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but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Judge's Resignation For "Short Sentence"

I had mentioned the sentence of a sex offender to probation because he was short a few days back.
It now seems that a petition has been started calling for the resignation of the judge, Cheyenne County District Judge Kristine Cecava.

The petition drive is being conducted by Tiffany Jones, a resident of the county seat of Sidney, who said she already had about 200 signatures.

Attorney General Jon Bruning plans to appeal the sentence, arguing that it is too lenient.

According to a transcript of the sentencing hearing, Cecava told Thompson:

"So I'm sitting here thinking this guy has earned his way to prison but then I look at you and I look at your physical size. I look at your basic ability to cope with people and, quite frankly, I shake to think what might happen to you in prison because I don't think you'll do well in prison."

I still can't get past the "don't think you'll do well in prison" part. Mainly because I doubt most of the people in prison "do well" in there. It's not suppose to be a vacation at the Holiday Inn. It's suppose to be punishment. It's suppose to be uncomfortable, and they aren't suppose to enjoy it. But, that is besides the point.
Personally, I am getting tired of the Judge Cashmans of the bench. I'm tired of hearing about how some liberal judge feels it is their place to ignore the law, and do as they personally- not legally- see fit. I'm just tired of it.

Petitions Seek Neb. Judge's Resignation

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Abuse of the Disabled

I worked, for a short time, in a home for the mentally disabled. If nothing else, it was a lesson in why I am lucky, and a humble reminder of those who are not as fortunate as the rest of us.
No, they are not children. But many of them have the mental and emotional development of a child, and each of them has a right to be treated with respect and dignity.
This is neither respect, or dignity:

Each of these people was a mentally disabled ward of the District who died in the past two years after inexcusable lapses in care, the Justice Department said, urging a judge to hold the District in contempt of court for not meeting repeated promises of reform. Other mentally and physically disabled residents of group homes were beaten, berated, sexually accosted, neglected or targeted for theft, Justice lawyers said.

Abuse, Deaths in D.C. Group Homes Detailed

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Carnival of The True Crime Blogs XXVI

Trench at The Trenchcoat Chronicles, is holding this weeks Carnival of The True Crime Blogs XXVICarnival of The True Crime Blogs Edition XXVI. It's sure to be a bounty of interesting links from some of the best crime bloggers around. While you are there, make sure to congratulate him on his recent mention on

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Some quick links

Man who killed sex offender will get 12.5 years
Chuck E. Cheese case exposes loopholes in sex offender laws
GPS technology leads to Megan's Law arrest for sex offender

Key's Ex parte

Ex parte:
An ex parte decision is one decided by a judge without requiring all of the parties to the controversy to be present. In U.S. and U.K. legal doctrine it means a legal proceeding brought by one person in the absence of and without representation or notification of other parties. It is also used more loosely to refer to improper unilateral contacts with a court, arbitrator or represented party without notice to the other party or counsel for that party.
A ruling made, without the presence of all parties involved. Possibly made without all the evidence presented because, after all, not all parties involved are present.
This is the situation that at least one person says lead to the return of Kelsey Briggs to her mothers home, and eventually enabled someone to beat her to death.

Allison Van Brunt, 25, of Meeker made the accusation about Lincoln County Associate District Judge Craig Key in a sworn statement in March. She said she worked for about six years for Shawnee attorney Greg Wilson, who represented the mother, Raye Dawn Smith, at the hearing. Both the judge and Wilson said her accusation is false.

Kelsey died Oct. 11. Her stepfather, Michael Lee Porter, 26, is accused in a first-degree murder charge of striking her at their home near Meeker. Smith, 26, is charged with child neglect and enabling child abuse.

In the March 24 statement, Van Brunt said she believes Key made up his mind before the hearing based on what Wilson told her after getting a call from the judge a few days before the hearing.

"We got a call from Judge Key," she said. "Greg took the call. He took it in his office. He came out and said, 'That was Judge Key. ... He said he made a mistake. He feels like he made a mistake and he's going to give custody back to Raye Dawn, but not to say anything.'"

I have followed Kelsey's story for months. At every turn, every release of information I find myself thinking that this story could not get any worse. Sadly, I've always been wrong. Having a lawyer in the family, I know that more often than it is talked about, there are discussions and decisions made behind closed doors, there's always a bit of ex parte going on in a small town where the judge goes out for drinks with the lawyers. And yet, we still expect them to give a fair and balanced decision in the end. In most cases, I would like to believe that that happens. It was not so in the case of Kelsey Briggs. The plea for her safety made by her grandparents was ignored. The wellbeing of a child was discarded, and ultimately- the choice to allow her to return to a abusive home cost her her life. | Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9
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Tuesday, May 30, 2006

"Hopefully, Miss Sawyer will comply...

with all the DCS requirements when she gets out in order to get her child back," West said."
West, full name Steve West- is refering to the woman in this news release:

The girlfriend of a Carroll County man is expected to testify against him in a case in which both initially were charged with the rape of their 1-day-old baby girl.

Jonathan Wayne Goodrum, 19, is facing a child rape charge in the March 24 incident, which police said happened before the child was taken home from the hospital.

If ever there was a poster child for a woman who should not ever be allowed within a hundred miles of a child, let alone have custody of one... it would be this woman.

H/T to Lisa for sending this over.

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Don't get any Dutch Ideas

I'm sort of lost as how to start this post. Basically, there are just so many directions I want to take with it, so many areas I feel need to be discussed... and yet the words aren't rushing to me as they usually do.
I guess it started today as I was reading Steve Huff's post on a ex cop who used a badge to lure and prey upon a 14 year old boy. You'd think it couldn't be any worse, until you read that this pervert has HIV. But, as much as the story it's self bothered me, it was the discussion in the comments that really hit home. One of the commenters, describing himself as a gay man, indicated the problem with the fact that pedophiles like to use the homosexual battles for equality to further their own deviant cause. I understand what he was saying.
Like it or not, agree with it or not, homosexuals are not pedophiles. They are not any more likely to sexual abuse a child than a heterosexual is. Homosexuals are not the abhorrent danger to our children that some would portray them as being. It's not to say that a homosexual can not be a pedophile- they can, just as a heterosexual can be. But being one does not make you automatically the other.
As a teenager, I happened to be very close to two men who were homosexuals. They also happened to have a teenage boy that lived with them, and as a result usually had a dozen or so kids wondering in and out of their home on any given day. I can tell you, they were of a blessing to those wayward kids than most of the heterosexual adults those kids knew. I couldn't imagine a more warm and safe place to be.
Now, I understand the nature of the gay movement. I understand the pain of carrying a stigma that because of your sexual preference, you are only half a person, not fully entitled to the legal benefits of heterosexual individuals. I couldn't begin to imagine someone telling me that my relationship had less of a meaning, less of a legal status because they didn't agree with it. I understand it, because I have seen it. And I'm lucky that I have never had to endure it. My personal beliefs on the topic have little meaning for you, and regardless of my thoughts on it, I'm sure that you're not here to be told my views on it. So I will leave it at that.
However, the reason I have even brought it up, is important. I don't want anyone to confuse the gay rights movement with what I am about to discuss. I would hope that you, despite your personal beliefs on the first topic, remember that it is separate from the latter. And, it is something that must be addressed, not as a political position, but as moral position. This is not about gay rights, this is about our children, and we must strive to keep the two divided in our minds.

Dutch pedophiles are launching a political party to push for a cut in the legal age for sexual relations to 12 from 16 and the legalization of child pornography and sex with animals.

