The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Monday, July 31, 2006

He was eleven...

When he should be preparing to go back to school, his family will instead be preparing for his funeral.
He should be out swimming, playing baseball and goofing around with his friends, instead he'll be remembered in eulogies, poems and prayers.
No, it wasn't a illness that stole this child from those who knew and loved him- it was a twice-convicted child sex offender.

An 11-year-old boy missing since last week was found slain early Monday on a golf course near his home, and a twice-convicted child sex offender was arrested in his death, police said.

An autopsy was being performed on the body of Irvin Harris to establish the cause of death.

"The body had suffered a level of decomposition," said Detective Donny Moses, a police spokesman. "Everything points to the fact that he was actually killed on Friday."

Melvin Jones Jr., 52, was arrested Monday afternoon inside a downtown fast food restaurant after police got an anonymous tip that he was there. Police planned to charge him with murder, Moses said.

Jones had befriended the boy and was last seen with him, investigators said.

A twice convicted sex offender, allowed to roam free with only the impression of public safety applied to him... the impression of, because being on probation clearly didn't prevent him from committing yet another crime. The only difference between this and past crimes? A child is dead.
Sadly, Irvin wasn't the only child endangered because of a sex offender, he wasn't the only child missing. From the Canadian crime bloggers, we've learned that yet another sex offender seems to have vanished with another boy- this time the child is 10 years old. At this point, we can be relieved only in knowing that Zachary Miller could still be alive, could still be saved from having the same outcome as Irvin. For readers up north, I urge you to follow one of those links, for more information on this case.
As for Irvin, we can only hope that this is the last time Melvin Jones Jr. has a taste of freedom. May the state quickly convict him, and even more quickly remove the life from his body.

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The Angry Woman

I've sort of realised that I'm not likely to win the Blogs of Summer Award for the Chick and Mommy category. And that's okay. I've dealt with it (although you can still go vote for me as much as you want).
However, thanks to a suggestion by Alabama Improper... I've decided to make my own awards thingy.

I call it "The Angry Woman Awards".

The Angry Woman Awards is for rewarding the angry woman. Not the slightly moody woman, not the pleasant woman... but the angry woman.
You know... the woman with the blog that you read, which always makes you angry too. It's for the woman blogger who likes to rant, who likes to tell you just what is wrong with the world. The woman who criticizes Cindy Sheehan everyday, or who likes to tell terrorist where they can stick it. The woman who wages her own battle with those who annoy her most.

(yes you may take the Angry Woman Awards Logo, just don't forget to nominate someone!
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Nominations will be taken until I decide to stop taking them, or until I get at least five nominations. And then, we'll begin voting. Voting will last until I get tired of it. And just to make things unfair- you'll be able to cheat. Because some of us are more angry than others, but we just aren't good at getting people to like us.

So, go hunt the blogosphere for your favorite Angry Woman, and then come back and nominate her.
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Due to the demand for them, I've added new categories to the contest. Please submit your "fill in the blank" woman blogger for the following categories:
For the female bloggers who are just funny. They have the best sense of humor, and could honestly make a joke out of anything.
You know these women, they're nice. Not just friendly, but nice. To a fault. It doesn't matter what subject they are blogging, you can be sure there is no off colored words, no judgemental tones. In fact, if they were any nicer, the Angry Women would most likely complain.
This one is special. Sometimes she's nice, sometimes she's angry. Not ever enough of one or the other, and her mood can flip like a democrat trying to gain votes. Every comment you leave has you wondering if today will be the day she professes her love, or bans you for life.
That's right, we now are searching for the : Angry Woman, Funny Woman, Nice Woman, and Moody Woman. Go, spread the word, and come back with your nominations!

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Blogs Of Summer

Well, I made it to the top ten nominees for the Blogs Of Summer Awards, in the Chick and Mommy category. Thanks to those who nominated me! Now, it seems all I have to do is convince you all to go over and vote for me at Dane Bramage. That's right, in order for me to even come close to winning (my competition is extremely good) is for all of you to hurry over to Dane Bramage and vote for me... right here, CLICK THIS and vote for yours truly.(The poll is in the side bar on the right) It's a honor to have been nominated, and even more of an horor to know that I've made it to the finals. Really, I can't say thank you enough.
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Sunday, July 30, 2006

Man sets wife on fire

At first site, the headline followed by the location seemed to be a bit familiar. For a moment, I considered the possibility that I was just reading an old story, but as soon as I got past the first paragraph- I realised that although the story sounds the same, it is sadly- a different one.
For the second time in a year, a woman has been doused with flammable liquids and set on fire by a estranged husband.

A woman doused with gasoline and set afire allegedly by her estranged husband was hospitalized in stable condition Sunday, authorities said.

Freda Edwards, 39, is being treated in the Washington Hospital Center's burn unit for second- and third-degree burns to her face, neck and upper body.

According to police investigators, Anthony Willoughby, 40, a self-employed landscaper, took the fuel tank off of a gasoline-powered weed trimmer and doused Edwards with the fuel before setting her ablaze around 3 a.m. Saturday.

I'll never understand what can motivate a person to do such a thing, especially in the case of a husband doing this to his wife.

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Robin Kraft Sentenced

Robin Kraft, surely has marked her place in line with the world's worst mothers. According to police, she along with her husband sexually abused her children, and instructed them (ages 1 to 6) to engage in sexual acts with each other, while transmitting it over the internet in chat rooms.

SOURCE- Kraft, 26, of Winton Hills, pleaded guilty and was convicted in June on two charges of rape and four charges of child endangering.

At sentencing Friday, Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters urged Hamilton County Common Pleas Judge David Davis to impose the 40-year prison term - the maximum allowed - saying Kraft must not be released while she is still in her childbearing years.

As relieved that I am that she won't be free while in "childbearing years", I still find it completely disturbing that she'll be free at all- ever.
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Why I support the death penalty

It may not be PC to say this, but as much as some people are against the death penalty- I am for it. And all I have to do to justify that is read a story like this:

Prosecutors on Thursday charged a man with kidnapping and aggravated murder in the death of a 5-year-old girl, saying he confessed to smothering the girl, then sexually assaulting her — a crime that could bring the death penalty.

Destiny Norton had been missing for eight days when police found her body Monday night stuffed in a plastic storage box in a cellar at the man's house just two doors away, prosecutor Bob Stott said at a news conference to announce the charges Thursday.

The killer? 20 year old Craig Roger Gregerson, who had previously been arrested for punching his mother in law in the face and clearly had even more serious marital problems that just that.
Lock him up, give him a trial, and PLEASE MAKE SURE YOU FIND A JURY WILLING TO SENTENCE HIM TO DEATH. That's all I ask.

