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Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Just a hint...

I get a lot of strange search referrals here. Most of them, I'm sort of use to- although my "about page" will give you an idea of what I do with some of the worse ones.
However, lately I've been getting a good amount of "ohio age of consent" searches. And, I thought I would address the issue, just for those special people who need to know what the laws say about the age of consent in Ohio:

If you have to ask whether it's legal... most likely you shouldn't be doing it to begin with.


Kevin Ray Underwood

Too many times we see the amber alert issued for a missing child, sometimes the child is found safe, sometimes it's too late. In a strange way, most of us have become oddly accostomed to hearing the news that a child wasn't able to make it back home safely. It's almost as if as a society we have become condidtioned to the tragic loss of young lives. I'm not saying it's easy to deal with, only that it happens so frequently nowadays, that it often seems to occur without much press.
The case of Jamie Rose Bolin didn't go without the press. It wasn't a story we were use to hearing, and for many the shock of what happened to her left us haunted.

A man accused of strangling a 10-year-old girl and plotting to eat her flesh allowed investigators to search his apartment and then confessed to the slaying, an FBI agent testified Tuesday.

Agent Craig Overby said he spotted the girl's clothing inside a plastic tub inside a bedroom closet and asked Kevin Ray Underwood where the girl was. Overby said the man responded: "She's in there. I hit her and chopped her up."

Jamie Rose Bolin's body was found nearly decapitated inside Underwood's apartment, investigators have said.

Yesterday Underwood appeared in court for first-degree murder, and was granted a request by the defense for a gag order that prohibits attorneys and law enforcement from discussing the case publicly. Prosecutors will be seeking the death penalty for Underwood. And, to be honest- I can imagine a person more deserving.


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Monday, August 21, 2006

Click the Sex Offender Link

In a interesting move, Microsoft has done what others should be considering:

CEOP and Microsoft Partnership makes reporting potential sex offenders easier in MSN and Windows Live Messenger

Millions of young people in the UK who use Windows Live Messenger or MSN Messenger to chat online with friends are now just one click away from making a report to police if they are concerned their online 'buddy' is a sex offender.

Currently, I don't know if this a UK only feature, or if it's available in the US. I'm hoping that if it's not here yet, it gets here soon.

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Sidetracked thoughts on Karr

Just thought I would mention that if and when Karr is transferred to Boulder jail, this is what his new "home" will look like.

Something tells me it's more high scale than the hole in the wall that he was found living in in Thailand.

Other interesting gossip:

He was looking into/ getting a sex change
Had facial hair removed
Had a little champagne toast on the plane, along with some roasted duck, just hope that isn't my tax dollars funding the in flight party.
U.S. legal experts see signs that police interrogation may have helped shape Karr's statement

Sadly, despite the many many new stories out on Karr, there seems to be more fluff than actual news, in fact other than providing us with more bits and pieces of how strange this man is, there's been nothing that could be used as real evidence to him having actually committed this murder.


To waste a little time, I did a little handwritting overlaying using the ransom note, and the yearbook. I really found that it all depended on which letters or words I used... but here's the image, you decide.

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Friday, August 18, 2006

A Change of Scenery

Taking a break from the confusing "breaking news" on the Ramsey case, I happened upon this gem, from New Orleans talking mindless head:

SOURCE - New Orleans Mayor Ray Nagin on Friday blamed racism and government bureaucracy for hamstringing his city's ability to weather Hurricane Katrina and recover from the disaster that struck the Gulf Coast nearly a year ago.

In remarks to the annual meeting of the National Association of Black Journalists, Nagin said the hurricane "exposed the soft underbelly of America as it relates to dealing with race and class."

Now, I've seen a lot of race cards pulled in my life, and I've never really said much about it. I went to schools that were pretty much equally mixed, both within the student body, and within the staff. I've seen the card thrown out by both sides. And I always have taken it with a grain of salt. People are going to take any situation, and twist it, pull it, and push it until it fits in whatever shape they want it. The black teacher "picks on" the white kid, well any chance that it's because the kid was goofing off rather than because the kid is white? Most likely, but don't expect them to spin it that way. White teacher corrects black student, would it be because the student was black, or because the student was not doing what they should have been?

Take it for what it is, and realise that no matter what, people are going to call it what it isn't.

New Orleans was not devastated because America doesn't like black people. We're not a country full of racist just waiting for the chance to destroy New Orleans. In fact, truth be told, it really seems to be that America has forgotten every single other place that was hit by a hurricane except for New Orleans.

Yes, New Orleans had it horrible. The conditions were unimaginable. Of course, so was the idea that there were all those buses, just sitting there wasting away when they could have been providing a way out to hundreds and hundreds of people at the time the city was suppose to have been evacuating.

Now, the mindless talking head is complaining that funds have went to contractors and developers rather than "local governments or to the people themselves". I wonder, just who does Nagin believe is benefiting from the presence of these contractors? Who's roofs did they cover, whose streets are they rebuilding, whose benefits from the repair and reconstruction of various businesses, houses, and schools? And lets not forget the funds that were given BY THE PEOPLE OF AMERICA to the victims, through agencies like the Red Cross. I'm pretty sure that it is safe to say no one checked the "give these funds to non blacks only" box on the donation form. No one was opening their home for "the rich and well educated only".

I could go on, and I want too- but I'm not. I'm just releasing a bit of frustration that some people feel it's best to pull a race card... despite the fact that they themselves have displayed less than tolerant opinions about others.

Anyone recall the "chocolate city" comment? It's pretty sad when the racist suggests the other side is racist.


So, some are not convinced

As I mentioned yesterday, it wasn't hard to look around and see more than a few bloggers questioning whether the JonBenet Ramsey murder case was actually any more solved than it was before the big rush of news that a suspect has confessed. Today, the news media seems to be catching up to the rest of us, with literally hundreds of Yahoo News searches bring up headlines such as "Bloggers wary of confession, condemn media" "Skepticism abounds in cyberspace" "Doubts grow overJonBenet's confessed killer" and " Lingering doubts: Alleged confessed JonBenet Ramsey killer leaves police with many unanswered questions". Sorry, I'm not linking the stories. Because, to be honest- they say pretty much exactly what blogs are saying, in fact even a few of them quote some bloggers- without credit or linkage though.

