The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, April 29, 2006

This land is my land, this land is not your land...

I was reading the illegal immigrant news this morning... you know, all about the Spanish National anthem... and all about their big rally May 2... and I started thinking. Perhaps, just perhaps we need to stand up. It may be a really good time to remind everyone who's country this is.
12 million illegals... heh, I think we can beat that. The rough estimate is that the US has a population of 298,000,000, or close too it. Take away the estimated 12 million illegals, and we still have 286,000,000 give or take some. So, basically, if one were to be honest- a boycott by legal citizens would be more impressive. 12 million illegals, who can not legally vote verses 286 million citizens who can minus children and some criminals.
My country. Not theirs.
My taxes, my jobs, my political leaders.
286 million people should be able to remind law makers just who put them in office.
286 million people should be able to remind companies who buys their products.
286 million people should be able to sing the true National Anthem, in English.
286 million people should be able to know that this country is ours.

Stand up, be proud and demand that they take notice.

National Boycott Plans Creating a New Divide

Friday, April 28, 2006

Worlds Worst Mayor

The mayor of Fort Lupton Colorado is a bad bad bad man. And, he runs a funeral home... well a few funeral homes to be truthful. And, honestly... he's a bad man. Really. World's worst Mayor ever.

The mother of a U.S. Marine was grieving for her dead son when she found that his savings account had been claimed by the director of the funeral home.

It was money that he had no right to and despite a court ruling, the funeral director refused to pay. What's even more puzzling is that he's not just any debtor, he's the mayor of the small town and a member of a City Council that has financial responsibility for the city's budget.

So here this scum bucket has money that he is fully aware belongs to someone else, not just anyone but the family of a fallen soldier... and he refused to return it. What kind of worthless piece of crap does that?
Jason's body was returned to Colorado for burial. Records show that the funeral was paid, in full, by the Marines. But after closing out her son's accounts, Jason's mother realized that the probate court had sent the proceeds of Jason's savings account to the funeral home, which is run by Jim Bostick.

"I called Mr. Bostick and I said, 'Well, the courts sent you my son's savings account.' He just kind of really blew me off a lot," Sepulveda said.

What's amazing is that he still holds his position in the town and even after a court order, refuses to return the money to the family.
Like I said, worst mayor ever. - News - Mayor Won't Give Dead Marine's Money Back

Drugs, Sex, and Teaching

A part-time educational aide at Castle High School in Kanohe Hawaii has been accused of skipping school with his students and engaging in sexual contact with them. Oh, and buying them drugs too.

Castle students told a story of an ex-Marine in his early 30s, who would cut school with kids. He is accused of having sexual contact with both male and female students. The man allegedly told the kids he practiced witchcraft and could put spells on them.

The man was a substitute educational assistant at Castle High School, who usually worked five days a week there. He said he was a massage therapist who students said would gain kids' confidence and use massage to seduce them into sexual contact.

TheHawaiiChannel - KITV 4 News - School Aide Accused Of Sex Abuse, Buying Students Drugs, Alcohol

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Confession Time

Harding over at T.O. Crime has opened a can of warms... with 6 true confessions.

Because we're "different" than your average bloggers, in that we have penchants for death, shadows, and all things criminal, I'm calling on you to divulge six "crimes" that you have committed. That's right. Six confessions. Six statements of guilt. They could be anything from stealing gum from a dime store, lying to a priest, or strangling your parents. Or, they may be "victimless" crimes, those against yourself, like not bringing back your library books just because you LIKE to pay overdue fines.

I guess I should play along but I won't be tagging anyone... but everyone is welcome to leave their "crimes" in the comments, or blog them and it link.
So six crimes... heh... one shouldn't think that would be so hard. Here I go:
1. I drank... heavily... way before I was of legal age. Most of the time I had the help of some willing 21+ year old to purchase the alcohol for me, sometimes I was just lucky enough to find someone lacking common sense behind the counter. I was in high school when it began... and I'm pretty sure that it accounts for some of the "fuzziness" surrounding those years. Strangely enough, by the time I was 21 and legally able to buy a drink... I no longer felt the desire to.
2. I inhaled. And I liked it. Back then. Again, it was back when I was still underage to do almost anything other then drive... and again, it's one of those desires that has dried up like the Sahara Desert during summer, over the years.
3. I wrecked that car... while taking part in #1 and #2, and then left. I did leave a note and some cash- more than enough to cover the damage. So perhaps it wasn't all that bad.
4. I lied and said he was with me. He wasn't. And I knew he had done what they said... but he was my friend. And friends stick by each other. And he would have done it for me had our places been switched.
5. More than once, I didn't commit the crime, but others did. And I actively encouraged it. But we all do stupid things when we're young.
6. Slander. Yep, that's number six. It's a strange little story, which to understand you'd have to know a few things about me.
First, I have a mean streak... the joke is that going back many many generations the women in my family have had one thing in common- we have bitch blood running through our veins. I don't know any of us that doesn't have a mean streak, and I'm sure mine can hold it's own next to the best of them. It's not as bad now... but it used to run uncontrolled.
Second, I had never had my heart broken... ever. And I was still too young enough to realize that it wasn't really broken, it was humiliated. Either way... it burned.
Third, I was creative. I always liked to go above and beyond the norm. (Fair warning, I still do)
And the last thing you should know... I was 14, not really and most likely influenced a tab by #1 and # 2 again.
So here's the "crime". He dated two of us. He left two of us humiliated... because everyone knew- except us. The humiliation was the worse. I guess you'd have had to have been there to really understand that. I wasn't about to sit down and take this insult, so I enlisted the help of the Graphic Arts senior class, and around 25 really good friends. I wrote up a nice little flier detailing the evils of this boy, and um added a few extra comments that may have been completely untrue. The Graphic Arts kids spent a day printing off the flier on the brightest of paper. And then, at the end of the last day before Christmas break, me and the 25 friends inserted the fliers into every single locker, and on every single wall in the entire school.
The first day back from vacation, every single person was laughing... except him. He may have laughed even less when he went home that night to find the same embarrassing fliers posted all over his house.
I spent a few days suspended... and he ended up moving away from the school. Someone told me the fliers followed him to the new school too. I laughed back then... but now, with a little maturity under my wings, I feel bad. I wrote some horrible things... and although I am sure he deserved it... I still feel bad. I know now that words can cause incredible pain, and as silly as it seems, it sort of haunts me.
So those are my six crimes.
There's a seventh crime... but if I tell you, it'll ruin the surprise for Harding and Mag.


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Happy Blogiversary.. To Me

After 879 posts, and 365 days... we've made it. We' ve reached that all important marker in a blogs life... Lost in Lima Ohio is now a year old. 58,872 visitors... 117,550 page views... not to shabby for a little blog from a little town.

I say we, because this lil blog would be nothing without the assistance of all those bloggers who have been kind enough to link to it, from some of the first- Richard at Hyscience, Dan at Riehl World View, and of course I could never forget the grandaddy of crime bloggers, Steve at Huff's Crime Blog, to some of the bloggers who have linked, and linked, and linked again... like Trench at News of Doom, Tina at Randomized Drivel and CUG at The Conservative UAW Guy. Then there are those bloggers who just make life a little more fun for me- Sam at The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns, and Mac at There are blogging buddies, J Rob's House of Opinions, A Rose By Any Other Name, Beyond Frazzled, Home Sweet Home, T.O. Crime, SSCAT.