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Saturday, July 29, 2006

Robert Charles Browne, Police Report

I'm going to be honest, I was only able to read 25 pages of the 44 page PDF file, and it was a struggle to continue reading it for as long as I did. It's not so much for the details in the report, I've read a fair share that are more gruesome, more heinous, and more disturbing. But it was the overwhelming feeling of sorrow for those that had their loved ones stolen from them, having their fate left to be described in such a cold manner.
Browne has laid claim to having ruthlessly killed 49 people, with no more reason that his general disdain for women. The entire report reads like a bad novel, aimlessly going from one crime scene to another, lacking any regret or sympathy for the pain inflicted by this heartless killer. And while I know that police reports are not meant to include injustice felt by those left behind... I can't bare to read it, knowing that the pain brought on by the loss of their loved one will once again be torn open.
The report, while lengthy does nothing but document the last moments of those murdered, as told in the words of manipulative man whose goal seems more focused on playing a game of cat and mouse with police than giving a straight forward confession. It only proves that Browne still is calculating, and still defiant in his behavior, as he seems to toy with the investigator just as often, if not more so, then actually providing valuable information which would have sped up the process of locating and solving these gruesome murders.
I can no longer stomach reading it. Perhaps it was the fact that I have found myself involved in cases where a family continues to search for their loved one long after the apparent crime has been committed, and therefore my anger at Browne's ongoing game of deception is just more than I can tolerate.
I've never seen a good excuse for murder, and in truth I wasn't expecting to see one this time either. However, his lack of anything more than an overall disturbing dislike of women as a motive, leaves me baffled. Time and again, he reacts to the killings as if they were entirely the fault of the victim, a "how dare she cheat on someone with me" , if you will, while completely ignoring his own accountability in the "cheating".

He told investigators in prison interviews that he never just went “looking for someone.” When the opportunity was there, Browne said he took it — “it was just disgust with the person and some of it just confrontation.”

Read more at MSNBC,FOX has a story up on the families effected, but I'm done for now.

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Friday, July 28, 2006

Make 25 Grand:

Turn in Frederick McLean.
Click here for image
McLean is accused of molesting at least 8 children in the last 25 years, and the U.S. Marshals Service is offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to his arrest.

He uses a number of fake names, and may have changed his appearance to avoid arrest.

Officers said McLean could be living in the North County, but he also camps out in the Borrego Desert.

If you have any information, call San Diego Crime Stoppers at (888) 580-TIPS.

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Give a Molester a Break Day

In another round of Florida's much celebrated "Give a Child Molester a Break" holiday, Matt Lowe was again chosen by the court to receive the much sought after "tickle on the wrist", also loosely referred to as "that isn't justice".

Matt Lowe, a Weston teen on probation in connection with the child molestation accusations, was arrested in Tampa at the University of South Florida, and charged with underage possession of alcohol. The new charges were in direct violation of his probation.

However, the alcohol charges were later dropped which meant prosecutors dropped the violation of probation charges during Friday morning’s hearing.

Now, this wouldn't be so upsetting if Lowe hadn't already been a participant in the lenient holiday celebrations.
Lowe, who once was a popular babysitter in Weston, was accused of sexually molesting six children. He was sentenced to six years probation after pleading no contest to three charges related to the case. Those charges were two counts of exposure of sexual organs and one count of aggravated battery.

I. Can't. Even. Begin. To. Say. What. Bull. PROBATION. Is.
That comes down to a year of PROBATION for each child. The state must have really worked their tales off to get that. I don't think a pervert could ask for a better sentence. I mean really, Florida- what the hell is going on down there?

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The Three Monks

William Edward Hughes, Walter Paul Christley, Hugh Brian Fallon. They are all monks in Blanco Texas. All three are charged with sexual assault of a child and organized criminal activity.
Two more monks have been charged, however neither have been arrested. The first, Samuel Alexander Green Jr is recovering from an auto accident in a nursing home. The second- Jonathan Irving Hitt well he's already in jail serving time on a 1999 sentence for... yep, you guessed it: indecency with a child. In that case, Green was also charged, but he seems to have been lucky enough to get a deal, and was sentenced to just 10 years of probation. He must have thought he won the lotto that day.

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Danielle Marie Walls

Teacher, students, sex, underage drinking. You get the picture right?

Yep, that's right, it's another scum bag female using teenagers to satisfy her sick need for attention and "love". Wait, I shouldn't forget the drugs. I have to mention the drugs.

SOURCE- A 27-year-old former Clairemont High School history teacher pleaded guilty Wednesday to having unlawful sexual intercourse with one of her male students two years ago and plying him with cocaine and alcohol.

Nothing like ruining the educational system by teaching students how to break the law... well actually MANY laws, and introducing them to drugs. She ought to get some sort of award for that.

Danielle Marie Walls faces a sentence ranging from probation to 5 1/2 years in state prison when she is sentenced Sept. 26 by San Diego Superior Court Judge Frank Brown.

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Robert Charles Browne

Claims to have killed 48 women, sends letter to prosecutors: "The score is you 1, the other team 48."

The author of the letter was serving a life sentence for killing a 13-year-old girl when he reached out to authorities with cryptic and poetic prose, carefully revealing how he'd spent nearly three decades killing 48 people -- some drugged with ant killer or ether before being stabbed to death.

On Thursday, officials said Robert Charles Browne was no longer talking in code and his claims may be credible. He was in court Thursday to plead guilty to one of those killings -- the death of another girl in Colorado in 1987.

At least six more deaths have been corroborated -- three in Louisiana, two in Texas and one in Arkansas -- during the six years of correspondence and discussion between the killer and cold-case volunteer investigators, authorities said.


Thursday, July 27, 2006

How Stupid are Your Kids?

I know, your kids are all the smartest. The brightest bulbs in light fixture. They could be in Mensa if they wanted. I know. Really. But to be honest, some one's kids are idiots. I'm not saying that yours are, just someones are.

The teenagers had been using the mothballs to get high, inhaling air from the bag for about 10 minutes a day because classmates had recommended it. The sicker of the young women also had been chewing half a mothball a day for two months.

The doctors described the high as "dangerous" and most likely under-reported in medical literature.

The teenager told the doctors that she continued to use the mothballs during her hospitalization "because she thought her symptoms were not related to her habit," said Lionel Feuillet at the Hospital of Timone in Marseille, France.

The symptoms?
Scaly skin on legs and hands,
Appearing unsteady
Mentally sluggish
* I'd be willing to bet that they had a strange odor on their breath also, but it's not really mention.

Here's the deal, all kids are stupid. Every single one of them. Some are less stupid than others, some more. It's a fact. Just go look around the videos that they upload to YouTube, or the pages they decorate on MySpace- and you'll see the evidence of their stupidity.

It seems that every few years another group of complete morons think up yet another deadly way to experience a "high". We've had them sniffing glue, huffing spray paint, hanging themselves for short amounts of time, drinking outrageous amounts of cough medicine, and of course the list could go on forever almost. And now, we proud parents of these ever so smart, ever so incredible kids, find ourselves reading about them sniffing moth balls... and even chewing them.


Remember those things that would stink up the closets in your grandmothers house? Our kids are chewing them like candy! The only thing that makes this even worse is that both you and I know that pretty soon the moth balls will be replaced by yet another dangerously stupid idea.


Swat Team For Kids

"Having someone harm your child is one of the worst nightmares you can face."- George Bush.