This is not the gay movement, it it the deviant desires of a rather large group of people who care not about the best interest of children, but solely and completely about their own heinous desires.
The party said private possession of child pornography should be allowed although it favors banning the trade of such materials. The broadcast of pornography should be allowed on daytime television, with only violent pornography limited to the late evening, according to the party.

This is not about the safety of children, but about the condoned sexual exploitation of those who need protection the most. This is not about consenting adults, it is about children.
Toddlers should be given sex education and youths aged 16 and up should be allowed to appear in pornographic films and prostitute themselves. Sex with animals should be allowed although abuse of animals should remain illegal, the NVD said.

This is a party attempting to position itself within the legal protection of the Dutch government, and petition for the legal right to sexually abuse children.
There should really be no confusion on why this is different than the gay rights movement- which I shouldn't have to remind you, is about the right of consenting adults to engage in, and have access to the same legal rights as any other consenting adults. Pedophiles are concerned only with their own interests, the legal ability to avoid prosecution for the sexual abuse of children, and the right to exploit those children even more by the use of child pornography.
Pedophiles have found a strength in the same technologies that allow me to communicate with you. The internet, despite being a blessing to many, also has allowed a mass amount of people to connect for the benefit of their own demented desires. They have quickly realised the ability to use this technology in order to further their own cause, much to the harm of many innocent children. None of us needs to be reminded of the daily occurrences in which these monsters use the internet to promote their disgusting sexual perversions, or the times in which one of our children fall victims to these predators. Now, with strength derived from their "support groups", they are no longer a mumbling community of twisted people... they are attempting to give their perversion a voice through political means.
One can only hope that the Dutch find more suitable halls for their demented songs to be sung in than parliament, I for one suggest a nice echo-y jailhouse.
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Friday, May 26, 2006

Emily Rimel

I was visiting Beyond Frazzled when I found this post.
It seems that remains where found of a small child Lockbourne, Ohio; and have now been identified as those of Emily Rimel.
Please visit Beyond Frazzled for more details.
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When size shouldn't matter...

There are times when size matters. Like when you take your kids to the Amusement park, and it turns out that the ride they've been dying to get on has a height restriction about two inches above where the top of the kid's head is. Or, when a robber runs out the door of a convenience store, and passes one of those nifty little stickers that help discern their height.
Then there are times when I don't care how short or tall you are... you need to be locked up in jail. One of those times happens to be when you sexually abuse a child. Sadly, not everyone sees things that way.

A judge said a 5-foot-1 man convicted of sexually assaulting a child was too small to survive in prison, and gave him 10 years of probation instead.

His crimes deserved a long sentence, District Judge Kristine Cecava said, but she worried that Richard W. Thompson, 50, would be especially imperiled by prison dangers.

Rarely do I cuss here. I do it a lot when I'm reading the stories, even a lot when I am writing them. But I always attempt to not type them. However... I can't find no way to better articulate my thoughts on this than to use one simple word. Forgive me, but: BULLSHIT. Too short to go to jail???

I come in at a nice 5 foot 2, 5'3 if I stand really straight and stretch a bit, and fluff my hair up. An inch shorter isn't much of a big deal. And after you've lived most of your life being on the shorter end of things... you're sort of use to it. It's not a reasonable excuse as to why one shouldn't go to jail. I can't imagine what this WOMAN judge was thinking- and to be honest it's a far fetched claim to even say she was thinking at all.

Thankfully, I'm not alone in my feeling that this is complete bull**** as CUG forwarded this to me, so I'm pretty certain that he feels like I do, Mag's covered it on her site, and Trench has added it to the News of Doom, so we know it's really that bad.
BREITBART.COM - Judge: Man Is Too Short for Prison


Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Carnival Of the True Crime Blogs

Laura James of Clews is holding this weeks Carnival, and has done a delightful job of highlighting the ever heinous stories which crime bloggers have been working on this week. Please take a moment to stop over and see what's been happening.
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There should be a category for school employees...

Reading piled up mail from last week, I sat here wondering why it is that I have never added a category dedicated to those that we rely on the most, those that we respect, those people we entrust with the safety and wellbeing of our children everyday. It seems like at least once a week, I have a story where a school employee- usually a teacher, but not always- has thrown aside our trust and betrayed us in the worst way imaginable. They take advantage of what we as parents hold dearest to our hearts- our children.
The normally happy ten year old boy, with good grades, suddenly just wasn't himself. He wasn't as happy as he had been, he'd begun to withdraw from people and his grades dropped drastically. He began getting in trouble at school... all without an sort of explanation, until a teacher at the school he attended discovered pornographic photos of the young boy on a digital camera.

David Cech, Strassburg's dean of students and a former fifth-grade teacher, took semi-nude pictures of the boy on school grounds, Sauk Village Police Chief Tom Lacheta said.

Cech, 27, of Orland Park, was charged Wednesday with one count of manufacturing child pornography, an felony punishable by four to 15 years in prison, police said. He is expected to appear for a bond hearing today at the Cook County courthouse in Markham.

"It's vindication for my son," the boy's father said.

The boy's parents learned about the pictures Tuesday, a day after the images were discovered on a digital camera by a co-worker of Cech at the school.

Lacheta and the boy's family said there's no indication Cech molested the boy, who was examined at a hospital and interviewed by psychologists on Wednesday.

The boy's mother said Cech would take her son into his office or a bathroom, pull down the boy's pants and take pictures. She said Cech "took advantage" of her son at least 15 times."He said he was scared; he thought he was going to get in trouble," she said. "He thought people would think he was lying."

The boy's relatives and other parents said Cech would rub students' backs, mail them personal letters and often eat lunch with a group of boys in his office. Lacheta said one parent came forward Wednesday with claims that Cech behaved inappropriately with her children. Police are investigating the allegation. SRC
At this moment, Cech has been able to use use his previously clean record to convince the judge that he's a prime candidate for a low bond... and has walked out of jail after posting just $10,000- 10% of the bail Cook County Circuit Judge Thomas J. Condon set last week.
Now, Cech has indicated that he will resign from his position with the school, and currently he is on administrative leave... but somehow the fact that other students have recently made claims that there was inappropriate behavior towards them going on and the fact that the school hasn't canned him already is just down right obscene.
"It's a relief that they say he's going to resign, but until I get the resignation, when I get the resignation, then I'll be relieved," said Sauk Village elementary superintendent Rudy Williams.

That quote has to be worth at least a bit of irratation. I've been informed that with the teachers union, it's almost impossible to consider firing a school employee. Isn't that just delightful?
I've done this long enough to understand that there are always cases where the accused is innocent. Where the claims aren't what they seem to be... where it's one persons word against another. But, when you have the words of a 10 year old, backed up by photos taken on the accused's camera, one has to wonder what shred of doubt could possible exist that entitles this man to resign rather than be fired on the spot.
I'll continue to follow this, (and by clicking this search link you can too) and perhaps someone will get around to firing this man, perhaps someone will actually make him responsible for his actions, perhaps someone will take away whatever teaching license he may have that entitled such a pervert to be a school administrator. And perhaps, if we are lucky- I'll share with you the news that he was awarded a long sentence for his deviant actions.
H/T Charles

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Monday, May 22, 2006

I know...

I've been out of my blogging routine for the last week or so. I promise, I'll be back on track this week.

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Thursday, May 18, 2006

Just a quick post...