So, people are doubting parts of the confession- where does that leave us? Looking at a few of the bigger problems within the confession, one would think that investigators would have cleared these up BEFORE coming to the conclusion that his confession was the real thing. Such as, just where was John MarkKarr at Christmas in 1996? The ex wife, Lara Karr insists that Karr was with her, wouldn't Boulder police have checked his whereabouts to ensure that it was possible he was in Boulder at that time? It'd be like me confessing to the murder of JFK- well you'd have a confession, but it's be worthless as there is no way I could have been in Texas that day.

Another problem was the "I drugged her" comment, which seems to have been retracted. As the official in Thailand who interrogated Karr has recently said that what Karr said was that it was "a blurr". Which is a big difference, perhaps someone should be looking a little more closer at the "confession" to see what else was mistakenly credited to Karr. The questions about whether Karr picked her up from school, or entered into the home, seems to have been "cleared up" with another correction made by the Thailandofficial- who says Karr didn't say that, the official actually recalled it from a story about the case. So, now we have even more words put into Karr's mouth.

There's the question of the teddy bear, which I'm not even going into right now. But, chalk that one up to another mystery.

Could it be that Karr was looking for speedy ticket back to the States? Is his information" regarding the case actually enough that we can honestly say "only the killer would know it"?
If nothing else, I have to say that my gut tells me this guy is a pervert, more than likely there are children out there that have been made victims of his. (Including his two former wives, which were both underage when he married them)

Washington Post :Karr had an earlier marriage to a girl who was 13 when they wed. He had a peripatetic history of brief jobs in schools. He abruptly quit a teaching internship in Alabama his last semester of college, after complaints about his behavior in class. A year later in California, he was jailed -- though never convicted -- on child pornography charges, skipping out on a court appearance soon after his release and eluding police.
The next year, when Karr was 19, he married a 13-year-old girl from Hamilton, Quientana Shotts, county court records show. Shotts filed for divorce a year later, complaining that she was "fearful for her life and safety." In a response filed with the court, Karr contested her age, saying she was in fact 14.

He was 24 when he married his second wife, Lara, who was 16 and pregnant with twins at the time. According to the San Francisco Chronicle, the babies died at birth less than four months later; they were named Angel and Innocence.

A quick look at some of his emails is enough to know that his guy is disturbed to say the least:

from e-mails written by John MarkKarr to University of Colorado journalism professor Michael Tracey

"I am tortured mostly because of my present situation. I appreciate that you would refer to my childhood. It was unique . . . "

"I will tell you that I can understand people like Michael Jackson and feel sympathy when he suffers as he has. I do think that he is sexually attracted to certain children but could never divulge this. He made an attempt when he talked of sleeping with little boys but was completely misunderstood. I think he made an assertion and quickly had to back down. On the other hand, his comments might have had nothing to do with having the type of sex one might equate with the sense of the term, sex."

"Again, I was talking about you in reference to more intensity. The investigation was Federal. It involved four states. Knowing now that you have my photo, I am not keen on telling you of the specific states. I lost every friend, contact and family member as a result of this investigation. Some of my closest little girls were questioned by the authorities which broke my heart into pieces. I will never have contact with anyone in my past ever again. I lost my identity when this happened. This was the easy part. The worst was yet to come."

"I 'want' to tell you much though I cannot due to the fact that it has been revealed to me that you now know what I look like. This is a blow to our conversations and to my sharing. Had I known this earlier, I would have shared less - I am sure of it. With that said, I still responded to your mail in full . . .

"Sometimes little girls are closer to me than with their parents or any other person in their lives. When I refer to myself as JonBenet's Closest, maybe now you understand."

"I am interested in telling you anything that does not cost me everything as it did in the past

Best media quote on the case since the story broke "There is a lot we don't
know" by CourtTv, who has full coverage of the case dating back years for those of you that need a refresher on it.


A little rambling on my part...

I've been watching the news, reading the blogs, listening to the audio... and yet something seems so completely "missing" from this confession. Something doesn't sit right, at least for me.

Police say that John Karr knew information on the case that was not released to the public. They believe, or are leading us to believe that the only way he could have known was if Karr commented the crime.

Karr's bother, Nate Karr, insisted that Karr was working on a story, a novel covering among other things, the murder of JonBenet. He believes that it was through the investigation into the case that John Karr learned the details he shared.
Personally, that for me is one serious issue. Personally, I've never contemplated writing anything more than this blog. Yet, there have been more than one case in which I researched enough that I knew more than the average person. Sometimes, talking to people, you get a glimpse at what they know, and you become part of a small group of people that know things. Sometimes they are big things, sometimes they aren't. John Karr is said to have investigated the case to a great deal, and even talked to people close to the case. Is it not possible that some of this "knowledge" he has came from those investigations, and those conversations.
In my mind at least, I know that there are ways to get people to open up and tell you what you want without them actually telling you word for word. A series of questions that "beat around the bush" often will be enough provide a conclusion as to where the bush is.

There is the issue of whether or not John Karr drugged, as he claims, JonBenet Ramsey. Autopsy reports show that there was no trace of any drugs in her system. This may or may not be a "big issue" and would most likely be solved by knowing what he actually drugged her with. Was it something that could be detected in a standard test? Was it something that would be detectable at all, or could the trace evidence have vanished within the time frame that JonBenet was supposedly drugged and when she was found and the autopsy was preformed?

And, there is of course the problem of the ex wife, and her statements that John Karr was with her and their families at the time of the murder. Last I've heard on it, they continue to insist this is so, and are looking through photos that will prove it. I know very few women that would lie to protect their husbands from something like this- given a confession to the murder from him, let alone a ex wife defending him.

One thing that really bothers me though, how would a man who seems to have had little resources, been able to travel the world as he did? Having recently been arrested, recently divorced, and what seems to be employed in less than the most successful way- how was it that he afforded such a life style that would allow him to jump from country to country so much within the last few years?

There really are so many parts of this "confession" that seem to only raise more questions, I have to wonder is the headlines are a bit wrong when they declare the "case solved". For me at least... I'll sit back and wait for the evidence to be shown.

Of course, feel free to tell me your thoughts on the case, a good place to start would be with Butch's feelings on it, as he really has raised some good questions of his own, and I'd like to see what you have to add to them.

