The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kimberly M. Page

Kimberly M. Page lived just a few doors down from her friend. She was described as a "good mother" and a "good neighbor". And yet Page, the mother of three, is charged with 12 counts of sexual battery and faces the possibility of life in prison.

Her victim is a 14 year old boy, whose mother was such good friends with Page that she had a hard time believing what her son was telling her about the sexual relationship between him and Page. Thankfully, he was able to convince his mother, and to record telephone conversations between himself and Page.

"(She) tells him that she loves him, tells him that she wants to be with him again sexually, so she does, in her own words, just confirm everything that he had told us," said Barbara Matthews, of the Cocoa Police Department.

Police said Page would help the victim climb through his window at night, which is only a few doors away from hers, and arranged for the alleged sexual battery to occur in several places, including her husband's truck. When the boy told adults about it, they were slow to believe him. Page has a reputation as a good neighbor and a good mother.

I've said it before and I will say it again- I will never understand what it is that possesses a grown woman to sexually pursue a child. What is it that a adult man can't give them, yet a 14 year old can? My only guess is it's closely related to whatever it is that a adult man seeks from a child, a deviant means to fulfill their sick desires.

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Jews to the back of the line...

Children with last names starting with L,M,N,O,P,Q,R,S,T,U,V,W,X,Y and Z in the eighth grade of Apopka Middle school where selected to be "Jews". They where issued five pointed yellow stars, forced to stand in the back of the class, and sent to the end of the lunch line by administrators. Those students lucky enough to not have a "damned" first letter of their last name, where "privileged"- they where able to go to the front of the line.

Teaching our children about history is an incredibly important task. And as today's children may be more interested in learning the moves to their favorite video game, or searching for the latest released MP3's, it can be difficult to lure their attention to things such as the Holocaust. However, there have to be more effective means by which to teach them than the way that Apopka Middle School students where educated on the Holocaust.

No child should be sent home in tears because they "were a Jew". It's more than just a lesson handled in bad taste- it is insulting, cruel and I doubt it taught the "Jew" students anything more than to be ashamed. One has to wonder how many real Jewish children attended the school, and how this "experiment" will go on to effect them.

What will this school plan for next years Black History month? Setting a limited number of students aside to be "slaves for a day"?

The fact that enough adults felt that this lesson plan was exceptable is just outright mind boggling. Is this really anyway to go about teaching tolerance? Does it really pay respect to the many people who suffered through the actually Holocaust, to have children reenacting it, belittling other children who where unlucky enough to be a "Jew" that day? Is this the sort of program that is acceptable in public schools now?

School's 'Holocaust' Experiment Upsets Parents


Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Duke Lacrosse Rape

The Duke Lacrosse rape investigation has taken a turn or two in the last few days.
Reports are showing that a second home was searched in connection with the March 13th rape, and more homes are expected to be searched.

District Attorney Mike Nifong said Tuesday that police have searched a second house in connection with the Duke lacrosse case, and that additional searches "quite likely" would follow.

Nifong said the latest search was at a house occupied by two members of the Duke lacrosse team.

He declined to say what officers were looking for. Those details, along with an inventory of any evidence that was seized, will be outlined in the search warrant and accompanying paperwork, which by law must be returned to the county Magistrate's Office by today.

Another turn in the case came when LE took DNA samples from 46 Duke State Lacrosse players, hoping to be able to find matches to the DNA found on the victim.
Most interesting it seems is that the 911 calls have been released to the public, as I've noticed a good number of searching coming in evidently looking for the links.
For those visitors, the audio can be found here:
First 911 call
Second 911 call

Depending on where you stand on the whole "boys will be boys" theory- you might find the story done by the News and Observer a tad infuriating, in some spots. It's not so much the story-as it is the the ease with which it seems that Duke officials are sort of throwing this to the wind. Yes, they admit the party was a bad idea- but then there are pieces of it like this one:

Brodhead and Athletics Director Joe Alleva stressed that the decision to forfeit games was not done as a penalty against the players but in recognition of the seriousness of the situation. They added that players had faced harassment.

"The behavior was bad behavior, boorish behavior," Brodhead said of the March 13 party. "But from there to what is alleged is a very serious step."

The university will take appropriate action once the facts become clear, Brodhead said.

Angry students confronted Brodhead after the news conference.

"How are you going to protect us from these lacrosse players?" shouted Bridgette Howard, a sophomore from Baltimore.

Brodhead promised to meet with students today but cautioned them about casting judgment until the legal process is complete.

That seem to be more of a brush off than a "we have a serious problem" type statement. It could possibly just be the way I am reading it... but it almost sounds as if they are saying "well, yes they broke a dish- but that's a far cry from blowing up a house", when in fact there seems to be evidence of a blow up house.

UPDATE: The Smoking Gun has a copy of the search warrant which includes of a list of items seized (digital camera's, a couple laptops, cell phones and household items) , address of home searched, description of vehical searched, and the name of three males- Adam, Matt and Brett who the said rapist... with a brief description of the heinous crime.
*H/T A Complete Bunch of Pants for the Smoking Gun find, and who had a link to Deadspin- who has the complete Lacrosse Team Roster.
It also seems that a blog has been started in order to follow the story completely as it unfolds. Those interested in complete updates may want to visit Justice for two Sisters.

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WTW, Meme Style

I was over at basil's blog this morning, doing my usual "checkin what's up at basil's place" thing when I seen the "White Trash Wednesday" post he had up. Now, usually I won't do a meme, I've only done one in all this time, but this one didn't seem so bad. Plus- it IS WTW, so what better way to celebrate it than to tell you I'm not one of them.
After doing the meme, which is actually a test on just how white trash a person it- I'm happy to tell you... I am sooo not white trash.

I am 19% White Trash.
Not at all White Trashy!
I, my friend, have class. I am so not white trash. . I am more than likely Democrat, and my place is neat, and there is a good chance I may never drink wine from a box.

I think I lost points for smoking, having a tattoo, and liking George Bush.
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Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Justice Comes to Ohio

UPDATE: Live blogging the May 3rd Show here... your comments welcome.

Quiz time! What do the following men have in common?

Joshua L. Tuttle – Franklin, Ohio
Nicholas L. Bailey – Grove City, Ohio
Jason F. Schoeppner – Columbus, Ohio
Nathan E. Downhour – Montpelier, Indiana
Robb E. Kline – Toledo, Ohio
Timothy E. Isaac – Reynoldsburg, Ohio
James M. Rutherford – Mainville, Ohio
Ronnell D. Stephens – Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Alonzo H. Wade – Greenfield, Ohio
Davut Ozkan – Euclid, Ohio
Mahadevaswamy A. Chandrashekaraiah – Lexington, Kentucky
John W. Frantz – West Milton, Ohio
Jay W. Reffner – Findlay, Ohio
Kenneth J. Brinkman – Kettering, Ohio
Jeffrey D. Stacy – Lebanon, Ohio
Roger W. Burmmitt – Defiance, Ohio
Kevin T. Westerbeck – New Lebanon, Ohio

Let me give you a hint- you won't find their names on any sex offender list- at least not yet.
These 17 men are the most recent internet predators to be rounded up by Perverted Justice and local law enforcement.
One by one, the 17 men appeared Monday in Darke County Common Pleas Court, each facing a felony count of attempted unlawful sexual conduct with a minor following an unprecedented weekend Internet sex sting in Darke County.

Of course, you can be sure that this is another sting you'll be hearing a lot about in the future- as it was set up by PJ and law enforcement, and the ever popular Dateline.
At a quick glance the number seems a little less intimidating given that Datelines last sting reeled in many more- but don't sit back and get relaxed just yet:
In the 10 days leading up to the sex sting, P-J volunteers made contact with more than 150 men; 18 showed up at a home just northeast of Greenville planning to meet a teenager between 13 and 15 years old.