The idea that those who would harm children are allowed to serve a faction of time in comparison to the lifetime of pain they leave behind for their victims and the families of victims is disgusting. It's the one of the most saddening parts of our justice system, that child predators are not treated as the dangers they really are. Justice is barely ever served, and never really served when plea deals allow them to walk out into society without ever having served any time for their offenses.

"The Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act of 2006" will be signed into law today on the 25th anniversary of the abduction of Adam Walsh, the 6-year-old son of NCMEC co-founders John and Reve Walsh. The law is named for Adam, who was kidnapped from a shopping mall in Hollywood, Fla., and found murdered 16 days later. Sadly, no one was ever charged in Adam's murder. His abduction and murder helped spark the nation's missing children's movement.

President Bush signed the bill today. For the entire document, see here.
Highlights of the bill:
1) Creates a national public sex offender registry. Provides the public with better and more uniform information about sex offenders so that all communities benefit from the same kind of information. States will be required to list all, not merely some, sex offenders on their Web site registries.

2) Provides for consistent sex offender requirements in all states. Sex offenders will no longer be able to take advantage of different state requirements to avoid registering. It mandates that sex offenders be registered before they are released from prison or three days after a sentence of probation. 3) Penalizes failure to comply with registration duties as a state and federal felony. 4) Enhances the ability of law enforcement to track sex offenders when they move, cutting down on the number of "missing" sex offenders in the system. It requires sex offenders to verify registration in person to law enforcement rather than by mail.

5) Makes important changes in the way law enforcement handles missing child reports. Reports must be entered into the
FBI's National Crime Information Center within two hours. It also prohibits the removal of a missing child report when the child turns age 18 before being recovered.

6) In response to the growing problem of commercial child pornography and the exploitation of children online, the bill increases the number of Internet Crimes Against Children Task Forces across the nation.

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Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Yates verdict

Andrea Yates was found not guilty by reason of mental insanity for the deaths of 3 of her five children. Yates was only tried for the drowning of 3 of the children.

The jury of six men and six women deliberated for about 12 hours over three days before acquitting Yates -- who stood silently and showed little apparent emotion as the verdicts were read.

She then sat back in her chair with a wide-eyed stare, then bowed her head and wept quietly.

The verdict means Yates will be committed to a state mental hospital until a judge deems that's she's no longer a threat.


Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Two Deaths, and a Toddler

Relatives came to a Lehigh Acres Florida home to find a toddler outside in a high chair, dehydrated.
Inside the home, authorities found a mother and daughter dead, apparently the deaths are believed to be "suspicious and the crime scene inside the house was extensive".

Lorena Stone, 49, and Whitney Mendez, 19, were found dead in their home about 3:13 p.m. Monday. The cause of their deaths is not being released.

Authorities declined to release the name of the toddler found by a relative outside the home Monday. The toddler was treated for dehydration and taken to a safe location, Foell said.

An incident report released Tuesday said the woman who found the bodies noticed a "large amount of blood in the residence."

Sheriff Mike Scott told the News-Press of Fort Myers Tuesday that investigators spent all day piecing together the facts of the case.

"We are being very guarded in our comments, but I assure you we are on top of it," Scott said. "There are a lot of things that we need to do before we make an arrest, especially for murder."

It seems that the home was in a residential area, and given that, I'd imagine it to be a little more than odd that a child could be left outside alone long enough to dehydrate without anyone noticing. However, reports do not give any details as to how long the child may have been outside.
I'll be keeping an eye on this one as it develops.

AP Wire | 07/25/2006 | Mother and daughter slain in southwest Florida home


Yates Murder Trial

The trial of Andrea Yates had progressed from the defense and prosecution presenting evidence, to twelve people sitting in a closed room reviewing that evidence and testimony.

Jurors deliberating for a second day in Andrea Yates' murder trial asked Tuesday to review evidence from a key prosecution expert who said he found 60 examples of Yates knowing that drowning her five children in their bathtub was wrong.

Yates of course has pleaded not guilty by reason of mental insanity. My least favorite plea in the entire world. I really despise the whole "oh, don't blame me, I couldn't help myself" defense. It burns me. If Yates is found innocent by reason of insanity- she'll be committe to a mental hospital, until a judge deems her fit to be released. Personally, if I was one gullable enough to by that defense, I'd say that if you are that crazy... you should be committed for life. Or be treated and then sent to jail.

If convicted of the charges, as in found guilty, she'll spend life behind bars. - Jury Deliberating in Yates Murder Trial Asks to Review Key Evidence From Prosecution


Monday, July 24, 2006

Lino Donato

Lino Donato is serving his second term as Mayor of Poteet, NM. He's also currently facing three counts of indecency with a child.

Atascosa County Sheriff Tommy Williams said Donato was released after posting a $70,000 bond.


Although authorities continued to be tight-lipped today regarding the details of the allegations, court records show the mayor is accused of exposing himself to two girls for his gratification. The first incident occurred nearly 10 years ago on Dec. 1, 1996. The second was Nov. 26, 2000.

Donato also is accused of improperly touching one of the girls on Feb. 1, 1997, when she was 6.

According to at least one website, the Mayor is allowed to hold his position until he is convicted of a felony or resigns.

What really makes me curious is that the first charge is for something that happened tens years ago... and the last one almost six years ago. While it's not unusual for children to remain silent for that long, it does raise questions on the possibility of other victims. And of course, questions as to why such a great amount of time has went by between when the acts occurred and when the acts were reported.

I'll keep an eye on this one, and update with any new information that may be found. If you're from the area and have any thoughts regarding this... feel free to pass them along.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

The Evil Stepmother

As I recall, even Cinderella's stepmother allowed her to eat. In fact, from the looks of her in the movie, she ate pretty well. Sadly, this story isn't from a kids fairy tale, and this step mother wasn't a made up cartoon character. Instead this step mother was left in charge of two young sisters, ages 6 and 7. She evidently spent her time with them by locking them in a basement and starving them... while her own children were kept upstairs well fed.

The girls' stepmother, whose own biological children were found healthy and well-fed upstairs, was taken in for questioning. Their father, who travels frequently on business, would be questioned when he returned to town, police said.

State social workers discovered the girls after receiving a tip and checking in on their welfare. They then called police.

The two emaciated girls told police that they ate whenever their father was home, which wasn't a lot. With the father gone this week and next week, "they were really hoping they could eat this weekend," Bastian said.

I can't imagine how anyone could be so cold and so cruel to a child, how a person could deny them the most basic of needs. Then again, I'm not sure how a father could go without noticing that his children were whithering away as he was coming and going. - Kansas Police Find Two Starving Girls in Parents' Basement - Local News | News Articles | National News | US News


Saturday, July 22, 2006

Molester tells truth...

Surprising, I know. But it seems that Christopher Brainderd had a moment of truth when he told the court that the only thing that would stop him from molesting another child was.... jail. Yes, jail. No, not treatment... JAIL.
The sad part of this? Well, it seems that we only have five years of being free from the danger Brainderd presents...