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John Karr Timeline:


• May: University of Colorado Professor Michael Tracey, who had been corresponding with Karr about the case for four years, contacted the Boulder district attorney about their e-mail exchanges.

• June 6: Lt. Gen. Suwat Tumrongsiskul, head of Thailand's immigration police, said Karr arrived in Bangkok from Penang, Malaysia, to look for a teaching job. Karr had been in Thailand five times over the past two years.

• Aug. 11: Suwat said U.S. authorities informed Thai police that an arrest warrant had been issued for Karr on charges of premeditated murder.

• Aug. 15: Karr began teaching second grade in the international school system in Bangkok, according to the district attorney in Boulder, Colo.

• Aug. 16: Arrest warrant sent to Thai police and Karr taken into custody.

• Aug. 17: Karr told reporters in Bangkok, Thailand, that he was "with JonBenet when she died" and that "her death was an accident."


• A resume for "John Karr" posted on, with a photo that strongly resembles Karr, claims he taught various subjects, recruited new English teachers and maintained a library at La Esperanza School in Honduras.

He also said he instructed corporate executives in English in San Jose, Costa Rica. The authenticity of the resume could not be confirmed.

Interpol says there are no criminal charges pending against Karr in Honduras, and the Honduran attorney general's office said it has no record of crimes committed by Karr in the country.


• Aug. 3: John Karr left Costa Rica, crossing the border into Nicaragua by land. Costa Rican authorities say they have no record of him entering the country and no other evidence of his stay.


• The resume in Karr's name says he was a private English teacher and caregiver in Germany and the Netherlands, apparently for three families with young children. It lists Stuttgart and Munich as cities he has visited. Public prosecutors in both cities say they have no record of any investigation involving Karr. The authenticity of the resume could not be confirmed.


• April: California Commission on Teacher Credentialing suspended Karr's certification. No specific reason was given, but automatic suspensions are authorized when a complaint, information or indictment is filed in court alleging the teacher has committed an offense specified in the Education Code.


• Karr claims he taught English to children aged 6-12 in Seoul,
South Korea, and volunteered as an English teacher in Heemstede, Netherlands, a resume posted on an English-teaching institution Web site said. The Web site took down the posting after an Associated Press reporter called. South Korean immigration officials have declined to comment. The same claim is made on the resume posted on; its authenticity could not be confirmed.


• January - March: Karr worked in four different school districts throughout Sonoma County, Calif., between January and March 2001.

• April 13: Karr was arrested on five misdemeanor counts of possession of child pornography, the Sonoma County sheriff's office said.

• April 17: Karr pleaded not guilty to the charges, according to court documents.

• April: The Sonoma County School District where Karr sometimes substitute-taught received a letter from the county superintendent of education to say Karr had been taken off the list of acceptable substitutes, after the Sonoma sheriff's office notified school officials he had been arrested.

• April 19: Karr's wife filed for divorce.

• Oct. 5: After a series of court hearings, Karr was released from jail, but was ordered to report to a probation officer and avoid child pornography, children and places where children congregate, such as schools, beaches and parks. The court records in the case were sealed.

• November: A judge issues a restraining order, compelling Karr to stay 100 yards away from his wife and three children for three years.

• December: A warrant was issued for Karr's arrest after authorities said he violated the terms of his supervised release.


• Summer 2000: Karr moved his family to Petaluma, Calif.

• John Karr received a bachelor of science degree in liberal arts from Regents College, now Excelsior College, in 2000, spokesman Bill Stewart said Thursday.


• A resume in Karr's name at says he taught a variety of subjects at "some of the most prestigious schools in the United States" in addition to doing private tutoring. The resume says he has been to Atlanta, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Francisco and other cities, though no dates or schools are listed. The authenticity of the resume could not be confirmed.


• Karr said he served as a substitute teacher at Winfield Elementary in Winfield, Ala.
As taken from Yahoo News:


• Karr said he was a computer instructor at Bevill College in Hamilton, Ala.


• At Bevill State Community College in Hamilton, records show Karr was a student from the fall of 1996 to the winter of 1998. During that time he also ran a used car business, according to Marion County Probate Judge Annette Bozeman, who often saw Karr in her office working on car titles.

• Fall 1996: Karr is hired as a substitute teacher at the high school he attended, Hamilton High School in Hamilton, Ala. He worked there until school officials received complaints that he was saying things "that didn't need to be said in an elementary class," according to the district's superintendent, Bravell Jackson.

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Toddler dies after rape

A two and a half year old girl was taken to St. Joseph's Hospital in Florida Wednesday night, with serious injuries. Doctors found signs indication that the child had been raped. She later died, from her injuries.

The mother of the little girl, who's name has not been released, had been dating Eric James Tate, 18, of Lutz Florida. She had apparently left Tate to babysit the toddler numerous times.

“She was in very serious condition when detectives started the interviews,” Carter said. “As a result some of the interviews, which we are not going to elaborate on, Tate was arrest and charged with capital sexual battery.”

There is no excuse for this, no reason in the world that a child this young (or any age) should be buried because some deviant monster feels compelled to use them as a source of sexual gratification. The very idea that someone could rape a child, and in doing so injure them so badly as to cause their death... is beyond sickening.

Tate is 18. Not even old enough to buy his own beer. And yet, he's already committed one the most heinous crimes imaginable.

Toddler dies from sexual assault injuries
2-year-old rape victim dies

Hat Tip to a reader.

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Thursday, August 17, 2006

Reactions to John Karr

*UPDATE: Confession AUDIO
A quick look around the blogosphere will give you a peek at the effect of yesterdays news about the arrest of John Karr in the JonBenet Ramsey murder case is having on people everywhere. It's not just the "crime bloggers", although many of them have picked up on the story.

bc4gwb, from MVRWC shares her feelings on the case, and makes a few suggestions as to what should be done to Karr:

Now this Karr monster’s family–his ex-wife and brother–is saying he wasn’t in Colorado at the time, but in Alabama(!). We’ll see. But this guy’s saying he “was in love with her” and his apparent obsession with her, (even if he didn’t do it!) is enough reason for me to want them to lock this freak up and throw away the key.