Computer problems abound... so here's a few links till things are back up and running:
Teacher charged with sexual abuse
DAs unhappy with pedophile's sentence
Deacon pleads guilty to sex abuse
Teen girl killed in middle school stabbing
Chat rooms help FBI find pedophiles
Female chat names generate more threats
Cascanet Pleads Guilty, Sentenced For Child Sex Abuse
Man pleads guilty to 3 felony child sex charges

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Sunday, May 14, 2006

The Disappearence Of Ashley Lyn Howley

Sometimes, there are those stories that haunt us. It might be just the heinous nature of the crime, or the young age of a victims... and sometimes it's just all the "what could have been's" that make one tragedy stick out more than another.
Usually, when it comes to finding stories- I never really find myself at a shortage. Sometimes I get cases from recent news headlines, sometimes from other bloggers, and sometimes even from you readers. And then, every great once in a while- I'll be working on something completely different, not really looking for anything new to write about... and a story just seems to find me. I say they find me... because they are normally the ones that really stick with me, that do more than just keep me awake at night, they sink in and stay with me.
Ashley Howley's case was like that. I was working on a story about a missing Columbus Ohio girl, and for some reason Google sent me to the wrong missing girl story. Well, maybe not the wrong one, just not the one I had been looking for. But, something about the story surrounding Ashley's disappearance caught my eye... and it's been with me since.
Next month will mark two full years that Ashley has been gone, lost to those that loved her, her family, her friends. And although her case has been long forgotten by the media... it has not been forgotten by those that knew her best. And, they are desperate to share her story... and hopefully move someone enough to provide the information needed to bring her home.
Ashley's story is told below, by her cousin, please take a moment to read it...

Ashley Lyn Howley, age 20 at time of disappearance, has been missing from Columbus, OH since on or about June 16, 2004.
On June 16, 2004, 2:30 a.m. Ashley called 911 from a neighbor's house very distraught (I have heard the tapes), stating she had been assaulted. On these tapes she can be heard answering yes, it was her estranged boyfriend who had ALLEGEDLY choked, kicked, etc...her. Ashley refused medical treatment and the BF, of course, was nowhere to be found. I would later get an account of what happened from her best friend. She states Ashley told her that this took place in the bedroom, and at one point he choked her to the point of semi-consciousness. He went to the lower level and when she heard him coming back, she "played dead". He stood over her and told her that if he couldn't have her, no one would. He left, WITH HER CELL PHONE. Ashley waited a few minutes, and ran to a neighbor's where she made the 911 call.
She hid in the bushes waiting for help. I should tell you that the BF was on probation at that time for a previous assault on Ashley. She tried to have him "picked up" prior to this night, a minimum of 10 times, to no avail. This guy, according to Ashley's close friends, would not let her go. He reportedly stalked her, and at one point, took her beloved dog to make her see him. When she spoke to people about this, including her dad, she would say that his "rich daddy" will bail him out anyway.
On the afternoon of the 16th, there are several conversations that take place between Ashley and her best friend whom i will refer to as B( again, i verify this through her cell records). She was throwing her belongings into bags, and contemplating going to B's house. The last verifiable conversation was at 4:10 p.m. Ashley has never been heard from again. The estranged BF moved a buddy of his into the apt. (it was in both Ashley's and BF's name), a few days later. Neighbors saw them throwing some of Ashley's belongings into the dumpster. A neighbor asked where Ashley was," BF said she went back to Michigan" Ashley's cell remained active until July 30 with no activity. There were calls made between 3 individuals until early June 18th. We know who these 3 are, it is none other than BF, new roomie, and the alleged drug connection who has quite a story to tell of why Ashley was killed. YES, we know she was killed. The Det. in charge (i use this term loosely) states he got info early on from a "uniform" that Ashley was killed, her body dumped. This was 23 months ago. Ashley's apt was not entered by LE for nearly a month. Ashley's mom reports, and it haunts her every day, that Ashley fought in that apt. In the bathroom of her bedroom on the wall and door was evidence of this. Ashley's animals were still there. ANYONE who knew Ash, knew she would save her animals before herself. Much of her clothing remained hanging in the closet, in BAGS, personal items in her bathroom, etc...matter of fact, by the time LE entered, the place was a complete shambles. One of Ashley's vehicles (the one that was running) was missing. This would turn up a month later in an apartment complex known to one of "the three". This vehicle was released from the police several months ago. I do not know where it is now...I do know that i recently found a police report that IMO could place one of these people right in the middle of this. Here's a question, If BF was so in love, obsessed, why was he NOT LOOKING FOR HER????BECAUSE, HE KNOWS EXACTLY WHERE SHE IS. Oh he called LE, just to "chat". He stated from the very first call "my lawyer says not to talk to you". WHY DO YOU NEED A LAWYER? These calls seemed to be more of the what do you already know type. This is the perfect time to add that this guy has never been formally questioned, talked to, however you want to put it. Nor has "roommate", who has quite a tale to tell...The Det. dismisses him as "a drug addict who keeps changing his story." This drug addict tells the same story to two separate people (they do not know each other). And BTW...THEY'RE ALL DRUG ADDICTS!! You don't get to choose the cast! Ashley herself struggled with this, but she was winning the struggle. B reports that Ashley had gotten kind of a little "pooch", belly, when she stopped using. She was very proud of this as it was her "proof", if only to herself. There are those who say she was using heavily. It really doesn't matter in the end, but, it mattered to Ashley. I think it's appropriate to say here that Ashley had hopes and dreams. I was very close with her from the day she was born until her early teens when she moved to Ohio. She was priceless. Easy going, funny, and so tender hearted. I think people look down on Ashley, LE, and SOME of the media, will not give her case the attention it deserves. She made some poor choices, not many of us can say we haven't somewhere in our lifetime. Looking back on the few early news reports this det. says "I've never had so much information in a missing persons case." This is the very same person who, when i was trying to get an NCIC # to get Ash into the database, said to me, and i swear to GOD, "You probably know more about this than i do...Even if that were true, YOU DON'T SAY THAT OUT LOUD. I have written notes every time i make, or receive a call regarding this case. My first conversation with DET was memorable. He told me that he was the only person handling Ashley's case because "no one else would touch it." WOW. And so began the official non investigation. Add to that, people disappearing off of corrections sites (thank God i made copies), records "disappearing", that should be there. This would be a great time to mention BF's dad has a GOVERNMENT job, and apparently enough money to buy his son out of ANY trouble he may find himself in. Add that to informants who have solid information, only to have it disappear. When Ashley's dad received her cell records, he began calling the #'s. Roommate said " i can't believe you found me so fast." Another man says Ashley called his # VERY DISTRAUGHT, by mistake. His # appears again, for several minutes the next day. WHO IS HE? DET. doesn't know. I asked him today. Going back a ways, there was a wallet turned in, i cannot tell you how i know, that was found with something that made it possible it was Ashley's. DET knew nothing about it, even though it was turned over to his dept. He looked for it, couldn't find it and said "it must not have had to do with her case." WOW AGAIN. There is a lot more...I am not ALLOWED to say anything, in writing anyway, or i will find myself in legal trouble.Oh, and, if you piss off DET, he WILL NOT speak to you again. Ashley's dad is not kept informed of anything, he screwed up. HINDERING THE INVESTIGATION, is what they call it. a grieving father is what i call it. What is most difficult, if you have to pick one thing, it appears many people have information. 100,000.00 will not bring these people forward. I have sensed fear from the very beginning. What is at the bottom of that fear? Oh, one more thing. BF has a sealed juvenile record rumored to detail him, a knife, and another female. Any other information i can give you will be happily given, personally. I need to be able to go to the State of Ohio to find Ashley, C.P.D. won't.

~~wind beneath her wings ...We love you Ashley and will NEVER stop searching...

