatyana Bakalinskaya
Edmond YoungLt. J.G. Darin Howard PontellTawanna Griffin
Edmund GlazerLt. John CrisciTed Moy
Edmund M. McNallyLt. John F. GinleyTelmo Alvear
Edna CintronLt. John R. FischerTerence A. McShane
Edna L. StephensLt. John WilliamsonTerence D. Gazzani
Eduvigis (Eddie) ReyesLt. Jonas Martin PanikTerence E. Adderley
Edward (Ted) H. LuckettLt. Joseph Gerard LeaveyTerence J. Manning
Edward (Ted) R. HennessyLt. Joseph GullicksonTerence M. Lynch
Edward A. BrennanLt. Kenneth John PhelanTeresa Martin
Edward C. MurphyLt. Kevin Christopher DowdellTerrance Andre Aiken
Edward CalderonLt. Kevin PfeiferTerrence Patrick Farrell
Edward CarlinoLt. Kevin W. DonnellyThe Rev. Francis E. Grogan
Edward DeSimoneLt. Michael EspositoThe Rev. Mychal Judge
Edward F. BeyeaLt. Michael K. HealeyThelma Cuccinello
Edward F. GeraghtyLt. Michael N. FodorTheodoros Pigis
Edward F. PullisLt. Michael QuiltyTheresa (Ginger) Risco
Edward Francis (Teddy) MaloneyLt. Michael Scott LamanaTheresa (Terry) Munson
Edward J. LehmanLt. Michael Thomas RussoThierry Saada
Edward J. MartinezLt. Michael WarcholaThomas A. Damaskinos
Edward J. PapaLt. Paul Richard MartiniThomas A. Gardner
Edward J. PerrottaLt. Paul Thomas MitchellThomas A. Hobbs
Edward James DayLt. Peter L. FreundThomas Anthony Casoria
Edward James WhiteLt. Peter MartinThomas Anthony Mahon
Edward Joseph MardovichLt. Philip S. PettiThomas Anthony Palazzo
Edward K. OliverLt. Raymond E. MurphyThomas Barnes Reinig
Edward L. AllegrettoLt. Robert B. NagelThomas Daniel Burke
Edward LichtscheinLt. Robert Dominick CirriThomas Dowd
Edward MazzellaLt. Robert F. WallaceThomas E. Burnett Jr.
Edward P. FeltLt. Robert M. ReganThomas E. Gorman
Edward P. YorkLt. Ronald T. KerwinThomas E. Hynes
Edward R. PykonLt. Stephen Gary HarrellThomas E. Pedicini
Edward RallLt. Steven J. BatesThomas E. Sabella
Edward Raymond VanacoreLt. Thomas O'HaganThomas E. Sinton
Edward RyanLt. Timothy HigginsThomas Edward Galvin
Edward SaiyaLt. Vernon Allan RichardThomas Edward Jurgens
Edward T. FergusLt. Vincent Francis GiammonaThomas F. Dennis
Edward T. KeaneLt. Vincent Gerard HalloranThomas F. Hughes
Edward T. StraussLt. William E. McGinnThomas F. Swift
Edward Thomas EarhartLucia CrifasiThomas F. Theurkauf
Edward V. RowenhorstLucille T. KingThomas Fitzpatrick
Edward W. SchunkLucy FishmanThomas Foley
Edward W. StraubLudwig John PicarroThomas Francis Wise
Edwin J. ZambranaLuigi CalviThomas G. Crotty
Edwin John GrafLuis Alfonso ChimboThomas G. Schoales
Efrain Franco RomeroLuis Clodoaldo Revilla MierThomas Gambino
Ehtesham U. RajaLuis Eduardo TorresThomas H. Bowden
Eileen FlechaLuis JimenezThomas H. McGinnis
Eileen Marsha GreensteinLuis LopezThomas H. Polhemus
Eileen Mary RiceLuis MoralesThomas Hannafin
Elaine CilloLukas (Luke) RambousekThomas Hetzel
Elaine Myra GreenbergLukasz T. MilewskiThomas I. Glasser
Elena LedesmaLuke A. DudekThomas J. Ashton
Eli ChalouhLuke G. NeeThomas J. Cahill
Eliezer JimenezLydia Estelle BravoThomas J. Celic
Elisa Giselle FerrainaLynette D. VosgesThomas J. Collins
Elizabeth (Lisa) Martin GreggLynn AngellThomas J. Fisher
Elizabeth Ann (Betty) FarmerLynn Catherine GoodchildThomas J. Kennedy
Elizabeth Ann DarlingLynne Irene MorrisThomas Joseph Kuveikis
Elizabeth Claire LoglerLyudmila KsidoThomas Joseph Sgroi
Elizabeth HolmesMaclovio LopezThomas Langone
Elkin YuenMadeline SweeneyThomas M. Brennan
Elsy Carolina Osorio OlivaMaile Rachel HaleThomas M. Butler
Elvin Santiago RomeroMaj. Clifford L. PattersonThomas M. McHale
Elvira GranittoMaj. Dwayne WilliamsThomas M. Regan
Emelda PerryMaj. Kip P. TaylorThomas McCann
Emeric J. HarveyMaj. Ronald D. MilamThomas Michael Kelly
Emerita (Emy) De La PenaMaj. Steve LongThomas Mingione
Emilio (Peter) OrtizMaj. Wallace Cole HoganThomas P. Deangelis