Most important this blog would be nothing without it's readers, and commenters. Yep, all those Anonymous people who read and say nothing, or read and say something... and those who aren't so anonymous too:

Mike, you've always been kind and I have incredible respect for your strength and courage to fight the good fight, you have my support. Suzie, Anna, Mag, Tina, Home Sweet Home, Trench, CUG, ~Mel, Harding, Fixcat, Barn Goddess, ~Miss Lisa, Optymyst, Imahologram, MistyLT, thpunishrr, Capt. Fantastic , bblonde3434, and many many more- thank all of you so much!

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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Carnival Of the True Crime Blogs 21

This week I'm honored to present the 21st Edition of the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. It's been quite a day spent reading from this talented group... and I'm sure you'll be as disgusted by the stories as we have been.

First up we have one of my favorite bloggers, who's way with words has wowed the masses- Harding from T.O. Crime. He's been covering the story of a young girl gone bad... and the murders that brought her wickedness to our attention.
Today, Medicine Hat, Alberta, is famous for different reasons. It is the site of another triple homicide. It is the site of a crime scene investigation, a swarming of reporters, and endless speculation over why, and how, this could happen.
The most shocking feature of this case… a twelve year old girl has been arrested for the crime. She and her 23-year old “boyfriend” were caught up with in Saskatchewan, and are now in custody.

Trench over at The Trenchcoat Chronicles presents a update to the trial on the planned attack on Marshfield High School, while questioning the evidence against Tobin Kerns.
The source says that the only list of names was the one Joe Nee gave verbally to police while trying to implicate Tobin. And lastly according to the source witnesses have stated that Nee, Farley, and Sullivan were still talking about their plan after Tobin Kerns had broken ties with them and was in Oregon.

Home Sweet Home brings us the tragic ending to a "nice guy" story, that left a woman bruised and broken, and a family friend dead.
While on the drive Johnny suggested they go for a picnic. When Tonya refused, Johnny began driving fast and recklessly to a dirt road. There he told Chucky to get out and walk down the road. He ordered Tonya to take her shirt off and he poured a liquid, thought to be window washing liquid, down her front. Then he proceeded to beat her with a tire iron.

Mag at SSCAT has provided a frightful tale of two children lost to the world due to murder… but unlike many of the stories we read, these children are not the victims… they are the killers.
Katrina Denise Powe, 31, and 9-year-old Mystery Toma Hillian were found dead Sunday in the family's apartment outside Washington after police received a 911 call. Authorities have not said who made the call.
Police have arrested Ms. Powe's son,and Mystery's for the murders.
His name is not being disclosed because he is 12...twelve.

Crime Scene Blog presents a possible answer to who the Daytona Beach serial killer is, as a man recently arrested seems to fit the bill giving police a chance to investigate.
Someone near a wooded area heard a voice crying for help and called 911. When officers arrived, Joseph William Lovetro was on top of a woman, trying to keep her quiet. She lost consciousness, and deputies performed CPR to revive her. The 27 year-old was arrested and charged with attempted murder. Investigators said the suspect picked up the woman over the weekend, and took her to a wooded area, where the attacked occurred.

Steve Huff, of Huff's Crime Blog brings us Killing Beauty, And asks why the killer was free to commit the heinous crime to begin with.
They say 29-year-old David Sullivan walked into the restaurant shortly after 8 p.m. Thursday and attacked Anna Svidersky. The suspect then turned and walked out the door.

Laura from Clews has been looking into the twenty year old murder of Sister Pahl, and presents us with her own series of questions surrounding the crime, and the priest now charged in the gruesome murder in Notes on the Diabolical Murder of Sister Pahl
The evidence thus far in the case against the priest consists of the fact that he had the opportunity to commit the crime; he owned the murder weapon; he told a strange lie to police (that someone had confessed the murder to him); and a witness heard running footsteps at the time of the murder that seemed to halt at the door to the priest's room.

Trench brings us more News of Doom, this time telling us the story of the three dollar murder.
Three teens accused of beating a man to death in the middle of an intersection during a robbery that netted only $3 have been charged with murder, authorities said.
Christopher Ryan Copeland, 17, William O’Leary Tedders, 17, and his brother Carlos Tedders, 16, all of Wayne, were arraigned Wednesday.

Trench brings us another Perverted Justice story over at MyCrimeSpace… this time in the sunny orange growing state of Florida
Twenty-four men -- including two from Punta Gorda -- came to Fort Myers this weekend bringing tools of seduction, coercion and rape. They thought they would meet a child home alone. Instead, they found the police and a national news correspondent lying in wait.

That wraps it up for this weeks carnival- with the exception of my own post which you'll find here.
Anyone who meant to submit a post and didn't- leave a link in the comments of this post, and I'll add it as soon as I can.

For those interested in more information on how to join the True Crime Blogroll, you can find out more information here.

This post linked at TTLB Carnival Page

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Monday, April 24, 2006

To Catch a Predator- Ohio Edition

Just a reminder that Ohio's edition of To Catch a Predator (4) is on April 25th April 26th* at 8 pm. Click 'To Catch a Predator' for more information.

*What none of you thought to mention that I had the date wrong? Really, what kind of blog readers are ya? :D
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A Quick Infection Count

It seems there is a infection going around... and it's not pretty. In fact the physical sickness it brings on is certainly one of the most revolting feelings one could encounter. Late last week, I seemed to have caught the infection, and while attempting to recover I took a few days off from writing, I thought it would be safe to do a little blog reading. You'll never be able to imagine the surprise I was in for when I clicked over to a few of my blog roll buddies and found that they too have been infected by the very same sort of seeping puss filled boils on the ass of society.

Yep, Mag is infected.
And, so is new buddy JRob.. in fact his infection is starting request dialoge..
Of course, I'm infected.
And she's not on my blogroll, but Jesse seems to have been infected also. And Rightly So, has been so wrongly infected as well.
Suzie's been infected...

Yes, as sad and disgusting as it is... it seems that a growing number of us have had our blogs infected with the perversions of pedophiles via pedo comments. Clearly, this condition must be quite catching- for these monsters seem to be spreading from blog to blog like a bad case of gonorrhea in a whore house. I'm sure there are even more infected blogs out there... if you or a friend has been infected please let me know so that the rest of can send out sympathies.

Of course, there are unlimited options one can take to combat these scum of the earth infections, personally, I like to trace back to the very first symptom, and head off the infection from there. It wasn't too hard to track down whether the toxins had mutated from... after I Lindsay Ashford had done his best to send these diseases over via this link. Yep, I've been contaminate by the head pedo himself... I just know I'll be paying an arm and a leg for antibiotics to clear this up.

Course, I'm not really willing to pay money to take care of this... I sort of have something even better in mind. Since Ashford seems to *like* my writing enough to take busy time out of his day to send his henchmen over... perhaps I could cop a nice deal with him.

So, here it is:

Open Letter to Lindsay Ashford:


I would like to offer you a truce. I believe it will be benefiting both of us greatly. First, you keep sending your sicko friends over (it does wonders for the ol' sitemeter) but please discourage them from spewing their filth ridden thoughts on my site. In return, I, Lilo, offer to give you exclusive coverage when you finally get arrested, or in the case of someone killing you for sexually abusing their loved ones. That's right Ashford, I'm offering you coverage. And not just any run of the mill coverage... exclusive coverage. I will take the time to write all about you deviant lifestyle, and the enormous amount of damage you have done to further your own sick cause... and I'll even be nice enough to put up that not so pretty picture of you. I'll even color the block-quotes puke shaded pink for you. Now, in the case of your arrest, I also offer to arrange to attend your trial, permitting that it is held within driving distance. If it is not held within reasonable driving distance, I promise to find a fellow blogger willing to drive to where ever the hearing is, and snap unsightly photos of you in the orange jail house cloths. In the case of your sudden death by family member of a victim, I again will make an appearance, this time graveside. Don't worry, I'll be sure to show up anywhere- so there is no need of a "fill in" blogger. And yes, I'll get photos of the whole thing.