The confession came from a man who had been through sex offender treatment twice, but remained a predator.

Most sex offenders do their best to stay out of prison. They generally get pretty rough treatment in prison and ask for treatment instead. However, Christopher Brainderd is in an Oahu prison because he said he wants to be in prison.

"I apologize to the victim and his family for all the suffering that I have caused," Brainerd said in court on Tuesday.

Brainerd admitted using a job running Yu-Gi-Oh card contests at a Moiliili game room to win a boy's trust before fondling him and exposing himself.

In Illinois and Hawaii, Brainerd used party magic and a teaching job to do the same thing with younger boys. After both cases, he got sex offender treatment.

"So, this is a clear example where attempts at rehabilitation have been abject failures," deputy prosecutor Scott Bell said.

His lawyer said that in three months of custody at prison he has been assaulted twice.

"Some people may voice the opinion he deserves no better or worse because of what he is charged with. I beg to differ," defense attorney Myles Breiner said.

Despite the danger, in a plea agreement, Brainerd volunteered to go to prison for five years without parole, admitting that treatment won't work.

Amazing that even with past convictions, even with him admitting that the ONLY thing that will stop him from doing this again is jail- in a few short years he'll be released yet again onto society.

Molester Says Only Prison Can Stop Him - Yahoo! News

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Washington, the stupid state

Man molests young girl. Man goes to trial. Man gets convicted. Conviction gets thrown out. Man gets second trial. Man is now free to molest more children.
The only thing that makes this story worse, is that it is true.

A Thurston County man has been found not guilty of child molestation at his second trial.

The verdict from his first trial was overturned because the judge had improper contacts with the jurors, which included accepting a doughnut from one of them.

A jury originally convicted James DeGroff of molesting a 6-year-old girl. But an appeals court ruled that those contacts between the judge and jury gave the appearance of impropriety.

KING5 Seattle News | KING5 Local News

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I thought I would go over some older cases, and give readers an update on how they are going.
First, the trial for Richard Wegmann, the OSU student accused of killing 19 year old Linsi Light here in Lima is scheduled to begin in September. So far the defense team seems to be holding steady at consisting of five lawyers. Five lawyers. Heh. I wonder if they ever heard of over doing it? This really isn't about the case as much as it is about my own thoughts on it... but five? Really? Lima's a pretty small city. We consist of mostly middle class folks, and to be honest- five lawyers working on any case seems a bit like over spending. I don't mind Wegmann pleading his case... but it just doesn't sit well. To make matters worse these five lawyers have evidently gotten together and decided that Wegmann can't possibly get a fair trial here, they of course blame media attention. I find that insulting. First, anyone roaming around flaunting a team of five lawyers is bringing attention to themselves, and then to say that folks in Allen County couldn't possible consist of a 12 unbiased people, it just tends to leave me feeling insulted. Perhaps they are right though, perhaps it would be better to move this case to somewhere a bit more unbiased. I suggest Montpelier, Linsi Light's hometown.

Read previous entries on Wegmann:

Wegmann To Go Free On Bail??

The Defense Of Wegmann

The Effects of Murder

Richard M. Wegmann II,

Next up, Christopher Tindall... the juvenile deliquent who brutally raped and murdered a elderly woman. He had already been convicted of sexually assaulting a classmate, served his time, and was released into a home for boys when he decided to sneak out in the middle of the night and commit a series of crimes. From what I understand, this monster has plead not guilty. I'm not surprised. It's often hard to admit that you are a sick perverted monster deserving of death. Thankfully, the judge in this case seems to be a good one, because despite defense's attempts:"There will be no change of venue, no suppression of evidence found under his bet and best of all NO suppression of the several confessions the beast has given"
Tindall Drops Insanity Plea

Christopher Tindall

Group Home Closes

Joan Green

Tindall, 16 and a predator

Christopher E. Tindall

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Friday, July 21, 2006


First, I know, the site was down for a little while. Sorry.

Second, I wanted to share that I have been nominated for the Best of Summer Awards, in the Chick & Mommy Blogs category. I've got some very good co-nominations, so even if I don't make it- I know that whoever does is very deserving.

Celebrating the Blogs of Summer

If you're interested in peeking at the nomination list, or would like to add to it, or *hint* vote for someone already nominated, you can do so here, Best of Summer Awards.

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Sunday, July 16, 2006

Now that's good TV...

Ever notice that there really isn't anything on TV? Okay, so out of 128 channels, you might be able to find one that has something interesting to watch- but not all the time.
Well worry no more. Residents of Binghamton New York can now tune into Sex Offender Television.

A new show on public-access cable television features resident sex offenders with their photo, name and address and the ages and genders of their victims. "Sex Offender Community Update" debuts Monday.

Now, to be fair to both sides of the issue, some dimbat who perfers "treating" sex offenders over "punishing" them said it's not right. That it will only make things harder on sex offenders.
I wonder if she realises just how "not right" sexually abusing an innocent person it. Or how "hard" being victimized that way is for people.
"The sex offenders are going to have more notoriety because of it," City Councilman Chris Papastrat said. But he added the program, which will be broadcast regularly to 72,000 households, is not meant to ruin anyone's life.

But Robin McGinnis says it could. The president of the national Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers says the broadcast will only cause more anxiety for offenders and others.

"I think it's just panicking the community even more," McGinnis said by phone Sunday. "Sex offenders have become the lepers of the community. I don't see how we expect sex offenders to rehab if we continue to push and push them."

The vast majority of sex offenders molest their own children and are not hanging out in parks and attacking people, she said. "Yes, they should be held accountable, but such a small number are truly dangerous in the community."

Perhaps someone might want to tap her on the shoulder and remind her that even children of molesters are "part of the community".
I really have issue with those who seem to down play molestion and rape that occurs within a family. Are the victims less effected just because they KNEW their abusers? Do they suffer less because someone they TRUSTED turned them into a victim? I mean really, it is that much less serious if a father rapes his daughter repeatedly for years compared to a stranger doing it once?
But back to the Sex Offender TV channel... what do you think of it? - Public Access Cable Show Identifies Local Sex Offenders

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Scott David Uslan

Police had been investigating the relationship between a registered sex offender in Port St. Lucia Florida (see his sex offender registration page here) and a 17 year old girl for months. Sadly, once he began harassing the girl to the point that they were able to arrest him, he was allowed to post bail.
The story gets worse, as 42 year old Scott Uslan entered the cafe where the 17 year old worked three days after his bond was posted, and shot and killed Brittany Carleo.

"Unfortunately this mad man was not kept behind bars where apparently he should have been kept, and unfortunately we have a young girl who is now dead," Vega said.

Two other cafe employees escaped out the back.

Uslan had been obsessed with Carleo since she started dating his son two years ago, and the teen eventually sought a restraining order against him, family members said.

"If he couldn't have her, no one else could have her," her aunt, Barbara Martin, told The Tribune for Sunday's editions.