Emmanuel AfuakwahMalissa WhiteThomas P. Farrelly
Enrique Antonio GomezMandy ChangThomas P. Holohan
Eric A. StahlmanManette Marie BecklesThomas Patrick Cullen
Eric Adam EisenbergManika NarulaThomas Patrick Knox
Eric AllenManish K. PatelThomas Pecorelli
Eric Andrew LehrfeldMannie Leroy ClarkThomas R. Clark
Eric Brian EvansManuel Da MotaThomas Richard Kelly
Eric L. BennettManuel Dejesus MolinaThomas S. Strada
Eric Raymond ThorpeManuel Del ValleThomas Shubert
Eric Samadikan HartonoManuel Emilio MejiaThomas Sparacio
Eric SandManuel GomezThomas Sullivan
Eric T. OlsenManuel L. LopezThomas Tong
Eric Thomas RopiteauManuel MojicaThomas V. Linehan
Eric Thomas SteenManuel O. AsitimbayThomas W. Duffy
Erica Van AckerManuel PatrocinoThomas W. Kelly
Erick SanchezMarc A. MuroloThomas Warren Hohlweck
Erik Hans IsbrandtsenMarc Scott ZeplinTimothy A. Roy
Ernest AlikakosMarcello MatriccianoTimothy Aaron Haviland
Ernest JamesMarcia G. Cecil-CarterTimothy C. Kelly
Ernest M. WillcherMarcia HoffmanTimothy D. Betterly
Ervin Vincent GailliardMarco MotroniTimothy E. Reilly
Erwin L. ErkerMarcus R. NeblettTimothy G. Byrne
Eskedar MelakuMargaret Ann (Peggy) Jezycki AlarioTimothy Grazioso
Esmerlin SalcedoMargaret Elaine MatticTimothy Haskell
Eugen LazarMargaret L. BensonTimothy J. Finnerty
Eugene ClarkMargaret Mary ConnerTimothy John Coughlin
Eugene J. RaggioMargaret OrloskeTimothy John Hargrave
Eugene WhelanMargaret Ruth EchtermannTimothy Matthew Welty
Eugenia PiantieriMargaret SeeligerTimothy Michael O'Brien
Eustace (Rudy) BacchusMargaret Susan LewisTimothy O'Sullivan
Evan H. GilletteMargarito CasillasTimothy P. Soulas
Evan J. BaronMaria BehrTimothy Patrick McSweeney
Evelyn C. McKinnedyMaria Isabel RamirezTimothy Paul Gilbert
Everett Martin (Marty) ProctorMaria JakubiakTimothy Robert Hughes
Ezra AvilesMaria LavacheTimothy Stout
Fabian SotoMaria Percoco VolaTimothy Ward
Faina RapoportMaria Rose AbadTitus Davidson
Fanny M. EspinozaMaria Theresa SantillanTodd A. Isaac
Farah JeudyMarian HrycakTodd Beamer
Farrell Peter LynchMarian ServaTodd C. Weaver
Faustino ApostolMarianne MacFarlaneTodd D. Pelino
Felicia HamiltonMarianne SimoneTodd Joseph Ouida
Felicia Traylor-BassMarie LukasTodd Reuben
Felix (Bobby) CalixteMarie PappalardoTodd Russell Hill
Felix Antonio ValeMarina R. GertsbergTony Pratt
Ferdinand V. MorroneMario L. SantoroTonyell McDay
Fernando Jimenez MolinarMario NardoneToshihiro Onda
First Officer Thomas McGuinnessMarion BrittonToshiya Kuge
Fitzroy St. RoseMarion Victoria (vickie) ManningTouri Bolourchi
Florence CohenMari-Rae SopperToyena Corliss Skinner
Florence M. GregoryMarisa Di Nardo SchorppTroy Edward Nilsen
Frances Ann CilenteMarjorie C. SalamoneTu-Anh Pham
Frances HarosMark A. BrismanTyler V. Ugolyn
Francesco GarfiMark BavisTyrone May
Francine A. VirgilioMark BruceUhuru G. Houston
Francis (Frank) Albert DeMartiniMark D. HindyUlf Ramm Ericson
Francis EspositoMark E. SchurmeierValerie Joan Hanna
Francis J. (Frank) FeelyMark F. HemschootValerie Silver Ellis
Francis J. NazarioMark Francis BroderickValerie Victoria Murray
Francis J. SadochaMark G. LudvigsenValsa Raju
Francis J. SkidmoreMark H. RosenVanavah Alexi Thompson
Francis Joseph TrombinoMark J. ColaioVanessa Langer
Francis Noel McGuinnMark J. EllisVanessa Lynn Kolpak
Francis S. RiccardelliMark JardimVassilios G. Haramis
Francis X. DemingMark K. BinghamVaswald George Hall
Francisco Alberto LirianoMark L. CharetteVenesha O. Richards
Francisco BourdierMark Louis RosenbergVernon Paul Cherry
Francisco CruzMark PetrocelliVeronique (Bonnie) Nicole Bowers
Francisco Miguel (Frank) ManciniMark RothenbergVicki Yancey
Francisco MunozMark Ryan McGinlyVictor Antonio Martinez Pastrana
Franco LalamaMark SchwartzVictor Daniel Barbosa
Francois Jean-PierreMark ShulmanVictor Kwarkye