See? It's a perfect deal. You have your friends stop making me physically ill with their disgusting opinions, and I highlight the very best moments of your life. You know, the moments where you are either dead or in jail.



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Sunday, April 23, 2006


Light blogging this weekend. Just thought I'd let you know, seeing as it's almost over and I haven't written anything....

See, I can be funny.

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Wednesday, April 19, 2006

True Crime Carnival, Edition 19

This week Mag and Payne are holding the Carnival of the True Crime Blogs. Now, her and Harding have conspired against me (see image)... but don't worry- I'm working on my "gettin even" plan right now.

The Evil Carnie Post... with the wicked image.

~It's all in good fun.

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George Lee Washington Jones

How do you significantly reduce the amount of victims a child molester has?

Jones was convicted in 1976 of five counts of rape and one count of sodomy against a child. In 1986, he was convicted of attempted sodomy against an eight-year-old child. He was released from prison in 1996.

Sentence them to life in prison.

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Well, he's sorry now

It's never good when I pull up a story and the first sentence my eyes land on reads:

Walleman told Chrzanowski that he is sorry and realizes he needs rehabilitation, but the judge responded that Walleman failed in his second chance.

Turns out a Macomb Michigan child molester has been getting more than his share of second chances. Let's see if you can follow this, cause the judge seems to be having problems with it:
Ronald Elliott Walleman, 53, was sentenced Monday by Macomb Circuit Judge Mary Chrzanowski, who scolded Walleman for assaulting a 10-year-old girl after the judge had already sentenced him to one year in jail and five years probation for assaulting a 5-year-old in 2001.

"You slapped the court in the face when you went out and committed this new crime," Chrzanowski told Walleman moments before ordering him to spend 78 months in prison, less one year of time-served.

Walleman was convicted of attempted first-degree criminal sexual conduct and sentenced by Chrzanowski in 2003 for assaulting a St. Clair Shores girl. Originally charged with first-degree criminal sexual conduct, he reached a plea bargain after two additional victims came forward and agreed to testify about his alleged assaults against them. He then pleaded guilty to the attempted charge.

After being released from the Macomb County Jail nearly two years ago and still on probation, he sexually assaulted a 10-year-old girl in a public place in Monroe County and pleaded guilty last year to second-degree criminal sexual conduct. He was sentenced to at least 38 months in prison.

Because of the probation violation, Chrzanowski could sentence him to two-thirds of 10 years, the maximum penalty of the offense, although sentencing guidelines indicated a minimum sentence ranging from only 5 months to 23 months.

Besides the five year old, the ten year old, and the girl in St. Clair- more victims have come forward to testify, one his niece and one his cousin, another girl accused him of molesting her when he was a teenager, although no charges were brought. Yet Walleman's defense says it is unfair to call him a "serial pedophile" because of only two convictions. A case of "it only counts if I have to serve time" denial, I'm supposing.

This sick freak could be facing life in prison... but something tells me the wuss judge will be more likely to assist in helping give him "treatment" and then play the catch and release game. After all, it seems like they've been taking that route with him for years.

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Macomb Daily : Molester assaults girl while serving probation 04/18/06

Duke Lacrosse

Two Duke Lacrosse team members have been arrested in the rape and beating of an exotic dancer who had attended a party to perform for the team.

2 Duke Athletes Charged With Rape and Kidnapping - New York Times

John Evander Couey

John Evander Couey's defense team is concerned that public knowledge of Couey's repulsive actions might hinder his ability to a fair trial... and that moving the trial elsewhere might actually provide a more "fair" trial.

Defense attorneys for the convicted sex offender accused of raping and killing 9-year-old Jessica Lunsford have asked to move the trial elsewhere because of the publicity the case has drawn.

The motion on behalf of John Evander Couey, 47, was filed Monday and could be heard Friday at a status hearing before Circuit Judge Ric Howard.

"The pretrial publicity in this case has been and is so extensive that the community in Citrus County has been exposed ... so pervasively that prejudice, bias and preconceived opinions are the natural result," defense attorney Dan Lewan wrote in the motion.

Let me just explain why this is a waste of time. Couey is about as bad as they can get. This is a man with a past filled with sexual abuse of children. The Amber Alert set up when Jessica went missing was heard nationally. The details of the case have been read as far away as across the globe. Couey couldn't find 12 people who haven't been absolutely disturbed by the news of his gruesome crime even if he came to Ohio. Although, personally- I'd be willing to pretend I'd never heard of him if it gave me a chance to sit on the jury. I really want to see that man get the DP.

So Couey wants a "fair" trial. I wonder if he ever took into consideration that Jessica deserved a "fair" chance at growing up, getting married, having kids of her own.

As much as I really love our justice system, I still can't see why they are even bothering with a trial, when they could just send him to general population in prison. I know, morally that is wrong. But, I'm a mother. An every bit of motherly blood in me right now just wants to see him dead, without having to wait for a hearing. I'd never want his blood on the hands of anyone, but I have to wonder why these deviant monsters can't just be kind and kill themselves instead.

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Daytona Beach News-Journal Online -- Florida

Stephen Marshall


Yes, I know most of you are here looking for his blog. And guess what? I know the address of it. Yep, that's right. I know the link you are looking for. Sadly, I can not give you the link... instead I can only tell you that T.O. Crime is sure to have it, links to that site below.

Stephen Marshall's action are difficult to understand. No one seems to be able to say for certain what caused him to drive from his home in Nova Scotia to Maine and fatally shoot two of the States registered sex offenders.

Police say Stephen Marshall of Nova Scotia, Canada, looked up 34 sex offenders on the state's online registry before showing up at the homes of Joseph Gray, 57, of Milo, and William Elliott, 24, of Corinth, and shooting them with a .45-caliber handgun. Marshall took guns and a truck from his father in Houlton before going to the victims' homes, authorities said. Continue reading

Marshall, who shot and killed himself when confronted by police appears to have left few clues as to why he choose the two sex offenders, or why he targeted sex offenders from Maine at all.

Amazingly, I only learned about this crime while reading T.O. Crime, by Harding. He's our Canadian watchdog, keeping a keen eye out on the crimes of in the great North. Harding has done an excellent job writing this one up, and I hope you take the time to go over and read the information he has provided on his post Hunting Perverts. And for a good read of Canadian news coverage of the story, check out this link.

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Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Paul Clouston

Over the last few days, I've been pre occupied with a few things and haven't had the time to post my usual round of entries, in fact I've still got quite a few in the "draft" stage. The Underwood case has taken most of the very little free time I've had.
Things around here should settle down soon, and I'll be back on track with posting. Thankfully, I know that during my busy times I can always fall back on the faithful blogroll to provide me with some great posts by other people. Xyba from In the Breach has a post up on Paul H. Clouston, convicted sex offender and murderer... who was released on parole, and then fled. Please take a moment to read it- Once More Into the Breach: Child Rapist Freed in Virginia

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Kevin Ray Underwood

Court Doc 1Kevin Ray Underwood was arraigned yesterday in court, on a first degree murder charge for the grisly murder of Jamie Bolin, a ten year old girl from Purcell Oklahoma.
Reports refer to Underwood as being "quiet" and "soft-spoken" as he requested a public defender in front of the judge.

If you click on the images to the left (they will open in a new window) you'll find an affidavit filed with the court, and the court Court Doc 1filing of the charges against him.