Dan from Riehl World View has dug up a resume of the suspect. Which includes the fact that Karr claims to have been a private teacher to more than one small child over the years.
Ace of Spades is wondering how Karr's going to get around that alibi the ex-wife has provided, and seems to be leaning toward another idea:
As Ken cautioned, and I agreed, it's still possible that this guy was just a sicko obsessed with JonBenet, and his sick mind convinced him that confessing to her murder would be a way to unite them forever, if only in the public imagination.

Right Wing News
seems to be looking at other options too when it comes to whether or not we should be prepared to say this confession is the long awaited answer to completely solving the crime:
Maybe more info will come out that explains it -- or maybe this is a kook who confessed to a crime that he didn't commit. That does happen. At the moment, let's just say that the jury's still out on this one and it may be worth waiting until a little more evidence comes in before deciding that the case is solved after all these years.

The Bullwinkle Report finds a most interesting report on Karr's activities with children he claims was in his care, and responses to the response of the Ramsey's sister upon hearing the news:
I heard Pat Ramsey’s sister being interviewed on tv this morning and she was careful to include a comment about noone “should rush to judgment” and “letting justice take its course.” Considering the treatment the Ramsey family received from the tabloid press, some commentators, and the Denver Police I could well understand where she was coming from in her statements. But she amazingly displayed no anger, I’d probably still be off the wall had it been my sister and family attacked continuously..even in her death.

I always find it amazing, the way some stories seem to reach out and touch everyone that hears it. JonBenet's murder was one of those cases. The pretty little beauty queen, and the parents that most people were willing to convict- not necessarily because they believed the Ramsey's did it, but because they dressed her up that way, making a child so young, look so grown up. It was almost a "you were asking for it" mentality, and with no possible solutions to who else could have done it, the Ramsey's became the perfect people to blame. The mother who never seemed quite sad enough, a father who would make plans to leave so soon afterwards.

It's hard to imagine what JonBenet's family must be going through now, just as it is hard to imagine what Karr's family is going through. For nearly ten years, the public opinion seems to have been pointed at the Ramsey's, with quite whispers of a murderer in the family- and now over night the guilt has been passed onto another family.

In the press conferance from the Boulder Police, the following statements were made:

Statement from Boulder Police Chief Mark Beckner

The Boulder Police Department is pleased with the recent development in the JonBenet Ramsey homicide investigation. Investigators are hopeful that the arrest of suspect John Karr will lead to bringing closure to this tragic crime.
Boulder District Attorney Mary Lacy has asked the Boulder Police Department to assist with additional investigation that must yet be completed. Police Chief Mark Beckner has agreed to assist in anyway possible.
"We are cautiously optimistic with this development in the case and will certainly help as requested," stated Chief Beckner. "We know that there are still many questions that need to be answered and we are ready to assist in finding those answers."
It is unknown at this time as to what police investigators will be asked to do or how many will be assigned to assist with the follow-up investigation.

Statement from Mary Lacy

Good morning.

As you are now aware, John Mark Karr, 41 years old, was arrested for the murder of JonBenet Ramsey yesterday morning at approximately 6:00 am in Bangkok, Thailand. Mr. Karr was living in Bangkok. He began his employment as a second grade teacher in a Bangkok international school on Tuesday of this week.

Mr. Karr has traveled extensively since leaving the United States several years ago. The District Attorneys' Office in conjunction with many other law enforcement agencies have spent the past few months locating, identifying and yesterday, arresting Mr. Karr. Much work has been done in those efforts. There is much more work that needs to be done now that the suspect is in custody. Our preference would have been to complete that work out of the public eye. That is obviously not possible this morning.

You all have many questions that you are anxious to have answered. John Karr is presumed innocent. We are rightfully constrained by the code of professional conduct and the presumption of innocence from answering those questions today.

What I can tell you in a generic sense is that in all serious cases, we work hard with law enforcement not to make an arrest until the investigation is substantially complete. That optimal situation best protects the rights of the suspect. There are circumstances that may exist in any case which mandate an arrest before an investigation is complete. The primary reason is public safety. A secondary reason is fear of flight. In short, exigent circumstances can drive the timing of an arrest. I am not commenting on the particular nature of this investigation or arrest.

There is a great deal of speculation and a desire for quick answer. We should all heed the poignant advice John Ramsey gave yesterday. Do not jump to judgment. Do not speculate. Let the justice system take its course.

Let us continue to do our job thoroughly. The analysis of the evidence in this case continues on a day-by-day basis.

What I can and very much want to share with you is a deep appreciation for the hard work, total cooperation and dedication of many individuals and agencies across this country and in Thailand. You can surely imagine the logistical difficulty of conducting an international investigation of this nature, particularly when their day is our night and our night is their day.

Our role in the investigation of JonBenet Ramsey's murder has been to follow up on all legitimate leads that we have received from law enforcement and concerned citizens. There have been many, particularly around dates of interest such as anniversaries. John and Patsy Ramsey have cooperated fully with each and every request that we have forwarded to them.

I would like to briefly introduce to you my chief investigator Tom Bennett, who continues to lead our investigative efforts. Also my top assistants Peter Maguire and Bill Nagel who have worked closely with Tom and his unit. Each of them join me today in extending our most sincere and heartfelt gratitude to the many individuals and agencies that have assisted us, in particular,

The Royal Thailand Police, Bangkok, Thailand
Department of Special Investigations, Bangkok, Thailand
Chief Edwin Williams and Sgt. Cameron Rowe of the Roswell, Georgia, Police Department
Steve Paganucci of the Atlanta FBI and the Atlanta field office of the FBI
The Atlanta Police Department
The Cobb County Sheriff's Department
Gary Phillips, SA assigned to the US Embassy with ICE under the EPT of Homeland Security
Ann Hurst, ICE
Taekuk Cho, ICE
Dan Kelly, Special Agent with the FBI in Bangkok
Jeff Copp, Special Agent in Charge, and Tony Rouco, SA, of ICE in Denver, CO
True Rowan with OIA in Washington D.C.
Chris Sonderby with OIA in Bangkok

At every level in Thailand, law enforcement joined forces to provide 24 hour assistance to our investigators here and in Bangkok seven days a week. We are overwhelmed by the selfless dedication and hard work of these individuals and agencies. We cannot adequately express our thanks.

I also wish to thank Chief Mark Beckner of the Boulder Police Department who has offered to provide any and all assistance that we may require as the investigation moves onto home ground. We are grateful for the professional and cooperative relationships that we enjoy with his department at every level and look forward to working together.