Frank A. PalomboMark Stephen CarneyVictor Paz-Gutierrez
Frank B. ReismanMark WhitfordVictor Wald
Frank BonomoMark Y. GillesVictoria Alvarez Brito
Frank G. SchottMark ZangrilliVijayashanker Paramsothy
Frank H. BrennanMarlyn C. BautistaVincent A. Laieta
Frank J. KoestnerMarlyn C. GarciaVincent Abate
Frank J. SpinelliMarni Pont O'DohertyVincent Cangelosi
Frank J. VignolaMarsha A. RodriguezVincent D. Kane
Frank John NiestadtMarsha Dianah RatchfordVincent D'Amadeo
Frank Joseph DoyleMartha Jane StevensVincent F. DiFazio
Frank Joseph NaplesMartha ReszkeVincent G. Danz
Frank SalvaterraMartin BoryczewskiVincent Litto
Frank T. WisniewskiMartin CoughlanVincent M. Boland
Frank Thomas AquilinoMartin DeMeoVincent Michael Wells
Frank V. MocciaMartin E. McWilliamsVincent Princiotta
Frankie SerranoMartin GiovinazzoVincent R. Slavin
Franklin Allan PershepMartin LizzulVincent S. Morello
Franklin MonahanMartin Michael WortleyVincenzo Gallucci
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Frederick H. KelleyMartin Paul MichelsteinVirginia Fox
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Frederick John CoxMary (Molly) HerenciaVishnoo Ramsaroop
Frederick KuoMary D. StanleyVita Marino
Frederick T. VaracchiMary D'AntonioVito Joseph Deleo
Fredric GablerMary Ellen TiesiVivian Casalduc
Gabriela WaismanMary Jane (MJ) BoothVladimir Savinkin
Ganesh LadkatMary Jo KimelmanVladimir Tomasevic
Garnet Edward (Ace) BaileyMary Katherine BoffaW. David Bauer
Garo H. VoskerijianMary Kathleen ShearerWade Brian Green
Garry LozierMary Lenz WiemanWai-ching Chung
Garth E. FeeneyMary Lou HagueWaleed Iskandar
Gary AlberoMary Lou LangleyWaleska Martinez Rivera
Gary BirdMary MelendezWalter (Wally) P. Travers
Gary E. LaskoMary Rubina SperandoWalter Arthur McNeil
Gary Edward KoechelerMary S. JonesWalter Baran
Gary GeidelMary Teresa CaulfieldWalter E. Weaver
Gary H. LeeMary TrentiniWalter Matuza
Gary HeroldMary WahlstromWalwyn W. Stuart
Gary J. FrankMary Yolanda DowlingWanda Anita Green
Gary L. BrightMasaru OseWanda Ivelisse Prince
Gary LutnickMaster Sgt. Max Beilke (Retired)Warren Grifka
Gary R. BoxMatthew BarnesWayne Alan Russo
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Gavin CushnyMatthew D. HorningWayne White
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Gloria NievesMichael David DiehlWilliam Tselepis
Godwin AjalaMichael David FerugioWilliam V. Steckman
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Gordon McCannel AamothMichael Diaz-PiedraWilliam Wren
Goumatie T. ThackurdeenMichael E. TinleyWillie Q. Troy
Grace Alegre-CuaMichael Edward AsherWilson "Bud" Flagg
Grace GalanteMichael Edward GouldWing Wai (Eddie) Ching
Graham Andrew BerkeleyMichael Edward McHughWinston Arthur Grant
Greg Joseph BuckMichael Edward RobertsWolfgang Peter Menzel
Gregg Harold SmallwoodMichael EganXavier Suarez
Gregg J. FroehnerMichael Emmett BrennanYamel Merino
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Gregorio Manuel ChavezMichael F. StabileYang Der Lee
Gregory Alan ClarkMichael Francis LynchYe Wei Liang
Gregory E. RodriguezMichael G. ArczynskiYelena Belilovsky
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Gregory M. PrezioseMichael Gregory McGintyYeshavant Moreshwar Tembe
Gregory M. StajkMichael H. WayeYevgeny Kniazev
Gregory MilanowyczMichael Hardy EdwardsYin Ping (Steven) Wong
Gregory RedaMichael Helmut HaubYoichi Sugiyama
Gregory RichardsMichael HornYsidro Hidalgo-Tejada
Gregory SikorskyMichael J. ArmstrongYudh V.S. Jain
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Guy BarzviMichael J. PascumaYvette Nicole Moreno
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Hardai (Casey) ParbhuMichael John SimonZhanetta Tsoy
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