Two of the men thought they were meeting a boy; the rest planned to meet girls.

17 out of 150... which means your children still run the chance of meeting so many potential predators during their internet sessions.

For more information on Perverted Justice you'll find their website here, for a peek at the press release given by Darke County's Sheriff and Prosecutor Pj has reprinted a copy here.
Trap set for sex seekers snares 18
17 Arrested, Charged In Online Sex Sting
H/T Kevin

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Monday, March 27, 2006

Duke State

The page that once gave the roster for the Duke State Lacrosse team now has been replaced with the following notation:

Physical coercion and sexual assault are unacceptable in any setting and have no place at Duke. The criminal allegations against three members of our men’s lacrosse team, if verified, will warrant very serious penalties. - CONTINUE

For those who don't follow sports, a small explanation may be in order, so let me back up just a bit.
Some Duke lacrosse players reportedly hired two exotic dancers from an escort service to dance at a house party earlier in March. One of the women says three men raped, strangled and robbed her.

In response, Duke forfeited two games because of the house party and confirmed reports of underage drinking, and police are actively investigating the charges that three players raped one of the entertainers.
However, on Sunday a group of protesters formed in order to show their support to the victims, and to victims in general- demanding that truth be sought from those who attended the party.
Starting on Monday, it's Sexual Assault Prevention Week at Duke University. The news comes on the heels of a gang rape investigation involving Duke University's men's lacrosse team.

No one has been charged, and no one on the team is talking, but neighbors are now breaking the silence. The beat of outrage was heard loud and clear in Durham on Sunday.

“We're making this kind of noise because we're standing in solidarity with women who've gone through this horrible atrocity,” said protest organizer Manju Rajendran.

We live in a society that places a extremely high value on sports, even to the point of giving our athletes priviledges above and beyond what the normal person would receive. To ofter, our "athlete worship" interferres with the criminal investigation into sexual assaults, and persuades fans to refuse to accept that their favorite player may be a sexual predator. Weighted against the occupation of the victim in this case- we almost expect that the athlete(s) involved would be able to walk away freely from this heinous crime. It's humbling to know that both the police and the school are now taking the charges seriously in this case. - News - Protesters Demand Answers In Alleged Gang Rape At Duke

Generations of Perverts

Some people just come from good families- other almost seem to have resulted from inbreeding with the devil.

Allegan Michigan- Investigators recovered 8,000 digital images of child pornography from a two-family home in Allegan County where authorities suspect children may have been sexually abused.

A 56-year-old man, his 26-year-old son and a 73-year-old man from the other family have been charged in the case, The Grand Rapids Press reported Saturday.

"It appears from what we know that there's been generations of abuse," said Margaret Zuzich-Bakker, Allegan County's chief assistant prosecutor.

Seven children ranging in age from 9 months to 8 years lived in the home near Allegan, the newspaper said. They have been removed from the home, and prosecutors are trying to terminate parental rights.

Three generations of complete perverts- I bet their mothers are turning in their graves.

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Phyllis Gayle Riedle

Never in my life will I be able to understand how a woman can sexually abuse a child. I'm not talking about the 20 something teacher who has sex with her 15 year old student- I'm talking about the deviant pervert who molestes a little child.
Phyllis Gayle Riedle is sick. Not the kind of sick were she needs medical treatment, but the demented sick were she needs to spend her life behind bars.

Wednesday afternoon, 48-year-old Phyllis Gayle Riedle of Runaway Bay turned herself in to the Wise County Sheriff’s Department after an arrest warrant was issued for aggravated sexual assault of a child. She was jailed and her bail was set at $150,000.

Walker said Riedle admitted to sexually assaulting an 18-month-old girl.

Investigators have also discovered evidence of a second victim, a 7-year-old female cousin of the 18-month-old girl. Walker said that nude photos, believed to be of the 7-year-old, were found during a child pornography investigation into Riedle’s brother, Kevin Dean Riedle, 41, of Runaway Bay. He was arrested March 1 for possession and promotion of child pornography and remains jailed on $300,000 bail.

Walker said the two victims are from the Bridgeport area, and the assault and the nude photos took place when Phyllis Riedle baby-sat the two last fall. He said Phyllis Riedle took nude photos of the 7-year-old while she slept and performed sex acts on the 18-month-old.

Reaging the rest of the story you'll find that this pervert and her brother- also charged- have a sexual relationship with each other, and had two children living with them*. Thankfully the children have been removed from the home.
Police are still investigating whether this case may be tied to the recent international child porn ring that was recently in the news.
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*Correction, previously stated wrong.

New Hampshire calls for restored provision

The Union Leader (NH) is calling for a restoring of a provision that allowed prosecutors to seek minimum sentences of 25 years for a first offense of aggravated felonious sexual assault.
At the root of the story is the fact that a thief convicted of stealing (a huge amount of money but still it was stealing) received incredibly more jail time than did numerous child molesters and rapist. It even points to one such story in which the predator was sentenced to 12 years, released after three and then convicted again of sexual abuse.

Union Leader - Thievery or child rape: Guess which is considered worse in NH? - Friday, Mar. 24, 2006

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Maryland Sex Offender Bill

The Washington post has a story about some numb nut who is lobbing against stronger sex offender bills in Maryland.
Although Brian Denton doesn't appear to be one of the child raping monsters he defends, he has decided to fight a proposed bill that would ban rapist and child molesters from school grounds, and that would call for tough minimum sentencing.
I read the story a few times- but found it completely lacking on presenting any evidence that this man is anything other than a complete idiot.

"The problem I'm facing is that this is such an emotional issue," Denton said. "I mean, no one's for sex offenders. And I understand the politicians here are trying to protect the public. We just want it done in a sensible way."

I'm not sure what he would define as "sensible", because to me the most sensible thing would be to lock them creeps up for the rest of their natural life.
The team members questioned whether the technology exists to make GPS devices worthwhile, whether the money exists to have every offender receive a psychological evaluation before sentencing, whether it is practical to notify every neighborhood church and school every time an offender moves. And whether it is even possible to keep offenders away from churches and schools.
But seated before a panel of lawmakers, the seasoned trial lawyer had trouble making his case. When he expressed doubts about the value of requiring polygraph tests, for instance, the lawmakers stared blankly. When he questioned the wisdom of making offenders re-register with every move, they shook their heads.

When someone questions the wisdom of making sex offenders register their addresses when they move- it only goes to show that the comfort of a heinous sexual offender means more than the protection of our children. Yes, we have to notify every school- that's part of how we keep them out of the schools.
I'm glad to see that law makers are not backing down to this repulsive line of lobbing.

A Lone Voice Against Sex Offender Bill
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Sunday, March 26, 2006

Things to Read

In light of the fact that it's the weekend, and I need at least one day of rest- I have nothing for you today. However, that doesn't mean there is nothing to read- so here ya go;

Riehl World View has a entry on a MySpace crime scene.

Don Surber is doing the best of Sunday post.

Stop the ACLU is sharing news of Abdul Rhamin being released

Beyond Frazzeled is taking a break.

Merri Musings explains why some people just shouldn't be parents. ( I know I don't link her half as much as I should- but she's one of my favorite bloggers.

News of Doom suffers a tragic loss at the hands of a drunk driver.

Hyscience has a entry up about how illegal aliens were caught... and then released.

Have a good day reading, and see you Monday!


Please, do me a favor

(If you can read this- it doesn't pertain to you.)
Tonight I went out to pick up a few things at the story. As everyone was waiting for me outside- I was in a bit of a hurry. Sadly, I got behind YOU in line. Now, I am having to write this post just for you, and those like you who clearly need the advice.