It's difficult to understand how someone could commit such a completely heinous crime, and in society's desire to give reason to how something so terrible could happen, many have latched onto Underwoods blog- hoping that in some way it will provide them with an explanation. A clue. Something. It does not make us forget the most important aspect of this case- the fact that a beautiful little girl has been stolen from those who knew her, and from those that perhaps Court Cod 3would have been lucky enough to meet her one day in the future. But, we still have that longing, that need, to understand why she was taken. In truth- it's not likely that anyone will ever find it, because there is nothing that could justify it, nothing that could undo the horrors that have been committed.

While Kevin will sit in jail, will go to trial and wait to receive a verdict and then his sentence, a family will go on to mourn for the child lost. While we can not ever begin to take their pain away, we can show the family our support, and let them know that we have all been Court Doc 4touched by this tragic event. Family members intend to set up an emergency fund at Bank of Oklahoma, to which those wishing can contribute. While few of us had the joy of knowing Jamie, we have been given the chance to show our concern and sympathy to her family.

I'll be writing some more on this case later, but until then, the following true crime bloggers have been working hard on this story, please take a moment to visit them:
Look Who's Tattling Now
Huff's Crime Blog
Assorted Babble

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Sunday, April 16, 2006

The Stranger Next Door

I was checking for Steve Huff's entry on the Kevin Underwood, perverted murderer story, wanting to read it without having to await his announcement of it being up... (I know I have no patience as all...) but instead of finding the desired story I stumbled upon this one: Krystal Dawn Steadman.

I sometimes believe that I have lost the ability to know just when I shouldn't click some links. Because, instead of continuing my search for Steve's entry, I became captivated by the image of the pretty little blond girl show beside the link to the Thomas Soria story, and couldn't help but click that link.

The story begins by placing you inside a church, surrounded by people mourning the loss of a beautiful young girl... quoting some of the letters read during the nine year old's funeral. But it wasn't until the last paragraph that I really found myself at loss:

Krystal had the entire world at her fingertips, but it all came crashing down around her on March 19, 2000. Her death was no tragic accident or simple misfortune. She was murdered in cold blood in one of the most sadistic and horrifying manners humanly possible. Why? All for the simply satisfaction of one mans insatiable lust.

I spent the next hour reading the story, and searching it out even deeper... until finally I just couldn't stand it any longer, and had half a mind to return to my original intention of reading Steve's entry. This time, I made it all the way to the middle of the first page- of his post when I stopped.

It might be a good time to mention that I spent most of the day brushing up on slightly forgotten knowledge of Marquis de Sade, the gruesome madman condemned for his atrocious crimes during the late 1700's. He was what one could call the Lord of Sexual Perversions, both in real life, and in literature. He had what I can only begin to describe as the desires of the devil in him...

So now, sitting here- with the kids safely tucked into their beds, the lights turned out for the night, and a new episode of Law and Order flickering across the television- I can't help but compare the three stories I've read today. In honesty, it all did start with reading Kevin Underwoods blog, and the fact that he quoted the ever wicked Sade, as I mentioned here. But that's really neither here nor there now, because now I have the imagery in my head... and the connections between these stories will keep me from sleeping for quite a few nights... and honestly I can only blame myself for that. Like I said, somethings I am just compelled to click links I shouldn't.

The Marquis de Sade had a consuming lust for the most deviant of sexual perversions, it wasn't just that he was a rapist- as it was that he seemed to reach into the darkest pits of hell and conjure up the most devious methods of sadistic behaviors to implement upon his chosen victims. He was raised in a society filled with sexual debauchery, and his longing for the most extreme forms of sadism only grew in it's perversions as he got older. Even his stories were filled with vile descriptions of the most disturbing sexual encounters imaginable.

Thomas Soria, the man responsible for the death of nine year old Krystal Dawn Steadman was raised in a makeshift family, and was reportedly sexually abused as a child by a older step brother, Ronny. The step brother himself could easily be described as monster of the most heinous kind, having left a trail of victims of his twisted desires behind where ever he went. One of the more disgusting crimes committed by Ronnie was the brutal rape and murder of Thomas's mother.
Ronny decided to teach his stepmother a lesson. He entered the house and accosted Jayne before she knew what was happening. He quickly overpowered her and brutally raped her. Afterwards he bound her wrists behind her back with wire, then tied more wire from her neck to her ankles and placed her on the floor in such a position that if she dropped her legs, the wire would cut off her air supply. After approximately ten minutes of struggling to hold her legs up, she eventually became too tired to resist and died. Ronny stood by and watched the entire event. Afterwards he covered her head with a towel and walked out.

Thomas would later be the one to find his mother, dead and left bound on his bedroom floor. But even with those horrible images in mind, Thomas would evidently match his step brothers sadistic demeanor. He has been said to have carried on an extremely heinous cycle of sexual abuse with his son from a very young age which grew into sexual encounters involving the son and young girls his son dated... the terror inflicted by Soria would only come to an end the day his (then) teenage son was told to "bring him a girl" and returned to the apartment they shared with nine year old Krystal. Soria would torture, rape and kill the girl.
Clark testified that a series of seven stab and slash wounds to the right side of Krystal’s neck were the most fatal and that the fourth-grader from South Lake Tahoe bled to death. Clark also testified to bruising, sexual assault and added that Krystal’s arms and legs were likely bound with a tape-like substance. Wounds on the hands of the 52-pound girl reveal she fought back, the pathologist testified.

Soria then ordered his son to dispose of the lifeless body.

Krystal's fate was marked by chance that day, she hadn't known Soria's son, and didn't live in the apartment complex. She had only been there while her mother visited a friend. Krystal had started the day playing with two other young girls who knew the teenager who had begun to hang around them while they played, and while she continued to check in with her mother while they played- the girls returned to their homes during her last check in, and when she arrived back at the area they had been playing, Soria's son was waiting alone for her. His offer of candy to her, and her acceptance to return to his apartment with him would prove to be the stone that would put her in harms way.

And then, then there is Kevin Underwood. A seemingly boring person, one that wouldn't be likely to leave any sort of impression on those that briefly met him. No criminal record, quiet and withdrawn... the kind of person who easily fades into a crowd and out of mind. And yet the crime his is accused of is almost unspeakable. checking out the blogging world, more than one person comes to the conclusion that it's deviant nature is beyond comprehending. It's one of those news reports that I can read a hundred times, and still be as shocked and disgusted as I was the first time I read it.
Kevin Underwood, 26, a grocery store stocker in this small community 40 miles south of Oklahoma City, was arrested Friday. Investigators searched his apartment after he aroused their suspicions at a checkpoint, and found a large plastic tub in a bedroom closet. According to a police affidavit, he confessed that he killed Jamie Rose Bolin, telling FBI agents: "Go ahead and arrest me. She is in there. I chopped her up."

Jamie's unclothed body was inside the tub, along with a towel used to soak up blood, officials said. Police said that, while there were deep saw marks on the girl's neck, she had not been dismembered.
Authorities say they believe Kevin Underwood killed the girl Wednesday, when she disappeared after going to a library, by beating and smothering her.

Investigators found a meat tenderizer and barbecue skewers that he planned to use on the body, McClain County District Attorney Tim Kuykendall said.

Underwood didn't leave any difficulty in finding information on him, as I mentioned in my previously entry, he kept a rather uneventful blog, although knowing now what we do- the seemingly harmless jokes about cannibalism and his lengthy entries about his disappointing social abilities raise flags.

Sade, Soria, Underwood- they all had common characteristics. Sade may have been more prone to blatantly flaunt his sadistic behaviors, and Soria more time to inflict unimaginable harm on various victims- but the obvious progression of Underwoods perverse desires is in a league of it's own. Police say that he had been having disturbing fantasies for the last year... and even on a few occasions he mentioned (in his blog) that his fantasies are "getting weirder and weirder. Dangerously weird".