The only part of this story that isn't sad is the fact that Uslan then shot and killed himself. At least that part limits the state's ability to release him unto the public yet again. - Florida Sex Offender Kills Teen, Self After Police Standoff

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Saturday, July 15, 2006


There are green apples, red apples, baking apples, Carmel apples, bruised apples, bad apples, good apples, shiny apples, rotten apples, bushels of apples, apples of the eye, oranges and apples, apple pies, apple sauce, apple juice, apples dumplings, apple trees, and now there is
It's nothing like the rest of the apples.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Pamela Rogers

Pamela Rogers will be sitting in jail for another seven years, after being found guilty of violating her parole when she sent nude photos to the victim of her first crime.

SOURCE Pamela Rogers, 29, had already served 198 days in jail for having sex with a boy, then 13, who attended Centertown Elementary School where she worked as a physical education teacher.

Following her release on probation, Rogers sent the boy nude pictures of herself and Internet messages although a judge had ordered her not to contact the student or his family or use the Internet.

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Earl Benton Buchanan

I received this link a few days ago, and haven't had time to post it.

It seems Earl Benton Buchanan was returning from Mexico, driving with a small boy on him lap. Buchanan had in his possession a video tape that showed him molesting another young boy. The tape lead officials to him home in Bloomington.

Buchanan's home in Bloomington was found to have a warehouse with a bedroom and an adjoining children's room stocked with video games and DVDs of children's movies, according to an affidavit that described a search conducted last week.

"(The children's room) had bunk beds, toys, all the kinds of things that kids would like," said Michael Unzueta, special agent in charge of investigations at U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in San Diego. The bedroom and children's room were wired for video coverage.

Authorities have identified between eight and 11 children who are believed to have been molested by Buchanan, both boys and girls ranging in age from 2 to 15, Unzueta said.

This story gets stranger the more I read it:

San Bernardino County Sheriff Detective Steve Burgrass said Buchanan rented property to low-income families, won the parents' trust and showered the children with gifts. One received clothing, a dirt bike and video games, he said.

"He would pick (the children) up at the house, take them shopping, take them to the amusement park and then take them home to spend the night," Burgrass said.

Why that is so strange is that it seems parents had been complaining about this man to child protection services, and yet, reading the story seems to relay the thought that the parents still allowed their children to go off with him. I don't know about you, but if I was concerned about someone's presence around my child enough to call child protection services on them, I wouldn't be rushing to continue allowing my kids to be in their company.

Police in Banning, about 90 miles east of Los Angeles, were alerted to Buchanan in 2000 and 2001 by people who accused him of molesting girls, Deputy Chief Leonard Purvis said. Investigators turned over the reports to San Bernardino County sheriff's officials because of where the accusers said the girls were molested, he said.

Sheriff's officials said Wednesday they were investigating how many reports their department handled.

"It's difficult to get filings in a lot of (molestation) cases because there's no physical evidence,'' said sheriff's Sgt. Rick Ells.

In adjacent Riverside County, child-welfare workers fielded four complaints about Buchanan as early as 2000, said county spokesman Ray Smith. He said investigators either concluded the children were safe in their homes or the allegations could not be substantiated. He said the children denied the allegations. SOURCE

It now seems that at least some of the people living on his property where illegals. That may help explain why it's been nearly six years since reports about him starting showing up, without any real action being done about it. It is common knowledge that illegals are less likely to report crime, testify or give statements for fear of being "found out" and deported. My heart goes out to those who feel they have no choice but to remain quite. They have truly paid a horrible cost.

Buchanan is actively being investigated while he sits in jail. To report any information related to this case, the public should contact ICE's tip line at 1-866-DHS-2ICE. This hotline is staffed around the clock by ICE investigators.

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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Let's set something straight...

I do not believe that all people who are sexually attracted to children act upon those desires. I also don't believe that all people who sexually abuse children are really sexually attracted to them.

That being said, I was reminded of a article written by Kenneth V. Lanning, Former Supervisory Special Agent of the Federal Bureau of Investigation. I've done so much reading on the subject over the last years, I had forgotten not the article, but where I had read it. Special thanks to AZ for posting it and refreshing my memory. It couldn't have come at a better time, as I have been pounding on the desk attempting to recall just where I had found some information.

The image you see is a chart, done by Lanning as a tool for deciphering situational molesters from preferential molesters (aka pedophiles). You may want to click it and look it over for yourself.

Although a variety of individuals sexually abuse children, preferential-type sex offenders, and especially pedophiles, are the primary acquaintance sexual exploiters of children. A preferential-acquaintance child molester might molest 10, 50, hundreds, or even thousands of children in a lifetime, depending on the offender and how broadly or narrowly child molestation is defined. Although pedophiles vary greatly, their sexual behavior is repetitive and highly predictable. Knowledge of these sexual-behavioral patterns or characteristics is extremely valuable to the law-enforcement investigator.

I find it utterly revolting any time I hear about the sexual victimization of a child. And frankly, whether you're a situational or preferential child molester- it's all on the same damn level of sickness.

But, let's stop pretending. Yes, it's true that not all paedophiles act out their desires, but a great deal do. Yep, heterosexuals do it too.

Let's think about that though. How many non pedophiles are there in the world? I'd day that there are a great deal more non pedophiles than pedophiles. Now, I'll be nice and throw a number out there, let's say HALF and that's being generous, of all pedophiles never act out their desires. In order for the heterosexuals of the world to be more accountable for the sexual abuse of children, then MORE than half of us would have to be committing sexual crimes against children. And, not surprisingly, we are not. Even if you throw the homosexuals in there with us, you still don't get over half of us committing these offenses.

Like those at AZ, I've grown tired of "the child lovers defense" that most cases of molestation are committed by heterosexuals, and I've grown very annoyed with recent comments that seem to do nothing but promote the ongoing agenda of a group that openly promotes the sexual victimization of children. Victims. Because, I don't care how well they pen it on paper- sexual contact with a child is not in the best interest of the child, it doesn't benefit the child, and despite their personal spin on adult child sexual relationships- it in no way can be compared to actual "love". Don't make me explain the difference between love, and lust.

Again, I'm not saying that all pedophiles are out to have sexual relationships with children, just like homosexuals and heterosexuals, pedophiles are completely capable of avoiding sexual relationships. Some even "settle" for relationships that enable them to have sexual contact with adults- although adults are not their preferred partner.

Pedophiles are also, just like the rest of us, likely to have beliefs against such things as child abuse, physical and sexual. Most people, regardless of sexual orientation have a strong repulsion to the idea of violent sexual acts against others. Even pedophiles. To be honest, a pedophile by nature is more likely to use a method of grooming and seducing a child, rather than physically forcing themselves upon one. Not that it doesn't happen- it's just less likely.

That being said, I do have to come around to pointing out a very serious matter. I've spent two days pondering just how to do this. It's not an issue that I enjoy bringing up, in fact I'd have preferred it to have not become an issue at all. Sadly, it has, and therefore I feel it is important to make a few points on it. Not in the attempt to offend anyone, although I am certain I will. But in an attempt to explain my thoughts on the issue.