If you must break the law and enter my country illegally- please do us all a favor and at least take the time to learn two words. That's all I am asking. Learn two English words. It's not that hard. I promise. Years ago, and well even yesterday I would have demanded that you learn the whole English language- but this is a kinder gentler me. And I just want you to learn two. It's not really to benefit me. It's to help out the poor 16 year old girl at the register, who has not ever heard anyone with even a southern accent- let alone a complete foreigner- talk.

You see, when the girl behind the register attempts to scan something at nine o'clock at night, and it doesn't scan- she's left with asking you- you the illegal alien who snuck in to the US without learning even a single word of English- what the price of the bottle of liquor was. There is no stock boy at nine o'clock at night to go do a price check, and the girl behind the register can not leave her post. So see, she HAS to ask you.

The girl behind the register grew up around here. She's been raised calling soda "pop" and sometimes might slip a ya'll in there instead of you all. When she says something is darling- you can be sure that the "g" is at the end. Because, that's just how it is done around here. It's not that they don't teach our kids other languages- it's just that our kids don't really expect to ever hear them, so they ignore the lessons. So, when she asks about the price, and you say "non speka englay", she's gives you that confused look- because she has no idea what you are saying. So, she asks again if you know the price of the bottle of liquor that you want to buy. And again you say "non englay"... and the girl- she's really confused. This goes on for a few minutes- all the while MY family is waiting outside for me. So, when I finally say "NO ENGLISH, he speaks NO ENGLISH" and you say "yea yea non englay"... I just want to slap you. And, the girl behind the register caught the "yea" part- so she's wondering why you understood what I said and yet she can't make head nor tail of what you are saying. Thankfully, the man behind me could speak English and must have seen that I was about to give you a nice lesson in the fine art of English cursing- because he went and found the price to the liquor you were buying.

Even now, you say "non speka englay". Well, okay "non" isn't really a complete word, especially the way you say it. Don't get me started on the "speka" part. And "englay" well, just what the hell is an englay? E N G L I S H, remove the "lay" and add "lish". It's not that freaking hard. Do you know that even after I left the poor girl behind the register was still confused? They just might have to medicate her in order to ease her now troubled mind. And really, the last thing we need is more American kids on drugs.

You've wasted five minutes of my life I will never be able to get back. So please- the next time you decide to illegally enter a country by illegally sneaking over the border, at least have the respect to learn how to tell people that you were too damn lazy to learn the entire language- by at least learning to say "no English"- just make sure you say it in reference to what ever country you are in. And, please before you send money you made working illegally in the United States back to whatever country you came from in order to sneak more illegal aliens in- make sure that those who are following you up here can say those two required words also. That's all I am asking.

"No English"- you're living it, you might as well learn to say it.

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Saturday, March 25, 2006

Released Sex Offender Jailed

The sex offender who was released by an idiot judge after being sentenced to 30 years by a jury of his peers, has been arrested. Much to my happiness. And most likely to the irritation of this nut case defense lawyer who seems to have a desire to annoy the living hell out of me by attempting to look as if he knows anything worth wasting bloggers server space on..

A man who received a suspended sentence after being convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl was arrested Friday on a complaint of violating the sex offender act.
Gregory Lynn Bryant, 38, was convicted in November of rape. The jury voted for a 30-year prison sentence but Pawnee County District Judge Jefferson Sellers suspended the sentence this month.

Friday afternoon, Pawnee County Sheriff Roger Price arrested Bryant on a complaint that he did not notify authorities of moving to a mobile home in Stillwater.

State law says offenders must notify authorities in writing no less than three business days before moving, Price said. | Powered by The Oklahoman and NEWS 9


Friday, March 24, 2006

Jerry Rangel Pt. 3

Jerry Rangel- here and here- is a convicted sex offender. In previous posts on about him, you'll find that he was charged in 2005 with assault with a deadly weapon, for threatening and assaulting his girlfriend when she attempted to leave him. You'll also find that he is charged in the brutal rape of a 13 month old child. What you won't find is any news report mentioning both the recent rape charges, and the 2005 assault charges. Despite the fact that had Rangel been held in jail until his court appearance for the 2005 charges, he would not have been free to rape a toddler.

The rape of this child is just another travesty that could have been prevent- as I pointed out in the second linked entry. And yet- the media has failed to mention this. One might say that the media just hasn't made the connection between the Rangel who held a knife on his girlfriend, and the Rangel who left a 13 month old girl with a broken leg, bruising, and a torn vagina. Well, sadly the media has realized that both cases involve the very same man- they just fail to see what one case has to do with the other.

A reader disturbed by this exchanged emails with the reporter covering the story in one of the local Texas news outlets. So they sent the following to the reporter:

Have you found out anything concerning the July 2005 aggravated assault Jerry Rangel was arrested for and why he was free to brutally rape a baby 7 months later? Anything? Is it not worth mentioning in anything written about this case?

THe response to the email left me a bit speechless- and you should know by now that that isn't something that happens to often:
we didn’t put his assault charge in the first story for space reasons. The same is true for the second story, which focused primarily on Deanna and her recollection of the events surrounding the assault. I felt it was more relevant to list his previous sexual assault conviction.

We did a story when he was arrested for aggravated assault. On that charge, it appears that he had been released on bond. He had yet to be sentenced. His bond for that charge has since been rescinded.

Space reasons? Hum. Let's save some space and NOT mention that had this man, who had already been convicted in 1996 of raping an 11 year old, could have been locked up due to the 2005 charges thus PREVENTING the rape of a 13 month old child.
I always wonder what motivates reporters in how they do their job. It's nothing personal against them- but I just wonder about it. The second story she refers to was dedicated to letting the mother explain how it's not her fault that the child was raped- despite the fact that she knew Rangel was a sex offender, that she left the child with him, that she had been partying with him while he drank and did coke before she left him with the children (3 all together)... yes- a mothers shock that someone already having a history of sexual abuse against children would actually rape her child while most likely still under the effects of binge drinking and drugs is so much more news worthy than the fact that had this sicko been sitting in jail- the child would have been safe.

In another sort of update to the case- I had mentioned in the earlier entries on Rangel that the children had been removed from the home of this "mother", and placed in foster care. The "mother" was attempting to get them back at a hearing this week. Thankfully, the judge decided against that.
A Bryan toddler who suffered a brutal sexual assault earlier this month will temporarily remain in foster care, a judge ruled Wednesday.

The 1-year-old was hospitalized with severe injuries after an attack that police said happened when she was left in the care of Jerry Rangel. Investigators believe that Rangel, a convicted sex offender, was dating the child's mother.

Child Protective Services removed the girl and two siblings - 3- and 4-year-old sisters also left at home with Rangel - upon learning about the case.Full Source

It's nice to know that someone is looking out for these children, since is apparently is too much to ask of the mother.

H/T Kash

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Thursday, March 23, 2006

Too much news... not enough time

I found one story I was going to write about, while still working on two previous stories that need updates. Because I lack the time to make all the posts I should tonight- I'm cheating. Below are the links and a bit of info on each case. Not the way I usually do things around here... but I'm overwhelmed with perverts tonight.

Joseph Hanley, 28, of 7 Spruce Drive, appeared Tuesday in Portsmouth District Court, where Judge Sawako Gardner entered no plea on his behalf, because the local court does not accept pleas for felony cases. Currently held in the Rockingham County House of Corrections on $100,000 cash bail, Hanley was represented by public defender Stephanie Hausman.

Child rape charges are added
Joseph W. Hanley, 29, of 7 Spruce Drive, was charged Monday with two counts of aggravated felonious sexual assault. This is an addition to the four sexual assault counts he was charged with Feb. 17.