Sadly though, these men have more than just their twisted torture ridden desires in common. Sade openly solicited his victims, and even those who were slightly aware of his devious nature were taken to accept his company, Sorie's victims were usually brought to him by his son, and Underwood lived downstairs from Jamie Bolin. For years, we've loudly professed to our children to beware "stranger danger", to never talk to people they don't know, and to always tell an adult if someone they don't know tried to lure them away. What we often overlook is that most times... by the time the crime is committed, the "danger" no longer presents itself as a "stranger".

Soria's son had quickly befriends Krystal through the two young girls she was playing with- and had seemed harmless enough that she accompanied him back to his apartment of her own free will. Jamie had just used Underwoods phone the night before, he often chatted with her harmlessly, and he lived in the apartment below hers. She most likely never would have second thought it when he approached her that particular day- it's unlikely she would have even become alerted by it.

Last year, we all sat horrified that a stranger would come out of the night and murder three people- taking two children hostage for weeks of unimaginable torment. It shocked us into double and triple checking the locks on our doors at night... the thought of Joseph Duncan emerging from the black of night and committing the most gruesome of crimes was enough to remind the world of all the unknown dangers out there.

Soria and Underwood's stories should have the same reaction upon us- waking us up to the fact that those sadistic horrors could unfold at the hands of the stranger we know. That which we fear the most is not always lurking unknown in the shadows of night... somtimes it's right inside the next door.

Blogging The Second Evil

Watching the news tonight, I couldn't help but be reminded of Joseph Duncan. It was a mix of so many details that tied the two stories together in my mind. A youthful child, with a charming smile; a family shattered; a heinous murder... and a Saturday new cast caught during a random surfing of the 24 news channels. And it's just a few months away from being a year ago that Duncan's cold calculated crimes were discovered.

Jamie Bolin's death could not possibly be more tragic- the thought that for nearly two days her body lay within walking distance of the apartment her family lived in, the gruesome details of the madman's plan to end a life in the most heinous way possible... it's too much to think about even now. So instead I'm going to just focus on the bastard accused of the crime.

Single, white, male, depressed and oddly creepy- Kevin Underwood seems to have spent his life unnoticed by all accounts. Having 20/20 hindsight- one look at his blogger profile sends bright warning signs like a beacon in the night:
Contact Info
SubSpecies23- Yahoo ID
Random Question:
If you were a cannibal, what would you wear to dinner?
The skin of last night's main course.

Clicking over to his blog, one can't help but notice that his last two posts are dated March 24th, and then nothing until April 13- the day after Jamie Bolin went missing.

After reading some of his posts- I skipped around a lot, I wouldn't be surprized to see a insanity defense, he's got that "my parents didn't love me enough" thing going on. In one post, he even quotes Marquis de Sade :
Imperious, choleric, irascible, extreme in everything, with a dissolute
imagination the like of which has never been seen, atheistic to the point
of fanaticism, there you have me in a nutshell, and kill me again or take
me as I am, for I shall not change." (- for those who fall shy of knowing about de Sade, click here.)

Not all of Underwood's writing reads like it has been written by a dangerous monster, in fact over all, it reminds me very little of the previously mentioned Joseph Duncan's blog.

Underwood seems to portray a lack of self confidence, especially when he talks about the very few women in his life, and tends to relay a bit of social phobia in many posts... although I couldn't help but take notice of this one, written in November of 2004:

I need to be more assertive, I let people walk all over me for the most part. I've gotten a little better in recent years, but not much. I used to have a real problem saying no to people. If you asked me to do something for you, chances are good I'd do it for you, no matter how much I didn't want to, or how much it would inconvenience me. I've gotten a lot better at that, now I say no all the time. Almost too much.

The main place I need to be more aggressive is with women. I take the "nice guy" concept to it's extreme. Like I have never in my life just like grabbed a girl's ass, or anything like that. I've never put the moves on anyone. My philosophy when it comes to women has always been, "Let them make the first move." I'll barely look at a woman without her permission. And yes, I ask permission to do things. It's pathetic really. I think that was the main problem with Kristina, was I was just too, well, nice, for her. Even when I know the girl would want me to do something, I still usually don't, just in case there's been a misunderstanding or something. I can also be really naive when it comes to sexual situations or similar things. For example, me and Kristina would be out driving back from the movies or something, and she'd be hinting, quite heavily, that she wanted to go park and have sex, and half the time I wouldn't even realize it, and I'd just keep driving around holding her hand like and idiot. Or even if I did realize it, I'd just be so nervous or something, I'd act like I didn't know what she was getting at.

I need to be much more aggressive when it comes to women. I need to make the first move, and take control occasionally.

There's an occasional reference to vampires, and really less blogging than linking to news, other blogs and such. There's no answers, no explanation of how someone could commit such heinous crimes... nothing that really shouts a warning about the monster behind the blog- unless you already know what he has done.

All of this, and yet I'm left with no real desire to understand how he came to commit the crimes he has... always while reading Duncan's blog, I was overwhelmed with asking myself how it was that the world was so blind to his apparent evil desires, reading Underwoods's blog... well, I'm honestly just left with nothing. I can't keep the words of the DA's press release out of mind long enough to keep searching for that one clue which one would expect to be there, that one hint that a madman lived just doors away from an innocent child.

So he was strange... so many people are. So he was depressed... again, many people are. But it does nothing to explain how someone can be so twisted as to commit this gruesome of a crime.

Perhaps Optymyst has the right idea... perhaps it's better to recall the life of a sweet child, and to let that shine through, rather than to focus on the monster who ended it.

I'm sure that over the next few days, more will be written highlighting the beauty that shined from Jamie, and I hope that you will be reminded by it to hug your own children a bit tighter, and a bit longer.

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Saturday, April 15, 2006

Anthony Stockelman

For Media Outlets Seeking the Tattoo Photo, please follow this link. For more information please contact me.

I can not imagine what it would be like to realise that the man you love is a monster, a evil deviant capable of the most heinous of crimes. My guess would be that at first hint of guilt, you would want to vindicate your mate, to stand beside them and prove not just their innocence, but that you could not have been unknowingly married to a gruesome pervert.

And then comes the moment of truth, where denial is no longer possible, and the only thing that sits between you and the realisation that your partner is the scary monster people turn from in disgust- is your ability to accept the truth.

Tabitha Stockelman experienced just that sort of torturous revelation when the husband she has stood by and supported, whom she believed to be innocent of the charges against him, stood in court and plead guilty to molesting and murdering 10-year-old Katie Collman.

"It's completely unbelievable," she said last year. "There's no way. I believe my husband is innocent. I'm standing behind him 100 percent."

But Friday, after Stockelman admitted his guilt to avoid the death penalty, she offered a different take, WLKY NewsChannel 32's Andy Alcock reported.

"I think they should bring back the firing squad, but that's just my opinion," she said Friday. "Maybe stoning ... that sounds good."

My heart goes out to her, having to live with the terrible reality that her husband could commit such a heinous crime, and I applaud her for being able to do the right thing once the evidence clearly pointed to his guilt.

If only we had more women willing to see the truth for what it is when it is presented to them.

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Jamie Rose Bolin

Jamie Bolin was last seen alive on Wednesday, while at the local library... and although she was reported missing when she failed to return home, no Amber Alert was issued until Thursday night.

I understand the need to maintain certain criteria should be met when issuing an Amber Alert... I realise the importance of attempting to ensure that the public doesn't become conditioned to the alerts and slowly begin to ignore them... and yet, something in me is completely bothered that a 10 year old can go missing without people being informed of it.