For Previous Posts On Ashley:
Ashley Howley
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Saturday, May 13, 2006

Gime me a happy meal, some fries and a child molester...

Certain places cater to our children, they sell products designed to captivate our kids, or edibles designed to take over their appetites. Due to their being marketed so intently towards our children, we have become naive to the fact that they are not really interested in our children.
Let's face it, A Happy Meal isn't really all that healthy, despite the countless Ronald McDonald commercials and the outdoor playlands which tend to make us think McDonalds is all about kids. Nope, the Golden Arches are golden for a reason, and it has more to do with the bottom line then the 6 years olds running around wondering what toys is in their sack.
For years, we've willingly overlooked the Unhealthy Meals and the dirty tables, because after all- it's really not THAT bad and besides, we make sure our children are fed healthy meals 99% of the time... and okay honestly- THE KIDS LOVE THE PLACE. Perhaps though, if it's not the meals that will make you second think that next visit to the drive through, this will:

"They would allow Nicholas to be the one out in the lobbying with the kids, set up the little bowling alley for the kids, sing on karaoke with the kids," he recalls.

That despite the fact that Aloyo was listed right on Tennessee's sex offender registry for anyone to see.
In fact, if managers at the McDonald's had driven two miles to the courthouse and pulled Aloyo's file, they would have found a report that describes a troubled history of misconduct with children as young as 10.

The report also says that, prior to his conviction, Aloyo had been fired from three other jobs for "inappropriate sexual comments" to employees and customers.

That's why he was rated a "high risk" and ordered not to accept employment in contact with minors.

One mistake, one McDonald's out of Millions, right? Well, then how about this one, where it turned out the molester ended up receiving a promotion after molesting the victims.
The boys say, at their first job, they were molested.

"I wanted to have a first job where I could look back on it and actually be able to tell people what my first job was like," Adam says. "Now I just can't do that."

Abbie Sutherlin's son, Mark, was also 15 -- and working at the same McDonald's in Hillsborough, New Jersey -- when one day he broke the news.

"He told us that he had been molested by his boss," Sutherlin recalls.

"You think your child is safe. You think he's OK. And then you find out, boy were you wrong."

Their boss was 20-year-old assistant manger Joshua Diaz.

There's more... a lot more. Either link will provide even more related articles on the subject.

I understand the need for sex offenders to be employed, I really do. However, McDonalds?? I don't care how many salads they make... it's still a kids place. And one that shouldn't be doubling as shopping grounds for pervert employees.
I want to be fair though, after all- I'm nothing if not completely FAIR when it comes to perverts. Perhaps McDonald is taking a lesson in "who to hire" from it's business partner, WALMART. You know, the Supercenter Store which usually has a nice McDonalds tucked right into it somewhere. After all, Walmart likes to hire these creeps too. And then they attempt to duck out of lawsuits brought on after their beloved employees molest children of the customers.
I can only suggest that you trade up next time you are running around picking up lunch with the kids on the way to buy a few toys. Perhaps Burger King, and Toys R Us might make better destinations.
H/t to Trisha for sending this one to me.

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Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Paul Turner

This is one of the sickest monsters imaginable. And there are no words to express the punishment he is deserving of.

Paul Turner, 28, married the child's mother last month. Turner told investigators that while his wife was at work Monday, he became angry with the toddler for pouring water on a TV.

Court documents claim Turner said he grabbed the girl and shook her violently. Then, he said he swung the victim off the ground by her ankles and dropped her on the floor. He also said he "smacked the living crap out of her."

He told police that while changing her soiled diaper, a part of his body "made a mistake" and he had intercourse with the toddler. Turner said he ended the assault by kicking the child in the head, because she wouldn't wake up.

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Tuesday, May 09, 2006

The Age of Consent

The legal definition says it is the age at which someone has the legal right to agree to something, usually used to describe the age at which a minor is legally entitled to make decision on whether they engage in sexual activities or not.

That being said, there are a lot of questions surrounding the rights of minors to make this choice, and around exactly what age someone can have that right, and of course- who's business it is.

All good questions. And, depending on what side of the fence you are standing on, all have very different answers.

As parents, I can imagine that most of us would be willing to raise the age to past full adulthood, have guidelines demanding that our children be married, have completed college, and be financially stable- before they are even allowed that first kiss.

Recalling our own youthful teenage years... it's understandable to know that many of our children think they should be able to make whatever choices they want and do whatever they want, almost as soon they realised that they have acquired the ability to reach the cookie jar. Or when it comes to sex, as soon as they have come to the conclusion that they may want to engage in it.

But, what is actually best for our kids? And who can really make that conclusion?

Yesterday I was passed a story about a group of underage girls who willingly engaged in sexual relations with an adult, which I wrote about. The girls where between 15 and 17, and the man was under 20. One of the girls even videoed the encounter. The judge in the case first refused to impose a sentence on the man relating to the felony counts against him for the sexual encounters. His belief was that the girls involved "consented" to the behavior.
In reality, the girls willingly participated in the sexual relationship. They even went as far as to encourage it. Now, you're saying "but Lilo, if they were willing to engage in the sex, then the judge was right... they consented". But they didn't because the law does not give them that right. The problem is that the law in Wisconsin the legal age of consent is 17. So, by state law.. the girls could not have consented.
The state attorney general's office intervened by securing a court order requiring the judge to proceed with sentencing... so he did. But then, in a show of "oh, how dare you go against me", the judge proceeded... and stayed the sentence for one hundred years.
Was he wrong? Yes, because whether he likes it or not- his job is to follow the law- not attempt to write it. Which in reality is what he is trying to do. If he disagrees with the laws on the books, he has the same right as the rest of us to contact his law makers and attempt tp convince them of the need to change the statues. He has the right to step down from his bench and refuse to participate in the judicial procedures- citing his disagreeance with the laws. He can go door to door and have petitions signed showing his contempt for the law as it stands. But he didn't do any of that. Instead, he decided to play both the role of the judicial branch and the legislative branch of government. And that my friends, is wrong.

As to the first questions I posed... what age should consent be acceptable, and who should make that decision, well those are difficult issues. Do I believe a 12 year old have the mental maturity to make well informed choices about sex? NO, but then I also know a few 30 somethings that don't have that ability either. How about 17 year old? Well, it's a loaded question. It depends entirely on the 17 year old in question, but more often than not- the answer is a bit fat NOPE. Think about it... is that 17 year old neighbor boy that's been eyeing your daughter thinking with his head, or with his hormones? But, there are exceptions. Unfortunately, the laws can not be developed on a case by case basis. So we have to agree on sensible, basic guidelines in which we hold everyone accountable.

If forced, I'd say the the age of consent be set- on a national level but through agreeance between states and not as a federal mandate- at 17, with a two year window of allowance. Meaning a 17 year old could consent to sexual relations with a 19 year old- but not a 20 year old. I'm not going to get into depth on my reasons for this conclusion at this time. But that's my thoughts on it.

All of that being said, it leads me back to the fact that these girls willingly engaged in sexual relations with this young man. What they did was also illegal. They should have been charged with conspiracy to commit a crime. Harsh, yes. But, as the judge concluded- these girls willingly engaged in sex with this man. They were old enough to understand that statutory laws could be applied, and yet- they conspired, and encouraged this man to commit these crimes.

Today's youth have a certain air about them, with every generation young people become more bold in efforts to prove themselves to be mature adults, teenagers constantly demand more and more rights, and in granting them those rights- we most also balance them with consequences. Not one person involved in this case made even a halfway decent decision.