Three Charged In Kidnapping, Sexual Assault Case
Two men accused in the Feb. 21 kidnapping and sexual assault of a woman in West Hollywood were charged Wednesday with multiple felonies. Denson Henderson, 26, and Jovany Theus, 24, are each charged with kidnapping for carjacking, kidnapping to commit another crime, robbery and multiple counts of sexual assault

A Yuma Man Faces Several Felony Charges, Including Sexual Abuse
A Yuma man accused of molesting a teenager in her own home is now facing a number of felony charges. Today, the county attorney's office officially filed it's complaint against Fernando Zamora

School employee charged with sexual battery of children
A teachers' aide in Robertson County has been accused of sexual misconduct involving six students.
Calvin Darden faces 34 counts including aggravated sexual battery and rape of a child under 13.

High-Profile Sexual Predator Leaves Tri-State
CINCINNATI - A convicted sexual predator who got a hotly contested sentence is no longer living in the Tri-State. Andrew Selva has now registered at a halfway house in Montgomery County after he had been admitted to treatment at a facility in Over-the-Rhine earlier this month.

Teen Arrested In Northern Ky. Sexual Assault
FLORENCE, Ky. - An 18-year-old has been charged with a misdemeanor in connection with a sexual assault at a Northern Kentucky home. Charles Coomer is being held at the Boone County Detention Center on one count of sexual misconduct.

Cheerleading Coach Says She Was Drunk During Sex With Teen
AKRON, Ohio - A former cheerleading coach who had sexual contact with a 17-year-old boy she was coaching was sentenced to prison Tuesday. Mishelle Robinson, 29, of Newton Falls, was sentenced to four years in prison. She was also labeled as a sexually-oriented offender.