The police believe, according to a statement released that even if an Amber Alert had been released- we'd still be faced with the same horrible end to this story... but how can they know that? What is the possibility that someone may have seen even the smallest piece of evidence and called LE? Can we really accept that there was nothing that could have saved this child? Now, I don't mean to criticize anyone, I really don't. I just want to make the point that they really don't know whether it would have helped- so I feel it's wrong to announce that it wouldn't have.

I know that it is pointless now to pick at whether the right or wrong choice was made, because Jamie was found Friday, not far from her home, in an apartment belonging to Kevin Ray Underwood.

Underwood has been arrested for what Prosecutor Tim Kuykendall called one of the most “heinous and atrocious” crimes he has seen. Although it is clear Jamie was murdered, details on her death have not been released. Not that I need them. I can already conclude that this man is a monster- who else would murder an innocent child?

I'm just now watching the press release (7:00pm) from the DA in the case. Some of the information being provide will take a while for me to post, I just can't bring myself to post it all now. I can only say that the last time I cringed while watching the news this badly, was while hearing reports about Joseph Duncan.

But the important part is that her family has set up a memorial fund "The Jamie Rose Bolin Memorial Fund", which can be contributed to at any Bank of Oklahoma

It does seem that this horribly heinous crime was planned out, with items bought for the purpose of the crime over a period of weeks or months. The search of the home turned up a hack saw, duck tape, a cutting board, meat grinder, and a book on cannibalism.

The DA indicated that the monster responsible had planned to kidnap, molest, rape, torture, murder and consume the young girl. There is also evidence that more than one person was targeted, although so far the only victim known is Jamie.

UPDATE #2 a quick look on my crime blog lead me to Optymyst's place who has an excellent post with links to this perverts blog.


Donald Ringler

With a criminal history going back to the 1940's, and previous charges for stabbing two women, one whom he even attempted to bury alive, and assaulting a underage boy- how long do you think it will be before we see his name in the news yet again?

He's not labeled a "high risk offender" for nothing.

Donald Ringler

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Jeffery L. Dean

A computer, a convicted child molester, child pornography... add them all together and you'll have Jeffery L. Dean's lastest offense. Although, in his defense the computer does belong to his sister.

Perhaps I should add "monitor your sex offender's online activity" to the list of internet warnings I issue.

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Oliver H. Marsh

He was convicted for molesting a boy and the boy's sister... so he does his little vacation in jail, and then the mother of the children decides to allow him around the two victims once again.

I'm sure you all know where this is heading, right?

A high-risk sex offender, whose intensive probation ended late last year, was arrested Tuesday night on charges of trying to rape the same boy he admitted molesting three years ago.

Notice the "high risk" status, and the ever popular "intensive probation"? I'm guessing it didn't work out as well as the state had planned. But, hey no skin off their backs right? After all, it's just another game of catch and release and catch again for the legal system. It's job security in the highest form.

The most disturbing part of this story is the mother idiot that allowed this predator to once again victimize her child. I'd have a lot of thoughts about this woman right now... but they are not publishable.

Clearly though, this woman isn't the only one running around on half a brain:
Detectives are now investigating whether the mother of the 9-year-old victim should face charges for allowing her child to be in the company of the same man previously accused of molesting both the boy and his sister.

"She was aware that her son and daughter were victimized before by Marsh and made no attempt to prevent the potentially dangerous contact from occurring," said Wilmington police spokesman Master Sgt. William Wells.

Investigating WHETHER she should be? Just where is the common sense in that? Let's break this down a bit... a man sexually abuses her children, he gets locked up, he gets released and she decides it's be a good idea to have the kids around him again? And LE has to sit back and scratch their asses while trying to figure out if she should be charged??

Go, read it all... and if you can figure out what this repeatedly convicted child predator was doing out of jail to begin with, or what the hell is wrong with the poor excuse for a mother in this case, or can even begin to decipher what it is that LE has to realise before they have her charged and booked- let me know. Sex offender charged in attack

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Friday, April 14, 2006

Cyber Tips Work... See

Ever wonder if all the tips sent in about child pornagraphy on the internet ever accomplish anything? Ever want to just read one story where a predator is captured because of good people doing the right thing and turning them in?

Well, if so, then here you go:Sex Offender Arrested On Charges Of Posting, Receiving Child Porn, we'll chalk it down as a Good Friday blessing.

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Thanks for not trashing that tape...

A worker on Indiana 11 in Bartholomew County (Indiana) most likely didn't realise the important role he would play in helping to lock up a child molester.

Detectives found an alleged child molester by tracking him from a videotape found by a highway worker.

The tape was found along Indiana 11 in Bartholomew County by the worker, who took it home, discovered scenes showing a young boy being sexually abused and turned it over to authorities, state police Detective Rob Simpson said.

I have to say that most people would have picked the tape up and tossed it into the trash without ever stopping to consider taking it home... or even more probable, they would have left it there at the side of the road. In either of those cases, today there would be one more child molester free, but thankfully, he picked it up. And even more importantly- when he realised what was on it, he handed it over to police.
Detectives took still images from the tape, and tracked the victim down by visiting schools in the area. They were then able to determine the evil perverted child molester who was shown in the tapes- Donald Perkins. Perkins was arrested, and is currently being held in the Bartholomew County Jail on $580,000 bond on felony charges of child molesting and child exploitation.

WAVE 3 TV Louisville, KY :: Police Track Down Alleged Molester From Videotape

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Blaine, Kelsey's half brother born

Had she been granted the protection her grandmother fought so hard for, Kelsey Briggs would still be alive today. And she'd be a big sister now too. - News - Mother Of Slain Toddler Gives Birth

The attorney said the baby likely will be placed in protective custody upon his release from the hospital.

The infant's father is murder defendant Michael Lee Porter, 26, of Meeker. Porter was Kelsey's stepfather.

Porter is accused of striking Kelsey at the couple's home near Meeker. The couple has since divorced.

Porter was charged in October with first-degree murder. Smith, 26, was charged in February with enabling child abuse and child neglect. Both deny wrongdoing.

The boy was named Blaine, and he was born about 4:20 p.m. Tuesday at an Oklahoma City hospital, said his grandmother, Gayla Smith. He weighed 7 pounds, 4 ounces.

The prosecutor in the Kelsey cases, District Attorney Richard Smothermon, said the boy will be in protective custody because of Raye Dawn Smith's criminal charge.


More Teacher Student Sex

I had to think really hard about whether this one was even worth the space on Bloggers serves. In complete fairness... the student in question is old enough to smoke, old enough to vote, old enough to serve in the armed forces, and the teachers aid in question is only barely old enough to provide the alcohal.
He's 19, she's three years older. And now... she's wanted by the law.
Fine Heather Shelton had sex with a student. We are not talking about a 14 year old boy here... this student is legally a full fledged adult. He wasn't even her student.
And personally, if it was me- I'd be a tad more concerned about the fact that this is the third teacher student sex case at this school. It makes me really sit back and question just what they are teaching these kids.
So fine, she's wanted by the law, and okay she's clearly broken the law... but I'm swayed to call it a "no harm" done'er. And, you know I don't hand those out often. In fact, this just may be my first.
Bad judgement on their part yes, but morally wrong? I'm not buying it.

BTW, because I know some people are looking... I'm pretty sure the photos you want to see are not going to end up here. Just so we're clear on that.

Teachers assistant faces sex charges
AP Wire | 04/14/2006 | Buncombe teacher's assistant facing sex charge

Sex, Lies and Murder; Part II

In the real life made into a TV movie (Sex Lies and Murder) the plan to kill off the teachers husband succeeded, although the part of the plan were they don't get caught- failed. Which brings me to wonder whether Sharon Linton Rutherford ever sat down and watched the entire movie before she sat down to plot out her own husbands death via the hands of her student lover.