And finally, to our man on the ground in Bangkok who has worked tirelessly for us since leaving Denver International Airport for Thailand with little more than four hours notice a week ago Monday..........thank you to District Attorney Investigator Mark Spray, come on home. Tom can use your help here. We need to get you two back in the same time zone.

Please allow me to introduce special agent Jeff Copp with the Denver Office of Immigrations and Customs Enforcement under the Department of Homeland Security.

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After ten years of questions, suspicians, and accusing, an arrest has been made in the murder case of JonBenet Ramsey.

SOURCE Story from CNN A law enforcement source identified the suspect as 41-year-old John Mark Karr, a one-time schoolteacher and American citizen who has lived in Conyers, Georgia.

It is the first arrest in the decade-long investigation of the 6-year-old beauty pageant contestant's slaying. The case was the subject of suspicion and speculation and provided years of fodder for the news networks and the tabloids.

Karr had been communicating with someone in Boulder and that online communications played a key role in leading authorities to him, law enforcement sources said.

Greta from FOXNEWS had the suspects brother ( Nate Karr) on tonight- who seems to have come up with a "idea" on how this could have happened. He believes that a mistake has been made, as he says that Karr was actually writing a story on men who kill young children, and had been investigating the case for sometime. However, as of recently difficulty in obtaining police records and such had discouraged him from continuing to work on the book. Her page can be found here, and more than likely within the next few hours or so there will be a transcript up of the interview. *Link Added

I watched the entire report. And, it made me wonder. Now, I've never personally been one to desire to write a book (hey I can barely get ya'll to comment, let alone expect you to pay to read what I write :D), but I have however, taken more than one story a little personally, and investigated it more deeply than others may think is necessary. I know a few details of a few stories that I don't share. I've got suspicions on a few things that I don't share. And I know that other crime bloggers are in the same boat I am. We feel connected to certain stories, for whatever reasons, and go the extra mile to learn everything we can about it. That being said, I can't quite wrap my head around the fact that this arrest is the "mistake" the brother is claiming.

To be fair to the brother, I can't put myself in his shoes. I can't imagine hearing that my flesh and blood- the person I grew up with- could commit such a heinous crime. And, if given the choice between accepting it, and crossing my fingers and praying that it's a mistake- I'd be on my knees in a heartbeat. And, until I had undoubtable proof, I'd be standing strong beside my brother, insisting that he was innocent. I feel for Karr's bother, it's a difficult place that he is in right now. As we've seen in the past, family members often are blamed for their loved ones actions. And I hope that in this case, there isn't any of that going around.

That being said, it doesn't look good for John Karr:

John M. Karr taught in California until he was stripped of his teaching credentials following a 2001 arrest on child pornography charges, authorities said.

Sonoma County Chief Deputy District Attorney Joan Risse confirmed the pornography charges and an outstanding arrest warrant against Karr, though she cautioned she didn't know if he was the same person held in the Ramsey case. State records also show Karr lost his teaching credential in 2002.

A Petaluma woman who said she was Karr's ex-wife told KGO-TV in San Francisco that they got divorced after his arrest.

Laura Karr said her ex-husband spent a lot of time reading up on the cases of Ramsey and Polly Klaas, who was abducted from her Petaluma home and slain in 1993. She said she does not believe her former husband was involved in JonBenet's killing and said she was with him in Alabama at the time of the Christmas 1996 homicide.

Karr's brother, Nate Karr, said his brother's alleged involvement was a misunderstanding.

"It's ridiculous, without a doubt," Karr told WAGA-TV in Atlanta.

He declined further comment, saying that the family would have more to say Thursday. Karr said his brother had worked as a teacher in Alabama, and more recently in California. Continue reading FOx Story

For documents on the case, see the Smoking Gun

Hat Tip to Butch

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Parents Worse Fear

Despite the many many headlines that may flash in front of you about how parents have abused, molested or killed their own children- the parents that actually commit these

crimes are few in number when compared to the parents that cherish their children, and only wish the best for them.

For the latter, the love that they have for their children does not diminish as the child grows up. And the fears that they have when the child is young, still remain when the child becomes an adult.

Domitilio Quintanilla is one of those parents, and he is living the nightmare that scares us all. His daughter, 20 year old Alejandra Quintanilla was found partially nude, in a trash bag and thrown along a gravel road off FM 565 and Interstate 10 near Cove, Texas Thursday.

"We miss her. I just wish we had more time. Unfortunately, someone snatched her from me," Domitilio Quintanilla said. "How can someone do this to her … to anyone? Not just her, to anyone? I've heard things like this happening, but when it hits home, oh my God, you feel it."

"This is not the end. Until we catch this person, then I'll have peace. I'll have peace. Until then, not now," Domitilio Quintanilla said.

Anyone with information is asked to contact the Chambers County sheriff's office at 409-267-8331 or Crime Stoppers at 409-267-TIPS.

For more information please see Click2Houston




Heh.. Beta Blogger

It has labels, sort of like categories, but not. Cause they call them labels. I have labels already, thrid party labels. I don't know if I'll be switching and using the Beta Blogger labels, bacause ti seems that right now you can only do that if you use their templates. And, I really don't wanna do that.
But, the important thing is, I have Beta Blogger. Nah Nah Nah Nah. Let's see if I like it or not after a few days!

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Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Carnival of the True Crime Blogs

Once again, it is my pleasure to host the Carnival of True Crime Blogs. If you haven't browsed around the True Crime Blogs before, now would be an excellent time to start, as the blogroll includes some of today's best bloggers, with a passion for informing others about the dangers that lurk around the corner. And special thanks to our community carnival image maker- Harding from TO Crime, for the lovely display you see here.

Historic Crime Blogger Laura James may be on a small hiatus from her blog, but she kindly left us enough reading material to keep us on our toes. May I suggest taking a look at her recent interview, Clews Interviews True Crime Author Glenn Puit? As always, Laura does an excellent job, and makes for a interesting read.

Trench from the Trenchcoat Chronicles looks into the possible motive behind Robin Kittrell's recent appearance at school, where Kittrell showed up with an arsenal of weapons.

The Girls at Southern Sass have put out a welcome mat for hate mail, in their post "GO Ahead, Bring on the Hate Mail" Of course, leave it to the girls to point out that the ones really deserving of hate mail are all these "parents" who have made headlines by molesting, beating or murdering their children lately.