Driving teacher sentenced for touching girl, 16
George Herndon was convicted of indecent liberties and assault and battery. Herndon ran the G-L-H Driving School. Loudoun County authorities arrested him in January, two days after they say he touched the 16-year-old girl and suggested they engage in sex acts.

~~~I know... all of this just at MSNBC- just imagine what the list would have looked like had I visited Fox and Cnn too.
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The Blogger Interviews

This Post Sticky...

If any of you have been paying attention- you should know that the Larry King of bloggers has been running around interviewing bloggers. Well, a while back I signed up- because really what harm could it do? So this week Basil, of Basil's Blog will be collecting questions from other bloggers, and readers (friend and foe alike). If there's ever been something you wanted to ask- this is the time to do it.

For information on how you can submit questions, or to find out how you too can be interviewed- please click here. You only have a week to get over there, so just do it now. Points will be awarded for those that submit questions.

*Points not valid on any purchase, but may be redeemed for links, or special mention.

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He received $167.90 to serve on the jury. It couldn't have been an easy case to listen to. Hearing of how a 13 year old was raped by a 38 year old man who had befriended the family, it'd be enough to make most people turn in repulsion. But the juror did what he was suppose to, and long with the 11 other people who sat by his side- he found the defendant guilty. Believing that the child, who had come from a broken home- a mother battling drugs and a father who wasn't there- deserved justice, the 12 people performed their moral, ethical and judicial duty and sentenced Gregory Bryant to 30 years in prison.

One would think that Bruse Funkhouser had earned that $167.90. Perhaps it would cover a small portion of the income that he lost while serving his duty to the courts. Perhaps it would just give him a little extra change in his pocket. So, you might wonder what would cause Funkhouser to return the check to the court house...

Members of a Pawnee County jury are upset a judge gave a suspended sentence to a man convicted of raping a 13-year-old girl.
The jury had recommended a 30-year prison sentence.

One upset juror drove to the Pawnee County Courthouse and returned a check for $167.90 he received for serving on the jury.

"They didn't know what to do with it," said Bruce Funkhouser.

"Justice was not served by this at all," Funkhouser said. "I was just shocked. The judge let him go with a slap on the wrist."

I'd written about Bryant a few days ago- outraged that a judge would use the power of the court to free a child rapist. You see, this wasn't a plea deal where some fancy lawyers wiggled their clients out of prison time. This is a case where a jury heard the evidence, deliberated on the case, and formed a unified conclusion. They sentenced Bryant according to the law- and the judge turned his nose at it.

I know, you're still wondering why I'm writing about it again, right?

In doing this blog- in covering these cases, I've had chances to hear from families of victims, and even friends of the convicted. I'm used to hearing both sides of cases. But never have I had a chance to hear from the third group- you know the one that actually came into the case unbiased. I heard from one of the jurors last night, and could plainly see that his outrage was overwhelming.... to the point that he returned the check of $167.90.

In the Free Republic Forums, he posted a message that is worth reading:

There is no doubt in the minds of any of the jurists as to this creeps guilt.....This young girl was looking for help and direction in her life so she went to a Church Youth Group and this pervert tells her the Lord sent him there to help her......Later he tells her the Lord told him it was ok for them to have sex because later onthey would be in ministry together......He had the girl, her mom, and sister at his home in Pawnee...They knew something was not right and made attempts to leave and once again Mr. Pervert tells them that the Lord has showed him they will be killed in an auto accident if the leave.......There are many more points that I could make but it actually makes me ill to try and express my thoughts on all this properly.....and yes I did return my juror money...if this is Pawnee County justice I want no part of it.....
When judges begin polluting the judicial system to the point that jurors are disgusted and repulsed- then there is a absolute problem that demands fixing.

Now, the judge has come back and tried to explain himself- saying that he should have let a nurse testify for the defense. The nurse that preformed the sexual assault exam on the victim. The judge- Pawnee County District Judge Jefferson Sellers -most likely wasn't listening or watching when the jurors were given the medical report, from said nurse. While he defends what travesty of justice he has committed by saying that he can't really talk about it because the case could be appealed- I have to wonder just what defense attorney in the world would appeal a decision that gets their child raping client absolutely NO jail time at all.

Perhaps we can hope that the court takes Mr. Funkhouser's $167.90 and uses it to hire someone more fitting of wearing a robe than Jefferson... I've always been partial to pot bellied pigs.

A Miserable Failure
Oklahoma's New's Ok (registration free, but sometimes needed)
Judge's sentencing decision in child rape case irks jurors

Linked with the finest posts around at:
Don Surber's The Best Of Thursday

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Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Not that it really deserves a post of it's own- but you can now receive new entries on here- in your email. Nice huh?
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Sex Offender Slumber Party

I know, the title is just everyone's nightmare right? Well, it seems that another pervert has done the unthinkable and come up with a scheme to lure young girls into him home. This is one of the most disturbing "plans" I've heard of...

Dondi Dean Duehmig moved and police found out because of concerned employees at an Angola elementary school. They say Duehmig came there, trying to invite students to a slumber party. On March 9th, 2006 Duehmig came to Hendry Park Elementary. He was trying to get information in the school bulletin about a slumber party at his home near pleasant lake. He told officials his daughter was moving there and he wanted to help her make friends. Officials didn't buy his story. Instead they told Duehmig to leave and called police.
But Duehmig didn't stop there. He then went to the Herald-Republican newspaper trying to get the same slumber party story in print. Once again no one believed him. Newspaper employees also called police.

I really don't know what the h*** is wrong with these demented people- and honestly- I don't care. It's perverted, it's criminal, and I only wish there was some way to lock them all up for the rest of their lives. They just seem to get more heinous everyday.

The worst part of this- Duehmig didn't break the law in advertising the party- or in his attempt to. In fact, the only law that was violated was not updating his address on the sex offender registry. He now faces a class D felony for that, and faces up to 2 years in jail. Betcha he does less that 6 months. Pervert.

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: Police: Convicted Sex Offender Tries to Lure Kids to a Slumber Party

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Vermont: Welcome All Ye Sex Offenders!

I know that sexual offender treatment programs are the "in" thing right now- they're the politically correct way to deal deviant monsters who rape, molest, or engage in child pornography. Sadly, they are also the way to ensure that these sick lil' monkeys are released into the public- and able to again engage in these lewd actions. It's just "wrong" to not attempt to rehabilitate these sickos. After all- they only molested a child, raped a woman- etc.

But, still I have to wonder what went through the mind of Judge Edward Cashman, and through the minds of other "soft on sex criminals" judges in Vermont when they read the mornings paper.

A Burlington man has been sentenced in connection with his latest child molestation charge, his third new sex charge since he completed sex offender treatment.

I know, you're scratching your head... THREE charges since completing sex offender treatment. So much for Vermont's treatment program being the "best of the best" as everyone likes to call it. But, it gets even more disturbing:

Police say Fortier completed Vermont's sex offender treatment program after he was charged with lewd and lascivious conduct with a child in 1996, but was eventually convicted of a less serious charge of prohibited acts as part of a plea agreement.

According to court records, Fortier was convicted of prohibited acts for fondling children again in 2002 and again in 2004 and was permitted to re-enter sex offender treatment and was still in the program when arrested last month on the new sex charge.

Let's see, the pervert clearly isn't about to stop molesting children of his own free will- so let's just stick him in treatment and see if it "sticks".

Oh Vermont- the sex offender friendly state. But hey- at least he is looking at serving some time:
Lyndon Fortier, 67, will serve up to one year in prison for violating probation stemming from three prior convictions for child molestation. The violation was triggered by new charges that he fondled a neighborhood child at his LaFountain Street home last month. The new charge of lewd and lascivious conduct with a child carries a potential maximum of five years in prison.

I'm sure that year in jail will do the trick to protecting the next victims from this guy.

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Carnival of the True Crime Blogs XVI

Every week, crime bloggers get together to share their best posts of the week. And every week, some lucky crime blogger reads through them, puts them together, and presents them to you. This week, Tina from Randomized Drivel was great enough to hold this weeks edition of the Carnival of The True Crime Drivel: Carnival of the True Crime Blogs XVI
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Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Joseph Renander

The 29 year old Joseph Renanderis a former day care owner- charged with molesting at least four children under the age of 10 who attended the day care center.
The charges stem from an investigation following a report made by one of the children.

The girl told police the man took provocative photos of her wearing a red bikini and handcuffs.

I'm so completely sick of hearing about these sick demented freaks- and I'm sorry, it may sound a little harsh but can't we just take them out back and shot them? Not you know to kill them or anything, but just perhaps to remove some unneeded items from their body.
I'm sorry, that's just my irritation talking. I wouldn't want any harm to come to these sick monkeys on this side of the jail cell anyway. No need for innocent people to become criminals over this. After all, I've heard that convicts are rather "friendly" to these sorts of people.
Renander operated day-care centers in Golden and Lakewood and faces more than 22 counts stemming from allegations made by eight children.
Todays' Story: Day-Care Operator Faces New Criminal Charges
January 10, 2006: Former Day-Care Owner Pleads In Provocative Photos Case
May 19, 2005: Did A Legal Breakdown Leave Kids At Risk?
March 11, 2005: Jeffco Day-Care Center Owner Arrested

~~You'll just have to excuse the temperament... Lilo's feeling a bit angry lately.