In all fairness, young people are often more susceptible to peer pressure, and to negative influences, they are vulnerable to suggestion. I believe that they deserve some sort of reprimand for their actions in this particular case- but not to the same degree that I believe the adult should be held accountable. All parties took part in breaking the law, and all should be fairly punished for that.

This is a hard case, because the girls willingly participated, and yet are not able to legally consent to having sex with the man. He should have known better... they should have known better- but even more, the judge should have known better. Standing all parties next to one another, Kirk holds the most responsiblity. Because he was aware of the law, and the the obligation to follow it. That is what he is on the bench to do, not to pick and choose the laws he wants.

And that's my thoughts on it. Although, I am still free to add to them as I feel fit.

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Circuit Judge Philip Kirk

I've been a little lacking in few time today, but I wanted to go ahead and get this story up, I'll be adding more to it tomorrow- when I have a bit more time. For now though:
Circuit Judge Philip Kirk didn't think the fact that the defendant engaged in sex with not one, not two, not even three- but FOUR underage girls ranging from 15 to 17 was really all that bad. After all, the minors had consented to the sex.
Now, I know some of you are scratching your head right now wondering just how it is that a minor who by LAW can not consent to sex, was able to do so according to the judge.... haven't figured that part out for myself yet.
I will say that the girls willingly participated, in fact one even made a recording of the acts... but consent? We know the legal talk... and we know they can't consent if they are under the legal age of consent. But, let's drop that part for just a moment. Instead... we can scratch our heads at the actions the judge decided to take

Roloff, of Waupaca, was convicted of three felonies last year under a plea agreement. The plea deal included a joint recommendation of six months in jail and an unspecified term of probation. As a convicted sex offender, Roloff also should appear on the state's sex offender registry.
Kirk, however, doesn't think Roloff should be on the registry because the girls willingly participated in the sexual acts, some of which were videotaped by one of the girls. Those under the age of 17 cannot legally consent to sex even if they willingly participate.
[...]Kirk viewed the videotape before the Nov. 7 sentencing.
"I was aghast at the behavior of all parties," Kirk said, according to the sentencing transcript. "There was no way to separate, in terms of culpability, that of these four teenage girls.
Kirk refused to impose a sentence on the felony charges so that Roloff would not become a registered sex offender. Instead, he placed Roloff on probation for four years and ordered him to serve six months in jail on the misdemeanors that were part of the original set of charges.

Now, we're used to liberal judges swinging around the law book until they come up with whatever insane way of playing legislator they can. And, so we can't be really surprised at the actions of this one... until this:
The state attorney general's office intervened by securing a court order from the 4th District Court of Appeals, Madison, that forced Kirk to complete the sentencing. At a second sentencing hearing April 21, Kirk placed Roloff on probation for two years and 200 days on the felony charges and ordered him to register on the sex offender list.
But the judge added a twist. Kirk stayed the sentence for 100 years, effectively keeping Roloff off the sex offender registry for life.
"The sex offender registration is a death knell for anybody," Kirk explained.

Why do we even bother with laws when judges just turn their noses up at them anyway? Of course, I have a lot more to say about this... but you'll have to wait for my update to read it. Until then, please feel free to share your thoughts on it.
Tip of the Hat to Charles, who passed this along to me.

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Monday, May 08, 2006

Warren Jeffs

I'd seen this on the news tonight... and could only wonder why everyone in LE had waited until now to do something, after all I first heard about this pervert and his "religion" a few years back. But, the important this is that someone- the FBI- has decided this creep has committed enough crimes to justify placing charges against him.
For those of you unaware, Warren Jeffs is a "church leader", often referred to as a "prophet" by his followers. Living in Utah has provided him with the perfect community to spread his beliefs of polygamy and child rape.
From CNN:

Jeffs is the leader of the polygamous Fundamentalist Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, based in the neighboring communities of Hildale, Utah, and Colorado City, Arizona.
Jeffs, 50, is accused of arranging marriages between underage girls and older men.

He is wanted in Arizona on criminal charges of sexual conduct with a minor. He also was charged in Utah with rape as an accomplice.

Jay, from Stop the ACLU has details, and a photo in case you happen to run into this sexual predator.

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Sunday, May 07, 2006

Lilo's Announcements

In the upcoming weeks, some new things will be happening here. If you look to the top of the site, you'll notice the words written in red... at this very moment- that's all they are words. But, if in reading them, you are moved by the thought that they represent, and actually do something about it, they become a powerful source. We, every single one of us can do something to make this world a better place.

That being said, here are some of the little things you are bound to notice:

First, I'll be revisiting a case that has haunted me, in hopes that someone might be moved into action. I'll be bringing back older posts, adding new information and asking you all to do whatever you can to help in getting the word out. I know that a lot of regular readers tend to be on the quiet side... but please feel free to offer any thoughts you may have on the case, or ideas you might have. That's the best thing about blogging- getting a fresh look at someone else's thoughts on a subject. For those of you interested in getting a head start on the story, may I suggest a google search on Ashley Lyn Howley?

Secondly, I've got a few cases simmering on the back burner that I can not actually write about as of yet. However, despite my inability to write on them... I can post on them. Therefore, you are likely to see a few guests spots here on Lost In Lima Ohio. These posts will be written by people involved in the cases, and will be published with the strong hope that we can be moved enough to do something. I'll be adding my own thoughts to them in separate posts... so, you'll still get your daily dose of Lilo's attitude.

And lastly, I've asked blogging buddy Home Sweet Home to help cover the next To Catch A Predator- Florida edition, hoping that our schedules permit. I can't for the life of my recall the date it will be airing, at least not at this moment... but details will be forthcoming as soon as I have them. I'm not even really sure exactly how it'll work out as of yet... so although she doesn't know it yet... we're likely to have to have a few practice runs. Thankfully, she visits here often enough- I'm sure she'll see this bit of important info. Anyone with ideas on how the best way to do this would be... feel free to let me know.


Saturday, May 06, 2006

Catching the Predator...

Some crimes are just petty, some are upsetting, some are even disturbing... and then there are those that are so completely heinous- the words to describe them don't even exist. What we have here, is one of those crimes.
Harding, my Canadian crime blogging colleague who runs the site T.O. Crime, brought this case to our attention, and has asked that fellow crime bloggers and non crime bloggers share it, in order to help catch the predator.
The following is a clip from Harding's post, which I highly recommend you reading- as he has more photos and more details on the case.

The hunt is on for another sick f***er, wanted for the sexual assault of a young girl, and the subject of a nationwide manhunt. Toronto Police, inspired by their success in tracking down the man who abused Masha, the brave young lady now before U.S. Congress asking for tougher sentences on child porn criminals, are once again using video images to track the suspect.

Yesterday they released this footage. The video was found on the computers of 10 people they recently arrested in a child port ring bust, and they think the guy may be in Canada based on the title of the video, “Canadian Girl”. The way police describe the video is so heartbreaking, so disturbing, cops feel the term “sexual assault” does not do it justice.

As I mentioned, Harding has more in depth information over at his place, linked above, and more images for you to look at, in hopes that you might be able to help recognize this sick pervert and bring him to justice.

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Friday, May 05, 2006

Army Deserter Arrested, Charged

When the Fairmount Park security guard saw 20 year old Andrew Leon and the person he was kissing inside of a parked vehicle, the guards first thought was that the person looked too young to be out. When the guard went to further investigate the situation, he found that the person with Leon was a 13 year old girl.
Leon was arrested under suspension of molestation, and it was discovered that the he had met his victim through the infamous online community- MySpace. Riverside police reported that this is the forth incident involving minors and Myspace since the beginning of the year.