Slabtown Chronicle has presented a most interesting case of murders who almost committed the perfect crime. However, not even the blood of an innocent man is enough to keep some marriages together, and apparently someone forgot to inform the murdering soon to be ex husband that nothing burns like the wrath of a woman scorned.

The Year Around, a newer member of the Crime Blogs, presents us with the unkind tale of a woman, a man, and a murder of a bailiff.
Coquette and prostitute–called an ‘unmoral woman’ by her doctor, a ‘little demon’ by French detectives, and ‘that serpent’ by her lover–was Gabrielle Bompard really an unwitting accomplice to a murder, or did she use her feminine wiles to accomplish the death of her victim? While the case provides a fascinating example of one of the first effective uses of forensic anthropology, the question of Gabrielle’s complicity is more difficult to answer.

Harding, of TO Crime relates a story of what happens when law enforcement lacks the ablity to deal with problems within a community, and the way that their lack of ability tends to promote vigliante amongor amoung citizens desiring to "clean up" the streets.
As in the Grand Manan case, police do not have the resources to deal with the problem. I saw an interview with an island resident who said that the drug dealer in question had been arrestedÂ… but was relegated to house arrest only. This, actually, helped the dealer to conduct his business, because his clients knew he would always be at home. But police handsÂ’ were tied. There was nothing they could do.

This is why the people took action.

If you have a true crime post you'd like to submit to the carnival, or you did submit one and I've somehow missed it, please leave a link in the comments. If you're interested in joing the True Crime Blogs Blogroll, please click here.
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Another couple lose bid on best adoptive parents of the year award..

Yet again, we have a couple that aparently believed that adoption papers gave them a free pass on abusing the children in their home. And, once again the low life scum reside within my home state. I may have to consider moving if this keeps up much longer.
SOURCEThe Fergusons are accused of abusing their children in both Union and Clark counties. On Tuesday, they pleaded not guilty to the 63 charges between them. James and Vonda Ferguson walked in the courtroom, along with more than a dozen supporters of family and friends who do not believe the allegations against them are true. James Ferguson was charged with 20 counts of child endangering, five counts of permitting child abuse and five counts of felonious assault. Vonda Ferguson is facing a few additional charges, including an extra felonious assault accusation and two other abuse-related charges. The indictments against the Fergusons' claim the two tortured or cruelly abused the children. Investigators said the Ferguson’s used corporal punishment, resulting in serious physical harm.
People, I must insist that we either start demanding more indepth background studies on those seeking to adopt, or we just quit doing it all together. There is no way that anyone will ever be able to convince me that of all the people seeking children, these two degenerates where among the most qualified. And yes, I know- there are a lot of children out there that remain in the system all there lives. I know that too many times, there are just not enough homes to place children in- BUT I have to think that when given the option of being in a facility for children in need, or being tortured, most kids will pick the facility.

Comments, or lack of...

Okay, there's no crime here. There's nothing that I would normally post in this entry, but stick with me a moment and you will see my point. I hope.

So, I'm clicking around the blogosphere, reading stuff while trying to kill some extra time (okay- I don't really have any extra time, but I was however waiting on hold on a phone call and needed something to do) when I started reading Harvey's blog. I'm not sure how I go there. I know Basil has something going with this Harvey guy, cause he had this really funny April Fools joke this year where he (Basil) made his site look just like Harvey's. It was funny. Trust me. Anyway, I'm not sure how I got there to Harvey's place today, last thing I recall is looking at Gnomes. So, there I was at Harvey's and I end up reading his posts on being a better blogger. Really, I was reading the one about getting comments. Because, well to be honest- a lot more of you read than actually comment. And I've always wondered why.

Now, Harvey said I should write a post complaining about the fact that no one comments. I think he said something like "Whining works". But, that just seems so well, sad. Whining to get comments.

Harvey also said I should leave a question, try to drawn the urge to comment out of you. Well, I've tried that, and it doesn't really do much.

Harvey also said I should blog about your comments. I have done that one before to, it didn't work out so well.

So, here's what I am going to:

How come ya'll comment so very little on my blog? Huh? I write and write and write, and yet... I don't see many comments. It's sad. What can I do to make you want to comment? Augh, I just want comments. Come on, at least give me a :D or :( please. Tell me what you want!

Okay, I'll be blogging about your answers later on, so make them good.

See, I used all of Harvey's advice.

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Alfonso Rodriguez Jr.

The sex offender who approached a young college girl at a shopping center, abducted her and later killed her is now headed to trial, with the jury selection on the case being chosen after several weeks of proceedings.
Oh, wait. I'm suppose to say "The person accused", or "The sex offender who allegedly". But, sadly, I'm just a tad moody tonight, so screw it.

(What I'm really thinking) The fucked up monster who should never have been able to see the light of day again, let alone be able to walk out side of a jail cell, who brutally and coldly abducted and murdered a completely innocent person for nothing more than the sick need to satisfy his own gruesome desire is getting ready for his case to come to court. May they quickly find him guilty and fry his ass as soon as possible. - Lilo

Let's look at it, break it down and call this case what it really is. Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. was a convicted sex offender. Dru Sjodin was a student, with a life filled with dreams ahead of her.
Had this pervert, this sorry excuse for a human been locked away from society where he should have been, Sjodin would more than likely still be with us today. She would have been able to get into her car that day, and drive away. The rest of us would never know of her existance, her life would have went on like it did ever other day before that.
Instead, this monster approached Sjordin in the parking lot...
A federal prosecutor told jurors in opening statements that Rodriguez stabbed Sjodin, slit her throat and left her to die in a ditch. The defense countered that the case should not even be in federal court.
SOURCE_ Sjodin’s body was found in April 2004, in a ravine near Crookston, Minn., where Rodriguez, 53, was living with his mother.
In an indictment, prosecutors have said Rodriguez held Sjodin “for the purpose of sexually assaulting her.”
Sjodin died of suffocation, the wound to her neck, or possibly from exposure to the weather, said Assistant U.S. Attorney Keith Reisenauer. He said blood in Rodriguez’s car matched Sjodin’s DNA, and hair on her coat matched Rodriguez’s DNA.