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Gravelles Lose Custody

In a case that has had national media attention, an end to the case seems closer at hand. Michael and Sharen Gravelle adopted eleven special needs children, and then subjected the children to sub standard living conditions. The children were removed after the children were found to be sleeping in "cages"- wooded structures framed in with doors to kept the children from getting out of bed.

The Gravelles has testified that the cages were used to protect the children, and that they in no way harmed the kids- however few bought the story.

Yestday, the judge in the custody case made a ruling:

A Huron County judge said today that evidence showed there was a good chance the couple would do it again, and he ordered that the county immediately begin seeking new adoptions. The Gravelles have denied mistreating the children, and their attorney says they love them and want them back. But Huron County Prosecutor Russ Leffler says today's ruling is in the best interest of the kids.

The Toledo Blade has a more indepth write up on the story, here's just a tid bt from them:
"It was obvious that Mrs. Gravelle still does not see the harm the children suffered in her household," Judge Cardwell wrote in his nine-page decision. "Mrs. Gravelle admitted telling national television media that some of the children still need to be contained in the boxes, even after the children were removed from her home in September. Mrs. Gravelle instead has a belief that these cases were filed because 'Children's Services has a personal vendetta' against her."

WANE-TV Coverage You Can Count On: Couple in Caged Kids Case Lose Custody

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Debra Lafave

Dan over at Riehl World View is reporting that Debra Lafave's Plea Agreement Rejected. Hum... couldn't be any happier.

FoxNews has the judge saying the following:

"Accepting the proposed plea agreement would likewise send the message that if enough publicity is generated, and the media's interest continues long enough, and because of that interest the victim does not wish to testify, a defendant can avoid an appropriate sentence," Stancil wrote in his decision.

For once, a judge with a brain- perhaps he should give pointers to the Cashman's of the world. However, as great as it is that the judge has stood up on the side of the law- what the local prosecutors have done is beyond inexcusable:
WESH 2 News has learned that local prosecutors are dropping the charges against Debra LaFave, the school teacher accused of having sex with her 14-year-old student.

The decision comes only hours after a Marion County judge rejected a second plea deal in the case.

Sources have told WESH 2 I-Team reporter Stephen Stock that this has been planned for weeks.

Prosecutors promised the mother of the victim in this case that the boy would not have to testify. But because Marion County Judge Hale Stancil rejected this second plea deal, the only other option for prosecutors would be a trial, which would force the boy to testify.

It's nice to know that prosecutors would rather a sex offender walk than have a court hearing. The fact that they would drop the charges, is disgusting to say the least.

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I don't live here, I just blog here....

Over the course of writing "Lost In Lima Ohio", I've had a few chances to write about my hometown. Mostly though, I just blog from here- rather than about life here. Yeah, once in a while, I might pain you with reading something personal- like my feelings on the local elections, or about the casino that may come to town, but I try to stay away from writing about it on a regular basis.

I love this dysfunctional little community, which is why I try to hide all the craziness that happens here from you- the readers. I've never been ashamed of being here, I mean look up there at the title- I flaunt the fact that I am here. Yet, still I want to shield the image of the town by hiding the sad truth from the rest of you. I was sure I'd kept the insanity of Lima, and it's surrounding areas a well hidden secret... until tonight.

Police accused a northwest Ohio woman of biting off a man's tongue. Chad Ringo, 29, remained in intensive care Monday at St. Rita's Medical Center in Lima after unsuccessful attempts to reattach about 30 percent of his tongue, Celina police said.

It's hard to hide the area's embarrassments when they end up on the front page of Yahoo's Odd News.

Just to be fair, and to attempt to recover from this black cloud hanging over the area- St. Rita's is a great hospital. They have state of the art doctor type stuff there, a first class heart center, a great birthing center, incredible nurses, overpaid doctors, and most importantly- a UNION built expansion is underway.

Just don't ask them to replace that bitten off tongue...

Woman Charged With Biting Off Man's Tongue - Yahoo! News

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Monday, March 20, 2006

Jerry Rangel

Readers might recall that I recently wrote an entry on Jerry Rangel- a sex offender charged with raping a 13 month old child that was left in his care. The injuries suffered at the hands of this deviant are unexcusable, no one should have to suffer like this, least of all a innocent little child.

Doctors said the child suffered multiple skull fractures, a broken left leg, a torn vagina and bruising on her head, legs and hands. She was hospitalized for a week before being released to a foster family near Scott & White Hospital in Temple.

This is one of those stories that leave so many of us wondering just what could have been done to prevent this, and just who could have stopped it. Sadly, it's also one of those cases where there was plenty of warning that this was a dangerous man, and plenty of people who could have acted to prevent this.

A little history on Rangel only proves the case that this did not need to happen, there was ample opportunity to stop this monster.

In 1996, as a juvenile- Rangel was convicted of raping an 11 year old in Texas. He served 8 years, and then was released from parole in 2004. 8 years for raping a child. A judge, a jury and a parole board could have served the best interest of society and kept him behind bars for much longer than the 8 years. But they didn't.

Then in 2005, Rangel was arrested for aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, his then girlfriend was breaking up with him when he grabbed a knife with a 5-inch blade and pulled her into the bathroom, and told her if he couldn't have her, then he didn't want to live. When she attempted to leave, he grabbed her by the neck and choked her. Luckily, police were called, and arrived to find the two in the bathroom still. [unconfirmed reports point out that this victim could be the mother of the child raped]

Now, Rangel sits in jail for committing his third known crime, committed on what was his 23 birthday. Three horrific crimes, and he's only 23. Two heinous crimes, two chances to lock this man up for a long long time- not to mention the fact parole could have been denied.

People in every aspect of the judicial system let society down when they preformed what ever roll they might have had in letting this man be released into the public.

Even then, even with all those chances- there was one more person who could have prevented this. I know it's not PC to put the blame anywhere but on the criminal- this time is going to be an exception.

The 23-year-old mother of four normally worked nights at The Tropicana Club in Bryan, but she was starting a new day job and needed to attend orientation. So, she said, she did something she usually wouldn't do: She left her three daughters in the care of Jerry Rangel - a convicted sex offender.

I don't care what sort of half baked excuse you may have- there is never never a good enough reason for leaving your child with a rapist. EVER. Even more disturbing is that Deanna Alvarado knew who he was, knew what he was, and yet still- she left her children with him.

Now, to be fair to Alvaroda, she's very upset that people are putting the blame on this on her. In fact, she's stated a response to them- I'm sure you'll find it, interesting to day the least.
Police and family members said Rangel and Alvarado had been dating for several months and occasionally living together. Family members also told police they were aware Rangel was a convicted sex offender.

But Alvarado said last week that Rangel was merely a friend who, like many of her other friends, sometimes stayed at her home. She accused her relatives of lying about their relationship.

"I just barely met him," she said, responding to her mother's statements to police that the two were dating. "My mom don't even live here. My mom don't even know what's really going on."

Alvarado said she has known Rangel for about eight or nine months, but she didn't know he was a convicted sex offender until he returned from a trip to the Dallas area the week before the assault on her daughter.

"I just barely met him" and she learned about his status as a sex offender a week before the heinous attack. So, she hasn't known him long enough to date him- but she's known him long enough to leave her children with him? This is where I am going to explain something to stupid people- YOU SHOULD NOT LEAVE YOUR KIDS WITH PEOPLE YOU KNOW ARE SEX OFFENDERS AND ESPECIALLY IF YOU DON'T KNOW THEM WELL ENOUGH TO DATE THEM. Clearly, someone somewhere forgot to explain to this sorry excuse for a mother that if you don't know them well, you have no business leaving your children with them.

Now, Alvarado is attempting to get her children back- the 13 month old along with two barely older children were removed from the home while the situation is investigated.

As if this woman hasn't insulted the term "mother" enough, she goes on to add to her stupidity:

A day after the assault on her daughter, Alvarado took aim at the Bryan Police Department, saying she felt the agency had done a "sloppy job." She said she found a bloody diaper under her bed and minor bloodstains on the wall - evidence, she said, that police didn't do a thorough investigation of her bedroom, where the toddler and Rangel were found.

"If you are a crime scene person, you are gonna turn that bedroom upside down. They did not dust for fingerprints. How do they know that it was not a break-in?" Alvarado asked.

Thankfully, she at least has enough sense that she has cut off all relationships with Rangel. And of course- she's ran to the paper to tell them just how much of a victim she is in this whole thing. I mean, who leaves their child with a man who has been snorting cocaine and drinking, and who happens to be a sex offender- and actually walks away not concerned that something horrible could happen.
Read the entire story....
H/T to a very appreciated reader
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Sunday, March 19, 2006

Assault at the Academy

It takes a special type of woman to join the military. The hardships that they face, although different at time from those that the men in uniform may face- are no less intense, no less challenging.

A woman in the military must be able courageous, and determined- and most importantly have a inner strength beyond anything most women can even imagine.

Knowing even a little of what our women in the military deal with daily, and the incredible bravery they have- one has to wonder just how it is that so many are being silenced. These are not weak women, and yet...

With striking regularity, sexual-assault charges at the U.S. Naval Academy are dismissed without trial and the suspects are instead expelled from school, according to an analysis of hundreds of pages of Navy documents.

Of 56 midshipmen accused of sexual assault since 1998, two have been convicted, and one of those was in a civilian court, a review by The Washington Post of Navy incident reports, case summaries and data released by the school show.