Leon is claiming that he believed the child to be older than she actually was. However, that isn't all Leon has to worry about, as it turns out that he went AWOL from the Army after a short stint in the Midwest. Desertion from the U.S. Armed Forces, and child molestation. His mom must be proud.

I have to continue to wonder just what it is that leads parents to ignore their children's activities online. Who among us would allow our children to walk alone into a building filled with pedophiles, rapist and child molesters? I dare to say that none of us would... and yet so many of us turn a blind eye to our children logging onto a chat room, online community or message board filled with them.

Tip of the Hat to "A Proud American!"- who despite a rocky start here, has turned out to have a bit more in common with me than first imagined.

Video Report From NBC 4 On Leon Arrest
Alleged Army Deserter Suspected of Molestation - Los Angeles Times

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Thursday, May 04, 2006

Jackie Barron Wilson

Jackie Barron Wilson was put to death tonight in Texas. His is one of the stories that makes me firmly stand up and acknowledge that for some crimes... even the death penalty is not enough of a punishment.

Wilson was condemned for the slaying of Lottie Margaret Rhodes, known by the nickname "Maggie." After breaking into her bedroom, he kidnapped Maggie from her Arlington apartment in the early morning hours of Nov. 30, 1988, then sexually assaulted the little girl before killing her.

Authorities said Wilson, who lived in nearby Irving, strangled Maggie before running over her with a car.

Maggie's battered body was found about five miles from her home a few hours after she was kidnapped. She was face down in a muddy ditch next to a rural road in Grand Prairie.

Wilson, like so many other scumbags has adamantly denied his guilt in the case, despite overwhelming evidence.
For a family, what's been stolen from them can never be returned. There nothing that can bring back to them the precious years of watching a child grow into an adult that were so cruelly denied to them by the actions of one monster.
Nothing in the judicial system can repair the damage that has been done, the only peace that can be given comes from knowing that this deviant monster will never hurt another person again.
One of the most disturbing parts of this case is that Wilson could have been stopped, the crime for which he died- could have been prevented.
Shook said just before Wilson kidnapped Maggie, he had broken into another apartment at the same complex and tried to sexually assault a woman. She chased him out but did not call authorities.

Wilson's long history of criminal violence, including raping a Lubbock woman in 1984 and stabbing an inmate while he was on death row, show the jury made the right decision, Shook said.

I will not fault the woman who failed to call the police when Wilson broke into her home, but looking at his history, he had already committed rape and been convicted for it once. Perhaps if there had been stronger laws to prevent him from being released... he would not have been free to commit this crime.

Irving man executed in 5-year-old's rape, murder
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Home Sweet Home

Special Congrats to fellow crime blogger, and personal favorite Home Sweet Home who has just bypassed the 10,000 visitors mark. She's only been blogging for a short amount of time... but she's one of the most passionate bloggers I read. HSH takes up the difficult task of dealing with domestic abuse cases, and is inspiring to say the very least. Click over, read a bit, and say "hi".

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Live Blogging- To Catch a Predators- Ohio Version

I'll be live blogging as much as the show as I can. Updates will be from the top down... as I publish them. Updates marked with *.
And don't forget- JRob will be having a post mortem on the show up at a later time, so be sure to check there.

*Home Sweet Home touches on an important point :

These pervs seem to ignore the fact that when faced with Dateline, that means that records have been kept of all their chats, and that when they then turn around and lie on camera, it just goes to show just how stupid and cowardly they are.
Not only do they lie about the chats, they lie about their purpose for being there- even after the girl tells them that she is getting ready and to come upstairs in 5 mins and they don't tell her no!

Cowardly, I couldn't have said it better myself. These are the men attempting to meet your children online... Are you okay with that? Are you willing to sit back and cross your fingers that Dateline catches them before they catch your kid?

Sex offender treatment idiot defending the treatment, and um treating some of the pervs. I'm not even getting started on that.

*changeforthebetter2006 is a week away from going to jail for soliciting a minor, but that doesn't stop Kevin Westerbeck from attempting to do the same thing once again. He tells the "girl" he is 27, just twenty years younger than he really is. He meets Chris and has no problem sitting down, admitting that he met the 13 year old girl on the computer. He blames the girl. He says he was just talking. Yet he gives the sixe of his penis. He insisted that he had no plans for sex. Didn't even bring condoms. But, he had a brief case in his car- with a bible. He had a "faith in God". He admits to Chris that he was accused of doing this before, but still "he's innocent" in his eyes. Four days before he is suppose to report to jail. Heh. But with this sicko, it gets even worse. He had sexually abusing another child under the age of 13. The detective that had been after him believes that this is not the only time this sicko has committed these crimes. He went to court last week and plead guilty to the rape charge.
Datelines comments on Westerbeck:
9:40 p.m.
When I tell people what sometimes goes on in our undercover houses they often shake their heads in disbelief. Here’s an example: After a lengthy, sexually charged chat between a decoy posing as a 13 year old girl and a 47-year old man named Kevin Westerbeck, Westerbeck shows up at our house late on Sunday night, the last night of our investigation. He’s short, less than five feet tall. As he enters, the decoy tells him she has to change. Westerbeck offers to watch, but instead sees me. He insists he would really never have had sex with an underage girl, but we know something about Westerbeck’s background. It turns out that just four days after he walked into our house, he was scheduled to walk into the big house. That’s right. Westerbeck had recently pleaded guilty to the crime of soliciting.

From Home Sweet Home-
admits to "13 year old girl" he is due to go to jail next week for online solicitation
In his bag in the car he says he had a bible
Wasn't there for sex, but he didn't tell her not to go to the bedroom and "get ready"

change4thebetter went to court to be determined what level of sex offender he was....judge says there is no doubt he is a sexual predator.

*This really has to be one of the saddest groups of people I have ever seen. I swear- to those not watching it with me now, a man just "tried" to stab himself with the pen he was given to sign a confession.

*From Datelines Blog:
9:25 p.m.
There is one man who never actually made it to our house, but gets arrested anyway. This made for a pretty wild scene. 52-year-old Glenn Mitchell lives in Indiana and he was chatting on line with a decoy who said he was a teenage boy. There is an explicit conversation about sex and Mitchell says he’s going to drive to our location in rural Ohio. He gets close, but it’s late and dark. Del the Perverted Justice decoy talks to him several times on his cell phone and learns he’s having some trouble finding the place. As it ends up, Mitchell gets turned around and starts driving down the wrong side of a road. He gets stopped by police. Perverted Justice calls the sheriff’s deputies set up near our house and lets them know what’s going on. They call the officer who made the traffic stop and ask him to let Mitchell go. Perverted Justice thinks he still might come. It’s too late though. Mitchell is spooked and starts to head back to Ohio. It is not too late for police to have Mitchell arrested though. He’s picked up in Indiana on unrelated charges. Darke County, Ohio detectives get a warrant and search his home. They say they find material that indicates Mitchell might have been involved with minors in the past.

*You're comments:
From Home Sweet Home-
user194547 2 hr drive. he says he has had sex with a 15 year old boy before.
gets lost on the way to the house. gets a traffic stop on the way to the home, and chickens out. they pick him up at the nursing home where he works, but he is refusing extaction, he came from out of state

*rkline05- graphic conversation including "you want this old guy doing you..." then shows up, and claims he came over only to tell her he wasn't coming over. "would you like to watch a movie with me with your hands down my pants". He didn't see anything wrong with "making a new friend" according to what he told Chris Hanson. He wasn't going to really have sex with the girl. Uh huh. We're believing that.