Now, there are two groups of people who most regular readers are aware of, that happen to be involved in a very important something. I say something, because it's not really a war, since in wars the outcome can be favorable to either side, and I already know who is going to win this thing. It's not really a debate either, because in a debate both sides listen to each other and attempt to convince the other that they are right/wrong. In this case, neither side is really listening, and there is little chance of convincing. So, it's something. It's more of a line, being drawn to divide two sides of a very important question. A line showing our resolve to ensure the protection of all children from the sexual victimization by the other side. We will not allow the sexual abuse, whether it comes in the form of child pornography, child molestation, child rape, or anything along those lines. Not from a situational molester, not from a pedophile (preferential molester).

But this issue that has come to the foreground, has done more than just drawn a line between pedophiles and those who wish to fight the ongoing and ever increasing victimization of children. It's also begun to draw lines between people "on the same side".

I'm not going to divulge into the disagreements currently underway in the pedophile world. But what I am going to talk a little about the conflict growing between those often referred to as "antis", the side that does not favor sexual relationships between children and adults, the side that isn't approving of pedophiles acting out their desires.

' Hatemonger, rasist, close minded, arrogant. These are words I would personally use for them.'

A hatemonger is one who incites hatred of a group of people. I do not believe that the folks at AZ are inciting anything. They may be harsher in their views, stronger in their words and more vigilant in standing their grounds- but inciting hate? No. The dislike or hatred that exists is already present. Few people are favorable to the sexual exploitation or victimization of children.

A racist has issues with someone solely based upon the persons race. Not sexual desires.

Closed minded? Well, to be honest I don't believe there is very much give on this issue at hand. Nothing can be said to sway us into believing that adults should be allowed to have sexual relationships with seven year olds. However, I find this group of people open minded to the possibility that not everyone is acting upon their desires. So really, it comes down to exactly what the topic is about. But, as much can be said about the state of mind of the other side also.

As for them being arrogant, do they think they are perfect, without fault? No, I doubt they do. And I don't find it that what they really mean is that they are better than anyone else- they are just firm in their belief that they are right in their thinking. Again, the other side has the same belief, but personally- I'd have to say that the other side is wrong.

I'm very strong in my beliefs- and I'm sure that if you talked with anyone who had ever corresponded with me, they'd admit that I can be very straight lined and harsh in my thoughts about any form of child abuse. I don't see it as an issue of being closed minded, racist, arrogant, or a hatemonger. I see it as being dedicated, direct, persistent and steadfast in a desire to protect children from all sexual predators.

And I see AZ, although a bit more verbal in speaking their minds then some people, no more closed minded and arrogant than those promoting the sexual relationship between adults and children. It's two sides of a very important issue- the well being of our children.

Now, like I said, not all pedophiles are acting out their desires. Not all of them are promoting the idea of reducing, or worst yet, removing the age of consent. Some do promote the idea, some would like nothing more than to make sexual abuse legal. Some are preying upon the young. And I stand by those beliefs.

But I also stand by the belief that anti's are allowed to be just as blatant and just as verbal in their efforts to defend against the corruption of those pedophiles doing those things, as the pedophiles are in promoting their movement.

Declaring one side to be worse than the other based solely on the strength of their beliefs, rather than on the actual beliefs- is pardon me, bullshit. If my resolve to prevent you from ever being able to victimize a child is as compelling to me as your resolve to legalize said victimization is to you- the only difference between us is the line that divides us, not the firmness of our individual beliefs.

There is a lot more I wanted to touch upon in this post, in fact I spent hours researching different things out, and even writing many of them out. But, in the end- I sort of realized that this post was becoming more than a little wordy, and that instead of completely hashing out every thought that has come to mind... I'd just let it end at this comment:

I do not believe that being passionate, firmly resolved, and completely determined to hold fast to a personal conviction that children should not fall victim to those who wish to use them for their own personal sexual gratification, is in any way wrong.

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Tuesday, July 11, 2006


As many as 10 men may have taken part in the gang rape of an eleven year old girl.

Two arrests have been made in the Saturday attack, and officials said they have identified eight others as persons of interest. Most or all are students at either Fresno City College or Reedley College, police said.

The alleged victim went to an apartment complex on Saturday night to visit an acquaintance, said police spokesman Jeff Cardinale. While she was inside one of the apartments, she allegedly was sexually assaulted multiple times by several men.

There's nothing I can say, except it's sickening.

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Monday, July 10, 2006

Yes, he should be moved... a hot, very hot, spot in hell.

The five year old boy was found tied to a chair, an electrical cord was around his neck and police believe he was burned alive. The accused murderer is believed to have abducted and killed the child to get back at the child's mother- whom he had dated off and on.

Now, the accused, Terrence Carter, has been moved to another jail- because the one he was in didn't have the means to protect him from other inmates.

I don't promote violence. And, I'm not doing it in this case either. But, I don't promote protecting a child killer either. I'd say this would be a perfect case for guards closing their eyes and letting whatever happens, happen.

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Open for debate

A question has been on my mind, and although I feel as if I already have the correct answer to it, I thought I would put it in your heads, and see what you come up with. For those that are willing to humor me, all I ask is that you be honest in your reply. Explain your answer as much or as little as you like.

Last year the media was swarming around stories like Joseph Duncan and the Groene murders. Anyone who watched more than 30 seconds of a news story was quickly made aware to the fact that he had been previously convicted and had recently been arrested (and released on bond) for sexual offenses. There was an increase in attention to cases that seemed to highlight today's routine of "catch and release, and catch again" when it comes to sexual offenders.

Early in March, the nation watched in shock and horror as Jessica Marie ``Jessie'' Lunsford was reported missing, only to be found days later- sexually assaulted and murdered at the hands of another previously convicted sex offender, John Couey.
We also heard reports of Dean Arthur Schwartzmiller, a serial child molester who police say may have had over 30,000 victims, and was also a convicted sex offender- who had failed to register.

Now, recalling some of these cases, and knowing that there were so many more that I could have mentioned- put your mind back to where it was last year. Pretend that you are sitting in your home, and you read that a convicted sex offender has been arrested... he is a twice convicted sex offender, recently released from treatment after having convinced a judge that he is no longer a threat. The news story says that he approached a 11 year old boy and attempted to convince the child to return to the offenders home.

The news starts to spread, and you read about how the offender was said to have "showed a "large degree of impulsive behavior" and to "display deviant sexual arousal" around the time of his release". They mention violent sexual behaviors. You realise that he lived just blocks from your house.

Time goes by, you flip on the television to see headlines about Duncan, Couey, Schwartzmiller and many others. In the back of your mind you think about the local man, how he was also a convicted offender... how close he lived... how he was his trial is approaching. And then one day, you get a summons to court for jury duty. You pass the requirements of both the defense and state. Soon, you're sitting in a court room with 11 other people, listening to the case about your local sex offender, and how he tried to lure another child into being a victim.