I just bet she didn't.

It seems that the Alabama high school English teacher was too busy having sex with other students to concentrait on the plotting of the murder much.

Yes, that's right, it's the Pam Smart story... only with more students and less actual murdering going on. Not that she didn't try, according to reports.

An English teacher at a small Alabama high school has been charged with having sex with at least four students and allegedly involving one in a plot to kill her husband.

Officials released few details but said the husband, a gym teacher who taught at the same school last year, was unharmed. - Education - Police: Teacher Raped Kids, Plotted Husband's Death

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Thursday, April 13, 2006

Myspace... the "How To"

I'd been asked a lot about exactly how Myspace works. And although I could navigate it with my eyes closed, so to say... I often find it a bit more difficult to explain to people, just because I'm used to doing it rather than having to explain how to do it. The good news is that MSNBC has posted a "MySpace How To" which does a great job of explaining the community and giving instructions on how to navigate it.

For those parents who are interested in seeing just what is going on there... I can't encourage you more to take a look at the How To.

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How To Spot A Pedophile Quiz

Before anyone says anything... I know I don't do humor- at least not here. But I was over at Samantha Burns place doing my daily reading and she had posted this quiz. I couldn't help but share it with you... so have a look at it for yourself- The Crazy Rants of Samantha Burns: "How To Spot A Pedophile Quiz"

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Beating the Sport into Them

The boy evidently didn't play up to his fathers standards during a recent game. In fact he struck out twice. Some fathers would put an arm around the child and tell them it'd be better next time. His father didn't. His father instead decided to leave him with a fat lip, black eye, bruised brow and bruised ear.... all because the child failed to meet his standards.

The boy suffered a black eye and bruises, according to a police report filed by the boy's mother. The mother took out a protection order, and according to that affidavit, the father swung his right fist at the boy while they were riding home in the car after a baseball game. The boy had struck out twice in the game.

The report said the boy suffered a fat lip, black eye, bruised brow and bruised ear. The mother said she confronted her husband and asked him what she should tell the boy's teachers. He allegedly said to tell them that the boy doesn't listen.

I'm not sure what kind of horrible father believes that punching a child will make them hit a ball better. In fact, I would think that they very thought of suffering after another less than perfect game would act to deter them from desiring to play more than it would improve preformance. - News - Father Accused Of Beating Boy After Baseball Game

Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Alice Day, and the Pedo Blogs

Regular readers, sorry but I have to make the following announcement.

Hello you sicko freaks. Seems that the infamous pedophile Lindsay has decided to link this page, due to my outrage that Alice Day and other pedophile filth is being displayed on your sick blogs. I'd like to thank him for bringing you here- it's not often that I get a chance to tell you what scum of the earth you are.

May you burn in hell.

Now, back to my normal readers.

I know that everyone in the blogosphere is sharing in the outrage that Blogger is hosting pedophile sites. I've commented that if it wasn't so damn sad... I'd laugh at their "new discovery", because like many of you regular readers know... a few of us ol' crime bloggers have been talking about this very thing for months. Only we where nice enough to include Live Journal, Xanga, Myspace, you know almost all the social blogging networks. There have even been bloggers that complained about this over a year ago.

So despite it being the "new" rage of the blogosphere... it's really sort of old news to some of us. However, that doesn't make me any less happy that someone else is now standing up to take notice and to inform others that this sort of sick behavior is going on.

Which brings me to Alice Day, it's coming up soon. This is a day celebrated by the sick monsters that would like to prey upon your children for their own deviant sexual desires. I kid you not. Personally, I think it's about damn time that we all work together to take back April 25... making it the day the blogosphere wins against the pedophiles. Do not let them get away with the filth that they spread, do not let them rejoice in knowing that they are clicks away from your children. Do not let them continue to abuse freedom of speach by passing off their illegal and heinous behavior as something acceptable.

I know that some of you are just link clickers... and that's okay. I like link clickers. You don't have to know how to search out these sickos... you only have to know that they are there... lurking on the internet... waiting. I also know that some of you are highly talented "search artist", hell you could find what you were looking for with an out dated desktop, a dial up connection and the worlds worst search engine. And, that's okay too. Whatever your position is on the web... link clicker, searcher, reader, blogger- it doesn't matter. Because what I am asking of you will take nothing but a little time.

Follow this link, read the post and then follow the link that they provide... and click the "FLAG" button. Perhaps if Google gets enough of these... they'll understand that we as a society are not "okay" with having this filth around.

For those interested in helping a little more, I have found (it took less than 5 minutes) the following blogger users who are admitted pedophiles. Clicking on the link below will provide you with blogger profile information, some of their post copies and even a yahoo profile or two. One even claims to be a teacher in Ohio at a middle school. "Searchers" will know what to do with the information... "link clickers" may want to peek to see what is out there. You'll have to copy and paste links, because I refuse to make them click-able. click here... for the latest pervs... (toledo ohio teacher according to profile)

Sunday, December 18, 2005
Opening a Photography Studio
I am looking to open a studio and need investors. Serious inquires only. Thanks
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Saturday, September 18, 2004
welcome all comments on man girl love. I love girls of all ages but prefer the 10-14 range.
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I love girls. I enjoy teaching, especially all these pretty girls. They are so sweet and tasty.

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Favorite Quote: The youth are in our future. Links
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Cool Link 1
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maybe you're a pedophile too?

pedophiles v. homosexual deviants
10 year old impregnated by 75 year old man!
virginia, isn't she a little young?

posted by a pedophile at 21:04 | 5 comments

pedophiles or child molestors?

pedophillia is the love of children. i love kids so the kidnapping, rapes and murder of the girls in florida makes me sick. these people aren't girl lovers but girl haters. kidnapping is evil. hurting a child is evil. non-consensual sex is evil. rape is evil. murder is evil. child molesters are evil. anyone who kidnaps, rapes or murders isn't a lover but a hater and deserves to die.

posted by a pedophile at 20:13 | 1 comments

the thought police attack

Dear Mr. Roberts:

I see that you have offered a “bounty” of $1,000 for a NAMBLA member via your morning program on KFMB San Diego. You specify on your website:

“If you know someone who is a member, give me their name, location, and credible information that they are members of NAMBLA, and I will give you $1000 out of my pocket”

My name is Kevin Brown, I reside in Indianapolis, Indiana, and I am a NAMBLA member – as well as a publicly “out” pedophile to my friends, family, coworkers, and the world at large.

I am also the Executive Director of the Paed Foundation. Our organization is dedicated to promoting acceptance of minor-attracted adults in society. Our current project is the production of “Adam’s End (Confessions of a Pedophile)”, which will appear in Manhattan this summer. It features an actor who is also a pedophile acting the lead role of Adam, who is a middle-school teacher. We are casting child actors in the production and seek in the opening of the play to humanize pedophilia for our audience by showing Adam’s interaction with his peers and students. He is “outted” in the play and the last portion of the performance examines ramifications to Adam’s life after this event.

As you know, such projects are expensive. I could really use your $1,000 to help finance the production. I will make you an offer: if you prepay round-trip airfare from Indianapolis to San Diego ($290 or so looking at, you may deduct it from the $1,000 leaving my production with $710 for play expenses. I will wager you forty push-ups that I get more mileage out of it promoting pedophilia than you do seeking hatred against us. In any case I wouldn’t be afraid of a pedophile in your studio for a morning. It should at least garner you some publicity.

I would expect assurance of safe transport from the airport to your studio and back, and an opportunity to speak briefly between us before we are on air.