*Roger4450- online chat asks the undercover agent about oral sex, then says "if I was there, you could do me"
Several locals changed their mind about coming to the home, detectives believe that it is a leak.
But, 43 year old junglemania20050, Brinkman makes the 40 mile drive hoping to "____ someone off". He insists that his chat is normal, and he hasn't intended to do anything with the child.

* Dark County, Ohio-
Meatrocket8- talking to person he believes to be a young girl. He asks for her address as the conversation gets more sexually graphic. Agrees to talk to Dateline, turns out Jay Reffner is a computer specialist at a school, married and has children, also his mother is a Fostoria Ohio Prosecutor, and had represented him at at least one hearing. Although Dateline didn't mention that little bit of information, you can find it cached here.

Also coming up, a truck driver and a manger in the oil industry.

First up, some links you may want to check out during commericals:

Most teens say they've met strangers online
Predators in the headlines

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The other blogger from here...

Once, there was another Lima Ohio blogger... and I'm happy to say- there still is.

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Carnival of the True Crime Blogs

Crime Scene Blog has done an excellent job of presenting this weeks Carnival of the True Crime Blogs.
Take a moment to click on over and see what the True Crime'ers have been up to.

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From The Mail Box...

Carla Kay Dinger married into a premade family, and in doing so became responsible for raising and caring for a stepson. It's a common situation nowadays- and most women do an incredible job playing the role of step-mom. Dinger isn't one of those women.

She admitted carrying on a sexual relationship for two years with her then-stepson, starting in 1998 when he was 14. It ended when Dinger found out she was pregnant with her stepson's child, prosecutor Jason Parrish said.

What is startling, disturbing and down right angering is that Dinger was able to retained primary custody until 2004, when she and her ex-husband began sharing custody.
That's right, the child produced as a result of her criminal behavior was allowed to remain in her care. Sickening.
Dinger's former stepson, now 22, filed a lawsuit in 2004 against her seeking monetary damages.

In the lawsuit, he said Dinger had frequently provided him with methampetamines and alcohol.
The two had made plans for Dinger to divorce his father so they could marry, he said. But after Dinger found out she was pregnant, she sent him to live with his mother and told him not to tell anyone, he said.

Thankfully, the young man did tell his mother, and Dinger has been sentenced to 20 years in prison for her crimes.
One has to wonder though, if the boy reported the crime in 2001, his father divorced the predator in 2002- why is she just now being sentenced?

Thanks to a reader who sent me this news article- Woman Gets 20 Years for Sex With Stepson.

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Who is the real victim?

I've always tried to rally on the side of the victim, especially in cases where the victim has been sexually assaulted. Truth be told, stepping up and telling someone that you have been molested, and or raped is amazingly difficult. And after you have admitted it to yourself, which can be incredibly hard, and admitted it to that first person- victims often have to face the reality of retelling the assault again to complete strangers (doctors, police, juries etc.). For many, every time the assault is spoken of, they relive the events again. A friend once told me "You feel the physical pain once, you feel the emotional pain forever". Add to that pain the simple fact that some people will accuse you of lying, that even friends may not believe it, or that a jury may not give you the justice you deserve... and the experience becomes a nightmare in every way possible. I know how hard that road can be to go down... so I always try to stand on the side of the victim.

That being said, I have to mention that the victim is not always the one claiming to have been assaulted. Sometimes, the victims are the ones that have been accused, and the offenders are those that do the accusing.

Lately, on a personal note, a well respected friend has been accused of heinous crimes. The accuser has done their part to tarnish a man who has worked hard to support victims, who has pledged time and money to help bring stronger laws against those who would actually commit these crimes. The situation was presented to me very matter of factly, but as hard as I tried to be objective, I couldn't fully believe the story. Perhaps it was the source from where the information was coming from, or the details that didn't seem to fit right. More than likely it was the fact that the accused was so well respected. And I had to accept that. I know, after all the reading and researching that too often the offender is a well respected person. Which put me in a position I was not completely comfortable with.

On one hand, I had my friend, an ali, and someone I respected and desired to be loyal to. On the other hand, there was a alleged victim, and I've always tried to side with the victim. I could not remain completely untouched by this, because once the information was presented to me, I had to make a decision on where I stood, on who I would believe. Except, my friend had not informed me of the situation, he hadn't stepped up to defend himself, nor was anyone else it seems. I thought about it. And then, I did what any friend would do, I forwarded the information to him- in case he was not aware of it, and explained that he owed me no explanation. That it was not my place to judge him.

He provided a explanation, but by that time, I had already come to the conclusion that yes, there was a victim in this case, only it was my friend and not the accuser. It's not just because he was my friend that I came to that conclusion- I watched as the whole thing unfolded elsewhere, and with every comment by the accuser- I found it harder to buy. I'm sure many will disagree with my belief on this... and that's okay. I only hope that they attempt to understand that at times, the would be victim lies.

I was not going to make a public issue out of this yet, until I read piece of Commentary this morning about Rich Gorman of Orlando. And, I felt guilty for not speaking up sooner, publicly. I was putting off what I should have been doing. You see, my friend and this Rick Gorman are not the only people hurt by false allegations. It also hurts real victims. False allegation often have a trickling effect, making the next person who steps forward seems less believable too. It is the "well so and so lied, how do we know this one isn't lying" concept.

For the past six months, I've been staring at a 30-pound box filled with court documents and what's left of a young man's life following one college night and
a 5- to 15-second disputed sex act.That is, 5 to 15 seconds into the act of sexual intercourse, she said, "Stop." He stopped immediately. She claimed rape. Thus, before his 23rd birthday, Rich Gorman of Orlando, Fla., was locked behind bars in the Liberty Correctional Institute near Tallahassee, serving a five-year sentence for sexual battery.One minute a junior at Florida State University majoring in business/computer systems, the next a prison inmate labeled a sex offender.I've hesitated to write about the case because all such cases are complex, as we've been reminded the past several weeks by the rape case at Duke University. Gorman's case bears little resemblance to the Duke episode, except that both involve youth and alcohol, a toxic combination in the sexual arena of he said/she said.The moral of Gorman's story, which can't be proved or disproved in this limited space, is that boys and men accused of rape have little hope of reclaiming the life they once knew, regardless of whether they're guilty or innocent.

To fully get an idea of what happened in this case, you'll have to read the entire story here. If nothing else, it wakes you up to the result of those who would falsely accuse a innocent person of a heinous crime. And sadly, it will make it harder for the next woman to come forward and tell the truth. Because, no matter what- people will remember. And the sins of one will be reflected upon the other.

My heart goes out to the family of the young man in the story. It seems, by the little information given, that a grave injustice was committed.

And my heart goes out to my friend, because I know a grave injustice has been committed against you also.
I support victims. I do. Only sometimes the victims are the ones accused... and not the ones accusing.

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Cali Eyeing Jessica's Law

November seems a little far off even now, but when it arrives it'll be bringing big changes to California, or not.

Democrats aren't sure how to deal with a November ballot initiative known as Jessica's Law, which would toughen California's state penalties against convicted sex offenders.

I'm not sure I can be very helpful to them. I mean, my biggest defense of Jessica's Law is... well Jessica's Story.
If the initiative passes, it would impose a mandatory 15-years-to-life sentence on anyone who rapes a child under 14 and is at least seven years older than the victim. The initiative would make it tougher for convicted rapists to use "good-time credits" to get out of jail early, require the use of GPS tracking systems for paroled offenders and prohibit them from living within 2,000 feet of a school or park. It would toughen penalties for those who lure children over the Internet.