All of this, because six months before hand a panel of idiots decided that DESPITE this monsters history, the rest of us didn't need protection from him enough to have him committed.
At least now, we have some hope that justice will be served, although- to be honest, it can never go back and undue the tragic death caused by "his right to not be committed".
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The Wealthy Pervert

It's not that I really needed to be reminded that sexual predators can come in every shape, size, color, and monetary value- but it is a story that reiterates that point very well. Which is why I though it would be a good idea to share it with all of you. To many times, it seems that those privileged with money and power seem to be put up on a pedestal... never to be questioned when it comes to what they do behind closed doors. Perhaps this story may help in bringing those people back down a notch, and ensure them that money doesn't always guarantee that the law will be blind when it comes to their actions. And, more importantly, it may be seen as a ray of hope to those who have fallen victim to the wealthy, and the powerful.

SOURCE In Palm Beach, he lived in luxury. Three black Mercedes sat in his garage, alongside a green Harley-Davidson. His jet waited at a hangar at Palm Beach International Airport. At home, a private chef and a small staff stood at the ready. From a window in his mansion, he could look out on the Intracoastal Waterway and the West Palm Beach skyline. He seemed to be a man who had everything.

It's just too bad that he thought "having it all" included sex with minors, among other things.
In October, police searched the Palm Beach mansion. They discovered photos of naked, young-looking females, just as several of the girls had described in interviews. Hidden cameras were found in the garage area and inside a clock on Epstein's desk, alongside a girl's high school transcript.

Hat tip to Don Surber, who has his own thoughts on this scum.
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Friday, August 11, 2006

Keith Jackson

Keith Jackson is a registered sex offender. He isn't a babysitter. However, as things seem to happen, he was left with three children, to babysit while their mother went to work.
After the mother left, Jackson apparently raped one of the children- a seven year old girl. He then walked out of the home for a moment, and the children locked him out.

"Jackson goes out of the apartment for a brief moment. The kids lock him out and he causes a disturbance by punching and pounding on the door to get back in," said Mike Hanson, public information officer with the Madison Police Department. "Fortunately, someone else called mother to come home and the police were called as well."

While I am horrified that these children were put into this position, I have to say that their quick thinking is impressive. We have no idea what would have happened if Jackson would have been able to access the home again, and these children really should be commended for being brave enough to lock that door.

On the other hand, I've said it time and time again- KNOW who you are leaving your children with. There is very little that will excuse not taking the few moments it takes to log onto any number of sites and do a search for registered sex offenders. Check out everyone that has the ability to come into contact with your children, and if you find someone on that list- do everything possible to distance yourself AND your children from them.

Read Full Story By Channel 3000.

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Abuse of the Boy Scouts

Thousands of boys spend time with camp leaders, learning survival tricks that often apply to life away from the campsite as much as in it. Having never been in the Scouts, I may not be the best one to describe the benefits of entrusting a stranger with a group of boys out in the wilderness for any given amount of time. Of course, there is very little that anyone could do to make my over protective mind less convinced that the entire concept is filled with faulty judgements... I'm not insulting those that support either the boy or girl scouts- I just believe that as parents, it's OUR job t teach our own children, rather than sending them off to be taught life lessons by someone else. Because, sometimes the lessons learned- aren't what we expected, or wanted.
This happens to be the case of the young men put into the care of the former scoutmaster, Bruce Phelps. He has admitted to sexually abusing a number of young boys that were in his charge. OF course, he only admitted this as a deal in part of a lawsuit filed against the Boy Scouts of American, and Phelps himself. And truth be told, his actions have really cost him little, as the time frame between the sexual abuse and his admitting to it, surpassed the laws on limitations.
Despite the fact that Phelps will not be held accountable- and don't tell me how he was sued and therefore was held accountable, cause it only counts if he at least gets jail time, and he won't- there is hope that files containing more information regarding sexual abuse within the Boy Scouts may help in bringing justice to others.

Decades of files that the Boy Scouts of America compiled on sexual abuse allegations can be used in a lawsuit claiming the organization was ineffective at preventing abuse, the state Supreme Court ruled Thursday.

About 1,000 files, with names redacted, have been given to the lawyers for three men who say their scoutmaster abused them from 1971 to 1983 when they were Boy Scouts. The files are sealed by court order for now but could be made public at trial, plaintiff's attorney Tim Kosnoff said. -SOURCE

The Boy Scouts now claims that it teaches boys how to resist abuse, and report it. Leaving me to wonder, what if the person assigned to teaching this course, is the would be abuser? Something tells me that there are still some holes left open in this story.

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Thursday, August 10, 2006


Testing new browser, Flock. It claims it makes blogging easier. I'll let you know.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2006

A tiny gift...

If I haven't mentioned it before, I'm a big fan of coding. HTML, PHP, XML, CSS, JavaScript, a little bit of everything. It's what I enjoy doing in my free time.

So, the other night I was attempting to add a sidebar button (which never really got done) and was distracted by the need to create a Google Tool bar button. Having never created one before, I though it would be fun. And it was. So much fun in fact that I created another one, for this site.

That's my tiny gift. Especially because other people interested in getting this handy little gadget for their own site can pretty much open the code, make a few changes and offer it as their own. Or, create and send a 16px by 16px image to me, there RSS feed address and have one made up.

Lilo's Google Toolbar Button for Internet Explorer *Note you must have the Google Toolbar, and IE for this button. This button will install in your toolbar, and when clicked- bring you right here to the main page, there's also a little arrow on the side that will allow you to see the last posts (you know, as long as Blogger plays nice and doesn't decide to goof up as they have been doing lately.)

To learn more about Google Toolbar Buttons, click here.


Woman Found in Freezer

Laura Hauck, 52 of Utah was found dead in a freezer, after not having been seen since last Friday. There currently is no motive, and police are looking for Hauck's 18 year old son in connection with the death.

SourceOfficers found a bloody mattress, shells from a .22-caliber rifle and the body stuffed head first into a chest-style freezer.

The cause of death had not been determined but the body did have a gunshot wound, Pickett said.

People close to the family described Jeremy as very quiet and a good student with no previous violent tendencies.

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Worthless Men Convicted.

The three children, ages 8, 9, and 10 were found dead in their home with their necks so severely slashed, they were almost decapitated.
There were thoughts that the murders where done because the family had not paid a dept after being smuggled into the country... whatever the reason was- it matters little. And in the end, it turns out that the two siblings and their cousin were cruelly murdered by another family member.