I'm disturbed by the numbers of course- but I am more disturbed by the apparent rate at which the accused has went without punishment, without a complete investigation, and without any reinforcement that their behavior is unacceptable.

Rape is rape- no matter if it happened down on Main Street in a small town, or on a military base. Are those committing the rapes any less dangerous if they come wearing uniforms and displaying medals? Is a woman offering her service to our country any less deserving of justice than the woman next door?

In August, a Pentagon task force examining sexual assault and harassment at the Naval Academy and at West Point found that the Army academy convened five courts-martial and secured three convictions in sex-related crimes over a 10-year period, the report says. The Naval Academy had one court-martial and conviction during that time.

The task force attributed the low number of prosecutions overall to the reluctance of victims to report crimes. Studies show that only about 5 percent of sexual-assault victims on college campuses report the crime. But the task force also pointed out a problem with the military rape statute: It requires proof that intercourse occurred "by force and without consent."

I have to wonder- why would the some of the bravest women in the United States not come forward? It is a case of watching others come forward only to be slighted by those in charges? It is due to harassment or fear of harassment by other enlisted persons? Someone please explain this to me.

If it is that the statute is too demanding in it's requirements, than we should start seeing more reports being made as that statue is about to change;

The most common type of sexual-assault cases reported at the academies are acquaintance rape, "which usually do not involve the use of force necessary to obtain a conviction," the task force reported. A new, expanded military statute goes into effect next year to make it easier to prosecute acquaintance rapes.

That change in law, and pressure on the academy to make its campus friendlier to women in the wake of so many critical studies, could mean more cases going to trial.

I have a huge amount of respect for those who enlist in the military- both men and women. And while it is sad that a few believe the uniforms they where allow them to rape- it's even sadder that those who should be enforcing the protection of these women are failing to do so.

WP: Sex cases rarely tried at Naval Academy - Highlights -

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Angels That Care

Sometimes your humble hostess is a bit forgetful. Sometimes, the daily challenges of trying to get everything done because a bit overwhelming- and despite having the best of attentions... I seem to overlook important things. (This is where my other half would gladly point you to the ever growing pile of laundry downstairs).

My point to all of this? A while back I was directed to a wonderful site and I had planned to tell you about it. I had planned to link it here- and suggest you take a few moments to click over to it. I had the best of intentions of doing it... I just for some now forgotten reason didn't get a chance to.

Well, the site was mentioned again- and the little light clicked on in my cluttered mind and so here I am. Not doing laundry, and posting the link.

Please take a moment to visit Angels that Care. It's filled with links, and information that I am sure you will find helpful and insightful. It's really a great site, with the purpose of saving children from abuse, and pulling together those who cherish and wish to protect all children from the evils of this world.

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James Robbins

James Robbins knew he was breaking the law when he arrived at the house his uncle had bought. Even the uncle was aware when he purchased the home for Robbins wife and children that Robbins presense there would be in direct violation of an ordinance that prohibits a convicted sex offender from living within the corporate limits of Wapello and from being within two blocks of any school, daycare, city swimming pool, school bus stop, library or city park. They just didn't care.

Robbins was convicted in 1998, and given a 10 year sentence for third–degree sexual abuse of his stepdaughter.

His wife defends his position that the city is being unfair:

"We can understand you don't want him living here, but why not visit?" Debbie Robbins asked.

I am hoping, above and beyond what I normally would that this idiot woman is not the mother of the victim. I can't imagine how any woman would show any support for some monster that gets his kicks molesting children.

Thankfully, the police chief and a city counselman seems to be on the side of protecting society rather than allowing this man to do as he wishes:

"You can either (challenge) it through the courts or ask the City Council to amend it," he said.

Councilman Jim Brown predicted the council would not amend the ordinance.

"That's not going to happen," he told Robbins.

Brown said he warned Robbins' uncle about the city's ordinance and the uncle still purchased the house.

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Friday, March 17, 2006

Sex Offender Released

In another case of a rapist walking out of jail with little time served, a Oklahoma father is questioning why it is that the man who raped his 13 year old daughter is free after only four months.

Jurors sentenced 38-year-old Gregory Bryant to 30 years in prison for raping the 13-year-old girl. But Pawnee County District Court Judge Jefferson Sellers said the jury's verdict was a miscarriage of justice, so he suspended Bryant's sentence.

A miscarriage of justice? The girl was 13. He was 38. HE RAPED HER. I'd have to say the miscarriage of justice happened when a judge went and overturned the sentence given by the jury and then had the balls to release this rapist.

Someone please tell me- just what is going on with judges? Are they just wanting attention from the media and for some odd reason they have decided that the only way to get it is to betray those those come before them as victims of crimes seeking justice?

I've tried to find more information on this case, but have not yet been able to. Those with any background information on this case- let me know.

KOTV - The News on 6 - Rape Victim's Father Upset With Judge's Decision To Set A Convicted Rapist Free

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Captured! Kenneth Glenn Hinson

The man accused of abducting two 17 year old girls and holding them in a small room under his shed has been captured.

Authorities captured a convicted sex offender after a day-long search that involved police officers, bloodhounds and helicopters. The man is wanted in connection with the rape of two teenage girls in an underground room behind his home.

As I've watched this story unfold throughout the day- I've been bothered by the fact that this man was deemed dangerous- and yet the judge felt compelled to allow him his freedom. He could have been committed under the civil commitment laws, but as it seems to happen so much recently- a judge opted to give him his freedom.

Hinson was convicted of raping a 12-year-old girl in 1991. Just before his release from prison in 2000, a review committee recommended he be committed indefinitely to a Department of Mental Health facility for treatment, said Trey Walker, a spokesman for the attorney general’s office. But a circuit judge later ruled that prosecutors failed to show Hinson would likely offend again.

It seems that more and more often we are hearing of judges deciding in favor of a sex offenders freedom over the impact his (or her) release has on the safty of society. I for one, am tired of it. Are you?

Election time is coming up right around the corner. Soon, we'll be seeing all the signs in the yards, all the commercials, and all the political banter that is sure to pop up. When we stand in line- waiting for our turn at the poll booth- I hope that we as a society keep in mind recent cases of judges supporting and releasing sex offenders. A judge is either elected or appointed- why should we continue to vote in those that choose to ignore the warnings, bypass the laws, and leave our children at risk? We are lucky enough to have a say in our judicial system, and it's about time that we take a long hard look at those who are sitting on our benches... if they refuse to get tough on sex offenders, then there is no reason that we should support them in their bid for the bench. If those we elect can only find "soft on sex offenders" judges to appoint- than it is time we stop putting them in a position to appoint anyone.

We have the right, and the RESPONSIBLTY to ensure that those on the bench will abide by the desire of society in keeping sex offenders locked away from our children. It matters little what the laws are, or how tough they may be- if the "robed" ones are able to bypass these laws and decide sentencing by their personal opinions. Mandatory sentencing, preventing a judge from deciding that a convicted rapist should get probation. We have the right to demand this, we have the ability to enforce it- but we can't do it until we stop electing those soft on sex crimes.



Thursday, March 16, 2006

Kenneth Glenn Hinson

Imagine being 17. Now imagine being taken captive, held in a underground bunker- and assaulted by a convicted sex offender.

Officials say Hinson kidnapped two 17-year-old girls, brought the two victims to a space he created under a shed, tied them up, sexually assaulted them and then left them there.

Now, go ahead and tell me why these predators should continue to get second chances.

Chief Deputy Tom Gainey of the Darlington County Sheriff's Department tells News 10 that the suspect, 48-year-old Kenneth Glenn Hinson, is a registered SC sex offender and lives in Darlington County.

I'm not sure how long we'll continue to allow sex offenders to accumulate more victims, before we as a society realise that the only place these deviants belong- is behind bars.

I should note for SC readers, that at the time of writing this- Hinson's still not in custody. I know, you're just all aglow with that nice warn feeling of being completely safe right now.


Cesar Ascarrunz

It was the story that captivated New York, and many other places. When the four year old girl was found wondering on the streets of New York, there was a rush to find her family. To figure out how someone could leave such a beautiful child bare foot and alone in the middle of the night. During the frantic days of trying to find out who she was- she stole the hearts of everyone as she described her mother saying "she looks like a princess". Sadly, Valery Saavedra Lozada's frightful story would not end in the fashion that so many hoped for.

Cesar Ascarrunz, 32, pleaded guilty last month to manslaughter and reckless endangerment, admitting he killed Monica Lozada-Rivadineira and left her daughter, Valery Belen Saavedra Lozada, barefoot and alone in the middle of the night.

Ascarrunz struck a plea deal - in what the DA calls an attempt to spare Valery "the emotional trauma of having to testify about the events surrounding her abandonment and the death of her mother." He was sentenced Wednesday to 32 years in prison.

FO Killer of NYC Wandering Girl's Mom Sentenced to 32 Years


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

Lisa Lynnette Clark

Lisa Lynnette Clark plead guilty in her child rape case, and was lucky enough to strike a pot o' gold. She'll be doing 9 months in jail, and then be on probation until 2010. Wow way to seek justice Georgia! Can't wait to see those new "Women Rapist Welcome" signs next time I drive past your state borders.

Lisa Lynnette Clark, 37, was also forbidden to have any contact with her teenage husband — the alleged father of her 1-month-old son — until at least his 17th birthday. After her release, she will be on probation until 2010.