You're on the jury. You get to decide this already convicted offenders fate. In good faith, you should be deciding verdict according to the merits of the case. You listen to testimony, remain completely focused as evidence is presented. You stare at the accused as the trial goes on, trying to read his expression- looking for something to tip you off as to what he is thinking. Closing arguments are compelling from both the State and the defense counsel, their words play over and over in your head. The twelve jurors, including yourself make way into a closed room, you have to decide guilt or innocence.

Now, here is the all important question, what moves you to vote "guilty"? Do the headlines of other, worse crimes committed by other previously convicted offenders, come to mind? Does how this man had convinced a judge he wasn't a threat, was released and then quickly caught again remind you of how Joseph Duncan walked out of a jail on bond shortly before going on his cruel assault against an innocent family? Do you sit and think of all the times an offender re offends, after being released? Do you wonder about how many victims you could prevent if you vote guilty for this deviant? Is the fear of what could have happened had this man not been caught, lurking in the back of your mind? Are you able to completely block out every media report, every fear of the "child predators" that has been burned into you after countless horrific and shocking stories?

What is the motivation, the reasoning behind how you decided innocence or guilt?
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I swear...

I swear that no matter what I am going to write something for Sam this week. I don't care if it kills me... I'll be typing something half way funny out for her. I swear. Really I will.

The thing is, she's clearly trying to take over my gig. After all, she's started getting hate mail. And that's my job. I get to be the one to innocently open my email and find badly written, stupid emails full of contempt for my blog. I'm not sure who she thinks she is... taking hate mail away from me, but I plan on stealing my un-fans back from her this week.

Friday, July 07, 2006

Kevin Reilly

I was watching Dayside today, when they started talking about Kevin Reilly, a twice convicted child molester who has went through sexual offender treatment, and surgical castration. He now believes that since the surgery, he's "cured" of his pedophilia, no longer poses a threat to children so therefore should be released into society.
I was sort of busy as they were discussing this, and although I wanted to hear the whole story, my littlest wanted help doing something that took my attention away from it. Just as I was finishing up with the little one, they were starting to take questions from the audience. One guy spoke up, replying to the shows "guest" who must have been siding with Reilly, and volunteered his thoughts. The commenter mentioned that he had a dog who had been neutered, and yet that didn't stop the dog from trying to "hump every female dog he comes close too". The Dr. or whatever the guest speaker was, seemed a bit taken by this and sort of stumbled out a answer about how dogs are different then people or something along that line.

Interesting, because we know that there are many types of sexual predators. And, there are different reasons behind the assaults that they commit. If you take most rapes- its not about sex. It's about power, dominance, control, humiliating another person, anger, but very rarely is it really about sex. We tend to focus a lot on pedophiles, which only really defines the sexual attraction that a person has towards a child. But, often we forget the worst of the worst, those who are abusing children for the sheer pleasure they get from causing pain to a child. These aren't people acting out their sexual attractions, they are people acting out their anger, their need to control and dominate someone, they are attempting to show their power and strength, to intimidate and scare. For them, it's not really about sex, so how would castrating them do anything to reduce their urges to use rape as a tool to hurt another person?

And then, of course we get back to the dog. Let's face it, dogs are very basic creatures. Their purpose in life is not to fetch that stick over and over for you. They are meant to eat, sleep, and reproduce. It's nice that they can be taught to fetch, but it's really not their purpose. A male dog is inclined to reproduce with a female that comes within sniffing distance. For them, what they do really is about sex. There is no alternative motive, they want to reproduce. And yet, the commenter on the show has a very valid point, you neuter a dog and they are still likely to attempt to mate. They still have that breed into them. It's hard to think that someone who clearly couldn't get the small concept of refraining from molesting a child, is going to be deterred by a little surgery.

I'm not sold on the idea that Reilly no longer poses a risk to children. What's your thoughts on it? Castrated child molester fights for freedom

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Kevin Reilly

I was watching Dayside today, when they started talking about Kevin Reilly, a twice convicted child molester who has went through sexual offender treatment, and surgical castration. He now believes that since the surgery, he's "cured" of his pedophilia, no longer poses a threat to children so therefore should be released into society.
I was sort of busy as they were discussing this, and although I wanted to hear the whole story, my littlest wanted help doing something that took my attention away from it. Just as I was finishing up with the little one, they were starting to take questions from the audience. One guy spoke up, replying to the shows "guest" who must have been siding with Reilly, and volunteered his thoughts. The commenter mentioned that he had a dog who had been neutered, and yet that didn't stop the dog from trying to "hump every female dog he comes close too". The Dr. or whatever the guest speaker was, seemed a bit taken by this and sort of stumbled out a answer about how dogs are different then people or something along that line.

Interesting, because we know that there are many types of sexual predators. And, there are different reasons behind the assaults that they commit. If you take most rapes- its not about sex. It's about power, dominance, control, humiliating another person, anger, but very rarely is it really about sex. We tend to focus a lot on pedophiles, which only really defines the sexual attraction that a person has towards a child. But, often we forget the worst of the worst, those who are abusing children for the sheer pleasure they get from causing pain to a child. These aren't people acting out their sexual attractions, they are people acting out their anger, their need to control and dominate someone, they are attempting to show their power and strength, to intimidate and scare. For them, it's not really about sex, so how would castrating them do anything to reduce their urges to use rape as a tool to hurt another person?

And then, of course we get back to the dog. Let's face it, dogs are very basic creatures. Their purpose in life is not to fetch that stick over and over for you. They are meant to eat, sleep, and reproduce. It's nice that they can be taught to fetch, but it's really not their purpose. A male dog is inclined to reproduce with a female that comes within sniffing distance. For them, what they do really is about sex. There is no alternative motive, they want to reproduce. And yet, the commenter on the show has a very valid point, you neuter a dog and they are still likely to attempt to mate. They still have that breed into them. It's hard to think that someone who clearly couldn't get the small concept of refraining from molesting a child, is going to be deterred by a little surgery.

I'm not sold on the idea that Reilly no longer poses a risk to children. What's your thoughts on it? Castrated child molester fights for freedom

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Saturday, July 01, 2006

Jesus Cano

I may have mentioned somewhere along the way that I was raised in a very religious home. Now, while my faith in God is very strong, I haven't participated in the chosen religion of my family in quite some years.

There is a great deal of resentment on my part- and a great deal of stern beliefs on the part of the religion that I just can not endorse. However, I have to say that it is a rare occurrence for me to actually stick to the topics I cover on this blog, and have to mention that old religion of my family.

Jehovah's Witnesses have a interesting, to say the least, method of spreading their beliefs. Many of you are more than likely familiar with the Saturday morning knock on the door which often brings the smiling faces of a few well dressed visitors offering you "eternal life in paradise on earth", through a small magazine called The Watchtower. But, Jehovah's Witnesses are more than just the people interrupting your sleep early in the morning.