I hope that those out there that are scratching their heads wondering how to deal with this, take a moment to imagine their child in the hands of a sexual predator. Perhaps that image will help move them to protect our children.

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School Porn

I don't even know where to begin on this one. Perhaps it's cause of the lack of information on the case... or should I say cases.

An investigation into pornographic material allegedly accessed over Jefferson County School District computers has resulted in action against 17 employees, the Denver Post reported, citing a broadcast report.

The good news is that reportedly, it seems to be adult related material rather than indecent child images. The sad thing is that some of these people were children, and no doubt this will have an effect on students, parents and those working within the school district.

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Brian Doyle, Department of Homeland Sexual Predators

Brian J. Doyle the Department of Homeland Security press aide arrested for having sexually based converstations with undercover agent he believed to be a 14 year old, has waived extradition and will soon be on his way to Polk County Florida to face the charges. I'm not sure what his denfense will be.. perhaps something along the lines of "I'm sick, please give me treatment instead of jail"... cause you know that they always want the treatment after they get caught.

DHS Press Aide to Appear on Sex Charges - Yahoo! News

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Ohio Election Results

For Local and Ohio election results and live streaming updates, visit WIMA Lima, the Talk Station.

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Monday, May 01, 2006

Possible Live Blogging

On Wednesday, the second half of Dateline's "To catch a predator" the Ohio version will be airing. It'll be one of those shows no one should miss. Parents should watch in order to help adjust to the thought that sicko perverts are out there, and sicko perverts should watch it to adjust to the fact that we are after you.
Well, depending on how willing the little ones are to stay in their beds, and depending on exactly how everything else goes- I am tentitively planning on live blogging the show. Which is where you come in... yep you. This is your chance to live blog with me. Starting when the show comes on, I'm taking your emails and comments and posting them. Not just in the comments- but in the posts. And discussing the show as it air, with you. My readers. What I'd really like is to have numerous bloggers live blogging it with me, where we could have a nice group chat on the show. But, that might be asking much.
Anyway, if there is enough interest in the live blogging, I'll do everything I can to make it happen. Even bribing the little one with toys and late night snacks. Any bloggers interested in a group thing- drop me a line.

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Live Blogging the Illegal Boycott

I was all set to live blog the whole illegal alien trying to coerce their way to citizenship rally today, when I realised that I had better things to do. For instance, I was preoccupied with packing the man's lunch for work today, brewing some fresh coffee, washing the mornings dishes, doing a little laundry, taking the kids to school, filling up my gas tank, doing a little candy bar purchasing at the local convenience store down the road, putting in a few hours of work so I can make a paycheck and to help with the burden of paying my taxes, reading up on the candidates for tomorrows election, cleaning up the house a bit, checking out my favorite blogs, picking up the kids from school, stopping to get them a little after school snack, making a pit stop at the grocery store to buy a few items, coming home to cook dinner, renting a movie for me and the man, and later I'll be watching the movie while waiting for muffins to finish baking in the oven.
Oh, yea, life is good.
I'm American, and I love my country... which leads me to believe that those who claim to love this country forget that a basic feeling of love begins with respect. And if you respect something, you don't break it's laws. Illegals can claim to love and respect America- but just by their being here, we know that they have already committed their first crime.
Illegals, go home, and if once you are there you realise that you really do love America and really do want to be part of our great Country- do it the legal way. That's how you win our respect and your right to be here.

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From The Spam Mail Bag

Sometimes, I don't get email. I mean, you send me email... but I don't get the email. Or I do get the email... but it's been spammed and I don't see it until I go to clean out my spam box. This last one happens a lot. Even to people that email me often. Usually, it's only those emails that contain links only, but sometimes it's those long lengthy emails too.

So, this morning I was cleaning out my spam when I found a few gems in there.

The first one from (dare I say it? yep... I'm going too) my *"BLOGCHILD!" Home Sweet Home, who sent this:

Prosecutors say they'll be more receptive to a sentence of probation for an admitted sex offender if the father of 13 children undergoes a vasectomy.

And, I HAVE to ask "Are you FREAKING joking me???" Brandon Earl Lacy, 29 sexually assaulted a 14 year old girl. Even the defense lawyer gets the problem with this ""The vasectomy deals with Brandon not fathering any more children," Reyna said" Yes, 13 children is a bit much... but that has nothing to do with the fact that he sexually abused a child. There's no reason to even begin to believe that this predator will take this slap on the hand and not return to assaulting young girls. Really, the MOST insane deal I have ever ever heard of - at least this week. Thanks HSH... you've set my Monday morning off to a "how damn stupid can they be" start. And, you know... I always like being fired up about the slap on the wrist pleas that people think will actually deter someone from re offending.

Next up from the spam mail bag is a story that I know has gotten a bit of press by now... but I had just a few comments on it.

Former Steeler Tylski is charged with child abuse, yep how the mighty will fall... sorry that's just plain rude of me isn't it?
But read this and tell me that $20,000 bail is ENOUGH:
Former Steelers offensive guard Rich Tylski and his wife were accused of hitting their adopted daughter with a belt, slamming her head on a table and other abuse that left the girl with broken bones in her hands and leg.

These people... decided to adopt a child- which is a loving and incredible jester... right up until they decided to use that child as a punching bag. They insult not just adoptive parents with their heinous behavior- but all parents. This child deserved to have a home that would grant her love and compassion- not one that would leave her with broken bones and scars.
Child Abuser Tylski is involved with the All Pro Dad organization, which promotes "active" fatherhood... (perhaps they should have informed him active doesn't mean abusive). They aren't returning phone calls. Gee.. wonder why.
Tylski and his wife are a shame, and I hope that they find themselves wearing some jail house uniforms really soon. A 10 to 15 year contract would be fitting.

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The Photo Taking Creep

One of the benefits of laptop computers and wireless connections is that you can unplug yourself jump in the car and roam. Add digital cameras, photo printers and a cheap electrical converter and you easily can become a photo processing center on wheels. grabbing your gear you can head off to your children's ballgame, snap and edit a few photos and have them emailed or printed off before halftime...
Of course, because we have creepy perverts using the same technology- there's always a chance that the person behind the camera has less intention of sending the photos off to you family and more of a desire to use them for their personal gratification.
Police in Florida recently caught one of these sicko freaks... computer equipment included.

"At the time the officer stopped him, he found that he had been viewing child porn on a laptop set-up," explained Detective Gary Boyer, Titusville Police Department.

Saunders used a wireless connection to get on the Internet. He also had a portable printer. Police said Saunders admitted to having more than 1,000 images of small children in sexually explicit poses and the kids were all under the age of 16.

Police found more disturbing equipment inside the car, cameras they said Saunders used to take pictures of children and their parents at local stores, parks and a laundromat. Some of the images showed children trying on new shoes inside the Titusville Wal-Mart where Saunders worked.

What's concerning is that the images he was snapping of innocent bystanders and Walmart customers aren't illegal. Imagine that... some pervert taking photos of your child without your permission... and it's A-Okay with the law. Nice. And even better is the fact that he gets to stick them right there on his hard drive next to a THOUSAND child pornography images.

I'd like to tell those in Titusville Florida who may have shopped at the Walmart center where 34-year-old Scott Albert Saunders worked to seriously look into how this man was allowed to remain employed at Walmart. You'd think with the lawsuit they are dealing with right now- they'd be extra cautious in watching over their employees. I mean, come on- ALL those camera's and no one noticed him snapping away at his camera? - News - Man Arrested After Cop Finds Laptop, Child Porn In Car
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