The world is a dangerous place, not because of those who do evil,
but because of those who look on and do nothing.

~~~ Albert Einstein

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Richard Padilla

At a glance, he may have been mistaken for a member of the New York State Patrol. With the NYSP insignia on the collar of his turtle neck, the scanner he carried and the phony patrol badge, few would have thought him to be what he really was. A sexual predator, preying upon unexpecting women.

Richard Padilla has a history of committing sexual assaults. In 1987 he was convicted of raping a woman in a Bronx elevator, and before that he was convicted in of sodomy in 1983.

Early Monday Padilla added yet another crime to his criminal history when he abducted a 24 year old woman and terriorized her for nearly two hours, until she was finially able to escape.

Padilla, 41, of Huntington Station, L.I., told a 24-year-old woman he had a gun and forced her into her gray Lexus early Monday. He drove her from Second Ave. and 12th St. to a Bronx parking lot where he repeatedly sexually assaulted her, authorities said.

Cops pulled the car over at Second Ave. and E. 119th St. in East Harlem and the woman jumped out and told police she'd been attacked.

A family friend, who asked to remain nameless provided the New York Daily News with a photo of Padilla, and was quoted as saying that he was a stalker, and had tried to attack women before.


Anonymous said...

it is interesting to read about ones own story on the internet. It was definately a frightening experience and I am very happy that he is in jail away from other people that he can harm.

lostinlimaohio said...

Thank you for your comment. Although there is no way we can ever comprehend what you have been through- I think I can safely say that we too are incredibly happy that he is in jail too, I only can hope that he remains there for a extremely long time. And, we are incredibly happy that you have been able to survive this tragic and horrific experience.

Evelyn said...

i was the one who gave that picture to the news reporter. i was friends with his wife until i gave up that picture. his wife and i were friends for over 30 years.
as a result of me giving up his picture i lost her friendship. losing a friendship of so many years was a chance i had to take because i too have daughters.
this crazy guy used to spend endless hours of the nights stalking women coming out of clubs,young girls walking home from school and women going or coming home from work.sorry to say, but his wife knew he did these things and stayed quiet about it.
i guess she feard his as well.
richard paddilla is crazy and controlling and is capable of anything. i too am glad that he will be away far a while. yes i say a while because 15 to 20 years is not enough for me!!!!

stay safe ladies and watch and protect your kids from people like RICHARD PADILLA. hey you'll never know if you have one of those living right next door to you!!!

Anonymous said...

I just want to make it clear that Richard Padilla is not married, again not married. He NEVER has been and never will be. Evelyn you claim to be a friend of his wife, in reality she is just the mother of one of his 2 children. You claim that your frienship ended because you turned the picture in, but the picture was given in anonymously. No one knew that it was you who turned it in to the reporter, not even Richard Padilla. You are just now revealing yourself when you posted this BLOG. So don't make it sound like you are special because of what you did. Like you did something good. Especially since you use to hangout with him one on one on many occasions without (Baby Mama around). And you too use to go out to clubs with him. Why are you calling the KETTLE black? You were just putting your two cents in where it didn't belong. MIND YOUR BUSINESS!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous, I am so so SORRY for what you had to experience. I TOO am a victim of rape. Unfortunately, the guy got away with it because I was too afraid to come forward. You are very strong to come this far. STAY STRONG...He will definately get what he deserves. GOOD LUCK!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Let me begin by saying that I empythize with what this woman is going through. However, Mr. Padilla has not been convicted of this crime just yet. He does have a very terrible past and so far this latest accusation goes against his credibility in this situation. In no way Am I defending Mr. Padilla(even though I'm a realtive by marraige), when I myself don't know what really happened. My wife has been assaulted and raped in the past and IT still haunts her to this day. Nothing I could say or do could erase that awful memory from her mind. I could only reassure her that I'll always be there for her in time of crisis. But back to Mr. Padilla....Coming from a mans' perspective, I've come across a few(although I never targeted) loose women who become very sexual when drinking. These few women unfortunately had symptoms of memory loss because of their alchohol addiction, and could not remember what they said or did. The "victim"...and I say that without bias...was not drunk before she enter his car, nor did she try to yell for help,the minute she felt intimidated or threatened. After all, this all happened around 6am(busy rush hour in manhattan with many stops at traffick lights), and yet she did nothing. and also ,her being a married woman, why did she even give a total stranger the time of day,let alone agree to "cop" some smoke in the bronx with someone she didn't know. Call me crazy,married or not,what the hell was she thinking....or maybe she's not as innocent as she claims. when the police pulled Mr. Padilla over for a busted taillight , she was noticeably drunk. Did Mr. Padilla forcefully pour the liqour down her throat in the middle of the day, with pedestrians all around.Why would this married woman pose for pictures by showing her breasts and smiling. Again I'm not making judgments...just trying to question HER creditiblity. And I'm not saying that this alleged autrocity wasn't part of Mr. Padilla's plan from the beginning. Maybe he didn't have to go that far or "go there" because she was already a willing participant. and maybe the "victim" was just worried about herself being caught with an illegal substance in the car with her ,and in the company of another man(a complete stranger to her) while she's married. Is it possible, that she "could've" cried rape ,when it was actually consensual, because she wanted to avoid the trouble with her husband and the law(for the pot).These are questions that can only be proven in a court of law, and until he's convicted and proven guilty....I must consider him , to this day...innocent.