Clark was arrested in November on charges of statutory rape, child molestation and enticing a minor. A few days before her arrest, she married the boy under a 1962 Georgia law that allows children of any age to get married if the bride-to-be is pregnant. Clark gave birth on Feb. 11.

The wedding prompted Georgia lawmakers to revisit the state's marriage laws, and last month the House voted to bar teens under 16 from marrying without juvenile court permission. The Senate has not taken up the bill.

The boy's grandmother, Judy Hayles, has said her grandson will seek a divorce and undergo intense counseling.

Woman Pleads Guilty in 'Child Groom' Case

I wonder if anyone considered that this young boy will now spend his life knowing that because of this sick woman, he has a child. That because of her delusions and perverted desires- when he is actually old enough to fall in love and marry- he'll have to come to terms with the fact that there is already a ex wife, alread a child- all because of one sick demented pervert.

Really Georgia Judical System- I can't say it any better: you're idiots.

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Smith Gets Death

The man convicted of the brutal rape and murder of 11 year old Carlie Brucia, has been sentenced to death.

After a lengthy review of the circumstances in the case, arguments made by the prosecution for a death sentence and arguments made by the defense for life, Owens asked Smith to stand in the Sarasota County Courthouse.
Owens then informed Smith, and the crowded courtroom, that the scales of justice had been weighed and unquestionably tilted toward death. Smith, Owens said, had forfeited his right to live. "May God have mercy on your soul," the judge said.
Owens also sentenced Smith to two terms of life in prison for kidnapping and raping Carlie. He sentenced Smith to five years in prison, with credit for time served, for a violation of his probation.
Smith, who will turn 40 on Friday, said nothing and was led away in handcuffs back to jail.
He was convicted of the February 2004 crimes in an emotional trial that drew national attention to Sarasota County and reintroduced to the nation the surveillance video of Smith leading Carlie away by the arm at Evie's Car Wash on Bee Ridge Road.
In a 10-2 vote last fall, a jury recommended Smith die by lethal injection, a decision that under state law Owens had to strongly take into consideration.

Judge sentences Joseph Smith to death

The only thing I can add to this, is a short piece of my mind. Growing up I was taught that God was never vengeful, and to be honest- I've always found comfort in that. Today, however I sit back and hope that he is. I pray that he exacts justice for the innocent life stolen, and for the torture that this young girl was put through in her last moments.

The judge said "may God have mercy on your soul" I'd prefer to replace that with "may you burn in hell for all time".

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27 Caught in Child Porn Sting

I'm just getting ready to walk out the door- but I wanted to post this first:

U.S. Charges 27 in Online Child Porn Sting - Yahoo! News: "NDIANAPOLIS - U.S. and international authorities have charged 27 people in an online child pornography sting, a federal law enforcement official said Wednesday.
In recent days, federal agents have made arrests in Arizona, Florida, Hawaii, Illinois, Michigan, Nevada, New York, North Carolina and Tennessee, the official said.
Australian, British and Canadian authorities also are part of the investigation, which began in Canada.
The official spoke on condition of anonymity because Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, joined by other U.S. and Canadian officials, was announcing details of the charges at a news conference Wednesday in Chicago.
The Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency led the U.S. investigation.
Gonzales has said the Justice Department would focus on crimes against children and online pornography."

More details later.

UPDATE: RWV has a post up on it and here are some names someone might want to state looking at:
SOURCE CAN BE FOUND HERE The conspiracy indictment against Brian A. Annoreno, of Bartlett, Ill.; Gregory J. Sweezer, of Aurora, Ill.; and Lisa A. Winebrenner, of Osceola, Iowa, alleges that they, together with the other 24 individuals, accessed the chat room from computers around the world and participated in the chat room through chats and file-sharing.

"Molestation 'on demand' and an ever-younger and more defenseless group of child victims are two of the most disturbing trends [Immigration and Customs Enforcement] investigators see when they infiltrate child-pornography rings. This case had both," said Julie Myers, assistant secretary for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

The indictment alleges that administrators of the chat room included: Winebrenner, who used the screen name "HumbleDuchess"; "CuLeX," later identified as Jason Wilson, of Milton, Fla., who was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography in a criminal complaint in the Northern District of Florida; "Wharfrat," later identified as Michael Burns, of Reno, Nev., who was arrested and charged with possession of child pornography in the District of Nevada; "Lord Newbie," later identified as Kenneth Fisher, of Charlotte, N.C., who was arrested on state charges in North Carolina; "Fydei," later identified as Marcel Deslauriers, of Longueuil, Quebec, who was arrested and charged in Canada; "Sir_CP," later identified as a 65-year-old man from Mill Park, Victoria, Australia; and "DarcBiocode," later identified as a 22-year-old man from Stafford, Queensland, Australia.

The indictment says that some participants allegedly used minors to produce images of child pornography that were available to other participants, including by means of streaming video, which was exchanged privately through online instant messenger services.

Annoreno, who used the screen name "Acidburn," allegedly used an infant identified as "Minor A" to produce live streaming video of him molesting the infant.

In April 2005, "Big_daddy619" used four minors under the age of 12 to produce live streaming videos of him molesting all four children, which he transmitted live, via the Internet, to other chat room members including Annoreno, who allegedly received the images.

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Side Note

I have been meaning to post this, in fact I have a backlog of things I have been meaning to post- but I really wanted to share this, because it just made me smile.

Every week, we crime bloggers do the Carnival Of the True Crime Blogs. And every week- Harding does something special in an entry to highlight the carnival. So last week, I was giddy to see what he would come up with (well it was my turn holding the carnival- so giddiness is acceptable on my part)

So here's a bit of what he said:

Fascinating, scintillating, illuminating, captivating - Lilo's blog never fails to bring you to the edge of justice. Her style is to go for the throat of those who would bring our children harm, expose them for the monsters they are, and still manage to convey a message of hope.

Now normally, I attempt to not be so self serving in my posts- but really, that's one of the best things I've read. It's right up there on my list of "OMG the smile won't leave my face" nice things people have said. Yep, right up there with the time Dan Riehl said my site had a interesting look. Oh, and the time the man himself stopped by.

Now, hurry off to readT.O. Crime, because besides just handing out weekly compliments to the true crimers, he has a great place over there that is sure to be a "good read".

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Sugar and Spice, Pedo Style

Imagine that your young daughter is surfing on the internet- you walk into the room to see a "girly" site, complete with pink fonts, colorful hearts, and pretty text- so you walk away. After all, it's a website for girls, just how harmful can it be?

Depending on if it's the site I was sent- it could be the beginning of a pedophile grooming your child.

Complete with a list of every states "consent" age, questions from young girls answered often times by a admitted pedophile- this site does nothing but slap those who work to protect our children in the face. The site even provides banners so that your child can tell their friends of this "cool" girls place. Nice huh?

At first, I wasn't going to provide the link. You know what? Screw that. You read my constant unfaltering anger every day about how these sickos are robbing our children of their youth and innocents- you at least have the right to see what your child could be looking at. THIS IS THE WEBSITE OF A PEDOPHILE

Here are is just a bit of the "great advice" this demented animal is attempting to share with your children:

Most adults do not ever develop deeper feelings than this for young girls. But here are some adults who see them as much more than young girls. Rather than just seeing a child, these adults have a heightened appreciation for the physical and spiritual beauty of young girls. These people are called girllovers. Girllovers care very much about girls and are committed to making them happy and protecting them. A true girllover would never do anything to hurt a young girl. Girllovers love to spend time with girls, because they appreciate the thoughts and emotions of girls and are eager to experience the world the way that you do. They enjoy seeing the world through your eyes!

Is that really what you want your child reading? Do you want them being told that the sexual abuse of a child isn't really hurting the child? That these deviant perverts are committed to protecting them?

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Tuesday, March 14, 2006

David T. Davis

All she wanted was the very same thing thousands of people get every day- a divorce. It doesn't matter what the reason behind her desire was- the only thing that matters now is what his reaction to it was.

David T. Davis, AKA Terry Davis was unhappy about his wife's decision, so late one night in 1996- he broke into the home that they had shared, ripped the cross from around her neck, and then proceeded to terrorize her for four hours- raping her, threatening her life, and leaving her tormented by the memory of what he put her through.

Davis would later be found guilty, and sentenced to prison. For almost ten years, he sat behind bars- giving a feeling of safety to his former wife- that is until a Ohio Parole Board voted to free him.

The ex-wife, upon learning of about Davis' parole being granted demanded a full hearing- pleading her position that he was, and is a danger to society and that he belonged in jail even now.

The parole board, acting in what can only be considered STUPIDITY and without any concern to the public upon which Davis will be released- voted to uphold their original decision- granting Davis parole.

"I am just totally devastated and shocked that this is what they have decided," Grinstead said.

"I think Terry Davis has been severely punished for his crimes," said Barry Wilford, Davis' lawyer.

Wilford argued that the initial sentence was too harsh, and under current sentencing guidelines set in 1996, he would have served less time.

"If this offense had been committed after that date, he would have been prosecuted under the new law and the maximum sentence he could have received would have been 10 years," Wilford said.

Davis will be required to register as a sexually-oriented offender and report to a parole officer for the next two years.

He is scheduled to be released in May.

For those who live in Columbus- watch out. Lock your doors, and by all means, avoid this man like the plague, and as you fear that this monster will be calling the house next to yours home- remember to thank the Ohio Parole Board.

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