SOURCE- A jury on Tuesday convicted two men of murdering three young relatives whose bodies were nearly decapitated.

Policarpio Espinoza, 24, and Adan Canela, 19, were found guilty of slashing the children’s throats.

Espinoza was the uncle of 9-year-old Ricardo Espinoza Jr., 8-year-old Lucero Espinoza and their 10-year-old male cousin, Alexis Espejo Quezada. Canela was a cousin of the victims.
Canela and Espinoza’s first trial in 2005 ended in a hung jury.


Saturday, August 05, 2006

Sept 11th

I'm asking every single one of my readers to go back in time, to the day America lost 2996 loved ones. You recall it don't you? It seems no matter where any of us might have been on that day, Sept. 11th, we felt the fear, the sadness and the horror that was happening to those in New York. There is nothing that will ever make the images that we saw, whether we were standing in front of our televisions watching it unfold, or if we ran from the shadows of the buildings that were collapsing- the images will continue to haunt us forever.
Right now is your chance to stand up and 2996 people lost their lives, and now we are in need of 2996 people willing to take the time to remember those we lost, and join in the Tribute to the hero's of 9-11 blogging event.
This is how it works, you sign up here... and a name will be sent to you. You then have until the anniversary to work on a tribute to them. Those with blogs are asked to post it as part of what I imagine to be one of the biggest blog bursts, and certainly the most important. If you do not have a blog, you still may participate. All that is required is that you find a willing blogger who will publish your post for you. For those reading this- I'm willing if you are interested.
Now, I have signed up of course, and have been given the honor of writing about Digna Alexandra Rivera Costanza. So, for those of you that happen to pop in here on a search and find this post, please come back and visit- even if it's only to see the tribute, and find the links to others who are participating in this event.

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Thursday, August 03, 2006

12 year old rapist released...

What do you do when the rapist next door comes in the form of a 12 year old boy? How do you explain to your child that despite the heinous assault they suffered, the 12 year old is currently free?

A 12-year-old boy accused of attacking and sodomizing an 8-year-old boy with a stick was released to family members Wednesday, KPRC Local 2 reported.

The 12-year-old was charged with aggravated sexual assault of a child. Investigators said he was angry about a neighborhood football game when he pulled the 8-year-old behind their Brookshire apartment building, forced him to the ground, pulled down his pants and attacked him.

I suppose that the judge in this case is just sitting back crossing his fingers hoping that the rest of us are content with the fact that the 12 year old spent 2 weeks in a "boot camp" for bad kids. But really, something about him spending even more time surrounded by other kids bothers me. Not as much as the idea that he is currently FREE, and shall more than likely remain FREE for the next five months- while he awaits his trial.
At a detention hearing Wednesday, the judge released the boy to a relative in Katy with conditions until his trial is held in five months. He was ordered to not return to Brookshire.

The 8-year-old's mother was shocked that the boy was released.

I doubt that "shocked" really covers the while rang of emotions that this mother is experiencing, and to be honest- it's barely even covering the emotions I'm having over this.

First, what the hell possesses a 12 year old to sodomize another child? This isn't your typical "boys will be boys" reaction to getting upset over a football game.

Secondly, WTF would possess a judge to allow this child to be released? I'd have to think that the fact that a boy this age is capable of raping someone, should be a good indication that being locked away from society might be the best route to go with him. Give him counseling if you must (and I'd suggest it only because... well I'd say there's a good shot at this being a "learned behavior" and in that case he may need some help) but for heaven's sake (and the sake of other children) lock his 12 year old ass up.

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Not All Boys Are Scouts

**Please welcome my first ever Guest Blogger**

Written By Samantha Burns

Scott Dyleski may have once been a Boy Scout, but today, the 17-year-old is being tried as an adult for the brutal murder of attorney, Daniel Horowitz’s wife, Pamela Vitale, which took place in the fall of 2005.

“Prosecutors say Dyleski put on a ski mask and gloves and attacked 52-year-old Vitale around 10 a.m. that Saturday.

Friends and housemates of the teen testified in a pretrial hearing that Dyleski expressed concern after Vitale's death that his DNA would be found under her nails. He also told a bizarre story, they said, of running into a strange woman who looked like Vitale during a nature walk that day, and that she gripped his arm tightly before driving off in her car.”

It is alleged that Dyleski believed some marijuana-growing supplies he had ordered were mistakenly delivered to Vitale’s home, so he went to the property to find the supplies, only to end in confrontation with Vitale. [source]

You know, they say drugs can tear a family apart, but I’m guessing they didn’t mean this when they said it.

At the time, Vitale was busy employing her passion for Italian architecture by designing the family’s dream home.

“’She would say, “This is our house for the rest of our lives, so I have to put the energy in now to do it,”’ Horowitz said. The home was about 80 percent completed when she was murdered.”

It is believed that the architectural supplies Vitale was using to fashion the home were also the ones used by Dyleski to beat Vitale to death. [source]


Well, I must beg to differ...

It was hard to miss the news today, after all everyone is talking about it. From Stop the ACLU to CrimeBlog (I highly suggest reading the Crime Blog entry mentioned above, as Steve Huff has done more than his share of background work on this case, and the people involved.), the message is quite clear:
You don't have a religious right to rape children.
I know, that should have been a no brainer- but it appears that at least one nut case is taking that defense and using it to justify his predatory actions. A suburban Cleveland man accused of sexually assaulting nine disabled boys told a judge Wednesday that his apartment was a religious sanctuary where smoking marijuana and having sex with children are sacred rituals protected by civil rights laws.

Yes, this predator, this child rapist is calling his raping of helpless children, a "religious right"
"Not all pedophilia is bad, and sex [with boys] can be healthy," Distasio told the court.

According to the journals, two of Distasio's victims were so helpless they could never tell anyone what happened.

"The defendant describes acts in which he had autistic children and he did what I would call sadistic sexual acts with these children," said Mason.

Now, I may have slept through a few Sunday morning sermons, and I have to admit- it's been a while since my feet stepped into any holy place- but I'm pretty sure that it's safe to say that raping children isn't a religious act.
More on this later today.
Thanks to Cug, and Chuck.
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