lostinlimaohio said...

I moderate comments here, however- I've allowed that last one to publish ONLY to give my reaction to it.

First, as a family member of this sexual predator- I'm surprised that you are unaware that Padilla plead guilty to sexually assaulting this victim on the 7th of this month:

An ex-convict who was accused of snatching a medical student off a street and sexually torturing her in a car for hours pleaded guilty Thursday to kidnapping and committing a criminal sex act.

Richard Padilla, 41, of Huntington Station, pleaded guilty in Manhattan's state Supreme Court to the charges in exchange for a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison and a minimum of 15 years. Sentencing was scheduled for Feb. 1.

Second, I can only sympathise with your wife, and wonder if you proceeded to give her your version of "perhaps it wasn't really rape" when you heard of her ordeal.

Am I now to assume that since this pervert had plead guilty- you'll be willing to accept his guilt, or do you still plan on continuing to doubt the testimony of the victim?

Anonymous said...

Yes, I found out what Mr. Padilla pleaded to on the 7th.It never went to trial and copped a plea. As I've stated in my previous blog, I wasn't defending him nor her, just asking some importatnt questions and making perhaps a few points. I mentioned the fact about my wife's unfortunate experience and shared with you about my understanding of that fact. However, you threw it back at me in a very shady statement,("perhaps it really wasn't rape speech") and that was un-appreciated.

lostinlimaohio said...

Do you even understand my point about his plea? You said "These are questions that can only be proven in a court of law, and until he's convicted and proven guilty....I must consider him , to this day...innocent." But he will never be proven guilty, because instead he admitted guilt. Does that mean you will continue to see him as innocent despite the plea?

Yes, I questioned your reaction to your wife's ordeal- because I find your reaction to this victims (and other victim's) ordeal completely hostile. Do you understand how many rape victims actually have to hear the "maybe it wasn't really rape speech? Do you even begin to know how that effects them? By pleading guilty, Padilla ADMITTED to this crime, and yet you still cast doubt on her story.

Legally, and morally- if a woman is unable to consent to sex then a man has no right to force himself upon her... but you put the fault with the women, because they were drinking. Which is why I am left to wonder- had it been your mother, your sister, your wife, your child.... would you still lay the blame at their feet?

Yes, I brought up your wife's ordeal- hoping to move you (because I'm sure you did a better job responding to her situation that this one) to understand THIS victims pain and story- not from "a mans' perspective" as you called it, but from the view of someone who has seen the damage rape can do, and has the ability to sympathize with the victim, rather than defend the rapist.

Anonymous said...

My heart goes out to the victim of this terrible crime. She did not deserve this as no woman does. Richard Padilla has proven time and again that he is nothing but a remorseless, cunning sexual predator, who does not deserve an ounce of sympathy and is finally getting what he deserves. Society is better off without him. If it were up to me I would make sure that he would spend the rest of his miserable life behind bars where he can no longer hurt any one else. My heart also goes out to his family who have been shamed by his actions.

Anonymous said...

I DO see your point, and have contemplated heavily on it.Please excuse my harsh temperment and defensive emotions. I do feel somewhat differently ,now, about this subject regarding Mr. Padilla. Thank You for your time and patience.

Anonymous said...

Even though Richard Padilla pleaded guilty and will possibly serve 15 to 20 yrs. in prison for this horrendous crime, justice has not and will never be served. After all the victim has been scarred for life and the biggest loser in this ordeal are his 2 children, as well as his family. After all he does have parents who must be beside themselves with grief. This is to be considered a DEATH in the family for all. My heart goes out to his family, especially his children and most of all I sympathized with the victim. To the victim please get counselling, it will not erase the memories of your ordeal but it can and will help you cope with your pain. I know it did for me. I was 20 yrs old when I unfortunately experienced the same frightening ordeal and I blamed myself but after years of therapy I realized it wasn't my fault, because I said NO. The only difference with me was that I willingly went with this person that I met (that's why I blamed myself) and then he RAPED ME. For his so call wife SHAME on YOU. You knew he was a sick person and you covered it up for years. You being a woman should have know better and not stood with him. I guess since you don't have any daughters you thought NOTHING of it. Remember you reap what you sow.