Kevin Brown
Executive Director, Paed Foundation

well he went on the show and what did the thought police do to him for admitting being a "minor-attracted-adult" who had never acted on his own sinful desires?

They took my son from me tonight and he is in a foster home with strangers.

Free speech was all it was. Constitutionally protected free speech which does not apply to me the same as it does to other people, my peers, in this country. Want to make me a g*d d*mn vocal activist? It ain't just words no more is it?

I am told it will be on all the local news channels, every news program, tomorrow night here in Indianapolis. Pedophile playwright loses custody of his son.

I am talking to my attorney now. The United Nations will be involved tomorrow via their Human Rights project. I will fight back and win. Ya ain't taking g*d d*mn custody of my son from me, I didn't do anything wrong. And then what will the haters have accomplished? P*ss*d me off so much I get my sh*t together and fight back loudly, vocally?

Don't need told-you-so's from my brothers and sisters. If it wasn't now it'd be tomorrow, the next day, I've lived in fear of it his whole life now. Better to hash this sh*t out now, while he's little, and settle it than for it to come up when he's five, six, and it is devestating to him. What the f*ck are those people thinking? I am going to shut up now, I'm p*ss*d.

Kevin Brown
Pedophile Father and Husband

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i think my pastor is a pedo too!

my pastor is kind of weird. reverend s*** keeps his wife and daughter locked up when he is not home and they home school. he makes them cover up from neck to wrist to ankle and they only seem happy when he's gone. his pubescent daughter fears him and now she looks pregnant although she's never allowed to go out of the house without daddy. if he's forcing incest on her then that's bad. should i call the police with my suspicions?

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a quote

i'd venture to guess that anyone who's had the misfortune of falling prey to their morbid curiosity by downloading these videos from their favorite p2p locations immediately regret having done so, and wish to god they could purge these images from their minds, and close pandora's box like it was never opened. but they can't. and though we all believe we've been desensitized [...] by hollywood, these sights and sounds are like nothing any of us have ever experienced before, and will likely stay with us forever.

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smiles can be as good as hugs or kisses!

heidi smiles and i smile. nothing's as sweet as her smile. i smile, she smiles. she smiles, i smile. i get lost in her smile. i'm in love. it will never be more than a love of 2 friends, a love shared by smiles, and hugs but that's all i need. i love her. i love her smile.

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alice day — april 25

charles lutwidge dodgson, in his years-long devotion to alice liddell, gave an excellent example of girllove in its purest form. his love for alice was selfless and unconditional, and continued long after they fell out of contact and she became a woman.

for this reason, many girllovers celebrate alice day, using it as a day to rejoice in the gift of girllove and affirm the ideal so aptly typified by this special relationship. alice day occurs each year on the 25th of april, the day that charles lutwidge dodgson originally met alice liddell in 1856.

some girllovers extend this day into a ten-day period of celebration and commemoration ending on the 4th of may — alice liddell’s birthday.

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heidi and me

heidi: i love heidi. i really, really do. sadly she's sick. i'm not one to f*ck a little girl, even if it's a fantasy of mine. i just wanna hold her and let her know that she's loved. i love you heidi!

me: i think there's no such thing as an average pedophile. i realized i'm a pedophile after viewing child porn on accident. first it sickened me then later (i saw images of girls enjoying it) they turned me on! i'd always liked younger girls but also dated girls my age. i'm told i'm attractive and have had many succesful relationships. i still like girls my age but i like the younger ones too. i've never molested anyone and never will. i'll keep it a fantasy. these days i even try to stay away from the online fantasy stories and artwork, legal as they may be.

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conscientious pedophile movement

interesting group!

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int'l symbol of man-girl love

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pedophile test

i passed. or did i fail?

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ephebophilia and hebephilia

ephebophilia, also known as hebephilia, is the sexual attraction of an adult to adolescents.

ephebophilia is not considered a disorder or perversion. it is natural for adult men to have a sexual attraction to especially young girls. however, the people attracted to may be below the age of consent, and when they are models in pornography, this may be considered child pornography.

paedophilia or pedophilia (american english) (greek pais boy, child, and philia friendship, icd-10 f65.4) is the primary sexual attraction toward prepubescent children. alternative spellings in british english are paedophilia or pædophilia. pedosexuality is used as a synonym.

the term "paedophilia erotica" was coined in 1896 by the vienna psychiatrist richard von krafft-ebing in his writing.Psychopathia sexualis. His definition is basically still valid. The following characteristics are given:
the sexual interest is toward children, either prepubescent or at the beginning of puberty
the sexual interest is the primary one, i. e. exclusively or mainly toward children
the sexual interest remains over time
occasionally definitions additionally require an age difference of at least five years. on the other hand, a pedophilic sexual orientation often develops during puberty or childhood.

a person is not pedophile if he can be sexually aroused by children, but his primary sexual attraction is not towards them. there is empirical proof that this is the case for at least a quarter of all adult men (freund & costell 1970, hall et al. 1995, quinsey et al. 1975).

note that pedophilia can be diagnosed solely in the presence of fantasies or sexual urgeson the subject's part -- it need not involve sexual acts with children. pedophilia is not a legal category or term, and although the acts pedophiles desire to carry out are criminal in some jurisdictions, they are not legally referred to as pedophilia.

boylover or girllover is a non-sadistic pedophile or ephebophile interested in boys or girls respectively. some, however, may have an unusual but non-sexual interest in boys or girls and therefore be neither pedophiles nor ephebophiles in a technical sense. this emphasizes emotional affection rather than sexual acts. some boylovers and girllovers defines the terms boylover and girllover as a person, who has a sexual, emotional and spiritual attraction to children of the preferred sex.

source: ames, a. & houston, d.a. legal, social, and biological definitions of pedophilia. archives of sexual behavior, 19, 1990, 333-342.

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one affected with pedophilia.
synonyms: paedophile, pedophiliac

sexual fondness and activity of adults with children.
synonym: paedophilia

relating to or exhibiting pedophilia.
synonym: paedophilic

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interesting articles

child sexuality
child sexual abuse
child pornography

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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

She was drunk...

She was mad that her long time friend had grown tired of her behavior, her drinking and her lack of paying rent. So when 23 year old Natalie Rodriguez was told to move out of the apartment, she did the most unthinkable thing- she murdered her friends 9 month old child.

Natalie Rodriguez herself was a mother, she had a 4 year old son of her own. She should have been able to imagine the heartbreak that her actions would bring, she should have known that killing a child was no way to settle a dispute over a apartment.

Giselle Miranda had taken in Rodriguez and her son after Rodiguez had lost her job a month prior to the murder and been kicked out of her families home. She had attempted to do what any real friend would do, to help someone they loved that was in need.

But Rodriguez drank, was belligerent and did not pay rent. The Miranda family told her to move out. Her deadline was the day she killed the baby.

Rodriguez said she silently lifted Xavier out of his crib in the middle of the night, picked up a knife from the kitchen, placed him face down in a snowbank in a neighbor’s driveway, and slashed his throat. She then hid the body under a trash can in the driveway.

Rodriquez and her defense team opted to blame her atrocious on her drinking and mental illness, because after all that seems to be the "in" thing to do.

I don't care how drunk you are... there is no justification for slashing the throat of anyone, let alone a innocent 9 month old child. She had a child of her own, how can anyone let alone a parent become so enraged about an apartment that they come to the conclusion that the best way to handle it is to kill a little child?

People do horrifying things, we all know that. But some behavior is more monstrous than most of us can even begin to understand. I guess we'll just have to rest assured that Rodriquez will have plenty of time to think over her demented actions- as she plead guilty to the murder and was sentenced to life in prison.


Woman pleads guilty to baby's murder - Crime & Punishment -