If you were to start at the basics, a "congregation" (local church) consists of families, many of whom are baptised members of the congregation. Above the members you have Ministerial Servants, who are a bit higher on the ladder, and then Elders, who oversee the congregation. Next in line are the District Overseers, who are heads of all the congregations in a area. The chain gets higher and higher, and thrown in there are pioneers, who spend at least so many hours a month dedicated to spreading the word of the religion, and special pioneers- who travel worldwide to deliver the message of Jehovah. It becomes a little more confusing when you add in the Farm and Bethel- which house a number of Jehovah's Witnesses, with each one dedicated to a certain task which is assigned to them. Those granted access to live at either the Farm in Wallkill or Bethel are a bit more special than others- and the work preformed is done so in order to assist in the daily needs of others who reside there, publishing their literature and overseeing other aspects of the church as a whole. For more information on the structure of the religion, see here.

Now, I know that I have often "picked on" the Catholic faith, not on a whole- but as a caution to the fact that sexual abuse within the realms of the Church is quite high. I've doubted for a long time that it is only Catholics who have this problem, it's just that it seems to be more present in the news. And I gather 90% of my posts from the news. At this point, I don't want anyone to feel that I am picking on one religion or another. So, please let me make this very clear:

There are corrupt people everywhere who would choose to prey upon children.

I don't care what religion you practice- somewhere there is someone who shares your faith that is "a bad apple". Deal with it. I'm not going to beat around the bush, or try to hold your hand while you learn to accept that. It's just the truth. Adjust to it.

That being said, it's rare that I become so involved in a story that I find the need to look closely at the religion of the person involved and ask what the religions stand is. It's rare, that I then openly object to that statement.

BUT I OBJECT TO THIS. And that link will take you the the press release statement from the Jehovah's Witnesses Office of Public Information, on child abuse.

Mr. Brumley, who is evidently the General Counsel for Jehovah's Witnesses seems to have taken a stand much like the one which has recently been villainized by those who oppose the Catholic Church's way of putting the laws of the land at the bottom of the ladder when it comes to dealing with child abuse. According to him, the order of importance as seen by JW's runs something like this:
Victims, and providing them with help
Abusers, and providing them with help
And then the authorities... because you know that at some point in time someone may want to follow the law and report instances of child abuse.

Really, the law? It's LAST? You're going to give a child abuser "help" and then what, wait a while while you're giving them their "help" before you report them? Exactly what "help" are you providing? Does it come with a nice legal defense for when you get around to reporting them?

Okay, I've really gotten more sidetracked than I had meant to on this. So, let me rewind a tad and get back to Jesus Cano, and just why I had to bring up the Jehovah's Witnesses to being with.

SOURCE- Police busted a New York minister after he allegedly took a hidden camera to O'Hare International Airport and videotaped young boys and men in the bathrooms.

CBS 2's Suzanne Le Mignot reports on the disturbing allegations that landed him in police custody.

Police in Middletown, NY, say 50-year-old Jesus Manuel Cano used a hidden camera to tape young boys and men while they were using the urinals at O'Hare Airport. Cano allegedly targeted six or seven bathrooms for six or seven hours at a time.

Evidence found in his car in Middletown, NY included a video camera with a disturbing tape that was shot at O'Hare Airport.

"After viewing the videotape, we'll be checking into the possibility that some crimes have been committed in Illinois," said Middletown Police Lt. Paul Rickard.

Cano came to the Middletown Police Department's attention because of a photo of his naked rear end. Police say he was passing out copies of naked photographs of himself to young boys to lure them for sexual encounters.

Now, normal Jehovah's Witnesses, those that are just baptized members are not regularly referred to as "ministers", and although it is completely possible I doubt that Cano is just a member. I've had trouble finding sources that actually connect him to living at the Wallkill Farms belonging to Jehovah's Witnesses, but I'm leaning towards the belief that he did, as references made are just enough to put two and two together. UPDATE: Confirmed that Cano lived in JW community, and was is a Mexican national having lived in the US on and off since the 70's.

SOURCE- Jesus Cano, the hamlet of Wallkill man who was arrested in the City of Middletown last weekend for allegedly soliciting teenage boys for sex, has been indicted by an Orange County grand jury.
"I am sure that a guy like you have a good number of girlfriends," starts the note police say he gave to gave out to teenage boys. It continues in awkward English: "If you Gould like to tried something different and brake the routine, please give me a call and let me know how I can reward you for your service. Please call me."

But, because the indictment has not been filed in Orange County Court – and that is expected to occur next week – District Attorney Frank Phillips could not detail its contents.

“We did assist the City of Middletown Police earlier this week in obtaining a search warrant from one of our county court judges to go and search Mr. Cano’s residence in Ulster County and we received very good cooperation from the Community of Jehovah’s Witnesses in Ulster County. The Middletown Police were right on top of it and we were with them.”

This wasn't just a case of a man attempting to lure young boys into sexual contact. He had evidently, for some time been taping unsuspecting men and boys in public bathrooms, and of course, it gets worse the more I read about him.

SOURCE- The overnight raid at the suspect's house yielded much more evidence than police expected. They found hundreds of photographs, several computer memory sticks and DVDs – including one labeled "Chicago O'Hare Airport."

"Each one of the hard drives and the computers will be forensically looked at," said Middletown Sgt. Jerry Mishk.

Chicago police say they are aware of the new evidence. Chicago aviation officials say they are concerned those images may have been taken at O'Hare. Both agencies say they cannot comment on the evidence until after they have been briefed by New York police.

"When we went into the area that his roommate said was his area, we saw two computers set up, running simultaneously," Mishk said.

So far, Cano has only been charged in New York with two counts of attempting to promote an obscene gesture on a child. More charges could follow as Chicago police join in the investigation.

Middletown police say it will take days to examine the volume of evidence.

Police say they don't know how many times Cano came through O'Hare.

CBS 2 News has also learned Cano traveled in New York and South America with the Jehovah's Witnesses. Police now believe he may have used his trips to photograph children in sexual positions. Police theorize the pictures may be part of an international child pornography ring.

Given the fact that Cano more than likely was a resident at the Farms, and that he traveled outside of the US with Jehovah's Witnesses, it's a safe bet to believe that he was a special pioneer- which could have made an uncountable amount of children available to him. The evidence agaist him should make you raise more than just an eyrbrow. This isn't someone who has just begun. He's beening at it a while. Even the (now blurred) image of Cano that he is said to have passed (linked image may not be work safe) out to young boys in an attempt to convince them to contact him is disturbing.

While police are looking at the idea that Cano could be part of an international child pornography ring, I'm looking at back to the past when I attended a local congregation with my family. I recall the strict rules that frowned upon association with people who where not members of the church. I also recall the even stricter guidelines with which my brother adhered to while he lived at the Farms- yes, he was one of those special select few that were "blessed" with being chosen. I recall how his days where very laid out for him, and that there was little chance of associating outside of the company which joined him at the Farm.

I'm not suggesting that it would be completely impossible for Cano to have had a secret life outside of the religion, but given the strict guidelines by which members of both Bethel and the Farm live, given the rules and guidelines involved in being a special pioneer- which takes years of committed service as well as flawless recommendation from numerous people... it concerns me that perhaps rather than looking at an international situation- investigators may want to look internally at other Jehovah's Witnesses which Cano would have had contact with.